How to apply toothpaste on pimples

All of us have grown up listening to our mothers and grandmothers about how different home remedies and kitchen ingredients can solve our skin problems, acne and pimples in particular. You must have also come across several videos and articles on quick hacks to treat your pimples overnight, or tips to get rid of acne within a week. Very often, among these tricks you’ll find applying toothpaste to your pimples. But does toothpaste help with acne? Should you apply toothpaste to your pimples? Let’s find out!

Table of Contents:

  • Can toothpaste get rid of a pimple?
  • What helps acne go away fast?
  • What is the best pimple remover?

Can toothpaste get rid of a pimple?

If you have used toothpaste on your pimples in the past or have been thinking about trying it out, here is both the good news and the bad news. The nice part about applying toothpaste to your pimples is that it helps dry them out. However, the bad news is that toothpaste can make your skin worse.

People suffering from acne or breakouts desperately try various remedies to get clear skin and they often tend to believe (or rather they want to believe) random people suggesting weird remedies for treating acne. However, many of these remedies often do more harm than good. This is also the case with applying toothpaste to pimples. Toothpaste can actually trigger your acne and leaves you with dry, red and irritated skin.

Dermatologists advise people against using toothpaste on their pimples. Toothpaste contains alcohol, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide that can make your skin dry. It might give you some temporary relief from a painful pimple, but it does not help in fighting acne-causing bacteria. Using toothpaste on sensitive skin can cause redness, peeling, irritation and inflammation. It might even end up burning your skin.

One of the reasons why people believe that toothpaste can help get rid of acne is because some toothpastes contain an ingredient called triclosan, which is known to kill bacteria. Actually, there are also a few acne treatments containing triclosan. However, there is no scientific evidence suggesting that triclosan present in toothpaste can get rid of acne-causing bacteria. The formulation of a product is very important, and the formulation of toothpastes and acne treatments, while they both may contain triclosan, is entirely different.

What helps acne go away fast?

Well, now that you know that toothpaste should not be applied to your skin, let’s see some tips that are useful in treating acne and have no harsh side effects.

Before you find the best solution for your acne, though, you should first figure out what’s causing it. Acne usually happens when impurities, oil and dirt clog your pores, boosting bacteria overgrowth. Other common reasons for acne are: hormonal disturbances, excessive dairy or sugar intake, scalp infections, dandruff, dirty pillowcases and phone covers, poor hygiene and unhealthy lifestyle, etc. Getting one or two pimples occasionally is common. However, if you are experiencing severe acne or frequent breakouts, one of the best ways to prevent and treat it is to religiously follow a healthy skincare routine. The quintessential element in your skincare regime should be an effective face cleanser that will gently remove the dirt and excess oil from your pores and unclog the follicles, preventing breakouts.

There are some other ways to help control your acne . An underrated tip that can work wonders in treating your acne is to stop touching your face and popping your pimples. By touching your face with dirty hands you transfer acne-causing bacteria to your face and you help spread the existing ones. So you should avoid touching your face. You should also wash your face twice daily with a cleanser to clear excess oil and remove bacteria. Do not forget to apply a light moisturizer after washing your face, even if you have oily skin. If your skin gets dry, your sebaceous glands will start producing extra oil.

Moreover, you should make sure to change your pillowcases every few days. Also, if you apply makeup, remember to clean your makeup brushes every week. Avoid excess dairy and sugar consumption and keep your skin hydrated. If your acne remains persistent, go see a dermatologist to help you identify the cause and recommend the best treatment.

What is the best pimple remover?

Using ingredients like toothpaste on your face can trigger your acne rather than helping you get rid of it. No research suggests applying toothpaste will cure your pimples. You should always choose skin products that have been scientifically proven to be effective in treating acne. For instance, one such product that is effective in healing acne or pimples is a pple cider vinegar . It contains citric acid that helps kill acne-causing bacteria, while also regulating sebum production.

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

My reccomendation: use the WOW Apple Cider Vinegar face wash to treat your pimples and acne. It gently cleanses your face and removes all the dirt, impurities and excess oil present in the pores. The face wash comes with a brush that has soft silicone bristles to unclog your pores and remove acne-causing bacteria. It will brighten your skin and help you get an even skin tone.


