How to be a good wife

Every man wants an ideal wife, and every woman aims to be one. Every husband wants his wife to be the best female on the planet. He expects her to possess all the good qualities of an ideal wife. What do you think is the general qualities of an ideal wife? It is dedication, caring, loving, and supportive. An ideal marriage is rarely found as when two individuals live together under a single roof, they tend to argue and fight. This is natural and happens in almost every married couple’s life.

In most of the cases, the couples adjust to each other’s character and expectations. When they fail to do it, marriages break down.

However, most guys don’t find a perfect girl, but, we have prepared a list of some basic qualities a good wife should possess.

1. A good wife is trustworthy
2. A good wife communicates well
3. She is loyal to her husband
4. She should be able to handle all issues
5. She should not keep nagging
6. A good wife is supportive
7. She should be able to maintain the home organized
8. She should respect his feelings
9. A good wife should express her love
10. She should be funny and spread positive feelings.

This list only contains some of the best common qualities expected in a good wife and some of these qualities are found in woman and these qualities can be cultivated carefully with time. It is very important that a wife should possess at least some of the qualities on this list.

1. A good wife is trustworthy

Being Trustworthy is one of the most important qualities that a wife should possess. A husband always wants his wife to be trustworthy and a person who can understand the fact that trust is one of the important building blocks of a strong marriage. A husband should be able to trust his wife and she should trust him like he does. Remember the fact that relationships grow stronger as partners start trusting each other.

2. A good wife communicates well

communicating well with the husband is one of the most important qualities a wife should possess. No matter how bad the issue is, she should be able to communicate frankly with her partner. She should always discuss important things with him. The freedom for frank communication can enhance the quality of a relationship.A good wife always takes an up hand initiative to share anything with him.

3. She is loyal to her husband

A good wife should always stay loyal to her partner. She should never engage in an extramarital relationship. Loyalty is one of another major building block of a healthy married life, always remember marriage is not an open relationship and making marriage an open relationship would create conflicts and this eventually would lead to a divorce. So, it is always important that both the partners should be loyal to each other and never make any compromises on loyalty.

4. She should be able to handle all issues

An ideal husband could be busy with his own work and professional commitments. This puts a wife in charge; she should be able to handle all the problems. It could be family issues related to kids and husband. A husband always appreciates a good wife who can handle family issues with confidence.

5. She should not keep nagging

To be a good wife; she should actually avoid nagging him. She should not keep on asking him reason and explanation for everything he does. There is a normal tendency of women listing all the issues and nagging the partner when he returns from work.

6. A good wife is very supportive

A good wife is always supportive, and being supportive is one of the most important qualities every husband expects from his wife. She should be able to support him in every situation no matter what the situation may be. Let it be professional or personal she should always lend you her shoulder and support you and pamper you. Every man likes to be pampered and get support from their wife’s.

7. She should be able to maintain the home organized

Most of the men prefer a woman that can organize the home perfectly. A good wife is the one who has the talent to organize the home with care. Every partner would expect a neat and tidy home and a wife who takes an up hand initiative to keep it that way.

8. She should respect his feelings

Relationship is all about respect and compromises, both husband and wife have equal duties and roles. A good wife should respect his likes and dislikes. Some women tend to control his life and his lifestyle, this is never appreciated, and he can get really annoyed and irritated if his wife does not respect his feelings and privacy.

9. A good wife should express her love

Married life is all about love and care, some woman prefers hiding their love and this does not help a relationship. A good wife should always spend time with him, try to involve with him, celebrate little things with him. These acts will give him happiness and good moments that can earn his appreciation.

10. He should be funny and spread positive feelings

Marriage is a serious relationship and this does not mean that a married life should be filled with very serious talks and serious vibes. Married life should be filled with fun; a good wife should have the ability to turn any serious arguments into fun-filled moments. She should be able to create a positive vibe atmosphere at home.

There are many qualities that can be listed here, but the above-mentioned qualities are some of the basic qualities expected of a good wife. Some of the others are more of a personal choice and cannot be generalized as basic qualities required of a good wife. Hope this article helped you.

To define a godly wife, we must first consider what the word godly means. In 1 Timothy 2:2, Paul uses the word in conjunction with being “peaceful,” “quiet,” and “dignified.” The Bible says the Spirit, who is in every believer, produces visible and invisible acts of godliness, “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control” (Galatians 5:22–23). The decisive definition of godliness would be “Christlikeness.” Godliness involves a genuine striving to imitate Christ, to be like Him in thought and action as the apostle Paul strived to be (1 Corinthians 11:1). These characteristics of a godly disposition apply to every believer, whether male or female. Fortunately, the Bible gives more specific qualifications as to what a godly woman—particularly, a godly wife—looks like.

