How to tell your crush you like him without words

How To Tell Your Crush You Like Him Without Actually Saying It

There are various ways which you can adopt to tell your crush you like him. Some prefer to express their feelings in words. And there are many others who find it difficult to express their feelings in words. is here to help its readers to express their feelings to their crush without using words. You need to trust us, it is not that difficult to express your feelings to your crush without words. Do you want to know some of the most common ways to say you like him without actually saying it? Keep Scrolling and Keep Reading.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

How To Tell Your Crush You Like Him Without Words

Sometimes actions leave a lasting impression than words. So it is better to express your feelings through actions. Let’s find out.

1 Make an Eye Contact:
This is one of the most common ways which can be adopted to tell you like him. Eye contact does not mean you need to stare him straight. By eye contact we simply mean to look into his eyes when he is looking towards you. One thing you need to keep in mind that you need to make a short eye contact and than break it.

2 All Smiles:
Smile is just one of the ways you can win his heart. Whenever your eyes meet you need to pass a smile to him. You need to leave a hint to him that you like it when he is around. All Smiles is the most common way to tell your crush you like him.

3 Get Close:
You need to talk to him and while talking you need to touch him and get a bit close to him to tell him that you are interested in him.

4 Dress up for Him:
One of the best way to impress him is to dress up the way he likes. All you need to do is to look your best for him.

Thus, following are some of the ways through which you can express your feelings to your crush.

Confessing your feelings to your crush: it ain’t that hard

Want to tell your crush about your feelings for him but not sure? Discover subtle ways to let you crush know that you like him more than as a friend, ways that don’t involve saying “I love you.”

5 Creative & Subtle Ways to Let Your Crush Know that You Like Him

Let’s say that you have been eyeing this cute guy for weeks or months, and each time you see him, you get butterflies in your stomach. Everything seems to go slow-mo when he looks your way. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll break it to you: you definitely got a crush on that person.

While it sounds difficult for you to confess your feelings, there is one thing that makes it all easier― bravery. If you really like him or her, be brave! After all, you’ll never know if your crush likes you back if you do not tell him or her the truth.

If you want to tell your crush how you truly feel, don’t worry because we got your back. We’ve come up with some awesome ways to tell your crush you like him, and some of them don’t even have to be in person (shoutout to introverts, out there).

1. Let Your Crush Know That You Like Him By Writing Him a Love Poem

How to tell your crush you like him without words

One of the most creative ways of telling a crush your true feelings is by writing them a poem. It does not have to be a very long or detailed poem, as long as you sincerely describe how you feel. Also, be careful not to confuse your crush with too many flowery words and metaphors. The last thing you want to do is to make him feel confused after reading your poem. It’s ok to make him feel a little more curious about you though. Not a great poet? No problem, use one of these sweet love poems instead.

2. Write Your Crush a Love Letter to Tell Them That You Like Them

How to tell your crush you like him without words

If you are not comfortable writing a poem, writing a letter might just do the trick for you. While it sounds old school, writing a letter is a very genuine way of confessing your feelings. Our grandmas and grandpas wrote many letters for each other many years ago, and it worked out so well for them. Find out the do’s and don’ts of writing a love letter.

3. Subtle Way to Let Him Know: Entice Him With Food

How to tell your crush you like him without words

As the famous saying goes, “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” So go ahead and use food to seduce and inform him of your intention. Know what your crush’s favorite food is, and give it with a note saying you like him. If you cannot do it face-to-face, you can have the food delivered to his house.

4. For Introverts: Do It Through a Text Message

How to tell your crush you like him without words

It could be really difficult to tell someone how you really feel in person, so telling your crush how much you like him through a text message might be the right way for you. While it might be rude to break up with someone through a text message, please do not feel bad if you decide to confess your feelings through a text message. It could be an advantage because it gives your crush time to think properly, instead of answering you right away. More tips on how to signal I love you through text messages.

5. Invite Your Crush To A Meal

How to tell your crush you like him without words

While this approach might give you goosebumps, it is very effective. There are so many TV shows and movies in which people confess their feelings over dinner or lunch. Plus, if you want to know the reaction of your crush real-time, this is the best way to go.

No matter which way you choose, be brave. Take deep breaths and smile. You can do it!

