How to give a foot massage

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What do I need to know about a foot massage?

You can use lotion, cocoa butter, oil, lanolin, or creams made especially for the feet. A foot massage increases blood flow and helps a person relax. Tender, tight, or cramped areas of the feet may feel better after a massage.

How do I give a foot massage?

Ask healthcare providers before you give a foot massage. They may not want you to give a foot massage if the person has medical conditions, such as diabetes or gout. Do not give a foot massage if the person’s feet are swollen or have blisters or warts.

  • Massage the foot:
    • Put a small amount warm lotion or oil in your hand. Smooth the lotion or oil over the foot.
    • Firmly hold the foot with both hands. Rub the top of the foot using a firm motion with your thumbs. Start at the tip of each toe and move slowly all the way up to the ankle. Move back towards the toes and rub with a lighter stroke. This step can be repeated 2 or more times.
    • Continue to hold the foot with both hands and move your thumbs to the bottom of the foot. Rub the bottom of the foot. Start at the tip of each toe and move your thumbs firmly towards the heel. Go back in the direction of the toes and rub the bottom of the foot with your thumbs. This step can be repeated 2 or more times.
    • Repeat the above steps on the other foot.
  • Massage the toes by pulling:
    • Hold the foot with one hand and grasp it under the arch.
    • With your other hand, hold the big toe with your thumb on top and your index finger underneath.
    • Slightly turn and pull the toe until you reach the end of the toe. Slide your thumb and index finger back to the base of the toe. Do this to each toe.
    • Repeat the above steps on the other foot.
  • Massage the toes by sliding:
    • Hold the foot with one hand and cradle it behind the heel.
    • Put in the index finger of your other hand between the toes.
    • Move your finger towards the base of the toes and back toward the end of the toes. Repeat this move two or three times between all toes.
    • Repeat the above steps on the other foot.

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When a man spends all day on his feet, aching soles and tired toes are almost inevitable. Offer a man a foot massage, and he’ll probably be thrilled with your generosity. Massage doesn’t just soothe foot soreness — it also relaxes a man’s body and mind. Giving a foot rub is a good way to bond with your partner or loved one, too. You can dish out a satisfying rubdown even if you’ve never given a massage before.

Fill a tub or large bowl with warm water, then add several drops of essential oil for fragrance. Men tend to enjoy spicy, earthy smells, although many also like floral scents. Some good choices include peppermint, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli, citrus, cypress and ginger.

Ask the man to soak his bare feet in the water for several minutes. The scent will relax him while the warm water softens his skin. Pat his feet dry with a towel when he’s done soaking.

Have the man sit or lie in a comfortable position. Sit in front of the man’s feet, then put a soft pillow on your lap. Ask the man to rest his feet on the pillow. This will cradle his feet, making the massage more comfortable for him and you. Residual essential oils on the man’s feet may stain the pillow. If you want to keep it clean, cover the pillow with a towel.

Moisten your fingers with a dab of massage lotion or oil. Using firm strokes, work your way around the perimeter of the man’s foot. Don’t be afraid to apply firm pressure — many men have thicker skin on their feet than women do.

Rotate the man’s foot a few times, then massage the anklebone with your thumb using a gentle circular motion. This helps ease tension in his legs.

Position both of your thumbs inside the foot’s arch. With slow, circular motions, move your thumbs up to the ball of the foot, then go back down to the heel. Massage the middle of the arch from left to right three times.

Massage the base of each toe with the same circular motions, then gently squeeze and wiggle his toes one at a time.

Repeat the process with the man’s other foot. If any residual oil or lotion remains after the massage, wipe it off with a damp cloth.

To make your own massage oil, combine 10 drops of grapeseed oil, four drops of rosemary oil, three drops of eucalyptus oil and two drops of peppermint oil. Pour the oils into a bottle and shake well before use.

Romantic couples may enjoy giving this massage in a warm bath. Instead of having the man soak his feet in the water, add the essential oils to the bath water. They’ll make your whole body feel soft and smell nice.

Some men might balk at the idea of receiving a massage. Ask the reluctant man to try the massage for just a few minutes at first. Assure him that you’ll stop at any time if he dislikes it.

Foot massages are relaxing and rejuvenating, alleviating all the pressure built up from a day at work or engaging in sporting activities.

Trained massage therapists can identify problem areas in the feet and apply specialized techniques to relieve tension. However, it’s possible to give yourself a foot massage when you can’t make a trip to the massage clinic.

