How to clean fidget spinner bearings

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

Fidget Spinner Bearings are the pivotal points of your spinner. It helps your spinner to spin fast so that you can have a good time while playing. Knowing how to clean Fidget Spinner Bearings is essential.

To clean your fidget spinner bearings you have to understand the basics before you start. Though many people have different nuisance about cleaning their bearings, there is a steady way through which you can do so.

If you follow the essential steps, then it can cause a huge increase in spin time. That is why it becomes necessary to follow the guidelines before you choose to clean them.

How to clean Fidget Spinner Bearings?

Proper lubricating the fidget spinner is important, as it helps to maintain your spinner and make it last longer. Most people while cleaning the bearing use too much grease . If you apply too much grease while cleaning your bearing, it can cause the spinner to slow down. So try to avoid that.

By following the necessary steps given below, it becomes easier to clean fidget spinner bearings.

Separate your fidget spinner

The first thing that you have to do is to separate your spinner from the bearings. You need to start this by opening the cap. Place your one finger on one rear end of the spinner and the other on the lid. If the spinner’s cap is not threaded, you can remove it by plying the head with a screwdriver.

Take a flathead screwdriver and then take off the bearing. Make sure that you are doing this under controlled guidance and supervision. If the bearing is threaded, then it can be easier for you to pull it out.

So if your bearing doesn’t come out and looks threaded and welted to the top, make sure that you use a screwdriver.

Clean Fidget Spinner Bearings

Take a bowl and fill it with clear alcohol on it. Make sure that you keep a cotton pad right in front of you to clean your bearing thoroughly.

If your bearing is plastic, then it will be easier if you clean it with isopropyl alcohol. If you soak the cleaning solution bearing for half an hour, you will find it easy to clean the dust that is present in the bearing using a toothbrush.

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

Use a toothbrush or a cotton swab to clean out the grim

The fidget spinner bearing has a lot of grim attached to it. When you are cleaning it for the first time, you will notice a stark dislodge in color while cleaning out the grim. To make sure that the grim is perfectly shinning, take a toothbrush. Even a cotton swab will do this task. Make sure that you brush it on the side of the bearing to make it clean.

Time to dry your bearing

After properly cleaning the Fidget Spinner Bearings, you have to dry it with the help of a dryer. Make sure that you don’t keep the bearing too close to your dryer. Depending on the quality of your bearing, it will be dangerous for you to do so. Keep the bearing on a dry platform and keep the dryer a few feet away from it. Dry it properly so that the rubbing solution is completely evaporated.

Put it back into your fidget spinner

After you have cleaned the bearing, it is time for you to put the bearing back to the spinner. If your bearing were threaded to the spinner, it would be easier for you to put it back. Or take the screwdriver and then slowly weld the top of the bearing. Make sure that the head is mounted together to the spinner. Once you have done so, check the spinner to see if it is spinning fast or not.

Tips to clean Fidget Spinner Bearings

While you are cleaning your fidget spinner’s bearing, there are some tips you need to know.

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

Don’t worry about the rusts

When you open the fidget spinner, chances are there for rust accumulation. Depending on the quality of your spinner, rust is a pretty common thing that can take place.

If spinner has rust, then the spinning capacity indeed decreases. All you can do is make sure that the rust is taken proper care of with liquid and appropriate cleaning.

Fault bearing means a noisy spinner

Have you often noticed a strange noise coming out of your spinner? Well, you might have wondered how that happens. Yes, that occurs due to a faulty bearing attached to your spinner.

The bearing is the pivotal point that stays connected to your spinner. If you don’t take proper care of it, it might cause rust and increase spinning noises. It causes friction between air and your piece that gives rise to the strange noises. To eliminate them, you need to have a fault-less bearing ready.

How to clean fidget spinner bearings


Playing with your fidget spinner is a cold task, but dust or grime attached to the bearing can slow down your spinner.

