How to be a bald and beautiful woman

New research finds some potential benefits when it comes to romance.

Posted December 22, 2016 | Reviewed by Lybi Ma

How to be a bald and beautiful woman

Most men without hair would agree that being bald is sexy. However, most men with hair would rather retain their locks than become bald—a clear discrepancy. But there is some scientific research that suggests baldness has a number of social advantages.

It’s hard to deny that our physical appearance matters in society. What we look like on the outside can determine (to an extent) the shape of our career, what kind of people we associate with, who we marry, and how socially successful we are in general.

People draw inferences about someone else’s personality based on appearance all the time. For example, in both men and women, having small squinty eyes and thin lips suggests (to a viewer) that a person is dominant, while big eyes and full lips suggest submissiveness.

Research shows us that physically attractive individuals are credited with a range of desirable attributes, which is hardly surprising. Anyone who has ever had any kind of interaction with anyone will tell you that being beautiful or handsome opens doors.

Numerous studies have documented the tendency of people to form an overall impression about something, and subsequently base their evaluation of other aspects relevant to that on their initial impression (e.g. that guy/girl has a great physique, he/she must also be really confident/hardworking/happy, etc.). Research has found that physically attractive people are judged to be more musically competent and that they receive more favorable treatment by juries, are perceived as less deceptive, and are regarded as being more successful in general.

Traditionally, baldness—or the notable lack of a luscious head of hair—has been associated with undesirable characteristics (weakness, impotence, etc.), whereas a thick mane has been tied to traits like strength and virility. Men who choose to shave their heads might seem a bit curious, as a shorn head has historically been equated with restrained sexuality and even been seen as “symbolic castration.”

The truth is that a lot of men shave their heads because they are going bald. Research suggests that about half of all men will experience some kind of male pattern baldness by the time they are 50. It has been linked with things like poor self-esteem and body image, the perception of being old, and depression. It’s hardly that surprising then that worldwide, men spend nearly $3.5 billion naturally trying to either hide or reverse their natural hair loss.

The Benefits

Research in Social Psychological and Personality Science suggests that there are some benefits to being bald. The researchers had participants (men and women) rate photos of bald men and men with a full head of hair on how dominant, agreeable, and old they might be. The bald men were perceived to be about one year older, slightly more agreeable, and much more dominant.

But what if the men who were bald or had shaved heads were naturally more dominant-looking (the same qualities that led them to baldness also may have led them to be more dominant)? In the second part of the study, the researchers had one group of participants rate photos of men with full heads of hair, and another group rated the same men, but with their hair digitally removed.

Because only their hair was modified, any differences between the groups had to be due to baldness. This time the bald men were rated as being.

  • 13 percent more dominant
  • 6 percent more confident
  • 10 percent more masculine
  • About an inch taller
  • 13 percent stronger
  • Nearly four years older

Finally, the researchers wanted to see if these perceptions remained even if men described in words with no photos were considered. This time they added men whose hair was “thinning but not bald” into the mix. Again, the researchers found that completely bald men were perceived to be more dominant, more masculine, and stronger, ​and to have marginally better leadership skills. But men with thinning hair fared far worse than either bald men or those with a full head of hair.

The message from this research seems clear: If you are going bald, embrace it. It really is a case of all or nothing.

How to be a bald and beautiful woman

When I first found out I had breast cancer, I thought I wouldn’t have to do chemotherapy.

But then it turned out I did.

Chemo would make me bald.

Of course, nothing says “wake up call” like a cancer diagnosis.

You reprioritize, reevaluate, rethink who you are.

That said, I was not thrilled I would be losing all my hair.

Here’s how I dealt with it.

TIP #1: Figure out who you are.

I used to be on Playboy TV.

I didn’t want to be bald.

TIP #2: Take control.

The worst thing about having cancer is that you can’t extract it from yourself and beat it with a mallet until it dies.

It’s more slippery than that.

I went to a salon and got my hair cut short. At least I’d have control over that.

TIP #3: Don’t make a mess.

After a couple chemo treatments, it really started to fall out.

It came out in the shower.

It clogged the drain. Twice.

