How to approach the guy you like

When it comes to dating and relationships, actually there are no rules. While traditional gender roles suggest that guys should be the aggressors and approach a girl they are interested in, girls are becoming more bold in catching for what they want. Who says you have to sit there and wait for the guy you like to come over to you in advance? You can be the person who does it first. Though it is easier said than done, yet you might be missing out on a lot of dating chances simply because you are shy, or afraid of rejection. Some men could be just as nervous and shy as women could, so you can help the man out a little bit and at least meet him half way. Here are a series of beginner and advanced tips on how to approach a guy you like at a gym, party or bar that you can use to take action now. Check out from!

How To Approach A Guy You Like At A Party Or Bar – 8 Simple Tips

How to approach the guy you like

1. Compliment Him

This is a beginner tip on how to approach a guy you like. Keep your head high, take a deep breath and throw him a compliment which will let him pay attention to you. This is considered as one of the simplest and easiest tips to approach a man without even embarrassing yourself. You could compliment his shirt, shoes, or whatever you find it interesting in the situation. It is really a good starter for a conversation, and after you could take it into any direction you like, as long as that guy responds with his smile.

Remember that, whatever you do, you should be genuine. People could spot a fake a mile away, and know when you are just searching for random thing to say versus really meaning what you say.

2. Simply Smile, Make Eye Contact And Say Hello

The next way on how to approach a guy you like is to say hello. This is a simple starter. Sometimes, all a guy needs to make the first move is to know that you are also interested or that you will not read him the riot act if he steps to you. If you appear approachable and happy, then men who find attracted by you will probably feel more comfortable coming over and striking up a conversation with you. Just a flirty glance, a friendly smile or simply saying hello might be all that is essential to get him moving, and he will take it from there. After all, who wants to talk to a girl with the gas face? Make use of your smile, be happy and men will approach you.

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How To approach a guy you like and make him crazy for you? Is it even possible? Yes, It is. With a few little steps and tricky ways (Psychologically Proved), you can do it very easily. In this article, we’ll tell you the 8 ways that you can use to approach any guy you like without looking desperate or needy.

Better late than never, you can try my methods because I used the same ones when I was at your stage. Don’t think that you will be rejected; instead, you will know whether that guy likes you or not.

Now let’s dive into the ways that you can use to approach a guy that you like.

How to approach the guy you like

8 Ways on How To Approach a Guy You Like

Don’t be nervous when it comes to approaching a guy because he could be shy as well. Have confidence in yourself, and you’ll be ready to get the guy you like the most.

1. Let Him Notice You

This is the most important step when you want to approach someone. Make sure he sees you and knows about you. If he is working in your office, then sit nearby him and talk in front of him. In this way, he will notice you and will pay attention to you.

You can also add him on social media and can like his post or photos. Make sure you find reasons to interact with him, and in this way, you can get close to him.

2. Look Good in front of Him

This is my favorite trick when it comes to approaching a guy. Guys like those girls who look good, smell good and dress well. If you want to grab some attention, then choose your dress wisely while meeting a guy.

However, guys prefer to see girls in light colors, and this is what you should do also. Wear light colors and look good in front of your guy.

Undoubtedly, dressing appropriately is the best way to approach a guy and make sure you choose his favorite colors. In this way, he will definitely notice you.

3. Compliment Him on His Work

If he is your colleague, then compliment him on his performance. Besides using cheesy lines, make sure you are using sophisticated lines. In this way, you can approach him easily.

Indeed complimenting him is the best way to approach him. You can find other things as well when it comes to appreciate him, such as his T-shirt, shoes, voice and much more.

If you feel that you don’t find words to compliment him, then listen to your heart and speak what it says. Not only it’s a natural way, but it is the best when you are trying to approach a guy you love.

4. Pass Him a Smile

If someone asks me how to approach a guy you like (The Easiest Way) without looking desperate, I’ll tell you this one. Smile, the best way to start a conversation with your crush. And a girl’s smile can create a place in a guy’s heart, and it’s proven scientifically as well. If you want to approach a guy you like, then pass him a smile. In this way, he’ll know that you are interested in him.

Probably, smiling is the best way to approach a guy, and if he’ll smile back, then, believe me, he is in love with you.

Although everyone will smile back at you. But the way he smiles will be another feeling. This ethereal feeling will make your day for sure.

