How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

I have struggled for as long as I can remember with finding a cut that will keep my hair out of my face, while still keeping my hair routine as simple as possible. Thank you for your time! — Danica

How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

Danica wants to keep her hair routine simple.

A: Danica, thank you for this request for a consultation. 

I happen to love your hair as is, but I will answer your question about how to keep your hair out of your eyes.

Besides a ponytail or pinning your hair back, the only way to achieve this is by cutting a bang.

Here are a few lengths and bang styles that would suit you and your hair. You can mix and match the different lengths and bangs at your free will.

How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

Zooey Deschanel in a lipstick ad for Rimmel.

Chrissy Teigen, Before and After

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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Short Haircuts for Thin, Naturally Curly Hair

There are only a few heads of long hair that we can cut to keep the hair from falling in the face. That is why the side part and the tuck behind the ear became so popular. 

Redistributing your hair by using a centre or off-centre part helps avoid the heavy side falling in your face as well, but a pin or tuck is still required to keep it off your face completely.

With this look to show off the texture, I would add some highlights—mostly on the ends—to avoid the root problem:

How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

Rose Byrne in Madison magazine.

The way this cut is done, with the choppy bangs and ends, will work well with your natural beautiful colour:

How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

Gemma Arterton at the 2009 BAFTA Tea Party.

This is my favourite cut for you. There is more skin on your forehead exposed, therefore the dark colour will not close in your face. 

With one of the other bang styles and this dark colour, it will be a more dramatic effect—which can be super-cool, but a bit more severe.

I hope this will serve you well with your quest for something new.

Bill Angst is one of Canada’s top celebrity hairstylists and the owner of Angst Hair at 240 Queen Street East in Toronto. Call 416-360-5942 to book an appointment.

Per the title, how do y'all manage your long locks?

I enjoy having a unique style with long curly hair and recently have found out lots about how to best care for it. Now that I can grow it out more while keeping it clean in appearance, I've found my hair falling in my face entirely too much. During one internship, I ended up using non-prescription glasses on top of my head to keep my hair back (as if I normally wore them but kept them up sometimes).

Side note: If there are other curly / longer curly haired guys that are interested in treatment, cuts and/or products, I'd be happy to answer questions on that. maybe make an infographic – there's a shortage of curly advice. I've found it elsewhere.

Wow. I have that exact same hair type except maybe a bit thicker. You even part it to the side like i do.

There is nothing wrong with bobby pins. It's really easy to make them completely inconspicuous. What you need to do is pull the stuff that's getting in your eyes under another layer of hair effectively bulking up the part and hiding the pin. Before and After

Edit: You could also put the pins in when it's wet and take them out when it's dry.

Another alternative is growing the bangs on the opposite side of your part out and tucking them behind your ear. You should also brush it in the shower to the side you want it to part to.

Got any ideas on a shorter, cleaner, modern cut? I've had thick chin-length hair for the majority of my life and i'm kind of over it.

As much as we love a good buzz-cut or short fade, long hair styles are everywhere right now. But no one wants to revisit the man-bun mania we recently left behind. To keep yourself looking like Michael Lockley or Miles McMillan on the runway, and not Leonardo DiCaprio on perma-vacation, we asked a few of the top men’s hairstylists for their advice on how to pull off some length in a fresh, modern way. Here’s what they had to say:

Long hair can mean a lot of different things, depending on your natural texture and your haircut. Step one is to have a goal (or person) in mind. “Whether you go for rock ‘n’ roll hair to the shoulders, a badass afro, or a sumo-style tied-off knot, your long hair will become a part of who you are,” says Benjamin Mohapi, owner of the Benjamin Salon. Point being: Don’t just aimlessly grow it long.

And you don’t necessarily need to go below your shoulders, either. Considering most men rock an inch or two of hair at maximum, “long” can simply mean letting it reach your chin. Jon Reyman, owner of Spoke & Weal, is all about these mid-length cuts right now. “Hair between the bottom of the ears and just below the chin is very cool. These ‘90s cuts work when you keep them kind of greasy and unwashed, or when you go clean and a bit puffy. And they look great with the looser clothing we are seeing in menswear right now.”

Neil Weisberg, owner of Meche Salon, points out that your haircut will play up—or down—your facial features so it helps to be strategic about your cut. He cites today’s trending ‘70s cuts as an example. “Shags can soften bold features like large ears or a big nose”, whereas a long haircut without texture or layers does nothing but accentuate those qualities.

