How to change into your bathing suit if you aren’t in a stall girls

What do y'all wear in there. personally I think you should not be wearing the clothes you just worked out in releasing all of that grossness into the air in there. Am I just a germaphobe?

Like put a towel on and walk in there and go sit.

Also, do y'all talk to people in there? I just want to sit and relax and sweat it out and not be bothered. Am I just being a grumpy bitch about everything sauna related?

the one sauna i've been in was in finland, and that one was pretty much mandatory naked.

Thats what I thought. and Im getting down voted LOL

SIDE NOTE: I think in general it's very silly to have down votes in a sub like this. 90% of the time people are asking because they genuinely don't know something or are looking for advice, tips, or common practices! Lets support each other here ladies!

It REALLY differs by country, tbh. in Sweden, where I live, you're naked and sitting on a towel (possibly wrapped in your towel.) In Germany, where I've lived, it was totally ok to go in a sauna in your bathing suit.

But I agree it's definitely not ok to wear workout clothes or street clothes in there.

See ours are separated by locker rooms: one for girls, one for guys so its not a big deal to go in with your towel on. Maybe I just am the only one who has even cared to think about what your gross clothes are releasing into my sweaty open pores LOL

Interesting. Do you have any more information on this?

I think the US needs to get over hypersexualization. We can be nude with one another and it's not a big deal unless we make it a big deal. No clothes in the sauna. I don't know why you'd want to be wearing clothes in a sauna

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I agree with you. Whenever I am in other countries everyone manages to dissociate from gender in our everyday lives.

As soon as I get back to the US it's dick jokes, sex jokes, a great amount of references to jerking off, and more importantly, everything I do seems to get a gender-related sub-tone. It's really bothersome.

In other western countries I feel like a person. In the US I can't not feel like a woman.

The entrance to the co-ed sauna at my gym is via the pool. People always have their kids in there. I'm not about to flash teetays to a bunch of obnoxious seven year olds.

Also, people, THE GYM POOL IS NOT A FUCKING PLAY POOL. TAKE YOUR KIDS TO THE WATER PARK. I'd like to actually swim laps. Fuuuuuuhhhh.

Where I live, we go naked. (Germany) But towel around your waist is acceptable, of course. But we aren't allowed bathing suits or gym clothes. That's at the gym, not sure at the various different swimming pools or whatnot.

On a related note, what is appropriate in a locker room in general? I am so frustrated with being the only one to shower naked or to change openly without huddling in a stall. It's not that I want to see people naked, I just hate feeling like I'm doing something wrong for getting dressed! We are all here working hard to look and feel good – why are you all so ashamed?! /rant

I just change my fat ass naked in the locker room. If someone else is in there I will try to not face them when I take my shirt off or something.

I hear you. I just switched from a gym where people who used the locker room treated it like I did, as a place to change clothes as quickly as I chose. Nobody scrutinized anyone for being naked, having only a towel, or never taking off underwear. To each their own. Most of the other patrons using the locker room were older ladies from aquarobics anyway. None of them were shy when they needed to get out of their swimsuits.

Currently, I'm using a somewhat different gym. The aquarobics ladies are still not shy at this place, but there are fewer of them and the other ladies are the type to make you feel uncomfortable found not using a dressing stall. It's just part of the culture of the gym you are at.

I give zero shits about nudity in a locker room. I mind me and get my shit done and do it in my own time. I don't lounge around naked, but I don't rush myself when I'm dog tired either. If it somehow makes them mad to see my large naked ass or saggy boobs for a few seconds, they have bigger issues.

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t swim or play in any type of water at all times of the month! Read on for tips to help take the stress out of swimming on your period.

Summer’s finally here, and many of us are looking forward to splashing in some form of H2O to have fun while beating the heat. Whether you’re an occasional oceanista or a daily diver, chances are that your period will coincide with your swimming plans at some point this season. Do you plan pool time around your period or stop swimming during your cycle? Here’s some good news: There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to swim or play in any type of water at all times of the month! Read on for tips to help take the stress out of swimming on your period.

First things first: Let’s bust the old wives’ tale that says you shouldn’t go swimming in the ocean while menstruating because the blood will attract sharks. Wrong for so many reasons, but mostly because sharks have no idea that they should salivate at the smell of human blood! Sharks can detect the smell of humans as different from themselves, but blood, sweat, tears, or even pee in the water makes no difference in their interest in us. So a menstruating woman has the same chances of getting caught by a shark as a sweaty boy, but rest assured that neither of you are likely to get chomped on. Most designated swimming beaches are pretty predator-free.

