How to attend free online courses

There are online training programs available to students in a variety of fields. These courses are geared for Ed2Go, noncredit career training, or the fitness/health industry.

Ed2Go Non-Credit Online Courses

Online courses are offered in accounting and finance, business, computer applications, design and composition, healthcare and medical, language and arts, law and legal, personal development, teaching and education, technology, and writing and publishing.

Career Training Online Courses

Online open enrollment noncredit courses designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional level positions for many in-demand occupations. Courses are available in the following areas: Arts and Design, Business, Career Online High School, Computer Applications, Computer Programming, Construction and Trades, Health and Fitness, Hospital, Information Technology, Language.

Online Fitness, Health, and Nutrition Classes

Web-based certificate programs are available for those that want to enter or advance in the fitness/health industry. Upon graduation, you will receive a certificate of completion. The following online college certificate programs are available: personal fitness trainer, fitness business management, personal/group exercise training for older adults, women’s exercise training and wellness, functional nutrition, sports nutrition, family nutrition, school nutrition, posture specialist, resistance training professional, and essentrics instructor.

You don’t need an Ivy League education to get a world-class education.

There are many online education websites that offer academic courses for a fraction of the cost of traditional colleges and universities, making them ideal for lifelong learners.

Here are 7 outstanding websites to access tons of academic courses – for free.

Top 7 Online Education Websites

The following online education websites offer thousands of online courses for students and life-long learners alike. While many are fee-based courses, you can also find many free courses as well.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit whose missions is “to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” Khan Academy is free for both learners and teachers, and offers lessons for students from kindergarten through early college, with topic including math, grammar, science, history, AP® exams, SAT® and more. Khan Academy’s founding partners include, among others, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, Ann & Jon Doerr and Reed Hastings.

Sample Free Courses: Algebra, Geometry, Statistics & Probability

2. edX

Founded by Harvard and MIT, edX is a global non-profit that seeks to remove three barriers of traditional education: cost, location and access. edX has more than 20 million learners and 2,400 courses from a majority of the top-ranked universities in the world. Open edX is the open source platform behind edX, and it’s open to educators and technologists who want to develop new educational tools. In addition to free courses, edX also offers courses for a fee.

Sample Free Courses: The Architectural Imagination (Harvard), Financial Analysis for Decision Making (Babson), Omnichannel Strategy & Management (Dartmouth)

3. Coursera

Coursera has more than 35 million learners, 150 university partners, 2,700 courses, 250 specializations and four degrees. In addition to free courses, Coursera offers courses generally ranging from $29 – $99. Specializations and degrees are priced higher. Course instructors include experts from the world’s top colleges and universities, and courses include recorded video lectures, community discussion forums and both graded and peer-reviewed coursework. You can also receive a course certificate for each course you complete.

Sample Free Courses: Machine Learning (Stanford), The Science of Well-Being (Yale), Successful Negotiation (University of Michigan)

4. Udemy

Udemy, a global education marketplace, has 30 million students, 100,000 courses in 50 languages, 42,000 instructors and 22 million minutes of video instruction. Unlike other online education platforms driven by content from colleges and universities, Udemy allows content creators to curate their own courses and teach them online.

Sample Free Courses: Introduction to Python Programming

5. TED-Ed

TED-Ed is TED’s award-winning youth and education arm whose mission is to share and spread ideas from teachers and students. TED-Ed has a global network of more than 250,000 teachers that serves millions of teachers and students around the world every week. TED-Ed includes innovative content such as original animated videos and a platform for teachers to create interactive lessons.

Sample Free Courses: The Mysterious Science of Pain, How Do Self-Driving Cars See, What Causes Turbulence

6. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is an interactive platform that teaches you how to code in multiple different programming languages. Most free courses can be completed in less than 11 hours. Codeacademy has helped train more than 45 million learners in topics such as web development, programming, computer science and data science. Codeacademy alums work at Google, Facebook, IBM and Bloomberg, among other top companies. Codeacademy also offers a premium plan for a monthly fee.

