How to punch a speed bag

Ask any professional boxer what they think about a speed bag and every last one of them will tell you that it is irreplaceable. If you are just working out to get nicely shaped, toned and fit arms, then training with a speed bag is essential.

In addition to making your arm muscles stronger, speed bag will help you improve your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, arm endurance as well as strength, and it will serve as an excellent cardiovascular workout.

When you think about it, it’s not that strange the speed bag became essential when in boxing training. Punching a speed bag fast won’t be enough, though.

You need to train and get a sense of rhythm when training with a speed bag (like the Everlast speed bag) so if you don’t succeed at first try, do not give up. If you’re trying to learn more, then you are at a right place.

In this article, we will talk about everything there is to know about training with a speed bag and how to properly use it.

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Why Use A Speed Bag?

Think about any training montage in any fighting movie and you will hear crystal clear sound of a speed bag getting punched. You know what, forget about the movies. If you have ever visited a gym, then you definitely know a speed bag’s sound from there.

Every boxer that cares about his skill and technique knows that punching a speed bag is not something you can skip or avoid. Every boxing champion has implemented speed bag in training which makes it a great indicator just how much important a speed bag is.

Many people think that training with speed bag will just help you get faster and have a better hand-eye coordination and that is wrong. There are much more benefits to training with a speed bag.

If you train with it correctly, it can help you perfect elements of your boxing style that other pieces of training equipment can’t. Speed bag will help you get a sense of rhythm which will lead to better-timed reactions.

Another great benefit of training with a speed bag is that your shoulder muscles will become much stronger and you will always be aware in which position your hands are in.

It will encourage you to always keep your hands up and protecting your chin from opponents punches.

Setting Up

This is the most important part. You need to set up your speed bag correctly if you wish to achieve the full potential of a speed bag training. When setting it up, you need to position it so that the midpoint of a speed bag is at the same level as your eyes.

If you position it too low, you will have a hard time ducking down below the board or a drum, and if you position it too high, you won’t be able to reach it properly. If you are training with poorly set up speed bag, your technique will be bad, and you won’t improve your skill at all. If you train with an improper technique, you will do more harm than good to your fighting style.

Tips To Hit A Speed Bag: How To Do It?

Now comes the part where we will talk about how to hit a speed bag fast. The most vital thing is to remember to keep your elbows up. This will allow you to efficiently punch the bag. If you keep your elbows low, it will throw you off the timing because you will have to throw your punches further.

Always face the bag straight on when hitting it. If you hit it in the middle of the belly, it will bounce f your fist and back off the board back in your direction. Once you achieve that and get a feel of it, with regular training, you will be able to hit that speed bag with your eyes closed. The best way to improve your technique is to experiment with the bag and to get a sense of rhythm.

Speed Bag Tricks

Keep your hands opened

Don’t hit the bag with a closed fist or with your knuckles. At least don’t if you are a beginner. Hitting a speed bag wit opened hands has proven much easier and more useful for beginners. If you hit a speed bag with your knuckles, you will probably hit it too hard or too fast. Hitting a bag with your fingers will help you get a better feeling, and you will be able to control your pace much better.

Hands need to be close to the bag

We have talked about this when we were saying that you should always keep your elbows up. Holding your hands close to the bag will allow you to punch a bag without reaching for it. When you punch a bag with one of your hands, the other hand needs to be right under the bag, waiting to strike.

Move your hands in small circles

Do not move your hands forward and back when punching a speed bag. Instead, move your hands in small circles. This will allow you to get a sense of rhythm.

Stand square

Keep in mind that this is not a match. You don’t need to position your feet the way you position them during a fight. Keep your feet at the same distance from the bag. Try different distances, and you will find out which distance if perfect for you.

To Conclude

Training with a speed bag is one of the most important training elements in any training regime. If you master the art of punching a speed bag, you will be able to throw much faster and precise punches, and sometimes, that kind of a punch can end a boxing match.

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How to punch a speed bag
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When a bladder leaks a lot and it is useless then it is time to change it and below you can find the best common method (instructions and a video) for how to change a speed bag bladder.

Let’s start with the most common and best method…

First of all, you need to deflate the bladder fully. Take the needle out of the pump and place it in a valve of the speed bag. Then COMPLETELY deflate the speed bag. Definitely, control it before you continue with next steps.

Then unlace your speed bag.

You need to push the back part (valve part) through the inside of the speed bag. The back part of the bag should go only half way like the video below and then take out the old bladder. I know that this process can take time so you need to have a little patience 😉

Note: This video includes all the steps in this writing. However, you can find additional useful tips below.

Let’s continue with “How to Fill a Speed Bag”…

You can put some rubber cement around the air valve. So your speed bag can hold the bladder well in the future. In this way, you can increase the durability. With that, you should be careful because you don’t want cement to get into the valve.

Now you need to insert the new bladder to valve part of the speed bag. You should hold it until bladder sticks to speed bag. Make sure that it sticks well. So the bladder can hold the air well. In this way, you will need to pump less air in the future 😉

Now it is time to slowly place this new bladder in your speed bag. And make sure that it is placed throughout the bag. You can check this with your hand. If it is done, just re-lace the speed bag and finally pump air in the air valve.

Important Note: Don’t pump a lot of air in your speed bag so welt seams don’t stretch more than it needs to be. This can lower the durability of a speed bag and it is impossible to have a good workout session. After you punch it a couple of times, you can definitely understand this from the bounce rate whether you pumped a lot of air or not.

After you hang your speed bag to swivel, if you don’t like the bounce rate, you can take it off and you can empty or pump some air in it, according to your preference. With that, if your speed bag loses more air than usual then check the air valve part. If it is loose you can put some more rubber cement between the bladder and speed bag.

The used speed bag bladder’s brand in the video is Title. Its ratings are really good and actually, it is used in different speed bag brands including Title, Ringside, Cleto Reyes… It always gives good training performance and durability. In my old boxing gym, we pumped some air in it four times per week. However, please note that this bladder is used in a boxing gym. So if you use it at home, it will need air far less.

Durability (Latex or Rubber): I used both latex and rubber bladders. Durability changes according to the quality. Title Bladders seems to outlast any other bladder.

However, if you want to have relatively quiet training sessions, then go with latex .

Actually, there is no rule for how many times you need to pump air in a speed bag. If you spend a lot of time with it, you may even need to pump air every other day. However, if you think that you pump air in your speed bag more than “usual”, the reason can be your speed bag and also the platform. Some speed bag platforms are made of quality materials like oak (it is my favorite ) and these don’t hurt the speed bag’s seams. It increases the durability of speed bag and the bladder significantly. If you are interested in these platforms, then definitely check out these good speed bag platforms and their incredible features. Some of these even have lifetime frame warranties! Also, if your speed bag is useless and doesn’t give natural rebound rate then you can also have look at these best speed bags . Some speed bags on that list don’t even need a bladder so you won’t need to change it ever again 😉

I hope that you find this content useful and if you have any questions or experiences related to “how to change a speed bag bladder” feel free to share them below.

The speed bag is one of boxing’s most useful pieces of equipment there is and it does not matter if you don’t have natural rhythm or coordination, you should learn how to hit the speed bag if you want to get better in boxing.

So, what do you need to know about how to hit a speed bag? As we just mentioned, even if you are not good at hitting moving targets, if you follow these simple tips you will be able to hit the speed bag and incorporate this exercise into your boxing training routine.

How to hit a speedbag for beginners

Every time you hit the speed bag it’s going to bounce three times so you have to maintain that rhythm. Therefore, if you hit the speed bag once it will go forward-back-forward and then you need to hit it again with the other hand and so on.

Beginners should start by hitting the bag twice with each hand without making a fist. They should also do this as softly as possible. This will help you learn the rhythm and get used to the exercise. Your hands will make small circles as they stay close to each other right under the bag. If you drop one of your hands and then go to hit the bag then it will bounce too hard.

Once you get the hang of how to hit a speed bag and the rhythm, you can do it with your hands closed forward and then down. Remember that the speed bag will rebound three times for every hit.