As long as you follow these tips and make sure that your spinner is clean and protected, the spin time won’t decrease. And indeed, you will have a good time competing with your friends for a fidget spinner match. I hope that this article taught you how to clean fidget spinner. Cheers!

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Of course you want to have fun as long as possible on your new spinner. Please consider the following:

• The bearings that are used in the FidgetSpinner, can not withstand sand. So never take him to the beach. Use it preferably alone inside.

• If there have been sand in the bearings, do not use water but clean it with compressed air. Blow air through the bearings from back to front (see below).

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

• Do not use lubricants to improve the running of the bearings. Shortly after using it will seem that things are improving, but soon this will change. Lubricants are pulling the dirt.

• Of course, your spinner sometimes fall to the ground. This makes it possible to shift than a ball bearing, or stand out in the whole. That’s no problem. You can easily restore it again. Make sure that the ball bearing is in the middle of the spinner because if it already protrudes slightly, this may adversely affect the spin time and stability.

• When resetting the bearing never use a hammer or something like that. The bearing can easily be pushed back into the housing on a flat surface.

• If the bearing eventually moves too easily in the case because it has been out too often, then secure it with a drop of superglue.

These are called ‘the basic facts’ that are important when you own a fidget spinner. If you want to know more, read on.

Maintain your bearings

How to clean fidget spinner bearingsThe following is intended as a guide for cleaning bearings for fidget spinners in general. Not specific to the Original Fidget Spinner. Original Fidget Spinner is always made of 100% ABS, aluminum or copper. The center used bearings are always hybrid ceramic. These bearings never use lub.

Before we begin with the explanation of the cleaning of the bearings, I want to point out that a long spin time is not necessarily a characteristic of a “good spinner.” A good spinner is one that suits your individual needs and preferences. Naturally, it is intended that runs a spinner ultra smooth. However, there are spinners that do spin the 5 minutes. That is not always necessary. Indeed, it is entirely dependent on how you want to use self-spinner. Some people choose to spin back and forth. In order to start and stop constant with short spins. A long spin time is taking so completely unimportant. But when you start / stop find a nice way to work with a fidget spinner, a smooth spinner will increase the fun. So when you start / stop to find your way with your spinner to play, do not be influenced by others if they talk negatively about the running time of your fidget spinner.

But what if you find it interesting to increase the running time of your spinner, then read on. You can, if you spinner ever shorter rotation, clean the bearings, use this information below.
For all bearings applies: Keep your spinner away from sand, sand is a bearing’s worst enemy. Keep your bearings as clean as possible and never use lubricants (unless associated with your lower species, but look below).

Step 1:
If you have lower end caps, remove them. This Youtube video is removing the caps well explained.

Step 2:
Clean the bearing clean with the aid of an undiluted solvent such as acetone, alcohol, spirits or paint thinner. For cleaning do not WD-40, it will work well at first, but soon the fidget spinner will rotate again less well because WD-40 attracts dirt properly.
Some bearings have a lubricant with from the factory, you remove this when you use a solvent. Pour this solvent in a glass bowl, place the spinner there and turn it around so that the dirt can come out of the bearing.

Attention! If you have a fidget spinner with a plastic casing, use isopropyl alcohol only. At each other solvent will also dissolve the plastic of the spinner.
Would you be 100% sure, you would be able to choose to push the ball bearing from the plastic housing of the spinner.
Like many high quality plastic products are the Original Fidget Spinners made of 100% ABS. While pure ABS is not affected by isopropyl alcohol, there are plastic products in which a small amount of styrene is. ABS, for example, wires that are used in 3D-printing, they will be influenced by isopropyl alcohol. The spinner will therefore not immediately dissolve and fall apart, but can therefore be going to feel less comfortable. You can exclude silly risks and clean your bearing with hot water and soap, but make sure that you do all the water out of the bearing before you reconnect it.

