How to wash slippers

How to wash slippers

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  • Working Time: 15 – 30 mins
  • Total Time: 1 day
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Whether you wear terry cloth slides, fleece-lined leather slippers, or novelty superhero booties, slippers should be cleaned regularly to keep them soft, comfy, and looking good for as long as possible.

How Often to Clean Slippers

How often slippers need to be cleaned depends on several factors:

  • Do you wear the slippers outside?
  • Do you wear socks with the slippers?
  • Do you deal with foot fungus and odor?

Every type of slipper should be cleaned as soon as any odors or heavy soil become apparent. Most slippers should be cleaned at least monthly.

What You’ll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Washing machine or large sink
  • Suede brush
  • Vacuum
  • Soft cloth
  • Clothes drying rack


  • Heavy-duty laundry detergent
  • Suede cleaner
  • Cornstarch
  • Saddle soap
  • Leather conditioner
  • Baking soda
  • Wool wash or gentle detergent
  • Baby wipes


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How to Clean Cotton and Synthetic Fabric Slippers

Cotton terry cloth slides and any slippers made from polyester fabrics, even those lined with faux fur, can be machine or hand-washed to revive and deodorize them.

Wipe Down Soles

If the slippers have been worn outside, wipe down the soles with a damp cloth or baby wipes (they are infused with gentle soap) to remove any mud or grit.

Pre-Treat Stains

If the slippers have food stains or heavily soiled areas like interior soles, use a dab of heavy-duty detergent that contains enzymes to break apart stains (like Tide or Persil) to pre-treat stains. Work the detergent into the stained area with your fingers or a soft-bristled brush. Allow the detergent to work for at least 15 minutes before washing.

Machine-Washing Fabric Slippers

If you are machine-washing fabric slippers, add them to a load of similar colors and fabrics. A load of towels usually works well. Wash in warm water with your regular detergent on a regular cycle.

Hand-Washing Fabric Slippers

Fabric slippers can also be hand-washed in a sink in warm water with about one teaspoon of a heavy-duty detergent. Add the slippers to the soapy water and allow them to soak for at least 30 minutes to lift the soil. Gently squeeze the solution through the slippers and then drain away the soapy water.

Fill the sink with fresh water and rinse the slippers until no more soap bubbles appear. Gently press out excess water. Roll the slippers in a thick towel to help absorb water.

Drying Washable Fabric Slippers

Whether machine or hand washed, all slippers should be allowed to air-dry. Reshape the slippers and place them in a well-ventilated space to dry. If you are concerned about them holding their shape, stuff the slippers lightly with paper towels or white tissue paper. Don’t use newspaper because it can leave ink stains on your slippers. Change the paper frequently as the slippers dry.

Do Not Machine-Dry Slippers

Never place slippers in an automatic dryer. The high heat can cause the soles to become distorted and any glues used in construction to dissolve.

How to Clean Suede Slippers

Suede slippers like those from Deckers X Lab are made from leather hides and must be spot cleaned to maintain the finish. Diligently work on the inside of slippers because when they become moist, bacteria begin to grow, which is the reason your slippers have that lingering odor.

Remove Loose Soil

Use a suede brush or a soft cloth to remove loose soil from the surface of the suede.

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Spot Clean Stains

Treat grease stains by sprinkling them with cornstarch to absorb the grease. This is most effective if done as soon as stains happen. Allow the cornstarch to sit on the stains for several hours and then brush away. Repeat until no more grease is absorbed.

Use a commercial suede cleaner to treat heavy soil and stains following the product instructions.

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Clean the Interior of Suede Slippers

Most suede slippers have a shearling-lined interior. To clean and freshen the lining, sprinkle in a heavy layer of baking soda. Use the suede brush to work it into the lining and allow it to sit for several hours. Vacuum out the baking soda.

If the lining is heavily soiled, mix a solution of two cups of warm water and one teaspoon wool wash or gentle detergent. Dip a soft cloth in the solution and wring until just damp. Gently scrub the interior of the slippers until most visible soil is removed, rinse the cloth frequently.

Finish by rinsing the cloth in clean water and wiping down the interior of the slippers to remove any soapy residue. Allow the slippers to air-dry for several hours. You can also use a blow-dryer on a low setting to dry the interior; use your fingers to work the fur to make it fluffy again.

