How to get umbreon on pokémon diamond pearl and platinum

Pokemon Diamond Version

How do you get Umbreon and Espeon?

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By raising its Happiness. The easiest ways to do this are:

1) The massage lady in Veilstone City.
2) The massage artists at the Ribbon Syndicate (it’s really hard to get in there though)
3) Feeding it vitamin drinks
4) Using healing items if it’s injured
5) Leveling up (not really recommended since you’ll need your vee low-leveled or you’ll miss out on good Espy/Umb moves)
6) Walking 256 steps

Use the Friendship Checker Poketch app (from a girl in the Eterna City Pokecenter) to check your Eevee’s happiness. Hold your stylus down on the vee. If two hearts appear and they both grow big, it’s at full happiness. Level it up once during the daytime for Espeon, or during the nighttime for Umbreon.

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First, you must increase its friendship rating. Battling and walking around are standard; feeding it Berries and vitamins works but can be costly; and giving it a massage, either at the Ribbon Syndicate, which requires 10 different Ribbons to join and/or the lady in Veilstone, who gives you an Accessory afterwards. You can do both of these once a day.

Secondly, look at the in-game time using the Digital Clock or Analog Clock apps.
-If the time is between 8pm and 4am in-game time (night) and you level Eevee up with maximum friendship, it will evolve into Umbreon.
-If the time is between 4am and 8pm in-game time (day) and you level Eevee up with maximum friendship, it will evolve into Espeon.

Try to level Eevee up far from the borders of day and night, or you risk evolving it at the wrong side of day, potentially making it the undesired evolution.

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Like in Emerald, battling in the Battle Tower will give you Battle Points that you can spend on a variety of things in the building just South of the Battle Tower. However there are 18 Pokйmon that are not usable inside the Battle Tower. They are as follows;

In the middle door is where Standard Battles occur. These can be in both Single and Double Battle mode allowing for you to test your Pokйmon on some of the strongest computer players. The more you win in a row without a loss, the harder they get. However in Single Battle mode, like in Emerald, you will get to battle the Tower Tycoon on several occassions. The Tower Tycoon is one of the strongest trainers ever and requires some serious strategy and if you manage to beat him, you will get 20 BP. Below are his teams;

On 21st Consecutive Battle

Tower Tycoon Palmer Dragonite Milotic Rhyperior

On 49th Consecutive Battle

Tower Tycoon Palmer Heatran Regigigas Cresselia

The final mode is the Multi Battle Mode. This mode allows you to team up with a friend via the DS Wireless Play function and tackle the Battle Tower as a team. However if you do not have any friends nearby or at all, fear not! There is a single player mode which allows you to team up with the trainers that you were teamed up with earlier in the game, provided of course you have done that event, Click Here for Locations. Going into a room with the 5 trainers in, you will be able to go up to them and talk to them. This will allow you to pick them to join you. However they do not just have the Pokйmon they had when you had them earlier, they have a choice of many Pokйmon, some of which may have multiple movesets and below are the Pokйmon you may battle with if you select them: