How to write a message on a cake

How to write a message on a cake

One of the most difficult skills to learn in cake decorating is how to write on a cake. It is easy to ruin a gorgeous cake or cupcakes with sloppy or badly aligned letters. In order to become a competent cake writer, you must mimic the lessons you did as a child when learning to write your ABCs. Trace letters with a full piping bag again and again on parchment taped over different alphabet primers. This will help you gauge the correct flow, pressure, and angle needed for perfectly formed letters.

Learning to Write on a Cake

A person who has lovely handwriting is not guaranteed a similarly attractive piped icing look so it is imperative to practice, practice and more practice until your lettering is consistently perfect. You might find that certain alphabet styles work better for you so try many “fonts” to pinpoint your best-looking letters. After you master that style of writing you can branch off into other styles of writing. Different icing types can also affect your skill at piping letters because you could get better results depending on the texture and flow of icing. Write with melted chocolate, buttercream, royal icing, and gels to discover what you like best.

One foolproof method of putting messages on cakes without risking your perfectly iced surface is to make a plaque out of gum paste, pastillage or fondant and simply write on that instead of directly on the cake. If you make a mistake you can wipe off or scrape off the letters and start over. When the letters are perfect you place the plaque on the cake and decorate around it with the rest of your design.

If you simply cannot get the writing to look good enough and your time is limited you can always use cut out letters from rolled fondant or candy molds filled with pressed fondant in letter shapes to spell out your message.

How to write a message on a cake

Birthdays and cakes go hand in hand. And if your birthday cake has been sent by someone special, you family or your friend, as a surprise then it makes it more special. If you have also received a present like this then saying thank you for the surprise birthday cake is a must. If you are clueless what to write in this thank you message then these thank you for the surprise quotes will be of great help. With these unexpected birthday surprise quotes, you can share messages on Facebook and Whatsapp.

We have come up with a collection of birthday thank you messages for surprise cake. Awesome thank you notes for this sweet gesture are perfect to share.

1. When you are in no mood to buy yourself a cake on your own birthday and then it arrives at your doorstep, sent by someone special…… It makes your day more memorable…. Thank you so very much for the surprise birthday cake. I simply loved it.

2. My birthday afternoon was transformed from a boring one to a happy one just because of you…. I have no words to thank you for sending me the best surprise ever…. This was so unexpected and also extremely delicious. Thanks tons.

3. When I was missing you the most, suddenly there was a door bell and a surprise box was waiting for me….. A custom made surprise cake just for me….. Thank you my sweetest friend for making this day a sweet memory with this lovely surprise.

4. It feels great to know that someone thinks so much about you, to make your birthday more special by sending a surprise gift in the most loved flavor….. I cannot tell you how happy I am to receive this thoughtful surprise from you….. Thank you my love.

5. You are the one who knows how to make me feel happy and loved….. Thank you for sending me such a beautiful cake and compensating for your absence in the best way possible…. I loved this surprise and I wish you were here to cut it with me…. Thanks baby.

6. There is no fun ordering a cake for yourself on your birthday, especially when you are blessed with the best of the friends who send a personalized surprise cake to bring a smile on your face…. Thanks a lot guys, it was very sweet and very much unexpected.

7. It is just not easy to get made a designer cake…. Only the person who truly loves you can put in so much of efforts and time to have is made just for you….. Your surprise cake is not just a cake but the sweetest way to tell me what I mean to you….. Thank you much my love.

8. You are the sweetest person I have known ever and you have sent me the sweetest surprise cake on my birthday….. I appreciate your gesture and I want to thank you for making my birthday so special.

9. It was such a beautiful moment when I received your surprise cake at my work…. No one has ever been so pampered…. It turned out to be a good treat for all my colleagues…. Thank you for such a lovely and thoughtful surprise.

10. It is hard to believe that despite not being in the city, you got this beautiful cake custom made from my favorite bakery and had it delivered sharp at 12…. You have no idea how happy I am and how lucky I feel to have you in my life….. Thanks a lot.