Tips for hitting the speed bag

How to hit a speed bag consists of pretty much what we just explained above, however here are 5 more tips that you will surely find useful:

  1. Open your hands: When hitting the speed bag don’t make a fist, at least while you are still learning. If you try hitting the speed bag with your knuckles you can lose control quickly and hit the bag too hard or too fast. Therefore, using just your fingers is the best option until you have had practice with the speed bag because you will be forced to slow down the pace while you are getting used to the rhythm.
  1. Keep both hands close to the bag: By keeping your hands close you can hit the bag without having to race your hands to it every time you are changing hands. This is why keeping them close will make everything run smoothly.
  1. Hit in small circles: Try making small circles with your hands when you hit the bag. The idea is not to hit it back and forth as if you were throwing punches. If you want, you can practice first in the air before hitting the speed bag.
  1. Maintain the rhythm: The best rhythm for beginners is right-right-left-left. On the first hit, you use the front of your fist and on the second hit, you use the bottom of your fist.
  1. Do not stand in a boxing stance: Don’t stand in a boxing stance, stand square, meaning that you should be in front of the bag with both feet at equal distance from the speed bag. Stand a little closer than arm’s length from the bag and your eye should be level with the bottom of the bag.

What is the best speed bag to buy?

You may want to start with a larger speed bag and then change to a smaller one when you get better at hitting it. However, it is ok if you want to start out with the smaller size since you may get used to it quickly and therefore you won’t have to replace it. A high-quality swivel is also a great option for a smoother swing, less noise and a long-lasting device.

Everlast Everhide Speed Bag

This is a great speed bag from Everlast made from carbon fiber for a long-lasting product. You can find it at $24.99 on Amazon and you will need to get a mounting board and other accessories separately.

HUNTER Speed Ball

This one of Amazon’s favorite speed bags made of genuine cowhide leather, lined with four layers of poly-cotton material. They are also individually shaped and balanced for rebound accuracy. It comes with hanging swivel and you can find it on Amazon at $39.99.

MaxxMMA Speed Bag

This is a large speed bag, also one of the most recommended products on Amazon. The dimensions are 10” x 7” and it is a great piece of equipment for developing speed, timing and accuracy. It is also balanced for true rebounds and speed.

The product comes with a hand pump and needle and you can find it at $26.99 on Amazon.

Pro Impact Speedbag Black

This is a very durable speed bag made from DU or high-quality leather material to ensure multiple beatings. A heavy-duty latex bladder prevents air loss even after repeatedly punching and the triple-reinforced seams increase the bag’s integrity and make sure that the direction of the bag is not affected after striking.

The pear shape of this speed bag is designed for rapid recoiling and for improving hand-eye coordination. There are options for different levels of expertise: it is available in extra small size 5″x7″, small size measuring 6″x9″ and medium size 7″x10″. Available on Amazon at $39.99.

Meister SpeedKills

Another great speed bag that you can find on Amazon at $29.99. It is made of genuine full-grain cowhide leather that is meant to last. The inner latex bladder provides faster performance and it is balanced and centered for consistent rebounds.

This speed bag is available in small (7.5″ x 5″), medium (9.5″ x 6″), or large (10.5″ x 7″) sizes.

If you have not yet incorporated speed bag exercises into your boxing routine, it is time to start! You will improve your boxing skills, such as hand-eye coordination, rhythm, endurance, speed and much more. Tell us in the comments below what your experience is after you try it out!

Along with the punching bag, you will also need to use a speed bag in order to keep your boxing training on track.

Benefits of speed bags are worthy of note. For boxers, a speed bag is a great way to increase your quickness and hand eye coordination. For people looking to achieve fitness goals, it is an excellent cardio workout. Combine the two bag workouts, punching bag and speed bag, and you will be to achieve your weight management goals in no time at all. In this post you can learn how easy it is to install a speed bag in your home and how you can get the best use out it.

Hang Speed Bag

How to punch a speed bag

You have three options when it comes to hanging the speed bag. You can either purchase a ceiling mount, a wall mount or a platform.

If you go with a speed bag platform like this one, you don’t have to do anything. Just put together the platform according to the provided instructions and you are good to go.

If you go with the other two options, then you can follow the steps given below;

Equipment Needed

  • Marker/pen
  • Drilling machine
  • Ceiling/Wall mount
  • Screws/bolts
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Level

Step 1: Pick the Right Space

You have to find the perfect spot to hang the speed bag. Basements usually have low ceiling making them ideal for ceiling mounts. Also, a corner of the basement will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. When you hang the bag, ensure that it is eye height.