Now let’s work on making sure your bathing suit and the water stay clean. While it’s true that many of us find our menstrual flow slows down (and sometimes even stops) while in the water, that doesn’t mean that it will happen every single time you swim. You should also be prepared for pre-and post-swim sunning, too. This means that if you’re not already using tampons, you should start getting comfy with them. A pad or liner just won’t stay put in your bathing suit once it’s wet. Check out our guide to find the right tampon for your body and needs here . Don’t forget that while you swim, you need to change your tampon as frequently as you would when staying dry – at least every four hours. You may feel more comfortable changing more frequently, so be sure to bring extras!

After you put on your suit, make sure to tuck in the tampon string so that it doesn’t show. If you’re especially worried about the string showing, or if your bathing suit bottom is very small, try carefully trimming your tampon string a little shorter with a pair of nail clippers. Since a protective liner is out of the question, leave your light-colored or white bathing suits at home when you’re on your period. Stick with dark-colored or black suits or bikini bottoms to conceal any leaks or stains (which can still happen). Sometimes, you might find it more comforting to cover up with a pair of shorts over your bathing suit as an extra layer of protection, just in case you accidentally wait too long to change your tampon.

Finally, you might think that you should forego swimming because you don’t feel well when you’re on your period. Consider changing your mind — the exercise and enjoyment that swimming brings can actually boost your mood, improve your cramps, and make you feel better all over. It’s only summer for a few months each year, so why waste the nice weather? Grab a bathing suit, some sunscreen, and go have some fun in the sun!

Get help with your purchases! Take the guesswork out of choosing the right tech suit, caring for your swimwear, or just see what the experts are saying about gear for the pool, beach, and gym.

How to change into your bathing suit if you aren't in a stall girlsBra pads are an easy and convenient way to increase the appearance of your bust size. With bra inserts, you can achieve the perfect bust without undergoing cosmetic surgery. Most bust enhancement pads are made with waterproof materials, so you can place them in swimsuit tops as well as bra tops. Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful in her swimwear. Read on to learn how to insert your bra pad.

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It’s summer. Finally. So we start to fantasize about a trip to the beach, only to interrupt our reverie with fear or loathing about how we’ll look in a bathing suit. Or we go to the beach, but when our friends peel off their extra layers to jump in the water, we hang back. We don’t want to expose the parts of us that are too big, too small, too lumpy — too imperfect.

If this resonates, you’re not alone. One survey found that 89 percent of American women are unhappy with their weight. And men are hardly immune from the pressures to look a certain way. As Shape recently reported, the implications of a negative body image strongly affect our happiness:

Researchers from Chapman University in California surveyed over 12,000 participants about their body image and attitudes about their overall happiness and satisfaction with life while collecting height and weight data. They found that — for both men and women — body image plays a big role in how satisfied with our lives we feel overall. For women, satisfaction with their appearance was the third largest predictor for how good they felt about the rest of their lives, coming in behind financial satisfaction and satisfaction with their love lives. And, surprisingly, for men it was the second strongest predictor, only falling behind financial satisfaction.

It’s no accident that we dwell on how we look in our bathing suits, rather than what we can do in them, says body image expert Dr. Robyn Silverman. In this article, she critiques a pre-teen magazine that asks young girls to consider what bathing suit style is best for their body type:

(It) sends a message to girls that they need to be thinking about how they look — form over function — when it comes to swim suits.

Of course, teen magazines could have a lot of fun with bathing suit styles by flipping the conversation and asking; “What bathing suit style is best for what you LOVE to do?” or “What bathing suit patterns reflect your personality?”

Now that is helpful. How can we shift our focus to what our bodies can do rather than how they look?

Undoing negative thoughts about our bodies doesn’t happen overnight. For today, though, here are a few questions you might ask yourself:

  • How would it feel to savor the sensation of warm sun on my skin?
  • How would my body feel being immersed in water on a stiflingly hot day?
  • How might swimming help me relax or exercise more?

Then, ask yourself:

  • Am I willing to give up these pleasures for the rest of my life?

It may also help to remind yourself that most people at the beach or pool are feeling sensitive about their bodies, too. They may not show it, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as nervous or embarrassed as you are. Let’s use that knowledge to find the courage to take off our T-shirt or cover-up.

And of course, there are other ways to relish the joys of summer that don’t require revealing so much skin. Feeling the grass in between your toes, gardening, brewing tea in the sun. The more we tune into outdoor pleasures, the more we realize that we are remarkable creatures who are about so much more than how we look.

If you are struggling with this issue, then depending on the roots and intensity of your negative body image, it might be worth considering speaking with a professional.