Step 3:
If the bearing is completely clean, you take a can of compressed air (or you’re using a compressor) and blow your lower as dry as possible. Especially with non-ceramic bearings this is important. Because even though you have stainless steel bearings, can also oxidize.
To promote drying, you can also use a hair dryer, but note here very well. Because solvents are flammable and is as a filament in the hair dryer is there risk of ignition.
While blow-drying, it is advisable to rotate the spinner. This frees up all the parts where moisture has been sitting, in contact with the hot air stream.

Do not use a textile or paper to dry the bearings, making fibers may get into the bearings, so that they will only start to rotate worse.

Step 4:
How to clean fidget spinner bearingsPut your spinner back together and you’re done!
Standard ball bearings had been given a lubricant from the factory, these lubrication after cleaning lost. The lower them could be something more noise. If you find this distracting, use bearing oil (like this one) to lubricate the bearings again. Use only one drop, this is more than sufficient for proper lubrication. Never use another lubricant, these bearings will only get slower.

But imagine that the above does not offer a solution, of course, you have the opportunity to replace the ball bearing for a good new one. Fortunately, the standards are standardized, making the bearings universally interchangeable.

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

We thought this would be a helpful step by step on how to clean the r188 bearing found in your THRAXX fidget spinners.

It’s really simple and having a clean bearing will help the longevity of your bearing in addition to optimal performance.

4 Steps to a clean bearing

1. Pull grips off – You want to use nothing but your fingers for this step I personally use my nails and i place them right under one of the grips. Just like your grabbing it, now pull straight up with a little wiggle. If one sise doesn’t come off as easy try the other side. They are precision machined to the perfect size for the bearing hole so it is imperative that you pull straight up. Once you get one side off the other should be a breeze.

How to clean fidget spinner bearings2. The cleaner – Spray this contact cleaner on both sides of the bearing (direct stream) to get all the debris that’s built up in the bearings.

3. At an angle – Spray the stream at an angle to get the bearing spinning to make sure everything gets out of it. You’ll notice the bearing spinning on it own.

4. Spin Dry – Put grips back on and spin until dry… if you still feel something in the bearing run through the steps again… I vigorously spin the THRAXX for 1-2 minutes until it’s completely dry.

If you find that you still feel something in your bearing repeat the steps, sometimes it takes more than one cleaning to get your bearing performing at it’s best.

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

Remember those cool little spinning toys that almost every kid had back in 2017? I’m pretty sure you remember that phase, but did you know that they were invented around 1993?! Oh, and that they’re still used today? Yes, you heard it right!

People of all age groups, n ot only kids , use fidget spinners for various purposes like therapy. Some health professionals claim that these fidget spinners are extremely helpful when dealing with PTSD, ADHD, or even anxiety disorders.

This is mainly because fidgeting helps you get rid of destructive thoughts. But come on, enough with the science talk. Now that you know those fidget spinners are a very valuable item, you must maintain them well.

So here I have some amazing tips and tricks to help you take better care, clean, and preserve your tiny stress relief toys. So bring your game on and let’s start spinning…cleaning, I mean.

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

How to Clean a Fidget Spinner

1. Take the center caps off your fidget spinner by twisting them. They usually come off easily when pulled, but if not, then take either a flat screwdriver or any debit/credit card (be sure not to break that one).

2. If your spinner has a metal cap or bearing shield, take that out and turn it over to get the bearing off. You can use a flat screwdriver again.

3. Mix lukewarm/hot water with some dishwashing soap in a bowl till it becomes foamy and forms suds.

4. Wash your spinner under a hot clean tap to remove any grease, gunk, or small particles that may be stuck in it.

5. You can either wash the center bearings with this solution or take 3-4 tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning. Use a toothbrush/earbud depending on the dirt and grease.

6. Take the soapy froth and rub it over your fidget spinner. You can also scrub it gently with a toothbrush to get rid of any unwanted grease.

7. Now comes the fun part. Start spinning it for about a minute while the soap suds are still present. Spin in opposite directions for it to clean itself faster. Get rid of all the debris stuck in it this way.