If you do not have a basement, then you can find a place for the wall mount inside your home.

Step 2: Get to Drilling

As already mentioned, when you are measuring the height of the speed bag, the striking area should be in front of your forehead. Hold the mount to the wall or ceiling and mark the screw holes using a marker.

Drill holes in the marked places, according to the screws or bolts that came with the mount.

Step 3: Attach the Mount

You can either use a screwdriver or wrench to secure the mount on the ceiling or wall.

After you have tighten the 4-6 screws on the mount, grab hold of it and check to see if it wobbles or is uneven. Ensure the mount is even with the help of the level.

Step 4: Hang the Bag

Now it’s time to hang the bag on the mount. The hook will be at the center of the mount. The bag has a hook of its own. You can hang the bag using the hook and close it.

The bag should be hanging straight and come to your eye or nose level at most.

Step 5: Test the Bag

Throw some test punches at the bag. It should fly towards the back and come straight back and swing to the front. If the movement is smooth, then you have done a perfect job.

If the bag wobbles in anyway, go above the list and see if you have missed something.

Use Speed Bag

How to punch a speed bag

You are free to use the speed bag now. Here is a refresher on how you can use the speed bag;

  • Stand close to the bag, so you don’t have to extend your arms towards it.
  • Don’t take your normal boxing stand. You don’t need to generate power here.
  • Stand straight facing the speed bag.
  • Hit the bag. It will bounce 3 times after every hit. So wait and then hit it again.
  • Hit the bag with open hand first, in case you are a beginner.
  • Hitting slowly with open palms will help you build a rhythm for your hits.
  • Make sure that your hands are close to the bag, so there is no buildup and you don’t the bag too hard.
  • Hit with one hand at a time. Follow a rhythm of 2 rights then 2 lefts. Or 3 for each hand.
  • With every hit, your hand should make a small circle.
  • After about 10 minutes of open hand training, try it with closed fists.
  • Wear inner gloves, hand wraps or training gloves while you train with the speed bag.

You can find speed bag and all the other related items on our site. So make the purchase and follow the instructions above to hang it properly. Our DIY section has a lot more advice to offer, do check it out.

How to punch a speed bag

A speed bag comes with a vast number of benefits to athletes. From reaction time to better hand movement, there are lots of benefits which are easy to avail. You can easily find that most of athlete practice on speed punching bags and you can try it out too. Plenty of amazing and reliable benefits are easy to acquire with a good session.

But, it is also important that you fill a speed bag with the right material. And filling it properly is also important otherwise you won’t be getting much benefit. Let’s get started with the learning of how to fill a speed bag and learning more about it so that you don’t face any issue. Make sure that you don’t train in the wrong bag otherwise it will cause issues for you.

How to Fill a Speed Bag – Complete Step by Step Guide

There are many steps that you need to follow. Below given are all the steps so let’s begin to set up a speed bag perfectly.

  • First of all, you have to attach the inflating needle, and you need an inflating needle that will be connecting to the air pump.
  • Moistening the needle will be the first thing, and you have to plug in into the everlasting bag. If you don’t moisten the needle, then it can break while injecting in or you can find that it will take too many efforts.
  • Wondering that how to insert the pin? Well, don’t worry because you have to do the same as you may have done with basketball or the football. The process is totally similar, and you can use this method without any kind of issue.
  • You have to ensure that whether the air bladder shield is closed or not. Otherwise, you may face issues. If you are using a new speed bag, then there is nothing to worry about.
  • Now, pump air and keep on checking the pressure. If you are using a pump that can’t show you the pressure, then try to take the visual frame.

You can easily find that the speed bag will start to get its perfect shape in a couple of minutes and you can set up the punching bag and start practicing.

FAQs About Filling a Speed Bag

Here are the most common questions most beginners have when learning how to fill their speed bags.

How much air do you fill a speed bag?

A: If you fill a maximum of four pounds then it is enough and going further can make your speed bag explode. Extra pressure will make your bag so much bouncy, and less will make it soft so you won’t get faster hits.

How hard should the speed bag be?

