How to decorate a car for a parade

Any ideas on how to decorate a red Mustang convertible for a Christmas parade? The theme is the 12 Days of Christmas.

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I’m wondering if you need to use all the 12 days of Christmas or you can only use 1.

Since you have a convertible it would be fun to pick one of the 12 days and use your car for this day. For example you could pick the 3rd day and talk to people in the music department at schools and see if you could borrow 3 French horns.

As for the other days of Christmas this one would be sort of hard unless you decided to go to a craft store and get some foam ducks or geese. You could then get some large Christmas ribbon and use this on the front of the car to iie a giant bow in the middle and make a V up the hood to the windshield.

I wouldn’t decals on your paint on the car or even use a frost color spray paint like snow on the car. This is very hard on your paint job. Just use ribbon, foam birds, rings, and things like this. I like the 3 French horns in the back seat and maybe you can get a member of the band to dress up like a elf and sit on the top of the back seat playing the horns.

I would have decals of all the items for the 12 days of Christmas on the body of the car.(1 partridge in a pear tree, 5 golden rings, etc)

Decorating Mustang for 12 days of Christmas.

    Put a partridge in a cage on the back of the car sitting on the trunk.

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Inspiration Car Decorations For Graduation Parade Ideas

How to decorate a car for a parade

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How to decorate a car for a paradeFort Collins’ annual 4th of July Community Celebration is taking place as usual this year. The festivities include the traditional Independence Day parade at 10 am along Mountain Avenue. If you’re participating in the parade this year, or you simply want to show your patriotism, use these tips to decorate your car temporarily for the holiday.

Clean Your Car First

Before you break out the decorations, make sure your car is clean first. Not only does this improve the final appearance, but it ensures the items you stick to your car don’t fall off in the middle of the parade. Washing the exterior of your car is all that’s really necessary, but you might as well tidy up the inside too, so you and your friends can enjoy the comfort of riding in a clean car .

Decorate Your Car with Temporary Car Paint

Removable spray paint is an effective way to show off your patriotism without making permanent changes to your car’s paint. If you already drive a red, white, or blue car, your job is already one-third done! Simply decorate with the corresponding colors, adding stars, stripes, and other imagery and messages all over your car.

Show Your Patriotism with Window Markers

Write messages on the rear and side windows with washable red, white, and blue window markers, sometimes labeled as “chalk.” Just make sure you don’t obstruct your view out the windows with too much writing. It’s easy to wash off window markers when the holiday is over.

Fly Balloons

This decoration draws attention to your car in a flashy, yet temporary and inexpensive way. Simply tie a bunch of helium-filled balloons to your side mirrors and door handles, and you’re all set.

Use Parade Float Fringes & Streamers

This staple of traditional parade floats is intended to hide the mechanisms under the float. Attach red, white, and blue fringes to the front and back bumper of your car to mimic this look. Streamers are a good substitute or addition to float fringes. Apply them flat or twisted for a more ornamental look.

Get Festive with Bunting Flags

Bunting flags are those pleated, half-circle flags traditionally mounted to eaves and patio railings. Instantly boost your festive look by attaching them under the windows on each side of your car.

Make Signs

Are you representing a company or organization in the parade? Make sure onlookers know who you are by making signs on poster boards. Use big, bold letters in eye-catching colors, and accent the words with glitter. Then, either decorate your car with the posters or hold them as you participate in the parade.

Decorate Your Car with Colored Duct Tape

While ordinary gray duct tape does an acceptable job, it can detract from your decorations. With red, white, and blue duct tape, your method for attaching fringes, streamers, flags, and signs adds to the festive look. To prevent any residue when you decorate your car with duct tape, be sure to remove it promptly after the parade ends.

Wear a Costume

You’re as much a part of the parade as your car is, so make sure you look the part! Wear a patriotic suit or dress covered in stars and stripes, or break out the classic Uncle Sam costume to really turn some heads.

Final Note

Many of the decorations highlighted here are only safe to drive at parade speeds of 2 or 3 miles per hour. Cruising around town with a decked-out vehicle could prove hazardous, depending on how flamboyantly you decorate your car, so wait to attach balloons and any decorations that require tape until you arrive on the scene before the parade.

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Jazz up your car or truck with some festive holiday lights for parades or tailgate parties.

How to decorate a car for a parade

Lighting your vehicle is fun, but check laws and stay safe.

Each year, the family and I deck out our Ford F-150 with Christmas lights to participate in the holiday light parade. Last year, we won second place in our division, so I know a little something about decorating vehicles for the holiday season.

Whether you’re in a parade, or just like to show off your holiday spirit at your tailgate party, you can add lights to your vehicle easily. and without killing your battery. Here are some tips to get you WIP lit this holiday season.

Is it legal?

If you’re planning on adding lights to your vehicle for everyday use, it’s probably not a great idea. It’s more than likely illegal in your area. You can always call your local police department to find out the laws in your area, but to be on the safe side, only decorate for events where you’ll take the decorations off afterward.

When lighting your vehicle for a parade or when lighting up a tailgate party, you shouldn’t have any problems. Police can be more lenient in these cases, especially if it’s a nighttime light parade. Just make sure to turn on the lights after you get to the event to be on the safe side.

Start small

Before going all-out, start with a simple decoration and go from there. I suggest starting with a wreath you can attach to your car’s grill using zip ties. When you’re done, the ties can be easily removed without damaging your vehicle. Light the wreath with battery-powered lights instead of the kind you plug in.

The lights come with their own small battery pack. All you need to do is switch them on before you go out.You can get battery-powered lights at most home improvement stores and some department stores and they come in a variety of shapes and colors. My favorite are the ones shaped like snowflakes.

Battery-powered lights can also be wrapped around the grill for a little more bling.

How to get big-time lit

OK, so maybe going small isn’t your style. Drenching your vehicle in bulbs is a little more difficult than just adding a wreath or some battery-powered lights.


First, you’re going to need a power inverter to produce enough power for lights that have a voltage more than 12V. Most Christmas lights are 110V AC (alternating current). That’s no good for car use because your vehicle can typically only power 12V DC (direct current).

The inverter allows you to use normal Christmas lights by changing the DC current to a useable AC current. All you do is hook it up to your vehicle’s battery by following the manufacturer’s instructions, then plug the lights into the inverter.

You can get inverters at your local auto supply store or online. The Potek 2000W Power Inverter Three or the Ampeak 1000W Power Inverter are good choices.


Now, you’re going to want to attach the lights really well so they don’t fall off or drag the ground. I like to use large zip ties to secure light strands to my vehicle’s running boards, mirrors, bed hooks, grill, bumper and other spots where a zip tie can easily be looped.

Some people also use strong magnets that you can buy from craft stores for temporary situations, like a parade. Just be sure not to drag the magnet across your car’s finish when you remove the magnets. Always pull up on the magnet to avoid scratches on your vehicle’s paint job.

Be safe

When you’re in the big leagues of lighting, be sure to be safe. Use only lights rated for outdoor use and only use the lights when it’s dry outside. These 110V AC lights can shock you, and not in a good way.

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Fourth of July weekend is almost here! That means good friends, fireworks, and all the watermelon your belly can handle.

Nothing says freedom like a July 4th parade. If you’re planning on showing off your love of country and independence this Fourth, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up some of best tips and ideas to get you inspired for getting your car parade-ready this July 4th.

Before you begin

Make sure your vehicle is clean before you start decorating. Having any sort of dirt underneath the decorations will scratch your car’s body panels.

Car Decorating Techniques for July 4th

You can find most of these items at your local party supply store.

Temporary Car Paint

This is the easiest way to spruce up your car, although different brands may leave different amounts of residue (or none at all!). Paint your car in red, white and blue, and go crazy with stars and stripes imagery. Temporary car paint is also perfect for painting USA-inspired images and messages on the sides and back of your car.

Parade Float Fringes

As a staple of the classic float, parade float fringes will instantly elevate your car into the upper echelons of float-dom (if there is such a thing?). Attach red, white and blue fringes to the bumper or front end of your car.

You can also substitute streamers or use them in conjunction with your fringes. Streamers are also great because they allow versatility; attach them as they are or twist them together to make a more ornamental look.

Bunting Flags

Bunting flags are an easy way to make your car look more patriotic with very little effort. Attach them beneath the windows on each side of your car.

Window Decorations

Use window chalk or window markers to decorate your windows (just remember that you’ll need to be able to see out of your windshield!). Window chalk decorations should only be used on window glass.

Colored Duct Tape

Colored duct tape is perfect for attaching lights and signs, and will not leave residue if you remove it promptly after the parade. Duct tape can also be used to write out short, fun messages, outlining basic shapes, and add a bold pop of variety to your car’s decor.