8. Run it under warm/hot water. Spin it while doing so, for about 30 seconds to rid it of the soap.

9. Now just pat dry it with a cloth towel (preferably a micro-fiber one as it is lint-free). Avoid the bearings while doing so.

10. Use a hairdryer to dry it.

This technique can be used for any metal fidget spinner. But use only isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol instead of warm water when working with a plastic spinner.

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

A Few Tips to Remember

  • You can use isopropyl alcohol or even rubbing alcohol (present in nail polish remover) to sanitize your spinner to get rid of bacteria. Pour it on a small cotton pad and gently rub your fidget spinner.
  • A can of compressed air can also be used to dry your fidget spinner instead of a hairdryer. The propellant has moisture so I suggest going for a hairdryer especially because it is more easily available. The propellant is dangerous and should be used carefully.
  • Avoid adding any lubricants or oils to get rid of the noise. This may lead to your fidget spinner becoming a lot slower, which honestly isn’t fun. Although if you really need to make it quieter, then add only a drop of any lightweight oil or thin lubricant.
  • Never add oil to make your fidget spinner spin quicker. This only makes it greasy which attracts more dirt and debris. On the other hand, clean it once in a while, following the above steps, and it will become faster than you are while exiting a zoom meeting!
  • Dry the spinners’ bearings along with the balls properly before putting them back.
  • Never dry the bearings with a towel or rag. The lint and fuzz would stick to it making it slower. Always use a hairdryer for the same.

How Can You Put the Balls Back into the Bearings?

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

1. Lay the inner and outer bearing rings on a table, separately.

2. Take the outer besting and fill it with the balls (usually 4-7).

3. Use a tweezer to put the inner bearing back in the center so that the balls are now between the two.

4. Use the same tweezer to gently place the balls in a circle formation leaving a little gap in the middle.

5. Proceed to seal it with the metal cap.

6. Do this on a foam sheet or any lint-free surface that wouldn’t make the balls slide.

How to Clean Rust from Fidget Spinner?

You will need vinegar, rubbing alcohol (with the highest alcohol content), a small screwdriver to pull out finger and dust covers, an old toothbrush, and a hairdryer.

1. Remove the finger covers and dust covers gently with the screwdriver.

2. Pour vinegar into a bowl and let the spinner sit in it for a few minutes. Then, scrub it with an old toothbrush.

3. Now taking the rubbing alcohol in another container, put the spinner in it for a few minutes again, and then scrub off remaining rust particles. Keep cleaning until you can spin it quickly.

4. Use a hairdryer to dry it completely and put the finger covers and dust covers back on.

You finally know everything there is to know about these addictive little fidget spinners so just don’t forget to keep calm and fidget on. Go give yours a whirl…but hey, not before you clean it.

The fidget spinner is small and exquisite in appearance and easy to play with. It can not only pass the time in leisure time but also relieve stress. However, this toy will look a little old after playing for a long time. Some metal-bearing maybe Rust affects the spinning time and speed of the fidget spinner, so the fidget spinner also needs regular maintenance. So how should the fidget spinner be maintained?

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

Tool materials: alcohol, absolute ethanol, lighter oil or detergent, Hairdryer.

1. When the dust on the metal-bearing fidget spinner causes the rotation speed to slow down and the rotation time becomes shorter, it can be clean and maintained for lighter oil.
Lighter oil is suitable for most metal-bearing fidget spinners. You can drop an appropriate amount of lighter oil into the container and then remove the bearing of the fidget spinner or directly soak the entire fidget spinner in the lighter oil while rotating it for cleaning. Finally, take out the fidget spinner and dry it with the cold air mode of the hairdryer to restore the fidget spinner to its original rotating state. (Be careful not to blow the fidget spinner bearing with high temperature when using a hairdryer)

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

2. When the fidget spinner of the metal bearing is rusty, it can also use alcohol for cleaning and maintenance.
If there is no lighter oil at home, you can also use higher purity alcohol or absolute ethanol to clean the fidget spinner bearings. Generally, ceramic, metal bearings or mixed materials can be maintained with alcohol, while the alcohol cleaning bearing method and the lighter oil cleaning The bearing method is similar, so that I won’t explain it here. In addition, it should note that the fingertip gyro with metal bearings is best to use volatile absolute ethanol for maintenance.

