How to fit micro ring hair extensions

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Micro loop hair extensions are permanent hair extensions that you clamp near the roots of your natural hair using metal rings. These extensions come in 2 varieties: with loops and without. Micro ring hair extensions with loops allow you to pull your hair through the metal rings at the ends of the extensions without using a tool. Extensions without loops require a crochet hook to pull your natural hair through the rings. Luckily, the process is relatively simple regardless of what type of extensions you decide to use.

How to fit micro ring hair extensions

How to fit micro ring hair extensions

How to fit micro ring hair extensions

How to fit micro ring hair extensions

Tip: Position the extensions on the back of your head at least 1 in (2.5 cm) in from the hairline to blend them with your natural hair. Any closer to the hairline and they will be visible.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

One of the most popular methods of hair extensions on the market, and for good reason. Our go-to method for creating stunning transformations. A stand-by-strand application method without the need for heat or glue.

The key to a successful application is having the correct techniques from the very beginning. Along side our in-salon training, we can offer training online and via vlog.

Mastering the Technique
  • Section out of the way the sides and crown. Then take around two fingers width section from the bottom. This Is your base row.

How to fit micro ring hair extensions

  • Starting from the centre of the head you will form a section using your fingers to create a U or V like shape. The size of the section depends on the client’s own hair density. You are looking to capture a consistent amount of hair inside the ring. Clients with less dense hair will have larger sized sections and clients with more dense hair will have smaller sized sections (but both will have a similar number of hairs captured inside the ring.
  • Using your thumb and two forefingers that are underneath the section roll together to create a twist.

How to fit micro ring hair extensionsHow to fit micro ring hair extensions

  • Using your looper/hook slide the ring onto your section. Keep your section nice and close to the root to stop you from picking up any unwanted hairs. Also keep your section nice and taught.

How to fit micro ring hair extensions

Keeping your section nice and taught by using your forefingers, placed just under the ring. The top of the ring should line up with the bottom of the hair section. W ith your other hand push the tip of the extension through the ring so it lines up. The top of the tip and the top of the ring should be flush. Clamp flat using the middle part of your clamp to secure.

How to fit micro ring hair extensionsHow to fit micro ring hair extensions

  • The extension should be sitting nice and flat with a small amount of wiggle room for comfort.

How to fit micro ring hair extensions

Nano ring hair extensions are a fantastic method, especially for those with finer hair.

But what are nano ring hair extensions, how do they compare to other hair extension methods and what are their pros and cons?

The process of fitting nano ring hair extensions involves placing individual strands to small sections of hair, and securing them with a metal nano ring. The nano ring itself (as the name suggests) is tiny and 90% smaller than a traditional micro ring, which is why it is often more suitable for those with finer hair.

How Big Are Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

The main advantage of the nano ring hair extension is that its bonds are incredibly tiny. In fact they’re around 90% smaller than a micro ring , resulting in being crowned one of the smallest bonds available.

They are also available in a variety of colours, making it easier to match them to the root colour they are being fixed too.

When applied professionally, nano ring hair extensions will be extremely secure thanks to adopting a strand by strand method. The trick to secure the rings properly, is to gather the correct amount of natural hair and place it within the ring. So long as the natural hair isn’t excessively oily or soft, the rings will secure perfectly.

Nano ring hair extensions should last when cared for with regular maintenance appointments, anywhere between three and four months, which is a much longer time than other hair extension methods.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

Often those who have finer hair, may have struggled in the past finding the right hair extensions and method to suit their hair type.

Other hair extension methods such as wefts, have been prone to showing through on fine hair, making it visible to others that your client has had hair extensions applied. As nano rings are so small they are much easier to conceal even when the hair thin and sparse.

Are Nano Ring Hair Extensions Damaging?

Nano ring hair extensions are not damaging to the natural hair when fitted by a trained professional. In actual fact, they are one of the hair extensions methods that are the least damaging.

They do not require heat or glue to secure them, meaning they will be kinder and gentler on the hair. When it’s time to remove them, they won’t require the typical alcohol or acetone based solution remover unlike the prebonded hair extension method.

As with all salon based hair extensions, we cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring hair extensions are fitted, maintained and removed by a reputable, trained professional.

How Long Do Nano Ring Hair Extensions Last?

Nano ring extensions should last between three and four months, with regular maintenance appointments.

They require more maintenance appointments than other hair extension methods, because the nano rings are so tiny. Ideally a maintenance appointment should be booked for every three-four weeks to keep them in the very best condition, and to last as long as possible.

Traditional hair extension maintenance appointments such as pre-bonded and micro beads, are typically booked every four to six weeks.

Nano Ring Hair Extension Slippage

Due to the size of the nano rings, there may be times when some do slip and are even lost between hair maintenance appointments, which is perfectly normal and to be expected. Some are more predisposed to this happening than others. As we have previously mentioned, if the hair the extensions are fitted to are excessively oily, or soft then this is likely to happen and more often too. So don’t be disappointed if after a fitting appointment you find some have come loose.

Nano ring hair extensions are a great invention but alas like most things in life aren’t suitable for everyone. It all depends on a person’s needs and requirements, so make sure you’ve discussed with your hairdresser which hair extension method would be best suited to you and your hair needs.

If you would like to know more about nano ring hair extensions or would like advice on all things hair extension related, then make sure you check out our hair extensions advice page . It’s packed full with interesting and helpful articles, addressing most hair extension queries.

If you would like more information or have a question about our hair extensions and accessories, then feel free to get in touch via our Facebook page and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram too.

How to fit micro ring hair extensions

Hello, my name is Amy, and I am the founder and owner of SimplyHair and award-winning aftercare product brand, HairExtensionBFF. I have over ten years of experience in the hair extension industry, having first undergone my training as a hair extensions technician in 2010.

I started my career working as a mobile hair extensionist, fitting predominantly micro ring hair extensions, I travelled all over the county, transforming women’s hair and lifting their confidence. After sourcing my own hair to use on my clients, and seeing how much they loved it and how high quality it was, I decided to become a supplier to other hair extensionists and salons nationwide, which quickly developed worldwide. I have also won the award for designing the Best Detangler at the 2019 Hair Awards and made finalist for Star Product for my Pre-Shampoo treatment.

SimplyHair’s hair extensions are located in many salons throughout the UK and US, and are worn on national TV shows such as ITV’s Dancing On Ice. We are proud to supply many celebrities and well-known figures including Stacey Dooley, Dannii Dyer, Maura Higgins, Pixie Lott, Denise Van Outen, and many more. We are fortunate enough to see our products worn by Saffron Barker for her photoshoots with Primark and Superdrug, as well as all of the stars of the Strictly Come Dancing Tour 2020.

Having an equal passion for both the hair extension industry and the small business community, I ensure that SimplyHair not only focuses on a quality product but also on valuable advice and guidance on growing a business. We want to see our community grow and thrive, and enjoy being a part of that with them.

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How to fit micro ring hair extensions

Micro loop hair extensions are a method of strand by strand fusion that utilizes small attachment rings, without the use of heat or glue. Applying micro loop extensions requires precision and a set of professional extensions tools. Micro loop extensions are 100% human hair and can therefore be styled and cared for just like natural hair. One application of micro loop extensions can last up to eight months with proper care and maintenance.

Parting and Preparation

Part clean, dry hair that is free of product. Separate a horseshoe-shaped section that encompasses the bangs and crown and secure with a duckbill clip.

Create a vertical part on each side of the head, from the tip of the ear to the crown section. Comb hair forward and clip in front of ears.

Part remaining loose hair horizontally across the rear of the head, halfway between the crown and nape. Pin the upper section out of the way with duckbill clips.

Separate 1/2 inch at the nape of the neck and comb flat. Separate a 1/2 inch row of hair, which will be the base for the first row of extensions. Clip the upper part of the section with duckbill clips.


Insert the hooking device through the micro loop on the hair extension strand.

Hold approximately 15 strands of hair between the thumb and forefinger of one hand and insert the strands into the tip of the hooking device.

Slide the micro loop extension up the stem of the hooking device and onto the hair strands, positioning the loop 1/4 inch away from the scalp. In a slow, smooth motion, pull the hooking device away from the hair strands.

Place pinchers of the clamping tool around the micro loop and squeeze firmly to secure the extension to the natural hair.

Repeat extension application through the rest of the row, leaving 1/2 inch on the perimeter hairline for blending.

Release the lowest section of hair and separate another 1/2 inch of base hair on which to apply the micro loop extensions. Repeat parting and application throughout the rear of the head, until the crown section is reached.

Release and comb side parts. Apply micro loop extensions evenly but sparingly throughout this area. In the case of hair that is already longer than six inches, the side parts may not need additional extensions.

Release the crown section of hair. Comb hair evenly and trim the extensions to blend with the natural hair.