11. Not everyone has the skill to plan a surprise like you…. Receiving this delicious surprise cake on my birthday was the most beautiful moment of the day for me…. I have no words to thank you more…. I am feeling so happy and so loved.

12. Surprise cake on the birthday is the most beautiful way to express your feelings to someone…. I never knew I meant so much to you…. I want to thank you for this amazing surprise cake that you had sent me…. It was so unexpected and so thoughtful.

13. I feel extremely fortunate to have you in my life because no one has ever surprised me with a birthday cake like that…. It was the best cake of my life and this memory will always be very special and close to me….. Thank you for the lovely surprise cake my dear.

14. When I found out that you have sent me a surprise cake I was amazed because it was totally unexpected….. This has been the most special surprise ever and I am extremely thankful to you for making my day a more beautiful one.

15. I did not order any cake for myself this time and when this surprise cake arrived at my door, tears came down rolling because you made such a sweet gesture just for me…. I want to thank you for this will all my heart.

How to write a message on a cake

If someone in your life has a birthday coming up, you may be thinking about getting them a cake to celebrate their special day. Whether you bake it yourself or buy it from a store, birthday cakes are a universal symbol of birthday celebrations. If you are looking to personalize your cake but can’t afford (or don’t know how to make) crazy fondant decorations or the like, have no fear! Putting a birthday message on the cake will personalize the sweet treat and let the person know you really had them in mind. But just what do you write on a birthday cake?

First, you should take into account the size of your cake. Some messages will simply be too long to fit on a smaller cake and some may look better on a regular sheet cake than a circular cake. Also keep in mind the person who the message is for when writing it. If you’re writing a birthday message for a little boy, for instance, he might not be a fan of pink writing! If you’re still not quite sure what to write on the birthday cake, we’ve compiled a list of birthday messages that would be perfect to decorate their desert. Although they are split into categories, you can always mix and match to create the perfect birthday wishes!

For a Younger Relative:

Whether this birthday cake will be gifted to your child, a little sibling, or another younger relative, you’ll want to have a sweet but age appropriate birthday message. If you’re adding this message to a standard sheet cake, some stars or hearts bordering the message might add a fun touch your younger relative will appreciate.

  • Enjoy your day Big Boy/Girl! Happy Birthday!
  • It’s your big Birthday Day! Celebrate!
  • Happy Birthday to my Birthday Star!
  • You are the Sweetest Birthday Girl/Boy!
  • You are the Coolest Birthday Girl/Boy!
  • A Sweet Treat for a Sweet Birthday!
  • A very happy Birthday to you!
  • XOXO, Happy Birthday!
  • Have a Wonderful Birthday, Wonder Child!
  • Happy Birthday to our Shining Star!

For an Older Relative:

Older relatives may better appreciate a joke or other teasing message than a child might! If this cake is going to a parent or grandparent, you may want to personalize the message more than you would for a cousin or an aunt.

  • Congrats on getting old! Happy Birthday!
  • Another year older, another year wiser. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the Best Dad/Mom/Grandma/Grandpa ever!
  • Don’t forget to celebrate, because it’s your Birthday!
  • Happy, Happy Birthday from all of us to you!
  • Don’t forget to make a Birthday wish when you blow out the candles!
  • There is not enough space to describe how wonderful it is to celebrate your Birthday today!
  • Life may be hard, but birthdays are good. So Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the best apple on the family tree!
  • We wish you a Happy Birthday and a whole bunch of cake!

For a Romantic Partner:

Gifting the person you love a birthday cake is not only a sweet gesture, it might gain you some brownie points for your next date night! Feel free to include any pet names you might call your partner in the message as well.

  • Happy Birthday to the cutest Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Wife/Husband ever!
  • Another year I get to spend with you! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! I love you!
  • Today is about you (for once)! Happy Birthday!
  • I love you more this year than last! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Darling, I am glad to celebrate together!
  • You’re super cool and it’s super cool it’s your birthday!
  • This cake is not nearly as sweet as you, Birthday Babe!
  • Happy Birthday, love of my life!
  • To my Mr. Right/Mrs. Right: Happy Birthday!

