How to dress for a tea party

How to dress for a tea party

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What to Wear for Afternoon Tea

The Style Guide for a Longstanding Tradition

Heading on vacation and planning to take tea? Celebrating a milestone and planning to take tea? Needing absolutely no excuse, and planning to take tea? Excited about the experience of taking tea, but also equally excited about getting to play dress-up for said tea? Whatever your reason is for taking tea, I’m sure you’re excited about it and even more excited about getting to put on a fancy frock and strut your way into the tea room. Amirite?

In today’s featured post, we address tea time attire. Specifically, we focus on what to wear for afternoon tea and give some tips and tricks to style a look perfectly appropriate for taking tea with the Queen, herself.

Afternoon Tea Dress Code

What exactly is “Smart Casual?”

If you are planning to take your afternoon tea at a traditional tea locale, you will probably encounter a dress code. Generally, the attire requested for guests to adhere to for afternoon tea is “smart casual,” which falls somewhere between business casual and casual. This will usually mean no trainers, t-shirts, shorts or sportswear. And gentlemen will typically be asked to wear a collared shirt. However, they generally do not require men to wear a jacket and tie. But check your intended location ahead of time to be sure of this.

For women, a “smart casual” outfit would be something akin to that which you would wear to a garden party. For example, a tea-length dress (which unsurprisingly received its name from the garb women wore when taking tea) with a flared hem in a floral print styled with simple kitten heels would be a classic look for attending a traditional afternoon tea. Long skirts and maxi dresses offer a more modern take on afternoon tea, but are still chic and stylish. A maxi skirt like this ruffled version with jacquard details (which is SO in right now, btw) paired with a chic blazer or lovely fitted sweater is another appropriate ensemble for taking tea.

Alternative Styles for Afternoon Tea

And though the aforementioned styles work well for afternoon tea, you don’t have to wear a dress or skirt to be “smart casual.” Dress pants or stylish slacks can provide another stylish option to wear to your afternoon tea. Just make sure they are tailored well, fit properly and are suited for the season. Then pair your dress pants with a bold blazer and ballet flats or stylish heels to create a look that is perfect for afternoon tea.

Menswear for Afternoon Tea

Additionally, for men who plan to attend afternoon tea, a trendy, yet dapper, option can be created with simple black or gray trousers, a white collared shirt, a cardigan sweater and classic brogues to finish the look.

What Not to Wear for Afternoon Tea

Finally, it is important to keep in mind the no-no’s for afternoon tea dressing – skin-tight, see-through, too low-cut or too short. Just remember to keep the look classic and chic and you will be just fine!

Now that we have elaborated on tea time dress code, please see the fabulous outfits below intended for afternoon tea.

A Tea party or ‘high tea’ is a classically classy occasion, typically associated with English high society. As such, they are elegant events that require formal yet fun clothing. Whether hosted at home or in a formal venue, they can be the perfect excuse to dress up with friends and enjoy some tea and snacks.

How to dress for a tea party


Tea Party is not complete without luxury sweets, cake, dessert, sandwich & tea served in china teapot. Everyone loves music. Music creates romantic tone of the event. Then why can’t we go for music arrangement? Play melodies which please your guests and also a party rock anthem to let your guests dance and enjoy the party.

As there are varying degrees of formality for tea parties, it’s always a good idea to check with the host just how formal the occasion will be. If hosted in a high-class hotel as many afternoon teas are, it’s recommendable to wear something a little smarter than if it were to be hosted in the house of a friend. In any case, at least a smart-casual outfit will be the norm.

How to dress for a tea party

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Traditionally, tea parties have been occasions to show off the crème de la crème of a wardrobe, so usually Sunday bests are called forth to tastefully flaunt in front of the other guests. Something feminine and light is perfect for a modern tea party, ideally with a skirt cut somewhere between the knee and ankle and tasteful heels. Tea parties are not occasions for wearing short skirts or stilettos, as respect and class are very much at its core.

As tea parties are usually associated with the spring and summer months, a floral ensemble is often opted for by invitees. Fun, bright colors are a must for a classic tea party, so any dress decorated with delicate pastel tones or floral prints are ideal. The colors on your outfit don’t have to be bright, but so long as all black or monochrome outfits are avoided, you’ll fit right in.

One classic tea party look is to match your skirt with a sweater. While this look sounds a little dated, it can look very sweet if done right, suiting women of all ages. This usually looks best when the sweater is paired with a skirt that falls at the knee, so as not to overload your outfit with too much of one color or material. A brooch on the sweater can add a bit of classy sparkle to the look, channeling perhaps the most iconic tea party host: the Queen of England.

