How to make an ipad stand

I’d like to use an Ipad 2 as a stand alone device. You would ask why? the reason is simple, I want to give an ipad to my mother (77 years old) so she can use it to make video confs and see her grand sons (she lives 1500km away), but also I thought she could have her first contact with the web with a device much easier to use than a computer.

now for most of the daily use it is clear to me that we don’t need a computer, but what if I want to load into her Ipad, pictures or videos that I took with a camera and what if I want to back it up?

I have heard about icloud. would it help for the backup part for example?

how can I put music, pictures or videos inside the ipad, using for example an external 2,5 hard drive or a pendrive?

the ideal world for me would be to be able to place the stuff somewhere in the net where she would be able to get them easely into the ipad2, because all the other solutions will involve having to meet and we only meet twice a year because of the distance.

many thanks in avance for your anwers.

Posted on Sep 25, 2011 1:55 AM

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Wait until iOS5 is released in the next month or two. See “PC Free” here:

Sep 25, 2011 2:01 AM

tonefox wrote:

Wait until iOS5 is released in the next month or two. See “PC Free” here:

iOS5 Features

With iCloud backups for app data and photostream (the last 1,000 photos you’ve taken via your iDevice synced via iCloud) iTunes Match to put your whole music library in the cloud for syncing via the internet and over the air updates and you pretty much be all set. When iOS 5 comes you’ll be in business.

Sep 25, 2011 2:06 AM

All of this sounds good, but just in case this is apparent, you’ll need to set your mother’s home up with the basic, but necessary requirements such as getting an ISP and modem. You’ll need to have WiFi in your mother’s home to use the iPad on the web over WiFi. So, you’ll need some brand of wireless Internet router, connected to your Internet connection to send out the Internet over WiFi signals.

If you plan on using a cell phone carrier instead, you’ll need to get a data plan to use the iPad over 3G/4G to access the web in this manner.

You’ll need to set up both the wireless router and iPad to connect up to each other so she can get Internet access.

Also, remember, that if your mother doesn’t own a computer, you’ll have to initialize and register her iPad, via iTunes yourself, or have someone at an Apple store do it at the store for you.

You need a computer and iTunes to activate the iPad for use.

Sep 25, 2011 8:50 AM

Thanks for the anwer but I still have a doubt from my initial question. you are right, it seems that with IOS 5 I’m pretty all set, but:

“how can I put music, pictures or videos inside the ipad? using for example an external 2,5 hard drive or a pendrive? “

and of course I mean, music not purchased from that ipad, pictures taken with reflex Cam, videos taken with my handyCam, etc.

How to make an ipad stand

All the tablet stands are made in the same way. Make a tube and then fill it up with rice and/or polyfill.

Learn how to make an iPad beanbag or stand

While the video shows how to make an iPad stand:

Make an iPad stand with the leg of a pair of jeans. This is even faster!

Get the sizing and materials for the 4 bean bags or stands on each link below:

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Cool!! I need this:) thx

Hi granny, Hope you have had a lovely time with your family. Thought you might like to make I pad stand so sending this , I hope it opens. Going to get stuck into some gardening today so better go get my scruff clothes on. Have a good day X X Su

Sent from my iPad

Super!I. Use make one of these.Thank you so much.

I made one this morning out of red denim pants leg! Thank you for theninstructions. It turned out great!

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How to make an ipad stand

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How to make an ipad stand

How to make an ipad stand


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While you work, while you cook, and while you zone out to trash TV.

How to make an ipad stand

How to make an ipad stand

It is unclear why people have children when they own Apple accessories. That’s a family right there. It’s not just the devices themselves (their prices practically rivaling college tuition funds), but the iPhone cases, the AirPod accessories, the Macbook stands, and the endless upgrades to the next generation, which you can’t not do, else you be marked a huge loser. The Apple family of devices and accessories grows and grows and keeps growing, ad infinitum. As such, you likely have an iPad and a standard iPad case, which gives you a tiny screen height boost when it’s folded, but leaves much to be desired. A separate iPad stand—yes, another iPad accessory—will do you one better.

There are plenty of reasons to get a tried-and-tested stand for an iPad. Use it on your desk while you work, and it’ll raise the iPad screen to a more ergonomic, neck-friendly height. Use it while you watch television, and you’ll give your arms a break. Use it to display recipes while you cook, replacing that stack of cookbooks that propped it up before. Take it around your house with you, or on the road. As for which stand to get, here are the 14 best options. Most will work for the latest iPad models as well as other tablets and e-readers. Some come in multiple sizes, if you’re holding onto an older gen. Take a look, and expand your family.

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How to make an ipad stand

This stand ought to work well for most budget-conscious folks, with a cord-organizing hole in the back and an adjustable axis to change the angle of the screen. It is Apple-esque in design too, complementing an iPad’s finish.

