How to ask for permission to use tampons

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Asking for permission

We use can to ask for permission to do one thing:

Can I ask a query, please?
Can we go residence now?

might is extra formal and well mannered than can:

Might I ask a query, please?
Might we go residence now?

could is one other extra formal and well mannered method of asking for permission:

Might I ask a query, please?
Might we go residence now?

Asking for permission 2

Giving permission

We use can to give permission:

You can go residence now.
You can borrow my pen should you like.

could is a extra formal and well mannered method of giving permission:

We use can to say that somebody has permission to do one thing:

We can exit at any time when we would like.
College students can journey for free.

could is a extra formal and well mannered method of claiming that somebody has permission:

College students could journey for free.

Refusing permission

We use cannot and could not to refuse permission or say that somebody doesn’t have permission:

You cannot go residence but.
College students could not journey for free.

How to ask for permission to use tampons

Asking for permission to do one thing takes many various types. Maybe you want to get permission to do one thing at work, or maybe you want to ask a buddy for permission to use considered one of her possessions, or possibly you want to ask the trainer should you can depart room for a second or two. Keep in mind to use well mannered types when asking for permission to do one thing or use an object as you’re ​​​asking a favor of that particular person.​

How to Ask for Permission in English

Can I + verb (very casual)

  • Can I’m going out tonight?
  • Can he have dinner with us?

NOTE: The use of “Can I do one thing?” may be very casual, and regarded incorrect by many. Nonetheless, it’s utilized in on a regular basis casual speech and for that motive has been included.

Might I + verb

  • Might I’ve one other piece of pie?
  • Might we exit with our associates tonight?

NOTE: Historically, the use of “Might I do one thing?” has been used for asking permission. In trendy society, this type has turn into slightly extra formal and is commonly changed with different types akin to “Can I. ” and “Might I . ” Many argue that “Can I . ” is inaccurate as a result of it refers to capacity. Nonetheless, this type is kind of widespread in on a regular basis, spoken conditions.

Might I please + verb

  • Might I please go along with Tom to the film?
  • Might we please go on journey this weekend?

Do you suppose I might + verb

  • Do you suppose I might use your cellphone?
  • Do you suppose I might borrow your automobile?

Would it not be doable for me + infinitive

  • Would it not be doable for me to use your pc for a couple of minutes?
  • Would it not be doable for to research on this room?

Would you thoughts if I + verb in previous

  • Would you thoughts if I stayed a number of extra minutes?
  • Would you thoughts if I took a 5 minute break?

Would you thoughts my + verb + ing + your + object

  • Would you thoughts my utilizing your cellphone?
  • Would you thoughts my enjoying your piano?

How to Grant Permission in English

If you need to say “sure” to somebody who asks permission, you can provide permission utilizing these phrases. The primary three are extra casual, whereas the fourth is formal.

  • Positive.
  • No downside.
  • Go proper forward.
  • Please be happy + infinitive

How to Politely Refuse a Favor/Deny Permission

Saying ‘no’, is rarely enjoyable, however typically it’s a necessity. See the conversations under for some examples.

  • I am afraid I might want should you did not / do not.
  • Sorry, however I might slightly you not do this.
  • Sadly, I would like to say no.
  • I am afraid that is not doable.

When denying permission, folks will typically as a substitute supply to assist in different methods, utilizing the phrases “how about” and “as a substitute” to supply options.

  • I am afraid I am unable to allow you to borrow my automobile, however I might drive you as a substitute.
  • I am unable to babysit your daughter. How about I name my sitter for you as a substitute?
  • I want I might assist out; possibly one other time.

Pattern Dialogues for Observe: Asking for Permission Which Is Given

  • Jack: Hello Sam, do you suppose I might use your cellphone for a second?
  • Sam: Positive, no downside. Right here you’re.
  • Jack: Thanks buddy. It should solely be a minute or two.
  • Sam: Take your time. No rush.
  • Jack: Thanks!
  • Pupil: Would it not be doable for me to have a number of extra minutes to assessment earlier than the quiz?
  • Instructor: Please be happy to research for a number of extra minutes.
  • Pupil: Thanks very a lot.
  • Instructor: No downside. Do you will have any questions particularly?
  • Pupil: Uh, no. I simply want to assessment issues shortly.
  • Instructor: OK. We’ll start in 5 minutes.
  • Pupil: Thanks.