Here’s how and why you should work self-care foot massages into your routine.

The Benefits of Foot Massage

A foot massage can improve blood flow through the feet, alleviate swelling (which can often build up in the feet after long periods of inactivity or because of certain illnesses like diabetes), reduce pain, and elevate your mood. Many physical therapists recommend foot massages to clients who have experienced sports injuries to the feet or ankles.

Check out: The best foot massagers that you can use at your home (without paying for a therapist!).

Some evidence even suggests that people suffering from chronic migraine headaches might even enjoy a reduction in the severity of their symptoms with regular foot massage treatment. Plus, foot massages just feel great!

Plantar Fasciitis Massage

There are several ways to target different areas of the feet.

First, sitting in a comfortable chair or in your bed, stretch your legs out in front of you. With one hand, gently pull the toes back so they are pointed slightly back towards your body. With the free hand, rub in circles right in the center of the bottom of your foot above the heel.

This works to relieve stress in the tendons and ligaments on the bottom of the foot, a great massage for the common condition plantar fasciitis, which refers to inflammation in the connecting tissues between the foot and heel.

Pressure Point Massage in Bottom of Foot

Press your thumbs into the heel of the foot and hold them there for ten seconds. Then, slowly, move your thumbs away from each other heading to the sides. Repeat this as many times as you like.

Center of the Foot Massage

Start at the ball of the foot, on the bottom near the toes. Slowly work your fingers down the foot, maintaining a steady pressure, to the heel and back. Some people prefer to use a tennis ball or similar device for this technique.

Calf Muscle Massage

Although not in the feet, the calf muscles can also become tense after long periods of use. Massaging the calf muscles can help relax foot muscles. Gently but firmly knead the calf muscles, starting at the bottom near the ankle and working your way up to under the knee.

Should I have tipped extra?

How to give a foot massage

Hey, cutie. Just wanted to let you know that this story originally ran in our May issue, so if you like what you see, you should probably snag a hard copy ASAP. Bye!

I had heard rumors of so-called “foot-gasms” before, but they always sounded like the wishful thinking of people with more

fetishes than mine. I never thought one would happen to me, especially because feet, including my own, have always grossed me out. And yet, here comes the part where I tell you why that’s not the case anymore.

In 2015, I was 29 years old and spending a month in Bali to surf and earn my yoga-teacher certification. Every morning, I’d run a mile along a dirt path from the yoga compound where I was staying to the Balian Beach market so I could stock up on chocolate, chips, candy, and anything caffeinated for myself and the other girls who couldn’t stand the strict yogi diet we’d been asked to follow. I ran the same route, each time noticing a bright-green sign that read pijat refleksi massage, framed by images of two feet.

How to give a foot massage

On my last week in Bali, the sign called out to my tired, aching body. I followed
it down an alleyway, through a courtyard, and into what looked like a former temple, where I found a short, elderly Balinese man with thick, graying hair and deep-set laugh lines. He was wearing oversize athletic shorts and a polo about two sizes too big for his small frame.

“Foot massage?” I mimed in an embarrassingly dramatic gesture, pointing to my feet and squeezing the air with my fingers. He smiled, went inside, and returned with his wife, who explained that he didn’t speak English but, yes, he was a reflexology specialist. We agreed on three dollars for an hour-long foot massage, then the three of us made our way to a large wooden platform beneath a pergola.

I kept my clothes on but took off my shoes and lay facedown on a bed of beach towels layered on top of a makeshift massage table. I attempted to listen as his wife told me stories about how they had recently become grandparents, while I focused on trying not to kick her husband every time he shoved his knuckle into the center of my sore arches.

“You’re very tender,”his wife said, laughing loudly at my pain.

“Yeah, I think I really needed this,” I winced.

How to give a foot massage

Twenty minutes in, I found myself finally relaxing and learning a lot about this sweet couple. But then, while lying on my back with my right foot in the man’s hands and his thumb pressing into a spot right above my heel, a strong, warm, tingling feeling shot up the back of my leg and into my pelvis. Despite my confusion (um, that felt too good. ), I didn’t make a sound. When he pressed a point beneath the pad of my big toe, it happened again, but this time, the tingle lasted longer and felt like I was getting close to having an actual orgasm. I silently freaked out.

And yet, as he held his thumb in place right below my ankle bone, the tingles ignited into pulses, each one getting stronger and deeper in my pelvic area. I pressed my lips shut to keep from yelping, and at that exact moment, I climaxed. My blood pounded in beat with each contraction, and my body melted into a deep release. I was mortified.

