How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Every woman’s body type is unique. Inevitably, you might want to highlight some features on your body while downplaying others. While most people dread swimwear shopping, it can be an exciting adventure. You want swimwear that you feel comfortable and confident in. Here are some invaluable tips on how to choose flattering swimwear for plus size women.

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Pick Complementing Colors

Plus, size swimwear comes in different colors. However, not all can work for you. Before making your pick, take time to figure out which colors compliment and flatter your figure. For instance, a multicolored swimwear would give you some radiance while accentuating your figure. If you are more inclined towards solid colors, that’s still fine. However, you might want to consider shaking things up a little by picking different colors for the top and bottom.

Swimwear Accessories

You will be stepping out in the sun. So don’t be afraid to be bold. You can make your swimwear even more flattering by adding some accessories. A perfect example is a plus size wrap that gives you the much-coveted elongated, elegant look. Not only do you want to feel good inside the water, but outside as well. Better still, you can play around with wraps. You can wear it as a dress, scarf, or skirt.

Consider your Body Type

Keep in mind that plus-size is not a body type. Instead, your body type could be an apple, pear, inverted triangle, etc. Therefore, to get a flattering swimwear, you need to keep that in mind. For instance, if you have a larger bust, thick straps would work perfectly for you since they offer ample support. On the other hand, if you’d like to create an illusion of a larger bust, you might consider ruffled tops.

Work with Fun Patterns

During the summer, you want to look and feel festive. Luckily, with the right prints, you can easily feel and look good. You can also use prints and patterns to your advantage since they can highlight your preferred features. Patterns keep the eyes moving. Therefore, people will focus on your entire body, as opposed to one particular area. Step out of your comfort zone. Be bold; be fun.

Try it on

We probably can’t emphasize this enough. No matter how appealing the swimwear looks on the display, you need to experiment in the dressing room. Remember that you are not shopping to pose for a photo. Instead, you will play in the swimwear. Therefore, it needs to be as comfortable as they come, and there is only one way to find out, trying it on.

Wear what you Love

When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good. Like other clothes, swimwear should be fun. If you can’t get your eye off some detail on a particular swimwear, consider giving it a chance. If the neckline makes you feel like a movie star, why not pull it off? Buy something that makes you look forward to the next swimming session.

Pick a Type

Designers have worked relentlessly to ensure that plus size women are spoilt for choice when it comes to swimwear. That said, there is something for everyone. Take your time to decide which type you are most confident in. Does a slimkini do the trick for you? Go for it.

Nevertheless, choosing your style might be quite challenging. To make things easier, tag a friend along in your next shopping trip. And don’t be in a hurry.

Buy Separately

You might realize that your top and bottom are not same-sized. That’s fine; you are not alone. In this case, you might consider shopping for tops and bottoms separately to get the best fit. Besides, you get a variety of styles.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

There is a particular style that you have a soft spot for. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, don’t confine yourself to this specific style. Try different silhouettes. You might be surprised how another type could flatter your figure.

Fit, not Size

Most people make the mistake of disregarding some pieces based on the number labeled. However, not that different manufacturers label their pieces differently. You might be a size 18 on one brand, and 16 on another. Therefore, don’t be bothered by the label. Instead, check if it fits you.

There is a wide range of swimwear options you can choose from. Knowing your body and preferences makes the swimwear hunt easier.

Plus-size swimsuits are available in many ranges and styles. When looking for swimsuits that flatter, you’ll need to consider what style you like best and what will help you to feel the most comfortable.

General rules in choosing the right swimsuit is to see if the swimsuit is suitable for our body shape and size. We also need to give attention to the color, details, and prints of the swimsuit. Choose a swimsuit that can make the best parts of your body become more visible. And this certainly goes for all body type. However, although swimsuits for curvy women are beginning to evolve, and today, the selection is better than ever, sometime full-figured shapes still face difficulties in choosing the right bathing suit.

First of all, one most important factor to take into consideration when selecting a bathing suit, a plus size woman should look for the type of support that is built in to the suit. A suit that has a built-in bra offers much more support than one with a shelf bra, and the best suits are those that are sized to standard bra measurements. Many stores and boutiques offer bathing suits in larger sizes that offer the type of support necessary. Their swimsuit can be constructed of two layers with outer and inner layers, or some suits also come with underwired bra for better support.

Secondly, think of your self-confidence, comfort and personal fashion styles. Some curvy women love to wear two-pieces suits, especially the bikini styles, while others feel more flattering in a one-piece suit. As for the two-piece styles, the tankini – instead of bikini – can also be an option for curvy women in that the bottoms and tops can be purchased as separates so that you can do mix and match between several different sets for more variety.

Whether you’re looking for a one-piece, a bikini, or something in between, these figure-flattering suits come in chic cuts and pretty prints that will have you feeling beach-ready in no time. Here are some tips to determine the best style to compliment your full-figured physique based on your body type:

1. Find a style that fits you well. Nothing will flatter you if you feel uncomfortable or the swimsuit sags on you and fails to make the most of your figure. Remind yourself while shopping for a swimsuit that you deserve something of quality that you feel good in; don’t settle for less.

2. Look for styles made for curvier figures. For example, the 50s style one-piece swimsuits were made to accentuate and celebrate curves and are very flattering. They have lower hip rises, higher waists and provide plenty of upper body support. (Look online for seamstresses who specialize in making swimsuits based on earlier era styles. This has become a specialty niche that allows for the seamstress to enjoy their art and lets you get hold of a great, unique piece that is tailored to you and your precise measurements.)

3. Shop for your body type. Not all plus-size bodies are alike—your figure may be an apple, pear, hourglass, etc. Figure out which part of your body you want to accent most. (Try wearing brighter colors on areas you want to emphasize, and darker colors on areas you want to de-emphasize.)

4. Find your body accent. Strut your stuff and show off your favorite parts of your body. If you want to show off your chest more, wear a lower cut swimsuit with a longer hip side. If you want to cover your chest, find a high-necked swimsuit. Avoid wearing a high-necked swimsuit. This style can look (and may even feel) rather confining and is not particularly flattering. Instead, try something with a sheerer fabric and cut above a normal neckline.

5. Consider your color palette. Which colors look good on you, and which ones make you look sickly? Figure out whether you are a winter, summer, spring, or autumn. Choose colors that complement your skin tone and make you look healthy.

6. Try ruched fabrics and wraps. Ruched side panels can enhance your silhouette, and ruched fabric and wraps in general can be flattering and more adjustable in size.

7. Find something that supports your chest and feels comfortable. You want to be able to swim, walk, and play comfortably in your swimsuit, without constantly pausing to adjust. In the dressing room, stretch and try lightly jogging in place. Will you feel comfortable? (Check to make sure that the straps are comfortable and the bottom doesn’t ride up.)

8. Look or fun patterns. Bold, bright patterns look flattering and festive. Choose a print with shapes and colors that make you feel happy. If you’re a little pattern-shy, try swimsuits with solid panels on the sides.

9. Experiment in the dressing room. If you aren’t sure about a swimsuit on the rack, try it on, just in case it looks awesome on you. You may be surprised at what you can pull off!

10. Remember that different brands size differently. You may be a size 16 in one brand and a size 18 in another. This is okay. Be willing to go a size up or a size down from your general size, in case one particular swimsuit is cut differently.

11. Don’t fear the bikini. New styles such as fatkinis and more bikinis geared towards plus-size women are hitting the market. They include flattering high-waisted bottoms and plenty of support for your chest. Your body is beautiful and you are not required to cover it up. (You can also buy the top and bottom of your bikini in different sizes if needed.)

12. Find swimsuits that you personally love. What are your favorite colors, silhouettes, and patterns? What sort of swimsuit makes you smile and look forward to wearing it? Search for swimsuits with details you like, so that when you go out to swim, you feel confident and beautiful.

Last but not least, check the fabric content of the swimsuits, especially if you are going to have some serious aquatic exercise in a chlorinated pool. Suits that are primarily cotton will quickly fade in a pool. Lycra will not only fade; it will stretch out in chlorine. The best bet is a suit made of a polyester blend. There are also suits that are made to be resistant to chlorine, and while they are more expensive, they will far more durable and last longer. Don’t miss out on summer fun and water exercise. Find a suit and get in the swim!

Get help with your purchases! Take the guesswork out of choosing the right tech suit, caring for your swimwear, or just see what the experts are saying about gear for the pool, beach, and gym.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Each body is unique. Everybody has physical traits they’d like to highlight or downplay. And keeping up with swimwear trends might not always be the most flattering option. But by using a few design tips to your advantage, like high waisted bikinis, tummy control paneling, and underwire support, you can create a more proportional look.

