How to use an epilator

How to use an epilator

Before starting with the topic of today, let’s first tell you what an epilator is and how it works. An epilator is a device that comes with a roller, and that roller has some different types of tweezers on it that help you remove the extra hair from your body . It is one of the most useful devices for every woman out there, and the best part is that it doesn’t even hurt when your hair is being pulled off your body.

Now, if you are looking for the best epilator then before everything you need to identify your needs first because ever epilator comes with different features and accessories. Some can be used under the water, some are cordless, and some come with cords so yes, it all falls back to your needs and what you like the most.

Here are a few things you must know and consider before opting for the best epilator out there :

How to use an epilator

1-Wet or Dry Option

Epilators usually work the best when the skin is dry, but now technology has given us an epilator that actually can work underwater too. A lot of famous brands like Barun, Panasonic and Emjoi, etc make both wet and dry epilators so yes, it’s easily available and it all depends on how you like it. The good thing to know is that both the types are waterproof and shockproof too especially if you are opting for an electric one. All the epilators come with proper guards and safety features that shut off the device whenever it’s plugged into the wall. While trying epilation, you can use foot spas for relaxation. Here you can read the reviews of foot spas. Hope everything goes well .

2-Corded or Battery Operated

The battery operated ones are cheaper as compared to the corded ones, but once the battery runs out, you will then have to replace it in order to use the epilator again. However, if you are someone who has to use an epilator every now and then, then you can opt for the corded one or in other words the rechargeable one. Another great thing is that the corded ones are more powerful than the cordless ones because the cordless ones tend to lose their power with the passage of time and this is not the case with the corded ones, and they can work for you for a longer time.

You can search for the best epilator for women on the internet yet you will first have to know your needs and requirements. It is just so much you need to consider before buying an epilator and if you don’t want to waste your money, then you better first jot down what you need. As far as the tweezers in an epilator are concerned, you can get one with a single tweezer and then there are brands like the Emjoi Emagine that have 72 tweezers. Now, we all know the fact that epilating can take a lot of time of yours so it’s better to get yourself an epilator that comes with more tweezers as this will result in quick epilation. Just make sure that whatever you are buying, the epilator works well when it comes to pulling off and cleaning the hair from your body.

These are a few things you should know before choosing an epilator for yourself. So, make sure to use the tips and suggestions we gave you above, we assure you that by following the article, you will end up with a great epilator.

Hair removal is no joke. We’re sure you’re right there with us when we say that the constant upkeep that comes with hair removal can be quite the drag. From shaving to waxing to permanent hair removal methods, you likely know there’s more than one option to say au revoir to unwanted fuzz. But have you ever considered epilation? If you’re sick of having to reach for a razor every day, using an epilator every two to four weeks may pique your interest. What’s the catch to opting to epilate? Is there such a thing as a facial epilator? Below, we’re sharing everything you need to know about epilators, from what they are to how to use one to remove pesky hairs.


First thing’s first—what exactly is an epilator? Picture an electric razor with a rotating head containing a bunch of tiny tweezers—anywhere from 20 to 40. When used, these tweezers pull multiple hairs out from the root at once. Since the hair is pulled from the root, like with waxing, you’re left with hair-free skin that feels smoother and lasts longer. Yeah, we know—it sounds too good to be true! There are epilators for wet and dry use, depending on your preference, and a range of sizes depending on your needs—ranging from smaller sizes for a facial epilator and larger sizes for body hair removal.


Of course, there are pros and cons to any hair removal method. Let’s go over a few…

Epilation Pro #1: No nicks. Those pesky cuts and razor bumps you get from shaving? No need to worry about them! Since an epilator pulls hair directly from the root, you won’t have to worry about any unflattering nicks that frequently occur when shaving.

Epilation Pro #2: You’ll have better results. Depending on the individual, the results from using an epilator typically last between two and four weeks, like we mentioned above. This is way longer than shaving, which can feel like it needs to be done daily during the summer months. Moreover, since you’re pulling the hair from the root, it’ll grow back thinner and less frequently as you continue to epilate. Aside from the longevity of your hair-free self, you’ll also be left with smoother skin than when shaving since shaving simply cuts the hair at the surface, whereas epilation—like waxing—pulls the hair from the root itself. But, unlike waxing, you don’t have to wait for your hair to get long before going through the hair removal process again, as epilators can work with much less hair.