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How to Clean Leather Slippers

Leather slippers should not be machine-washed but can be hand-cleaned.

Remove Loose Soil

Wipe down leather slippers with a slightly damp cloth or baby wipes (wring them out a bit to remove excess wetness) to remove loose soil.

Clean With Saddle Soap

Mix a solution of warm water and Castile or saddle soap following product directions. Dip a soft cloth into the solution and wring until only slightly damp. Working in sections, gently wipe down the exterior and leather interior of the slippers.

If the interiors are shearling-lined, clean them separately after the exterior leather has been cleaned and conditioned.

Buff Dry

When the leather is cleaned, wait about five minutes and then buff with a clean, soft cloth.

Apply Leather Conditioner

To keep the leather soft and supple, apply a commercial leather conditioner following the product directions. Finish by buffing to a shine.

Allow to Dry

Allow the slippers to air-dry for several hours before wearing them. This will help prevent stretching.

Updated on December 30, 2020

S orel slippers!

Well, these slippers come with quality materials, but that doesn’t mean that they do not get dirty.

Any shoe material that includes fur, suede, rubber, and felt needs good basic care, and that is why you need to know how to clean this footwear.

How Can You Wash Sorel Slippers ? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

The answer is yes, but you should never dip them in water. Instead, can you wash sorel slippers use other cleaning methods as we will discuss below!

How to wash slippers

Wipe With A Towel

You cannot wash Sorel slippers with the machine or with hands by dipping them in water. In case you spill any dirt on your house slippers, you can clean them with a clean cloth or a towel to blot and then wipe the spill.

In case the slipper is waterproof, you may choose to use a damp towel and wipe off the spill and if not, stick to dry towel.

A Suede Cleaning Kit is Also Good

In case the stain or spill is sticky, and the towel may not remove it, then you can use a suede cleaning kit on the outer part of the slippers .

Suede cleaning kit comes with a stain eraser and a small suede brush that is stiff enough to work in the eraser a nail file, a suede brush, or a soft sand-paper can also remove the scuff mark.

Bottom Line

Once the outer part of the slippers is clean, apply suede-safe waterproofing spray so that cleaning them in the future becomes easy.

Clean With a Baby Wipe on the Inner Side

Baby wipes help you scrub the slippers without wetting them. Baby wipes are low in moisture and come with mild detergents. Just use a few of them to work the inner side of the slippers until they are clean.

If you don’t have baby wipes, you can use a damp cloth and drop one or two of wool detergent or use mild baby shampoo and clean the slippers.

Bottom Line

You do not have to use strong detergents. By using the mild ones, you will not only ruin your slippers but will also keep them clean in an easy way.

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Use A Clean Damp Piece of Cloth

Once you apply a detergent on the slippers, use a clean cloth to wipe off the detergent. After that, clean the outside and wipe out the inside.

Make sure you remove any leftover detergent.

Bottom Line

If you use baby wipes, this step may not be necessary since baby wipes are mild enough. However, if you use baby shampoo or other detergents, it is necessary.

Leave the Slippers to Air-dry

You should never apply heat on your Sorel slippers . All you need is to give them enough time to dry naturally before wearing them. Newspaper Wads are great when it comes to absorbing moisture in the inside.

Also, make sure you do not leave your shoes in the open sunlight to dry or use any other direct heating since that can wrinkle or crack your favorite pair of slippers.

Just make sure they dry naturally, if possible in the house and away from heat.

How to wash slippers

Bottom Line

Stuffing newspaper in the slippers will not only help them dry faster but will also help them keep up their original shape.

There you have it. You do not have to worry about cleaning your Sorel slippers. While preventing stains is important and easier than having to clean the shoes, at times it may not be possible to avoid the dirt.

Besides, can you imagine working in the kitchen and still trying to stay away from stains?

Isn’t that impossible?

That is why you need to embrace the above steps and keep your slippers clean within minutes.

All you need is to spray your slippers with protecting waterproofing spray , and if you do so, you will keep your slippers looking new and stylish in the years to come.

How to wash slippers

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how often people should wash their shoes. A lot of information on the web tiptoes around the issue and doesn’t provide a specific answer since it depends on a lot of factors, but we’re going to look at the most common scenarios and provide actionable advice in this article.