TIP #4: Prepare for the inevitable

My Mohawk turned into a comb over. It looked unfortunate.

I got out of the shower, and my husband was coming up the stairs.

He walked into the room, and I put a towel over my head.

“I don’t want you to see me,” I said.

We used the clippers to get rid of my Mohawk.

The next day I bought an electric razor and shaved off what was left.

TIP #5: Be brave.

A lot of women wear scarves, or wigs, or hats to cover up the fact that they’re bald.

I didn’t want to do that.

I didn’t want to hide it.

I tried on wigs but didn’t buy one.

I walked around bald and got stares. I pretended not to notice.

The other day, I was walking down a long hallway to get my most recent chemotherapy treatment.

Another woman was walking down the hall towards me. She was maybe a decade older. She had hair.

“I always said if I ever had to do chemotherapy again, I wouldn’t wear a wig,” the woman said of my bald head as we got closer.

“You look beautiful,” she said.

How to be a bald and beautiful woman

I cover the business of sex. I’ve written for The Atlantic, Harper’s Bazaar, Slate, Salon, and The Daily Beast. In 2008, TIME named me one of the year’s best bloggers.

I cover the business of sex. I’ve written for The Atlantic, Harper’s Bazaar, Slate, Salon, and The Daily Beast. In 2008, TIME named me one of the year’s best bloggers. I’ve appeared on CNN, NPR, and “Politically Incorrect.” To email me, click HERE. To subscribe to my newsletter, click HERE. This blog has been cited by The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, ESPN, BuzzFeed, and Katie Couric.

How to be a bald and beautiful woman

I am Bianca, I am 42 and I have Alopecia Areata.

I first got Alopecia Areata 10 years ago after having viral meningitis. It was a huge shock.

My hair grew back but, unfortunately, Alopecia made a return a year later and left me with a patchy bald head. Soon after, I shaved my head and started living my life as a bald woman with Alopecia Areata.

The grieving that followed was indescribable.

I looked in the mirror and was mortified at what I saw looking back at me. I no longer knew who I was. The image I had known as ‘me’ for as long as I remember was gone. Something very different, something very confronting was staring back at me.

Every time I left the house, people stared at me. It crushed my soul.

As a single woman, I started to tell myself that I was doomed to be alone forever. Who could wake up beside a bald woman and think she was a catch? I didn’t have any hair. My femininity had left the building. And just like that I was no longer soft. I felt flawed and undesirable.

After much misery, I realised I had two choices. I could crumble and never leave the house, become a mere shadow of who I once was. My other choice was to saddle up, after all this was who I was now and not a lot was going to change.

So, I decided to throw myself out into the online dating world and begin my journey as a woman with Alopecia Areata. It was uncomfortable and I risked a lot of painful rejection and judgment. I felt the fear but did it regardless.

I was honest and positive, and as I said the words over and over again, “I have Alopecia Areata”, it started feeling like it was a part of me — no longer foreign and surreal. In fact, my Tinder profile reads:

“All photos are recent. I shave my head, I don’t have cancer, I have Alopecia. I am at peace with who I am if you aren’t that’s ok, keep swiping, thanks for stopping by.”

It sparked lots of questions, but also took an interesting turn and taught me a lesson or two in self-love and expression.

Some men were completely turned off by me not having hair. Some were shallow, even rude and hurtful. But I was also complimented for my courage and bravery. Many people were empowered and inspired to talk to me, just to say hello. I ended up with friends and kind people to chat to and people who were genuinely interested in me in as a person. The rest just kept swiping by.

I am still single, so although my ‘dating experiment’ did not result in finding ‘the one’, I learnt to love myself again. It gave me the space to experiment being the new me and helped me come to peace with my Alopecia.

I hope that by sharing my story I can get people to appreciate what it is like living with Alopecia Areata. I don’t think there is a woman alive who doesn’t like to feel feminine and beautiful. When you take away a part of your gender make up that plays a huge part of who you are as a woman, it’s heartbreaking.

I want people living with Alopecia to be classed as normal and to be accepted. People’s reactions, comments and stares were one of the hardest things to deal with during the early part of my Alopecia journey. It was hard enough leaving the house each day without being the target for stares and disgust.