Epilation Pro #3: It’s cheaper. Think about it: How much money do you spend constantly buying new razors or heading to the salon for a wax? While an epilator device may be pricey at first, it will quickly pay for itself when you consider the aforementioned costs that add up over time.

Epilation Con #1: It hurts. While epilation may seem too good to be true, we do have one big con to throw into the mix: It hurts! Unfortunately, epilation certainly isn’t a pain-free hair removal method. Just think about tweezing—but fast and with multiple tweezers at a time. Not exactly peachy, right? But, as with waxing, the more frequently you do it, the more you’ll get accustomed to the pain. Plus, you know what they say: beauty is pain!


Now that you know more about what epilators are and how they work, you may be wondering how to epilate yourself. Follow the steps below to learn how to use an epilator.


As with shaving, start by exfoliating with a body scrub in the shower. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells and allow you to get a smoother result after hair removal.


If you’re using a wet epilator, skip this step and jump straight to epilating in the shower! If you’re using a dry epilator, prep the space you plan to epilate by laying out a towel. We recommend doing so on your bed and popping on your favorite TV show to make the process more enjoyable! If you’re using a face epilator, you can do so over your bathroom sink.


Grab your epilator and get to it! Start little by little, making sure to pull your skin taught to minimize pain. Feel free the take your time with this process and take breaks as needed.


After you’ve finished epilating, moisturize your skin to soothe and encourage softness that’ll complement your smooth skin. That’s it!

How to use an epilator

If you want the silky-smooth finish of shaving, without the mess of depilatory creams, or the long growth-requirement of waxing, then you are in the right place. The answer to your prayers is an epilator, and that silky-smooth finish we mentioned? It can even last for up to 6 weeks!

Epilating is easy to get the hang of, but there is a knack to it. We are going to talk you through how to use your epilator, so you get the best results and get the most out of it. In no time at all, this handy little device is going to be your new best friend!

Table Of Contents

1. Choosing Your Epilator

Epilators can range in price between $30 and $300, depending on the quality you choose, and they certainly were not created equal! Higher quality products have more tweezers, can catch hold of shorter hairs and have more attachments for either using on different areas of your body or for helping you get a better finish on your epilating.

If you are new to epilating, it is a good idea to choose a “wet and dry” epilator, which you can use in the shower. This will mean that the warm water relaxes you and opens your pores, meaning you feel less discomfort and can get used to the sensation. It is also a bit more convenient because the hairs just get washed down the drain – you don’t need to sit on a towel while you epilate or vacuum them up after!

If you would like more information on choosing the right epilator for you, take a look at our reviews of different epilators for body and facial epilators. We certainly recommend paying a bit more to get the quality. The body epilator we loved most was the Braun Silk Épil 9 which catches 0.5mm length hairs, gives you a shaver for more sensitive areas and even gives you a set of exfoliation brushes to prevent ingrown hairs!

Once you have your new epilator, don’t forget to put it on charge!

2. Plan Ahead

Especially if you are new to epilating, you don’t want to be doing it in a hurry! You want to set aside a time when you are not feeling rushed and can take breaks if the sensations get a little much for you. It takes longer than shaving does, but after a few goes, you will find that you speed up. Even when you are a seasoned pro, you may get little red dots on your skin for a few hours after you epilate, which is natural and harmless, but not ideal for an event!

Top Tip: Try and do in the evening – it tends to hurt less and you can let the redness go down overnight. Also, it is a good idea not to epilate while you are on your period as you are likely to feel more sensitive to the pain.

3. Preparing Your Skin

Before you begin epilating it is a good idea to exfoliate. This will remove dead skin from the surface and reduce the chance of you getting ingrown hairs. We recommend a hypoallergenic option like St Ives, which is free of oils, sulfates and parabens, and the exfoliants are natural.