How often should you wash your shoes?

On average you should wash your shoes every two weeks, but depending on the type of shoes you have, how often you wear them, how dirty they are and the method of washing, the correct answer might be anywhere from multiple times a week to once several months. Read further for more details.

Is it helpful or harmful to wash your shoes frequently?

Let’s get this out of the way first.

If you’re cleaning your shoes manually, with soap and water or dedicated shoe care products, washing them frequently can actually prolong the lifespan of your shoes. Dirty shoes don’t breathe well, and the mud and sweat can damage the rubber and weaken the stitching.

If you’re washing your shoes in a washing machine, excessing cleaning can lead to damage and discoloration of your shoes. You can temper some of those effects by using cold water and a low gentle cycle, but it’s still not recommended to machine wash your shoes very frequently.

You should wash your shoes every time they get muddy

Leaving mud on your shoes overnight is never a good idea. As we mentioned before, not only does the mud damage the fabric and the stitching of your shoes, it can also lead to blisters and bacterial infections.

So if you’ve been hitting a running trail after bad weather, it’s time to wash your shoes promptly to have them ready for next time. If this happens daily this means you should wash your shoes daily, although we strongly recommend buying a second pair and rotating them out, giving them time to breathe and dry properly.

You should wash your shoes whenever they get smelly

Shoes get smelly because sweat and warmth are a fertile ground for bacteria to be formed, and it’s the bacteria that actually causes the bad odor. So whenever your shoes get stinky, you know it’s time to wash them.

There are multiple ways to deodorize your shoes, from sprays, powder, and other types of deodorizing products, but washing them is the simplest and most efficient solution. So use this as a rule of thumb for when to wash your shoes.

If I wear the same shoes every day, how often should I wash them?

First of all, it’s a bad idea to wear only one pair of shoes every day, as you should have at least two pairs and rotate them. If you wear the same pair of shoes every day, your shoes will start to lose their shape, become stinky, and won’t last you as long.

But assuming we’re talking about normal wear, you should wash your shoes at least once per week if you’re wearing them daily.

How often should you wash your running shoes?

Whenever you go running, your feet sweat a lot, and since sweat is one of the primary causes of stinky shoes, you need to wash your running shoes more often than your regular shoes. This means about once every 2 weeks, assuming you rotate between 2-3 pairs of running shoes. Otherwise, you should wash them weekly, and in the summer, you can even wash them multiple times in the same week.

Nowadays most running shoes are made of special non-absorbent and breathable material, so if you have a high-quality pair of running shoes and they don’t start to smell often, you can get away with washing them only once per month.

What type of shoes you should never put in the washing machine

Suede shoes, rubber boots, wellies, Uggs, leather shoes, sandals, crocs and dress shoes are not machine washable. You’ll need to clean them manually, polish them, or use shoe care products to maintain them.

If You feel that your boots looks like an lands end… Today we are going to answer all your questions how to wash slippers. We discuss almost all kinds of cleaning. Mostly people get designed them in the way like it should be easy to wash with water and baking soda. So we discuss below all cleaning tips.

Make Your pair of slippers clean with us 🙂

1. How to wash slippers?

Table of Contents

Slippers which are made with cotton was in the machine and cannot use cold water, because they can get shrunk. Use warm water.

Some are made with that type of material that need to be washed with cold water, so there is no damage that should occur at all. Stained and dust particles are cleaned with dry towel. You cannot use water bleach and another detergent they should damage.

2. How do you clean UGG without using a kit?

For the cleaning of these slippers brush generally used for cleaning stains and dust. Some types in UGG are cleaned with damp sponge. If you don’t have a shoe or suede brush, a towel can work instead. A paper towel is also used for cleaning UGG for removing stains. Don’t use any type of dryer adopts a natural way to dry. A paper towel is used it cannot damage the shape of UGG.

Or You can use the UGG Women’s/ Men’s Care Kit.

This care kit will help restore your boots to new condition. You can easily get it on Amazon com.

3. How to clean UGG inside?

If you want to clean up from stains, pet hairs and debris from the inner or bottom side of the slippers use due drops of dish soap solutions in it for washing. Slippers are easy to clear from inside. When using dishwasher Ugg look likes new slippers its shine darkness of colors is not be damaged.