Our best advice: try new silhouettes each season. Plus size swimwear is always changing and you may stumble across a style that perfectly flatters your body, even if it’s not the hottest celebrity or runway trend that summer. Besides – no one wants to be seen in the same swimsuit as every other woman on social media anyway.

Follow these simple steps before embarking on your swimsuit search.

Step 1: Take your measurements. Most swimwear size charts will ask for your bust, waist, and hip measurements.

Step 2: Take a look at your old swimsuit sizes. Think about how it fit. Was it too snug? A little loose? Or if you’ve changed sizes, consider going up or down a size. Perhaps try on a few swimsuits next time you go to a department store to compare your current size against what you’ve previously owned. Buying swimwear online is dependant upon knowing your precise size.

Step 3: Head over to to begin your search. Filter by size, style, brand, or price to narrow your findings or don’t – and just decide to browse.

Whether you prefer a one-piece, two-piece, bikinis , something high waisted, or something with underwire, there a few stylistic elements, brands, and silhouettes to look out for. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of bathing suits for plus size women with features specifically designed to flatter curvy body types. Below are some of the best solutions for the most common ‘pain points’ when choosing swimsuits for plus size women.

Large Middle


Well-placed, tiered ruffles can hide a larger waistline. Angled ruffles look best since they draw the eye downward and away from the midriff. Look for styles from Penbrooke for feminine, fluttery, ruffled styles.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit


Shirrings at the waist can have a slimming effect through your middle. Maxine makes swimsuit styles with side shirrings or vertical front shirrings with both creating an hourglass illusion.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Tummy Control

Some brands are known for their tummy control. Magicsuit by Miraclesuit is well-known for its built-in mesh paneling that holds your waist in tight. It’s not so tight that you feel uncomfortable, but it’s tight enough that you feel slim and sculpted.

Empire Waist

When a fitted top has a waistline placed just above the natural waist or even just below the bust, it is called an empire waist or sometimes it can be referred to as a babydoll dress. The skirted part around the tummy area is generally long with a loose fit that flows over the body and elongates the figure. Profile by Gottex has a number of tankinis and swim dresses that have this look.

Like these suggestions? Here are some reccomendations:

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Large Bottom

Swim Dress

A swim dress uses a skirted bottom, usually with an attached brief, to hide your lower waist. The skirted detail adds flowy fabric to your hips making your waist look smaller. ClubSwim has some of the highest-rated swim dresses on the market.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

High Waist Bottoms

Beach House and Topanga have best-selling plus size bottoms with high waists . Whether you prefer a swim skirt, bikini bottom, or shorts, a higher waistline draws attention away from the lower half of your body for a curvy but sculpted appearance.

Off the Shoulder or Ruffle Top

A ruffled, off the shoulder top (either one-piece or 2 pieces) can help to better proportion a pear shape bottom by adding volume to a smaller chest and balance a larger lower half. Raisins has a number of trendy styles and prints with to help you achieve this look.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit


A unitard is great for those of us with thicker thighs as it elongates the body. A unitard is a one-piece swimsuit that hits above the knee. Many Waterpro swimsuits come in a color block print that features a bold print at the top and a black bottom to give a smaller appearance to your hips and thighs.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Like these suggestions? Here are some reccomendations:

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuitHow to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Bra-sized Swimwear

Using your cup size to buy swim tops has really changed the swimwear fitting game for women, especially ladies with larger breasts. However, you don’t need to be a D-cup and up to find the right fit. Coco Reef makes bra-sized swimwear for all cup sizes that provides comfortable support in flattering styles – some with an underwire , some without.

High Neckline

Some high necklines can truly flatter the upper body. A high-neck tankini top can help balance a top-heavy frame with its angular armholes making the shoulder and chest appear smaller and accentuating the hip. Fit4U has some really flattering high-neck tankini and swim dress options.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline sometimes called a twist front neckline is one that is twisted or gathered at the front making a heart shape at the chest. These styles work wonders to minimize and flatter a full chest. The straps (if you choose to wear them) slant inward to further deemphasize the chest and shoulder.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit


Ralph Lauren has a large selection of tankinis in solids, prints, and many with the features mentioned above. Choosing a tankini top can be a versatile option since it allows you to mix and match with your favorite bottoms.

Shopping for flattering plus size swimwear can be a challenge. Knowing what styles work for your body will make swimsuit shopping easier and more enjoyable.

