How to buy fleece jackets

Fleece Jacket Comparison Table Fleece Jacket Price Weight Patagonia Lightweight Synchilla $119 14.3 oz. REI Co-op Groundbreaker 2.0 $50 Unavail. The North Face Denali 2 $179 Unavail. Patagonia R1 TechFace Hoody $179 13.8 oz.

What is the warmest fleece on the market?

Choosing the best fleece jacket for you Berghaus Pravitale MTN 2.0 Hooded Fleece Jacket. Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Jacket. Arc’teryx Fortrez Hoody. Paramo Bentu Men’s Fleece Jacket. Jack Wolfskin Gibside Women’s Fleece Jacket. Columbia Titan Pass 2.0. Keela Genesis Waterproof Fleece Jacket. Salomon Pulse Hybrid Hoodie.

Are fleece shirts good?

Fleece Clothing – The Best Choice Because cotton is such a useless garment for serious outdoor, camping or backcountry trips, clothing made from fleece should always be used. Finally, fleece clothing is also warmer, far softer and more comfortable than clothing made from cotton.

Does fleece make you sweat?

Fleece won’t make you sweat. As it’s a breathable material, it makes an excellent fabric that will keep you warm while being active. This allows the material to hold in more warmth. It’s a warm and durable material that is moisture-resistant.

Is a fleece jacket good for winter?

Fleece is pretty much synonymous with the winter time. Fleece is infinitely comfortable and relatively lightweight, so it’s a great, warm fabric to use in casual, everyday coats and jackets so you can stay warm on the go.

Is fleece more breathable than cotton?

Cotton fleece and polyester fleece differ in warmth, breathability, durability, and comfort. Generally, polyester and poly-blend fleeces will be warmer more durable, and better at wicking moisture but cotton fleece is more breathable while cotton itself is generally considered comfortable.

Which fabric is warmest in winter?

If you are clueless which fabrics to look for, here’s a list of the warmest clothing materials for that perfect winter coat: Wool. Whenever the subject of winter coats comes up, wool is the first material that will come to mind. Faux Fur. Nylon. Hemp. Flannel. Cashmere. Mohair. Cotton.

What are the disadvantages of polar fleece?

Some of the disadvantages of the fabric include the fabric is highly flammable hence the need to treat it with flame retardant. Fleece made from non-renewable petroleum derivates cannot be recycled making it harmful to the environment. Regular fleece does not absorb moisture and is windproof.

Is fleece warmer than cotton?

Fleece and wool are warmer, more water-resistant, warmer when wet and wick perspiration better than cotton.

What is the heaviest weight fleece?

A 300 weight fleece is the thickest type available and the heavyweight of the group. It offers outstanding warmth but is heavier and bulkier than other fleece types, meaning it is not fit to be used for climbing. A 300 weight fleece is purely designed to retain heat and keep you warm.

Is fleece a polyester?

Fleece is a synthetic insulating fabric made from a type of polyester called polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or other synthetic fibres. It is very comfortable due to its light weight and anti-perspiration qualities, and allows moisture to evaporate, while blocking humidity from the outside.

Do fleece jackets keep you warm?

In general, fleece can keep you warm but it is not water or wind proof. That’s why many people choose fleece as a mid layer to add an extra layer of insulation. We find customers combining fleece as a mid layer with softshell jackets or lighter weight outerwear like our Chillbreaker garments.

Is fleece hard to sew?

Fleece fabric is a 100% polyester fabric with a fluffy nap. It is used for warm clothing and is a cheaper alternative to natural wool. Because it does not fray and has minimal stretch, it is easy to sew. While fleece is thick it is lighter than wool and thus is comfortable to wear.

What are fleece jackets called?

A fleece jacket (or simply a fleece) is a lightweight casual jacket made of a polyester synthetic wool such as polar fleece. A fleece jacket will typically have a zipper up the middle, rather than buttons or other fasteners.

Should a fleece be tight or loose?

If worn over other layers, the fleece should have enough room underneath, so not to restricting movement. A fleece used as a mid-layer, should be relatively snug fitted to maximise heat and breathability.