4. How to clean slippers with rubber soles?

Rubber sole cotton slippers are machine washable slippers. Generally, these slippers are wash within 10 minutes in the machine. Within 10-minute deep cleansing cannot damage its shape at all. These are the slippers that absorb the sweat from the feet so it is not easy to hand wash.

5. How to wash house slippers?

These slippers which are used indoor outdoor home versatile are easy to clean. Don’t use hot water for cleansing these slippers its should be damaged and shrink. Use regular warm water for the washing of rubber sole slippers. A washing machine is used for the washing of these rubber sole slippers. There is no hurdle in these slippers twice of the day in which god quality material is used. So the slippers not be damaged very soon.

6. How to clean slippers with fur?

The toothbrush with baking soda is used for those stained that is deep. It is cleaned properly and deeply with the toothbrush. Use a natural way – air-dry is the best way of drying. If you dry these slippers in machine dryer it can be damaged soon and in a short time.

7. How to clean slippers with hard soles?

They need to clean with warm, not hot water. If you used hot water they can be damaged. Clean them with mild detergent. Clean your slippers with hand wash and suede brush. Make your pair of slippers clean with laundry detergent. After, deeply rinse them with warm water.

8. How to clean moccasin slippers

Mocassin are washed with water and detergent. Stained is deeply cleaned with warm water and detergents. Liquid detergent is used in these moccasin. Use dump clothes for drying and deep cleansing of stained from the circular. Its drying process is also natural which is airdry. Mocassin are also washed in the washing machine in which 5 minutes gives them proper and clear look.

9. How to clean Clarks Slippers?

Clark slippers in which good quality material is used. These are the imported slippers that are used to prevent feet from injuries and rashes. Comfortability and relaxation level is great. There is different way and tricks are used for the care of Clark shoes and it’s easy. Like wash your slippers by hand wash or clean your slippers without water.

10. How to Wipe Slippers with a towel?

Some types of Slippers are not washable because in which no extra and deep dust are found. When small patches and spots are appearing on that slippers. Take a glass or bucket of water and dip the towel in it after that cleaning slippers with that towel it should be seen very clear and free of patches and spots. The towel is good and soft in nature so it is safe the upper skin of the slippers. These are the waterproof slippers so it cannot be cleaned with the dry towel.

Some wipe slippers are available for their own cleaning kits for the purpose of deep cleaning. People like to get them, because they have a proper small towel for the cleaning. If the sheepskin slippers are needed deep cleansing take them in the washing machine and let them dry with the natural process like air dry. Cannot directly near upon the heat firstly thee wipe slippers are cleaned with a towel softly than easy to wear that sheepskin slippers. By using a towel for the cleaning of wipe sheepskin slippers are a better choice as compared to the other detergents.

11. How to wash leather slippers?

  • Baby wipes.

Make Your pair of slippers clean 🙂

One of our cleaning tips – we recommend wear socks in leather goods.

Can I wash my leather UGG slippers?

Never put any UGG® boot or slipper in the washing machine or take them to the dry cleaner.

Can you machine wash shoes with rubber soles?

Yes, but carefully within 7 – 12 minutes in the washing machine. Using a laundry bag can also help protect them.

Can I put slippers in the dryer?

– We are not recommended because using a dryer on suede slippers or leather may also lead to shrinking, which could cause them to not fit anymore after.
– Even if you’ve been caught in a downpour, it’s not a good idea to attempt to dry any type of leather, even faux leather, in a clothes dryer. The high heat can cause the fabric to distort or crack.
– Hang wet slippers to airdry away from direct heat or sunlight.

How often should you wash your slippers?

People get used to keep your memory foam slippers clean and attractive by washing them often. It will help them last as long as you like.

Can you machine wash leather slippers?

We are strongly not recommended to throw them in the washer.

How to wash slippers

In this guide:

  • Washing your slippers
  • Wearing slippers
  • Are slippers good for your feet?
  • Which slippers are best?
  • When should I wear slippers?

There isn’t a feeling more comfortable than sliding your tired toes into a pair of slippers after a long day. Everyone has a favourite pair of slippers – well-loved, dog-eared and perhaps a little overworked. Keeping your slippers clean can breathe new life into an old pair or help maintain a new one for longer.

Find out how to clean slippers and more in this comprehensive guide.