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Are you messaging a man who you’re desperate to leave an impression on?

Are you looking for ideas of texts to send to drive him wild with desire?

If so, this is the right place. Below, you’ll find a wide range of texting to make a man more interested in you.

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With that said, let’s now explore some ideas to win his interest via text message.

How To Text Your Crush To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Texting is one easy way of communication. It helps people to feel close and express some feelings that you feel difficult to say directly. As we know texting is as easy as just one touch of your finger. It contains some features that can give you some facilities to enjoy the talks. For example, if you want to express your feelings you can use emoticons provided. This feature contains some face or items with various feelings and situation that you can choose.

Besides it also has a feature to capture the moment with the camera and sending a document or sharing location where you are at. Nowadays people use text to talk and it is suitable for any people in business, daily conversation, or even flirting.

Yes, some people also use text to express their feelings when they cannot show it directly to someone they love. If you were shy or not ready to say it, so texting is one way closer to get their love. So this is some explanation on how to make your crush fall in love with you in one touch of your finger:

1. Say Hi

How to make your crush fall in love with you over text? Saying a simple “Hi” will probably open your chance to get your crush. Trying to break an iceberg and you can also continue your conversation with the light topics like get to know how your crush doing. If your crush replied it, it means your crush is welcome to open a conversation to you.

2. Asking About The Day

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Your crush might have the best day in their life or the opposite one. If they have a bad day, you can show your care and attention. Let your crush tell and share about the day and tell yours too. That’s how to make your crush fall in love with you over text.

3. Trying To Have A “WH Question”

You can continue the conversation with some questions you want to ask. Trying not to stop with yes or no question, so you might have a long conversation on your own. Adding some questions relate with their daily routine, such as their hobbies, work, or plans.

4. Giving A Compliment And Care

If you notice that your crush has just done with their new haircut, you can give them a compliment and show them that you like their choice. Nobody dislikes compliments. Let them know that you care to them by asking about their daily routine. Sending them a good morning or good night text is one way to make them know your care.

You can also add some emoticons to express your feelings, for example a kiss face or love struck face. These emoticons represent more about your feelings and it has a lot of meanings that your crush should guess.

5. Giving Or Asking A Favor

You can offer a favor if you know you crush need something. Your crush will thank to you and they know that you can be trusted. Moreover you can also ask a favor to your crush. Do not be shy or hesitate to make them know that you need help. They will think they can be a person to rely on.

It is exciting when you know your crush reply your text back and give a positive respond to you. This sign means you can get to know them more and let the conversation flow naturally. Since texting gives you a comfort way to communicate each other, you can also set another trick to get your crush close to you a little bit more.

This Is Love Tips To Get Your Crush Close To You

But if it cannot give them a sign, do not be sad, you should know some tips that you can try the good way to get their attention. This is how to make your crush fall in love with you over text.

1. Texting In The Right Time

You know some people might get disturb if someone sent a text not in the right time. For example, you text your crush at night when they prepare to sleep or when they have meeting at work. Your text will disturb them and they are not comfortable with you. Give your crush a time to do their daily routines and time for themselves.

2. Giving A Pause After They Reply

How to tell your crush you like him without words

You should know the trick of texting that you give a time for a while after he sends you a text. It will make them curious. You do not reply fast they will think you are busy and it indicates you have quality time with your work or job.

3. Do Not Give Spam Text

If you tried to get your crush attention by text them every day or even every minute, you get it wrong. It is not your way to show that you care to them too. They will think you are doing nothing in life and just bothering your crush time. It is really disturbing if you send spamming text in the middle of his meeting at work though.

4. Do Not Interrogate Your Crush About Their Ex, Friends Or Private Things

Some you think your crush has replied your text it means you already own them, so you have to know all of their activities and get them prisoned by your questions. Just because your crush did not reply your text, you are too suspicious that they are busy with their ex, friends that you do not like or private things. They should think that you are too bossy and give negative effect to them.

They just cannot imagine if they had a relationship with you that have a lot of interrogation. You would be his partner, not a police. In this term, you should give them their own space. If they want to share or tell you about their ex or private story, they would openly talk to you with trust.

5. Be Yourself

Those tips are useless for you if you forget to be your own self. The pure communication is from heart to heart. So just be yourself and let your crush know your best quality and personality. Be confident!