5. Do Something Different for Him

Doing something different for him is the best way to approach a guy. In this way, he’ll know that you are interested in him. You can give him some gifts that he likes the most.

Furthermore, doing something different will create an epiphany moment for you and will help you to approach him fast. Don’t overdo anything because, in this way, you’ll irritate him.

In addition to doing something different, you can also do things that he like the most such as sending him good wishes on his special day, bringing lunch for him, and how about offering him a cup of coffee? These methods will also help you to stay in touch with him.

6. Write Him a Letter

Writing a letter is an old method, but it works when it comes to expressing your feelings. Make sure you keep it simple don’t show your all feelings as it can irritate him. You can tell him that you like him and want to talk to him regarding this.

Also, you can add some little details about the things you like in him. In this way, he will know that you are interested in him.

Of course, you can send him a text as well. But don’t text him too often because in this way you’ll lose your importance.

7. Invite Him To Your Parties

How to approach a guy you like? Believe me, this method really works. Inviting a guy you like the most is the best way to make him feel special. You may be afraid of asking him out, but you can call him at your parties.

Don’t forget to send him an invitation as it will make him feel better that you are giving respect to him and you are interested in him.

Most guys don’t ask out that much, but if you want to grab their attention, then you can call them into your parties.

8. Don’t Be Afraid of Trying Again

Some guys need extra attention, and this is why rejection can be the possibility. So make sure not to lose any hope.

You can try again and again so he can consider your proposal. I am sure at some point he will give you the attention.

Keep this in mind that it’s a process that requires patience, so don’t lose hope and try again.

How to approach the guy you like

Final Verdict

How to approach a guy you like? This is not a tough question until you know all the methods. By using the ways that I have mentioned above, you can easily approach a guy and can win his heart as well. And I’m sure if you take every step carefully and do what I’ve told you, then one day you’ll be with him enjoying your happy married life. Share your experience with others so they can also approach the guy they like.

How to approach the guy you like

I am a nice, pretty and cultured homely girl. I have a problem, whenever any guy approaches me I become a little careful. I always feel that he should not think that I am needy or uncultured or a very “fast type” of girl. In that urge I start talking & behaving with the person in a friendly way and I think it does not show him that I also have an attraction for him. This way I always lose the person.

I feel that I need some time to get comfortable and be sure that I am not making a wrong move. What is my problem? I feel very hurt at the end of it. I interacted with a guy some time back, I was really interested in him but because of the same problem, I just said above, we are no more in touch. I really want him back.

How do I show a man that I am interested in him?

Here are a few points to consider:

Guys always look for the right signals

When a guy is interested in you and he approaches you, he’s not sure whether you are “available” or taken. The only way he can ascertain this is by the way you behave with him.

If you maintain an aloof and “friendly” attitude, he will imagine that you already have a boyfriend, or that you are not interested for some reason, and hence will move away.

So unless you give him some clue that you are “available”, he will stop focusing on you.

Attraction develops into love only after the first few interactions

If you are attracted to a guy, it’s pertinent that you give him some clue about it.

Have you heard of “love at first sight”, it’s quite a rare thing but what is more common is “attraction at first sight”.

How to approach the guy you like

It’s very normal to feel attracted to a person even when you know nothing about him/her. Love develops once you get to know the person. So when you feel attracted to a guy, it’s in your best interest if you allow yourself to get to know him and allow him to get to know you. Without this “interaction”, you will never know if you missed out on a fulfilling, and long term, relationship.

Your conservative approach lies in your conditioning

It’s quite normal for some girls to be “conservative” in their approach; you seem to be one of them.

The reason why you behave this way is because of your overall conditioning influenced by your parents, friends and your genes. You are afraid that a guy would label you as an “uncultured” girl, if you opened out to him by showing your attraction.

First of all, you need to understand that this response is a result of your conditioning. So it’s just an “unconscious” pattern that you keep following.

It’s absolutely okay to show your “interest”.

No guy is ever going to label you as “uncultured” simply because you showed your interest in him. Why would he? Is it not normal human behavior to feel attracted to a member of the opposite gender? There is no reason for you to hide your attraction at all.

Being “cultured” does not mean that you can’t feel attracted to someone, or that you can’t fall in love with someone.

7 classy ways to show him that you are interested

Here are a few tips on how to show your attraction to a guy without coming off as being too “easy” or “desperate”.