Instance Conditions: Asking for Permission Which Is Denied

On this instance, an worker is asking for time away from work.

  • Worker: Would you thoughts if I got here in late to work tomorrow?
  • Boss: I am afraid I might want should you did not.
  • Worker: Hmmm. What if I work extra time tonight?
  • Boss: Properly, I really want you for the assembly tomorrow. Is there any method you are able to do no matter it’s you want to do later.
  • Worker: In the event you put it that method, I am certain I can determine one thing out.
  • Boss: Thanks, I admire it.

This instance exhibits a father telling his son that he cannot exit due to his latest tutorial efficiency.

  • Son: Dad, can I’m going out tonight?
  • Father: It is a college night time! I am afraid that is not doable.
  • Son: Dad, all my associates are going to the sport!
  • Father: I am sorry, son. Your grades have not been one of the best just lately. I am going to have to say no.
  • Son: Ah, Dad, come on! Let me go!
  • Father: Sorry son, no isn’t any.

Observe Conditions

Discover a associate and use these strategies to follow asking for permission, in addition to giving and denying permission as proven within the examples. Ensure to differ the language you use when training slightly than utilizing the identical phrase over and over.

Intervals. The place do they arrive from? And w hat do they need?

No one is aware of for certain, b ut now we have motive to consider that among the individuals who took this yr’s bar examination might need been planning to have their intervals throughout the take a look at as a method of dishonest someway maybe.

Fortunately, a bunch of states have stepped in to forestall the would-be dishonest scandal, instituting guidelines banning males strual merchandise from examination roo ms and requiring aspiring legal professionals to ask permission to change their tampons and pads.

Listed below are a few precautionary measures that a few of these states are taking , in accordance to the American Civil Liberties Union :

  • West Virginia has explicitly prohibited “female hygiene merchandise.” In the event you want a tampon or pad throughout the examination (suspicious) , you will have to ask one of many proctors for one.
  • Montana doesn’t embrace menstrual merchandise on its listing of permitted take a look at room gadgets. It additionally doesn’t say whether or not you may ask a pr octor for a menstw ual pad , pwease.
  • One Nebraska regulation college grad who took the bar examination earlier this yr mentioned she had to ask permission so as to change her tampon extra steadily than each two hours. Thank god for these guidelines!!

Some states even have nice vital guidelines round b reast milk, one other mysterious physique fluid with no recognized traceable origin (ghosts??) that nonetheless helps folks cheat on their lawyer exams I really feel .

Directors in Oklahoma, for instance, refused to give one take a look at taker an additional couple of minutes to end pumping her breast milk following her 15-minute break.

Nice job, everybody! That is good.

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Bar exams are ableist as fuck (additionally racist and classist) and will simply be completely canceled. What it actually assessments is your capacity to pay a bar prep firm 1000’s of {dollars} , take two months off to research full-time, memorize books value of outdated and pointless regulation, after which sit nonetheless for 2-Three days, eight hours a day, in a room of 1000 folks with restricted or no entry to meals, water, and sure vital hygiene provides.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, state bar associations are nonetheless exhibiting themselves to be comically out of contact and ill-equipped to adapt. For instance, right here’s Tennesee’s fantastically silly – and ADA-violating – guidelines for their on-line bar examination:

“Don’t lookup, down, or the facet for various seconds because it might seem like you’re dishonest”

“Don’t fidget, contact your face, or twirl your hair”

“Don’t be out of the body of the digicam at any time”

Extra from Bleed Eco

I used to be 12 years outdated once I bought my first interval. As is the norm in India, I used to be handed a sanitary pad by my mom and directions to use it. 5 years later, I got here throughout a video by Buzzfeed India evaluating reusable pads and menstrual cups.

Discovering About Menstrual Cup, A Miraculous Invention Of Humankind

This was a landmark video in my life as a result of that was the primary time I got here to know that there have been choices to handle interval blood aside from pads and tampons, and excited with the information, I ran to my mom telling her about these menstrual cups and asking for her permission to shift to these miraculous innovations of humankind. I used to be certain that she could be enthusiastic as properly and say sure. Nonetheless, my mom was strictly in opposition to it.