If the weather’s too warm for a sweater, then an elegant shawl can be a practical addition to the outfit. When it comes to shawls, the floatier the better, but be sure to ensure that its color or pattern won’t clash with anything in the rest of the ensemble.

Tea parties are a wonderful event to get dressed up. When tea goers are invented to take tea, the natural question of what do you wear to a tea party is addressed. Whether you are invited to a formal tea party or a semi-formal one, there is a set of rules for etiquette and attire that should be followed. This article will explain and suggest to you some tips to dress appropriately for a tea party event.

Rules for tea party outfits

What to wear to a tea party should be something that is smart casual or business casual. It is highly recommended that you inquire about the dress code with the host before attending the party.

Because tea parties are considered a special occasion for upper-class people, a bit of “show-off” tea party attire is encouraged. Bright tea party outfits are ideal for enjoying tea time, however black is generally regarded improper for this occasion.

Make certain that you are aware of your party host’s expectations and that you do not make any fashion faux pas.

What items should wear to a tea party?

Tea-length dress or maxi dress for tea party attire

This is the most appropriate item answering the question of what do you wear to a tea party. The combo of long dress and tea party is classic and exquisite for both formal and casual events. This kind of dress features a hemline falling between knees and ankles. If you are a fan of classic and timeless style, a tea-length dress with polka dot pattern or a ruffled hem light dress will suit your needs. While a flowy maxi dress goes for a modern look.

How to dress for a tea party

Material of dress is also taken into account to guarantee that you feel more comfortable and look your best at tea parties. In the spring and summer, a tea party dress made of cotton, linen, or a synthetic combination is an excellent option. If the tea party is hosted in cooler weather, long dresses made of tweed or velvet should be worn.


Putting on a cardigan over your tea party outfit will soften your look and keep your warmth. If you opt for a plain dress, a cardigan can add a nice pop of color.

If you are clueless about how to choose the right cardigan for yourself, watch this video suggested below

An elegant Hat

As mentioned earlier, tea parties are for upper-class people, and an elegant hat is the must-have and signature item of tea-goers. Hats even become a topic of conversation in a tea party, as tea-goers love to show off their hats’ creative designs and colors.

There are tons of different styles of tea party hats to choose from. Large hats with wide brims are a perfect match for outdoor tea parties. For those wishing to infuse a touch of elegance into tea party attire, tea hats decorated with flowers, ribbons, and other lady-like embellishments are your ideal choice.


For more casual tea parties, wrist-length gloves made in fabrics can help you stand out and compliment your tea party attire. Long gloves are a good way to finish your elegant look and go nicely with your formal tea party dress.

If you want to remove your gloves, it is a good manner to place them in your lap instead of on the table. Remember to put the napkin covering them.


How to dress for a tea party

Depending on the places holding a tea party, you should choose suitable jewelry to perfect your getup. For example, seeking out vintage earrings goes well with a tea party at a historic mansion. They warm the hearts of tea friends and show that you honor the long tradition of tea parties. You are free to choose what jewelry you want for tea party dress, but keep in mind that tea time is a meal of finger foods. So, dangly bracelets can put you in awkward moments if you accidentally dip them into your cup of tea or the clotted cream of your cake.

What items shouldn’t wear to a tea party?


Sneakers are an effective weapon for a street-style look and cool day-to-day outfits. However, they are not meant for tea party attire. Forget and avoid a pair of sneakers when choosing footwear for tea parties no matter how much you love them and how well they complement your getup.


Similar to sneakers, dressing T-shirt is not appropriate for a tea party event. If you still persist in wearing this item, layering it with a fine blazer.


Shorts are also avoided for tea time. You would rather put them aside for summer vacation and pool parties with friends.


How to dress for a tea party

Sportswear, as the name suggests, is only suitable for gym time and workout events. It is unacceptable when you turn up at a tea party with colored skinny leggings and a tight crop-top shirt.

Tea party attire for men and women

The ideal tea party clothes for men is a formal outfit with a collared shirt and a loose tie. Well-tailored trousers paired with loafers or leather shoes will do great for this event. For tea parties in colder weather, a sport coat mixed with a button-down shirt would create a smart casual, and timeless look.