1.) Talk with your eyes

When you feel attracted to someone, you can easily convey your attraction through your eyes.

It’s just about looking at guy with an element of “shyness” and love in your eyes. No guy would think of you as “uncultured” for making eye contact with him.

2.) Drop the pretense

Be bold about your feelings.

It’s natural to fall in love and feel attracted to someone. What’s the need to hide inside your shell?

When you hide behind a mask of “friendly” aloofness, you are just not being authentic as a person, no wonder you feel hurt in the end.

So when a guy, who you like, approaches you, don’t take on a “stranger” attitude with him and try to convey your “liking” for him in some subtle manner. Be friendly with him, but don’t push him way with your friendliness.

Just stop pretending and the natural behavior will come through.

3.) You don’t need to “flirt” to show your attraction

For some people flirting comes easy while some avoid it completely because it feels “uncultured” to them. It’s a perspective and its fine.

You don’t have to flirt with a guy to show that you are attracted to him.

Just be “warm” towards him, and treat him like a special person by getting to know him more personally and paying attention to him.

When you give your attention to someone, you are basically telling the person that he/she means something to you.

4.) You have to take some risks in life

Learn to trust your intuition and take the risk of getting close to a guy you are attracted to.

Don’t be too worried about it, and don’t analyze it so much initially, just let things flow for a while. Talk to him openly, and get to know him as a person.

Once you feel a little comfortable, start going out with him and explore the possibility of a relationship.

If things don’t work out, or if you find that he’s not the guy you are looking for, you can always distance yourself from him without being rude. But if you don’t risk the initial closeness you will never find out if the guy is right for you, and might miss out on an exciting relationship.

5.) It’s totally fine for you to initiate the first contact

It does not always have to be the guys who approach the girls. It’s totally fine for a girl to approach a guy, or for a girl to expose her interest first.

Always remember that “attraction” is a natural thing, and it has nothing to do with being “cultured” or uncultured.

So if you lost out on a guy because of your “aloof” attitude, try getting back in touch with him. You can call him up, or message him, or chat with him, or give him a ping on Facebook, there are so many ways to initiate contact.

And this time, be open about your feelings. Start off by showing an active interest in trying to get to know him as a person.

And finally..

Stop worrying so much about what a guy is going think about you. How does it matter what anyone thinks?

What really matters is how open you are to your own feelings.

If you suppress your emotions and feelings, you will suffer and get hurt eventually. Follow your heart, follow your intuition and be willing to show your love or attraction. God knows we need more love in this world.

I remember having no problem the first time I asked a guy out. But it was a simple matter because I knew he was gay. But what it I didn't? You want to ask a guy out but you do not know if he is gay. How should you do it?

The answer is very simple: Ask him out without asking him out. Confused? Don't be. I'll explain. I'm a fan of developing relationships as friends first (eventually evolving into romantic friendships, then exclusive dating, then more, etc). You should take this route—especially since his sexuality is up in the air.

Invite him out to do buddy things—a movie; a game of pool; happy hour; a game of Wii—basically, things friends do. Get to know him as a person and open the door for him to get to know you. How do you approach him? Find something (I'm sorry, anything) that you have in common—the color blue, his sneakers, that gap between his teeth—and strike up a conversation. Then hit him with the invite to do friendly activities. The idea isn't to seduce him, but to become friends, as you would with any other friend.

You'll build a mutual trust as your friendship grows. Soon afterward you can brush the topic of sexuality. Keep it vague at first by just mentioning gay things, like the latest gay marriage news or gays in the military or your "gay friend" from high school. Then judge his reactions. Once you're comfortable, come out to him. If he's gay or bi, then he'll response with a disclosure of his own – if he is ready to come out and willing to share it with you. If he's not, and worth anything as a human being, he'll stick by your side and at least be your buddy. Worst case scenario, he is not, and you're better off without him.

Manage your expectations, though. You like him, so consciously or not, you've built a fantasy in your head about you two being together. Sexuality, friendships and relationships are not quite that transparent. Keep an open mind for an infinite amount of scenarios: He may be gay and not ready to come out; he may be gay and is just not into you; he may be straight and a homophobe; he may be straight and gay friendly; or he may be gay and into you. Don't focus on your wants right now; focus on what is.