How to use an epilator

If you choose a corded or non-waterproof epilator, then you will need to make sure your skin is thoroughly dry. To help the hairs stand up, dry your skin in the opposite direction of the way the hair grows. Some women also pat on some baby powder, which dries the skin off thoroughly and can make the hairs more visible, but be careful not to clog your epilator!

On the other hand, if you have a “wet and dry” epilator, you obviously don’t need to have dry skin, but it is always best to have clean skin. This is not just because it is more hygienic, but also because moisturizers, lotions and body butter can make the hairs oil and harder to catch hold of with the epilating tweezers.

So, you have finally decided that you’ll stop thinking about epilator vs waxing and start epilating instead. But the question arises – how to use an epilator? This post will provide a solution to your problem along with a bonus section on how to reduce epilator pain.

Buy a good epilator first; one that perfectly suits your needs. Epilators are a one-time investment and it pays to get slightly better quality epilator. That being said, epilators are available at a wide range of prices, and there’s one to fit every budget.

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So let’s get started on our quest to learn how to use an epilator properly.


Before you learn how to epilate, let’s first know more about the types of epilator that are available in the market.

Epilators come in two types – wet and dry. Dry epilators can only be used on dry skin whereas wet epilators can be used to remove hair in a shower as well as on dry skin.

People usually prefer wet epilators as using them on wet skin reduces pain, but dry epilators are less messy. Beginners are usually advised to use wet epilators due to the reduced pain associated with them.


Many of us reading this post are first time epilator users. Hence, the following tips on how to prepare your skin before epilating will ensure a smooth hair removal experience-

  • Schedule – Choose a specific day for your epilation. Epilating usually takes longer than shaving, and it is recommended to do it at night. This is because epilating can cause redness of the skin, and epilating overnight will make sure that the redness of the skin will be gone by the time you wake up in the morning.
  • Shave – Shave 2 days prior to epilating. Epilating shorter hair is much more comfortable.
  • Exfoliate – Exfoliate the day before you epilate. Exfoliating is very important because it prevents the formation of ingrown hairs. You can use a body scrub to exfoliate. Some epilators also come equipped with an exfoliation brush.
  • Shower– Take a warm shower prior to epilating. This will moisturize the hair, which will ensure a better epilating experience.
  • Numbing Cream – If you are apprehensive about the pain, use a numbing cream or take an Advil 30 minutes prior to epilating as mentioned above. Rest assured, the pain does reduce after a few sessions of epilating.


Once you are done with preparing your skin for epilation, follow these steps on how to use an epilator properly-

  • Charge – Make sure the epilator has enough charge before starting if it is a battery powered version. Running out of power during a session is not preferable.
  • Hold your skin tight – Holding your skin tight with one hand and moving the epilator slowly against the grain of the hair, i.e., against the direction in which the hair is growing is the best way to ensure proper removal of fine and short hair in one go.
  • Hold the device 90 degrees to your skin – Now let’s start the process! Turn on the epilator and hold it at a right angle to your skin. Hold the epilator lightly against the skin. You don’t have to press it down too hard. The tweezers inside the epilator will pull the hair out.
  • Start with the easily accessible areas – Start with an easy area and gradually move in towards the areas with thicker density of hair. Always epilate in patches rather than the whole leg or arm at a time. This way, the skin gets slowly used to the sensation of the hair being plucked out and all you feel are slight pin-pricks.
  • Adjust speed – Epilators usually have different speed settings, and it is recommended to set it at the lowest setting for the first time. Keeping it at the lowest setting reduces the pain caused, as well as gives you the best results in the least number of tries, which in turn reduces the number of times you have to use the epilator over the same spot. It also helps in pulling out the hair along with the root, instead of just breaking them.


Now that you have learnt how to use an epilator, it is equally important to learn how to clean your epilator and maintain it. If you do not know how to clean your epilator properly, it may affect the life and performance of your hair removal device. Follow these steps to properly clean your epilator.

  • Turn off your epilator and unplug it. Remove all it’s attachments.
  • Dust off the loose hairs from all the epilator parts with a small soft brush (often included with the epilator). Unclogging the epilator prolongs its life and helps giving you a better experience many times over.
  • Rinse the epilator with water if it’s a wet epilator, or else use rubbing alcohol and brush for dry epilator.
  • Wipe it with rubbing alcohol to disinfect it.
  • Make sure that the device dries itself completely before your next use.