Just reminding you that this explanation is nothing without your effort. You should make decisions and show your true feelings. In fact, besides texting you also can have quality time with your crush by meeting up in person. Effort can deny the result. Good luck!


Be honest but dont make it long like you have a creapy thing for them let hi know how you fell though. Ovesly if hes your freind he cares and if you like him go for it dont live with regrets or what ifs!

How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them Without Making Things Weird

Drop A Few Hints. .

Give Yourself a Deadline. .

Make It Easy for Them. .

But Also Make Sure You’re Comfortable. .

Consider How You Would Feel If You Didn’t Tell Them. .

Look At The Big Picture. .

How to tell your crush you like him without words

dude FaceTime call her and be like yo i’ve liked you for a while now and I really just wanna know cuz I’m in love with you and should like me or not you could either stop talking to me or do whatever you want because I don’t dictate that but should you give me a chance I don’t think you would regret it and thats something only I can show you

you can say. you are best, you are cute and that’s why you like him.

Drop A Few Hints. .

Give Yourself a Deadline. .

Make It Easy for Them. .

But Also Make Sure You’re Comfortable. .

Consider How You Would Feel If You Didn’t Tell Them. .

Look At The Big Picture. .

honestly do whatever makes you happy just be prepared for whatever might happen and dont get your feelings hurt !

honestly just tell them , the worst they can say is no . and you dont for sure know they dont like you back , i was best friends with someone for 3 years and they just told me they had a crush on me the enitre time . i usually can tell but it wasnt even noticeable . hope this encourages you to tell them !! 🙂

i dont know. i ruin every relationship i get. wrong person to ask lol

Having a crush can be more than a little nerve-racking. You get butterflies in your stomach whenever you see him, you never know what to say and you have no clue what he thinks about you.

If you have gotten to the texting stage, good for you, but that’s not all it takes. You will have to find ways to make him really like you and think of you often, especially before bed.

To do this you will need to know how to send goodnight texts to a crush.

So how exactly do you send goodnight texts to a crush? Keep reading to find out!

When You Know He Likes You Back

If you are absolutely sure he likes you back, these goodnight texts to a crush will surely have him thinking of you before bedtime :

01 Goodnight to my favorite person in the world.

If you already know he likes you back, there’s no reason to be shy or hold back. This will let him know that he is number one right now, and he will feel good about this.

02 Let’s video chat before we fall asleep. It’ll be like you’re right here with me.

If the conversation is going great and neither of you wants it to end, this is a great way to keep it flowing and make him feel closer to you.

03 I’m falling asleep. Just know I’m thinking of you.

Something as simple as this can mean the world to your crush. Letting him know that he is on your mind says a lot.

04 Make sure you call me when you wake up. Your voice is the first thing I wanna hear, goodnight.

This is a perfect goodnight text to let him know you want him to be the first part of your day and you want to talk when you wake up, just to say good morning.

05 Goodnight handsome, I’ll dream of you.

This will definitely get your crush smiling and simply means that he is important to you and you want him to know it. If you are already sure he likes you this will come across as playfully suggestive.

06 I’d do anything just to be able to fall asleep beside you right now.

This is a bold statement, letting him know you feel like he is boyfriend material. Make sure you are on the same page before sending this one.

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30 Best Flirty Texts for Him to Start a Conversation

07 You’re the last thing I think about before I go to bed, and the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning.

Sure, you may have heard this one before in a movie, but when said at the right time it will have your crush thinking about you all night and when he wakes up. He’ll love it because it says you like him a lot.

08 I’m falling asleep right now but I really wish it could be in your arms.

This is one of the more intimate goodnight texts to a crush that will surely have him smiling.

09 I hope I make a cameo in your dream tonight.

This goodnight text is a little flirty, but not too much. He’ll know for sure you are interested in more than a friendship.

10 I like where this is headed. Let’s pick up again tomorrow.

This is one of the goodnight texts to a crush that is perfect for after a phone call, when you’ve both admitted your feelings to each other. It lets him know you want to see where this goes.

11 I’ve had a crush on you for as long as I can remember. Knowing you feel the same makes me sleep better.

After he tells you he likes you, you want to end the night on a high note, without being creepy. This is one way to do it.