His sight makes you weak in your knees and your heart melts to a warm fuzzy feeling. A feeling so wonderful seems unattainable in reality, because you cannot approach this guy. So, you let it go and walk away letting your dream crash under the weight of being unconfident. But, we have a solution to offer you in this situation. This LoveBondings article gives you some good tips on how to approach a guy you really like.

How to approach the guy you like

His sight makes you weak in your knees and your heart melts to a warm fuzzy feeling. A feeling so wonderful seems unattainable in reality, because you cannot approach this guy. So, you let it go and walk away letting your dream crash under the weight of being unconfident. But, we have a solution to offer you in this situation. This LoveBondings article gives you some good tips on how to approach a guy you really like.

Stop waiting for someone else to make the first move, destiny is in your hands if you act wisely.

Most often it is true that men always make the first move, which is why maybe women continue to live under the impression that making the first move is always a ‘guy thing’. But the opposite can be true too! Most women fear rejection and feel extremely shy when making a move. This is why, you incessantly keep eying a guy in your class, office, college or wherever, but never really gather the grit, or the gumption to talk to him.

An important tip in this drama is, guys like to be asked out too! And why not, when it is such a huge ego boost? Also men love bold, honest, and upfront women, despite the fact that most mushy romances portray otherwise. It also means men have to work less and enter the initial chase game with a leader. So, let’s take a look at a few things that you need to work upon to actually approach a guy.

Face Your Fear

Fear in the biggest deterrent in every move we make. Governed by the fear of failing, we seldom make efforts to make things work. However, this time around, you really need to face your fears. So what really happens when you see him? Your tongue gets twisted, you break out into massive sweat, words get metamorphosed to no words, and panic sets in! Introspect a little and figure out why this happens. The answer could be fear of losing him. However, how would you lose him if you never had him in the first place? If you intend to make anything happen with this guy, you’ve first got to know him, be with him, and then worry about losing him. Hence, take a first step, gather a little bit of confidence, and at least befriend him.

Begin With Confidence

There is a reason why they say ‘first impression is the last impression’. Considering the truth in this sentence, you need to make a confident impression on the guy you like. Your appearance is going to speak volumes for you, before you actually do. Hence, a well-groomed look and a confident walk is the need of the hour. Be who you are and proud of what you are. A confident, yet humble approach is the perfect combination for making the first move.

Seek Attention

For anything to happen between the two of you, it is important that he acknowledges your existence and presence. That’s why you need to get noticed. Do so, by being around him, so that you get more time to make an eye contact at the least. An eye contact is a silent conversation starter, as it immediately leads to a smile. Make the next move by complimenting him. Everybody loves compliments as it is always nice to be appreciated. So, a compliment is your magic trick to make an actual conversation with him. Approaching a guy on a positive note will make him remember you too.

Perseverance Wins

Every effort needs a good deal of perseverance. Thus, you have to pursue the timely eye contacts and the occasional smiles for a while. These will gradually move on to ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’. And that will be your next cue to make the next move. To hold on to his attention, you need to engage him in some kind of small talk. As you begin to share details, however mundane they may be, you will find common grounds to connect. The art of striking a conversation will be the deciding factor for how your approach develops.

Give Him a Chance

Now that you have established some rapport with him, it is his turn to reciprocate. However, he will only approach when you are alone. The constant company of your friends might disappoint him. Thus, keep your friends away when he is around. Give him a chance to make a move and to strike an uninterrupted conversation.

Being tactical is the key to approaching a guy. Although a man would like a woman to make the first move, they are turned off by aggressive and overconfident women. You may be ‘Ms. Know-It-All’, but you would end up knowing nothing about him, if you act so. So play it subtly and with confidence. The most important rule is to do it alone, and not with a gaggle of your girlfriends. Go get him girl!

How to approach the guy you like

Being shy shouldn’t hold you back from approaching a guy you like. Knowing how to flirt is difficult as it is, and if you’re shy it can feel even harder to build up the courage to tell the men you like how you really feel.

How many times have we been jealous of our friends who can walk up to a guy they’re interested in with the ease of picking out produce at the supermarket? For those gals, making the first move is a no-fuss situation. They are fearless in the face of bending traditional dating stereotypes. That’s great!

But what about the rest of us who aren’t so bold?

Not everyone has this superpower ability to know how to flirt. Some of us are shy introverts and when it comes to asking out — or even just approaching — men, we’d rather make an appointment for a root canal with our dentist.

It’s not that we lack basic flirtation skills, but we are much more comfortable when the guy makes the first move.