Washing your slippers

You may have found your perfect pair of slippers and decided they’re the perfect match for you. But we rarely give the same thought to cleaning slippers as we do to our outdoor shoes. Just like your outdoor shoes, slippers may smell if they’re not cared for correctly – so knowing how to clean your slippers is vital.

Here are our top tips for maintaining clean slippers.

  • Find out if they’re machine washable. Check the label – if they are machine washable, toss them in on a low temperature and use a short, slow spin.
  • Hand wash your slippers. Using warm water with a mild detergent, give them a good rub and a short soak. Rinse thoroughly before gently pushing the excess water out of the slippers.
  • Don’t wring them. Wringing may cause your slippers to lose their shape. Use a towel to soak up water when you’ve finished cleaning your slippers.
  • Protect suede slippers with stain resistant spray. You should also be able to blot most stains with a dry towel and use a suede brush to keep them clean. You can treat sheepskin slippers in a similar manner, but it’s best to avoid putting these two types in the washing machine.
  • Treat odours Should your slippers smell, give them a quick wipe down with a baby wipe. Bicarbonate of Soda can also freshen up smelly slippers by acting like dry shampoo. Sprinkle it in the slippers, leave for a few hours, and then vacuum out with a nozzle attachment.

Why wear slippers?

At the end of a long day, it’s important to treat your feet well and give them a rest from more formal shoes. Putting on a pair of slippers when you get home is a great way to keep your feet warm and free from pressure.

For many people, such as the elderly or people with diabetes, slippers are also beneficial in helping to maintain a good flow of blood to the feet. Slippers also help:

  • Keep your feet warm – helping to ward of potential illnesses as the body has to do less work to keep warm.
  • Protect your feet – slippers protect the soles of your feet from standing on anything dirty or sharp around the house, keeping your feet clean and protected.
  • Provide grip indoors – potentially preventing you from slipping over on wood, laminate and tiled surface floors.

The importance of fitting slippers correctly

To make sure your slippers are doing your feet some good, it’s important to know how they should fit. Just because they’re soft and informal doesn’t mean they should be too big or too small. Ill-fitting slippers is often what makes some people wonder if slippers are safe, because they’ve heard too many horror stories of people falling over in loose fitting slippers on hardwood floors. Take as much care when purchasing slippers as you would with any other pair of shoes – check out our size guides for men, women and kids

Which slippers are the best?

The answer to this all depends on what you’re expecting your slippers to do for your feet.

  • Sheepskin slippers if you’re looking for warm, luxury slippers, these are the ones for you.
  • Bootie slippers a cheaper alternative to sheepskin slippers that will still keep your feet warm and cosy.
  • Flip flop slippers this particular style, along with slippers made of cotton or towelling, is great for letting your feet breathe and keeping them cool.
  • Specialist slippers – some manufacturers specialise in slippers with built-in arch support, for those of us with foot problems.
  • Flat slippers – these have closed in toes and heels for better support while also remaining comfortable.

When should I wear slippers?

Slippers are fast becoming one of the most versatile and on-trend forms of footwear. Slippers are moving from the indoors to the outdoors, as seen on many celebrities. You might find that some styles of more shoe-like slippers, such as moccasins , can be worn outside. However, they’re still more popular as an indoor shoe.

How to wash slippers

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Take a look at your shoes scattered about on the floor or stored in neat rows in your closet. If you’re like most of us, there are lots of different materials, finishes, and colors. The days of every shoe being black or brown leather are gone.

But how do you keep them looking good and lasting a bit longer? With just a few supplies and some easy steps, you can clean every type of shoe, even slippers.

Here are the correct ways to clean shoes made of all types of materials.

Fabric Shoes

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Fabric shoes can be strappy sandals, sneakers, pumps or flats. But no matter the style, the fabric will eventually get dirty.

You may find some hack online about tossing fabric shoes in the washer. This is a bad idea because some have leather linings and almost all of the shoes are assembled with glue that won’t stand up to all that water.

Instead, clean fabric shoe surfaces by hand with just some dishwashing detergent, warm water, an old toothbrush, and paper towels.

  1. Wipe down the fabric with a dry paper towel to remove any loose surface soil.
  2. In a small bowl, mix one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in two cups of warm water.
  3. Working on a small section at a time, dip the toothbrush in the soapy solution and lightly scrub the fabric. Do not over-wet. Work with the grain of the fabric, moving all around the shoe to keep the color consistent and prevent spotting.
  4. To remove any soapy residue, wipe the entire shoe with a paper towel moistened with clear water. You may need several towels to “rinse” the entire shoe.
  5. Blot with a dry paper towel and allow the shoes to air dry away from direct heat and sunlight. To help some shoes hold their shape, stuff dry paper towels into the toes or heels until the shoe is completely dry.

Do not use the wet cleaning method on velvet shoes. Instead, brush with a soft-bristled brush to lift the pile and spot clean stains with a dry cleaning solvent.

Leather, Patent Leather, and Faux Leather Shoes

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For leather, patent leather or faux leather shoes, start by wiping off any soil with a cloth dipped in a solution of equal parts cool water and distilled white vinegar. This works particularly well to remove any winter salt stains. Allow the shoes to air dry completely.

For scuffs on real leather shoes, use a commercial polish and simply follow the directions. If you don’t have a polish that matches white athletic shoes or today’s rainbow of colors, wet a soft cloth with water and dip it in a bit of baking soda. Gently rub the scuffed area and wipe away the residue with a clean cloth. Allow to dry and then buff again with a clean cloth.

For scuffs on patent leather and faux leather shoes, rub the marks with a dab of petroleum jelly and buff with a soft cloth. Restore the shine with a spritz of glass cleaner and a buff with a soft cloth.

Suede, NuBuck, and Sheepskin Shoes

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The key to keeping suede or any napped surface shoe looking its best is regular care. The surfaces should be kept as dry as possible and cleaned with a soft-bristled brush after every wearing to remove loose dust and soil. Treat stains as quickly as possible.

  • Marks and scuffs: Gently rub with a pencil eraser and then brush to restore the nap.
  • Oily stains: Sprinkle the area with baby powder or cornstarch to absorb the oil. Let the powder sit on the stain for at least an hour and then brush away. Repeat until all of the oil is absorbed and then brush to lift the nap.
  • Wet stains: Blot with a paper towel or cloth to absorb moisture. Allow the shoes to air dry completely away from direct heat. Brush to smooth the nap.

Sheepskin boots often have shearling linings that get even dirtier than the outside. To keep fungus and odor under control, regularly wipe down the inside of the boots with a cloth dipped in a solution of disinfecting cleaner (Lysol) and water. Allow the boots to air dry for at least 24 hours before wearing.

Rope and Cork Wedges

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After you’ve cleaned the upper fabric or leather part of a wedge shoe, it’s time to tackle the rope or cork covered sole.

Mix a solution of four cups of warm water, one-fourth cup distilled white vinegar, and one teaspoon dishwashing detergent. Work in a small area at a time and use an old toothbrush or cloth to clean the surfaces. For rope soles, work in only one direction to keep the rope from fraying.

When everything is clean, wipe down with a cloth dipped in plain water to rinse away soapy residue and allow the shoes to air dry.

Athletic Shoes

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Most athletic and tennis shoes can simply be tossed in the washing machine and cleaned with a good, heavy-duty detergent like Persil or Tide. Remove any inner soles and the laces and wash the laces separately. Wipe away excessive soil and pretreat heavy stains with a stain remover before adding the shoes to a load of towels.

Always air dry. NEVER expose athletic shoes to the excessively high heat of the dryer.

To control odor and fungus, wipe down the inner soles with a disinfectant cleaner before placing them back in shoes or replace with new liners.

We think those tired feet of yours deserve just as much attention as the rest of you. That’s why we offer a vast array of comfy, cozy and functional slippers to help you unwind when you need it most. Not sure what slippers are best for you? Check out our answers to the top 12 frequently asked questions about slippers to help you kick back, relax and slip into something a little more comfortable this winter.

What Slippers are the Best for Wood Floors?

Do your floors (and your wallet) a favor and wear rugged, rubberized outsole slippers when you’re pacing the halls at home. Not only will the rubber sole prevent slipping on those smooth wood floors but the interior foam cushioning will bring your tired arches much comfort as you shuffle around your charming abode.

What Slippers are the Best for Carpeted Floors?

Would it surprise you if we told you that walking around barefoot isn’t actually the best thing you could do for your carpet? Turns out any amount of sweat from the bottom of your feet could stick to the carpet and in turn attract soil and dirt to your once soft and spotless floors. Protect your home from added dirt and grime and wear a pair of cozy and fun slipper socks to prevent dirt from infiltrating your carpet. Or consider a simple, thinner soled, smooth rubber ballet slipper to twirl around the house, or maybe he prefers a nice pair of Moccasin men’s slippers. Either way, you’ll ensure your lush carpets stay that way.

What Size Slippers Should I Buy?

The short answer is that your slipper size should be the same as your normal shoe size. But you should know by now we’re not just going to give you the short answer. If you tend to wear socks with your slippers then you’ll want a pair that has more of a loose fit. If you’d prefer your slipper to fit like a glove right out of the box then a slipper with a cozy and breathable lining is for you. If you’re getting a pair of girls’ slippers or boys’ slippers, you may want them to be a little roomy, since kids’ feet tend to grow quickly. And if you’re still not sure what slipper size is best for you, then refer to our sizing chart on We’ll also give you tips if we think your dainty toes would be more comfortable in a bigger size.

Will Leather Slippers Stretch?

Yes, leather and suede slippers will stretch to conform to your foot as you wear them (and faster if you wear socks). Don’t make the rookie mistake of buying leather slippers too big. You want those to fit snugly when new because as you wear them around the house – and on your walk with the dog – that smooth suede lining you love will stretch to meet your foot’s perfect fit. Making them one of a kind for sure.

What Slippers Can I Wear Outside?

Whether you’re just going to the end of the driveway to grab the paper or hitting up the coffee shop around the corner, you don’t want your feet to get wet and cold the minute your slipper hits the pavement. You want a pair secured with a cork or rubber outsole for added grip on your quick jaunts outside. A tread isn’t a bad idea either, since you never know when that slick black ice is going to rear its ugly head this winter.

Can Slippers be Washed in a Washing Machine?

Yes and no. Cotton slippers can be washed on cold or warm, never hot, water (to avoid shrinking), on a gentle cycle (to maintain shape) in a laundry bag protecting it from friction. A safer way to go, though, is probably hand washing them in soapy water, scrubbing them together to get the dirt off, and letting them soak for about 10 minutes before wringing out the excess water.

For suede and leather slippers, do not throw them in the washing machine (unless you firmly believe you don’t deserve nice things). Instead, spot wash the leather with a damp cloth. You can do the same with suede or use a gentle brush and mild detergent to get the spots out without submerging the slippers in water.

Can Slippers Go in the Dryer?

Cotton slippers that can be washed in the washing machine can go in the dryer at low heat but if you want to take extra precaution, air drying out of direct sunlight or other heat sources is probably best. Sure, this method takes a while but some things are just worth the wait.

How Do You Care for Your Slippers?

Give your slippers a fighting chance and wash them every few months to cut down on the grime and odor that inevitably makes you kick your beloved slippers under the bed every time you have company. Aside from washing your slippers on the regular, cut down on that fragrant foot aroma by giving your feet time to “breathe” after you take your shoes off. Going straight from shoes to slippers transfers the germs and bad odors from your shoes directly to your slippers, leaving your innocent, fluffy house shoes tainted with the harsh realities of the outside world (gasp!).

Slippers hold up longest when worn with clean, freshly socked feet, but a little sprinkle of baking soda on the inner lining every now and then certainly helps to keep unwanted odors at bay.

Which Slippers are the Best for Driving?

We’re not saying you’re one of those people that often leaves the house in their slippers – not realizing it until you’re in the car. But if you were to find yourself behind the wheel with slippers on your feet, let’s hope they have a good rubber outsole providing extra grip.

Best Slippers for When it’s Wet?

We wouldn’t suggest wearing your slippers outside during a snowstorm, but if you have to brave the elements in your house shoes you want a pair that can keep your feet dry when it’s wet outside. Consider trying a pair of All-Weather shoes or duck boots to keep by the door instead.

When Should You Replace Your Slippers?

All slippers stretch out over time, and the more you wear them the more worn that cozy lining and cushy EVA foam footbed gets. Treat yourself to new slippers at least once a year – more if you tend to “live in” your slippers, wearing them both inside and outside the house.

It’s a good idea to have heavier slippers with shearling or fleece for colder months and lighter slippers for warm months. Feel weird about buying yourself more than one pair of slippers a year? Put your favorite slippers on your Christmas list every year and then act surprised (and grateful) when you open a fresh pair of slippers (and maybe a cushy new monogrammed robe) Christmas morning.

How to clean slippers

Most Dearfoams’ slippers are machine washable. If your slippers DO NOT have suede or elaborate detailing, they can be machine washed. For machine washable slippers, wash on a gentle cycle and air dry.

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How to clean suede slippers

Avoid washing suede slippers in a washing machine – this will ruin your slippers. Suede in general is a delicate material and you have to be careful how you clean them.

Here are the best ways to remove spots from suede slippers.

  • To clean mud caked on your suede slippers, use a suede brush to brush away the dirt gently.
  • To remove water stains that have not dried yet, use paper towels to pat your slippers dry.
  • To remove grease stains, sprinkle on cornstarch or baking soda and let it sit overnight. Use a suede brush to brush it out the next morning.
  • To remove salt stains, first use a suede brush to remove as much salt as possible. Then, take a clean, white towel and dip it in white vinegar. Dab the salt spots with vinegar and air dry.

How to clean fur slippers

Avoid washing fur slippers in a washing machine – this can ruin you slippers.

Here are the best ways to remove spots and odors from fur slippers.

  • To remove dirt spots from fur slippers, put clean water in an empty spray bottle. Lightly spray the dirty area with the least amount of water possible. Blot the area with a clean, white towel.
  • To remove odors from fur slippers, use the upholstery attachment on a vacuum to remove the dirt. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda into each slipper and let sit overnight. Then, vacuum out the baking soda using the upholstery attachment on a vacuum. If the fur on your slippers is matted, use a wool wire brush to brush out the fur.

Can I put my slippers in the dryer?

We do not recommend putting slippers in the dryer. Putting slippers in a dryer can cause them to misshapen.

Can you wear slippers outside?

Some slippers have an indoor/outdoor sole and can be worn outside. Use Dearfoams website to find out if your slippers have an outdoor sole. Search for the product you own. You will find information about your slippers’ sole under the product features.

What are the best outdoor slippers?

Slippers need to have a sturdy, outdoor sole in order for you to be able to wear them outside. Look under the product features on Dearfoams’ website to find the best outdoor slippers or click here to find the best outdoor slippers for women and men.

What size slippers should I buy?

Typically, you should buy the same size slipper as your shoe size. Sometimes, however, our slippers don’t come in numbered sizes, so we have a slipper size chart to help you determine the best size. Find our slipper size chart here.

This is a question we get asked by our customers on a regular basis, they have purchased a brand-new pair of our slippers and they want to know how to take care of them. Well with this handy guide we will be covering how to wash faux fur slippers, how to wash sheepskin slippers and how to wash tweed slippers.

How do you wash faux fur slippers?

  • Hand wash your faux fur slippers by adding some warm water to a sink or a separate bowl with some mild washing powder.
  • Preferably using some rubber gloves, rub the slippers all over with a cloth concentrating on the areas around the sole unit, inside of the boot and any stubborn areas.
  • Give the boots a short soak in the warm water and then gently squeeze any excess water out of the slippers.
  • Pop the slippers on the washing line or on a radiator to dry out.

This technique is best for our Marilyn , Monroe , Cole and Florence faux fur slipper boots.

How do you clean suede slippers?

  • You can not hand wash or machine wash suede slippers so if you spill any liquid on your slippers the best way to clean them is by using a dry cloth to gently dab any moisture.
  • If you have stained the outer suede on your slippers you can use a suede cleaning kid on the exterior by following the instructions on the packaging. A suede cleaning kit will normally come with a stain eraser and a small stiff suede brush which works together with the eraser to remove the stains. You could also consider applying a suede safe waterproofing spray to make it easier to clean them in the future.
  • To clean the interior lining (if faux fur) you will need to get a damp cloth and a small amount of mild washing powder or soap and gently rub the inside avoiding any of the outer suede to avoid staining. Remove any left-over washing powder or soap by using a new damp cloth to clean the inside of the slipper.

This technique is best for our Hanks, Brad, Bethany, Bonnie and Brielle Slippers.