Now you know the answer to ‘does toothpaste help with acne?’ It is just another acne myth. Toothpaste may dry your pimples, but will leave you with red and irritated skin, which can be even worse than acne. Keep in mind that there’s no quick hack to get clear skin. It takes patience and persistence to get beautiful and healthy skin. Also, remember to not stress over your acne, as it will only make it worse. Last but not least, try to learn to love your skin just the way it is, even when it acts out.

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

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One very important use of Longrich White Tea Multi-Effect Toothpaste which many Cameroonians are not aware of, is that, Longrich toothpaste can also be used on Face to get rid of stubborn pimples, Acne, dark spots. Wrinkles can be lightened with the help of Longrich toothpaste too.

Using a Longrich Toothpaste as a facial mask weekly will (no doubt) leave your skin radiant, hydrated and glowing.

In this article, i,m going to give you a step by step instruction on how to get a glowing skin with Longrich tooth paste.

Without any further delay let’s delve in to the topic.

How to use Longrich Toothpaste on Face to get rid of Pimples & Acne (get a glowing face).

For this you will need just 2 things Longrich Toothpaste + Longrich Bamboo charcoal soap.

The procedures are pretty simple.

1) Get a tube of Longrich toothpaste from our Longrich online shop (if you haven’t bought one yet). To effectively use the Longrich toothpaste as a facial mask and achieve fast result, its advisable to also get a tablet of Longrich Bamboo charcoal soap. Both Longrich products are available on my online shop. Place your order and pay on delivery.It comes in 200g pack

2) The first step in using Longrich toothpaste as a facial mask (to get rid of pimples & acne) is by by washing your face with the Longrich bamboo charcoal soap to effectively remove impurities and excess oil, leaving skin deeply cleansed and refreshed. Longrich Bamboo Charcoal Soap will also exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities thereby making it possible for the Longrich tooth paste to easily penetrate your skin and work wonders.

2) After you have cleaned (exfoliate your facial skin), dab a tiny amount of Longrich toothpaste on different spots on your face and gently rub/massage your face with the paste to enable the white tea properties in the Longrich toothpaste to seep in to your facial skin pores to get rid of pimples, acne and darkspots.

When rubbing/massaging your face, don’t forget to spend a little extra time around your T-zone (where you have the pimples,Acne, darkspots) and be extremely cautious when applying the paste around your eyes.

3) Ok after you’ve effective applied the Longrich tooth paste on your face, allow the paste to stay on your face for up to 15 minutes.

4) After 15 minutes rinse with lukewarm water (not hot!).

5) Repeat the above skincare routine for up to a week and all the pimples and dark spots on your face will disappear.


Some Cameroonians have also testified that Longrich toothpaste can also be used to get pink lips.

For Pink lips, all you need to do is to, squeeze some toothpaste on your brush and add some honey to it. Use it to brush your lips for about 5 minutes.

Safety Precaution to follow when using Longrich Toothpaste as a Facial mask.

Like i mentioned earlier, take extreme precaution when applying the paste around your eyes. If the Longrich toothpaste get in your eyes, your eyes would be irritated, but not seriously.

If the Longrich toothpaste gets in your eyes, wash it off with clean tissue or soft towel and rinse eyes.

Side effects of Longrich toothpaste on face

Longrich Toothpaste is suitable for all skin types. Before writing this article, i carried out an in-depth research to find out there was any side effect of applying Longrich toothpaste on the Face.

I had to do so, because Longrich tooth paste wasn’t designed to be used as a skincare product.

However i didn’t find any side effect.

After applying Longrich toothpaste on your face, you will only experience a hot minty sensation.So if you start feeling the heat, don’t panic.

These are the main uses of Longrich White Tea Multi-Effect Toothpaste :

  • For treating tooth pain, weak gum, bad breath and tooth decay. The combination of TCS and soft abrasive can make your mouth clean and healthy.
  • The blend of strontium chloride and aloe extract can protect gum and strengthen your teeth at the root.
  • It abrasive to clean teeth, It provides an extra benefit to health beyond it antigingivitis effect in toothpaste. It contains a mineral supplement required by living organism.
  • It contains strontium chloride hexahydrate to reduce pain in sensitive teeth and helps in building bone.
  • This product is just more than ordinary toothpaste, it’s made from natural herbs and it helps to kill the bacteria that eats up the gum, whitens the teeth and freshens the breath.