In the book of Proverbs, there is a beautiful word picture painted of a godly wife. The virtues of a godly wife have not changed, even over thousands of years. A godly wife is one who has the complete trust of her husband. He doesn’t have to worry she will be tempted by the wiles of another man, overcharge the credit cards, or spend all day watching soap operas. He knows she is dignified, wise, and devoted (Proverbs 31:11, 12, 25, 26). He is confident of her support and sincere love because she is not vindictive or critical. Her husband has a good reputation in the community, and his wife never speaks ill of him, never gossips about him. Rather, she is always lifting him up and giving him praise. She maintains the household thoroughly and is well-respected herself (Proverbs 31:12, 21, 23).

A godly wife spends less time in front of the mirror than in sharing her goods with the poor and needy because she is selfless and benevolent (Proverbs 31:20, 30). But she doesn’t neglect herself; she keeps her body and spirit strong and in good health. Although she works hard and keeps long hours, she is not haggard; she cares about beautiful things to enhance herself and her family (Proverbs 31:17, 21, 22).

Contrary to what many believe a biblical portrait of a godly wife to be, Proverbs 31 reveals she is enterprising and ambitious. The Proverbs 31 wife is a small business owner—she makes and sells garments. She makes her own business decisions independently, and she alone decides what to do with her earnings (Proverbs 31:16, 24). Notice, however, her earnings do not go toward shoes or bags, but to buy a field where she can plant a vineyard—something that will benefit the whole family.

Through all of her endeavors, service, and hard work, the godly wife maintains joy. She can discern all she is doing is profitable, which spurs her on to a sense of gratification (Proverbs 31:18). A godly wife doesn’t worry about what the future may bring. She smiles at the future because she knows her Lord is in control of everything (Proverbs 31:25, 30). Verse 30 is the key to the entire passage because a woman cannot be a godly wife without first fearing the Lord. It is the godly wife’s pursuit of Jesus and her abiding in Him that bring the fruit of godliness to manifestation in her life (see John 15:4).

Finally, a godly wife should be submissive to her husband (Ephesians 5:22). What does a submissive wife look like? Not what you might think. The Bible teaches that Jesus submits to His Father (John 5:19). Yet Jesus is equal to the Father (John 10:30). Therefore, a submissive wife is not less valuable as a human being; her role is not less important—but it is different. Christians know that Christ is every bit as divine as the Father (and the Holy Spirit), but each plays a different role in redemption. In the same way, men and women each play a different part in marriage. So, for a wife to be submissive to her husband as Christ is submissive to the Father means she willingly allows her husband to lead. Jesus went willingly to the cross, although not without distress (Matthew 26:39). Christ knew the Father’s way was best. A godly wife may find the path of submissiveness painful at times, but following God will always result in spiritual rewards that last for all eternity (1 Timothy 4:7–8).

The Bible equates submissiveness to one’s husband to submissiveness to God (Ephesians 5:22). In other words, if a wife cannot submit to her husband, it may be a reflection of her struggle to be submissive to Christ. Submission does not imply weakness; a submissive wife is not “unintelligent” or “unimportant.” Submission requires strength, dignity, and devotion, as we learn from the Proverbs 31 woman.

Proverbs 31 presents the ideal. A woman can be a godly wife without being perfect (we know there is no such thing as human perfection). But as a wife grows more intimate in her relationship with Christ, she will grow increasingly godly in her marriage. Godliness is often in opposition of what secular society says a woman should aspire to. However, as women of God our first concern must always be what pleases God.

How to be a good wife

It is every woman’s wish to become a good wife and mother to their kids. However, this may be quite a challenge for some especially since there’s no user’s manual or guide to follow when it comes to motherhood.

Fortunately, we can give you a few tips on how to become a good wife and mother particularly if you are just starting out in your marriage. Just follow these tips and you will surely have an easier time with every challenge that comes your way from here on out.



The first thing that you need to remember is not to lose sight of your main goal. You are now a wife and will soon become a mother to your own kids. Everything that you do from here on out should be for them. Otherwise, you will fail at your task even before you begin.

2. Ask for Help

Secondly, do not be afraid to ask for help if and when necessary. In today’s day and age, their menu resources that you can use as well as people that you can meet to help you out as a new mother and wife. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help especially from those whom you know best.