We talked to a dating expert so you didn’t have to.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

How to tell your crush you like him without words

You can’t stop thinking about them, you blush every time they talk to you, you’re fantasizing about your future together. what you have here is a crush. Once you’ve admitted to that, your next step is to tell them how you feel. Telling someone you like them can sound like a daunting experience, and TBH, it is not easy.

That’s why Seventeen spoke with Maria Sullivan, dating expert and vice president of, for advice on how to tell someone you like them in the least awkward way possible. Here are her best tips to make this confession as painless as possible. And hey, maybe the next time you’ll be back here will be for first date ideas!

Drop A Few Hints

If you’re feeling extra nervous about revealing your feelings, try hinting at your crush and see how they respond. Make eye contact, tease them playfully, or send a flirty text. “It can help diffuse any associated pressure and motivate your crush to consider a relationship with you,” says Sullivan.

Give Yourself a Deadline

Hold yourself accountable, Sullivan says. And setting a deadline for yourself to talk to your crush will do just that. Sometimes, your nerves can get the best of you and you might push it off for way too long. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to pick a date on your calendar and set that personal deadline. The longer you wait, the more time you give yourself to completely overthink the situation and make things even more awks!

Be Confident

This one is obviously easier said than done, but confidence and clarity will make a complete difference in your convo with your crush. “No one is born an expert at this,” Sullivan says. “Even the most seasoned daters have to brace themselves for the potential of rejection.”

Make It Easy for Them

Keep in mind that although you want to hope for the best, it’s possible that your crush might not reciprocate your feelings. TBH, rejection sucks, but it’s also a risk that comes with being vulnerable. So when you’re sharing your feelings, make sure that you don’t make them feel like they have to respond.

“Be mindful that the person you are telling has an obligation to their own feelings,” says Sullivan. “Set up the conversation in a way where he or she knows they have the choice to do what’s right for them as well.”

But Also Make Sure You’re Comfortable

You’re probably too busy thinking about how you don’t want to make them feel weird, but it’s super important that you’re comfortable, too. And if texting is comfortable for you, do that! You might think texting something so personal is thoughtless or weird, but Sullivan actually thinks sending a text is totally fine.

“Declaring your feelings via text can remove any immediate shock from the situation, making it easier for the recipient to provide a meaningful response,” she says. “There is no single right way to go about telling someone how you feel and nothing should be ruled out.”

Consider How You Would Feel If You Didn’t Tell Them

Sullivan refers to this tactic as testing the “do nothing” scenario to evaluate if you should even confess your crush. Consider how you’d feel if your crush moved away and never find out how you felt about them, Sullivan says. “Does the missed opportunity upset you? If so, you are likely already too invested not to find out what could be.” Remember that doing nothing could lead to even more regret!

Look At The Big Picture

The thought of your crush admitting they don’t feel the same way about you can feel AWFUL. But also remember that it is not the end of the world if you face rejection or indifference — life will go on. “Try to see the big picture and scale the problem down to actual size,” Sullivan says.

You have your BFFs, family, dog, cat. so many companions to love and be loved by. On to the next!

Stay Positive

While it’s important to consider the realistic possibilities, you should also keep a positive outlook. Your crush could totally reciprocate and you could live happily ever after (OK, probably not, but it could happen!).

If you don’t feel super confident, fake it! Smile, stay calm, and say everything you need to say. “Whether you make the move online or offline, smiling can trick your brain into lowering your heart rate, reducing stress, and boosting your mood,” says Sullivan.

There are so many different ways to let the guy you like know it. How you should tell him depends on a lot of different things.

In this article, I’ll try to give you the best male advice that I can to make sure that you don’t come across as desperate and that the message isn’t too direct, but is just obvious enough for him to understand.

How well do you already know each other?

Essential to letting him know you’re really interested is understanding how comfortable he already feels with you. If you barely know him at all, there are plenty of relatively easy ways to subtly let him know.

If subtly doesn’t quite do it, you could also be direct and if he isn’t interested, there’s nothing lost. If you’ve known him for many years, a very subtle approach is recommended.

Taking a long-time friendship to the next level

How to tell your crush you like him without words

This is a very risky thing to do if you truly value his friendship. Things happen and people can’t help the way they feel, but it’s also possible that your romantic feelings will wither over time if you choose to hold back for the sake of saving the friendship.