As important it is to learn how to use an epilator, one should also remember to take proper care of the skin after epilation. After using the epilator on the skin, the skin might turn red or small bumps might appear.

Keep in mind that this is normal and the skin returns back to its original self after a few hours. Due to this reason, it is advisable to epilate during the night as the redness/bumps will subside till the morning. Pluck out any odd remaining hairs with a tweezer, clean the area, and use a moisturizer, preferably one that contains glycolic acid, as the skin is very sensitive after epilation and requires a little extra care.


After the first time you epilate, you may want to occasionally check the areas for new hair growth. In fact, the most important part of learning how to use epilator properly is to develop a routine that matches with the time your hair takes to grow back.

You may have to use the epilator one to two times a week. But after some time, along with your body getting used to epilation, the hair growth reduces, and the need for epilation reduces to once every two weeks, which is a much better option than waxing or shaving!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our post on epilator tips and how to use an epilator. We wish you the very best for your epilating sessions. Let us know about your experiences with using an epilator.

Have you ever heard of an epilator? Do you know what it is? Do you know how to use an epilator?

An epilator is a method for hair removal. Similar to wax, an epilator removes hair from the root. Except instead of using wax strips, the device plucks individual hairs as you pass over parts of your body.

Because you’re removing hairs from the root, your results are going to last longer than shaving. Results can last between 3-4 weeks! But because you’re removing hair right from the root, it’s going to hurt a bit.

We’re friends, right? I’ll admit, I do like plucking hairs out of my legs occasionally when I find ingrowns. It’s oddly satisfying. So buying an epilator was intriguing to me. I was also starting to think more about summer and wearing my bathing suits, and cringed at the thought of my razor-bump bikini line.

After I shave my legs, if I so much as think I could be cold, it’s goosebump city and I immediately have prickly legs.

I did some research, and ended up buying the Braun Silk-epil 9 SensoSmart Epilator. I have this one because it can be used wet or dry, which is a big positive for me.

Before I get into how to use an epilator, I’m going to tell you, this will hurt. I won’t sugarcoat it and say you won’t feel much, because you will. You might even hate me a little bit after you try it, but after you get through it the first time, it gets better.

How to use an epilator

How to use it –

A couple days before epilating for the first time, shave all the areas you plan on treating. You don’t want the hairs too short, because the epilator won’t catch them. But if your hair is too long it won’t grab as easily, and might hurt even more.

The day of, prep your skin and exfoliate so there aren’t any ingrown hairs.

If you want to take an Advil or Tylenol beforehand, or use numbing cream, do this about 20-30 minutes before your treatment.

I like to epilate in the shower, so my pores are opened up, and the hair will come out easier. I’ve also turned up the hot water while epilating, so maybe I won’t know the difference between the hot water and the epilator. Ha!

Pull your skin taught as you epilate, to help ensure the epilator can grab every last hair.

Go against the direction of hair growth – and this changes on your legs so make sure you’re paying attention!

I thought removing the hair on my thighs wasn’t painful at all until I realized what direction the hair was actually growing in.

After using, make sure you clean out your epilator thoroughly with water and rubbing alcohol. Get all the hairs out of there!

Things to know –

The thicker and darker your hair is, the more it’s probably going to hurt when it comes out. For me, my underarm hair hurts more than my leg hair.

When cleaning out your epilator, you’ll see how big the roots of some of your hairs are, and it’ll make sense why it stung a little bit.

Places you can epilate – legs, underarms, arms, face if you’re super careful and using a special attachment, and your bikini line. Don’t go any farther than your bikini line! This isn’t meant to be like a full wax!

Your skin isn’t going to be silky smooth after epilating, like it would be if you waxed or shaved. I’ve personally never gotten waxed (I’m a big wuss), so I don’t know the feeling of having super smooth legs for a long period of time. I’ve been pretty loyal to shaving, and the smooth feeling never lasts long.