It’s noteworthy that Longrich Toothpaste doesn’t contain Fluoride.

Linda had to prepare for an important meeting for the next day. So she kept ready everything and just had to finalize the perfect dress for the meeting. She lifted 2-3 of her favorite dresses and looked in the mirror to decide the best one.

But she screamed when she looked herself in the mirror. She saw 3-4 red dots of acne on her face. She got panic and was very confused about how to get rid of that acne quickly.

She then quickly checked for the ingredients, such as honey and tea tree oil. Nothing was available at that point of time. She was worried, depressed and tensed.

Then she remembered that once her friend told that toothpaste works great for acne. She then went rushing to the bathroom and got the toothpaste for acne.

Are you thinking now– Is toothpaste good for acne? Curious to know the answer? Let’s read then.

What Makes Toothpaste Suitable for Acne Treatment?

For acne treatment, we generally use ingredients with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Toothpaste consists of ingredients like menthol, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda, which work effectively to remove acne.

Toothpaste also have triclosan, which is another important ingredient that helps to get rid of pimples. Triclosan draws out the impurities and excessive oil from acne. It also reduces the size and redness of the acne.

Loaded with antibacterial properties triclosan fights against bacteria that is responsible for acne formation. Thus, toothpaste offers an effective solution for acne and protects your skin from further acne attack.

Although a professional health care agent will not recommend toothpaste for acne treatment, but it is good to use toothpaste for a short term purpose. You can use it to reduce the size, swelling, and redness of the acne.

How to Use Toothpaste for Acne?

The procedure to apply toothpaste on acne is very simple. However, you have to be careful about the selection of toothpaste and the way of application. Application of wrong toothpaste on the acne might cause irritation as well as any other serious skin issues.

Selection of Right Toothpaste for Acne Treatment

Various types of toothpaste with different flavors are now available in the market. Among all of them, you should go for the white-colored toothpaste for acne treatment. Don’t use multi-colored toothpaste or gel toothpaste with red or blue stripes. As the composition of white colored toothpaste is different from gel toothpaste, it is not safe to go for gel toothpaste for acne treatment.

Apart from that, there are also many types of toothpaste that come under the white-colored category. Don’t use toothpaste which focus on teeth whitening as they may contain bleach, which is very harmful to the skin. Choose the toothpaste with low fluoride content as the skin of most of the people is allergic to fluoride. This will reduce the chance of any skin irritation or allergy after the application of toothpaste on the skin.

The best option is the use of organic toothpaste for acne. It is free from chemicals like fluoride and other pesticides. On the other hand, it is rich in ingredients that support acne removal procedure. So, either go for white-colored low fluoride toothpaste or organic toothpaste to treat your acne.

Application of Toothpaste on Acne

The application of toothpaste on acne will take hardly 2-3 minutes of your time. The impact of it is very effective. It offers better results if you apply toothpaste on acne-affected areas and keeps it overnight.

Gather it

  • Warm water
  • Cleanser
  • Toothpaste

Apply it

  • Wash your face with warm water.
  • Use your regular cleanser to clean your face.
  • Squeeze and take out a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on your fingertip.
  • Apply the toothpaste directly on your acne.
  • Don’t try to spread it. Just put it on the acne in ample amount.
    Leave it overnight. Even if you are in a hurry during the daytime, still you have to keep it for at least 2 to 3 hours for better effect.
  • Wash your face with warm water in the morning.
  • If it is difficult to remove the toothpaste from your skin, then gently rub a warm wet cloth on the acne-affected area.
  • It is a short term solution for acne. You can use it 3 times in a week.

It is suggested to apply toothpaste on acne only in emergency situations. You can get rid of acne with toothpaste, but it is not the ultimate remedy. It is just useful to reduce the redness, irritation and size of acne, so that your face doesn’t look all red and full of acne.

