How to book a flight

When it comes to airfare and travel, finding the best deal can be a real hassle. With so many airlines, travel sites and booking options, finding the best flight for your budget can feel like a needle in a haystack. Either you find the right flight but wait too long to book it and prices shoot up, or prices seem to mysteriously drop whenever you’re not on your computer. Before you hop on a Delta (DAL) – Get Report or JetBlue (JBLU) – Get Report flight, make sure you’re actually booking the flight at the cheapest time.

So, what is the best day to book a flight?

TheStreet asked experts to weigh in on the best day, time and season to book a flight for a vacation or business trip.

What is the Best Day of the Week to Book a Flight?

For a long time, airfare sites and consumers alike have thought of Tuesday as being the cheapest day of the week to book a flight. But recent research and data suggest something different. According to Patrick Surry, Chief Data Scientist at Hopper, an airfare forecasting site, the best day of the week to book a flight is actually Thursday.

“Thursdays are the best days to book both international and domestic flights, as it’s the day when most markets (e.g. JFK-SFO; SJC-LAX; BOS-LHR; etc.) have discounted prices,” Surry told TheStreet in a note. “Thursdays have a domestic potential savings of 3.4% or about $10, and an international potential savings of 3.5% or about $25, if we’re approaching the problem from a full-day perspective.”

Sites like Hopper or Expedia (EXPE) – Get Report use data to get you the best deal. And, according to Surry, this scientific process helps you keep track of when certain flights drop in price.

“Use an app like Hopper, which uses trillions of data points to tell you exactly when to book for the best deals,” Surry says. “The app will watch your specific trip and send you a notification when the price drops to its lowest predicted point.”

“As a general guide, if you’re traveling to a traditional business destination (i.e. New York, Washington, D.C.), try to book at least three months in advance. If your trip is taking you somewhere that’s more traditionally leisure-focused (i.e. Hawaii, Cancun), try to book at least one month in advance to make sure you don’t overpay,” Surry said.

However, experts from Expedia told TheStreet that getting the cheapest flights may be more dependent on the day of departure – not the day you book.

“For our 2018 Air Travel Outlook report we analyzed flight data and found that Thursdays and Fridays are the cheapest days to depart on a trip,” Christie Hudson from Expedia told TheStreet in a note.

When booking flights, be sure to check prices for both the day of your departure and the day you’re booking to find the best deal. Additionally, Expedia recommends choosing red-eye or non-direct flights to save money, since they aren’t as in-demand as direct flights.

Are Prices Cheaper on Tuesdays?

For a while, research showed that Tuesdays may have been the cheapest day to book a flight. But recent data has dispelled this myth.

“It used to be travelers could find the best airfare prices on Tuesdays,” Hudson says, “but as airlines have transitioned to using computers to determine pricing based on demand, it’s no longer as easy to pinpoint a specific date or time to buy.”

“Our research shows that it’s less about which day of the week you book, and more about which day you start your trip,” Hudson said.

Still, despite the best day usually being Thursday to book domestic and international flights, Surry of Hopper asserts that specific hours on Tuesday may actually be cheaper for certain flights.

“The best hour to book domestic flights, however, is Tuesdays at midnight (6% potential savings, or an average of $18),” Surry said.

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So while the best day to snag cheap flights to domestic and international locations is generally Thursday, make sure to check out your options at midnight on Tuesdays to compare.

Best Day to Book Domestic and International Flights

When it comes to flying domestically or internationally, experts seem to disagree slightly on the best day to book.

For Expedia experts, both domestic and international flights diverged from Hopper’s.

“Whether you’re booking a domestic or international flight, our research shows Sundays are the cheapest day to book,” Expedia claims.

However, according to recent data analysis for 2018, Surry claims something different. When actually departing (putting in your departure date), the Hopper data scientist claims Wednesdays might be more cost effective.

“This year, for example, much of Europe has gone on sale for the fall, with round-trip prices from the US dropping as much as 47% from peak travel in June and July,” Surry told TheStreet. “In general, the best day to depart, for both domestic and international trips, is Wednesday. For domestic flights you’re looking at an average savings of $40, and for international flights an average savings of $60.”

But, Hopper said that return flights from domestic trips are the cheapest on Tuesdays, with an average savings of $45, while returning from international trips on a Wednesday can save you up to $60.