Tea party attire for women is slightly more diverse than that for men. Choosing something between appropriate and comfortable is the answer to what do you wear to a tea party question. A nice pair of trousers or a pencil skirt paired with a blouse is a smart approach to a tea time outfit. It is comfortable and not too flashy while remaining an attractive look.

These are some pieces of advice for you when choosing tea party outfits. Follow us to read more interesting fashion blogs.

Forever Unique is here to serve up some glamorous afternoon tea outfit ideas that are every bit as comfortable as they are elegant. Afternoon tea is the perfect excuse to slide into something that’s just as tasteful and instagrammable as the pastries! So sit back, relax and let Forever Unique indulge you with some irresistible afternoon tea outfit inspiration.

What to wear for afternoon tea

If you’ve got an afternoon tea coming up, planning what to wear needn’t be difficult. As we know, afternoon tea doesn’t scream sequin cocktail dresses. More like ‘elegance’ and ‘classy’. We believe a smart/casual afternoon tea outfit choice will make you feel perfectly-on point.

Whether it’s a mother-daughter afternoon tea outing or a ‘ladies who lunch’ get-together, we’ve got some gorgeous afternoon tea outfit choices for you to take inspiration from. Get ready to enjoy your fine china, finger sandwiches and macarons in style with Forever Unique.

Afternoon tea outfit choice 1

If your afternoon tea manages to fall on a beautiful sunny day you’re in luck with our first afternoon tea outfit ensemble. After all, when the sun’s out there’s no better time to jump into a cute, lace-embellished little white dress and indulge in some delightful dainties.

How to dress for a tea party

Cream Sheer Layered Dress With Frilled Panel Front

A little white dress, can be beautifully coupled with a bouncy blow and some pumps or slightly heeled shoes. Because when a little bit of sunshine makes an appearance, everyone grabs the whites and bright colours. You’ll feel instantly brighter when you throw on your little white dress as your afternoon tea outfit.

Afternoon tea outfit choice 2

Getting dressed up is a fundamental part of every girly outing. Even if the weather is looking dreary on the day of your afternoon tea, you’ll still feel truly fabulous with this afternoon tea outfit choice.

A Forever Unique midi dress makes a gorgeous afternoon tea companion. As a perfect ‘dress it up’ or ‘dress it down’ dress, a midi dress spells high class and elegance.

How to dress for a tea party

Black Floral Tea Dress

Afternoon tea outfit choice 3

For ladies who like to combine some retail therapy with an afternoon tea outing, why not opt for a unique blouse and jeans combo? Afternoon tea is the perfect excuse to experiment with your style and choose something a little bit different. A shirt or blouse from Forever Unique can give you an extra helping of individuality.

We all know that indulging in some delicious food can top off a fantastic shopping trip. So why not take your afternoon tea outfit to perfect ten status with a brightly patterned blouse and a comfy pair of jeans?

How to dress for a tea party

Blue Chain Printed Blouse With Tie Neck

Afternoon tea outfits from Forever Unique

The next time you need an afternoon tea outfit that looks and feels fantastic, Forever Unique has a wide range of elegant afternoon tea outfits for you to choose from. Whether you want to go for all out glamour or simply want to pop on a blouse to dress up an outfit, you’ll always feel your best with Forever Unique.

How to dress for a tea party

My series “The Local Tourist” features Chicago’s well-known attractions and hidden gems as seen through the eyes of a local. The first spot on this local tourist’s tour? Afternoon tea in Palm Court at the Drake Hotel. You can read all about it here.

If that article has inspired you to call a friend and head to High Tea, here are some suggestions on what you should wear and 5 things you must know before going.

What to Wear to Afternoon Tea

This isn’t prom night or a wedding reception. When selecting what you’ll wear keep it lady like and simple. I love dresses and recommend a simple frock that makes you feel refined. Here are a few more of my favorite looks:

How to dress for a tea party

How to dress for a tea party

How to dress for a tea partyHow to dress for a tea party

How to dress for a tea party

5 Things You Should Know Before Going

Tea can be Pricey

Traditional high tea in Chicago will cost you from $30-$100 dollars per person prior to gratuity.

Cancel Your Appointments

Tea service runs two hours on average. Make sure you’re able to relax and enjoy the experience. Don’t schedule Afternoon Tea if you’re pressed for time.

No Matter the Day, Reservations are a MUST

Always secure a reservation no matter the day or the size of your party. Space can be extremely limited.

No Jeans

Never wear denim or overly relaxed clothing to Afternoon Tea.