Are fleece jackets windproof?

In fact, your average fleece jacket will let quite a bit of wind chill through, making you cold. But a fleece jacket with a hardened outer surface is a windproof fleece jacket. Just that simple process of hardening the outer surface can make even a fairly thin fleece jacket a perfect solution to a windy day.

Is fleece warmer than Sherpa?

Sherpa fleece is wholly made from synthetic materials. To learn more about the difference between Sherpa fleece and other types of fleece just continue to read our article.Difference Between Sherpa and Fleece. Category Sherpa Fleece warmth very warm material not as warm as sherpa except maybe polar fleece.

Is polyester warmer than fleece?

The majority of fleece is made from polyester fibers. The naturally made fleece may not be warmer than polyester made fleece because polyester does not breathe as well. A lot will depend on how tight the weave is when the two styles were made. A tight weave lacks those air pockets that help keep you warm.

Is fleece bad for your health?

BPA is a chemical used in the production of plastics and many other products. BPA has been linked to a variety of health problems such as reproductive disorders, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Since fleece is made from plastic components, the question of BPA in our fleece garments becomes a valid concern.

Are fleece jackets breathable?

Fleece jackets are breathable, cozy and warm, which makes them a mid layer ideally suited to outdoor adventures when you need to adjust your outfit according to your level of exertion and the weather. Fleeces are also a stylish, everyday jacket option for people who live in colder climates.

Is fleece warmer than flannel?

It is safe to say that most fleece options will be warmer than flannel. it will depend a lot on what fibers flannel is made form. If they are made from wool fibers then you should expect to see flannel as warmer than fleece. Fleece can be very warm even when it is made into thin fabric.

Perhaps you’ve heard that winter is coming? Well, we can confirm that it is, indeed, going to take place after fall. And we just want you to be ready for the incoming cooler weather, which is why we’re highlighting one of the hottest and coziest trends of the season: fleece jackets. Whether it’s of the half-zip, full-zip or hooded sweatshirt variety, this fuzzy piece of outerwear can easily take you from barre to brunch, but the right style can definitely also be worn with a dress to work. Here, 13 of our favorite fleece jackets—including the OG Patagonia iteration that started the whole craze.

How to buy fleece jackets

One by Donni Tri Fleece Pullover

Looks like Neapolitan ice cream; feels like hot chocolate.

How to buy fleece jackets

Patagonia Classic Retro-X Fleece Jacket

The fleece that started it all got a retro-inspired revamp and now it looks better than ever.

How to buy fleece jackets

Wild Fable Zip-Up Sherpa Jacket

The combo of pale gray fuzz and neon green trim makes this a comfy, oversize accent piece.

How to buy fleece jackets

Sandy Liang Camo Print Fleece Jacket

Sandy Liang sure knows how to make a standout piece of outerwear.

How to buy fleece jackets

Ava & Viv Long Sleeve Bomber Jacket

This jacket has a bit more structure—think ribbed cuffs and an actual collar—but is just as cool and casual as the rest.

How to buy fleece jackets

UO Torrance Floral Fleece Half-Zip Sweatshirt

A sweet floral print balances out the generous shape of this layering piece.

How to buy fleece jackets

3.1 Phillip Lim Faux Shearling Drawstring Jacket

Wear this cropped style with faded vintage jeans or high-waisted black trousers.

How to buy fleece jackets

The North Face Campshire Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

This jacket absolutely must be worn in front of a fireplace. No excuses.

How to buy fleece jackets

Prana Permafrost Half Zip

If we had to wear one thing every day until spring, it would absolutely be this lavender number.

How to buy fleece jackets

Penfield Mattawa Sherpa Fleece Vest

Hate sleeves? No problem, there’s still a fleece for you.

How to buy fleece jackets

Everlane ReNew Fleece Full-Zip

Minimalist and made from 40 recycled plastic bottles. What more could you want?

How to buy fleece jackets

LNA Lena Sweater

You were worried that we forgot about leopard print? Well, we didn’t.