Both Hopper and Expedia agree that you should generally book flights one to three months in advance to ensure the biggest savings (and peace of mind) – and maybe even sooner during prime holiday months like June or July.

Tips on When to Fly

To get the best prices for airfare, the time of year you choose to book or fly is a crucial aspect of the process, according to experts.

“Seasonality definitely impacts pricing. Traveling during the peak times such as summer and over the holidays is generally going to cost more than during shoulder or off seasons,” Expedia told TheStreet. “For US travelers, February is the cheapest month for international fares and December is the most expensive. September showed the cheapest domestic fares, and June the most expensive.”

Additionally, Expedia claims that the airfare industry has finally caught the sale bug of the retail industry, now offering cheaper flights on Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well.

But, what about ways to save on traveling aside from just the day or time of year?

“Another way to save on travel is by bundling. One of the most underrated and misunderstood ways to save on travel is by booking your flight and hotel, or car rental and hotel, at the same time. You can save an average of up to $600 just by doing this. This is because airlines and hotels are willing to offer deeper discounts to package travelers who are less likely to cancel their trips than others, and tend to stay in-destination longer,” according to Expedia.

Still, Surry claims customers want a “golden rule” for finding cheap flights – which, he says, doesn’t exist. Instead, he recommends using a tool or app like Hopper to notify you when the best time to buy your particular flight is – saving you not only money, but time.

Cheapest Travel Booking Sites

But, aside from Hopper and Expedia, what are other sites that could help you easily and cheaply book flights?

How to book a flight

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It’s a question everyone wishes they knew the answer to — when is the best time to book a flight? And unfortunately, there’s no right answer… In short, in depends.

But there are some general trends to understand in order to find the lowest fares. The advice differs whether you’re planning a domestic or international trip, as well as whether you’re trying to find an award seat. And there are some things to pay attention to in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, so let’s dive right in.

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How far in advance should you book domestic flights?

The general advice is to book domestic flights between one and four months in advance. Even though airline schedules are posted a year or so in advance, there’s no reason to jump the gun and get your tickets locked in so far in advance.

For one, airlines typically only release more expensive fares when the schedule opens, hoping that they can convince some eager travelers to lock in flights at higher fares.

Furthermore, airline tickets have strict expiration policies — they typically expire within a year of when they’re issued. This poses a problem for those who book far in advance, but then need to reschedule or cancel their flights later on. They’ll only be able to reuse the value of their ticket within the validity period, which may be just a few days after their originally scheduled flight.

Lastly, as much as we want to plan a year in advance, we frankly don’t know what’ll happen down the line (just look at the how the world’s been upended by the coronavirus outbreak). By booking closer to your departure date, you’re buying yourself some insurance in the form of greater clarity for your upcoming schedule. (And if you’re looking for real insurance, we’ve got a guide to the top travel insurance providers).

So why not wait until just a few days before your flight to book? Because airline fares are guided by specific fare buckets that are only available at certain preset dates before your flight. Only the most expensive fare classes (Y, B and M) are typically left a day or two before departure. The cheaper fares are reserved for purchases made at least 21 days before your flight.

The only real exception to this advice is peak holiday periods. If you need to fly on the Sunday after Thanksgiving or a few days before Christmas, it pays to lock in your flight at least four months in advance. I’d recommend comparing fares at least six to nine months in advance, and plan to have something booked right around the six-month mark.

How far in advance should you book international flights?

Generally, you should be booking international flights about six months or so in advance. You’ll want to give yourself more time to research than for domestic itineraries.

The best advice for international airfare is to monitor the fares about 10 months before departure and pay attention to the trends. Are they going down or up? As it gets closer to the six month mark, you’ll have a clearer picture of what the pricing landscape looks like over time. If fares continue to decrease, then it could make to wait a little bit longer to pull the trigger.

How to book a flight(Photo by Zach Griff / The Points Guy)

We at TPG are always reporting on incredible fare deals, so it also pays to monitor our dedicated site section and sign-up for our daily email newsletter where we’ll include travel deals and tips. If you notice a deal for your destination, book it before it’s gone — regardless of whether it’s four or ten months before departure.

One last thing to note about international airfare is that you should always look to include a Saturday night stay on round-trip tickets. Airlines recognize that most business travelers want to get home for the weekend, so you’ll find that fares for a round-trip to London leaving Monday and returning Friday is much more expensive than leaving on a Wednesday and returning on a Monday.

How far in advance should you book award travel?