But most of all, I hope that my story will empower people in situations similar to me.

Today, I am proud to say that on pretty much a daily basis, I can wake up and look in the mirror and feel happy to be me. It is crazy to think I am at this stage, after all that I have been through. It has taken lots of mental strength and resilience but I couldn’t be happier.

When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade, right?

Next week is Alopecia Areata Awareness Week 12 – 19 November.

Anyone affected by Alopecia can find support through AAAF. For information on support groups and other services visit the AAAF website, Facebook, or Instagram.

“Bald is hot,” an article in the New York Times recently announced. We bald guys hear this kind of hype all the time, “Bald is cool, bald is beautiful” — but only from people who are not bald. It’s well-meaning and is usually followed up with examples of good looking bald guys like Bruce Willis, Michael Chikless, Michael Jordan, or if you’re older, Yul Brynner. These men are not bald — well, I mean, they are bald — but they are actually covering it up by taking it all off, which puts them in a completely different category called “shave-head,” which is all-scalp-all-the-time, which makes it an elective, not a genetic imperative and just doesn’t look good on everyone. It is not bald. Bald is a guy who’s taller than his hair, whose shiny pate shines above his hair-fringe — the fringe being the defining component of bald much like a bare mountain top rises above its own oxygen-starved timberline. Looks impressive if you’re Mt. Everest, not so much if you’re Burt Reynolds.

Let’s own up to it, as a predominantly Judeo-Christian society, we have an imbedded bias against bald. Nooo? Have you looked at the Bible lately and the story of Sampson? The guy went from winner-to-wimp, lost everything including the girl, because he lost his power-hair.

Anyone in Da Vinci’s The Last Supper feature a slaphead? No.

You know any Greek or Roman gods with fringe? From Ulysses to Superman to the Incredibles, can you name any bare-pated superheroes?

How many young girls do you know grow up dreaming of a fringe-worthy Mr. Right?

“Bald men are more ‘virile’,” that’s another one we hear. There’s absolutely no biological evidence and it raises all sorts of false expectations in both sexes.

How many denuded presidents have we elected since the 20th century? One. Eisenhower. And that’s because there was no choice. His opponent, Adlai Stevenson, was also bald and he was derided as an “egg-head.” Yes Gerald Ford was fringe-worthy, but he wasn’t elected. So Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson, forget about it.

Please understand, there is no comfort when people tell us that centuries from now highly evolved humans will be hairless. This only helps if you’re planning to be immortal.

You see our position here? Stark-scalps enter the mating marketplace with a perceived physical deficit. Hairpieces are too obvious. Shaving it all off just doesn’t work for all heads. So we genuine fringe-worthy guys need to figure out — if not beautiful, what are we?

How about this: Bald looks wise and all-knowing. It’s Buddha, Freud, Capt. Picard, Mr. Miyagi and Yoda. Bald looks better coming out of a pool or shower. Bald means we don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on expensive hair stylists.

Bald tends to be taken more seriously, more substantially. When Sean Connery stopped doing the rug-bearing James Bond role and started doing fringe-only parts, he became an esteemed actor. Bald is loveable and generous — right Santa? Bald is smart, which is why the term “egg-heads” came about. I don’t think I’ve ever seen actor Ed Harris wear a rug and he never plays dolts. Bald is powerful like the enduring Mr. Clean. Any man who can get rid of dirt and grime in just a minute is some sort of potent.

Wow, it all sounds so impressive, doesn’t it? Maybe we’re on to something here. If you sum up all these characteristics, bald is really quite special, kind of wonderful, perhaps even terrific? And maybe, just maybe, if we say it enough times, we may actually get to believe it.

Whether you want to experiment with a shorter hairstyle or you just want a new bad, bold look, there are a multitude of bald hairstyles for women just waiting for you to try.

Bald Hairstyles

Buzzed pixies close to the face flatter an oval or round face while shaggier pixies with more texture do better on square and heart-shaped faces. The best part is they are all low maintenance so can spend more time on other things!

For 25 ways to style bald hairstyles, scroll through the unique looks below!

1. Cropped Pixie with Fade

A brunette cropped pixie with buzzed sides is cooler for those warm summer months. Play up color with a blonde streak for flair.