For a Friend:

What’s the point of friendship if you can’t poke a bit of fun at each others’ age when birthdays roll around? another suggestion for a birthday cake message: include an inside joke only the two of your or your friend group will appreciate!

  • Happy Birthday to the best of friends!
  • For always being there for me: Happy Birthday!
  • Congrats on making it another year!
  • Don’t let your age get your down… It’s hard to get back up! Happy Birthday!
  • Tell your parents ‘Thanks’, Birthday Boy/Girl!
  • You can’t get older without me!
  • Holy crap, you’re old BFF! Happy Birthday nonetheless!
  • Happy Birthday to my favorite friend! (Don’t tell the others)
  • Happy Birthday Old Man/Woman!
  • Friends Forever… or at least so far! Happy Birthday!

For a Coworker:

Birthday cakes for coworkers are likely to be shared in the break room, so make sure that your message is appropriate for the workplace. You can also swap out ‘coworker’ for ‘boss’ if the person receiving the cake is in a higher position than you.

  • Happy Birthday to an amazing coworker!
  • Have some Birthday Cake and get back to work!
  • Best Birthday Wishes to the best coworker here!
  • Happy birthday to a coworker who gave us a great excuse to eat cake!
  • This Birthday Cake is for the Best Coworker ever!
  • Happy Birthday to the office’s Favorite Employee!
  • May this year be as successful as this cake is delicious!
  • Happy Birthday to the best coffee break buddy!
  • Happy Birthday to someone who is more than a coworker: You’re also a great friend!
  • Time to take a well-earned break and grab a slice of cake! Happy Birthday!

While these suggestions are a great place to start, the best birthday cake message is one that you’ve personalized for the recipient. If you’re gifting a themed cake, you could also craft a message to go with the theme of the cake (for instance, if you are gifting your best friend a birthday cake themed around the TV show “Friends”, your cake’s message could be a play on one of the episode titles). We hope that one of these messages is perfect for your birthday cake. Remember: birthdays are a great occasion to celebrate with the important people in your life, so don’t get too caught up on what to write on the cake that you forget to enjoy the day and make some great memories!

After all that work of baking, filling, frosting, stacking and decorating your cake, you have come down to the last task: writing on the cake.

We understand that it can seem terrifying, but don’t worry, we’re here to help calm your nerves with a few tips and tricks!

How to write a message on a cakeHydrangea Birthday Cake via Craftsy member Tilly 89

1. Write first

How to write a message on a cake

It is really tempting to save the writing until the very end, but it is best to write the message before decorating the top of the cake. This way, if you make a mistake while piping, you can easily fix it without ruining the rest of the decorations.

2. Fonts

How to write a message on a cake

One of the best ways to practice is to print out your message in the font and size you would like to copy. Place the paper under a sheet of parchment paper and start piping. Writing in cursive can be the easiest way to pipe words, but piping block letters can be done as well.

3. Check your spacing

How to write a message on a cake

A great way to practice is on a parchment circle the size of your cake. This will help you better envision the spacing of the lettering and the decorations. Plan ahead so you know where you want to place everything.

4. Piping tips

How to write a message on a cake

The size of your piping tip can make or break the final look and feel of the cake. In the image above I piped the exact same phrase in a Wilton #3 tip (left) and a Wilton #2 tip (right). I find the wording on the right much more elegant and the wording using the #3 tip to be bulky. Neither one is wrong, but be careful that your piping does not detract from the design of your cake.

5. Freehand writing

Once you have practiced your font, it’s time to write on the cake. I like to imagine the cake cut into four pieces with straight vertical and horizontal lines. If you need to center your letters, start by counting the number of letters and spaces in your phrase, like so:

Happy: 5 letters

Birthday: 8 letters

This means that the first “p” in Happy is the center letter for that word and that the “t” and “h” split the center in Birthday. When writing in print, I write the center letters first.

How to write a message on a cake

Then finish the end of the words, starting at the top.

How to write a message on a cake

Then write the letters going left of the center letter. (So for Happy, I write in order “p,p,y,a,H”)

How to write a message on a cake

This technique will help make sure that all letters are evenly spaced and centered.