A: It usually depends but if you are a beginner then filling four pounds will make your bag enough harder. You can decrease the pressure by a little which will be enough to set the pressure to the right amount.

Can I fill the speed bag with something other than air?

A: Air is lighter in weight, and it makes your speed bag hit with faster pace and getting the better come up. Using other material else air will make your bag heavier, and it won’t be a good choice.

These are some of burning questions and if you still think that what to use as the alternative of air then you will not get any alternative. Filling other gasses like nitrogen or other will make it heavier, so, do not try such methods. A simple punching bag can be filled with many other materials like cotton, wool, rice, sand and much more.

Bottom Line

Hope, this guide on what do you fill a speed bag with will help you set up a speed bag without any kind of issue and getting the answer of most asked question online. Make sure that you don’t fill a speed bag with excessive air otherwise it will be hard to practice on it.

Did this guide on how to fill a speed bag help you? Share with your friends!

How to punch a speed bag

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  • Benefits From Hitting a Punching Bag or Sand Bag

Boxing is a sport that has many positive benefits to your body and mind, but learning how to do it well is an art as well as a science. Developing punching speed and accuracy is done best by creating, and abiding by, a training schedule that includes overall fitness and specific exercises tailored to boxing. Practice is key, as is getting good feedback from trainers who are knowledgeable about the sport.

Step 1

Train at least three to four days per week at a minimum. If you’re not able to invest this much time, you will likely not see many improvements in your boxing skills. A good training schedule includes at least two days of boxing practice and drills, two days of strength training and two days of cardiovascular exercise. Some of these exercise sessions can be combined, depending on your ideal workout schedule throughout the week. Take one full day off each week to avoid burnout and other symptoms of overtraining.

Step 2

Shadowbox in front of a mirror so that you can see how accurate your strikes are. Practice jabs, hooks and cross punches in repetitions of 30 or more at a time before switching arms. Stand in the correct fighting stance, with one leg slightly behind the other, while you practice. Warm up for the rest of a workout by shadowboxing, and use the technique to cool down at the end of the day.

Step 3

Use a large hanging punching bag to practice speed and accuracy on a regular basis. Stand in your boxing stance with one leg slightly behind the other, with your knees bent a small amount for comfort and stability. Wear boxing gloves over hand wraps to protect the muscles and bones in your hands. Practice giving the bag short, hard jabs and cross punches that alternate in each direction across your torso, and hooks that extend your arms out slightly in a semicircle before making contact with the bag.

Step 4

Practice speed with a speed bag at least two days per week for 15 to 30 minutes. Punch the speed bag as quickly as you can with one hand, then the other hand, and then alternate hands on each punch. Doing this on a regular basis will help to improve your overall speed when boxing.

Step 5

Work out with a sparring partner whenever possible, take a boxing class, or join a boxing gym. This will help you learn accuracy and speed by practicing your moves on a regular basis. You will gain motivation and receive feedback about techniques that will make you a better boxer.

Step 6

Jump rope and perform other cardiovascular-related activities each week for 30 minutes or more on two or more occasions a week. This helps improve your endurance, which makes you capable of boxing faster for longer.

Step 7

Incorporate strength training, such as weightlifting, into your workout routine each week. Stronger muscles are faster, so you will see improvements in your boxing as you move forward with this type of training program. Work out your lower body as well as your upper body because punching power does not just come from your arms. You need a solid base for creating strong and powerful punches, and this comes from your core and legs.

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How do I let air out of a bag?

Speed Bag Wizard

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rockadoo22 – Simply wet the bladder valve needle and insert into the valve. Allow out only the amount of air you want and then pull out the needle.

If you let too much out, just pump in some more air.


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rockadoo22 – Simply wet the bladder valve needle and insert into the valve. Allow out only the amount of air you want and then pull out the needle.

If you let too much out, just pump in some more air.


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My speed bags always tell me it’s not the size of the needle, but the power of the air pump that counts.

. especially if the air pump is disconnected.

Put a little Rhythm in YOUR workout!
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How to punch a speed bag

Speed Bags are known as one of the best boxing equipment that comes with a vast number of benefits. Have you ever seen or watched an experienced boxer? He/she has fantastic speed, and the ability to hit with both hands with great control makes it better. It is sure that various tricks are used to get rid of all and coming up with better speed.

If you are also willing to get benefits of speed bag training but want to know the reason, then know all the benefits. There are plenty of benefits that you can avail with ease.

One of the best things about the speed bag is that it is extremely cheap to set up. All you really is the bag itself and the speed bag mounting platform, once you have these things you can get started!

To give an overview, you can easily find that a speed bag help with your hand speed as well as your mind’s reaction time. Below given are all the major reasons that can make you getting Speed bag training for sure. Let’s elaborate the major ones that can matter to you the most.

Benefits of Speed Bag Training:

Faster Punches

One a newbie begin to learn, the pace of his hand is not that much. And, it is pretty much low. But, as per time, hands start running swiftly like a pro, and the speed improves with hard work after that.

In other words, one has to spend lots of time learning the right method and improving the hand speed, so he/she get better at it. You have to spend months learning the art and building own tricks. But, once you get it that how to improve the speed then there is nothing to worry about.

Your Punching Strength Increases

Your hands’ will move so swiftly that can amaze anyone. And, these are really required to defend from the opponent. On the flip side, the opponent is also skilled also know to punch on great pace, so the speed will help you block opponent also. The punching power improves due to this risk, so it is not only about speed.

You need to add more weight and pressure in every punch so that every punch has a higher impact on the opponent. By improving the speed, you can enhance the impact, and there is no way that an opponent can stand for long. Hitting at a constant speed with the same power will be highly effective, and you can rely on this method.

Related: LiveStrong

Learn To Keep Your Hands Up

Learning from the martial art trainer will help you keep the hands above, and it will always help you dodging opponent successfully. It is the essential part of boxing, and as you learn, you improve with the time.

Even you don’t waste much time and able to lay a hand on the opponent face without letting him dodge. It will work perfectly if you train for months and master the art of taking over an opponent in every manner.

Keeping hands above protects your face, chest and give a minimal area to the opponent so he/she can’t attack.

Builds Great Coordination

Without coordination, everything is important. You can lay a hand on the opponent, and you don’t get a chance to block opponent’s attack. These are the major reason that you should build great coordination. The Speed Bag is really small, and it is really fast.

It comes back on high speed at you, and if you are not able to hit back in right time, then you are going to miss it for sure. To never face such issues, you have to build coordination, and it comes with practice and the time you spend.

Spending a long time on training will help you build coordination. You have to practice every day on the same thing otherwise it is not easy at all.

Tones The Physique

Who doesn’t love a good physique? Having a good looking body and muscles are always a point of attraction among women. And, you can impress girls with this method, so there is a lot to expect. People go to the gym and build muscle, but they don’t know that how to use their abilities.

They just build a body that is for looks but with speed bag training, you are building a good physique, and you know that how to use your power. It will make you value the art that you are learning.

Resistant to Injury

All the type of training that you have heard about have some sort of injury chances. From football to other sports, every sport has lots of injury chances. With the speed bag training, you are building the good physique, enhancing hands speed and lot more without getting into any kind of injury chances. It can make things easier for you and reliable also. Who doesn’t want to learn without any worry?

Train from Home

The speed bag training equipment is easily available in the market, and you can buy this platform at quite reasonable prices. You don’t have to spend too much money on the purchase of this equipment platform.

There are many online websites that can provide you the great discount on the purchase and you can take this equipment at home. Training becomes easier now, and you just need to learn the basics and everything is done.

Alleviates Stress

If you always feel stressed then you stay frustrated, and you have high tempered, right? In such cases, it is really awesome to train. When you train in stress hour, you feel the little bit better, and it reduces stress.

Well, it happens due to the release of a chemical in the brain which is called as dopamine. This chemical lets you feel happy, and you are likely to feel better than before. It is the major reason that you should train.

Improved Reaction Time

Lastly, the major benefit of Speed Bag Training is reaction time. It doesn’t matter whether you play volleyball, football or any other sports, better reaction time will give you an advantage as you can win without any issue.

These are all the benefits that can make you take speed bag training. You don’t have to worry about a single thing due to stress because your mind will feel relaxed after training. You can burn extra calories too so you should take speed bag training for sure.

Did this article point out the benefits of speed bag training for you? Share this article so they take up speed bag workouts with you!