3. Work as a Team

As a third tip, you should work together with your husband to build your family. To do this, you have to have an open communication line with him at all times. Do not be afraid to speak up when necessary and back down when you have to.

4. Learn to Consult

Remember that in a family, you do not have the sole opinion anymore. You have to learn to consult your husband in every decision that you make especially when it comes to the family.

5. Respect Your Husband’s Decisions

In addition to this, as a wife, always remember to respect your husband’s decisions. Give him the last say always. As his partner in life, this is your way of respecting him as a man.

6. Tell Him How You Feel

That being said, you should not be afraid to tell him how you feel about certain things prior to making a decision. If you want to be a good wife, you have to be as honest as possible, even if it hurts. He will learn to appreciate your opinions in the end for sure.


7. Be There for Your Kids

When it comes to being a mother, the ultimate advice that we can give you is to be there for your kids. Allow them to be themselves but also protect them from harm as much as possible.
By doing this, you are not forcing the issue and allowing them to work through their problems on their own. This is what a mother should do ultimately.

In addition to this, try to be the best example that you can be especially for your daughters. Make sure that they will see you as someone to look up to. Strive to be someone they can emulate as women and as people in general.

8. Make Them Feel Secure and Safe to Talk to You

Let them approach you whenever they feel comfortable. If in case they have something to say to you, it will be best to give them time to process everything and come to you whenever they feel most comfortable.

Once you are openly talking, take this opportunity to explain to your child what needs to be explained. Whether it is about discipline, romance and any kind of family matters, make sure that they are able to comprehend why you would be making such a decision.

It would help to have your husband beside you when talking to the kids. That way, you both will be able to explain the situation better if ever a problem would arise.

That way, you will not end up losing your child’s trust and having them rebel sooner rather than later.

9. Give Your Children Space and Time

In addition to this, you have to give your child some time to process everything that you tell them. Do not expect them to accept everything you say at face value. Children are inquisitive so be prepared to answer all of their questions as best you can.

If you feel that you can’t really answer the question as clearly as possible, be honest to your child and tell him that you won’t be able to answer the question now. However, also let him know that you will try to find the correct answer.

10. Be Encouraging

Encourage your child to be the best that he can be and you will never go wrong with being a mother. Same goes with your husband, a supportive wife is definitely someone whom he will appreciate.


Do not forget to pray always. Being a mother and wife is not an easy task. However, with God at the center of your lives, everything else will fall into place for sure. If you are unsure of what to do, do not be afraid to ask and your prayers will be answered.

1: Respect – show respect at all times
2: Honesty – always be truthful never tell lies
3: Obey – Obey your Husband/HoH without question
4: Do not put yourself in danger – speeding, not taking medication, etc

5: Be available & willing when you husband/HoH has physical needs
6: Complete household tasks, keep the home clean & tidy
7: Make sure all meals are ready on time
8: Take care of yourself, so you remain healthy
9: Follow the dress code if you have one to follow
10: Stick to the family budget

This is not a comprehensive list of rules to follow, but I believe it is a good starting place for most couples to start with. A relationship must have love, respect, and honesty to grow following some simple rules will help define your relationship. You will be more relaxed you will both know your place in the relationship, living within the boundaries set by your rules will add stability to your relationship, you will spend less time arguing and more time enjoying your partner’s company.
Read the rules and adapt them to suit your relationship. If you think I have missed an important rule, then let me know.

It does not matter what stage your marriage is; these rules apply to newly weds or couple who have been married for 25 years or more, it is never too late to make some changes to improve your marriage.

If you would like help living this lifestyle, I am available for one on one counseling and mentoring sessions. I have been happily married for over 20 years, and my experience does not come from a text book but experience living the lifestyle.

How to be a good wife

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How to be a good wife

Photo by Leah Kelley

Newlywed and still groping in the dark of how it is to be a good wife? Or you have probably been married for many years but it seems like you still have to learn a lot about being a real partner to your husband. Either way, I hope this list can help you be the best version of this special role of being ‘wifey’.

So, what are the qualities that make a good wife material?

1. Understands she is not single anymore
Well, this is the first and foremost reminder that any wife should absorb into her system. Once you are married, especially if you have kids already, then you cannot live the same lifestyle you had enjoyed when you were single. This means less “me-time” because you have to put the needs of your family first before your need for parties, shopping, and hanging out with girlfriends.