Sample Free Courses: multiple programming languages

7. Stanford Online

Stanford Online, an education initiative at Stanford University, offers free online courses as well as professional certificates, advanced degrees and executive education. Stanford Online offers courses from Stanford’s undergraduate and graduate schools, including Stanford Law School, Stanford Business School and Stanford Medical School, among others.

Sample Free Courses: Introduction to Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Through The Lens of Venture Capital, How To Learn Math

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to supplement your existing education or learn a new skill, it’s never too late to become a life-long learner. These online education courses can help you gain valuable knowledge, earn a certificate, complete a degree or simply expand your horizon.

How to attend free online courses

Drawing is a skill you can master at any age. When you are ready, you can learn the basics of drawing by taking a free online drawing class. The websites all offer helpful instruction for beginning artists, and many of them offer classes at intermediate or advanced levels. When you use the web as your art instructor, you can log on to learn whenever you please.

Kline Creative

The free online drawing lessons at Kline Creative website are designed for beginners of any age, from young children to adults. The site offers instructional videos on a range of drawing subjects. The videos are designed to give the beginner core skills to enhance any art medium you choose to use.


The ArtyFactory Art Lessons Gallery offers free online art lessons that include basic drawing classes for pencil, ink and colored pencil. For visitors who want to expand their knowledge of art, the site also offers an Art Appreciation Gallery and a Design Lessons Gallery.

Don't overlook YouTube when you are searching for free online drawing classes. YouTube is a treasure trove of videos on the subject. Just enter a search term such as "drawing lessons" and choose from the enormous selection of videos on the topic. You may need to filter the list to see the topics of most interest to you, such as "drawing animals" or "drawing figures."

Visit for free drawing classes that skip the heavy theory and help students get started drawing immediately. Have fun learning how to draw portraits, cartoons, caricatures, and tattoos. All the lessons include step-by-step instructions and examples. Some lessons also include video tutorials.


DrawSpace offers free and paid drawing lessons. This free collection of online drawing classes contains dozens of illustrated lessons for beginning, intermediate and advanced artists. Learn how to set up a studio, create line drawings, shade correctly and cartoon. Some of the free classes are:

  • Introduction to Drawing
  • Drawing From Line to Life: Beginner and Intermediate
  • Introduction to Contour Drawing
  • Drawing a Symmetrical Design
  • Drawing With Colored Pencils

Academy of Art University

This high-quality video class from the Academy of Art University entitled "How to Draw a Head" teaches you how to draw a head from a photo or from memory. The instruction focuses on facial proportion, expression and sketching basics

Toad Hollow Studio

Check out these free online drawing lessons at Toad Hollow Studio for instruction at all skill levels. Beginning lessons include line drawing, contour drawing, and shading. The lessons are available in text and video formats and are all free to the user. Also available is information on art theory and various drawing techniques.

How to Draw It

The How to Draw It website offers a simple approach to drawing animals and people. The animal tutorials are super easy to do, while the people lessons a bit more advanced. All are free to site visitors and make instant progress in your drawing skills possible.

How to Draw Cartoons Online!

If drawing cartoons is your thing, this site offers plenty of free instruction on the topic. The site covers categories like '80s style cartoons, video game characters like Pacman, and Mr. Spock and Darth Vader.

Free Online Art Classes

This site covers a wide range of art classes, but there are several free drawing tutorials for online learners, including:

  • Learn Basic Drawing
  • Draw With Pen and Ink
  • Learn Colored Pencils

Some of the classes are downloadable and some are in video form.


The online course repository includes a wide variety of art and drawing classes. Many of the courses offered by the site require a fee, but you can filter for free ones such as:

How to attend free online courses

For the first time, Oxford Home Study Centre is proud to offer a comprehensive range of free short online courses with certificates upon successful completion. Committed to open and accessible learning for ambitious candidates worldwide, our free short online courses with certificate are available with no geographical restrictions or entry requirements.

But what are the specific benefits of taking a free online course with OHSC? Upon successful completion, what can you expect to gain by enrolling on one of our free courses?