2. Buzzed Black Hair

A black buzz cut with the same length all over can be edgy or feminine, depending on what you wear with it. A pink lip and dangle earrings will bring out your girly side while a smokey eye makes it punk.

3. Lime Green Buzz Cut

Lime green is an eclectic color for any short haircut. Shape the widow’s peak to be pointed for punk vibes – touch ups will be minimal.

4. Platinum Textured Pixie

On both dark and light skin, choose platinum for a flattering color. When your hair is this short, use texture creme to manipulate hairs into a wavy or messy style.

5. Buzzed Blondie with Wavy Lines

Frost the tips of a short haircut with blonde while keeping the base dark. For detailed sides, have your stylist shave in waves or line designs.

Bald Hairstyles for Black Women

6. Wavy Red Pixie

When you go with a bold red pixie, tint the eyebrows to match. Again, use hair creme to get a textured feel while keeping edges at the forehead choppy.

7. Super Short Hairstyle for Balding Black Women

A bold super short haircut like this shows everyone you’re comfortable in your skin. It also best flatters oval and round faces.

8. Platinum Blonde with Hard Part

Platinum blonde will show off your brown eyes and caramel skin. To get dimension, shave in a hard part that’s just wide enough to notice.

9. Blonde Finger Waves

The classic 20s finger wave style looks best when kept short, so try it when your hair is at least two inches. The whole style will last about 2-3 days.

10. Bald with Lined Details

Another option for when hair is close to bald and you want a little detail is shaving in this zig zag on one side. It’s less maintenance than having two detailed sides and still gets all the looks.

Bald Fade for Women

11. Blonde Pixie and Undercut

Want to keep some of your length? A long blonde pixie with a fade and undercut is the best of both worlds. Shape the top into a mohawk and add major detail to sides for all the edge.

12. Finger Waves and Hard Part

On a finger wave hairstyle, shape up sides to a bald fade and shave in a hard part that aligns with your eyebrow. This rounds out your head shape beautifully.

13. Bowl Cut and Bald Fade

The bowl cut is typically a man’s hairstyle, but give it an edgy feminine take with a pop of pink, high fade, and wavy texture.

14. Pink Buzz Cut with Fade

A peppy pink covers a buzz cut, keeping the style flirty while paired with a punk bald fade and undercut. This wake-up-and-go look is super low maintenance yet stylish.

15. Spiky Pixie and Undercut

Short spiky yellow hair tops this style. A shaved curved line details the undercut, making this look far from plain. Use fingers to apply and shape texture creme for this piecey pixie.

Thin Balding Hairstyle for Women

16. Messy Platinum Pixie

For thinning or fine hair, platinum or a very light blonde messy pixie is just the color to soften and distract. All you need to finish this style is a spritz of hairspray.

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How to be a bald and beautiful woman

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How to be a bald and beautiful woman

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How to be a bald and beautiful woman

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How to be a bald and beautiful woman

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How to be a bald and beautiful woman

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How to be a bald and beautiful woman

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How to be a bald and beautiful woman

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How to be a bald and beautiful woman

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How to be a bald and beautiful woman

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How to be a bald and beautiful woman

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Argument with a lady

Yesterday I was at the mall, I was talking to a friend in the wig store. I walk in and this lady just glares at me. I was talking to my friend Nikkol about how she wants to cut her hair cause its falling out from dying it so much. I jokingly suggested to shave it off. The customer scolded me!

She asked me why I would ever want to be bald, I told her because hair is not what makes me pretty. Simple as that.

I am re-shaving my hair off soon, cause just as simple as I told her that hair is not what makes you beautiful, I think I am Gorgeous Bald! Bald women are a lot more confident. Don’t agree then Don’t shave it!

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What would you do if you knew one of the most influential people in your life would die in less than a week?

Would you have spent those last days differently?

I know I would of. I would of taken more pictures and made her laugh just a little more.

Jan 30,2004; I was in 6th grade, I was riding home from a friends birthday party where the night before we all had been talking about life.

Before I slept I said my annual prayer, thanking God for everything, and telling him I was ready for her to pass..