How to buy fleece jackets

Anine Bing Sierra Textured Sweatshirt

There’s something about this teal that feels so chic—like you’d want to wear this with pinstripe trousers and a T-shirt.

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Everyone’s Favorite Midlayer

Not all fleece jackets are created equal.

Differences in synthetic and natural fibers, fleece weights, and jacket features make for a range of possibilities when choosing a fleece jacket. Here’s the lowdown on this popular midlayer.

Enter Synchilla

In 1985, Patagonia released its first Synchilla fleece jacket, a mass-produced, synthetic fiber, midlayer insulating piece that was quick drying, packable, and lightweight, an excellent alternative to the badly pilled powder-blue-and-tan pile sweaters common in the early ’80s, or the traditional water-absorbing wool, down, or cotton layers that dominated mountaineering clothing in the decades before. Synchilla was the product of years of collaboration between Patagonia’s Yvonne Chouinard and the now-defunct Malden Mills, which in 1979 invented Polar Fleece, the mother of all technical synthetic fleeces. Synchilla jackets, produced in vivid colors and mass quantities, ignited a trend that reached into the world beyond the mountaineering community.

Malden Mills’ former CEO Aaron Feuerstein initially declined to patent Polar Fleece, allowing the material to be produced cheaply and widely by multiple companies. Over the next 20+ years, synthetic fleece jackets took on a brace of design features that made “fleece” the preferred midlayer for mountaineers, climbers, skiers, backpackers, fly fishers, and just about every other sort of outdoor enthusiast. Companies like The North Face and Patagonia were soon selling millions of units in the developed world, and fleece jackets also took hold in markets beyond outdoor sports.

The Advantages of Fleece

“Fleece” is a soft-napped, insulating fabric made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a hydrophobic fiber first used in waterproof ropes. Hydrophobic fibers repel water, meaning fleece holds less than 1% of its weight in water, retains much of its insulating properties when wet, and is highly breathable, lightweight, machine-washable, and quick drying. Fleece also doesn’t itch, feels warm, can be produced in almost any color or pattern imaginable, and is just as comfortable in the backcountry as on the couch.

The Disadvantages of Fleece

Because it’s hydrophobic, fleece resists soaps and detergents, but not bacteria, making it prone to mountaineerish odors. Also, fleece is fleecy, so it tends to pill over time, especially after washing. Pilling is the process of fibers clumping into small “pills,” which reduce its insulating properties and make the garment look worn or shabby. Fleece generates a high amount of static electricity, attracting lint, pet hair, and dust. If it isn’t treated chemically, synthetic fleece can melt at surprisingly low temperatures, a potential problem if worn by someone sitting close to a campfire.

Fleece Jacket Features

Most fleece jackets have long sleeves, a short stand-up collar, full-length zippers, and some configuration of pockets. Hand-warmer pockets are standard on most jackets—if you’re going to wear your jacket with a climbing harness or hip-belt, make sure the hand-warmer pockets sit above the hips so they can be used even with gear on. Chest, bicep, and interior stash pockets give the wearer plenty of options for carrying electronics and personal items. Pullover fleeces with ¼- and ½-length zips save on zipper weight.

Moving into the more technical realm, underarm zips facilitate ventilation and temperature regulation, and occasionally appear on heavier-weight fleece jackets. Hoods that fit under a helmet or shell are popular with backcountry skiers and mountaineers. Packs’ shoulder harnesses tend to wear and pill fleece quickly—if you plan to wear your fleece ski touring or backpacking, look for a jacket with durable nylon or softshell patches at key wear points. Longer cuts and thumb loops keep layered pieces tucked in and in place.

Fleece Weights: 100-300, Grid Fleeces, “R”s

Fleece “weight” refers to the loft and thickness of the material used in a jacket’s construction, and two common scales exist for describing fleece weights. Most companies use the Polartec scale of 100, 200, 300—the higher the number, the higher the loft of the fleece, and the warmer (and heavier) the jacket will be. Fleece jackets with 100-weight ratings are lightweight, highly breathable, offer the wearer a wide range of movement, and work great as light layering pieces for aerobic activities or warmer conditions. Jackets with 200-weight ratings represent the middle ground in fleece, and this tends to be the most popular weight due to its versatility and ease of layering under hardshells. A 300-weight fleece is significantly loftier and heavier, more difficult to layer, and generally designed with cold or extreme weather conditions in mind.