As with the rest of our paid courses, our free online study programs can be advantageous in many ways. Whether looking to enhance your CV, improve your career prospects, start your own business or simply explore an exciting new subject for the first time, our free short online courses with certificate tick all the right boxes.

With not a penny to pay from start to finish, there really is nothing to lose and perhaps so much to gain!

How to attend free online courses

Study at Home for Free with Oxford Home Study Centre

Free online study programs are perfect for those looking to explore the possibilities of distance learning, without necessarily committing to a full-time or paid course. What makes the difference with Oxford Home Study Centre is that unlike some, we provide all candidates on our free courses with the same priority and support as our paid students.

What’s more, our exclusive free courses have been created by respected industry leaders in conjunction with leading academics for unbeatable quality. Whether looking to continue studying at a higher level upon completion or simply out to build new skills, our free short online courses with certificate come highly recommended.

Advantages of Free Distance Learning with OHSC

We work extremely hard to bring every candidate the same high-quality study experience and committed support from start to finish. Students enrolling on our exclusive free short courses benefiting from the following advantages as standard:

  • Not a penny to pay – no strings attached
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace
  • No time restrictions, no exams, no deadlines
  • All required materials included as standard
  • Full tutor support provided from start to finish
  • A free OHSC course completion certificate
  • Enrolment open 365 days a year
  • Study from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection

Whatever your interests and career ambitions, you’ll be one step closer to achieving them with the help of OHSC.

What Can I Study for Free?

Oxford Home Study Centre is continuously adding exciting new free courses to our existing collection. Right now, our full range of exclusive free courses includes the following:

  • Free Business Management Course
  • Free Customer Service Course
  • Free Construction management Course
  • Free Event Management Course
  • Free Fashion Design Course
  • Free Hotel Management Course
  • Free HRM Course
  • Free Internet Marketing Course
  • Free Management Course
  • Free PR Course
  • Free Project Management Course
  • Free Risk Management Course
  • Free Starting a Business Course
  • Free Supply Chain Management Course
  • Free Travel and Tourism Course

Simply click on the course of your choosing and complete the easy enrolment process to get started right now. Your personally assigned tutor will provide you with full support from start to finish, assessing and grading your submitted work to provide constructive feedback.

All you’d expect from a premium quality distance learning program – all provided 100% free of charge!

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one! We take enormous pride in making a positive contribution to the success of every candidate we work with. We genuinely believe that high quality education shouldn’t be reserved exclusively for those who can afford costly tuition fees.

All free courses at Oxford Home Study Centre can be accessed immediately from anywhere in the world, with absolutely no strings attached and not a penny to pay. If it all seems too good to be true, try it out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

For more information on any of our free courses online with certificates or to discuss enrolment, get in touch with the OHSC team today on 01865 686162, or drop us an email anytime at [email protected] .

Our certificates of completion will help you stay ahead of the game: with online certificates you’ll be able to prove your professional growth to anyone.

Available for all students

As BitDegree aims to make education & great job opportunities available to all, getting a certificate of completion is completely free & requires no complex application forms.

Reliable proof of skills gained

Proudly display your earned free certifications online to all your friends, colleagues and competition to see. BitDegree offers blockchain certificates of completion which means that you can be sure that your professional growth proof is reliable on all levels.

Stand out from the competition

Competition is often tough when applying for a job position, so having proof of completing free online courses with certificates is an effective way to stand out. Your certificate will show employers that you are dedicated and willing to go the extra mile in order to be the best candidate and eventually an employee.

How to attend free online courses

I’ve received my free certifications online from a few courses I’ve finished and honestly, it’s just a great way to prove my efforts not only to myself but also to employers who value that I take the time to grow and become a better employee.

Jarrod Schmidt, Head of Human Resources

Top-rated online courses with certificates of completion have gotten the attention of various media outlets for their novelty and reliability.

How to attend free online courses

I finished three IT online courses with certificates of completion & applied for a job that had a lot of applicants. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the spot but I did & I was told that these programming certifications gave me a huge advantage.