The best time to book award travel is either when the schedule opens or at the last minute. That’s because airlines typically release a first batch of award space when the schedule opens (between 330 and 362 days before your flight), and then again right before the flight.

After that first batch of award space gets booked, airlines don’t really have much of an incentive to keep releasing more free seats. That’s because they want people to pay for flights instead of using points.

But then around two weeks before a flight, airlines may have lots of unsold seats. In that case, instead of discounting the flight, they’ll typically just release more awards in the hopes of getting some extra passengers, all without lowering the paid fares.

How to book a flight(Photo by Tatomm/Getty Images)

Though this pattern generally holds, there’s an expert hack to finding that coveted award seat: ExpertFlyer (which is owned by TPG’s parent company, Red Ventures). This service allows you to select your desired flight and set a real-time alert for whether an award seat shows up. If it does, you’ll get an email and you can book it immediately.

when to book flights during the coronavirus crisis?

The coronavirus has taken a massive toll on the world, and particularly the airline industry. Though the strategies above still hold, there are some specific peculiarities to note when booking upcoming airfare.

First, you should take a look at airline specific waivers on change and cancellation fees. It could make sense to lock in upcoming travel now, regardless of when you’re supposed to fly, in order to take advantage of the no-change-fee option. Just note that there are some airlines, like United, with really restrictive terms and conditions that make you forfeit the fare difference if you change to a cheaper priced flight.

Also, demand for airfare has basically come to a halt. Airlines are going to need to convince people to take to the skies again once this is all over. Expect to see some uncharacteristically good deals, in both coach and biz, which should be booked when they’re announced — regardless of how far in advance you’re planning.

Bottom line

Knowing when to book airfare isn’t a science. There’s no formula, and the advice is always changing.

However, there are some general rules to follow to ensure that you’re getting the best deal. For domestic flights, plan to book between one and four months before departure. Add a few more months if you’re planning an international trip. For awards, it makes sense to book about a year in advance or just a week or so before your flight.

Armed with this advice, you’re well on your way to saving money for your next airfare purchase.

Featured photo by Alberto Riva/The Points Guy

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Have you ever wanted to fly out on a specific day, without knowing exactly when you would return? The good news is that there’s something called an “open ticket,” which allows you to do precisely that. Or at least there used to be. The bad news is that while this ticketing arrangement was common in the days when travel agents booked flights, it has all but disappeared.

If you’re a traveler seeking flexibility, there are some workarounds for booking an open-ended airline ticket. Whether you browse for flights just above or continue reading to learn more, Skyscanner offers tools that can help you in your search for vacation bliss.

What is an Open-Ended Airline Ticket?

In the early days of flying–and well into the 1970s and 1980s after the US government deregulated the airline industry–fewer people regularly flew like they do today. Tickets were much more expensive compared to ticket prices today, but they also tended to be more flexible. One typical arrangement was the so-called “open ticket,” whereby a traveler could depart one day and return at an unspecified point in the future.

Open tickets were favored especially among business travelers, who might leave home on a Monday morning, but unable to return until they struck an important deal. A key reason for their ubiquity was the fact that professional travel agents booked most air travel in the days before the internet, which meant that the complicated work of constructing and pricing out an open ticket itinerary took place behind the scenes.

Does the Open Ticket Still Exist?

If you ride a bus or train in the US or abroad, you will likely be able to purchase an open return ticket, often at a discount when compared to buying a simple one-way. Unfortunately, open tickets are all but unheard of when it comes to flights these days, unless you book with a travel agent or have a special arrangement due to a classification you fall under. Student travelers, for example, can sometimes book open tickets.

There is an upside, however. As is the case in many other areas of life in the internet era, you can hack your way to an open ticket, more or less.

Alternatives to an Open-Ended Airline Ticket

Buy Flexible Fares

The surest way to book what’s essentially an open ticket is to purchase fully flexible fares. Although these are more expensive than normal flights (often, by several hundred or even thousand dollars), they typically allow unlimited date changes and even full refunds right up to departure, without a fee, and are basically today’s equivalent of an open-ended airline ticket. Learn how to search flights for the entire month on Skyscanner to find the cheapest days to fly.

Book One (Way) at a Time

Conventional wisdom states that booking two one-way segments is more expensive than booking a round-trip, but it’s not the case in reality. If you don’t know when you’ll be returning home from your destination, you could simply book your departing flight and then book the return flight as soon as you know when you need to come back. This requires you to roll the dice on price, but it’s usually cheaper than a huge change fee! Read more on booking one way vs round trip flights.