Grid fleeces feature a grid pattern on the inside face of the jacket that facilitates air circulation and moisture wicking. Most grid fleeces have a smooth, bonded or woven outer face that resists pilling, increases wind-resistance, and makes for a versatile compromise between a traditional fleece jacket and a softshell.

Patagonia developed its own scale for describing fleece weights: R1 to R4. R1 to R3 roughly correspond to the 100 to 300 Polartec scale, whereas R4 is a hybrid fleece combining an R2 grid fleece with a Polartec Windbloc polyester.

Synthetics vs. Naturals

Fleece is spun from PET, which is made from stretched strands of plastic. That means fleece is made of oil, something that eco-friendly outdoor types have come to question over time. Like other plastics, though, PET can be made from recycled petroleum derivatives, and for fleeces, recycled PET poses no significant reduction in fleece’s desirable insulating and hydrophobic properties. Natural fibers like merino wool offer an even more sustainable option for midlayering materials. Merino wool, from Merino sheep, has soft, curly fibers with excellent insulating properties that don’t hold onto a wearer’s mountain funk, are renewable, and offer an alternative to suburban fashion trends.

The Takeaway

A fleece jacket is typically designed to function as a lightweight and breathable midlayer for outdoor activities in a range of weather conditions. Fleece jackets work best worn over a moisture-wicking baselayer material like polypropylene, Capilene, silk, or merino, and under a waterproof and/or windproof hardshell constructed with waterproof membranes or microporous coatings. But not all fleece jackets are created equal. Differences in synthetic and natural fibers, fleece weights, and jacket features make for a range of possibilities in choosing a fleece jacket. Though natural fibers like merino wool aren’t “true” synthetic fleeces, they can eliminate some of the key disadvantages of traditional fleece jackets, such as odor, pet-hair attraction, and non-renewable materials.

Style, meets comfort with cozy women’s fleece jackets and fleece vests from The North Face. Our all-occasion outerwear is great on the road, in the city, and at home.

Ultra comfort in women’s fleece vests and jackets

Our warmest fleeces meet your closet with everything from fleece vests to hooded sweatshirts. Layering over a t-shirt or long sleeve top has never been easier, or more comfortable. Athletes will love throwing a warm fleece on over their cooling, moisture-wicking athletic gear to stay snug on the way to and from the gym. If you plan to lounge at home, one of our high-pile fleeces makes extra luxurious loungewear paired with comfortable leggings. To keep off a chilly breeze on a hike, throw up the hood on our fleece hooded sweatshirt.

Fleeces in all size ranges offer a variety of features, such as hoods, zippered pockets, and elastic cuffs.

Find your style with full zip hoodies and pullover sweater fleeces

Our fleece overlays offer plenty of versatile styling options. We offer styles ranging from quarter-zip to full-zip fleece jackets, from cropped to long vest styles. We even offer a reversible fleece jacket, for when you change your mind about your look.

Our cuts and colors offer plenty of different looks as well. Our Denali jackets come in retro and modern designs, so you can match any wardrobe style. The Sherpa vests and fleece jackets from our Campshire collection offer the look of camo with their mottled design. There are as many ways to wear our fleece jackets and vests as there are ways to hike a trail or climb a mountain.

If sustainability is your style, you’re in luck. Some jackets are made with recycled materials!

Women’s vests and jackets made to last

From check in to checkout, your outerwear should be built to last. Never be afraid to tuck your fleece hoodie in with your camping gear; it’s made to come out the other side along with you. Layer your fleece vest under a parka for cold-weather protection. The versatility of each fleece means they’re meant to go anywhere. In the coldest weather, high-pile Sherpa fleece keeps you warm without pulling apart.