How to make an ipad stand

To clear up desk space, consider a clamping stand. This one’s gooseneck is flexible enough for you to manipulate to the best height and angle, and stiff enough to stay at that optimal height and angle.

How to make an ipad stand

If you need a simple stand with a few inches of height—nothing more, nothing less—this one takes up minimal real estate and features holes for cords in the back.

How to make an ipad stand

When you hit the point of relying on your iPad Pro day in and day out for work, a stand that’ll charge it while you use it is damn convenient. Logitech takes advantage of the iPad’s smart connector to send it juice while it’s propped up, hitting two features in one.

How to make an ipad stand

This stand incorporates a whiff of magic (or as some call it, smart design elements). You lay it flat and adhere it to the back of the iPad. You pop out the stand and adjust the angle when you want to use the tablet. Done, you flatten the stand so it all but disappears on the back of the tablet again.

How to make an ipad stand

If you can swing spending nearly as much on an iPad stand as you did the iPad, swing away with Yohann. Its elegantly carved stand—choose walnut or oak—balances in three different configurations for three different heights, and has a hole for a charging cord neatly cut into the iPad grip.

How to make an ipad stand

Though it looks like something you’d find in a freshman’s dorm room, there’s no denying that the softer pillow is nice for lap use, and the side pocket just might prevent you from losing your Apple Pencil in between the couch cushions.

How to make an ipad stand

iPads aren’t exactly rugged devices, but this case picks up the roughing-it slack. Primarily, because it’s waterproof—good for camping trips but also reading on a raft in the pool. It also has a kickstand.

How to make an ipad stand

Do you need a document camera? Not if you have an iPad and a document stand! Here’s how to make your own iPad Document stand using pvc pipes!

My husband was the one who cut the pieces for me. He would not want me anywhere near his tools. All we needed were a few pieces of PVC pipe that cost me a total of less than $10 from Home Depot. That’s right! No need to spend $50-100! Here’s all you need…


Very clever! Love the idea. Now I just need to find someone to help me with the construction.
Crockett’s Classroom . . . Forever in Third Grade

Thank you, Debbie! I might would let you borrow my husband πŸ™‚

Seriously awesome and super clever!

Fantastic idea! Added to my honey do list…lol. The list is kind of long so it may take a while. Thanks for sharing.

My list is always growing too πŸ™‚ but he is a very handy fellow and doesn’t seem to mind too much! Thank goodness!

Oh my goodness, I have to get Air Server. I had never heard of it until now! And the stand to be used as a document camera?! Do you know that I have begged for a document camera for years lol!! Meghan thank you so much for sharing this idea. I really want to feature it in the long-awaited next edition of my newsletter if it’s ok!

I have wanted a document camera for the longest time too. How insane that I’ve been sitting on the materials I needed for three years! πŸ™ That is so sweet! I would be honored to be in your newsletter. I’m so glad to be part of this link up! It’s always one of my favorites!

Such a great idea! I have a document camera, but sometimes the video function doesn’t work very well. This would be a great way for me to make videos for my YouTube channel! Thanks for sharing!

Megan, it is perfect for videos on you iPad! I even used it for shy students to present presentations. They didn’t want to get in from of the class so they shared their project via video using the document camera stand.

How neat! How did you come up with this idea? So helpful in the classroom!

Hey, Emma! I found a pvc pipe on pinterest that cut slits through the top to hold the iPad. I showed it to my husband and he just made the design work for both of us. He was worried that cutting slits in the PVC pipe would scratch my iPad and then we would have needed thicker pipes to avoid cracking. This design works way better and I love it!

So I just found my weekend project because this is too simple and useful not to make ASAP!! How crazy that I was just looking at purchasing a stand earlier today for far too much money. This is a much better option for my budge. Thank you for sharing!

Kayla, it is super simple and easy to put together once the pieces are cut. The men at Home Depot will even cut the pipe for you. Enjoy and I hope you love it!

Did you have to glue the pieces together, or was it just a matter of sliding the pipes into the connectors? I’m moving to a new school/grade this fall, and it’s the first time I won’t have a SMARTboard in my room πŸ™ … Just an Apple TV box, which I have zero clue how to use.

I didn’t glue my pieces because I wanted to be able to take it apart as I travel for professional development. However, if it is for classroom use I probably would use a glue. Thanks for reading!

I love you IPod stand. I will have to try making one too. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


Susan such a swell idea, looks like you've hit jackpot. I especially love the juxtaposition between the distressed, rustic feel of the wood and pencil against the high style sleek ipad – it's a perfect sign of the times. Great work.

I have one of these stands for my iPad. Yours look great. I can see why they sold like hot cakes. Love them!!

They sold like hot cakes because they are so useful. I use my ipad all the time for recipes and it's in a case but the case slides down. I have my wood boards all ready to make one, maybe this weekend?