The thing is, though, women can and should feel comfortable approaching men they are interested in. In fact, a lot of men these days actually love it when a girl takes the initiative.

Being shy shouldn’t exclude you from the fun of dating. You never know who you might meet!

If you’re on the shy side and reading this, you’re probably thinking this is going to be another article about getting out of your comfort zone, blah, blah, blah. How many times have we heard that before? It’s not bad advice, but sometimes it’s much easier said than done.

That begs the question: What are some practical ways that a shy girl can approach a guy that won’t leave her in complete agony at the thought of doing it?

You don’t have to challenge yourself to walk up to the first hot guy you see and ask him to dinner; it’s more about challenging yourself in subtle ways.

Check out these useful tips to help you approach a guy you are interested in, even if you are shy.

1. Make eye contact.

Eye contact is one of the easiest and most subtle ways to let a man know that you are interested in him. Sometimes the thought of eye contact with a stranger seems nauseating, but if you think he’s cute, look up from that cell phone and simply challenge yourself to lock eyes with him. Don’t stare him down like you’re an FBI agent and he’s on the Most Wanted list. A short glance is all you need. This gives him a window to approach you. Shy girl win!

2. Add a smile.

Eye contact is great, but what happens when you actually lock eyes with someone?

Here’s what not do: quickly look down in utter fear. Yeah, you might be nervous but don’t act like it. When you do make eye contact with him, follow up with a nice, cool smile. If he’s smart, he’ll take the hint that you like him and act on it.

3. Ask him an unrelated question.

One of the best ways to approach a guy without actually asking him out is to ask him an unrelated question or for some help with something. In no way should you ever dumb yourself down for someone, but maybe just use it as a way to simply initiate a conversation. If you legitimately need help with something, that’s perfect! Sometimes starting a conversation with a random comment might feel too obvious, which is why asking for some help is a great, subtle way to start talking to a new guy.

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4. Flirt, flirt, flirt!

No matter how shy or introverted you are, all women inherently know how to flirt and much of it happens subconsciously while we are talking a guy we really like. That eye contact, smile, or request for help may have gotten you to speak to each other, but that doesn’t mean you can be lazy, either. Allow yourself to flirt, even in this small window of opportunity. Nothing is going to go anywhere if you try these those methods and then shut down once you actually start talking to him!

5. Comment on something if the occasion calls.

Let’s say you’re sitting on a subway next to a good looking guy that you are attracted to and all of sudden the lights flicker, a kid is out of control throwing a tantrum, or something random and odd happens. That’s a perfect opportunity to say a funny, observational comment that could lead to a conversation. You’re both aware of what’s going on (unless he’s glued to his phone and in that case, forget about him) and it’s a chance to start talking to him without being totally obvious.

6. Don’t take things so personally.

This is very important. For shy girls, putting ourselves out there can feel so daunting that when we don’t see positive results, we immediately go back into hermit-mode. If you challenge yourself to try out some of these low key flirting methods and he doesn’t seem interested, that’s okay! He’s not the guy for you. You’ve most likely turned down other guys before, so don’t take it personally. He may not even be single!

Regardless, it’s important to not let others define your worth. Keep working your way up and who knows, maybe someday you’ll be a bold, flirting superhero.

Jill Zwarensteyn is a writer and Michigan native who covers trending topics, pop culture and astrology. When she’s not writing for YourTango, she is also a travel blogger and an actress.

How to approach the guy you like

1. Use your Wing woman: Women tend to move in packs. There’s an unwritten rule that when you plan to step out with the girls, everyone is expected to be emotionally equipped to be the wing-woman if needed. If you’re on a mission to meet guys, stick to one wing woman. Guys are terrified to approach big groups of girls. If he’s got friends, take your designated wing-woman and introduce her to his friend as if you’re the confident matchmaker helping out your shy friend. She’ll already know to engage in conversation setting her fears and pride aside as you and your target chat it up and break the ice on the side. Who knows, she might get a number out of the deal too.

2. Be easy to approach, but hard to attain. Playing hard to get is still not clearly defined as a good thing or not. Men however, do want a challenge when it comes to winning you over. Most men are terrified to make the move. Make it easy for them, make eye contact and give them the clear signal that it’s cool to break the ice. One the ice is broken, now you can tease him, test him and make him work for it…just the way he likes it.