Begin your search by establishing your general body shape, what you like to show off and the areas you prefer to conceal. From here you’ll be able to easily edit the options available to you and narrow it down to the most flattering swimsuits for you.

Black Honey Comb Underwire Ruched Tankini Top

Shop for your Shape

Working out your general body shape and identifying your assets can make swimsuit shopping so much easier. Are you top heavy with narrow hips, pear shaped or balanced like an hourglass? Do you want to show off your shoulders or cover everything up? Are you rounder in the middle and want to create some shape?

Whatever your shape is, there is a swimsuit style to fit and flatter your body. Finding the right style for you will improve your confidence so you can enjoy getting out and about in your new swimwear.

Larger busts will love the support and lift that an underwire style offers, while small busts will benefit from frills and details that add volume to their top half. A lower leg line will add curves to straight hips, while a cheeky cut flatters a fuller booty. You can cover round tummy with cleverly designed ruffles or create the illusion of a waist with panelled styles and ruching.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Royal Blue Lace Up One Piece

Choose Your Preferred Styles

Once you’ve figured out what you want to highlight and what you’d prefer to conceal, you can then choose the style of swimsuit you need. Are you a classic one piece lover or do you want to rock a flattering bikini this summer? You can find a range of options across our plus size swimwear collection to suit you perfectly.

Our extensive one piece collection includes underwire, strapless, sleeved, ruffled and athletic swimsuits in beautiful colours and stunning prints. Extend your one piece options to our swim dress collection if you want additional coverage for your lower body.

Tankini tops are another fabulous option if your top and bottom halves are a different size or if you have a long torso. Tankinis can be great for balancing the body and providing coverage for the areas you wish to conceal. You can mix and match with your ideal swim pant to find a set that fits and flatters your unique shape and size.

If you’ve been hesitant about wearing a bikini, we’re here to help you get into a two piece that will make you feel amazing. With a variety of tops to mix and match with different pants, you’ll be on your way to rocking a bikini with confidence.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Leopard Sustainable Swim Collection

Flattering bust support

The first thing you need to consider when looking for swimsuits with flattering bust support is the cup size. The swimsuit must fit well and adequately support your cup size in order to look good. We offer our underwire styles in cups ranging from D to G.

An underwire will lift the bust away from the waist, creating a flattering shape for the mid section, perfect for Heart and Apple shaped bodies. Underwire support is available in a selection of one piece bathers, tankini tops, bikinis and swim dresses.

A shelf bra is another great support option offering a comfortable lift and ample room for larger busts. If you are larger than a G cup you will find our shelf bra styles roomy enough to accommodate your curves. Our 3 Tier styles are an excellent option for all cup sizes. The shelf bra provides a multi fit solution and the ruffles give coverage for larger busts and add volume for smaller busts.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Honey Comb One Piece in Turquoise, Navy and Plum

Tummy control

Flattering tummy control swimwear is all about creating and accentuating a waistline. Our tummy control collection features ruched, panelled and supportive styles that hold the mid section in with lined and gathered fabric. Often using a firmer lining called Power Mesh, our tummy control styles provide support for the mid section in a similar way to shapewear, but way more comfortable.

Our tummy control styles suit all body shapes. They work for Apple, Heart and Rectangle shapes by creating a waistline and holding in a fuller belly. The twist front bandeau style works particularly well to create a waist and show off gorgeous curves. Panelled style and those with contrasting waistbands use an optical illusion to create a slimming effect.

Hourglass and Pear shapes will also benefit from tummy control swimwear by accentuating their already small waist to further show off their beautiful curves. High waisted pants worn with either bikini or tankini tops are ideal for these body shapes.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Black Twist Front Bandeau One Piece

Stylish Coverage

While showing off your curves can be super flattering, sometimes we just don’t have the confidence and would prefer to cover up. Fortunately we are coming up with flattering and fashionable ways in which to camouflage and conceal the areas we aren’t always loving. While it’s easy to throw on a beach cover up, sometimes we want to remain covered in the water.

Our 3 Tier one pieces and tankini tops softly skim over the bust, belly and hips with beautiful ruffles. These styles provide coverage as well as creating shape for the body and are among our most flattering and best selling styles. Swim dresses are also fabulous for providing coverage and shape for the tummy, hips, thighs and booty. With a built in one piece to smooth and shape the curves, you’ll love the support and coverage a feminine swim dress offers.