I love the idea of a cutting board with a handle for this. I have an iPad mini – I'm off to search for mini cutting boards πŸ™‚

love them! I wish I had an iPad

Those really are stunning and such a smart idea! I don't have an iPad though. I'd use mine to hold a magazine or recipe book. =) Not surprised they sold like hot cakes!

Love this idea, need to make one for my husband (he's the cook, lucky me!) Happy New Year!xoxo Kathleen

Loved your Idea!

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Here are ideas for a couple of DIY iPad or tablet stands you can make easily and cheaply. The first requires only a bit of foam core art board and an X-Acto knife. It’s not the most durable design, but they are so cheap and easy to make, you can whip up several of them from one $2 sheet of foam core. The second design is a little more involved, since you need to cut and bend a piece of PVC.

Foam-Core Folding Tablet Stand

For the first design, you just need a 10 inch by 2 inch piece of foam core board. You can buy foam core art board at, Wal-Mart and similar stores, many drug stores, and craft stores. If you go to a craft or art supply store, you might be able to find it different colors besides black and white.

In the middle of the 10 by 2 inch rectangle, you make a cut part-way through the foam core for the “hinge.” Cut through one layer of poster board and the inner foam, being careful not to cut all the way through the second layer of poster board. Then fold the rectangle along this line for the hinge. You may want to reinforce this fold with a piece of electrical tape.

Lastly, cut a notch to fit your tablet along the top front edge as shown. Be sure to make the notch at least a half-inch from the front edge. This is a weak point and so the farther back you put the notch, the less likely those tabs are to get bent or broken.

Here is a completed folding stand. Simple!

How to make an ipad stand

Folding iPad or tablet stand made of foam-core board.

Here is the stand in use. You can cut the notch for whatever angle you like and the tablet can be placed in either portrait or landscape orientation. There is also enough space below to attach the charging cable while it’s in the stand.

How to make an ipad stand

The folding stand in use. It will hold any tablet in portrait or landscape orientation.

One great thing about this stand is that it can be folded flat and it takes up hardly any space in a travel bag. Here is a back view of the folding stand in use.

How to make an ipad stand

Back view of the folding stand in use.

Because these are so quick and simple to make, you could have several placed in strategic locations–wherever you might need one! It may not look like it, but it is amazingly stable.

Several months after I created the foam-core stands, I saw an almost identical folding stand made of plastic on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond for $5. I was not able to find it on the Bed bath & Beyond Web site, but I found an almost identical one on Amazon, shown here. Click the image to see it on

DIY PVC Tablet Stand

The next tablet stand is one that my husband made by cutting some notches into a piece of PVC, and bending a tab up to support the back of the tablet. Clearly, we didn’t do anything to make it prettier, but some plastic paint like Krylon Fusion would do the job. I’ll let you work out how to do the cutting and bending, as I was not involved in the actual building of it. If you have questions about how he did it, post a comment and I’ll ask Russ to answer.

How to make an ipad stand

iPad or tablet stand made with a scrap of PVC.

Here is the tablet stand in use. Just like the folding one, it can be used to hold a tablet in either orientation.

How to make an ipad stand

The PVC stand in use. Although it’s shown with the tablet in the portrait orientation, it will hold any tablet either in portrait or landscape orientation.

One advantage of this design over the foam core one is that it is more durable. On the other hand, it takes up more space if you were to travel with it, and it probably costs a bit more to make, especially if you were to paint it. It also won’t hold the iPad in portrait with the charging cable attached, unless you turn it upside down. One idea I had for this stand was to create another notch on the other end, which could support a tablet at a different viewing angle, so you would have two different choices of viewing angles depending on which direction you turned it. The viewing angle is set by how much you bend the tab that sticks up on top.

I keep this stand on my dresser and use it to hold my iPad for reading while I blow-dry my hair.

How to make an ipad stand

Who says that Apple sell over-priced hardware? They even give you the materials with your iPad to make your very own DIY stand! Indeed, the pressed cardboard shell packaging the device comes incased in can be easily modified with a few simple scissor cuts to serve as an iPad dock. It’s even hollow so as to allow a charging cable to run through and it features a nifty little recycling logo at the front to show off your upcycled work.

I’m not sure if the the more recent iPad models still come with this pressed cardboard packaging as this iPad stand was originally made back in 2010 by Ian Collins. However a growing number of companies are starting to adopt this more environmentally packaging material so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something similar.

How to make an ipad stand

Driftwood Sticks DIY iPad Stand

How to make an ipad stand

Made of 3 sticks of driftwood held together by a few dabs of superglue, this is a relatively simple stand. The only real difficulty was met when trying to arrange these 3 driftwood sticks so that they would both hold an iPad in place and remain upright which is no easy task when dealing with natural, unfinished, and most of all irregular materials. I actually own this iPad stand which was made for me by my girlfriend Malou.