Don’t Come Full or Starving

Afternoon Tea was created as a time to snack and spend time with friends in between meals. Typically, it’s best not to arrive starving but remember to leave room in your appetite for the delectable treats.

Tea parties are not just for little girls playing dolls. With more and more tea rooms gaining in popularity odds are you have seen an advertisement for afternoon tea somewhere along the line. Hats are traditionally worn to afternoon tea as English tea is often taken out of doors in the garden. As such, a hat is needed to keep the sun off the face and skin to keep the elegant look of paleness that was so desired.

Traditional Tea Party Attire

Customarily, traditional tea party attire is semi-formal. Usually, women attending tea wear fascinator hats, a dress, wrist length gloves, and bright colors. Traditionally, black is the one color that is not appropriate to wear to a tea party.

What to Wear to a Tea Party

Though standards have definitely changed, hats at tea are still a must and are perfect for any tea party. There are dozens of different styles when it comes to the best tea party hat. For those that are attending tea out of doors, larger hats with wide brims are perfect, such as hats for the Kentucky derby – think floppy sun hat but with a bit of an elegant touch. Decorative accents like flowers are welcomed on all tea hats as well as ribbons and other delicate and lady-like embellishments. Think of tea as the time to make the most of all things girly and to find a fascinator that is going to get attention and be dainty and delicate at the same time.

Types of Hats for a Tea Party

Tea hats can vary from large and extravagant to small and delicate depending on time of day and setting. Those parties that are held out of doors generally call for more whimsical looks with hats that feature delicate flowers and ribbons while high tea may require hats that are more sophisticated. Appropriate tea party dresses and hats will vary depending on where you are attending tea, you will need to adapt your fascinator to fit the place where you are having tea and the time of day that you are taking tea.

High Tea Hats & Dress Code

Although many people believe high tea is a formal setting, it actually is a more casual type of tea party. High tea got its name due to the fact that it was usually eaten at a dinner table, as opposed to a coffee table, which sits lower to the ground. At high tea, a nice sundress and a more casual, yet elegant fascinator. Smaller sized fascinators, such as a headband, also are appropriate for a high tea party./p>

Afternoon Tea Hats & Dress Code

Afternoon tea, the more popular tea party event, is known to be a slightly more formal event – however, it is important to note that modern day afternoon tea parties are still somewhat casual. Therefore, when attending afternoon tea, dressing a step up from what you would wear to high tea is ideal. Light and bright-colored fascinators with elegant adornments such as feathers, flowers or bows are great for afternoon tea. A nice wide brimmed hat is also a great option for an afternoon tea that is taking place outside. For indoor afternoon tea parties, structured pill box hats and those that mimic that style of men’s hats are also attractive. Structured hats that are small are perfect for tea time and are great for those that want something that is going to be interesting and that can stand up to more decoration and more detailed extras.

For the rest of your ensemble, classic afternoon tea looks include semi-formal tea-length dresses, jumpsuits, or nice sundresses in light colors. Textured or printed fabrics will also separate an afternoon look from a nighttime look.

Formal Tea Party Attire

At a formal tea party, the dress code will be more similar to afternoon tea than to high tea. An elegant tea length dress with a fascinator is the perfect look. Similarly to afternoon tea, a structured pillbox hat, a hat with decorative feathers or flowers, or something similar is ideal. Additionally, at formal tea parties, modesty is key. Be sure to bring a shawl or light sweater to cover your arms and avoid short dresses.

How to dress for a tea party

Accessories For Hats

Some common accessories for the perfect tea hats are birdcage veils. These add a bit of whimsy and delicate flare without being too over the top or too extravagant for any tea time occasion. For those that do choose a fascinator with birdcage veiling, feathers are a fun touch that adds to the drama. Traditionally, women do not remove their hats when taking tea so it is important that you choose a hat or fascinator that fits your taste and style but that is also manageable for tea time.

Silk, velvet, and other luxurious fabrics are desired for tea hats as a hat was a sign of wealth and high society in England when the tradition began. Finding the perfect tea hat or fascinator does not have to be difficult. Gold Coast Couture offers hundreds of styles, fabrics, colors, designs, and range of hats and fascinators so that you can find the one that works best for your individual tastes, and your desires.

Fascinators are a wonderful way to draw attention and to really make an impact at any party but especially at a tea party or a garden party where tea is being served. Fascinators are a wonderful way to make an ordinary outfit something extraordinary and to really make your entire outfit pop.