How to use an epilator

For me, I’m totally ok with my legs being a little bit picky if it means I don’t have to worry about wearing shorts or a dress without having time to shave.

The first time is going to hurt, but it does get better. The more often you epilate, the less hairs you’ll have to pull out at any given time. I tend to epilate every couple days and/or when I take showers just to keep up my results.

What I Love the Most

Personally, my favorite thing about using this epilator has to be my armpits. I have dark hair, and no matter what I did, the area would never really be smooth, or look nice. I know no one looks at my armpits, and 2021 me doesn’t really care like 2000’s me did.

However, and this is going to sound so weird, but I’ve never been happier with how my underarms look. They’re smooth – there’s no stubble, no armpit 5 o’clock shadow, nothing. I’m thrilled, which means it really is the little things as you get older.

How to Care for Your Skin

After you epilate, you’re pulling out hairs from the root, and essentially creating teeny-tiny open pores. So be careful with what you put on after you epilate.

Don’t use anything with fragrance or anything that isn’t non-comedogenic. I try to avoid things like deodorant the day after a big epilation session on my under arms.

How to use an epilator

If you’re more susceptible to infection, try using witch hazel on the epilated areas daily to keep them clean.

Your skin may have a reaction after epilating, which is normal and will subside. Reactions can range from red bumps, to some bleeding, or a histamine reaction like hives.

Numbing Cream

Another option to try to reduce pain from epilation is to try numbing cream. You can find them on Amazon for not a lot of money, like Ebanel topical numbing cream.

Apply a generous amount to the areas you plan on epilating, and wait at least 20 minutes for it to be effective.

You will still feel some pain, but depending on how well your body reacts to the lidocaine, it should be less pain than you’d feel without it!

Now that you know how to use an epilator, are you going to give it a try?

Now that you’ve got smooth legs, make sure you put on some shorts and show them off!

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How to use an epilatorIf you are here, you are probably learning about epilators and want to know how to deal with them. You’ve most likely heard about the great smooth and shiny skin results that these gadgets bring out. They are quite handy in day-to-day life after all. There are a few good reasons for it. One of them being the fact that they are easy to carry around. In addition, they don’t cause as much mess as perhaps waxing does. You can save a lot of time and get better results in the end. Let’s learn how to use an epilator properly.

Short Summary

  • Exfoliate skin
  • Have a warm shower
  • Taunt your skin
  • Keep epilator at a right angle
  • Epilate against hair growth direction
  • Use lower setting
  • Take your time

Here are The Tips On How to Use an Epilator

The steps are simple. After all, epilators are supposed to be easy to use!

Tip 1 – Exfoliate Your Skin

Both manual and chemical exfoliation does wonders to your skin as it removes dead unwanted cells that cause ingrown hair. It’s magical in a sense! It’s important to exfoliate skin regularly, especially before epilation so that an epilator has a means of accessing even the shortest hair and so that you don’t need to worry about red bumps that hide ingrown hair. At the end of the day, we epilate so we have shiny and smooth skin and not red bumps all over it.

Tip 2 – Shower Before Using an Epilator

Having a warm shower can make you feel fresh, relaxed and simply happy. It is also a means of removing dead cells. Moreover, warm water and steam opens up your pores. Therefore, an epilator can reach near the hair roots and pull them out swiftly. That ensures that the procedure will be less painful, more enjoyable and the end result will not involve any red bumps. So don’t forget such a simple thing as showering and you’ll be set!

Tip 3 – Taunt Your Skin When Epilating

Taunting skin when you are epilating helps with pain, because your skin feels a little bit more numb. However, that’s not the only advantage of it. Keeping the skin that way ensures that epilator will only grip on hair and not your skin. If it accidentally grips on your skin, it can be very very painful! Ouch! The consequence of that could be broken skin and perhaps even blood. We don’t want that. And we don’t want bad memories that would haunt us for the rest of our lives. Ha ha! That’s a bit dramatic, we know. It’s very important to realise that a small thing like that can improve epilation procedure a lot.