As I slept my night away I never thought I would wake up and have her not be there anymore.

Carroll Mae Pracht; was one of thee most amazing women that I ever have know.

She broke me

A lot of people ask me why I got the day she passed away tattoo on my wrist, we weren’t family.

Here is my reasoning, When I found of she was sick I figured she would get over it like a cold. The last time I saw her she said “When I get better I’ll come to your basketball game.”

She never got better, so when I went to her awake, I met most of her family who I had never heard much about. I walked up to enter as one of the grandsons stopped me and asked who I was. I told him my name and before I could tell him I knew her from church he stopped me and told me; So, your her little girl.

I was her little girl! And she was “My” person!

I put her date on my wrist to remember her, someday I hope to leave an impact on someones life like she left one on mine.

I hope I am making you proud! That’s the only way to make not having you here; make sense.

I’ll be visiting you in less than a week!

Love, your little girl

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When Lily was born on April 29th, 2011, I was so full of emotion. Tears arose to my eyes as I held this beautiful baby girl in my arms. She had a smooshed nose and wrinkled hands but to me she was the prettiest baby I had ever seen. She cried for the first week of her life and normally I could of screamed but instead all I wanted to do was be with her. She is one of thee most perfect human beings I have met yet.

My sister and her dau gh ter Lily will be returning to Minnesota tomorrow evening at 5:55pm. Could I be any more excited? Possibly a little.

She completed me.

I was riding in the car with my dad before the shaving, My dad asked me why I was shaving my hair off. I told him the same thing I have told everyone else. Because I want to find a cure for cancer.He said why I are you honoring these kids you dont even know them.

I was sponsoring 2 girls both under the age of 6 and no I have never met them and for all I know their parents could be rich and not need any assistance but that thought NEVER crossed my mind.

I told him, No, I’ve never met either but I sure would hope if Lily EVER got sick that some stranger would choose her to be honored.

Dearest Lily,

I hope you realize how absolutely amazing you are to me and I couldn’t wish anything but the best for you! I hope if you any thing ever happens to you that some one would choose you to honor. I sure would. I am just saying; I love you.


ps. please learn to say auntie first 🙂

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How to be a bald and beautiful woman

Spotlight : ‘ The Bald Beauty Collection’ by Photographer Hoda Amel Abdalla & ‘LunaBella Make-Up Art’

How to be a bald and beautiful woman

When we were initially asked to be a part of this project with photographer, Hoda Amel Abdalla, we were honored. The preface of this project was to convey the beauty and empowerment in women who are survivors of cancer, more specifically, breast cancer. The Bald Beauty Collection was done over the course of two days, both in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Ca. with 25 female models requiring both beauty make-up & bald caps. Many of these professional models have never been placed in a bald cap for a , so this was an eye-opening and life-changing experience for them as well. Not only because of the reason behind the project, but many of the models and artists, like us, have or have had family members affected by the illness. Below, Abdalla gives her own preface to this project :

“The Bald Beauty Collection stimulates my desire to show that the beauty of women lay within their attitude. This collection was created to empower women as a way to step back and appreciate their beauty in the state/ condition its in. As the photographer, I focused my attention toward the women, who I feel take on one of the most courageous battles in life by struggling with their hair loss from illness and treatment. These women have a large struggle in overcoming the norms of physical beauty with the acception of their changing physical state, with hair loss. A special thank you goes out to the twenty-five models, their agencies, and LunaBella Make-Up Art for providing me with such amazing talent in making this collection possible. “

– Hoda Amel Abdalla, photographer

And just a reminder, these models all have hair. In fact, many of them had long, full hair which did make it a challenge to get the caps as smooth as possible. If the cap were to rip or split anywhere, we would have to toss it out and start from scratch. The key to getting the bald cap as smooth as possible is to make the hair underneath as sleek as you can. The more sleek and smooth the hair is underneath, the smoother the cap will fit to the head shape. Very important. We applied a bald cap on each of these ladies and concealed with different make-up mediums to make it look ‘as close to skin’ as possible. That also means mimicking skin texture, moles , and freckles. It was an amazing shoot. Here are a few of our favorite images from the shoot that we’d like to share with you.