How to write a message on a cake

6. Transferring the image

There are many ideas out there about how to transfer your lettering onto your cake so that you can trace the letters rather than free-handing it.

I have tried many of these techniques, such as poking holes around the letters or running a toothpick along the letters to leave small indentations as a template. I have even heard of piping your words backward on parchment paper then flipping it over and lightly pressing it onto the cake to leave a slight template to pipe over.

I have not been successful with these methods, but others may find that they work.

Wilton carries a set of letters that can be combined and pressed into fondant or buttercream as a template for piping, or they can be left as indentations in the fondant.

7. Practice, practice, practice

You may have beautiful penmanship on paper but it may not reflect in your piping. Practicing first is very important. Even professionals spend time practicing before each cake. It is difficult to get your spacing and letter size all in a straight line the first time, so be sure to give yourself some time and practice.

What is your favorite technique for writing on cake?

To learn more about piping with buttercream, check out the online class Piping Buttercream Borders with Roland Winbeckler.

Or if you’re just starting out, learn all about the basics of working with buttercream in The Wilton Method: Buttercream Skills with Beth Somers.

How to write a message on a cake

How to write a message on a cake

How to write a message on a cake


  • Buttercream Frosting


  • Round Cake Decorating Tip 2


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Fit the decorating bag with tip 2 and fill ? full with thin consistency icing. Holding decorating bag at a 45? angle, lightly touch tip to surface and squeeze steadily.

Glide tip along surface. Remember to keep your wrist straight, moving your entire forearm as a single unit.

Stop squeezing, pull tip away. After you begin to master the curves and swings of the letters, lift the tip up slightly as you write. You’ll find you have more control if you let the icing drop to the surface as you write

How to write a message on a cake

Figuring out what to write on a retirement cake isn’t easy. Retirement is a big moment in person’s life, and the top of a cake is a small space on which to commemorate it. Given the challenge before you, you might even be tempted to go with “Happy Retirement,” and leave it at that.

Resist that urge. Coming up with a clever retirement cake message requires a little extra work, but it’s small touches like this that make a retirement party extra special. Besides, we’ve put together the following list of retirement cake sayings, so you really have no excuse to take the lazy route. Use these wording ideas as-is, or as inspiration for your own personalized inscription.

How to write a message on a cake

Simple and Sincere

Here are some straightforward wording ideas for a retirement cake. Some are on the formal side and thus more appropriate for a workplace event, while others are more casual.

  • On to New Adventures
  • Now the Real Fun Begins
  • Having Fun is Your New Job
  • Retirement is the Icing on the Cake
  • You Will be Missed
  • Best Wishes For a Happy Retirement
  • The Adventure Begins
  • Retirement is Sweet
  • [Name], You Take the Cake!
  • Thanks For the Memories
  • You Made It!
  • The Best is Yet to Come
  • And… You’re Off!
  • The Future Is Yours
  • Lazy Days Ahead
  • Thanks For Your Years of Service
  • Off the Clock… For Good
  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
  • The Rest of Your Life
    Is the Best of Your Life
  • One Chapter Ends…
    Another Begins
  • We Miss You Already
  • Life Starts at Retirement
  • [Name] is Outta Here!
  • Wishing You All the Best, [Name]
  • Enjoy Your Retirement
    You’ve Earned It!
  • So Much Fun is Coming Your Way
  • Newly Retired
    Ever Admired
    Congrats, [Name]!

For more heartfelt wording ideas, see this list of famous farewell quotes.


Funny retirement cake sayings are always a big hit (though not always appropriate for a workplace event). Here are some humorous options.