Weisberg explains that, generally speaking, “rounder faces need height towards the top and a leaner feel through the sides to elongate the face. Slimmer faces—especially guys that are really narrow through the temples—can afford to go a bit longer. The hair will give their face some width. Chiseled faces do well with most anything—you lucky bastards.”

“Don’t make long hair a project,” advises Mohapi. “Blow drying is fine, if you feel like you need it, but do as much with your hands as possible. And if you overdo it with greasy products, you will end up looking like you belong backstage at a Deep Purple concert or in a Soul Glow commercial.”

Whether you are washing your face, putting on make up or getting a facial, it can be incredibly helpful to keep your hair back, or otherwise out of your face. This prevents annoyance and allows you to finish faster, but it also eliminates the possibility of contamination and other trouble. You don’t want strands falling to get cosmetics on them, and you don’t want your already finished hair to get wet when washing either. If you have long hair, you could use a ponytail in some cases, but for medium length or short styles, this is not really an option. Even with long hair, the pony is not fool proof, but that does not mean it isn’t possible to control hair without growing a third arm.

The Pony Tail

In order to prevent hair from dropping into the sink when washing at night, or falling in the way when curling your eyelashes, something will have to hold it. Using your hand can be the most effective, but that leaves you with one less to work with so it is not ideal. A scrunchy or rubber band can be used in some cases, but not to hold back hair that has been styled, or locks that are too short. Really long hair will still slip into the sink, and shorter stuff will not be able to collect completely. This method of keeping hair out of the way is better used as a quick styling technique because a single tail will just flop into the water as you bend over to rinse, and if pieces are too short, they will still fall forward, or slip loose to cause you trouble. If you opt for this technique, you will get goo mixed in when doing spa treatments, and you will still get frustrated when trying to wash. It is not even an option if you have already styled, so using to prevent cosmetic contamination is probably not realistic.

Bands, Clips, Ribbons And Bows

Tightly gathered strands can result in damage or odd bumps, and they don’t work well for all types, so many females opt for a looser hold in order to prevent problems. To gather strands back without being too snug, clips, bows or headbands are the go to options. Clips can work well, but they are incredibly time consuming, and head bands are quick, but not all types work with all types of hair. Bows pretty much fall into the clip category so the results will be similar. If pinning back hair to keep it dry while washing, you would need several clips or barrettes to do the job. They may hold well enough to be effective, but unless you use a large number, you will only be clipping the front portion of hair. For a facial treatment this is fine, but if you bend over, the back stuff will still flop down, so washing and rinsing is out of the question. A plastic headband can work well to gather everything and pull it back, but it will never be incredibly secure, so you will have to be careful. This technique also only works on the front, so certain situations will not show any benefit. Because it is quick to apply and reapply, many choose this as a preferred option.

A Better Way

How to keep long hair out of your face for guysCombine the speed of a headband with the security of a ponytail and you get a thick fabric band that holds snug around your head with elastic. The material is soft and comfortable, but also highly absorbent and easily washable. Unlike regular fashion headbands, this one is wider and more plush. You wouldn’t want to head out on a date with it still on your head, but it can help you get ready in less time and with less frustration involved. It works with long, medium or short hair, and it is incredibly useful for any time you want to keep your hair out of your face. If you are freshly showered and the strands are still wet, it will even promote drying as it absorbs any stray drips. Use it to pin back hair as you wash your face, use it to hold back your do when applying makeup, or keep it back for long periods while setting curls, applying a mud mask or just about anything else. The gentle hold is secure enough to keep your locks in place, but also light enough to prevent damage or messing of freshly styled hair.

Our Bamboo Head Band is the perfect product to ease certain tasks in the bathroom, and it is made from a high quality material that is sustainable and functional at the same time. Bamboo is eco-friendly, but it is also super soft and absorbent when compared to cotton. The design of this band is key to functionality. It has what almost looks like a knot in the front, and it is much wider in the rear. This allows for maximum vision, but it also allows you to gather all hair and leave your whole face uncovered. The thin part in the front can rest at the top of your fore head, and the remainder will frame your face as it circles behind your head. The fatter portion is there to adapt to differing lengths. It will act as a regular band, or you can expand it to form a pocket. This eliminates the problem that occurs when longer back potions flop forward when you bend and move because short or long, all hair will be held in place. The strong elastic takes up the entire interior so every part will add to the grip, and it will not wear out, even with constant use.