How to approach the guy you like

3. Be confident. If you appear confident to your guy, he will think you are confident; it’s that easy. Walk up to him like you own the ground you walk on. It will impress him knowing that you’re comfortable in your skin and you can sashay your stuff without fear. BEWARE: Do not come across as so confident that it may be mistaken for the I-am-better-than-you-bow-down-at-my-feet arrogance!

How to approach the guy you like

4. Talk. Have something prepared to say beforehand. Talking about the weather or school is an easy way to open a conversation because there’s no wrong answer — these are safe. Casually approach him and ask where the bathroom is. If he’s in line at the canteen, pass him cash and ask him to order you something to minimize wait time. Ask him if a seat is taken so you can pull an extra chair to your table. If he’s tall, ask him to scan the crowed for your friend in the red sweater, playfully complain you’re just too short to look yourself… You get the picture. Guys like to be needed. Insecurity is a turnoff, but so is overconfidence. The sweet spot here is to be yourself — a calm, self-assured version of yourself.

How to approach the guy you like

5. Compliment him: A slick little compliment is a good ice breaker! You could tell him he has great hair or how good he looks in the shirt he’s wearing. This may seem cliché, but for a guy, what’s going through his head is “Wow. Hot girl. Likes my hair. Thank you God for giving me this hair!” “Excuse me, I just wanted to tell you that’s a nice jacket.” Compliment him, and once he says ‘thank you’, walk away and go on about your night. Trust me, he’ll find you eventually because he won’t be able to get the ‘woman who approached him but didn’t go in for the kill,’ out of his mind.

How to approach the guy you like

6. Give him “The Look”: this is a certain look that you have that says, “I want you to notice me.” It is important to first make eye contact with your guy and then lay it on him. This is your sexiest, most mysterious look that will only last a few seconds so as to leave him breathless and wanting more (this is the ‘hook’). A little warning ladies, we do not want this turning into a creepy stalker girl case. So for everyone’s well-being, a few seconds will do!

How to approach the guy you like

7. If you don’t ask for what you want, you won’t get it. You don’t want to seem desperate or overbearing, but if you want to ask for his phone number, then ask. Getting his number isn’t demanding commitment. Let him know you enjoyed talking and that you would love to chat again sometime. If you still aren’t comfortable asking for his number, offer him yours.

Want to gain your guy's attention without even talking to him? Here are a few tips and tricks to get him to notice you and approach you.

How to approach the guy you like

Crushing On Someone?

It is always a little frustrating to not get noticed by the guy you have been crushing on for ages. Guys are simple creatures; this may seem like a bad thing, but at least they are easier to attract. To get his eyes on you is as easy as pie. Making the first move is hard, so let him make the first move for you. It makes life more fun and easier. It’s better when everything is plain and simple, so don’t play hard to get. Take your time to get your guy’s attention and let him approach you first. Here are a few ways you can get your guy’s attention and make him for fall for you even without talking to him.

1. Dress in a flattering way

Your sense of style is what your crush will first notice about you unconsciously. So, dress up yourself to lure him into looking at you. Wear something that you are comfortable with; never go for the kinds of clothes that don’t make you feel confident. Wear something that works on you. Why not try red? Red brings out the best in everyone. It is believed that the color red makes a woman look more appealing and approachable. It might drive your guy crazy. There is no need to dress for your guy unless you want him to pay attention to you. So don’t have any regrets when you try to impress him with your wardrobe collection. This is one easy way to get your guy to notice you without talking to him.

2. Wear makeup to get your guy's attention

Guys are honestly kind of dumb, so even when you have smudged eyeliner or faded lip color he might not care because he might not know anything about makeup. But to get your guy’s attention, all you have to do is look clean and fresh. A look that brings out your natural beauty will impress him and get head over heels with you. But it also depends on your guy, so focus on what he likes best to get him to notice you instead of being generic. If you have stalked him enough on Facebook to know your guy’s taste, then go ahead and wear makeup you know he would love. But if you don’t, then its advisable to follow common and classic makeup styles. It is believed that guys notice a woman with pretty, cute eyes or a bold lip. To make sure you don’t miss out on this advantage wear a little makeup. Don’t go too hard trying to impress by overdoing your makeup, you’ll just end up getting a weird look from him. It is always wise to go for something rather than to wait and not getting things done in the end. So go ahead and charm him with your killer looks without talking to him.