You can use toothpaste along with other effective home remedies to get rid of pimples. Apply tea tree oil in the morning or use the honey mask as a treatment for acne. Along with these remedies, you can use toothpaste on acne at bedtime. This combination will quickly reduce your acne.

If you are in a hurry and want a clear face overnight, just apply toothpaste on your acne. This remedy will never fail. Now you know the uses of toothpaste for acne. Use it to get that radiant and glowing acne-free skin.

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

If a pimple comes out on the face, then we start adopting various remedies to remove it. The matter is not limited only to the products available in the market, but we also adopt many remedies at home. You must have seen and heard about various remedies to remove pimples on the internet. By the way, it is often advised to use toothpaste as a pimple fighting remedy. Since it is such a product, which is always available in the bathroom of everyone’s house. So if you have a pimple on your face, then you will want to use it. Maybe you too are just going to the bathroom now, So that you can take toothpaste and apply it to the pimple. But hold on. Applying any product to the skin without thinking can be fatal for you. The same is the case with toothpaste. Do not forget to apply it to the pimple. So today in this article we are telling you what the disadvantages of applying toothpaste on pimple-are

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

There is more harm than benefit

If you think that toothpaste will give you relief from pimples, then you might find it strange to know that it can make your problem worse. Many toothpaste formulas once contained a chemical called triclosan. This chemical can cause breakouts on the skin and this can lead to frequent breakouts and pimples.

Irritation can occur on the skin

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

If you are planning to apply toothpaste to the skin, then you have to keep in mind that it is designed for your teeth and not for sensitive face or skin. If you apply it to your skin, it can be harsh on it, which can lead to skin irritation.

PH balance disturbances

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

Our skin has its pH level and when you apply toothpaste on your skin, it worsens the pH level of your skin. Baking soda is also included in some toothpaste and this too can disturb the pH level of your skin. So it is better that you avoid putting it on.

Skin dryness

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

By applying toothpaste to pimples, you may have to face the problem of dryness in the skin. Toothpaste contains harsh ingredients like SLS and sodium bicarbonate which are very harmful to your skin. One of the disadvantages of these ingredients is that they can make your skin dry. To combat this dryness, your skin can produce excess oil which can lead to more breakouts.

Dangerous for sensitive skin

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

If you have sensitive skin, then using toothpaste on pimples can prove to be dangerous for you. The harsh ingredients present in toothpaste can cause redness, irritation, irritation, and other problems in the skin. By the way, applying toothpaste on the skin is not considered good for any skin type, because while it will make dry skin drier, applying it on oily skin will lead to more breakouts. So it would be better if you let the toothpaste do the job for which it is made.

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How to apply toothpaste on pimples

Acne Remedy: Use Toothpaste for An Instant Solution

What is Acne?

What if you wake up one morning and find an uninvited guest on you face? Yes, here we are talking about acne. Whiteheads, blackheads are common lesions seen in acnes. There are a number of chemical treatments one can pay for in order to get rid of the skin issues. However, people know the fact that the chemical and needle treatments also have their individual side effects. Every skin type is different from the other. Therefore not everyone gets the same result of clear skin with these treatments.

What Causes Acne?

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Dirt, pollutions are the environmental reasons that lead to acne. Also, oily skin types are more prone to acne, as pimples are more often popped up on these skin types. Also, women are reluctant to scratch and break a pimple, whiteheads or blackheads that appear on their face, which leaves behind scars they are ACNE.

To deal with skin problems, one of the best remedies is to try out home remedies. The home remedies take a bit long period when compared to the chemical ones. But home remedies have lesser side effects when once starts to show results on your skin. One such home remedy for acne is toothpaste.

Factors that Contribute Toothpaste in Healing Acne

Toothpaste! Yes, one of the weirdest solutions for clearer skin, especially in dealing with acne. First, let us discuss that is Toothpaste effective when it comes to acne? Well, below we provide you some points that will make that clear real soon!

  • The toothpaste has clotting property that helps to reduce swelling and redness. It also stops bacteria from infecting other pores on the skin.
  • It contains anti-bacterial properties and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, which helps in killing the bacteria.
  • Its bleaching property heals the acne and other dark spots on the skin.
  • Toothpaste has properties and ingredients of baking soda that exfoliates the skin and balances the pH level.