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In the summer after 3 nd grade, I competed against a girl named Rebecca for the end of season summer swim contest at our local country club. For my purposes, let’s call it the Tweenie Summer Olympics of 1980. My key race consisted of having to put on a full set of PJs (over our wet bathing suits) and then swimming one lap. I lost and I knew I was going to lose. 2 nd place might as well have been no place as far as I was concerned. Yes, I admit, I have been wildly competitive ever since that sad defeat.

This summer, a new PJ type contest was proposed. Because I’m known to be such a HydroChic freak I was asked if I could go an entire week wearing only HydroChic. You might be thinking: oh easy, just go on vacation and wear a bathing suit. What is the big deal here?

Well, what about a public speaking event, out to a restaurant, driving around town, errands? Would you wear a suit then? Is it actually possible as a professional woman to spend a week in a bathing suit?

I was determined and perhaps just a wee bit overzealous to find out. I was convinced if I could do it, it would be my ultimate triumph over the loss of that coveted blue ribbon in the 3 rd grade.

So lucky for me, I was asked in the summer and it was a week of partial vacation. But I did have a speaking event scheduled and I wondered if I would be brave enough to stand in front of a room full of people in a bathing suit skirt. Was there even a question? Of course, I rocked it.

I’m not embarrassed to admit I have since gone on to wear my black hip hiding drop waist skirt to plenty of other meetings and events. It is my FAVORITE black skirt. Oh yeah, and I also free dived in it to a coral reef, and kayaked and hiked and wore it to the grocery store.

I found out two things about myself/the world during my never ending week in a bathing suit.

1) Other people notice your clothing and care about your clothing way less than you notice and care about your own clothing.

2) Wearing comfortable clothing that makes you feel good about your body and how you take care of your skin (built in UV protection!) is never a bad thing.

Being able to jump in the water at any time (I do this a lot, not surprisingly) and not worry about sunscreen is a blessing for this somewhat disorganized mom. I had to remember water shoes and snorkels and ear plugs and so not having to also think about applying sunscreen let us enjoy our days completely worry free. There were NO sunburns and we were out and in the water for hours and hours every day. A bathing suit with built in protection doesn’t wear off, wash off, or get rubbed off. No need to reapply! Also, because the suit fabric dries so fast, we hopped from activity to activity without 20 trips to public bathrooms for changing into and out of clothes. Let’s be honest –no matter what country you are in, avoiding those wet suit shenanigans with kids is an added plus to your day! Have you ever tried to change wet twins from bathing suits to dry clothes in a single bathroom stall? I no longer have to do that –my girls happily wore their girls bathing suit sets all week too!

How to change into your bathing suit if you aren't in a stall girls

At one point, they pointed to all of the luggage we had brought and asked why we needed any of it. They were right, I think we could have happily gotten by with just our HydroChics, some PJs and toothbrushes.
So I proudly present my week in HydroChic. Feel free to ask any questions, or share the craziest place/event/activity you have worn a bathing suit, or ever tried to change into one. Next time you need to pack for a cruise, vacation, or a weekend away, ditch all of the clothes you don’t really want to wear and just pack your Chic’s. I can promise you won’t regret it.

Your friends are wearing skimpy bathing suits that do nothing to disguise their private parts. At the same time, the college girls are now wearing childish suits or clothing that seem to have expanded only the minimum necessary for them to cram their forms inside. What this means is that Gloria's breasts are practically popping out of the Ariel suit, while Lisa's teddy bear shirt is stretched beyond recognition.

You decide to keep your eyes on Janet as she finishes the steaks.

"Come and get it!" she exclaims, bringing the meat over to a picnic table. Feeling almost naked in Lisa's black bikini, you nevertheless scramble over for some food. Partially, you're starving, but you're also eager to see how your friends and the girls will treat each other. You know from the way you were treated in the bathroom and even earlier that people seem to have a tendency to see themselves and others in a way that matches their clothing. With that in mind, you're unsurprised to catch a passing dude leering at you while you're bending over to get a steak.

"I like your bathing suit," Lisa murmurs shyly from beside you. As if she hadn't been wearing it herself just minutes before. You give her a wane smile that hides how you really feel: bewilderment at what has happened, generally, and specifically frustration because Lisa and the other girls so obviously view you with the same mixture of envy and admiration younger girls reserve for older and more developed ones.

The weird thing is that Lisa and the others are even eating like young teens – a little awkwardly, and smearing BBQ sauce on their lips. Realizing that you have changed as well, you find yourself nibbling on smaller portions, and have to fight the urge to wipe the corner of Lisa's mouth with a napkin.

Meanwhile, Gloria and Lisa giggle and talk about Justin Bieber.