For customised coverage, you can simply add swim separates to your swimsuit. Swim shorts and boardies can be thrown on over your bathers to cover your lower half, while short or long sleeved rash vests will give you upper body concealment and sun protection.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Having the most beautiful, well-fitted, and comfortable designer swimwear is something that all girls want to wear to the pool or the beach. However, finding something that will fit you and be comfortable can be a real struggle, especially for plus size ladies.

Mostly, plus size ladies may feel uncomfortable being out with a swimsuit. Appreciating your body and curves and looking for something that will boost your confidence will help. This article is for you if you are a plus-size lady looking for tips on choosing perfect swimwear.

1. Look For Plus Size Stores

Mostly, swimwear for plus size ladies is not sold in all swimwear stores. Plus size swimwear Australia Some have a plus-size department, but they will not have many varieties for you to choose from. The best thing is that you look for a store that is exclusively plus size.

There are more chances that you will find your size and a lot of varieties. You will also feel more comfortable.

2. Know Your Size

A comfortable swimsuit should not be too big or too small for you. Therefore, before you go out shopping, you should know your size, measure your waist, hips, and breasts.

3. Try It On

Knowing your size is essential, but not all manufacturers have the same size charts. Please make an effort to try on the swimwear before you buy it even though it has your right size on it. Some may have your size but may be bigger or smaller.

Trying it on will help you know if it fits and feels comfortable. You also see how the color or pattern goes with your skin.

4. Go For Something Flattering

Choose something that will amplify your attractive features. For example, if you have an attractive top, you can choose something that shows off a little of that. You can also go for high waisted bottoms if you want to hide some of the excess fat.

Pattern and color are also important. Go for a color or pattern that does not make you look pale or too dark. Choose something that will complement your skin tone.

5. Make Sure It’s Comfortable

Wearing swimwear means that you are going out to swim or play by the beach or the pool. Therefore, go for something that will be easy to move around and swim in. Ensure that it is secure but not too tight.

Consider the fabric too. Some fabrics are not comfortable, especially when they become wet. Also, some tend to expand or shrink after washing.

Fabrics that stretch like a rushed fabric will accommodate and support you better. Layers in swimwear and padding are also an excellent thing to consider.

6. Go For Something You Love

Only you know what you are going to love and wear often. Do not let the store attendant talk you into buying something you do not love. Go for the style, shape, fabric, and color that will bring the best out of you and give you more confidence.

7. Buy Bottoms And Tops Separately

Many women have different sizes on the top and bottom. Buying tops and bottoms separately will not only give you a perfect fit, but it will also give you a variety of looks. Buying a set can be challenging because the tops can fit, but the tops are too small or big and vice versa.

8. Try Different Styles

Do not stick to one shape and style of swimwear: experiment with one-pieces, bikinis, and other types. You never know which one you will love the most or make you look most attractive.

Having different tastes will also reduce the hustle you go through when shopping because you come across many pieces you love.

9. Choose Support

Support, especially with the top part, is essential. Tops with padding, ruched fabric, and adjustable straps will offer you maximum support. An underwire is an added advantage.

They will make you feel supported, secure, and will also leave you feeling comfortable. However, do not buy something that will be so tight.

10. Ask For Advice

Consider asking your friends or experienced stylists for recommendations when you cannot decide what type of swimwear you want. Their advice may give you some ideas that you never had before.

When going shopping, consider taking someone with you and asking for their opinion on how the pieces look on you. Asking the store attendant can prove meaningless because they might mislead you so long as you buy the piece.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

Gone are the days when plus size women were left out when it came to stylish and fashionable swimwear. With the advent of the Internet and retailers selling plus size swimwear, full figured women have more options nowadays when shopping for their plus size swimsuit. Bathing suit for big girls have made leaps and bounds in the past few years by combining function and fashion, and they have quickly become an important addition to plus size clothing. Not to mention, modern time designers have embraced plus size women and have created stylish swimwear to make them feel and look attractive as they naturally should be. Whichever body shape you are there are a plethora of great designs, which means you can really flatter your body and look great relaxing on the beach or by the pool.

However, while larger size women enjoy much freedom in the selection of their swimwear, getting the right plus size swimming suit is a different story. Considering the fact that not all swimsuit styles, although made in the correct size, complement the distinctive full figure of a plus-size woman, choosing the right plus-size swimwear can be a daunting task. Not only can the wrong swimwear be embarrassing and awkward, it may be incredibly painful. Not to worry, read on to find out five ways to choose flattering swimwear for plus size women.