How To Use It

Using this product is easy. It will hold any amount of hair, and it will keep it secure so washing and other tasks are easy. It goes on quickly and removes just as fast. When it gets dirty, simply pop it in the wash and use over and over again.

  1. To put it on, simply pull down over the top of your head.
  2. Take it to about the mid point of your face, or take it all the way down around your neck.
  3. Now lift hair so that it is resting on top. Ensure all strands are over the band.
  4. Begin lifting the band up until the small center portion is at the top of your forehead, and aligned at the center.
  5. If you have too much hair hanging down, separate the back part to form a pouch and tuck it in.
  6. Now wash, apply makeup or do anything else.
  7. Removing is just as fast. Simply lift up and off and you are done.
  8. Totally machine washable and reusable.

Stop wringing hair out after it dips into the sink, and forget about redoing your style before you leave the house. Use this simple but effective tool to hold your hair out of the way to make any bathroom task easier. It feels great when worn, but it also holds tight enough to be useful. Save yourself time, money and frustration when you no longer worry about strands of hair with foundation on them, or freshly sprayed locks that get wet or misshapen as you get the rest of your body ready. Clean your face before bed without messing up your hair, or have a spa day with the girls, and look like a pro. This versatile solution does not care what kind of texture you have or how long it is. It will work in nearly every situation and it will outperform similar options thanks to higher quality materials.

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You can only maintain the same crew cut or high and tight for so long before you wonder how to grow out your hair—and what life is like on the other side. What is it like to grow your hair out? you wonder to yourself. It must be so nice to run a hand through it, to slow-motion shake it back and forth after a shower, like a dog that’s drying itself off. And let us tell you: Yes, it is so nice to do these things. Plus, long hair looks really good on most guys, when it’s healthy and grown out with a bit of care and planning.

But you need to know that growing your hair out requires far more than simply growing your hair out. It’s not an excuse to wear a hat for 18 months and expect a neatly layered, nourished, Jason Momoa or Jared Leto moment on the other side. Instead, it starts with a few products, and proper intervals with your barber and eventually, with your stylist. (Yes, you are about to graduate from barbershops to salons. It’s one of the many exciting parts of the journey ahead.)

Here is our advice for how to grow out your hair, with as few headaches and awkward phases along the way.

Stay Focused

The first thing you need to accept is that it’s going to be a tedious, often awkward journey. You’re going to have a few new haircuts en route. You’re going to learn how to use new products and style your hair in different ways, only to change them out as it continues to grow. It’s kind of like losing or gaining a bunch of weight: You don’t fit in the stuff you used to, and so you have to adjust for the change and grow comfortable with constant change. Eventually, though it’s a year or more away, you will tuck that hair effortlessly behind your ear, or feel it sweep across the tippy tops of your shoulders. And it’ll all be worth it.

Speed Up Hair Growth with Supplements

One way to grow your hair out faster (and stronger) is to supplement it with the right pills and potions. Some doctors will tell you to take biotin and call it good, but there’s more out there that will expedite hair growth and strengthen it at the follicle, so that your hair stays strong for the long haul. Find vitamin-enriched serums that you can massage into the scalp, or ingest herbal supplements that thwart things like stress, hair-thinning hormones, and environmental toxins.

How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

Q: Here’s my dilemma. My hair is thick and somewhat wavy and although I seem to look best in pictures with it layered and shorter, I find it easier to manage in a long layered bob. My main issue is the fact that because my hairline is slightly low, my hair is always falling in my face. I have had the baby bangs thing done to me so often, I am afraid of cutting bangs.

What do I do to face frame my hair so it won’t fall in my face? (To complicate things a little further, it seems my most natural part is a little off center.) Also, I have tried the irregular zigzag part thing and it doesn’t seem to help. Wrapping the hair around my ear looks awful in pictures so I had the side cut a little shorter and it is even worse falling in my face. Please Help!

A: It sounds as though the main problem you are experiencing is a conflict between the desire to look good and have a serviceable style. If you want to find some keep your hair longer (in the bangs area especially) yet keep the hair from your face, the easiest solution is to use hair accessories.

It’s impossible for me to make suggestions of hairstyles for you in this forum. I simply don’t have enough information to go on to be able to make an accurate assessment of what would be flattering for you. However, you might consider styling your hair with a side parting, and pull the hair back using a barrette, clip or comb. You could even keep the hairstyle you currently have and incorporate accessories into it to keep the hair out your face.