Speaking from my own personal experience, I have yet to have a friendship with a girl that didn’t result in one person liking the other at some point in the relationship, or things sparking up mutually, even if only briefly.

These sexual or romantic flare ups have the potential to make the friendship awkward and ruin it altogether. Over time, I’ve been able to salvage certain friendships, but the vast majority have followed the same pattern of just becoming awkward and eventually ending after things turned sexual or romantic.

If you’re certain that you want this with him, then try to figure out if he already notices the change in the way you look at him or the way you behave around him. In other words, if you guys are really close already or happen to spend a lot of time in each other’s presence, he might already know what you want.

The question is, will he make a move or not, and if so, when? If he is planning on it, it might take a rather long time for him to decide and accept that he really wants that kind of relationship with you too. Even if he is really into you too, he might feel pretty weird about it still, so just be patient.

If you want to make a move yourself, start flirting with him when you hang out, even if other people are there. However you might like to do that is fine as long as you do it enough for him to get the picture.

Since you’ve known him for a while already, don’t be shy. Jumping on his back or anything involving a lot of physical touching is fine.

If he reacts by looking a bit weirded out by the flirting, don’t worry. He might need some time to think about it. If you make a direct move, it’s almost like giving him an ultimatum.

If he has any sort of experience in this situation, then he’ll know that the casual friendship between you two is no longer casual whether he wants to act on that or not. The knowledge of that might give him some incentive and speed up his decision making.

How to tell your crush you like him when you don’t know him well

If you are familiar with each other but maybe have never hung out or even texted before, contacting him through social media is a great way to show strong interest. In person, strong eye contact should be enough to let him know that you like him, if you can gain his attention.

A good way to get him to notice you and make the message clear is to comment on and like his pics. If you’ve done this already and he hasn’t contacted you, you can message him directly.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

It’s probably best to come up with a question for him related to school, work, travel, or something that would otherwise warrant a PM. After he answers your question or if he’s really slow to respond, you can send him another message to start a normal conversation.

You messaging him first is already a pretty strong signal, but you could always bring the conversation around to whether he’s still dating so and so and what happened or something like that. That’s guaranteed to let him know you’re interested in being with him unless he’s totally oblivious.

If he doesn’t react to this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he isn’t interested. You might need to wait until the next time you see him in person to really win his attention.

The fact that you’re that interested in him already has him curious about you. The next time you meet will be a great opportunity for you to get closer to him. If he acts shy or looks busy, don’t be afraid to call out his name to get him to come talk to you.

If you have no idea when or where you’ll see him again, you can start asking him about his plans for the weekend and stuff like that. Asking him if he wants to hang out is obviously very direct, so it’s up to you whether or not you feel comfortable with that.

Ideally, he’ll have caught on by then and will ask you at a time when he doesn’t have plans. If he keeps texting you back throughout all of this, that’s a great sign.

How to tell your crush you like him when he has no idea who you are

How to tell your crush you like him without words

You’ll can do pretty much the same process described above once he becomes familiar with you, but until then, you need to find a way to let him know who you are. Once again, social media is an excellent way to establish contact with him.

Follow him on Instagram, add him on Facebook or Snapchat, or all three. He’ll look through your profile and gain some kind of familiarity with you. Once that happens, you can message him and initiate a conversation.

How to tell your crush you like him, flat out

How to tell your crush you like him without words

If your goal is to actually have a sit-down talk with him and verbally tell him how you feel, I don’t recommend it. Putting him on the spot forces him to give you some form of an answer right away.

If he’s not sure yet, it could be no. On the upside, it could be yes, but if he really isn’t ready and isn’t sure, he almost surely won’t go full force with it and you could end up feeling disappointed by him being so unsure. Manage your expectations and most of all be patient.

If you absolutely must say it to him directly and won’t be swayed not to but aren’t sure how to word it, just say it straight up, “I like you.” That is all you will need to say.

Wait for the right moment, or at least a comfortable moment in between conversation and then just let it out. Saying more than that is unnecessary unless he starts talking about it too.

However you decide to tell your crush the way you feel, whether directly or indirectly, just remember to be yourself. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but there’s a good reason you’ve heard it so many times.