Maia Pineda, Software Engineer

Free certifications for paid courses

If you see some paid courses with certificates of completion, there is a way out: micro-scholarships. BitDegree developed a program where students can apply to get a micro-scholarship from various sponsors for a specific course. You get the course, certificate AND a scholarship.

Keep your motivation up

BitDegree cares that you are motivated to finish your courses. That is why alongside our courses with free certifications online you can get XP and token rewards which will help you get to your awaited prizes: sense of pride and a reliable certificate.

Become noticed by HR

It’s true that a good CV is the key to HR’s heart. Why not spruce it up a bit by finishing free online courses with certificates of completion?

Law has a reputation for being difficult and arcane, with lots of Latin phrases that most people can’t understand. There is also a misconception that studying law means you can only be a lawyer, paralegal, advocate, solicitor, barrister or a judge. In fact, a knowledge of law is often the basis for a successful career in journalism, policing, politics, policymaking and even media. If you invent something, you need to know about filing a patent so no-on. Read more.

Top Online Law Courses

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Law Courses

Boost your understanding of the legal system with Alison’s free online Law courses. Everywhere we go, there are rules to follow, so it is essential that we have a strong understanding of these rules and laws. To get you started, we recommend our Fundamentals of Business Law course and our Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution course, both of which can be completed in as short as 3 hours. If you have more time, we suggest our more comprehensive courses such as our Diploma in Legal Studies and Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Alison offers free online law courses that will make you much more aware of the existing rules within your organisation, community, and country. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare for study, we recommend some of our best short certificate courses such as Fundamentals of Business Law, Employer-Employee Law, Corporate Governance, and Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution. Get started with these courses today, and you’ll become a much better informed professional and citizen in no time.

Alison’s free online law courses are designed to help you gain a better insight into the modern legal system. The law acts as a guideline as to what is accepted in society and minimises conflicts between social groups and communities. To gain a much stronger understanding of how the law works, we recommend you check out our comprehensive Diploma in Legal Studies and Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Both of these courses will equip you with solid legal knowledge and require less than 15 hours of study.

-Sample video lectures, handouts and questions from online PMP training
–Downloadable free PMP study materials
-Reviews, tips and tricks from recent PMP exam takers
-9 Frequently asked questions about PMP and their answers
-PMP requirements and step-by-step video guide for PMP application online

Enroll in Free PMP® Training online and learn all you need to know about PMP certification.

“Master of Project Academy allows professionals to advance their training at a schedule that fits their busy life. No set dates, no set number of hours. No need to take time off to accommodate a course schedule in a physical classroom. And with 24 hour assistance, professionals have access to help whenever they need it.”

FREE-No Credit Card Required

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Course Completion Certificate

Sample lectures from 35 contact hours online PMP training

Project management certification is an essential professional requirement across industries for senior project management roles.
If you are planning to sit for PMP certification exam, this online PMP training will help you to see sample PMP study materials and learn PMP certification details for free.
This course is most suited for:

  • PMP – Project Management Professional aspirants
  • Project managers
  • Associate/Asst. Manager – Projects
  • Team leads/Managers
  • Project Executives/Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Any professional aspiring to be a Project Manager

-What is in this free PMP training online program?

Free PMP course program has four sections.

Free PMP Training Section #1 covers.

Eight sample free PMP lectures from 35 contact hours online PMP training program. These free PMP lectures are for you to evaluate whether PMP training of Master of Project Academy is for you.

You will see a sample PMP course handouts which includes the slides you will see throughout the sample PMP lectures. You can download the handouts and take notes while you follow the PMP course.

Following the PMP handouts lectures, you will see six sample PMP lectures from online PMP training. These lectures are:

  • Definition of Project
  • Project Manager’s Sphere of Influence
  • Law of Diminishing Returns
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Exercise
  • Determine Budget Process
  • Determine Budget Process Example

Following these free PMP training lectures, you will see a quiz with seven sample PMP questions.

Free PMP Course Section #2 includes.