3. The fidget spinner with ceramic bearing is the easiest to maintain and clean and clean with water and detergent.
Ceramics are not as easy to rust as metal bearings, so it is possible to clean them directly with water or detergent. You only need to unscrew and remove the ceramic bearings, and then drop an appropriate amount of detergent directly on the bearing and rinse with warm water. Finally, air-dry it or blow-dry it and reinstall it and you can play usually. It should also note that if the detergent is not clean up, it may affect the regular rotation of the fidget spinner, so it must rinse for a while.

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

4. Never use lubricating oil or water to clean the fidget spinner metal bearings.
Neither metal nor ceramic bearings can maintain with lubricating oil! This point must pay attention to; otherwise, it may affect the rotation time of the fidget spinner, and the metal-bearing may rust when it gets wet, so you can not clean it with water. If you accidentally drop the metal-bearing into it, If it is in water, be sure to wipe it dry as soon as possible, then wash it with alcohol and blow it dry so that the water in the metal-bearing will evaporate and return to the state.

5. Keep your fidget spinner in safekeeping at ordinary times to avoid dusting of the fidget spinner.
If you don’t plan to play the fidget spinner again shortly, it is best to store it in a clean, dust-free and not humid place. It is recommended to buy a dust-proof bag or box; when you are not playing, put your fidget spinner in a bag or box and keep it carefully to avoid dust or water in the bearing, affecting the spinning time speed of the fidget spinner.

6. When playing with the fidget spinner, be careful not to fell to the ground.
If the fidget spinner often falls to the ground, it may cause the bearing to break and deform. Therefore, it is recommended that novices try the new way to play fidget spinner, preferably on a mattress or foam pad, and stay away from places with water. Avoid fidget spinner breaking or getting water.

7. If the bearing of the fidget spinner is damaged accidentally, you can buy a new bearing to replace it.
If the fidget spinner does not rotate anymore after being cleaned after a fall, it means that the bearing may no longer be used. Just measure the size of your original bearing and buy a new bearing to replace it. In addition, the fidget spinner can be equipped with many bearings of different materials; as long as the size and model are appropriate, you can install it, so you can choose the material you like when you need to replace the bearing.

Fidget spinners can be oddly satisfying if you are trying to kill time in between boring meetings. However with continues use just like any other depreciable asset, these spinners also lose out on its cutting edge. They desperately call out for running repairs or intense cleaning for them to be back to their previous full potential. In our today’s we will share some important cleaning hacks which will keep your electroplating fidget spinners as good as new in spite of repeated use.

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

The speed of the fidget spinner is one of the foremost things which will catch you eye and keep your entwined. It’s like a mini fan which you can rotate on your fingertips. However continued use causes wear and tear which also decreases its speed. This means lower spinning time which might not be visible immediately but over a long run the same can be easily felt. Mild built up of grease, dust and other particles work in unison as the nemesis of our favorite fidget spinner. Thus it is of foremost importance for us to hinder the accumulation of these antibodies as with time wiping the same off becomes more cumbersome.

One of the most effective ways of cleaning the bearing in our fidget spinner is by saturating the same in warm water mixed with soap and keeping it submerged for some time. Using citrusy juice from lemon can also go a long way in fostering the cleaning process. After soaking it for approximately 15 minutes you can dry your palm toy thoroughly and try giving it a spin. It should reach its optimum speed by now. However if it doesn’t then you need to run through the cleaning drill once more.

Dabbing some lubricant over the spinner is also a great way of cleaning the same. However with various forms of lubricants available in the market you need to be cautious about the one you choose. You skin will constantly be in contact with the bearing. Thus go for a lubricant which does not cause skin irritation. A great option is using water based lubricant for cleaning these finger spinners as they are hard on dust but soft on skin.