Why, mamma!?” I whined nearly being instructed to shut up with a glare. I by no means introduced that matter up once more however by no means stopped eager about it both. It stored on bugging me. Pads, on the one hand, are normally handed to women in India after they have their first interval, and most of them proceed utilizing them for their lifetime.

How to ask for permission to use tamponsRepresentational Picture. I ran to my mom telling her about these menstrual cups and asking for her permission to shift to these miraculous innovations of humankind..

Historically, pads are an absorbent merchandise worn externally to take up interval blood. They’re constructed from numerous supplies relying on fashion, sort, and nation of origin. In the meanwhile, there are primarily two kinds of sanitary napkins- Disposable and Reusable.

As is obvious from the identify, disposable pads are meant to be thrown away after use. The primary supplies that make a disposable pad embrace bleached rayon (cellulose constructed from wooden pulp), cotton, and plastics. In some circumstances, perfume and antibacterial brokers are additionally added.

Disposable pads might be panty liners, ultra-thin, common, tremendous, in a single day, and maternity. Every sort has its distinctive high quality and use. These pads, nonetheless, have to be thrown away after only one use and are mentioned to be ecologically dangerous.

Interval Poverty Is Nonetheless Very A lot Prevalent In India

Furthermore, the rubbish collectors on the dump have to take it off by hand, and that challenges their well being as properly. India is a rustic the place interval poverty may be very a lot current, and never many menstruators have the buying capital to purchase sanitary napkins each few months.

Due to this fact, they usually put on ragged garments as a substitute of pads. Whereas this can be a prototype for reusable pads, it is rather unhygienic and a trigger for a variety of well being issues. Reusable pads, because the identify suggests, are pads that can be utilized once more. They’re made utilizing a material and are meant to be washed and used once more.

The wings are largely wound across the underwear with buttons or velcro or, within the case of wingless ones, are simply held in place between the physique and underwear. Whereas it’s secure for the setting, pleasant to the pockets (comparatively), they don’t seem to be very efficient in absorbing a menstruator’s interval blood.

In accordance to Aishwarya from Buzzfeed India, they had been the reason for a really aggravating interval. Her complaints included them being not absorbent sufficient, always turning round, and the stains not going away regardless of washing them 5 to six instances. General the opinions have been related, pointing in the direction of an ineffective product of absorbing menstrual blood.

Why Menstrual Cup Is Gaining Extra Reputation Amongst Menstruators

The following hottest interval product is tampons. Not like a sanitary pad, tampons have to be inserted contained in the vagina. Whether it is appropriately inserted, it’ll take up blood and begin increasing.

Nonetheless, alongside interval blood, it’ll additionally take up your pure vaginal lubricant, thereby altering the pH ranges, rising the prospect of Poisonous Shock Syndrome or TSS that may be a life-threatening illness Lack of correct disposal choices is one other downside that endangers the setting.

Now, transferring on to menstrual cups, that are gaining reputation amongst menstruators progressively. It’s a bell-shaped cup that collects the menstrual blood and the stem that’s used to deal with the cup simply.

Not like pads and tampons, a menstrual cup doesn’t take up interval blood however collects it and has to be emptied after each 4-12 hours, after which it ought to be cleaned and inserted once more.

Menstrual Cups Are Safer Than Pads And Tampons

Menstrual cups appear comparatively higher than pads and tampons. Whereas a menstrual cup prices a bit increased than pads and tampons when first purchased, given the truth that one cup lasts for about 10 years, in the long run, menstrual cups make a smaller gap in our pocket.

It’s also safer than pads and tampons, and in contrast to tampons, that like menstrual cups want to be inserted into the vagina, circumstances of poisonous shock syndrome are very uncommon with menstrual cups. It’s also environmentally secure, particularly with the brand new biodegradable cups.

Evaluating these three clearly declare menstrual cups because the winner. Nonetheless, each menstruator additionally wants to contemplate numerous elements akin to entry to water, hygiene, and the course of the move. Nonetheless, it’s advisable that each menstruator research up on totally different interval merchandise and likewise teaches the identical to the subsequent technology.

Every of those merchandise has benefits and drawbacks, and therefore each menstruator wants to make an informed selection. So, let’s hope for a future the place a menstruator shouldn’t be merely handed a sanitary pad ceaselessly and for my mom’s permission permitting me to shift to menstrual cups.