Fly Business or First Class

In many cases, booking the equivalent of an open ticket today requires spending much more than a typical economy class flight. As a result, if you’re going to drop a lot of dough anyway, why not live it up a bit? While it’s important to understand that not all business class and first-class flight tickets are fully flexible, many allow for date changes with no fee (or a small fee compared to economy tickets), so this option is worth looking into.

Use Miles and Points

Another hack to book what’s more or less an open-ended airline ticket? Use miles and points to book your flight! Although many domestic airlines’ frequent flier programs have started charging fees for date changes, these are still usually less than the fee to change a ticket you bought with your card. Additionally, foreign airlines often don’t charge a fee, and many US travel credit cards allow you to transfer points one-for-one to such carriers.

Book RTW Flights or Air Passes

One scenario that might necessitate an open ticket is a trip around the world. And although RTW tickets are not always the best bet, from a cost perspective, they do typically allow for a great deal of flexibility, at least in terms of dates (you usually need to fix destinations at the time of booking an RTW ticket). This also applies to regional “air pass” options popular airline alliances offer, where you can book a certain number of flight segments in a specific country or region for a set price.

No Open Ticket? No Fear—Skyscanner is Here!

Although Skyscanner is one of the world’s top online travel agencies, we don’t have open ticket functionality—at least not officially. But we do have some features that can help you work around this issue:

  • Use Whole Month search to find the cheapest ticket if you have flexible dates. Even if you have to pay a change fee later, this minimizes damage to your bottom line.
  • Skyscanner’s Best Time to Book tool helps you determine the best time to book travel for a certain date, which will let you know how long you can wait to decide on your return date
  • Browse Skyscanner for last-minute flights, assuming you book your departure in advance but wait to book your return until just before you leave. You’ll be surprised what kinds of deals you can find!
  • Book a multi-city ticket if your issue is not the date you want to return, but the fact that you need to fly home from a different airport

Another easy way to leverage Skyscanner for the best flight prices is to download our mobile app. Because there’s nothing more open-ended than finding flight deals while you sit on the bus or get a pedicure!


Does the open-ended airline ticket still exist? Technically no, though there are many ways to work around this. Whether you book individual one-way flights, travel on a flexible ticket (optionally, in first or business class) or use miles and points, you can hack your way to open ticket functionality, usually for a fraction of what you’d have paid in the bygone era (in today’s dollars anyway). Skyscanner also offers a number of money-saving tools, including the simplest one. Search flights below and let your inspiration run wild. 👇

A passport is required to travel outside of the country, but do you need to have one before making flight reservations or to get your airline tickets?

Most international airlines will ask for your passport number when you make a reservation for an international flight. You may be able to book your airline ticket without your passport number. However, you must have a valid passport in hand before you arrive to the airport. If you need your passport fast, you have options to get it processed in 24 hours if necessary.

As you are planning your trip, remember to keep in mind how long it takes to get a passport once you’ve applied. If you apply with regular service, you can expect to wait at 6-8 weeks. If you apply with the government’s expedited service, you should still allow at least 3 weeks.

How to book flight reservations without a passport

If you need to expedite your passport and travel plans are required, you should be able to book your flight reservations/ air travel tickets without the passport number. If a passport number is required to book your tickets, many travelers have found entering all zeros will suffice for the booking. Once you have your passport in hand, contact the airline to update your passport number.

How to get your passport fast

Two additional options are available if you need to get a passport in a hurry. With an itinerary showing that you plan to travel out of the country in the next 14 days, you can make an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency office to get your passport, or use a private passport expediting company like The latter the option is the most convenient- no need to make an appointment or drive to a Passport Agency office.

However, you will need a copy of your itinerary to get a passport expedited using either of these two methods. So, if you have something come up and you need to take a trip out of the country in a hurry, go ahead and make your plane reservations and then apply for your passport through an expediting company or at a Passport Agency office.

RushMyPassport offers quick and convenient passport service, with processing times as low as 24 hours. There’s no need to make an appointment, take time off work or drive to a Passport Agency office. Just go to the nearest passport acceptance facility (usually a library, post office or County Clerk’s office), fill out your application like normal and have your documents sealed and sent to us. We’ll hand-deliver your application to the Department of State and then send your passport right back to you via Fed-Ex.