We’ve all been there. Should I? Should I not? Can I pull it off? Will it look good? How long will it take? These thoughts have passed through every guy’s head as he’s pondered whether or not growing his hair out is a wise idea. Although shorter hair has dominated most trends since the late 1980s, these days more and more guys are letting their locks flow freely as they opt for less maintenance-centric and more natural looking long hair.

Every guy has looked into the mirror and wondered what it would be like to let their hair simply go, to have to tuck it behind their ears, and, of course, to tie it back in a now infamous man bun. Yet, even for the most enthused guys, there are definitely some things to keep in mind as they jump into (head first) what can turn into a year-long commitment to even enter the ballpark of “long hair.” To keep things simple, let’s start from the beginning.

Try To Start With An Even Cut

Chances are, unless you usually rock a buzz cut, your current hairstyle probably isn’t symmetrical, which will only be accentuated over time. However, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily shave your head before growing out your hair for an extended period of time. Depending on the way your hair is currently styled, it might end up growing out more evenly than you’d expect since almost no one’s hair grows at the same pace uniformly on all parts of their head.

There Will Be Some Awkward Moments

Take it from someone who’s currently in month 16 of hair growth, you’re going to experience some awkward moments during this process. Your hair is going to go through various stages between looking like an actual overgrown hair cut to hitting the length you actually desire and it’ll be best to just be at peace with these experiences as they come at you.

Ranging from the moment you realize your bangs are now too long to simply let them rest as they please to that first time you think you can successfully pull your hair back, only to realize that it’s not quite long enough to avoid random strands of hair hanging down in no particular order or consistency. Keep your eyes on the prize and just remember that even the most epic heads of hair had to pass through these same very stages.

You’ll Look Very Different By The End

It can be easy to forget how distinct our hairstyles make us look, especially guys who tend to keep their hair the same length for years on end. Think about how different specific women look when they chop their hair off and opt for a pixie cut or something of the like. The same goes for guys when they really grow their hair out for the first time.

If you’re on the younger end of the adult spectrum, you’ll probably be told you look older, while if you’re a bit more mature, longer hair might make you look more youthful. Everyone is different, but on top of this is the fact that having long hair allows you to change your own style up regularly. Letting your hair down and tying it back both present very different looks and personalities and, lucky for you, once you’ve put in the work, you’ve got nothing but time to experiment with which works best for you.

Learning To Deal With Long Hair Takes Time

It might not seem like it, but long hair requires just as much maintenance as short hair does, if not more occasionally. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan (so 99.9% of you reading this), you or your significant other have probably pointed out Jon Snow’s killer head of hair. Long, wavy, and always resting in place, that bastard’s hair is always stellar and it’s a great look to strive for. The kicker? That shit takes a LOT of time and effort to nail down.

Long hair doesn’t like to stay organized and neat, it likes to run wild. Water, wind, and humidity all play a part in how your hair ends up looking for the day and for guys who’ve never grown their hair out this will require some serious patience at first in order to set yourself up for success. In the meantime, there’s always another option.

Embracing The Man Bun

Androgynous hairstyles always have their fans and haters, but the man bun has picked up a lot of support in recent years as countless celebrities have opted for the look. Frankly, if you have long hair and you don’t feel like fussing with it a lot, the man bun is the best choice you and your luscious locks can make.

Just recently I was travelling with two friends of mine, both of whom were female and both of whom rocked the bun or top knot daily. Did I resist copying their style in order to instill my masculinity? Hell no, I was right there with them, opting for the bun in order to skip having to deal with the blustery winds of Cusco and the sandy beaches of Rio doing experiments on my hair (and yes, if you were wondering, this trip was super rad).

Especially if you’ve also got a beard, which you most likely do, the man bun plays perfectly with longer facial hair, providing a contrast in styles and helping to open your face up somewhat. Let the sun shine in fellas, you just climbed the Mt. Everest of hair journeys. Now, let everyone else enjoy the view.

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How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

A well-maintained head of long hair can look fantastic on any guy. But, as you may guess, taking care of a long hairstyle can be a bit of a chore. This is especially true for men who are more accustomed to taking care of shorter hair, which tends to require a lot less TLC. Because hair health starts at the roots, prior to growing out your hair fully, it’s important that you begin taking care of it.