Tip 4 – Keep Your Epilator At a 90% Angle

All of the epilator manuals will say that. Keeping an epilator at a right angle ensures that the surface of the device touching the skin is at its highest. That improves the rate at which hair are pulled out. Consequently, it will be so much easier to epilate your body and endure the pain. The faster you can finish with the procedure, the less painful the experience will be. Simple as that.

Tip 5 – Epilate Against the Direction of Hair Growth

If you have been waxing before, you probably know this rule. Epilators work pretty much the same way in that sense. What you need to do is turn on the epilator, put it on your skin and start moving against the direction hair grows. In that way, you hair then stand up letting tweezers to catch them. The result – pulled out hair. Epilation will not work well for you if you ignore this rule. So please don’t!

Tip 6 – Start With a Lower Setting

So many of the epilators that you will find have a slower speed option. We advice you to always start with a lower setting no matter how experienced you are. Simply increase the speed once your skin adjusts to the sudden change in its environment. However, don’t get too comfortable with the lower setting. Why so? It’s because faster speed improves the comfort once you’re used to it and works more efficiently.

Tip 7 – Take Your Time

If you are just starting out with this new method, you should take this tip seriously. It’s very important to give yourself time and to stop whenever it feels like you cannot take it anymore. It’s completely normal! Epilation is the kind of procedure that gets better with time. Therefore, be patient and smile even if you are unlucky the first time. There is going to be a second time, a third one and nth one! If you are unsuccessful the first time, take a couple of minutes and try again. It could take longer and it’s totally fine. Patience is everything!

How to Use Epilator On Legs

It turns out that the most popular part that we use an epilator on is legs. Therefore, all of the tips mentioned above apply when it comes to epilating your legs since the skin area is flat and easy to reach.

How to Use Epilator On Face

Epilators are not so popular with face epilation. However, they are slowly getting more and more popular amongst ladies who want to get rid of facial hair. First of all, there are different types of epilators – electric ones and manual ones. Electric ones work similarly on face like on other parts. However, the manual ones are different. Since they have a spring coil and two handles, you need to bend the spring coil and move handles. Angle doesn’t matter as long as you move the device over the skin. You will feel if it catches a hair or two.

We hope you found this article helpful. You should know have an idea on how to use an epilator. Have we missed out on something? We are still learning, you know. Or perhaps you have a few more questions? How about a quick comment below or a message? We are here to write you back and hopefully make your day a bit better.

How to use an epilatorI have tried to put together some, hopefully, useful tips that may help you reduce pain when using and after using your epilator. These are tips that I use myself and others that I have found in various magazines or while searching the net. This is by no means a definitive list. If you have any tips of your own or any useful advice you would like to pass on, then please feel free to leave a comment below.

How To Use Epilator Without Pain

Do Not Epilate Long Hairs
The best tip I can give is you must NOT epilate hair that is too long. PLEASE shave or wax your hair, then wait until the hair has grown to the shortest possible length, that is recommended by your epilator manufacturer, before epilating. If you do not follow this advice, you will probably never epilate again.

Just Before Start Do Not Use Any Cream
DO NOT use any creams or products just before you start. They will coat your hair and prevent the epilator from grabbing the hairs efficiently. This will result in the hairs being snapped off rather than being pulled from the root. The result: fewer hairs being removed and your skin feeling like a grizzly bear.

Take A Bath or Shower
TAKING a bath or shower will also help to remove any oils on your skin leaving your hair and skin clean and dry before epilating. If you have a wet & dry Epilator then epilating in the bath or while taking a shower could help you relax, this is especially beneficial for those of you who are new to epilating.

Do Not Use Talcum Powder
Do try using some talcum powder on your skin before epilating. Some women find this helps the epilator glide over the skin more smoothly.

Use Hands To Stretch The Skin
TRY using your free hand to stretch the skin; this will help the epilator to grab more of the hairs. This will also prevent any folds of loose skin from being nipped. This tip comes into play when you are doing your underarms where the folds of skin are much looser.

Use Pain Killer
Worried about the pain? TRY taking a painkiller an hour or so before you begin. Some of you may like to have a drink or two. If you do then make sure you don’t have one too many. You don’t want to epilate somewhere you shouldn’t.

