How to plan a themed birthday party

How to plan a themed birthday party

A birthday is always a time for celebration and, unlike other celebrations during the year, a birthday focuses on one special person. If there’s a special person in your life, whether it’s a parent, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a spouse or a best friend, show them just how much they mean to you by hosting a party for their next birthday.

Milestone Birthday Party Ideas

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All birthdays are special, but some are more special than others. Think back to those birthdays when you were teased, congratulated, or celebrated in an extra special way. It was probably a milestone birthday which can happen when you reach legal age, a new decade, or one of the quarters of a century. So, basically, there’s a milestone opportunity every few years. Which means another chance to become creative if you’re planning someone’s milestone birthday party. There are several things to consider when you plan one of these special parties. This article will take you through those planning steps.

50th Birthday Party Ideas

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There are milestone birthdays, and then there are even more special milestone birthdays. Such as 50 years old. That milestone usually catches the attention of friends and they’ll let you know it in either a very gentle, considerate way, or by telling you just how old you really are! If you’re planning a 50th birthday party for someone, here are ideas for making the day special in a more gentle way that will still be lots of fun.

100th Birthday Party Ideas

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A 100th birthday may just be the granddaddy of them all. So few of us actually reach that number that we’re thrilled to know someone who does. They’ve lived so many years and have so many memories and accomplishments to share that it shouldn’t be difficult to plan a celebration befitting the occasion. But if you’re stumped for a few creative ways to dramatize this milestone, look no further!

Summertime Birthday Party Ideas

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I’m a summer baby. It is always hot and sweaty out on a mid-July birthday. All people want is cool and refreshing food and drinks to take their mind off the heat. So, if you’re hosting a party during the summer, this menu will help you put everyone in a fantastic mood so they can enjoy the part from start to finish.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

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It’s so easy to choose gifts for kids. They’re always telling you about their latest interests and showing you their latest collection or creation. And you know those toy manufacturers are more than happy to comply with the hot fads by making add-on products. Adults, on the other hand, do nothing but work, right? Don’t be fooled. There are many fun things you can get for a grownup birthday gift too. You just have to take a few extra minutes to think about it. This list will give you a good place to begin.

Use a Theme

How to plan a themed birthday party

Kiddie birthday parties are often designed around a theme. Are they at the pink princess stage? The pirate or race car driver phase? Monkeys? Dinosaurs? Will there be games? Or if there’s a television or music celebrity they love, bam! you have a theme for a party. Well, we’re here to tell you that grownups like themes too, especially if it’s an all-ages birthday party. If you’re planning one of those cross-generational events, a Nifty Fifties Soda Fountain Theme will be appropriate for all guests at your party.

Make It a Surprise

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While we’re on the subject of theme parties, a surprise party is in itself a theme. But it isn’t for the faint of heart. You really need to know your guest of honor to be sure they won’t pass out from the shock or be very upset with you that they showed up in dirty clothes from doing chores all day, only to be seen by a room full of well-dressed and well-coiffed guests. Not a good idea. If you do decide to proceed with this plan anyway, here are the steps you should take to make sure it really is a surprise.

An Elegant Birthday Party

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There are some people, and from what I’ve been reading more than you would imagine, who are a bit introverted and enjoy smaller get-togethers over big bashes. They like the intimacy and conversation that comes with a small, close group of friends or family. And since your guest list won’t be that large, you can afford to splurge a bit on your menu and party supplies and make it an elegant birthday celebration.

Party Checklist

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Hosting a get together isn’t difficult once you have organized the details. It’s getting to that point and making sure you know what needs to be done when that can be overwhelming and discouraging. But, take heart, this handy checklist will take you through all of the details you need to remember so that you can focus on the fun and not stress over your to-dos.

How Many Drinks Do You Need?

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You never want to run out of drinks when you entertain. Of course, you don’t want to buy too many and be stuck with more than you can store. With these helpful tips, you’ll know just what to buy to keep your party stocked with glasses and drinks.

How Much Food Do You Need?

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If you’re worried about drinks then you’re probably also worried about food. You don’t want your guests to leave your party and go looking for food after. This article will help you plan how many portions you need for appetizers, entrées, and dessert. Then, of course, there’s always the most important thing: the cake!