How to give a foot massage

After about 20 seconds, the man moved on to another pressure point on my foot and my climax finally stopped. He looked completely unfazed, showing no signs of knowing what had just taken place. But I was still recovering from WTF had just happened: I had just had a completely nonsexual, uncontrollable, surprise orgasm on my way back from a coffee run.

I found myself giggling in utter disbelief into the table, my head cradled in my arms, as he gave my feet one final squeeze, then rose with a bow of his head. Frazzled and confused, I paid and said goodbye to him and his wife.

Back at the yoga compound, I sat on a lounger by the pool with the other yoga-teacher trainees, regaling them with the details of my experience. Their jaws dropped and their eyebrows rose. I asked if any of them had ever experienced anything similar. Finally, one girl broke the silence: “No, but I want to. How many massages can I get for 20 bucks?”

Four years and countless questions to massage therapists and reflexologists later, I’ve learned there are at least two spots on the foot that, when pressed, can trigger uterine contractions: the Kunlun point between the ankle and Achilles tendon and the Zhiyin point on the outside edge of the pinkie toe. I’m still unsure if my experience was because of the man’s particular reflexology pattern or because my body was having an unusually sensitive response to touch. But here’s what I do know: I haven’t had an orgasm from a foot massage since then. and I gotta admit, I’m kicking myself about it.

Curated by the talented team at Elixir Mind Body Massage

Foot massage is a simple and accessible home treatment for tired or aching feet. It can help you relax and de-stress, supporting your overall sense of well-being. It is something you can easily do for yourself or for someone else.

Before getting started:

Soak your feet in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Adding mineral salts to the foot bath will add an extra element of pain relief and muscle release. Or you may add essential oil if desired. Both of these options will help clean and warm the feet and provide aromatherapy as an added relaxation benefit. Dry your feet with a warm towel. For an extra special treat heat up the towels in your dryer first and keep one towel wrapped while you massage the other.

How to give a foot massage

General guidelines:

  1. If you are giving yourself a foot massage find a comfortable sitting position and b end your left leg to rest your left foot on your right thigh then do the reverse for the other foot. If you are receiving a foot massage from someone else lay back on a couch or bed to provide support under your feet and legs.
  2. Leave a towel under your feet to protect surfaces from oil drips.
  3. Apply massage oilor cream over the entire foot and up over the ankle.
  4. Pay extra attention to parts that feel sore and massage them a little longer with a pressure that feels comfortable.
  5. Avoid injuring the thumbs: Do not use so much pressure that the thumbs start to hurt.
  6. Avoid using pressure that is too light, as this may tickle.
  7. Focus on one foot at a time.
  8. Apply more pressure when you are going from the toes to the ankles and less pressure when going from the ankles to the toes. This will help push extra fluid out of the feet.
  9. Be sure to wipe the feet of excess oil after the massage to prevent slipping then put on socks for additional moisturizing benefits.

Here are some specific massage techniques for you to try:

  • Use a gentle twisting motion to warm up the foot by placing your hands on either side of the foot and gently pull the right side forward while pulling the left side back then repeat on the other side. Work your way up from the toes to the ankle.

How to give a foot massage

  • Rub and knead the underside of the arch of the foot with your thumbs or knuckles repeatedly from the heel to the ball of the foot.
  • Hold the outside of your foot with both hands and pull each side outward.
  • While holding the heel in one hand bend all the toes on one foot back and forth at the same time with the other hand. Repeat this move a few times while gently increase pressure and flex the toes to increase range of motion.

How to give a foot massage

  • While cradling the top of the foot in one hand take hold of the heel with the other and repeatedly squeeze and release the heel.
  • Use the fingers of both hands to do strokes on the top of the foot and use your thumbs to do strokes on the bottom of the foot. Start with the toes and work up to the ankles and back down. Find the grooves between the bones and tendons of your feet and ankles and apply firm (not deep) pressure in those areas.

How to give a foot massage

  • Hold the base of the foot with one hand and then tug, twist, and pull each toe smoothly, moving from the little to the big toes.
  • Finish the massage with light strokes with your fingers on top of the foot and your thumbs on the bottom of the foot and starting at the toes and working up above the ankles.