How does Toothpaste Heal Acne?

The main issue or any problem comes up only when you tend to choose wrong toothpaste for the remedy. There are a few times that one chooses wrong toothpaste, and eventually, you suffer from over dryness of the skin. Therefore, be careful while you choose your toothpaste to apply on your skin. Below we provide you the list of cautions that you should take to choose your toothpaste.

  • Check the ingredients before you choose. Consider toothpaste that has baking soda, menthol, fluoride, hydrogen peroxide or the combination of two. You can also go for mint-based toothpaste.
  • Natural and Ayurvedic toothpaste are the best because they contain less harsh chemicals.
  • Avoid artificially colored toothpaste.
  • Make sure you choose toothpaste, which does not contain any ingredient you are allergic to.
  • Do not go for the gel toothpaste.

How is Acne to be Treated with Toothpaste?

Toothpaste can be applied on skin with different ways. You can choose any of the following ways and get you clear skin back.

  1. Toothpaste: Before applying toothpaste makes sure you use it with clean hands, to avoid bacteria from penetrating into your skin. Wash your face with a face wash. Then with your index finger use toothpaste on the acne. One can also use cotton balls to set the toothpaste evenly. Leave it for 1-2 hours. Do not leave it for overnight. Rinse with fresh water using your fingertips and massage in circular motion. Pat dry the face and apply a moisturizer as toothpaste makes your skin dry. Repeat the process once a day. Also, for a bonus trick use an ice cube and rub it on your face before you apply moisturizer.
  2. Toothpaste and Baking Soda: Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with half a teaspoon add 2 teaspoons of water until smooth. Apply it on the pimple and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with water and then pat dry. More that 10 minutes may cause irritation. Repeat the process daily.
  3. Toothpaste and Cinnamon: Cinnamon has antibacterial properties that de-clogs the pores and also helps in drying out the acne. Combine one teaspoon of Cinnamon and two teaspoons of toothpaste. Apply the paste on the pimple prone and pimple for 10 minutes. Rinse with water and pat dry. If the adhesive causes irritation before 10 minutes, then wash it off.
  4. Toothpaste and Garlic: Garlic has antibacterial properties; it removes the acne bacteria on the skin. It reduces inflammation, redness, and irritation. Crush one garlic clove and add a small amount of toothpaste to it. Apply the mixture to a pimple. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash and pat dry. Repeat the process once a day.

Symptoms When not to Use Toothpaste on Acne

So, above were a few ways to which one can apply the toothpaste to acne-free skin. Whereas, there are a few care and precautions that you should take care before you try in the process. So, below are some precautions that you should follow:

  • Avoid applying toothpaste on the inflamed, sensitive and dry skin.
  • To check whether you are allergic to the toothpaste, take a patch test on your skin.
  • If you have sensitive skin, avoid applying toothpaste on you skin for more than 10 minutes, as that will stimulate the production of excess sebum.
  • It may also cause irritation, and over dryness, if you have sensitive
  • If breakouts persist, don’t avoid and consult a dermatologist immediately.
  • Toothpaste is a kind of semi-home remedy, as it contains a few chemically treated ingredients.

Tips and Precautions

And of course, there are a few cares that you must take for flawless skin. Precaution is better than cure. Therefore, follow the below given tips and avoid the popping up of some skin issues.

  • Use a lot of water, at least eight glasses, to stay hydrated and remove the toxins in the body.
  • Eat a healthy diet that consists fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Try out doing exercises like yoga, meditation and breathing exercises to avoid the stress that reflects on your skin and especially faces.
  • Avoid eating sugar and carbohydrates in your diet.

Hence these were the steps that can be followed using toothpaste to get a clear skin. There are a lot more treatments and ways that can be utilized for the treatment of acne with the help of toothpaste. So, next time you see any uninvited guest on your face, you can try out toothpaste to get reduced acne marks and avoid them from coming again.

Read this before slathering that sh*t on.