Where to Buy Tea Party Hats

If you are on the lookout for hats for tea parties, visit us at Gold Coast Couture. We have a large, diverse selection of english tea hats for ladies. Our fascinator hats are made by many different distinguished designers, such as Philip Treacy, Vivien Sheriff, Nigel Rayment, and more.

How to dress for a tea party

Here at, we often get asked about the rules and etiquette that you should follow when indulging in this delightful institution. How long should you brew the tea for? Should you put the milk or tea in first? Is there a dress code?

Well, the UK’s premier Afternoon Tea guide have compiled together a list of the essential “dos and don’ts” of our favourite meal of the day to answer all these questions and ensure you are fully equipped to enjoy Afternoon Tea at one of our many venues. However, you must remember that these are usually a matter of personal taste and preference – and the most important thing about your Afternoon Tea experience is that you relax, unwind and enjoy this wonderful pastime without fear.

1 – What is the dress code for Afternoon Tea?

First things first, before you even sit down to enjoy a delectable Afternoon Tea it is likely that you will be wondering about the dress code for what seems such a formal occasion. Most venues have a relaxed ‘smart casual’ dress code these days, so there is no need for men to wear a jacket and tie (unless otherwise specified) – trousers or smart jeans, collared shirt and clean/un-scuffed shoes are acceptable. No sportswear or trainers (sneakers). For the ladies it’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up!

2 – Cream Tea, Afternoon Tea, High Tea or Royal Tea – what’s the difference?

The terminology used often confuses people when talking about Afternoon Tea. A ‘Cream Tea’ is usually just scones with cream and preserves served with tea. ‘Afternoon Tea’ is traditionally sandwiches, scones and a selection of cakes, served with tea. Visitors from overseas often refer to the British Afternoon Tea as ‘High Tea’ but this term traditionally signifies an entirely different meal, usually comprising more savoury foods and an altogether heartier meal, historically taken by the lower classes. Some hotels, such as the Ritz in London advertise ‘High Tea in London’ due to the popularity of Afternoon Tea with overseas visitors. ‘Royal Tea’ is a less widely used term signifying the addition of a glass of champagne to a traditional Afternoon Tea, for those extra special occasions!

3 – Is it acceptable to dunk biscuits into my tea?

There is not much to say on this matter, other than a very stern and finger wagging no! In the privacy of your own home this is a perfectly acceptable and enjoyable practice, however, we suggest you do not partake in this when taking Afternoon Tea in one of the finest hotels in the country.

4 – Cream or jam first?

An integral part of an Afternoon Tea experience is the inclusion of freshly baked, warm scones with cream, butter and preserves. This conundrum, along with the meaning of life and how long is a piece of string, is yet another of life’s on-going debates. Both the Cornish and Devonshire people lay claim to the invention of the Cream Tea, and each have a view on the order of the toppings. The Devon tradition is cream first with jam spread on top, whilst the Cornish tradition is to slather the jam on and top it off with clotted cream. At the end of the day, it remains a matter of preference.

5 – How should I stir the tea?

When preparing your tea, there are many ways in which you can tailor the drink to your own personal tastes. This can be through the addition of lemon, sugar or milk. No matter what your accompaniment, there is one thing that always stands: you must remember to stir correctly! Place your spoon in a 6 o’clock position in the cup and fold the tea towards the 12 o’clock position whilst making sure not to ‘clink’ the spoon against the sides of the cup. You must also remember to not leave the spoon in the cup, instead placing it on the saucer to the side of the cup.

6 – How long should I let my tea brew for?

This is another common question, and another that lies firmly in the realm of personal preference, although there is some science involved as well. Depending on your own taste and the type of tea used you can alter brewing time to suit, but the longer you brew the tea the higher the level of antioxidants called flavonoids, which research has shown to have many health benefits. We would recommend three to six minutes of brewing time, no longer, so as to avoid damaging the flavour of the tea.

7 – What type of tea should I use?

There are hundreds of different varieties of tea and each particular tea suits certain tastes, accompaniments and brewing times, however we would always stress the use of loose leaf tea when crafting your perfect Afternoon Tea, so as to obtain the finest experience possible. Tea bags and the popular brands of tea certainly have their place, but the use of a speciality loose leaf tea enhances the flavour as well as the overall experience of taking Afternoon Tea.

8 – Pinkies Up?

Absolutely not. The common misconception is that outstretching one’s little finger aids the balance of the cup when taking a sip of tea; this is almost certainly not the case and is not only pointless, but slightly silly. We wouldn’t recommend grasping the cup in the palm of your hand, but there is no need to stick a pinkie out. It has rapidly become one of Afternoon Teas most common faux pas.