How to buy fleece jackets

Is there anything more comfortable and cozy than a fleece jacket? Fleeces are the ideal garment for cooler days or summer evenings and are great for adding extra warmth under waterproof coats on wintry walks. Soft fleece fabric doesn’t just feel good, either. The moisture-wicking technology draws moisture from the skin toward the outer layer of the material, keeping you dry even as you work up a sweat on a challenging hike. Their lightweight nature also makes them easy to remove if the sun comes out.

ShirtMax’s high-quality wholesale fleece jackets come in an array of designs and colors. Choose from stylish and practical features, such as contrast zippers, non-roll elastic cuffs, shock cord hems and hoods and quilted overlays. For maximum versatility, opt for one of our full zip jackets or keep it cozy with a quarter zip sweatshirt.

Buy a selection of ShirtMax’s fleece jackets wholesale for your company or social group uniforms. They also make a great addition for your next big family reunion. Create a sense of unity and pride by personalizing our fleeces and keep everybody comfortable and warm at wholesale prices. Want to add some variety? Check out our selection of stylish vests for men and women. ShirtMax’s assortment of comfy fleeces includes designs by some of America’s favorite clothing brands, such as American Apparel, Columbia and Puma. Our well-made premium garments ensure style and durability.

Our affordable fleeces are available in a substantial range of sizes, including fleeces up to size 6XL on selected lines, so there’s something for everyone. And if you hope to make a bulk fleece order for your colleagues or friends, you won’t be left short of options with our incredible selection of fleeces for both men and women. Take advantage of our special offers when you make an order of bulk fleece jackets. ShirtMax is your number one provider of wholesale apparel.

The days of the fleece jacket serving the sole purpose of hiking, camping, or other outdoorsy activities are over. This warm, cozy, blanket-like piece of outerwear has entered the fashion space by way of the "ugly" dad trend, and brands across the spectrum have stepped up their game in quality, creativity, and design. Whether it's via a designer label like Isabel Marant or an O.G. fleece from Patagonia, you’re getting them from high-fashion houses all the way through to your favorite adventure and activewear brands. It’s clearly a hot-ticket item that brings just as much gorpcore fashion as it does function.

Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

Like any good fashion girl, you need to be fully prepared (in style) for whatever weather is thrown at you. That's where the fashion fleece comes into play. It's as an easy, seasonal topper and the most comfortable winter closet staple for anything from New York's polar vortex bodega runs to L.A.'s somewhat chilly "winter" nights and every other scenario in between. Ahead, we're sharing 28 of this season's best fleece jackets broken down by micro-trend so you can find one that is true to your fashion personality.

Let's all take a moment to thank Sandy Liang for officially making the fleece jacket a fashion statement. She brought the jacket to a new level of cool by infusing details like patchwork, animal print, and even camo into the mix. She's not the only one giving the cozy jacket an edgy update. Below, shop versions with the same vibe from brands like Alo Yoga, & Other Stories, and more.

How to buy fleece jackets

The fleece is a cozier version of your go-to nylon jacket—but still just as easy to stash in your locker and throw in the wash.

. Or Over Some Tailoring for Work

If you've got solid styling skills, there's no saying you can wear this normcore staple with slightly more formal clothes.

Don’t: Forget about fit

A big, nondescript gray fleece worn in place of a suit jacket? Probably not your best move. (We forgive Matt Damon because it was 2009.)

DO: Try on in a Bold Pattern or Color

Everything from the boxy cut to the bold pattern of Mahershala Ali's jacket works here. He sealed the deal with those simple but rugged jeans and boots.

DON'T: Wear one with any Motifs

John Stewart and Stephen Colbert wore American flag fleece jackets to be funny. A$AP Rocky could probably make one look cool. If you're neither a comedian or an uber-stylish rapper, proceed with caution.

DO: Save Money with Heritage Brands

Nothing wrong with an old school Patagonia fleece layered up with your favorite basics.

DO: Luxe it Up with a Designer Take

The slightly more expensive interpretations are also tempting; especially if you're looking for a proper jacket and not a pullover.






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