How to ask for permission to use tampons

Brooke Pelczynski / The Steadiness

While you’re beginning a job search, it is vital to line up individuals who can attest to your skills and {qualifications}. Many firms will ask you to embrace a listing of references along with your job utility or present them throughout the interview course of.  

In case you have references prepared prematurely, it’ll assist pace up the hiring course of and keep away from scrambling to discover individuals who can attest to your {qualifications} on the final minute.

Kinds of References You Can Use

References are individuals who can converse extremely of you and your character (a private reference) and/or about your work expertise, job {qualifications}, and expertise (an employment reference). Hiring managers usually contact your references by cellphone or through e mail to get a way of you as a job candidate.  

All the time ask permission earlier than utilizing somebody as a reference throughout your job search. That method, they will count on to be contacted and will probably be ready to talk about your {qualifications} for a job.

You may ask somebody to function a reference with a proper letter despatched by mail or an e mail message. Get detailed recommendations on how to write a letter requesting permission to use somebody as a reference.

How to Select the Finest References

It is vital to select whom to ask properly. Usually, you want to present potential employers with three references. Ensure to choose individuals who gives you a glowing reference. Take into consideration individuals who can converse to your expertise and {qualifications} for the place.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply all of them have to be former employers. You can too use enterprise acquaintances, professors, shoppers, or distributors as references. In case you have restricted work contacts, you may also ask somebody for a private reference. In some circumstances, chances are you’ll have the option to ask a buddy to offer you a reference.  

How to Ask for a Reference

Phrase your request rigorously. Strive to phrase your request in a method that doesn’t make the particular person really feel placed on the spot. Fairly than merely saying, “Will you be a reference for me?” ask them whether or not they really feel certified or comfy offering you with a reference. This provides them a possibility to say no if they don’t really feel like they may give you a robust, optimistic reference.

Embrace all the main points. Make certain to embrace all data that the particular person wants so as to offer you a correct reference. It is a good suggestion to embrace a duplicate of your resume along with your request, so your reference giver could have your most present employment historical past. You also needs to inform the particular person what jobs you’re making use of for, to allow them to start to consider how they could reply sure questions.

Use postal mail or e mail. You may ship your request through common mail (should you can wait a few days earlier than sending your listing of references), or by e mail. In the event you’re utilizing e mail, put your identify and request within the topic line, so your message will get opened:

Topic: Your Title – Reference Permission

Edit your correspondence rigorously. Since you are asking this particular person to converse to your skilled {qualifications}, make sure you come throughout as skilled in your letter. Learn by way of the letter for any spelling or grammar errors. In the event you ship a letter by mail, ensure you use enterprise letter format.

Say thanks. After the particular person agrees to be a reference for you, make sure to ship a be aware to thank them for their assist. Learn right here for pattern thank-you notes. Additionally, take the time to let the particular person know should you get the place they really helpful you for.

Letter Pattern Requesting Permission to Use a Reference

It is a reference request letter instance. Obtain the reference request letter template (appropriate with Google Docs and Phrase On-line) or see under for extra examples.

How to ask for permission to use tampons

Letter Requesting Permission to Use a Reference (Textual content Model)

Carol Smith
123 Most important Road
Anytown, CA 12345
[email protected]

John Lee
Acme Accounting
123 Enterprise Rd.
Enterprise Metropolis, NY 54321

I hope you’re properly. I might admire your help with my job search. I’m within the strategy of relocating to New York Metropolis, and I’m looking for a place in on-line media.

Along with your permission, I would really like to use you as a reference who can converse to my {qualifications}, expertise, and talents. After all, I might advise you when I’ve given out your identify and call data, so you’ll know when to count on a name. Please let me know should you could be comfy offering a reference for me.

Recommendation and strategies on one of the best ways to conduct my job search would even be appreciated. If you’re conscious of any job openings that I is perhaps certified for, I might be grateful should you shared this data with me.

I’ve hooked up my most up-to-date resume for your assessment. Please let me know should you want every other data from me.

How to ask for permission to use tampons

A person may want to write a permission request letter sooner or later in life and subsequently, it can be crucial to know the way to write this letter. For some folks it will be fairly powerful; nonetheless, utilizing the Permission Request Letter information could make issues fairly simple for the consumer.

Listed below are letter format and samples to show you how to.