  • 7 Step PMP Study Plan
  • PMP Question Bank
  • PMP Flash Cards
  • PMP Math Formula Sheet
  • PMP Prep Book Sample PDF
  • PMP Certification in 9 Questions

Here, you will see reviews and tips & tricks of recent PMP exam takers as well. You can read their PMP study journey and get inspired for your PMP preparation. Lena Adam’s PMP review video, Don Wheeler’s PMP story, Rahul’s PMP journey and Roger Mak’s PMP study tips are in this section.

Note that, Don Wheeler passed the PMP exam with the highest scores that a PMP candidate can get. You will learn a lot from his PMP tactics!

Free PMP Training Online Section #3 includes.

  • Create Profile
  • Personal Details
  • Attained Education
  • Project Management Experience
  • Project Management Education
  • Review and Submit PMP Application
  • What to do in case of PMI audit?
  • PMP examination content

Free PMP Training Section #4 includes.

Discount coupon codes for our comprehensive courses. This free PMP training is only for giving an insight of how our PMP training course programs are structured. In order to get ready for the PMP exam, you must attend in a 35 contact hours online PMP training.
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This course is qualified for Continuing Education Credit by AAPM
Disclaimer: PMI, PMBOK, and PMP are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute.


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Claudio Fernando Maciel

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“This free PMP course provides a good overview of the PMP application process. It has free PMP training lectures as well to see what you should expect during your PMP journey. PMP tips and tricks of recent PMP exam takers were really inspiring to shape my own PMP study.”

200,000+ professionals enrolled from 100+ organizations including these reputable organizations

Master of Project Academy is an Accredited Business by Better Business Bureau®

What does this mean?
This means all figures, claims, and reviews of Master of Project Academy are audited and backed up. BBB® reviews the pass rate, student reviews, and all claims of our website, and make sure that they are genuine, authentic and made by real students enrolled in our courses.

You can see several authentic and genuine reviews on our BBB, Google, and TrustPilot Pages.

Free PMP Online Training is brought to you by Master of Project Academy – so far we’ve helped over 200,000 professionals from 180 countries prepare for and pass their Project Management certification exams.

NASHVILLE – Tennessee workers displaced by the economic disruption caused by COVID-19 can enroll in free online classes to advance their skill set. The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development (TDLWD) has partnered with Coursera, one of the world’s leading online learning platforms, to help Tennesseans skill up and get back to work.

The success and impact of the TDLWD-Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative program last year helped thousands of Tennesseans learn critical, job-relevant skills.

Through the Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative, unemployed Tennesseans have free access to 4,000 courses that will help them develop the knowledge and skills needed to find meaningful employment.

Coursera partners with 200 of the world’s leading university and industry educators to offer courses teaching job-relevant skills across business, technology, and data science.

“This type of training and education helps develop a stronger workforce development pipeline across the state,” said TDLWD Commissioner Jeff McCord. “Coursera provides courses for Tennesseans to learn new, marketable skills so they can advance their careers or start down the path to a new career.”

Through this partnership, Tennesseans can earn professional certificates from leading companies like Google. These courses are designed to prepare people with no degree or technology background for entry-level careers in high-growth fields such as IT Support, Project Management, UX Design, and Data Analytics.

“Google wants to ensure all Tennesseans have access to the job training needed to unlock their full economic potential,” said Lisa Gevelber, vice president, Grow with Google. “Through our partnership with Coursera and the state of Tennessee, we’re thrilled the local workforce can access the Google Career Certificates to help make them job-ready for high-paying, high-growth jobs.”

With 4,000 courses available, Tennesseans can acquire a wide range of skills through Coursera. Students can earn certificates in everything from social media marketing to Excel skills, web development, the business of health care specialization, and IT security.

“Our work with the state of Tennessee has already helped thousands of hard-working citizens prepare for high-demand local jobs, including roles in IT support and contact tracing,” said Jeff Maggioncalda, Coursera CEO. “As the state prepares for the post-COVID economy, we’re excited to expand our partnership and provide Tennesseans with a wider selection of skills-based learning and job-relevant credentials to rebuild a thriving workforce.”

Coursera allows students to start most classes at their convenience and set work deadlines that accommodate their other time commitments.