We hope these suggestions get you in the mood for some wonderful self-care at home. If you are interested in receiving a professional therapeutic massage or Reflexology treatment Elixir is open now with heightened safety and sanitation protocols in place. You can call us at 303-571-4455 if you have questions or would like a service consultation for your appointment or you may book online 24/7 at your convenience.

Our lives are stressful. The day starts early and disappears into the office, family and the countless chores in both places. In the end, all that we are left with is a drained mind and an aching body.

Sleep helps us relax and de-stress, but is not as useful in cases of sustained stress over a long period. You wake up each day, feeling as tired as you were the night before. For this reason, everyone, and not just the pros, should learn how to give a foot massage.

How to Give Your Foot A Good Massage

How to give a foot massage

Unbeknownst to us all, our feet take an immense amount of pressure all day. We are always either walking, running or sitting still or cross-legged on hard chairs, wearing stiff, professional shoes. We may be standing for long hours on crowded trains and may even have out toes trodden.

By the time we are back, the muscles in our legs and feet have already suffered a lot of strain. This is why we simply love to kick off our shoes and flop down at the end of the day. The feet, after all, take the weight of the entire upper part of the torso.

If you know how to give a foot massage, it is an excellent way for the whole body to unwind after a hard day’s work. But not everyone knows how to and hence the continued sore feet. Let us take a look at some secret tips to giving a great foot rub.

Steps for A Relaxing Foot Massage

You must be prepared to devote adequate time to get a good foot massage. That and a few extra ingredients that you never thought could come in handy. When you are learning how to do it yourself, you may make some errors, but with time and practice, you will get better.

1. Create An Ambiance

How to give a foot massage

Key to every kind of massage and spa session is a soothing atmosphere. Dimmed lights and a quiet surrounding are ideal. Preferably there should not be people talking loudly or a TV running. Some respond well to a soft, calming background music, usually of the instrumental nature.

2. Soak the Feet

How to give a foot massage

Every foot massage starts with a nice, warm bucket of water that you can soak your feet in. You can add a few drops of a moisturizing body wash to the water, although a more helpful ingredient would be some kind of aromatic oil.

Scented essential oils – jasmine, chamomile or geranium – help unwind the muscles and create a peaceful distraction from the humdrum of the rest of the day. The warm water softens the dry skin on feet and boosts circulation. You can scrub at the feet using slices of citrus fruits; this loosens the dirt, opens pores and releases the toxins from the feet.

3. Warm-up The Feet

How to give a foot massage

It is now time to get some relaxing movements into the feet. After taking the feet out of the water and dabbing at them with a towel, keep the feet horizontally on your lap.

Cradling the heel in one hand, use the other to gently swivel the foot in a clockwise direction five times, followed by a counter-clockwise direction five times. Now do the same to each of the toes.

Repeat the whole process another time. This movement gets the blood flowing and lends flexibility to a pair of stiff feet.

4. Stress-Busting

How to give a foot massage

Once the feet have been rejuvenated, put a few drops of a lotion, or cream or oil on your thumbs and start massaging the center of the sole of the feet in a circular motion. Use both the thumbs – one moving clockwise and the other moving counter-clockwise.

You can keep at this for about a minute, after which you can load the thumbs with another dabbing of lotions and gently move the thumbs along the length of the feet, one foot at a time. One thumb can start at the ankle, and the other can start at the toes.

While moving along the length, you can use the other fingers to press lightly the top of the feet. This repeated massaging helps unwind the muscles and the soft connective tissues and increases the blood circulation. You can also slide the fingers – each bearing a drop of lotion – through the gaps between the toes for added effect.

5. Toe-Care

How to give a foot massage

Once the soles and the top of the feet are taken care of, you can take care of the toes, by gently tugging at them and pressing them between the forefinger and the thumb. One way of avoiding stress on the feet is to keep wiggling the toes at intervals during the day. Since most of us never end up doing that, this kind of toe-care keeps them relaxed.

6. Cool off Your Toe

How to give a foot massage

Now that the major nerve endings of the feet have been attended to, you can finish off the foot massage by gently pressing at the ankles and the heels – in the region of the Achilles tendons – and progressing upwards towards the calves. Mild stretching exercises go a long way toward relaxing the bruised muscles.

Learn Step-by-Step Process of Doing Foot Massage

If you know how to give a foot massage, half your problems in the day are solved. But admittedly, it is better served by a masseuse – even an amateur one – than having to do that yourself.