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

There are a few things that make me, the resident skin-obsessed beauty editor, gasp a horrible gasp in my cold, dead heart: when someone admits to sleeping in their makeup (stop), when someone tells me they only use makeup wipes to “wash” their face (seriously, stop), and when someone talks about putting toothpaste on their pimples (I actually can’t). Unfortunately for me, I hear these confessions weekly from coworkers and friends (see: my recent text exchange), and thus I am always in a state of death…and explanations.

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

So I’m here today with the help of a dermatologist to tackle one of these terrible, horrible, no good, very bad beauty beliefs once and for all, so we can all move on to a better state of skin enlightenment. Ahead, everything you’ve ever wanted to know/have personally asked me about putting toothpaste on pimples and breakouts.

Can toothpaste get rid of a pimple?

Here’s the gist: You get a zit, you slather it with toothpaste before bed, and then you wake up with clear skin. Wow, magical! Amazing! But not real. “Toothpastes are usually filled with drying ingredients like alcohol, which is probably where people first got the idea to put them on pimples,” says dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor at Yale University. But if you know even one thing about your face/your skin/your organs in general, you should already know that they DON’T LIKE ALCOHOL (hangovers, anyone?). Which brings us to…

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

Why is putting toothpaste on pimples so bad?

“Toothpaste can be an extreme irritant,” says Dr. Gohara. “Most formulas are filled with ingredients like alcohol menthol, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide—all things that, yes, can maybe dry out a zit, but at the risk of hardcore irritating your skin barrier at the same time.” And when your skin barrier is screwed up, “it goes into overdrive and overproduces oil to compensate, leading to clogged pores, breakouts, blackheads, and oily skin.” Fun, right?

So even if you’re just putting a little dab on your zit, that gooey blob can spread around, quickly irritating the rest of your skin and potentially causing even more acne in the end. Plus, “drying out” your zit doesn’t really make it go away—it just dries out the top layer of your skin without killing the bacteria inside. All in all, a pretty bad solution.

So how do you make pimples go away fast?

If you’re dealing with cystic acne (the sore, swollen, under-the-skin bumps), you unfortunately can’t do much for them topically. A dab of over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream can help with the inflammation, but only a cortisone shot can get rid of them overnight, while prescription medication can fully heal them over time (so seriously, go to a derm).

Pimples are a nuisance and toothpaste is considered a versatile home remedy. But does toothpaste help against pimples? We’ll tell you.

Toothpaste on pimples: Does it really help?

  • Pimples develop when the pores on the skin follicles of the sebaceous glands become clogged. As a consequence, cell residues and sebum accumulate and blackheads develop. Pimples can develop from these when they become inflamed. To get rid of pimples quickly, toothpaste has made a name for itself as a household remedy for inflammation. But can pimples be removed quickly and easily with toothpaste?
  • Yes. Toothpaste is not the best home remedy when it comes to fighting pimples. First of all, toothpaste has an antibacterial effect and thus stops bacteria from multiplying. It also ensures that the pimples dry out. So far, so good.
  • But because of the menthol and fluoride it contains, toothpaste can cause skin irritation and even increase inflammation. Another disadvantage: toothpaste dries on the skin relatively quickly and can form a crust, which in turn prevents the pores from opening.
  • Also negative: Toothpaste often contains microplastic, which of course is not sustainable for our eco-system.

Application tips

As you just learned, toothpaste should not be your preferred pimple treatment. However, if you really don’t have any other household remedies around at the moment, you can use toothpaste by considering the following criteria:

  • No toothpaste with fluoride or for whitening the teeth
  • Wash your face properly beforehand
  • Lightly apply only a small amount of the paste directly to the affected area
  • Leave the toothpaste to soak in and dry for several hours before you wash it off completely

What helps better against pimples than toothpaste?

  • Since toothpaste is not a particularly gentle agent for pimples, we present better alternatives. First of all, proper skin care is the basis for the correct treatment of pimples.
  • It is best to rely on natural means. In the evening it is recommended to wash the face with lukewarm water. Then dry it off gently. Do not rub it, as this can damage the protective layer of the skin and lead to impure skin.
  • Tea tree oil is a better home remedy than toothpaste. Due to its antibacterial effect, it does not additionally inflame pimples and also promotes dehydration. Simply use a drop of the oil with a cotton ball. Basically, products with ingredients such as chamomile or zinc can help to minimize inflammation of the skin.
  • Especially with small pimples, you should not press, but pull with a towel, for example. To do this, moisten the towel with some water and press it against the pimple without much force. Then pull the skin between the tips of your index fingers apart.