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How to plan a themed birthday party

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How to plan a themed birthday party

A themed birthday party is a fun way to treat your child on their special day. Whether it’s something you do with just family or your child wants to invite some friends and classmates, you can easily set up a super fun birthday party that’s themed around something that your child loves.

It doesn’t take much to make a themed party, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money either. Some decorations, food and activities that all match the theme can keep everyone entertained and delight your little one too. Here’s what you need to plan your themed birthday party.

Have Customized Games

Every birthday party needs some kind of entertainment. There are two types of things to consider: entertainment that your children can watch and activities that they can do. Guests could enjoy a range of activities, from games to making food. Games customized to your theme are a good idea, whether it’s a printed board from Cornhole Worldwide or a game that you’ve adjusted to match your theme. If you choose to have entertainment, it might be someone like a magician putting on a show. Choose something that will go with your theme if you can.

Make Themed Food and Drink

You don’t need to be an expert in the kitchen to make some food and drinks that match your party theme. In fact, if you’ve picked a popular theme, you can often find plenty of ideas online that will guide you through making some snacks.

How to plan a themed birthday party

For example, if you’ve chosen a pirate theme or a Frozen theme, you can look for recipes that you can follow. It’s even easy to transform store-bought items into fun themed food and drink with just a few changes and additions. If you’re not confident in the kitchen, the one thing that you might want to have made professionally is the cake.

Decorate with Themed Decorations

Themed decorations are another easy way to make your party fun. You can often buy decorations that match your theme, making it simple to get what you need. But if you can’t find any ready-made decorations, there are a few ways to get what you need. Printing out decorations is easy to do if you have a printer at home or have access to one elsewhere. You can also make some simple decorations with a few craft supplies. Again, you can find ideas online if you’re stuck for ideas.

Have Fun with Themed Dress-up

Getting guests to dress up is fun if you want to get them involved in the theme of the party even more. They can come dressed up as something that matches the theme, whether it’s princesses, pirates, Paw Patrol or any other theme that you might have chosen. However, it is helpful if it’s the kind of costume that can be put together using things that party guests might already have at home.

If you want to plan a themed kid’s birthday party, it might not take as long to put together as you think.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my post and got something helpful out of it.

Please let me know your favorite tips and tricks regarding themed birthday parties in the comments below.

How to plan a themed birthday party

When the birthday of someone you know or hold dear is nearing, you probably find yourself stressing over devising the perfect surprise. To be honest, the birthday person may already know what you are upto considering it’s literally their birthday; they expect something at the very least. The game changing part for your surprise always comes from the organization rather than the plan itself.

Some of the things that you need to take into consideration while organizing a birthday party for an adult are as follows.

Planning the Birthday Party of an Adult

The whole phase of planning a surprise for someone is no doubt exciting but it is also stressful as well. Adults are not like children and there’s a lot more that you need to take into account while trying to please them. Moreover, it is also very easy to lose track in such activities. What you need to ensure is that you have a clear vision of what you want to do and how to want to do it.

1. Budgeting

The first and the foremost is budgeting. Your budget may impact the whole plan. Without keeping your budget into account any type of organization can only become a financial load. Always plan within your budget. Do remember that there are many other ways to make up for the places you lack. Therefore, go for options that fit your budget and properly plan each and every money to the very last cent.

2. Decoration and Theme

Birthday parties with proper themes are likely to be more fun rather than the ones that aren’t. Though, if you are arranging a themed birthday party for someone then it is better to consult them rather than going for a surprise. There isn’t a shortage in the amount of birthday party themes that are out there, you can just about choose anything and just ensure that you keep it consistent. As for decorations, there’s nothing that welcomes an adult more than a room full of beautiful and fragrant flowers. Requesting for plant delivery paired up with balloons and candles is the perfect decor for a birthday party.

3. Date and Venue

It is not always possible to plan a birthday party on the exact day of the birthday. In fact you should be very clear about the schedules of everyone that you are inviting. It is better to arrange a birthday party on weekends, especially Saturdays as you can get a day to rest afterwards. Moreover people will be free from their work and are more likely to enjoy it. Therefore, picking a date for the birthday party is more efficient and must be planned in advance. Another thing that you should be very clear about is the venue of the event. This depends upon your budget, your housing and how many people are coming. If the number of people who are coming is relatively large then consider going for a hotel or a larger space.

4. Guests and Invitation

Upholding your own birthday party may not be an issue but if you are arranging a birthday party for someone else then it is better to consult with them first. Make sure that you make a proper guest list keeping your budget in account and similarly make personalized invitations that fit your theme. Informing guests way before time can help them adjust their schedules accordingly.

5. Food and Beverages

How to plan a themed birthday party

The most important part of a birthday party is its food. Food and beverages should be the area where most of your budget should be compromised. There’s no good party without good food. There are many food options that you can consider getting as long as it’s within your budget and of course the main part of a birthday party is always the cake. Getting a good cake can really be the best part for the birthday person.


Whether you are planning a birthday party for a child or an adult, it’s necessary to keep your budget and time into account. Birthday parties of adults may cost more for obvious reasons and they are harder to please as well. However there’s no birthday party that can’t be enjoyed if it is properly organized.

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

April 29, 2021 by supersci78

You may not believe it but many kids love science. Some are more into science than others and you can tell that by their science-themes stationary, clothes and room décor. If your kid loves science so much, it is only logical to have a science themed birthday party. Don’t worry, you can make it so much fun that other kids will love it too.

If you look for science birthday party near me, you will find organizers who offer the service. A science party is one of the best ways to make birthdays fun and educative. With the right planning, it will not be a dull event. So, if you are thinking how to organize a science themed birthday party, you are in the right place.

Here you will find pick up some idea on how to create the most fun-filled party for a kid.

What is Science Party Anyway?

If you are like many people, you would like to know more about science party, even though it’s a simple enough concept. A science party is a theme party where everything from décor to cake and activities are based on science themes. Kids can participate in it and take part in experiment under the supervision of qualified and experienced teachers.

And, you can opt for professional services by looking up “science birthday party near me” online. It is easy and fun way to organize a science birthday party for kids.

Why Science Themed Birthday Parties are Great

Organizing a birthday party for kids is not an easy task for parents. There are some things that are necessary for kid’s party like games, cakes and décor. Plus, you have to supervise the whole thing to make sure everyone is safe.

If you have a kid who loves science very much, lucky you. You can organize a science themed birthday party for your child and make it special for them. There are many reasons why as science birthday party is great:

  • It is fun

Science parties are engaging and fun. It will keep the kids engaged throughout the party in some games and activities. They can take part in chemistry tests or physics experiments. They can also do some activities that involves robotics and AI. There are so many things kids can do in a science party which will keep them engaged.

  • It’s Educational

A science party is one of the best ways to help kids learn about science by making it a fun activity. They are going to learn something new without feeling like it’s a chore. Many of the experiments will be based on what they learning at school at that time. You can bring both fun and education together with a science-based birthday party.

  • Let Them Have Fun

With experiments, quizzes and games, kids will simply love the party. There is endless list of things you can do with theme like science. At the end of the quiz or game, kids can get some sort of reward like a prize. This will make the whole thing a lot more fun than a regular birthday party.

These are some of the many wonderful reasons for organizing a science themed birthday parties for kids.

Make a List of Things you Need

When you want to organize a birthday party based on a theme, you first need to make a list of things, such as:

  • how many friends will be invited?
  • What type of experiments you would like to have?
  • What type of décor you need?
  • Costumes, and activities
  • Cakes and food
  • Party favors and much more

If your child is old enough to suggest, you can ask them what special thing they would like. Add the to the list and then you are ready to organize the best birthday party for your kid.

You can also do research online and get some ideas on how to organized a science themed birthday party for kids. Add anything you would like to the list and finalize it.

Look For “Science Birthday Party Near Me”

The next thing you need to do is go online and look for “science birthday party near me”. This will help you find the best party organizers. This will also save you a lot of your time and effort and will take the stress out of the equation.

They will provide everything you need for the party including the décor, equipment, food and a host. You can choose from a wide range of science themes for parties, such as:

  • Erupting Volcano
  • Experiment with Exploding Gases
  • See the Big-Bang Carbide Cannon
  • Make Lightning
  • build motorized battle-bot robots
  • and much more

There are many types of fun science experiments that kids can do and have a lot of fun.

Benefit of Hiring A Service for Science Themed Birthday Party

When it comes to organizing a science themed birthday party, looking for a service that is offering “science birthday party near me”. There are so many benefits of hiring a professional team for it.

They have highly qualified teachers, and trained team to handle the experiments. And, they will be providing everything you need, which means you don’t have to do anything. You can from a theme that your kids like or might like and that is all you have to do.

The Bottom-line

This is how you can organize the best science birthday party for your kids. It is easy and effortless with a professional service. Make sure you hire the best one.

How to plan a themed birthday partyHow to plan a themed birthday partyHow to plan a themed birthday partyHow to plan a themed birthday party

Dan Weissman
Super Science Program for Kids

Ideas for Themes, Cakes, Activities, and Other Party Details

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How to plan a themed birthday party

After months of sleep deprivation, countless diaper changes, and about a million smiles and giggles, it’s finally time to plan your baby’s first birthday party.

No, your child won’t remember the big day, but you will. And the photos with baby in a “1st Birthday” hat will be priceless down the road.

Of course, these bashes are as much a party for the parents as they are for the child. It’s been a year of wonder, growth, and change—for everyone — so celebrate.

Choose a Theme for Your First Birthday Party

You don’t have to follow a theme, but sometimes picking one makes it easier to focus on the colors, decorations and other party details. Consider these ideas:

  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Set up hay bales as seating, dress your child in overalls, serve a farm-themed cake, give party favors in metal buckets (to resemble milking pails) and play Duck Duck Goose with the older kids.
  • Circus Party. Delight your baby and all of your guests with the big, bold colors and entertaining ideas for this circus-themed party.
  • Over the Rainbow. Young children are drawn to colors, so celebrate them all with a rainbow-themed party. Set out red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple party supplies and decorations. Make a cake with a different layer for each color and send everyone home with a CD mix of children’s music, starting with your favorite rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”
  • Seasonal. Choose a theme that ties to the time of year, such as a Snowflake Party for winter babies, Sprinkles and Sunshine for a spring baby, Flower Power for a summer baby and Fall for Fall for an autumn baby. Hang handmade paper snowflakes for the winter party and serve snowman mashed potatoes and snowman treats. Suspend decorative umbrellas from your ceiling at the spring party and cover cupcakes with blue sprinkles to mimic rain. For the summer party, give Hawaiian leis as favors and set out a flower-shaped birthday cake. Serve owl cupcakes and foods made from pumpkin at the fall party.
  • Cupcakes and Cocktails. Yes, real cocktails. The baby will never know! Throw the party in the evening, serve swanky hors d’oeuvres and offer grownups a cocktail that matches the party’s color scheme. The kids get mocktails. Set up a cupcake-shaped piñata (compare prices) or make a pin-the-candle-on-the-cupcake game. Serve cupcakes that are more classy than cutesy.

Almost any kid-friendly theme will work for a baby’s first birthday. Consider how you could adapt these birthday themes for younger guests.

Invitations and Gifts

  • Send out invitations at least three weeks before the party.
  • The wording could read “one is fun” or “one little baby, one little cake, one whole year to celebrate.”
  • Some parents might feel as though friends and family have given them a lot of presents over the prior year, especially if baby showers were held or if gifts were given after the child’s birth. If you want guests to know you don’t expect any more presents, you could write something on the invitations to indicate that, such as “your presence is gift enough.”
  • The invitations also could be a place where you set a theme for the gifts. For instance, you could say that you’re working on building your child’s library and you’re hoping guests can give a used book that their own children no longer read as the present.
  • When it comes time to open presents, you will probably be quite busy helping your child. Ask someone to write down the gifts and who gave them so you can write personal thank you cards after the party is over.

Games and Activities

Entertain the birthday girl and all of her guests with a variety of first birthday games that friends of all ages can play,

The Cake

Some parents can’t wait to see the look of delight when their child takes their first bite of birthday cake—their first taste of sugar!—at their first birthday party.

Another fun tradition is to watch a child blow out their first birthday candle. Be careful, though. One-year-olds tend to flail their arms about, especially when they’re excited, such as ​when a room full of people sing at them. Keep the candle far enough away during the Happy Birthday song that they can’t reach it, then pull it in close when it’s time to blow.

Relax and enjoy the party. You’ve worked hard this year and deserve to have fun, too.

If your child loves sports, then a sports-themed birthday party is the way to go! From basketball to baseball to field hockey, you can customize the theme to suit your guest of honor’s preferences.


Save time and effort when sending party invitations online! Customize the party with all the small print and manage all your guests and their comments online. Include knowledge of what each person needs, such as date, time, location, etc. Once they join and get excited about the party, it’s time to relax!


Parties often have a multitude of sports themed gifts! Get the supplies you want for soccer gifts, baseball, and sports related gifts.


Sports-themed birthday celebrations require a lot of teamwork! Cover the walls around the party space with festive stickers and colored ribbons from your child’s favorite sport or team (it’s also fun to wrap some colored ribbons around each other and secure one end to the ceiling, thus securing the other end to the floor) colored “walls”). Choose solid-colored tablecloths, plates, etc., with a variety of sporting goods, baseball gloves and balls, nets stuffed with soccer balls.

The sports birthday celebration theme works well outdoors (in your yard or a nearby park), but you’ll also use the birthday celebration ideas for the indoor sports party decorations described here.

Start using your child’s favorite team’s colors because of the color scheme and hang a bunch of colorful balloons.

One of the easiest birthday celebration ideas is by painting your own sports balloons. For baseball, use a red pen to mark out the white balloons. For basketball, use a black pen to mark the orange balloon, for soccer, use a black pen to mark the white balloon, etc.

Cut out paper on soccer balls, bats, field hockey sticks, gloves, etc. Scatter various sports-related props and toys such as balls, gloves, sports cards, etc. in the party area. Hang posters of famous sports figures and different sports.

If you really want to urge creativity, one of the easiest birthday celebration ideas is to enlarge the size of a photo poster of a famous player. You will also cut out the faces so the kids can put their own faces on the faces to save great photo time (notes with many thank you notes would be much appreciated).

Autograph Balls

This is one of the easiest gift ideas for birthday celebrations. Choose a ball and have everyone at the party sign it as they arrive.

Sports Collage

Collect sports magazines and newspapers, give the kids scissors and glue, and have them cut out and paste their own sports collages.

Party Menu

Make your guests eager for them to attend a real sporting event. Choose between a menu of favorite stadium and stadium snacks, like hot dogs, soft pretzels dipped in various sauces, nacho taco stands and lemonade. For dessert, pair themed cakes or cupcakes with your choice of corn and candy. Guests will love the variety of food available here.


Use the sports theme of choice and play games outdoors, weather permitting you will also organize some tournament supported games. If your only option is indoors, here are some suggestions: jockey hat decorating (or jersey) stations, triangle flag decorating, foosball tournaments, indoor bowling, scavenger hunts or watching live games on TV and cheering for your favorite team! You can also organize some tournaments and support the game.

A Guide to Race Car Themed Birthday Parties

Are you trying to plan the ultimate race car or racing themed birthday party, but need some help? We’re here for you! We’ll discuss the different kinds of themes your party could have, the types of decorations you should display, what party activities you should include, and where you should host your racing themed party. So without further ado, here’s how to plan the ultimate race car themed birthday party for your kid!

Themed Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re planning a themed birthday party, it can be difficult to narrow down your choice, as there are many different themed birthday parties to choose from. Some of the most popular birthday themes for kids are pirates, dinosaurs, space, princesses, superheroes, 80s, 90s, and others. But our favorite has to be the race car / racing themed birthday parties and events.

Types of Race Car Themed Birthday Parties

Here are some of the best types of racing themed birthday parties:

  • Indy 500 Themed Parties
  • Cars Themed Parties
  • Formula 1 (F1) Themed Parties
  • NASCAR Themed Parties
  • Vintage Race Car Themed Parties

As you can see from the list above, there are many different types of racing themed parties you can choose from. Obviously, you’ll want to select the party that best fits your birthday boy or girl. Most often, it’ll be Disney’s Cars franchise which includes the characters of Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Doc Hudson. But your child may be into IndyCar, F1, or NASCAR – so check with your child to see if there’s a particular kind of race car he prefers for his/her theme.

Car Racing Decorations for Parties

The theme you go for will decide the kinds of race car decorations you’ll want for your birthday party. Obviously, if you go for a Cars themed party or F1/NASCAR/IndyCar, you’ll want to include some character decorations, mini diecast vehicles, famous drivers/teams, and more. But here are some universal racing decorations that can suit all of the different racing themes, no matter which one you decide to go with:

Checkered Flag Tablecloth

Checkered Flags

Welcome Race Fans Banner

Checkered Flag Pennant Banner

“Start Your Engines” Napkins

Black & White Checkered Flag Balloons

Checkered Flag Party Pack (Serves 30)

Party Favor Boxes

Photo Booth Race Car Props

3D Car Cake Pan

Racing Themed Party Activities

So the room is all decorated now in the awesome items we listed above. Now what? Now it’s time to prepare some entertaining racing-themed activities that the kids can enjoy! Here are some racing themed party activity ideas for you.

Hot Wheels Drag Racing!

Here’s a simple activity to set up. Just get the Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway, a dozen or so Hot Wheels cars (they’re still only a buck!), and watch the ensuing fun!

Slot Car Racing

Slot car racing has been a favorite hobby for racing enthusiasts for decades. Now, really good slot car sets can be expensive. Those nice slot car sets are great if you think it’ll get use long-term. But if you just want an extra activity for the birthday party, you can get a set for cheaper. Try this MicroScalextric set on Amazon. Scalextric is one of the big guns in slot car racing and makes the expensive sets we were talking about earlier. But this tiny version is under $50 and appeals to young kids with a “Justice League” superhero theme.

Watch Racing Movies or Old Races

To ensure no guest is ever bored at your kids birthday party, put a movie on in the background. This will allow any guests to watch when they feel like it. Plus, it’ll really add to the ambiance when you see and hear racing.

Here are some favorite racing movies for most ages:

Speed Racer (movie or TV show)

Grand Prix (1966 film that’s perfect for F1 and vintage racing themes)

In addition to racing movies, you can also pull up YouTube and put on some classic races. This is especially handy if your party is NASCAR, IndyCar or F1-themed.

Play Racing Video Games!

Or include some racing games! If you own a current console (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch) then hook it up and offer some head-to-head racing for the guests. You never know, the adults will probably join in too!

Our Favorite Racing Games:

Mario Kart (Nintendo Switch – perfect for kids)

Forza Motorsport (Microsoft Xbox – good mix of arcade/sim for older kids)

Gran Turismo (Sony Playstation – best for teens/adults)

The Cheapest Racing Themed Activity

You don’t have to spend money to have a fun racing-themed activity at your party. Just have the kids play a classic game of “Red Light, Green Light”! Here’s how you play it:

First, select one kid to be the “stoplight”. Then, have all other kids line up at the other end of the party area. The kid who plays the “stoplight” faces away from the other players and then shouts out “Red Light” or “Green Light”. When the kid says “Green Light” all players will walk towards the “Stop Light”. When the “Stop Light” says “Red Light”, all players need to stop. The “Stop Light” can turn around after saying “Red Light”, and if anybody is caught moving, they’re out. The game is over when either all the kids are out, or when one of the players reaches the stoplight. Here’s an extra tip: when the kid shouts “Green Light”, they can name an activity, such as jumping, walking, dancing, etc.

The Ultimate Race Car Themed Birthday Party Activity

Go Kart Racing

When possible, you have got to include go kart racing at any racing or race car themed birthday party. Go kart racing will put your guests behind the wheel for a real racing experience against their friends and family. But not every go kart place is the same. Which takes us to the next bit of advice.