  • Unemployed and Loving It
  • Take Us With You!
  • Goodbye Tension
    Hello Pension
  • Retirement is a Piece of Cake
  • Showering is Now Optional
    (But Still Recommended)
  • Piece at Last
  • Happy Retirement… You Old Fart
  • PTO = Permanent Time Off
  • Enjoy the Shit Out of Your Retirement
  • Goodbyes Are Hard So… GTFO
  • Who Needs Weekends? You’re Retired!
  • Now You Can Sleep In
  • We Will Miss Your Bad Jokes
  • Eat Up, [Name]
    You’re on a Fixed Income Now
  • Work is Gonna Suck Without You
  • Now You Have No Excuse Not to Work Out
  • Enjoy Those 7-Day Weekends
  • Now is When You’re SUPPOSED to be Lazy
  • Who Will Bring Us Donuts Now?
  • Congrats on Your Escape
  • Rock Those Sweatpants
    You’re Retired!
  • Your Last Office Party Evah
  • There’s a Park Bench With Your Name on It
  • You’re Retiring? No Fair!
  • Work is For Chumps

Still searching for the perfect funny saying? Look for more inspiration in this list of hilarious retirement messages.

For Teachers

Here are some short sayings to put on a cake for a retiring teacher.

  • School’s Out Forever
  • Thanks For Making a Difference
  • Effort: A+
    Kindness: A+
    Compassion: A+
  • You’ve Graded Your Last Paper!
  • Assignment: Relaxation

For Nurses

Finally, here are some cake messages for a retiring nurse.

  • RN
    Retirement’s Nice
  • [Number] Years of Compassion
  • Rx Many Years of Relaxation
  • ER
    Enjoy Retirement
  • Your Shift is Over. Congratulations!

Need some invitation wording ideas to go with your retirement cake sayings? You’re in luck – we have an article for that, too.

More Wording Ideas

New in Events

How to write a message on a cake

Vow Renewal Invitation Wording: Ideas and Examples

Invite friends and family to watch you say I do (again).

How to write a message on a cake

Sayings on farewell cakes generally are short, pertinent messages such as “We’ll Miss You,” “Bon Voyage,” “Good Luck,” “Farewell” and “All the Best.” When writing messages on cakes, it is important to take into account the size of the lettering and how much room is on the writing surface.

Generally, a farewell message on a cake implies that the honoree is leaving for an extended period of time or permanently. Therefore, it is important to use the correct phrasing to mark the formality of the situation. Parting phrases can encompass a wide scope of formal and informal, cultural, situational and interpersonal contexts. The type of relationship significantly moderates what kind of farewell is used. Informal or slang farewells are typically used in jocular situations; phrases in English such as “break a leg,” “keep on trucking” and “check you later” are examples of informal slang phrases.

Often, farewells from other languages are modified to become slang phrases in English. The French phrase “à tout à l’heure,” translated as “see you later,” is deliberately incorrectly translated into the English phrase “toodle-oo” or “toodles.” Other common non-English language partings used worldwide include the Italian phrase “ciao,” the French “au revoir,” the Hawaiian “aloha” and the Spanish “adios.”

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How to write a message on a cake

Take a tip from fortune cookies by creating your own messages, and hiding them in cupcake batter to bake up an unusual treat. Using special paper and ink, your carefully crafted missives will survive intact, and can be used with any cupcake recipe or box cake mix. Press the papers into the batter for a message that will both surprise and delight.

Step 1

Cut parchment paper with scissors into small strips to match the number of cupcakes you plan to bake.

Step 2

Use a pen to write a message on each strip of paper, allowing the ink on the messages to dry thoroughly. Use nontoxic edible ink to write messages, available from crafts stores, instead of permanent markers or regular pens. Run a finger across the surface to make sure the ink doesn’t smear.

Step 3

Fold the parchment strips in half. Make sure the message is on the inside of the fold to prevent any ink from bleeding into the batter or any possible smearing of the ink.

Step 4

Prepare the cupcake batter according to your recipe. Preheat the oven as specified.

Step 5

Place one cupcake liner in each space in the muffin pan. Fill each liner with batter only halfway up the sides.

Step 6

Press one folded message into the batter in the center of of each cupcake liner. If needed, use a toothpick to push it deeper into the batter so it can’t be seen.

Step 7

Add more batter to each cupcake liner, but only to two-thirds full, to allow room for the batter to rise.

Step 8

Bake and cool the cupcakes as directed by the recipe or cake mix, and frost as desired.