Of course, you cannot always hire someone to give you a good foot massage, and your partner may be as tired as you to humor you. In such a scenario, if you know the process, you will be greatly benefitted.

How to give a foot massage

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: massages are sexy. I mean, what’s not hot about running your hands all over a woman’s body and making her feel good? Nothing. Everything about it is sexy.

Fun fact: There’s even an entire genre of porn about massages gone wild, which means a sensual massage has a lot of potential to turn real sexy, real fast.

But then again, there are also porn genres about real estate agents getting frisky, and people in creepy animal costumes (i.e. furries), so realistically, it would appear as though anything and everything has the potential to turn into sex.

Anyway, you don’t have to be a professional masseuse to give an amazing massage, because let’s face it, not many of us know a goddamn thing about pressure points and back-rubbing technique. But the beauty of giving a massage is that you can just squeeze and knead random parts of her body, and it’ll feel good anyway!

And when you think about it, it’s not difficult to figure out that running your hands all over your girlfriend’s naked body is probably going to lead to sex, which is why I spoke to tantric massage expert Candice Leigh, who recently taught an entire workshop on erotic massages at New York’s naughty club NSFW, about how to execute the perfect sensual massage that will definitely lead to sex.

I hope you’ll find this as illuminating as I did.

1. Set the mood.
Just as candles and music set the mood during sex and make everything feel 10 times sexier, you can be damn sure that a little mood music and a couple candles are going to take your sexy massage to the next level, too.

Science has shown that vanilla is one of the sexiest scents ever, which means you can never go wrong with a vanilla-scented candle. So, light one of those, put on a playlist of sex-tastic tunes, and get down to business.

Or, if you have an Amazon Echo, you can use its new feature and tell Alexa you’re feeling sexy, or for it to “set the mood,” and it’ll put on a sexy playlist for you. We’re living in the future, folks.

2. Use massage oils.
When it comes to sex stuff, everything is better when its slippery, which is why you shouldn’t forego massage oils. Seriously – when in doubt, lube things up.

But when I say to use oils, I don’t mean to drown her in it like you’re marinating a flank steak. You only need a little bit – just a few drops on your hands to start with, and add more if you want a little more slipperiness.

If you’re going to give her a literal full-body massage, a.k.a. including her lady bits, Candice suggests using coconut oil. You know, because it smells good, it’s natural, and it won’t throw off her pH level down there.

On everything else, try Aura Glow Massage Oil if you’re all about that natural lifestyle, or J’adore Silky Body Oil if you want something that smells really, really good.

3. Treat the massage like foreplay.
Fact: Women love foreplay.

Also fact: Many of us don’t pay enough attention to this very important part of sex, therefore it doesn’t last as long as it should.

And this, my friends, is why a sensual massage is a great precursor to sex. You’re literally feeling her up with oils, you’re getting her relaxed and in a totally zen state of mind, and you just happen to be touching her erogenous zones over and over again, so it’s basically guaranteed to turn naughty pretty swiftly.

“Women’s arousal sometimes takes longer, and sometimes a man may be at his maximum arousal state, but the woman may only be half way there,” Candice says, implying all dudes should take note of this brute truth.

“Erotic and sensual touch can provide so much unintentional foreplay: she is breathing, slowing down her mind, relaxing more into her body by having her whole body touched, and by the time her partner is stimulating her nipples, labia, clitoris — she most likely is at her maximum arousal state. Her experience and desire for sex may be twice as great!”

4. Take your time.
In life, there are certain things you really, really shouldn’t rush. For instance, a blossoming relationship, foreplay, or a delightful chocolate soufflé in the oven. If you push it and try to make it work before it’s ready, it’s going to be complete shit.

And just like those arbitrary examples stated above, you shouldn’t rush a sexy massage, either.

“When giving or receiving an erotic or sensual massage, let there be so much time and spaciousness for not only the entire experience, but with each body part,” Candice advises.

“Each body part, erogenous or not, deserves equal time and attention. Taking the entire body into consideration will promote full body orgasms and profound sensational states.”

5. Don’t try to make her orgasm A.S.A.P.
Sure, I get it, you want to make her orgasm. As good as it feels for her, you feel like your ego is giving you a pat on the back when you manage to get her off.

However, as I said before, do. not. rush. it. Just focus on touching her, see how she’s responding to your touch, and just try to enjoy everything that’s happening.

“Let not the goal be to orgasm, but to enjoy all the moments that lead up to it. the whole experience is orgasmic, not just the actual orgasm.