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Hair Loss Integration System: from £499


Micro Rings Reposition (every 6-8 weeks):

Half Head £60
¾ Head £90
Full Head £120

Nano Rings Remove & Refit (every 10-12 weeks):

Half Head £120
¾ Head £160
Full Head £200

Tape – Remove, Re-tape & Re-fit:

1 pack £60 / 2 packs £90 / 3 packs £120

Removal of bonds / tape / micro rings: £40 p/h

Please note: a non-refundable deposit of £100 is required upon booking. This can be paid on the online booking system upon booking, or via PayPal on the link at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can call 01908 978099 to make payment over the phone.

Cancellation Policy:

We are extremely busy and have lots of clients waiting for appointments. Your appointment is reserved especially for you – We, therefore, ask that at least 48 hours notice is given if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment (this can be done via the booking system). Your deposit (payable for consultation, maintenance or a new set of extensions) will be lost if you cancel completely. Less than 48 hours notice or ‘no shows’ will result in your deposit being forfeited. Thank you for your understanding.

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Not all hair extensions are the same.

NuTress are a specialist hair extensions salon and one of only a few in the UK to offer hand blended, tailor made hair extensions. We use the same method of blending loose hair to create both our micro bonded and micro ring hair extensions. We do not use pre-bonded, factory made hair extensions for either type of application.

Micro Bonds

We only use soft keratin to apply our micro bond hair extensions. This is much gentler than hair extension glue and is very easy to remove. Each hair extension is securely sealed to your own hair with a tiny, hand-made bond about the size of a grain of rice. This comfortable and discreet method is particularly suitable for those with finer hair and for those who would like to add hair extensions to more prominent areas, like the fringe. Micro bonds are better suited to very fine hair as they are even more discreet than our tiny micro rings. Our micro bonds won’t cause any damage to your natural hair and allow it to continue to grow freely. We love this versatile method – we can add tiny bonds where needed and offer something more for clients who need a really discreet method of adding hair. Due to the nature of this application, although it is possible it is not as well suited for reapplication as micro rings. Depending on hair type they last for 3-4 months.

Micro Rings

Not all micro rings are the same. We use the very best quality, tiny copper tubes which are half the size of regular micro rings. Our micro rings are very popular as they are non-shedding and 100% of the hair is reusable, making reapplications a more affordable option. The keratin bond is not fused with your natural hair making this type of application more appealing if you’d rather not have bonded hair extensions. Micro rings are more durable than micro bonds and may be a better option if you have very oily hair. Depending on hair type, a re-fit is usually recommended every 3-4 months.

Mix it up!

Some of our clients have a mixture of micro rings and micro bonded hair extensions. Clients with very oily, fine hair can have a micro ring application for the most part with micro bonds added to the most prominent areas. This bespoke application gives our clients the freedom to choose the best from both methods, suiting their individual needs.

We are happy to fit a couple of hair extensions using both methods at your consultation. There is no charge for this service and it allows you get a feel for our hair extensions before making a decision.

You will Receive a no-obligation consultation for the hair extensions. You will be taken through the process in detail including aftercare, recommended products, and the total cost.

Hair Extensions

Then You will do a color match as quite often the optimal color and texture blend is by combining hair from several different ponytails. They can also create in color combinations to create highlights and low-lights.No Problem to change the colors as often as you like and with no damage to your natural hair.

Keratin pre-bonded hair extensions come in individual bond with the nail or flat tip made of keratin. Keratin is a hair protein. This is a natural protein found in human hair and nails. Having extensions put in is that your hair is feeding off the keratin

This is one of the most popular hair extensions methods available on the market. This method is perfect for adding both length and volume, its colored similarly to your hair so that they are virtually undetectable. We recommended this technique for fine hair. It largely depends on your own rate of natural hair growth as they can be re-positioned and we would recommend you book maintenance session after two/ three months.

How to fit micro ring hair extensions

Micro ring hair extensions are one of the most popular forms of hair extensions due to their safe and easy installation method.

The Copper rings are available in different colors and they are covered with plastic Which cushions for the hair. The rings clamp securely in place and will not slip out even during the most challenging of activities

Silicone micro rings are the latest innovation in the industry. Lighter, longer and with a thinner layer of silicon. Lie as flat as conventional micro rings. Ideal for people with sensitive scalps or hair prone to breakage

They come in a variety of colors and are perfectly matched to your hair color to ensure the attachment is as undetectable as possible. They are also very quick to fit, easy to remove.

Maintenance is advised every 6 – 8 weeks, this will ensure your extensions are always looking their best. This involves, replacing, moving, tidying and tightening all clips. Then putting back in any of your lost strands at which point 100% of the extension hair can be reused.