2. Respects hubby
No matter how much your personalities, views, and principles differ from each other, you have to respect your husband—like how you would want him to respect you. Yes, you can point out your ideas, but never ever insist that you are right and he is wrong, or call him stupid. Also, never embarrass him in public, particularly in front of your family or his, his friends or yours, and especially in front of your children.

3. Treats him like a king
You want your husband to treat you like his queen, right? Therefore, you also need to treat him like a king—and that is by serving him wholeheartedly. This does not mean lowering yourself to the level of a martyred slave, but it means initiating a selfless kind of relationship between you. It would not hurt cooking him his favorite dish, giving him a massage, preparing his attire for work the next day, and simply making him a cup of coffee every morning.

4. Does not nag
Have you ever been nagged by your mom when you were a kid? It was annoying, right? Your husband feels the same every time you nag him about every little thing he does—him leaving his dirty socks lying around, forgetting about picking up deliveries, and so on. Instead of pestering him with sermons, why not talk to him sensibly about your concerns to avoid fights and high blood pressures?

5. Makes time for her partner
Whether you are a housewife or a working one, you must not make busyness an excuse not to spend time with your husband anymore. To keep love alive even after long years of marriage, couples should not stop dating each other. Both of you should decide to go out together or simply have a hearty talk over cups of coffee at least once a week.

6. Accepts that he is imperfect
Marriage makes you discover more of your partner’s flaws—usually pricking the bubble of your happy married life dream. However, instead of wishing you could marry someone else, you must understand that both of you are not perfect so the best thing to do is help each other become better. Instead of constantly pointing out his flaws, assure him that you still love him despite his shortcomings.

7. Is financially wise
The responsibility of proper budgeting and money management must be shared by both husband and wife. For this reason, if you are poor at this, then you have to start learning how to be a better financial manager—this advice goes for your husband as well. This way, you can help save your marriage from a possible breakup due to money problems.

8. Forgives and forgets
Since both of you are imperfect, your marriage should have an allowance for mistakes—there should be grace. If you want to keep your husband, then it means you should be willing to forgive him whenever he commits mistakes and give him a second chance. In addition, the next time you fight, stop bringing back past issues since you have already forgiven him for them.

9. Trusts him completely
Having committed to trusting your husband fully means not being suspicious towards him all the time. Until proven that he is doing or has done something wrong, then avoid acting like a detective or getting jealous easily. This will only lead you to paranoia.

10. Supports his passion and dreams
As a wife, you should be the number one cheerleader of your husband. No matter how difficult the journey into it is, do not discourage your partner from pursuing his dream. You should believe in him—assure him that—and help him in any way you can.

11. Does not tolerate what is wrong
Being supportive of your husband does not include tolerating his mistakes. As his wife, it is part of your role to make sure he stays being a good person and citizen, not just for your family and the community, but for himself as well. Rebuke him by talking to him gently about the matter, and help him change or do what is right.

12. Keeps a harmonious relationship with husbands’ loved ones
Loving your husband and accepting who he is involved loving the people he values as well—his family and friends. Therefore, respect his immediate family, especially his parents; show kindness to them; and visit them from time to time. You should also make an effort to get to know his friends better and treat them as your own friends too.

13. Takes care of herself
Being a good wife is not limited to putting the needs of your husband first. You know your hubby loves you, so if you would get sick or something bad happens to you, then it would affect him much. For this reason, keep yourself healthy and fit—and this could also help keep your husband in love with you.

14. Prays for him regularly
As a wife, you know you have no superpowers so you cannot help or protect your husband at all times. For this reason, you need to acknowledge the one who can do these best—and that is God. Praying for your husband daily is actually the best thing you can do for him.

Go for it, wifey!

More than anything else, the best advice I could give you is to simply love unconditionally. Give without expecting anything in return. You can only do this without draining your self-esteem by loving yourself first. Learn to value yourself, and do not base your self-worth on anybody’s affection. You may be a wife—the other half in a sacred union—but you are an individual as well.

Most American women these days do not make good wives. If a man could know what is in store for him, over the next 20+ years, if he married a certain woman, I think that men would not marry 80% of American women today. They are a net negative. Often, a total disaster. I think about 20% of American women today make good wives. By “good” I do not mean very good, extraordinarily good, but only that a man, upon taking stock of a lifetime (or not) spent together, can say: she was a net positive. In the past, I think this was the case 60%-80% of the time, but the odds are much lower today.