9 – How should I eat my scones?

Common practice dictates that when eating the scone section of an Afternoon Tea you would break small pieces off and top each section with the desired amount of butter, cream or jam eating them individually so as to avoid any social mishaps. This however is a far less observed guideline and some may choose to slice the scone in half and top each section with the desired preserves and cream.

10 – Should I put milk or tea in to the cup first?

The question of the order in which you add milk to tea or tea to milk is quite possibly the most hotly debated of all the tea related enigmas and unfortunately, like many good tea connoisseurs before us, we are unable to offer the definitive answer. Both schools of thought have notable benefits. If you put the tea in first then you allow the guest to flavour their own tea to their personal preference.

Putting milk in first apparently offers a better combination of the two liquids and traditionally the cold milk protected delicate china from boiling tea that may crack or damage it. You can usually make the decision yourself by pouring your own tea, but at some of the top hotels the tea is poured for you and you add the milk afterwards.

Despite all of the quaint practices associated with the experience, the important thing to remember is that Afternoon Tea is meant to be fun, and you can’t let the etiquette get too much in the way of your own personal enjoyment.

Q. Help! My friend is hosting a ladies tea party at Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco in just a few weeks and requested we all wear a hat. What does a tea party hat look like? Any suggestions on a cute outfit? I want a pop of color and need to get a hat soon. Thanks! — Hatless in San Francisco

A. How fun! Traditional tea hats can range from floppy straw hats in the spring and summer months to those exuberant numbers our neighbors across the pond like to rock like it’s 1774. But unless your last name is Middleton, I suggest a more modern take – and one that is winter appropriate (a straw hat is decidedly out of place in the dead of winter). Luckily, you have many great options.

How to dress for a tea party

My first choice actually isn’t a hat at all. But it sufficiently takes the place of one. Modern headbands and flowers are ultra feminine and still indulge your hostesses request for hat, but with your own clever spin. I adore these options from and they’ll certainly give you the pop of color you’re after.

How to dress for a tea party

Another fabulous option is a floppy wool hat or felt hat — both winter appropriate and glamorous.

How to dress for a tea party

Channel your inner Katharine Hepburn with 1940’s sophistication or your inner Bianca Jagger with ’70s flair (the queen of making hats work).

How to dress for a tea party

These would all pair well with a sexy secretary blouse and wide leg trousers. Or, equally as well with a drapey dress or vintage-inspired one.

How to dress for a tea party

For something a smidge more streamlined, a wool or felt cloche is a stunning option.

How to dress for a tea party

Feeling French? A sweet beret is the perfect topper to a roomy cashmere sweater and a skirt.

How to dress for a tea party

How to dress for a tea party

Finally, if you’re a fearless fashionista who likes trying new things, there’s no better time to indulge in the turban trend.

How to dress for a tea party

As for what to wear with the pretty new topper of your choice, I say let the inimitable Katharine Hepburn be your muse.

How to dress for a tea party

Hepburn’s timeless sophistication works whether you choose something tailored and crisp, vintage-inspired or drapey and elegant. And she certainly inspired the wealth of fashion from the 1970s. Let those ultra-chic eras be your guide.

How to dress for a tea party

A few looks to inspire your ensemble.

How to dress for a tea party

A simple yet elegant dress pairs perfectly with any of the toppers above, from a beautiful bloom to a beret to a wool hat.

How to dress for a tea party

High-waisted trousers are de rigueur and look great with a plain or polka dot blouse. This look is best with a floppy wool hat a la Bianca Jagger, as your voluminous hat will help balance out the voluminous bottoms.

How to dress for a tea party

A sweet retro-inspired polka dress will charm the pants off of anyone (so watch out!). A simple cardigan or blazer atop, plus a floppy wool hat and you’re good to go.

How to dress for a tea party

A few more options? A long skirt with a pretty blouse is very ’70s but also very chic right now. This would look fab with a cloche, floppy hat, turban or beret. Or, skip the skirt, dress and pants altogether by opting for a spirited romper instead. This horse-print romper would be darling with tights and a floppy wool hat and you’re sure to be the sartorial hit of the party.

I hope that helps and do send in pictures of the gorge tea party look you end up wearing — and perhaps a scone…or three!

Have a fashion emergency or style conundrum? Need the perfect gift? Send your pressing questions to Ask Kelly!