Rub Your Skin
TRY rubbing your hands across the area of skin you intend to epilate this may help to lift your hair slightly, which will make it easier to remove the hair.

Avoid Force or Pressure
DO NOT apply too much pressure while epilating. The technique of pulling your skin tight with one hand and letting the epilator glide over your skin does work.

Do Not Hurry
Do NOT RUSH. Take your time. Set aside an hour or so when no one will disturb you.

Just because the manual tells you to epilate in a certain way does not mean you have to do it that way. Try moving the epilator in different directions. Take it as slow as you like. Try doing it standing up laying down or with your feet in the air. I leave the position up to you, whatever feels right for you.

Epilate Early
TRY to epilate a least 24 hours before you intend to show off your silky smooth legs. Some women may suffer from a rash or small red spots, so using your epilator the night before you go out may be a wise move.

Exfoliate Your Skin
It is very IMPORTANT to exfoliate your skin after you have used your epilator. This will help keep your skin in great condition and help prevent any in growing hairs. Always use a good quality Moisturiser after removing your hair.

Clean Your Epilator
DON’T FORGET to clean your epilator after every use. This can help reduce spots and is especially important if you suffer from sensitive skin.

Using Epilator For The First Time?

It happens time and time again. You get the epilator home, open the box, and start using your new epilator to shave your underarms or legs without any preparation. Please don’t do this. You will end up running around your room swearing like a trooper with tears in your eyes.

This may sound like nagging, but please read the instructions that came with your epilator before you do anything else. Often these instructions contain a wealth of information on the right and wrong ways to use your epilator.

Get to know your epilator before you use it; find out the most comfortable/best way to hold it.

Make sure you know exactly where the off button is. This may sound silly and patronising, but you would be amazed at the number of people who confused the off switch with the speed switch on their first try.

Can it be used in water?
If it can, and you are new to epilating then what better way to try out your first epilating experience than in a nice warm bath. Take a look at our wet & dry epilator page.

Does it have any speed settings?
If so, It would probably be best to start with the slowest speed possible and only when you are feeling more confident move up to the faster speed.

Did it come with any accessories?
If so, take time to find out what each one is used for and the correct way to use them.

For example, the Braun Silk-Epil comes complete with a starter head that is intended to be used the first few times you use your epilator. This attachment has narrowed the epilating head so restricting the number of tweezers that can grab the hair. This results in fewer hairs being removed at each pass, therefore helping to cause less discomfort.

If your epilator comes with an ice pack or pre-epilating wipes, then don’t forget to try using them. Although they will not make epilating painless (wishful thinking) some women do find them beneficial.

It is advisable to either shave or has the area of skin you intend to epilate waxed first. Then let the hairs re-grow just long enough for the epilator to be able to remove them.

At first, try using the epilator on a small patch of skin that will not be on a show such as your thigh or the top of your arm. After 24 hours examine the area for any red marks or bumps. If all is O.K, you should be fine to epilate the rest of your body. If not then proceed with caution. You could have sensitive skin and may not be suited to epilating.

Think about the most relaxing place to start epilating. This may be laying on your bed, relaxing in the bath,(if your model of epilator can work in water) or just sitting in a comfortable chair. It may also help to play your favourite CD, to calm those pre-epilating nerves.

Also, please re-read epilator tips shared above. These have been gathered through personal experience and by talking to other people who have used epilators for many years.

Epilators really can be a great form of hair removal and unlike shaving the results can last for weeks. So don’t be afraid to give them a go. If you follow your manufactures instructions and the advice on this site it really can help to make your first epilating experience a far easier than it may otherwise have been.

Epilator how to use correctly, how to prepare your skin for an epilator, and tips for things to do after using an epilator if you are a newbie to epilators.

The epilator is really easy to use and it gives you results that last for longer lengths of time compared to shaving. Unlike shaving, epilation removes the hairs from the hair follicles under the skin, providing you weeks of smooth touch. Choosing the right epilator will help you get smooth silky skin for weeks. This guide is about how to use the epilator at home for beginners and experts too!

Table Of Contents

But first, you should know how does an epilator work?