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

Repairing your fidget spinner will surely take a lot of time. For working properly, the fidget spinner needs to have a tight fit. In case it becomes loose you can add a little tape to the bearing. On the other hand if your fidget spinner was always on the slower side then probably it needs to be loosed up a little bit. For this you can soak the fidget bearing in a harsh liquid like lubricant or paint thinner. This will diminish the inner friction and unleash its ultimate potential.

Fidget spinners come with a user warranty. So if you get a chance don’t forget to make use of the same. It is advisable to go for a high value spinner which will decrease its repair requirements. Investing on a high frontal initially will surely guarantee greater returns in the long run.

(1) Clean the lubricant off of your rusted bearing with your preferred solvent, I used 100% acetone but any percent of isopropyl alcohol works. I left the two r188 bearings in the acetone for about 30mins which is overkill, 15 mins is fine. You will not see any reaction. (3rd pic is bearings in acetone). Allow the bearing to dry completely. Compressed air will speed the process. (4th pic is rusted bearings dried)

(2) Pour enough white vinegar into a jar so that the bearing can be completely submerged.

Make sure you use WHITE vinegar, not cider or balsamic.

(3) Now place bearing into the vinegar. You will begin to see hydrogen bubbles forming on the bearing (5th pic is bearings in vinegar). Remove the bearing every hour and give it a scrub with the toothbrush or cloth to remove loosened rust. If corrosion is heavy, or if time is not a factor, you may also leave the bearing in the vinegar overnight and achieve similar effects.

I left mine in there for about 2 hours and cleaned it with a toothbrush every hour.

(4) Once the oxidation has been removed, place bearing someplace warm and dry till the vinegar evaporates completely. Your should give it a spin every now and again to to insure there is no vinegar trapped in the race.

(Pics 6&7 are bearings clean and derusted)

After the vinegar, put your bearings back in the acetone or your solvent of choice to clean it. This whole process will make your beating spin longer but it will make it louder. Lube will help.younwith the sound but you will loose spin time so it's your choice.

Your bearing is now restored and ready to be installed dry or lubed. Please note that heavily corroded bearings will display pitting and will not be shiny.

When stressed or tired, we look for something to relieve the pressure. Luckily, fidget spinners do this perfectly. Having it on your working desk or pocket gives you the convenience of spinning it anytime.

Unfortunately, some spinners can increase your stress level. This is especially when they are noisy. You can’t concentrate or feel relieved if the spinner makes a lot of noise.

But this should be the case. You can apply simple techniques and make your spinner quiet.

In this article, we will share with you simple ways to make your spinner quieter. But before we begin, lets first understand why the spinners themselves will make noises.

Why Does Your Spinner Make Noise?

You might be wondering where the noise on your spinner could be coming from. Probably, when you bought your spinner, you didn’t think it will make any noise. So, you just bought any spinner from the market.

If you have found yourself in this situation, you are not alone.

Some spinners are noisy. The sound you will hear from your spinner comes from the spinner bearings. There are fidget spinners that have a noisy bearing. Others, the noise comes with time.

Most people who buy fidget spinners do not realize the importance of choosing the right bearing and the construction material.

When the bearing makes some sound, and the construction material of the spinner amplifies it, the noise becomes unbearable. Instead of your bearing offering comfort to you, it turns out to be a disaster.

When choosing a fidget spinner, focus on getting a spinner with a smaller bearing. Also, ensure that it’s a stainless-steel bearing. These bearings have reduced contact with the bearing races. As a result, you won’t hear any noise

In short, buy a bearing made with a hybrid material. This will make the spin of smoother and hence reduce the noises you will hear from your bearing.

Also, get fidget spinners without shields or lube. These help in removing dirt from the bearing to deal with the noises you hear.

Other causes of noisy fidget spinners are dirt and debris that accumulate in the spinner’s bearing.