A woman who does not want to be a Good Wife, as a matter of principle, should not marry. Nobody should marry her. Avoid those bitches. They are unfit for marriage. Unfortunately, this is common today. There are enough women already who want to be Good Wives, but fail. All women who are contentious from the outset, the feminists or #metoo nutjobs, those who insist on control, the gold-diggers who are in it for their own personal advantage alone, should be avoided, at least for any serious relationship. They don’t advance beyond the Friends With Benefits level.

It is actually quite easy to be a good wife. I did a series on the Good Wife earlier, which gave a series of things of increasing ambition by which a woman can be a Good Wife. But, I think the most important things were in the first post, a Good Wife Level 1.

Being a Good Wife is not the same as being a good student, or a good employee, or a good daughter, or a good neighbor. A woman can be all of these, and not be a good wife. This is very common.

One of the best guides for How To Be A Good Wife is Fascinating Womanhood. Just this book alone is a litmus test. A woman who wants to be a good wife is often eager to learn how to do so. But, many women think that nobody can tell them what to do. They want “freedom” without responsibility. This “freedom” is not really freedom, of course. She had that as a single girl. It is “freedom” to insist that others serve her whims. It is the “freedom” to be a narcissistic piece of shit, while everyone around her must make self-sacrifices, conform to her demands, and clean up her messes. It is “freedom” for me-not-thee. It is the “freedom” to do anything, and have everyone praise her actions no matter what damage they cause to others, or to herself. A man should give this kind of girl her “freedom” to be a train wreck all by herself. She does not advance beyond the FWB level.

So, if you are the kind of girl that is averse to reading a book like Fascinating Womanhood, you are probably unfit for marriage.

A woman does not have to get married. It’s OK if you don’t. Nobody is insisting on it. There are many, many men who wish that you would stop bothering them about “commitment.” Enough for a lifetime of transient relationships. But, nearly all women — I would say, more than 95% — want to get married eventually. We know this because 92% of White women have gotten married, eventually, despite all the difficulties involved. It wasn’t an accident, like catching the flu, or getting pregnant. You can’t get married by accident. So, if you think that YOU are not going to get married … good luck with that. I hope you change your mind before it is too late. The regret that many women feel drives them to a lifetime of antidepressants. And if YOU think that you are going to get married, but that you don’t need to be a Good Wife … well, good luck with that. For men today especially, that is a Hard Fail. No man should marry such a woman.

The basics of being a good wife are:

Do something productive. Provide benefit to your husband, children, family, and community. This is not very complicated, but it is completely the opposite of what many women think their role as a wife is, which is: to consume. To have others provide for her. To gain personal benefits. To manipulate all those around her to her personal advantage, and their detriment. To create work for others. To consume the benefit of others’ productivity, time and attention. Basically, to be a princess.

By providing for others, and for the benefit of the family as a whole, the Good Wife will benefit herself. It is not a zero-sum game. When both husband and wife are producing, instead of consuming, the result is shared abundance. Children will naturally demand a lot of time, attention and resources, so both parents have to be productive to meet this need. This is the main purpose of marriage.

Don’t make problems. A wife should be productive, and not make problems. This is very obvious in the case of an employee, and most women are able to be productive, in the context of a job, and not make problems. However, for some reason, as a wife, they like to make a ton of problems.

I made a long list of common problems in The Good Wife Level 1. Here are more:

I like the writing of Henry Makow. He simplifies things: don’t compete, criticize, complain, or control. Note that these are all politics, not production. Some women think they can have everything they want in the world if they just complain enough. Mostly, they just make their husbands sick of their shit. A woman can take part in the decision-making process for the family. This may include disagreements. But, in the end, she has to accept her husband’s decision. Ultimately, a woman will only be allowed to take part in the decision-making process if she brings something beneficial to the table. If she just introduces hardship and trouble, then she will get cut out of the loop.

Excessive ambition. A woman can share her husband’s desire to be successful and have nice things. She can play an important role in the processes of achieving these things. But, if she thinks she is going to get everything she wants in the world — a nice house, children in private schools, fancy cars, international vacations — just by complaining a lot, then she is basically a useless piece of crap.

Spending too much money. Consumption rather than production.

Cheating. Blowing up the family.

Divorce/divorce threats. Commonly related to “I’m not haaaaaappy.” In other words, no good reason at all.

No sex. Attempting to control a man through withholding sex, or even just refusing because she is “not in the mood.” Once a week is a good commitment, even if “not in the mood.” And, what if you enjoyed it? Some women seem to have a principle of not enjoying it. Obviously, unfit for marriage.

It is easy to go on and on with these problems, but we can see that it is also easy to just not do these things. Any woman can manage to not do these things. If she also does something productive and beneficial to others, then she will end up with a positive overall score, and meet at least the minimum requirements of a Good Wife.

How to be a good wife

Once your eyes are opened to things you can do better, your marriage will only get better! Here’s how to be a good wife by providing your husband with 3 SIMPLE things!

How to be a good wife

Book On Becoming A Better Wife

I recently finished reading a book that helped me realize I haven’t been meeting my husband’s main needs. The book is called “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” by Dr. Laura, and I’ve had a few friends recommend that I read it. I’m SO GLAD I finally did! (I highly recommend reading the book if you get a chance.)

I’ll be honest, it was a rough realization, but it was also really exciting! My perspective totally changed and it has been a game changer for our marriage.

Men are more simple than we think, and most of the time they just want us to be happy. (It’s true!) And just because they don’t show their feelings, doesn’t mean they don’t have them.

Today I want to share three of the things I learned that every husband needs from his wife. They might seem like a no-brainer, but there are deeper principles within each need that many of us overlook.

More Marriage Ideas

How To Be A Better Wife

1. Show Appreciation

A husband needs to feel appreciated, especially from their wives.

One day I got upset at my husband for constantly coming home from work so late. He always seemed to linger for an extra hour (or more) and my frustration kept building and building.

Why don’t you just leave when work is over?” I complained.

His response is something I will never forget:

Because the people I work with appreciate me. They like having me around. It’s hard to leave sometimes.

Ouch. My first thought was, “What the heck? WE APPRECIATE YOU!

…and then I realized that he often walks in the door to chaos. Instead of a warm greeting, friendship and appreciation, he usually walks in the door to a frazzled wife, handing him one of the kids, “HELP ME!”

Granted, dinner hour is a hard time when you have 3 kids age 5 and under screaming for your attention. But transferring my stress from the day upon my husband the moment he walks in the door doesn’t exactly create a welcoming experience. I’ve heard again and again that men need 30 minutes to unwind when they get home from work, but I often have a hard time actually implementing this advice.

Our Challenge to You: Make a point in trying not to overwhelm them with complaints and criticism. Instead of worrying about “how” the towels were folded, offer appreciation that he helped fold the laundry. Instead of badgering him about how he handled a situation with your child, appreciate that he is stepping in and being a father, and that he is trying. (We some really good examples of words of affirmation for every relationship if you’re looking for ideas.)

How to be a good wife

2. Give Him Approval

Part of giving our husbands our approval is giving them our respect. Do we ask for their opinions on things and then honor how they feel? Do we ask for their help? Men are naturally “conquerors.” A husband needs to know that his wife needs his specific skills and talents, so that he can come riding in on their horse and solve our problems. The problem with the rising feminists views, is that husbands are starting to be viewed as “dispensable”- pieces of a relationship that we don’t really need. Us women are being taught to be “tough” individuals, and that we only need men if they can prove they are worthy of us. In trade, we are losing our softness, and men are losing their value.

One of my favorite quotes in the book is this:

Love your husband as if he’s never done anything wrong before.

One big difference between men and women is the ability to let things go. Women tend to hold on to grievances, and we whip them out as weapons to use later. The problem here is that you can’t fully give someone your love and approval if you aren’t forgiving and accepting that your husband is human.

Our Challenge to You: Wake up and treat each day as a new opportunity to love your partner fully. Look for specific ways to show your love, in actions and in in words.

How to be a good wife

3. Offer Affection

When it comes to men we often think the “affection” they want is always sex; however, a husband needs those small acts of affection throughout the day just like we do. A warm hug and a kiss when we greet each other after a long day, a pat on the back, a stroke on the arm, and all those other ways that we give daily assurance of our love and approval.

My grandma once told me of a rough time in her marriage. And then she said “you know what I decided to do? I gave him a kiss and told him I loved him every single day, because I knew that if I didn’t, I would lose the desire and ability to do so.” I love that!

When it comes to sexual intimacy, this book also gave me some valuable insight and helped me understand men in a way I never have before. (I don’t want to give it all away, so you will just have to read it for yourself!)

Our Challenge to You – Give your husband a kiss every day you tell him you love him.

How To Be A Good Wife Challenge

I really hope you’ll try 1, 2 or all 3 of our challenges!

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You’re one step closer to making your marriage even better. Good luck!