If he doesn’t reciprocate your romantic interest, don’t despair. You’ll have plenty of time and opportunities to change his mind. If it’s meant to be then eventually he’ll give you a chance.

We’ve all been there: you’re crazy about a certain guy, but you’re too shy to tell him how you feel. Women aren’t used to approaching men to ask them out, so even though it would be easier to just spit out the words, you don’t have to do it if it makes you too uncomfortable. Instead, you can give him subtle signs that you’re interested.

Of course, men aren’t always the most perceptive creatures, which means that your subtle signs can’t be too small. If they are, then he’ll never have any idea of how you’re feeling. Here are a few ways to show him that you like him that shouldn’t make you blush too much:

1. Ask Him Out

How to tell your crush you like him without words

You don’t have to make it obvious that your outing will be a date. You don’t even have to be the one asking if he’s free. All you have to do is hint that you’d like to go somewhere with him. If you’ve been dying to see a new movie, mention it to him and say that none of your other friends will take you. If he likes you back, he’ll volunteer to go with you, no matter how corny or girly the film is.

2. Compliment Him

Give him compliments whenever you can, but don’t go overboard. If he picks up a heavy box for you, comment on his strength. If he changed his style of facial hair, comment on how stylish he looks. Just don’t randomly comment on how he’s the most gorgeous guy you’ve ever seen. If you say that out of nowhere, he could get scared off.

3. Touch Him

You don’t want to do anything that would make him feel uncomfortable, which is why small, subtle touches are better than obvious ones. When he tells a joke, touch his thigh as you laugh. When he has a piece of fuzz on his shoulder, remove it for him and dust him off. If you have a secret to tell, lean in close and whisper it to him.

4. Make Eyes at Him

How to tell your crush you like him without words

One look can speak one thousand words. When you’re in the middle of a conversation, make sure that you’re looking directly at him. It can be hard to do so without blushing, but you’ll get the hang of it. You want him to be able to see just how enthralled you are in what he’s saying. It’s the easiest way to let him know you’re interested.

5. Flirt with Him

You have permission to get a little flirty. What’s the easiest way to do this? Pretend you’re a little kid on a playground. Tease him whenever he says something silly and have playful arguments with him. It sounds childish, but it’s actually one of the best ways to flirt.

6. Don’t Mention Other Men to Him

Okay, you’re actually allowed to mention other men as long as you do so in a certain way. Don’t point out every hot guy that walks past or gush about your celebrity crush. If you’re going to mention another man, talk about one who asked you out that you decided to turn down. That way, it’ll remind him that you’re available. Plus, he’ll probably ask why you turned him down and you can claim that you prefer funny men or intelligent men—name whatever trait that he has so that he gets the hint that you want someone just like him!

7. Add Him on Social Media

It sounds silly to show him you like him through social media, but the Internet is such a huge part of our modern lives. If he posts an attractive picture on Instagram, make sure to like it. If he asks all of his ‘friends’ for movie suggestions, be the one to answer him. As long as you don’t reply two seconds after he posts, you won’t look like a stalker. You’ll just seem reliable.

8. Make Him a Meal

How to tell your crush you like him without words

When his birthday rolls around, bake him some brownies or cookies. Everybody loves to eat, so it’ll be impossible for him to ignore a woman who is willing to cook for him. Even if the gesture doesn’t make him realize that you’re interested in him, it should make him suddenly develop an interest in you. Hey, whatever works!

9. Show Him How You Compare

You’re always told that you shouldn’t compare yourself to other women, but here’s one occasion where it’s okay. If he complains about how his ex cheated on him, tell him that you don’t understand how anyone could hurt such a great guy like him. Make sure to mention that you’d never treat him like that if you were lucky enough to date him. It’s sure to open his eyes and get him to finally ask you out.

In using any or all of these ways to show him that you like HIM, don’t forget to show him (and the rest of the world) how much you like YOURSELF. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who radiates confidence and likes herself just for being who she is, imperfections and all.

No matter how many signals you give your crush, he still might be oblivious to how you feel. Why? Because he doesn’t believe that a wonderful girl like you could ever like a guy like him! That’s why, sometimes, you just have to be blunt and tell him how it is. Good luck!