1. Know your body type– Are you an hourglass, apple or pear shape? Good plus size swimsuits are specifically designed to flatter the features of different body shapes and knowing yours will help you find the perfect suit. Generally, if you are pear-shaped, make sure you choose a two-piece swimwear such as tankini top with busy print and plain colored bottom. On the other hand, if you have a heart-shaped or hourglass shaped body, choosing a two-piece plus size swimwear such as tankinis or skirtinis would be your best bet.

2. Bigger isn’t always better– It goes without saying, that plus size swimwear comes with lots of size options. Many full figured women make the mistake of choosing the biggest size swimsuit. However, they fail to realize that the biggest size available may not always be necessary and can make them look fat. Consecutively, make sure you get measured first before you start with your search for the perfect size. With the measurements, you will be completely sure of what size is perfect for you in terms of offering you comfort and support at the same time. Besides, there are smaller sizes in plus category, so make sure you decide whether a skin-tight swimwear is what you want or you would be comfortable with a looser piece. Once you are in the swimsuit that you like, move around a bit in it. This will make sure the suit will not ride or gather up more than it is supposed to.

3. Get your money’s worth– Let’s face it, swimwear in plus size can be expensive. Thus, it is only right that you give utmost priority to the quality of the swimming suit you are planning to buy instead of choosing it merely for its visual appeal. Furthermore, make sure you compare the quality and prices of swimsuits on different online stores before making the final purchase. Along with it, inquiry about facilities like free shipping, discounts and always buy from the online vendor who assures a secured transaction of money. Besides, there are plenty of sources out there, so you won’t have difficulty finding beautiful swimsuits that give you the biggest bang for your buck.

4. Plan ahead– One very important, and often overlooked aspect of buying plus size swimwear is planning and buying ahead of time. Not only can buying out of season present you with a slew of end of line bargains from the season just gone, but you will have more options to sink your teeth into. Needless to say, this always beats buying swimwear in the middle of summer and finding yourself stuck in the nightmare of everything that you like being out of stock. Preparing a plan will help you find a swimsuit that is both stylish as well as affordable.

5. Color is key– Last but certainly not the least, is making sure you choose the right color. Plus size women have a tendency of choosing black as the appropriate color since the color is said to be slimming. While this may be true to some degree, you can look just as good in other colors as long as you choose a swimsuit that you are most comfortable in. Solid colors with a splash of a surprising print thrown into the mix is a great idea for plus-sized gals, which not only enhance your curves but also offer the coverage and support you need. Also try to stay away from white as much as possible, as well as neon colors. These are rarely, if ever, attractive on anyone.

At the end of the day, no matter what type, style or fashion of plus size swimwear you choose, make sure it is a swimsuit that you are happy with. Choosing the right plus size swimwear does not have to be a hard thing to do. With the right preparation, you can accomplish this effortlessly, and with no sweat at all. Whether you are heading to the beach soon or planning to go on a tropical vacation, make sure you keep in mind the above-mentioned tips and tricks for choosing a plus size swimwear that will fit your body type and your budget!

Author Bio – Carrol Brown is a professional blogger having 5 years of experience. Currently, she is working with TRIPP Swim which is a renowned Women Swimwear Online providing Swimwear at an affordable price. Carrol is passionate to share the tips and other information related to Swimwear.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

There is a whimsical quote that has been on the Internet for quite some time now and it says:

“How to have a beach body?

1. Have a body.

2. Go to the beach.”

The quote may be funny, but it’s also empowering and more than that it’s a reflection of the body positivity movement that aims at celebrating all types of bodies. As long as you’re happy and more importantly, healthy, it’s truly irrelevant whether you’re skinny, curvy, tall, petite, have a pear, apple or whatever ‘fruit’ figure. The significance lies in confidence, self-love, and during swimsuit and fun in the sun season – to actually go out there, flaunt what you’ve got and look your best.

Now, as there are all kinds of bodies out there, not one of them is the same, there is an entire universe of swimsuits designed to accentuate your best features and make you feel comfortable (and stylish) in your own skin. So, without further ado, here’s an amazing selection of swimsuits to suit all body types… and don’t forget to have a blast this summer!

Big and Small

This is an eternal struggle – girls who have a small bust long for a bigger one and girls who have a big chest dream of a smaller one. The grass is always greener on the other side, but it’s time to let go of what could have been and embrace our bodies, chest included, just the way they are.