Like most anything, proper maintenance is critical to keeping your long hair in top condition. If you damage something like a dishwasher, it can generally be fixed. If you scrape your arm, it will heal. Hair, on the other hand, usually can't be fixed—it's just protein with no blood supply, so it has no way to heal itself once damaged. The only real way to make damaged hair appear less damaged is to cut the problem parts off, so proper care is crucial.

Meet the Expert

    is a co-founder of IGK Hair Care. is a professional hairstylist and a member of the R+Co Collective.

Read on to get some expert tips on how to best care for long hair for men.

Get a Proper Haircut

How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

The right haircut will not only look best, but it will be the easiest (and healthiest) to maintain. “Get a very loose haircut, only cutting the shape with texture and not cutting the length, so the hair appears to be un-cut, allowing the hair to hang natural and masculine,” says IGK Hair Care co-founder Chase Kusero. Ask your stylist for help if you can’t narrow down a look.

Find the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

"The right shampoo and conditioner have such an impact on how the hair behaves, especially considering men typically do less blow drying and styling," says professional stylist Clariss Rubenstein.

Prior to shampooing, make sure your hair is free of tangles. Work the shampoo through your hair like you normally would, but keep in mind that it should take longer, reaching every strand.

Follow the same steps with conditioner, keeping in mind that most conditioners require two or three minutes to work their magic. Keep in mind while washing that too-hot water will strip beneficial oils from the hair and scalp. Having long hair will make you want to shampoo and style more often, even daily, but it's not good for your hair. Kusero says to wash the hair only a couple of times and a week, and "only condition the ends, every other time, so the hair isn’t weighed down and looks thick."

If you’ve been in the pool, use a leave-in conditioner and clarifying shampoo after your swim, as chlorine can take a toll on the hair. We like Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Three ($12).

Invest in High-Quality Accessories

How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

Before growing out your hair, make sure to have realistic goals and that the maintenance of long hair is going to be something that will fit in with your lifestyle. You’ll need extra time in your grooming ritual to maintain your mane, and the right tools can make all the difference.

Invest in a wide-tooth comb and a high-quality hairbrush with natural bristles to help detangle hair and to prevent breakage.

If you intend to keep your hair in an updo, finding the right cloth-covered hair elastics is crucial: there’s a reason Scünchi’s No-Slip Hair Elastics ($6) have been popular for so long. For a sportier alternative, we love Invisibobble ($8), and for any formal gatherings, Slip’s Slipsilk ($39) ties are perfect. Keep in mind that very tight ponytails can cause a condition called traction alopecia, which is hair loss from pulling hair too tight.

Be Careful if Towel-Drying

If you have the time, the healthiest way to dry your hair is just to let it air-dry, styling a bit with your fingers if necessary. Still, towel drying can be a major cause of damage to mens' hair when it's long. This is largely because when vigorously rubbed with a towel, hairs can become tangled in the threads and break off. Rough drying may not only cause damage to the cuticle (the shingle-like outer layer of the hair), but frizziness and split ends as well.

To prevent breakage when towel drying, shake out any excess water and stroke your hair in the direction it grows rather than rubbing it back and forth.

If you do notice some damage as a result of breakage, don't fret. Since the only real way to eliminate damaged hair is to cut off the damage, you should get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks. However, make it clear to your barber or stylist that you only want enough hair removed to eliminate the split ends—it'll cost you a lot less.

Take Care When Blow-Drying

How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

Blow drying is also a common cause of hair damage. If you must use a blow dryer, apply a thermal styling spray like Living Proof's Restore Instant Protection to coat the hair and protect it from damage, use a wide-tooth comb to prevent pulling, and always leave the hair slightly damp.

And prior to hitting the hair with heat, use a product like R+Co. Bleu Ingenious Thickening Shampoo ($59) and Conditioner ($59), which Rubenstein says is great “for hair that needs volume — with or without a blow dryer it gives thin hair some great lift. “

Keep Diet and Exercise in Mind

How to keep long hair out of your face for guys

Ultimately, the condition of your hair tends to reflect the condition of your body. Stress, poor diet, smoking, and lack of sleep may all contribute to poor health and dull, lifeless looking hair. Although products can fix it a little, your hair health may come down to your body health, so eat well, drink lots of water, reduce your stress, and live well. Both your body and hair will thank you for it.