Simple Ways to Make Your Fidget Spinner Quiet

A noisy spinner is annoying. Instead of relaxing you, it adds more to your stress. If your fidget spinner is making noises do the following things to make it quieter.

1. Clean the Fidget Spinner Bearing

As mentioned, most of the noises you will hear from your spinner comes from the bearings. The noise increases if there is an accumulation of dirt and debris on the bearing.

The only way to deal with the noises related to unclean bearings is to clean them. To clean the bearing, follow the procedure below.

Remove the Cap: Use a screwdriver to open your spinner cap. Ensure you use the right screwdriver that won’t damage the screws on your gadget.

Clean the Bearing: Place the bearing on a clean surface. Using a soft brush, clean all dirt you see on the bearing. Ensure your fidget remains clean.

2. Lubricate Your Bearing

You will hear other noises that are a result of excess friction on the bearing. So, when cleaning your bearing, inspect it.

Check whether it’s well lubricated. If it’s not, put some oil in the bearing.

Using your preferred oil, put a few drops at the center of the bearing. This should be done after removing the cap from your spinner.

After putting the drops of oil, spin it to distribute the oil equally on the bearing. Once you feel the bearing rotating normally, return the cap on the spinner to prevent it from accumulating dust and other objects.

Also, ensure you wipe your spinner clean to remove excess oil on the fidget spinner.

  • Buy A Quiet Fidget Spinner

The best way to deal with the noise problem is to buy a quiet fidget from the start. In the market, you will find spinners that uses a quiet technology. Though they might cost a little higher than the other spinners, the price will be worth the experience.

The following are the top best silent fidget spinners you will find in the market today.

Rainbow Anti-anxiety Fidget Spinner

This is a small bearing fidget spinner made of copper material. It’s easily portable due to its small size. You can comfortably place it in your pocket and use it anytime you would wish to.

The design and color of the fidget spinner are unique. Itself, it will relax your mind by just having a look at it. If you feel stressed or unoccupied, you can pull it out and relieve your the best part is that this fidget will spin silently. You won’t easily notice it when it’s spinning.

Key Features

  • Quiet Fidget
  • Gives a rainbow effect when spinning
  • Offers a good balance

The fidget is available on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price and buy it now.

Trianium Fidget Spinner

Trianium Fidget spinner is suitable for both children and adults. It will reduce your stress, increase your concentration and allow you to be awake for longer. It’s also simple and easy to use.

Its design gives a beautiful and smooth surface that feels nice to touch. It also comes with perfect weight and size making it fit perfectly in your pocket. You can easily use it at any place at any time.

Its bearing is optimized to reduce the noises that could come from the bearing.

Key Features

  • It has a longer turn
  • Offers good balance
  • It glows in the dark

The fidget is available on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price and buy the device from Amazon today.

How to clean fidget spinner bearings

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Fidget Spinner

The following are the key things you need to put in mind when buying a silent fidget spinner from the market.

Size and Weight

The size of the spinner is very important. You need to buy a portable spinner. Best spinners can fit in the pocket and carry around.

It should also be lightweight to make it comfortable and easy to move around with.


Ensure you get fidget spinners with smaller bearing. They should also spin faster. The right bearing will ensure that there is no much friction you will hear from the spinner. As a result, it will relieve you better.


Without a say, fidgets come at different prices. You need to buy a spinner that is within your budget. Don’t break a bank to buy a spinner you can’t afford.


Its construction materials will determine the durability of a spinner. Your spinner will fall time over time. Ensure you buy a device with material that won’t break easily.

Parting Shot

Once you identify the reason why your spinner is making noises, it will be easier to fix it. Either the bearing is dirty or not lubricated. To deal with these noises, you need to clean and lubricate the spinner bearing.

But if this doesn’t solve the problem, you should buy a silent fidget spinner. Feel free to buy any of the spinners we have recommended in this article. These spinners will give you amazing effects.