“Sensual bodywork on its own can be the sexual experience, or the appetizer that leads to sex or other play. Sensual bodywork can be erotic, steamy, playful, silly, but can also illicit a depth of emotion and memory that lives and rests in our genitals if we have the time, sensitivity, and patience to explore it.”

With some parting advice on the importance of touch, the founder and ‘Chief Conspirator’ of NSFW, Daniel Saynt, says: “It’s important for us to practice touch in such a touch free-world. Technology distances us and forces communications that don’t connect us to the healing power of touch.

“The “How to Touch” class (which Candice taught) was designed to combat that behavior and encourage sexual and non-sexual touch between consenting partners.”

And that, my dudes, is why we should all be giving and receiving massages all the damn time. It feels good, it brings us closer to our partner, and it helps us have sex. What’s not to love?

Master these clockwise/counterclockwise techniques to give the most pain relieving, toe-curling, pleasurable foot massage ever.

How to give a foot massage

Aaahhh, the wonders of a good foot massage. Nothing has a leg up on its ability to make your entire body feel soothed, relaxed and perfectly pleasured (well, nothing PG rated, anyway). Couple that with the fact that foot massages promote better sleep, improve your sex life and make you healthier overall, it’s a no brainer that feet damn well deserve those awe-inspiring strokes. But no two massages are created alike, so master the following foot massage techniques to make sure the foot rub you give is the most pain relieving, stress reducing, toe-curling, pleasurable massage ever.

How to give a foot massage

Step One: Warm Up With a Foot Soak

Start with a simple, warm footbath with ingredients of your choice. We suggest adding in calming, aromatic essential oils for additional “mood control,” as well as using orange, lemon or lime slices to rub on your partner’s feet. The fruit’s acid will help soften the skin, release toxins and improve overall foot health.

Step Two: Increase Blood Flow

Place a pillow on your lap and cover it with a soft towel. After drying your partner’s feet, place one foot at a time on the pillow (you’ll enact all of the steps below on one foot first, and then switch and move to the other foot). Use one hand to hold his/her foot by the heel, and use your other hand to gently rotate the foot in a clockwise circle motion three times and in a counterclockwise circle motion three times. Rotate each toe in the same manner. This helps to warm up the feet and get the blood circulating through the toes and ankles. (And as the website SheKnows points out, it’s a great exercise for anyone suffering from arthritis.)

Step Three: Melt Tension With Arch Pressure

Place some foot cream, massage oil or coconut oil into your thumbs and then place each on the center of his/her foot arch, directly below the ball of the foot. With light pressure, rub your thumbs in small circles, one going clockwise, the other going counterclockwise. Do this stress-melting arch technique for about 30 seconds to a minute to help melt away the stresses of the day. Follow up by applying more lotion or oil to your hands and then walking your thumbs up and down the entire length of the foot, using firm pressure. Then slide your thumbs up and down the length of the foot (this feels best when each thumb starts at opposite ends of the foot and slowly move toward one another, one going up and the other going down). Do this for several minutes, or for as much time as you can handle without getting tired.

Step Four: Try Some Tender Toe Techniques

How to give a foot massage


Give each and every toe on the foot a light squeeze with your thumb and index finger, and then use your thumbs to make small clockwise or counterclockwise circles just beneath each toe. Give each toe about 15 seconds of this relaxing treatment to help reduce pressure in the feet and toes.

Step Five: Soothe the Sole

Starting at the ball of the foot, use your thumbs to make small circles (one thumb going clockwise, the other going counterclockwise) all the way up and down the length of the sole, adding extra pressure as you near the heel. Do this for several minutes, or as long as you can last without getting too tired.

Step Six: Feel Good Finish

Either use your thumb and forefinger to gently squeeze the hollow area below the ankle for several seconds, or use your fingers to gently rub the Achilles tendon (the springy band of tissue that runs from the heel and ankle up through the calf muscles of the leg). Your partner may give you extra thanks if you choose to do both. After all, this is supposed to be the world’s most pain-relieving, stress-reducing, toe-curling, pleasurable foot massage ever. It’s up to you to make it that way!

If your partner is still feeling pain or stress, you may want to try massaging and applying pressure to specific reflexology points along the foot. These types of massages can help alleviate additional discomfort in the body and make your partner exhale a few more “oohs” and “ahhs.” For more information on how to get started with foot reflexology and where to locate specific reflexology points, check out our article Reflexology 101.

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