How to fit micro ring hair extensions

The Nano ring is the smallest way to Fit hair extensions.

These rings are attached Nano-tip extensions to your hair at the end of each hair extension is a tiny wire.

Nano-tip extensions are lighter and allow your hair more freedom of movement, they are so tiny they are barely visible.

This Technique allows you to have any style you desire.

When your hair is thin, Nano ring hair Extensions will help give you the volume that you require.

How to fit micro ring hair extensions

Best Nano Ring Hair Extensions Pros and Cons of nano ring hair extensions, are a very popular option for those wishing to add a lustrous, long and silky hair to their natural charm and beauty, and with the hassles of having human hair. There are many reasons why these products are becoming extremely popular; some of the most prominent reasons being that these extensions are pain free and do not require the use of hair gels and sprays like other products on the market do, the fact that they last up to three months without washing, due to the fact that these extensions are made from a unique material unlike human hair that breaks and needs to be washed daily, and due to the fact that these hair extensions are able to absorb and hold onto the natural oils in the scalp. Due to these unique qualities, the hair extension holds on to the hair much longer than normal human hair, as well as appearing to be more natural looking. These hair extensions are able to be styled and cut as normal human hair, although care should be taken not to use hot tools or hair dryers on these extensions because this can cause damage.

There are a number of different types of best nano ring hair extensions for fine hair available, such as; Brazilian, Japanese, Mexican and European hair. Each type of hair extension has its own set of benefits, which makes them the ideal choice for individuals wishing to enhance their hair styles, whilst making sure that they do not suffer from any of the hassles that are associated with using human hair; such as, weight, moisture, breaking and dulling. This also makes it possible for women who are suffering from hair loss to use these extensions, or those who suffer from thin hair to use these hair accessories. The extensions are also great for those who are trying to create the illusion of having thicker, fuller hair. The best types of these hair accessories have been specifically formulated for both fine and thick hair, in order to provide the best results, whether it is necessary to use these types of extensions for thin hair or thick hair.

Brazilian extensions are often thought to be the best nano ring hair extensions available, due to the fact that they are the most natural looking. They look almost identical to the hair of the Brazilian woman, making it possible to use Brazilian extensions for the entire length of one’s natural hair. These extensions are also ideal if one is hoping to alter their appearance, such as by giving their hair a different color, or even curling it into a different style. The Brazilian extensions are able to provide volume to fine, thin, wavy and curly hair , while making it appear as though the hair has been surgically added to one’s head. These hair accessories are also great if one is attempting to change the color of their hair; since the extensions are generally dyed to match the hair color of the person wearing them, they blend in naturally, making it possible to change the color of the extensions at any time, with little effort required.

Japanese extensions are able to provide the best nano ring hair extensions for the same reasons that they are popular among women from Japan. These hairpieces are able to provide volume, fullness, body, natural texture and body to the hair. These extensions are made from human hair, which makes it easy for a stylist to work with the hair without it being weighed down by thick synthetic materials. Many of the best nano ring hair extensions come in the form of a human hair, because the natural texture and feel of human hair compliments most synthetic extensions.

Another option for fine, thin hair extensions is the hidden crown hair extensions. These hair accessories are great for those who may have thinning or fine hair, but are not completely hairless. The added volume provided by these hair extensions is great for hiding the hairline, making the wearer look much better about having thin hair than they really are. These are available in various different forms, colors and lengths. These hair accessories can also be found in clip-on forms as well. It is important that if you are interested in these, you visit a specialist and get recommendations on which is best suited for you.

The best nano ring extensions are often made from the keratin based synthetic strands. These extensions are available in various different forms such as, braid, fusion and ponytail hair types. This allows you to change your hairstyle or enhance a current style, easily, without having to purchase multiple pieces of hair accessory.

If you are more interested in the clip in the form of micro ring hair extensions, then you are in luck. YouTube has created a video course, that was put together by a professional salon, that teaches how to create these, with ease! These are very small, hair inspired clips, that attach to the back of your head with the use of clasps. You simply clip them on, and you can change your look instantly. The one thing you will have to make sure you do is that the clip you use has no splits, and no visible lines on the back of your scalp.

This course is broken down into three different sections. The first two are focused on the process of making micro rings, and the last two go over the application of these to the hair. As you can see, this is an easy process that does not take much time at all. In addition, YouTube has put together a video course that will teach you all you need to know about nano ring hair extensions, and everything you could possibly need to know in order to purchase, and wear these, to your best advantage.