DIY Concrete iPad Stand by CHENG Concrete

How to make an ipad stand

This must be the most high-end looking iPad stand in this list, quite possibly in the world. But making this concrete iPad stand is certainly a more involved DIY project requiring you to make your own mould and cast concrete with an inset glass ledge on which the iPad rests.

The somewhat monolithic shape of the stand was achieved by using a plastic popcorn container which are readily available in the US for $1 but overseas readers might find it hard to locate. Of course pretty much any container can be used though with slight variations then needing to be made for the dimensions of the other components.

Wooden Block $5 iPad Stand

How to make an ipad stand

A super simple iPad stand made out of a single block of wood, it features an angled groove which supports the tablet device and a cut in hole to revise access to the home button. This stripped back minimalist stand has very limited functionality but it might be possible to drill an access channel through which to run a charging cable. It is sold by Dutch designers Martijn Aslander and Simon Blazerhrough their site for the staggering low price of €4 but this Instructables guide also details how you can make your own DIY version.

DIY iPad Stand Made From Lego

How to make an ipad stand

This is of just one possible Lego configuration that can serve as an iPad stand but of course due to the versatility of Lego, there are countless possibilities. The Lego iPad stand as pictured here was created by Jeff Eaton and humorously features a miniature Lego man operating a steering wheel and two rubber wheels to provide a soft but firm contact point with the back of the device.

For all the magic that Apple promised an iPad box would contain, they definitely left out one thing: a stand. Whether you've got five bucks or some ingenuity and free time, here are seven cheap or free iPad stands.

Fellowes Sturdy Stand

The Fellowes Sturdy Stand is meant for newspapers and books, but it also looks like it plays well with the iPad, holding it at a comfortable angle for display or use with a BlueTooth keyboard. Not only is it sturdy enough to keep the iPad upright in both portrait and landscape mode, but it also folds flat for portability, has rubber tipped prongs to prevent scratching and can be used while the iPad is charging. Available on for under five dollars.

Prime time savings
Uncover the latest and greatest bargains from across categories, curated by the Kinja Deals staff.

$0.69 Business Card Holder Stand

Another great office supply that can moonlight as your iPad stand? Andrew DeVigal's $0.69 business card holder . Found by DeVigal at Office Depot, the business card multitasker holds the iPad steadily enough to be used as a display stand, paired with a Bluetooth keyboard for typing. DeVigal also found that the card holder was a good height for propping the iPad up to be used as a keyboard. However, since the surface doesn't have enough traction to hold the iPad in place, you might want to do as he did and place some gaffers tape over the top to help prevent slippage.

DIY Lap Stand

With some hardboard, flannel, elastic, and Velcro, Evil Mad Scientist has come up with a step-by-step guide to making a lap stand that will let you type away on your iPad on your couch with ease, no Steve Jobs-esque leg crossing or awkward curling up required. The lap stand can be set at a couple of varying angles, allowing you to adjust for use either typing or watching a movie.

It can be said with a fair amount of certainty that a large three-ring binder and some rubber bands might be able to serve the same function, but this is nicer to look at, and more fit to the iPad dimensions.

The DIY Wooden Stand

If the idea of repurposing office supplies doesn't sit well with you, web site Lifehacking (sounds familiar) has a solution for you in the form of the €4 iPad Dock . Lifehacking's dock is handcrafted specifically to the iPad's dimension specs from a soft, non-scratching wood β€” an homage to Lifehacking's Dutch roots. Like the Fellowes stand, it won't scratch, and can be used while charging. For a little over five dollars, it's a cheap, iPad-specific stand with basic functionality.

DIY Dock From iPhone 2G Cradle

Reader Cody Agenten saw an iPhone 2G dock. A little work with a Dremel, and he discovered an iPad dock within it. Michelangelo would have been proud. By shaving down the sides of the dock in line with the grooves made for the iPhone, Cody repurposed his iPhone dock into a little number that'll not only work fine as a stand, but will also charge the iPad at the same time, using the same 10-watt AC adapter as the iPhone 2G.

Some caveats from Cody:

It's really important to make sure that you don't make the slope where the iPad rests on the back of the slope too much of an angle. Ideally, the center of mass of the iPad should sit center over the dock. In addition, it may look unstable, but it's surprisingly solid. It probably wouldn't make it through an earthquake, (or your cat jumping on it), but it seems to be okay for at least temporary charging. However, with the 30-pin and an audio pin jack connected in the back, they act as a 'stop' to keep it from falling backwards.

Naturally, you'll need an iPhone dock for this one, but if you've got one lying around (and there's an approximate 66% chance that you do ), it's definitely not a bad idea.