Travel Tips

How to book a flight

Coordinate departure and pickup times carefully if your child has to fly unaccompanied. (Photo: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images )

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Sending a child on a flight without an adult comes with additional fees and responsibilities to make sure she stays safe during the trip. Each airline sets its policies regarding young children who fly alone. Most consider unaccompanied minors to be ages 5 to 11. Some airlines extend that range up to 15. You won’t be able to book a flight for an unaccompanied minor through a discount airline website. The airlines typically require you to contact them directly or book through a travel agent.

Read the policy for unaccompanied minors for the airline you plan to use. Determine if your child falls within the age range, as well as any restrictions or guidelines you need to follow. For example, some airlines only allow unaccompanied minors on direct flights. The airlines have this information available on their websites, or you can call them directly to find the information and ask questions.

Plan the travel dates for your child. Collaborate with the adult on the other end who will pick up the child when she lands.

Review the available flights on the airline for the dates your child will travel. The airline websites offer flight information in a search format, or you can call the airline to determine which flights are available.

Select a flight early in the day to account for possible delays or missed connections. This increases the chance of your child getting on a later flight. Choose a direct flight if at all possible. A through flight is another option for children flying alone. The plane does stop before reaching its destination, but your child won’t have to switch planes because it will continue on to the destination.

Gather the child’s information, including full name and birth date, and the adult contact information for the flight. Provide the airline with at least two adult contacts at both ends of the flight so someone is always available.

Call the airline directly to make the flight reservations. Request the specific flight you want the child to take. The airline may also have suggestions for the best flights or routes for your child to arrive at the destination.

Ask about the airport check-in procedures at the airport if you are unsure. The unaccompanied minor is typically required to check in with an agent rather than using a self-service kiosk. You may also need to arrive at a particular time to ensure plenty of processing time. Ask if you are able to get a gate pass allowing you to walk to the gate with your child. Some airlines also allow you to get on the plane with your child before leaving. Ensure you understand all of the requirements and restrictions for boarding before completing the booking process.

Review the information on the ticket or confirmation to ensure your child’s details are listed correctly. Verify that the flight information matches the flight you selected.

Based in the Midwest, Shelley Frost has been writing parenting and education articles since 2007. Her experience comes from teaching, tutoring and managing educational after school programs. Frost worked in insurance and software testing before becoming a writer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education with a reading endorsement.

When is the best time to buy your flight? Ask around and you’re likely to hear varying answers, all of them supported by facts and figures, culled from data that wavers from year to year.

This type of info can be helpful in providing consumers with an average overview of the marketplace, but at the end of the day airfares remain unpredictable.

Ticket prices can and do change several times over the course of a single day. If you go by averages alone, you risk missing out on all the really good really cheap fares that bubble up with zero notice.

How Far In Advance Should You Book a Flight?

According to a study released this spring by CheapAir, the best time to book a domestic flight is 76 days in advance, up from 70 days the previous year.

Meanwhile, a similar report from Expedia recommends booking more than 3 weeks ahead, even pinpointing Sunday as the cheapest day to buy.

That’s counter to the previous consensus among travel pundits that held Tuesday as the best day to book. And it wasn’t so long ago that Hopper pointed to Thursday as the day when fares are at their lowest.

But wait! CheapAir delves deeper, sorting data by seasonal variables. It’s no surprise that fall and winter provide the best value for flyers. The average difference between the lowest and highest priced day in fall came out to be $83, making it the best season for those who tend to book on the fly. Those numbers suggest booking about two months or 69 days in advance.

Winter is only a tad less at 62 days advance, with inflated holiday fares widening the gap between the cheapest and most expensive days to $203. In spring, the study points to 90 days ahead of departure as the ideal time to buy.

Everyone wants to get away in summer, with demand at its highest in July. If you’ve been following along in our blog, you’ll already know that your chances of scoring a cheap summer fare are greater for August and September travel, when fares begin to dip. According to the study results, the best time to book a summer fare is 47 days in advance.

These averages can be whittled down further by route. Both CheapAir and SkyScanner include a Best Time to Book tool with route specific estimates based on historical data. For example, SkyScanner lists the best time to book a trip from Los Angeles to New York as nine weeks (63 days) in advance. CheapAir says to book your Los Angeles to New York flight anywhere from 31 to 100 days in advance.