So, for small chested girls, crochet bikini tops are amazing at giving a bit of volume, most likely due to the fabric. If the bohemian style is your cup of tea, you can always go with ruffled tops as they add the illusion of a larger chest, not to mention ruffles are still one of the reigning cuts of the season.

As for girls with a bigger chest, we know that the struggle is real, because there is no bikini in this world that can provide the support you need and make you look spectacular. Now, bathing suit tops that come in the form of a cup with an underwire are a whole new story. They provide you with all the support you need to feel incredibly secure and comfortable. Also look for thicker bathing suit straps and double-stitched bands for the most flattering results. As for colours, go for solid colours as bold prints such as florals only serve to pull the focus on your chest, unless that’s something you want, in which case, go for it!

I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly

“My thighs are so sexy they can’t stop touching each other.” We adore this quote, and we adore curves. So, in order to fully celebrate them and be completely bootylicious at the beach, plus size swimwear is the absolute perfect choice, especially one-piece bathing suits that hug your body right.

When in doubt, go with a diagonal print that will bring attention and visually minimize your waistline, and subsequently maximize your amazing hips and thighs. Stripes have been ruling the runways this years, so diagonal stripes are not only there to flatten you in the body department, but also show that you’re a fashion-savvy gal ready to take back the beach life. Girls are also falling in love with one-piece, one strap monokinis. Both modest and sexy, they’re perfect for beach fun and, with a bit of help from stylish kaftans, the summer inspired drinks that come after.

Sweet and Petite

Ditch the tiny ‘been there wore that’ classic bikinis and go with something different this year. High-waist bikini bottoms matched with a tee-like top is definitely a way to mix things up.

The bottoms give your outfit that pin-up retro vibe, not to mention that they do wonders at visually enhancing your booty, which is a dream for those gals out there with a tiny one. Plus, if you have love handles and you’re not very crazy about them, high-waist bottoms are a miracle worker in that department; they hide what you don’t wish people to see, and make sure all eyes are on your waist. As for the top, the sleeves can be ruffled, off-the-shoulder, full-shoulder caps, or you can even go for a full crop top. We dress up for every other occasion, so why not be a tad dressier for the beach?

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Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. who is very passionate about organic beauty products, yoga and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Show off your curves with confidence in these flattering bikinis for all sizes.

How to choose a flattering plus size swimsuit

No matter what size you are, shopping for a bikini that makes you look and feel amazing can be tough. And if you’re like the average American woman who is “plus-size,” meaning you wear a size 14 to 34, it can be even more challenging.

The good news is more and more brands are catering to curvy women, creating “plus-size” bikinis that are stylish and flattering. Think: Fun prints, sexy cuts, and flirty ruffles. Instead of hiding your curves, these swimsuits are designed to show them off.

When it comes to shopping for a bikini, it’s important to pick one that you feel amazing in, says Marcy Guevara-Prete, a plus-size style expert and owner of The Plus Bus Boutique. The key? Finding one that complements and supports your figure.

How to choose the best plus-size bikini for your body

✔️Choose tops and bottoms that offer coverage you want. High-waisted bottoms are a great option, says Alicia Wilson, a plus-size stylist based in North Carolina. They sit on your hips and shape your curves in the most flattering way. Guevara-Prete agrees, adding that boy short and swim skirt bottoms are also great options since they flatter your waist while still being super flirty. As for bikini tops, they both recommend ones with larger cups to provide maximum support. Underwire and “flounce” (a.k.a., ruffled) tops also give your breasts great lift and coverage.

✔️Consider the material. Try swimwear fabrics like polyester or nylon blended with Lycra (a spandex brand), which offer comfort, durability, and flexibility. Your bikini should hug your body and be easy to move in. When you try it on, do a bend and sit test. “This will allow you to see how the bikini feels when sitting, standing, and moving around,” Guevara-Prete says.

✔️Opt for tops with tie-strings and adjustable straps. For a customizable fit, choose tie-string tops, which give you control over where and how your top is secured. Another good option is a top with adjustable straps. If you’re on the bustier side, you can tighten them to keep your breasts in place.

Above all, “find a bikini that sparks joy, makes you happy, and invokes confidence,” says Wilson. “It’s important to know that your body is beautiful no matter what.”

Ready to go shopping? Here are the best plus-size bikinis you’ll want to rock all summer long. All you have to do is dive in!