Permission Request Letter Format

Date (Point out the date of writing the letter)

Topic: Permission Request Letter

I, (insert identify of particular person writing the letter), working as a (insert designation or title) am scripting this letter to you (identify of one who is addressed) to kindly grant me permission for a depart of 5 days as my sister is getting married and I’ve to transfer out of city for the marriage. I guarantee you that my absence won’t have an effect on the continued challenge.

I hope to obtain a optimistic reply out of your facet.

Letter of Permission Request Kind

A letter of permission request type because the identify suggests could be within the format of a type with clean areas in opposition to sure titles like identify, deal with, course identify and quantity, establishment deal with, and a lot extra. It could present pupil ID quantity and pupil reference quantity as properly. When making ready a letter of permission request type, a pattern could be of nice assist.

How to ask for permission to use

Request for Letter of Permission

Copyright Permission Request Letter

How to ask for permission to use

Permission Request Letter (PDF)

A landowner permission request letter because the identify suggests could be addressed to a landowner asking her or him for the permission of utilizing the land. The aim might be a survey or something vital and writing a letter would help in getting permission.

How to ask for permission to use

Pattern Permission Request Letter

Request for Advice for Transcript

A request for the advice for transcript could be written by a father or mother asking for the letter of advice and transcript for their ward. It could spotlight what paperwork are vital and thus, utilizing a pattern for this sort of letter could be useful.

How to ask for permission to use

Permission to Entry Information Request Letter

Collage Library Permission Request Letter

Writer Permission Request Letter

Because the identify suggests, a writer permission request letter could be for a writer and searching for his/her, permission could be vital for a sure trigger or utilizing the sure materials. Following the pattern information might be of nice assist.

How to ask for permission to use

Posted on November 7, 2014 by Jan Wilberg

How to ask for permission to use tampons

Ladies who’re homeless endure a variety of indignities. One in every of them is being with out tampons and pads when their intervals happen. Put your self of their place. How would you’re feeling?

Homeless shelters do an incredible job of offering a secure place to sleep and a heat meal however they usually have to depend on what’s donated to them. Funding sources don’t usually embrace a tampon and pad line merchandise. And albeit, it simply doesn’t happen to most individuals to donate menstrual provides. Who desires to drive up to a shelter with a bag filled with tampons when winter coats and mittens appear a lot extra important?

In the event you’re any person who thinks it’s vital to assist homeless ladies hold their dignity by having entry to clear, secure menstrual provides, then you need to take into consideration doing a tampon and pad donation drive in your city. Right here’s my fast guidebook:

1. Discuss to your native ladies’s shelter first. Join with the chief director or volunteer coordinator and inform them what you need to do. That is vital as a result of while you solicit donations, you want to say the place the donations will probably be going. So having a shelter on board, principally saying you could use their identify in your asks, is important. This gave donors confidence that their contribution would find yourself in the precise place.

3. Fireplace up the social media engine. Earlier than you do something, you want to have an honest variety of Fb associates or different social media followers. In the event you’re slightly weak on that entrance, associate with one or two different individuals who have a variety of followers. Then by way of social media technique: first, I messaged each feminine Fb buddy who I assumed may donate or set up a donation drive at her workplace. Second, I posted Fb updates concerning the drive, not simply asking folks for donations however posting footage of anybody who donated and tagging them to be sure that the photograph had the widest doable circulation.

4. Encourage group giving. One impressed particular person can encourage others if she thinks of it, like, ‘hey, wait, as a substitute of simply shopping for a few packing containers of pads, I might get all people within the workplace to purchase a pair after which we’d have a giant bag to donate!’ Discuss to your folks and colleagues about internet hosting a drive at their place of job, church, or membership. I carry them a field and flyers to assist in their outreach. Promising to come again and decide up the field is essential, although, so be ready for some heavy lifting!

5. Make it simple to donate. I supplied to drive anyplace to decide up a donation. I additionally had a field on my entrance porch labeled Time of the Month Membership the place folks might depart donations night time or day. Some folks wished to take their donations instantly to the shelter. That’s superb however I inspired folks to carry them to me so I might hold a rely, bag up donations in constant quantities, and drop them off progressively in order not to swamp the shelter.