Free Pastoral Online Training Program

Are you called to be a pastor? Do people see that your walk with Christ influences others to seek God? Are you looking for confidence and competence in your ministry role? Maybe you are already a pastor, but you have never received quality training?

Christian Leaders Institute is your gateway to a free pastoral online training program that gives you many options!

Free Pastoral Online Training – Donation-driven Concept!

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers hundreds of tuition-free ministry training courses and mini-courses. These courses are made possible through a generosity driven-concept where supporters believe that ministry training courses should be free of charge to those called into the ministry.

After 10 years in the Harrow Chapter of the Heaven’s Saints How to attend free online coursesOutreach. I have retired from motorcycle ministry and have started a Home-based church

For years I wanted to pursue Christian training on a professional level but because of financial issues, I was never able to. That is until I was told of the opportunities at Christian Leaders Institute. The joy I felt that day when I found out I had been accepted as a student was such a beautiful day. My prayers were answered and to this day I am so grateful to C.L.I.

Currently, I am retired with a focus being on pastoring and expanding our home-based church and continue in advanced studies. Thank you to CLI for the excellent training. Pastor Gary Wright.

Christian Leaders Institute staff should be nominated for a Nobel Prize for what they have accomplished…a donation-driven college! Who would have thought that possible?

The fact is Christians called to be volunteer, bi-vocational, or full-time ministers do not need education debt that will hold them back from serving as pastors. Instead, free pastoral online training is needed.

Free Pastoral Online Training – Program Options

If you are looking to study as a pastor or expand your pastoral training to include studies, Christian Leaders Institute has some program options to consider.

Pastor Training

Christian Leaders Institute has ministry training courses in many pastoral areas, including Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, Ministry skills, and Preaching skills. In addition, there are many awards programs available.

If you are interested in doing pastoral ministry in areas such as youth or marriage ministries. There are many courses of study the will fit!

My husband and I have been involved in Marriage Enrichment How to attend free online coursesat our local church for 9 years and then moved to Young Adults Ministry where we are trusting God to bridge the gap between our older and younger generation as we have a passion to see young people who are sold out for Christ.

My personal reason for signing up for free pastoral online training with CLI is to gain a better understanding and revelation of God’s word and be able to read the Bible and read for meaning and interpret scripture accurately and in line with God’s will and purpose for our lives.

Licensing and Ordination

Christian Leaders Institute trains clergy ministers for the Christian Leaders Alliance. The Christian Leaders Alliance recognizes the Free Pastoral Online Training you receive at Christian Leaders Institute. In addition, there is licensing and ordination recognition for those beginning their pastoral journey and those seeking in-depth training and recognition.

Clergy Recognition Programs

Licensed Christian Wedding Ministers – These programs are designed for those called to volunteer or bi-vocational ministry. You will be licensed to minister to those who are getting married. You will be licensed as a Christian wedding pastor, and you can perform a Christian wedding ceremony as a minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Click Here for More details.

Ordained Minister Programs – Maybe you would like more in-depth training and ordination recognition. There are many ordination roles at Christian Leaders Alliance for you to consider. Click here to find out more.

College Credentials

Are you interested in college credentials? Christian Leaders College uses your Free Pastoral Online Training courses to put together many college credential programs where you can receive certificates, diplomas, and degrees. In addition, the college degree is recognized by accredited institutes like Ohio Christian University if you desire to pursue master-level studies.

The college program includes low administration fees. These fees are tiered to be affordable in developing nations and developed nations throughout the world. Click here to look at fees.

Specialized Ministry Roles

Christian Leaders Institute is also a great place to be trained in some specialized ministry roles such as:

Chaplaincy – The chaplaincy program has many courses of study for awards or college credentials. Click here for more details.

Life Coach Minister – The Life Coach Minister program includes a curriculum that gives you advanced training as a life coach, including a three-credit college-level course that takes you deep into the training to be a life coach minister. Click here for more details.

Matchmaker Minister – The Matchmaker minister program is for the pastor called to assist those seeking a Christian spouse. Click here for more details.