The epilator has many rotating discs. The discs grip the hairs and remove the hair follicle from the roots under the skin. It works the same as waxing except epilating is less painful and easier to use. Most epilators today have at least 40 tweezers that grab the hairs of the skin. The wider the epilator head, the more area it covers. Epilation removes shorter hair than waxing. You don’t have to wait until the hair is long. The modern epilator can remove hairs as tiny as 0.5 mm. Many women who used epilators found a gradual hair reduction. Within time the hair is finer and fewer than before compared to shaving.

How To Use an Epilator?

This guide will help you understand how to use the epilator while being comfortable at home:

Choose The Right Epilator

Make sure that your epilator is of good quality to get the results you deserve. Also, some epilators are for dry epilation only while others can be used wet & dry. It is totally up to you. Personally, I epilate only on dry skin, and for the areas, I can’t epilate I use other hair removal methods. I like Braun Silk Epil 9 because it has all the features I need to epilate. From exfoliators to trimmers and epilators. It is a great device to add to your skincare routine.

Epilate At Night

You should be comfortable during epilating. That’s why epilating at night is better and less painful. You should put enough time to epilate in your skincare routine. If you are a newbie to the epilator, it might take longer than you expect. Take it slowly to get the best results. Blocking enough time will help you epilate correctly without pain.

Prepare Your Skin First

Take a warm bath to relax and calm before using your device. Exfoliate using the exfoliator head, exfoliation cream, or scrub to prevent ingrown hairs. The Braun Silk Epil 9 has an exfoliating head. It gives you 4 times better results than using a skin scrub.

Start Using Your Epilator

Once your skin is dry and product-free, you are ready to use your device. Put the epilator at a 90-degree angle on the area you want to epilate. Turn on the device and move it slowly on the skin. Don’t press it too hard against the skin. Do it slowly and correctly. If you felt pain, you can take a rest and continue again after a small break. The first time you use an epilator is the worst because the hair is probably thick if you used to shave. Within time, your epilation session would be pain-free.

Hold the epilator steady. Don’t stress yourself and try to practice using your device. It takes around 15 seconds for epilating the ankle to knee. Don’t move the device too fast as might cause breaking of the hairs which will make the epilation harder. Run the device in the other direction of hair growth. For legs, run it upward against your skin. Do short strokes to get smooth skin touch. And if you are going to epilate underwater, you can add a little shower gel to make the epilator run smoother.

Moisturize Your Skin

After you finish your session, apply a soft moisturizer. Avoid sticky oils as they might cause a clog of the hair follicles. Many women suffer from skin redness after epilation. Don’t worry, as such side effects usually disappear within days. If you find your skin is still red for longer than 2 days, you should visit your doctor.

If you are more interested in Braun models, I recommend reading Braun Silk Epil guides:

Tips For Using An Epilator For The First Time

I think I mentioned everything that would help you when it comes to using the epilator at home. But here are the top tips you should know:

  • Choose a wet & dry epilator – this way you have more flexibility for choosing the way you epilate unwanted hair. Wet epilation hurts less. Besides, cleaning the epilator with water is easier and faster.
  • The epilator must have a light lamp – the new models have a smart LED light. You can use it to epilate unwanted hair while seeing every hair strand. Without the light, it would be harder to remove hairs separately and you might hurt your skin.
  • Epilate warm – warm water opens up the pores and your skin is more relaxed. Also, your skin is less sensitive to pain while it is warm. You might need a longer time to remove wet hairs but it is less painful. I consider it a better way for beginners.
  • Know your cycle – it differs from one woman to another. Some people are more sensitive to pain during certain days of their periods. Most women feel pain during their menstrual bleeding days. So, try to figure out the days you are often less sensitive to pain and use your epilator during them.

You can also check my guide about how to make epilator less hurt. I’m sure you will find many secrets you don’t know about epilators.


You now know the ins and outs of epilator: how to use and how to prepare your skin before using your favorite epilator. There are many benefits of using an epilator. It doesn’t cause prickly stubble hair like shaving and it is not painful like waxing. You will enjoy smooth skin for weeks after spending 15-45 minutes epilating your skin.