What’s the Best Day of the Week to Book a Flight?

There is a somewhat reliable weekly rhythm when it comes to advertised airfare sales. Southwest, JetBlue, and other carriers release sales late Monday night and Tuesday morning, which then leads other airlines to adjust fares to match or undercut. So Tuesdays and even Wednesdays are great for catching sales.

Often, the very best fares are unadvertised, independent of any sale. And it’s not at all unusual for an airline to offer a fare for less than it appears in its own sale.

The best time to book your fare is—very simply—when it’s cheap. And a really cheap ticket can creep into the inventory at any time, any day, sometimes departing as early as tomorrow. If you search based only on the results of the studies mentioned above, you risk missing out on some pretty fantastic deals.

Because no one wants to fritter away the day punching dates into an OTA search calendar, the best way to keep tabs on low airfare is to sign up for free alerts, if you haven’t already. Keep in mind, some search sites exclude results for certain airlines, such as Southwest and Delta, both of which are always included on Airfarewatchdog. You can also follow along on Twitter @airfarewatchdog. Additionally, it’s a good idea to sign up for regular notifications directly from your preferred airline.

Should You Book A Flight Now or Wait For a Cheaper One?

Knowing when to book can be a tough call to make. Ultimately, there’s no real guarantee, as it’s impossible to predict what fares might pop up tomorrow or next week. What you can do in the immediate moment is compare the fare you’re considering with what is available on other carriers as well as other booking sites. Remember, not all sites will list every airline. Southwest most famously does not include its fares on OTAs. Shop around and make sure you have a complete picture of what’s available before you book.

If you do book, and happen to see a better fare immediately after, you can take advantage of the DOT’s 24-hour hold policies that allow you to cancel your booking without penalty.

Above image by oatawa via Shuttersock

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Sample letter for reservation of flight ticket and a seat on a specific date and time, or according to airline schedule. You can buy an airline ticket for yourself, your employees, manager, company executives, CEO, etc.

Requesting an Air Ticket Booking to Company

I want to travel to (city name, example is California) for a (purpose of your travel like a business meeting, tour, family function, conference, workshop, etc.) before the (date). Therefore, I request you to please reserve a flight ticket asap.

Request letter to Book an Open Air Ticket

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sir or Madam,
I want to book an open ticket to New York because I am unsure who will be flying, my colleague or myself. But we both have business visas and depend on the discussion in the coming week for this decision.

I request you to please book an open ticket, and after your confirmation, I will send the payment ASAP. We want this early booking for early bird discount offered by your company. Please ask me if I can help you with any other information you may need.

Request Letter to Employee to Provide Flight Booking Details

Dear (Employee Name),
As per discussions, I hope my air ticket is booked as required. Therefore, please share the booking details/ticket asap, so I catch the flight timely.

Email for Air Ticket Booking to Company

I request you to please book air tickets on Sunday (date) for departure to Singapore(Destination name), and a return ticket for Dubai on (date like Tuesday 22 December).

I have meeting appointments with company clients. I will stay there for four days, so do not forget to book a hotel room for these days accordingly.

I will inform you in case of any change in the schedule as I have three appointments.

Looking for the confirmation email.

Sample Letter for Urgent Flight Reservation

Name of Airline Service

Respected Booking Staff,

I am (Name), writing for an urgent flight reservation to (destination name: New York) in 24 hours. I need four seats in the business class. The seats should be alongside each other. I will send the payment right after booking confirmation. If there are any availability issues, do inform me asap.

Email Request for Flight Booking

I want to reserve a seat from Delhi to Sydney (date here like; 27th April). Please send me the available flight schedule for 27th so that I can confirm my reservation. I want a seat alongside the window, preferably in business class. Waiting for your reply

Sample Letter for Urgent Flight Reservation as a Student

My name is (Name), and I will be doing under graduating from Canada. As you know that September intake is starting so, I have to be there as soon as possible. As I checked on your website, the earliest flight from (City name Mumbai, or Your Departure Place) to (destination like Toronto) is on (25th September Date). I request you to reserve my seat on this flight on 25th September. I am out of the city, and I cannot wait because by the time I will be back, the seats may all be booked, and I cannot take any chances. I can make the payment online. As proof, I have attached the letter of my university, and passport with a valid visa stamp so you can see them too for confirmation. I would be very grateful to you if you help me through this difficult time.