3 tips for using toothpaste as a home remedy

Toothpaste is not wrongly considered one of the best household remedies. Instead of against pimples, you can use the paste best in the following situations:

  • Cleaning the table: Especially round water stains from cups and glasses on wooden tables can be cleaned effectively with toothpaste. Take some paste and a cotton cloth and work the affected areas with it.
  • Cleaning the iron: The iron can be cleaned with toothpaste and a microfiber cloth. You will notice that the iron will not only shine again but also glide more easily over your clothes.
  • Cleaning the joints: Especially in the bathroom, there are often discolored joints. To give them new life again, you can simply treat them with an old toothbrush and some toothpaste.

Pimples are unwanted eruptions caused due to the excess amount of sebum, clogging of pores and ultimately making it bacteria prone. Toothpastes can be irritants to skin and pimples but they definitely act as a quick remedy compared to all the other remedies. You must use the proper technique to have the minimum of irritation on skin.

How To Use Toothpaste For Pimples:

Here are the methods to applying and use toothpaste for pimples.

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

Choose The Correct Toothpaste:

Always go for the toothpastes which are completely white and not ones which are striped with blue, green or red. Ingredients of toothpastes like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, etc. help reduce pimples. These are basically in the white part of the toothpastes, so the colored can be an irritant.

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White But Not Whitening Toothpastes:

White toothpastes is just perfect, but toothpastes which are specifically sold for whitening of teeth should be avoided because they have beaching content and cause patchiness. People with darker skin should avoid it more than people of the fair skin, as the extra melanin in their skin makes it more reactive which takes in the fair skin.

Gel Toothpaste:

Gel type of toothpastes has difference in formulation than the other white toothpastes. It may lack a few important ingredients, for example baking soda. It is better to avoid the gel toothpastes as it will not go any good to your skin, instead it can react like an irritant.

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

Toothpaste With Less Fluoride:

Fluoride content is essential for teeth as they remove dental plaque and also doesn’t let gum diseases pile up. But when fluoride comes in contact with skin people might have rashes, irritations, and other harmful problems. It is best to apply the toothpastes which do not have or have very less amount of fluoride content.

Organic Toothpastes:

Organic toothpastes are the best option to treat pimples quickly. They do not have fluoride or any chemicals which could probably harm or irritate the skin. The ingredients like tea tree oil, baking soda, are very much homely and are best to dry out pimples. It feels much more natural and soothing. Some natural toothpaste also has aloe, myrrh and eucalyptus oil which are anti bacterial.

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Directions To Use Toothpaste For Pimples:

Here are the steps to use of toothpaste for pimples as follows.


Any sort of spot treatment needs to be applied in clean and dry skin. So first of all you have to cleanse your face with your regular face wash, to make sure that you don’t have any dirt or excessive oil at that moment on your skin. Rinse the face wash thoroughly and then dab it to dry.

Take Toothpaste on Your Finger:

Let the toothpaste ooze out to your finger. You should be able to figure out how much of toothpaste you would probably need, compared to the number of pimples you have on your face.

Apply Directly on Pimples:

After you have taken the toothpaste on your fingers, you just need to directly apply the paste over the areas you have pimples in. Massage the areas of the pimples slowly and make sure that they on the pimple itself and not on other places which could make those areas irritate. Note that toothpaste should never be used like a face mask and be applied all over. It might make the skin dry and peeling off your beauty.

How to apply toothpaste on pimples

Toothpaste Should Be Kept Overnight:

If you want quick and proper results you must apply the toothpaste on your pimples, and keep it overnight. But if you have sensitive skin, you must not keep the toothpaste for more than 15 minutes. This might give you delayed result but at least it would save you from further possible damages.

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Wash Off:

Wash off your toothpaste with wet washcloth and make sure you do it gently. After it’s done, splash sufficient water on face. Pimples are stubborn but sensitive; you need to treat them with care.