6. Thank donors A LOT. I thanked donors and am nonetheless making an attempt to provide you with methods to thank them. I’m not finished but on that entrance. I thanked them in particular person, through e mail, and on Fb. Fb was enormous as a result of it had the impact of reminding folks of the donation drive however with a brand new face. Each time somebody handed me a bag or a field, I’d ask to take their image and ask if it was okay for me to publish it. Most individuals mentioned sure once I instructed them that different folks could be impressed by seeing that that they had donated.

7. Hold observe. Time of the Month Membership collects shut to 50,000 tampons and pads over the course of a yr. That’s a variety of distress and embarrassment averted. As well as to holding rely, write down who donated, particularly those that organized mini drives at their places of work, e book golf equipment or amongst their associates. This will probably be helpful data should you determine to do a second drive.

Time of the Month Membership is de facto about sisterhood. Possibly we haven’t all shared the expertise of homelessness, however now we have shared this: We’re ladies. We menstruate. It wants to be handled in a method that permits us to stick with it with life. If our homeless sisters don’t have what they want, these of us who’re housed can ante up. It’s that straightforward actually.

In the event you determine to do a drive, let me know. In case you have questions, ask me. You may attain me through e mail at [email protected]

Go forth. Gather. Have enjoyable.

Most homeless shelters don’t present sanitary merchandise, and college students in New York Metropolis’s public college system who get their intervals have to go to the nurse to get a tampon or pad. Now metropolis lawmakers need to change that.

On Tuesday, Metropolis Council Member Julissa Ferreras-Copeland and Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito launched a package deal of laws that will be sure that shelters and faculties present free sanitary merchandise. It could additionally assist be sure that they’re adequately accessible to ladies within the correctional system.

Homeless shelters not often get donations of tampons and pads, and shelters will solely have the option to use funds from the Federal Emergency Administration Company to purchase merchandise beginning April after Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY) persuaded officers to change the principles. In the meantime, authorities applications like meals stamps or WIC gained’t cowl them, so homeless folks usually battle to afford the fundamental necessity. One piece of the brand new legislative package deal would require the town Division of Well being and Psychological Hygiene to present sanitary merchandise to all ladies in non permanent homeless shelters.

One other invoice within the package deal would be sure that all metropolis faculties have sufficient sanitary merchandise to give them to all college students for free, overlaying 270,570 women. Town is already experimenting with providing free tampons and pads in 25 excessive faculties in largely low-income neighborhoods. A earlier and far smaller pilot program in a single metropolis highschool elevated women’ attendance and fewer requests to be excused throughout the day, in accordance to metropolis lawmakers.

The third invoice within the package deal would require the Division of Correction to give all feminine inmates pads or tampons after they request them and supply name-brand merchandise by way of the commissary. Presently, the division solely offers jails and prisons 144 generic pads per week per 50 inmates, or about 12 pads per girl per cycle, it doesn’t matter what the precise wants of the inmates could also be. Ferreras-Copeland instructed the New York Instances that the present components is “ridiculous,” including, “You don’t ration rest room paper or ask for permission for extra rest room paper… You shouldn’t have to for these merchandise.”

“These things are as important as rest room paper, serving to us forestall well being dangers and fulfill our each day actions uninterrupted,” Ferreras-Copeland mentioned in a press release concerning the laws. “No pupil, homeless particular person or inmate ought to have to leap by way of hoops, face sickness or really feel humiliated as a result of they can’t entry pads or tampons.”

The entire legislative package deal is estimated to value $5 million a yr, and most of that price range would go towards the college system.

Ferreras-Copeland additionally mentioned she might foresee introducing payments sooner or later to make free sanitary merchandise accessible at metropolis public hospitals, parks, and neighborhood applications. “This has been so taboo for so lengthy, that nobody even considered it,” she mentioned.

Ferreras-Copeland, Mark-Viverito, and Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez additionally launched a decision calling on the New York State legislature to cease taxing sanitary merchandise, related to the dearth of taxes on different requirements like groceries, prescribed drugs, shampoo, and even condoms. The state is being sued by a bunch of girls who has claimed that the so-called tampon tax is “a vestige of one other period” and “serves no objective aside from to discriminate.” The state Meeting has unanimously handed a invoice that will eradicate the tax, though it hasn’t but handed the Senate. Solely ten states exempt sanitary merchandise from gross sales tax.