Balloons are an easy and versatile way to draw attention to your vehicle and add volume – without the hassle of worrying about permanence or cumbersome attachments. Plus, they’re super cheap.

Here are some fun ways to use balloons:

  • Tie them to your side mirrors or antenna (just make sure you’re not obstructing your view!)
  • Buy (or make, if you’re talented enough) shaped balloons (think animals and other shapes)
  • Use a variety of sizes to give your car visual intrigue
  • Opt for the classic red, white and blue theme, or go crazy with colors!

Just don’t fly away!


Go wild with signs – they’re super nifty for adding even more personalization to your car and getting you noticed. We like using markers, eye-catching colors, robust poster boards and glitter. Lots of glitter.

You can either attach your sign to the car body with tape, or hold it yourself as you go through the parade.


Yep, you! You’re as much a part of your car as anything else, since you’re the one driving the thing. Wear your wackiest costume, or go traditional with the red, white and blue theme. Extra points for sexy Uncle Sams.

Final things to keep in mind

When attaching anything to your car, make sure you’re thinking about whether or not it can withstand wind when you’re actually driving during the parade. Obviously you won’t be speeding down your neighborhood street. But if you live in a windy area, make sure you’re taking steps to keep your decorations from flying off during the parade.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the bevy of ideas on Pinterest .

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How to decorate a car for a parade

With social distancing and health concerns surrounding COVID19, many parents have had to search out alternative birthday party ideas to celebrate their children’s birthdays. As a family that is about to celebrate our second and third Safe at Home birthday party, we’re becoming well versed in how to plan the best birthday parade for kids. Check out our other article of you’re planning a COVID birthday for an adult.

Birthday Parade Ideas

We’ve attended several birthday parades or drive-by birthday parties and each of them has had their own special touch for the birthday kid.

  • Create a special spot for the birthday child to sit or stand or great friends.
  • Decorate your front yard in a special way. We scheduled a rented yard letters sign from Gina at Sign Dreamers.
  • Play your child’s favorite songs to add to the parade atmosphere.
  • Pass out individually packed cupcakes or donuts or other treats to guests as they drive by. Alternatively, have the treats spread out on a long table at the end of your property for guests to grab if they would like to.
  • Put together the traditional goody bag for your guests.
  • Ask friends to decorate their vehicles or their bikes.

How to decorate a car for a parade

How to Plan a Birthday Parade

Before you get to work, you’ll have to decide if you want to have everyone arrive at once and get ready in a staging area and then proceed in a continuous parade format or if instead you’ll have more of a drive-by birthday party where people can drive by during a certain time frame and say hello to the birthday child. There’s also a third type of parade that we’ll discuss later.

Invite People to the Birthday Parade

Contact your child’s teacher and invite the whole class to be a part of the festivities. Tell your family and friends via text messages, phone calls, email and social media. Drop off paper invitations to your neighbors or send an email. We made use of our community Next Door website. We created a Facebook event and even designed invitations. If you have more than one child and a partner, send them through the parade with the siblings. It will add more joy to the experience, all of the kids will get to participate and it will keep kiddos away from traffic.

Several of our friends have been able to get the fire department, police cars and neighborhood security force to drive in their children’s birthday parades. Now that the weather is getting nice, you could host a bicycle parade.

How to decorate a car for a parade

Decorate For the Birthday Parade

If you’re a participant in the parade, make homemade decorations with paper, wrapping paper or cardboard boxes. Use leftover birthday streamers and balloons or holiday decorations. Paint your car windows with tempera paints with dish soap mixed in or special window paint. Tip: if attaching items to your car, it’s best to wait until you are a few houses away from your destination to avoid littering or losing items. There are special birthday car parade decorations available for sale online. Check out these super hero birthday parade decorations.

Several of our carloads of guests were all wearing party hats! What a great idea! Another family of friends were jamming to music and blowing bubbles out the window. Pretty much anyone with a sun roof had children popping out of the top. My children dress up in their halloween costumes when we drive in the car parades. There’s no end to how creative you can get. At this point, there really are no rules (Disclaimer: follow traffic laws)!

Birthday Yard Decorations

While it rained on our first birthday parade, we still braved the storm and so did our guests. We hired a local company to bring yard letters to our house and set up a giant birthday sign in our front yard. All day long our neighbors would honk and wave as they drove by. It was special to hear these greetings, even while we were indoors.

You can add balloons to the mailbox, decorate a special chair for the birthday kiddo or make signs for the birthday child. Our friends decorated their own driveway and sidewalk with beautiful birthday pictures and greetings.

How to decorate a car for a parade

Birthday Treats

Our family opted to skip the treats and goodie bags to continue being cautious with social distancing, however we’ve visited a few parades with birthday treats. Popular options that we’ve seen are birthday donuts, individually wrapped cupcakes, Capri Sun juices and Hostess treats. You could hand them out to your guests as they drive by or leave them on a table at the end of the parade for self serve.

Birthday Presents

We didn’t expect that our daughter would receive gifts, we really just wanted her to see her friends. However, friends and family members were dropping off gifts during the parade, handing them out the window and tossing them to us. Our four year old was delighted! She couldn’t even believe it! We had prepared her to understand that since we weren’t having a traditional party, this would not be happening. We were wrong! Later, she opened all of her presents live on a Zoom call with her grandparents, cousins and aunts and uncles watching.

If friends and family want to send presents ahead of time, that’s helpful too! One of our close friends had a Zoom birthday party and we sent her gifts via Amazon before the party.

Reverse Birthday Parade

Typically during a parade, the guest of honor is the one being paraded down the street. We’ve been witness to the more traditional type of parade. Our neighbor and court of cars that followed, paraded through the neighborhood with the birthday girl popping out of the sunroof of her parent’s car. Neighbors were asked to stand outside of their homes, waving signs and sharing words of encouragement and congratulations. It was beautiful!

Don’t Forget

Your children just want to see their friends. That’s the whole point. Enjoy your time, take lots of socially distant photos and smile!

How to decorate a car for a parade

Everything is different now and the people have created a new tradition for birthdays during the quarantine. I know that safety is the most important thing right now, but we can not leave off small milestones in life. Since we can’t be together in person now to celebrate important dates, new ideas have become the new normal.

The world started celebrating in a different way and they created the Drive-by Parade. Before all this happened, It would have been very weird to arrive at someone else’s birthday honking in my decorated car, but at this moment it seems normal. and it’s a great idea to celebrate a birthday from a distance.

Birthday parades are now common in every neighborhood. This celebration can be a lot of fun because you have to decorate the family car and be creative.

Here some ideas for your Drive-by Birthday Parade Party

1. Invite your Friends

You can send an Electronic invitation to your friends and let them know the date and the basic information for your Birthday Parade. Do not forget to include the time so they arrive on time for the fun!

How to decorate a car for a parade

How to decorate a car for a parade

How to decorate a car for a parade

2. Create a Thank you for Driving by Station

3. Decor your Car

Add some balloons and a bunting banner to your car in case you want to join the parade or just to decorate your house. Let your friends know you are having a Drive-By Parade.

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How to decorate a car for a parade

2020 graduation parade car decorations kit. Buy products such as graduation school spirit 11 piece decoration kit click to select color at walmart and save. This class of 2020 graduation car decorating kit includes a congrats balloon banner 2020 tassel garland black and white streamers a window marker 5 bubble bottles and 8 party horns. Long with 10 34 pennants 1 roll of black polypropylene curling ribbon 316 x 500 yds.

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Loads of graduation party bargains are waiting to help you create a flawless party for your fantastic graduate. Whether youre hosting a small graduation party for the family or a no holds barred graduation party for all the gang our themed graduation party supplies decorations gifts and novelty accessories help you celebrate in a way that gets everyone in the party spirit. Just because you cant have an in person graduation party doesnt mean you cant celebrate a 2020 graduate.

The magnetic tape is sturdier than masking tape and will not damage the paint. Everything you need is here so start planning the perfect. Green graduation car parade decorating kit.

2020 graduation party supplies graduation decorations. Hot pink graduation hanging swirl decorations 30 pc. May 13 2016 explore 204steveos board senior car decoration on pinterest.

Current price 1297 12. Attach signs and decorations directly to the cars exterior using magnetic tape. Shop for graduation party supplies in party supplies.

See more ideas about senior quotes graduation quotes and 5th grade graduation. The cars in your homecoming parade will achieve parade float status when you dress them up in this easy and convenient metallic car parade float decoration kit. Use wire twist ties to secure garlands and streamers to the.

24 emerald green latex balloons 11 2 cardstock class of 2020 graduation jointed banners 6 ft. Take a look at these party supplies celebration accents with class.

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