Janet, at least, is trying to look more mature. With the steaks done, she's removed Bob's white t shirt, and you have to avoid staring at the way the smaller bikini shows off most of her chest. You see her trading whispers with Jordan and Steve from across the picnic table.

When she gets up to take the leftovers away with Bob, your other two friends exchange knowing glances.

"What's going on?" you're almost afraid to ask.

"Come to the bathroom with us and we'll tell you," Jordan says, his eyes shifting to Gloria and Lisa, still trapped in their conversation.

The two of them get up and nod to Bob, who is just returning. "Can you watch the girls while we go change?" Steve says.

At Bob's assent, the three of you head toward the bathroom and changing station. Jordan and Steve have matching pink bags slung over their shoulders they must have retrieved from somewhere just before the steaks were done. You're thinking it is kind of odd that this will be the second time today you and Jordan have changed out of girls' swim suits.

Even stranger is the fact that your friends are headed right into the women's side of the changing area, and you have little choice but to follow them there.

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Somehow, somewhere, maybe while I was sleeping… I decided it was time to stop wearing a bikini. At the sprite age of 32. Fine, I’m no spring chicken, but 32 isn’t exactly over the hill. I didn’t decide to stop wearing them because I can’t fit in them either. Actually this has nothing to do with how I look in my bikini. Or maybe it does. But it doesn’t have anything to do with how “good” I do or don’t look.

It just happened. I bought a tankini with a skirt. And I liked it. Here’s why.

1. Beauty is not related to flesh exposure.

I never would have said that I thought the more skin you showed the prettier you were. And yet, when one gets caught up in what everyone else is doing, it’s easy to go with the flow. The shorter the skirt, the tighter the top, etc. the more appealing to the opposite sex. Somehow, the idea that guys thinking you were “hot” was equivalent to being beautiful. Now, I think that’s way off. I think it’s easy to look “hot.” It’s far more difficult to let your femininity and modesty contribute to your beauty.

2. I just felt silly.

I have a few good bikinis in my chest of drawers, but every time I went to the pool or the beach with my three little babies I just felt kind of silly. I felt decidedly, un-motherly. Now, that is a ridiculous statement because being a mother has nothing to do with what you wear. But still, I just felt that covering a little more seemed appropriate. It was a gradual change but now, even though I can still wear my teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis, I just don’t feel the need to.

3. I am not on the market.

I guess it’s the same reason people say you get married and “let go” but I no longer dress for what other men might think. Sure, it’s nice to feel and look beautiful. There is no denying that. But my husband freely compliments me and he always wants me to be modest in front of others. Not in an oppressive-I-want-to-take-away-your-rights kind of way. But in an you-are-mine-no-one-else-needs-to-look kind of way. That doesn’t mean I’ll never wear a bikini again. It doesn’t mean I don’t wear short shorts from time to time. It just means that I’m entering into a new season of life where I’m embracing modesty more than ever before. And I’m okay with that.

One particular day I had the good fortune of being alone to swim some laps at the local pool and contemplate life. As you do at the public pool. I noticed a Muslim family of 5. The father and three kids were splashing around in the pool laughing and playing games, in “normal” swimsuits. The mother was standing on the side with a bathing suit unlike any I’ve ever seen. The pants went to her ankles, the shirt went to her wrists and she still had a head covering, though I could see her face. It was navy blue in swimsuit material with a beautiful design. She was laughing and playing and I couldn’t stop staring at her. She was so beautiful.

I couldn’t help but think it ironic that there, at a pool, the most beautiful person in sight was showing only the skin of her hands, feet and face. Then, as if God wanted to make the contrast Himself, a lady got out of the water beside her. She was at least twice her age, two or three times her size, and wearing a bathing suit with a whooooooole lot less material. And it was not pretty. And I had to laugh out loud at the two ladies standing so close yet being so totally and completely different.

I felt compelled to go tell her something. Then I thought how idiotic that would be to a total stranger. But, since I am fond of doing spontaneous idiotic things like this because I’m still not sure if it’s myself or God’s leading, I decided to go for it. On my way out I made my way to where her family was standing. Halfway to her table I wanted to back out because I saw there was, in fact, another family with them but I’d already gotten too close to go back.

I looked at her and said “Excuse me, this is going to sound weird, but I just wanted to tell you that I love your bathing suit.” So, it didn’t start too well. She kinda looked at me like she thought I was making fun of her. I mean, Muslims aren’t entirely amiss in thinking people are wary of their customs. So I clarified with, “Today when girls run around in barely anything with the aim of showing skin, you just look so feminine and modest… someone your little girls can be proud of. I know it sounds silly, but I just think you look beautiful.” I was scared to look at her husband because he was a big dude and, who knows, maybe I sounded like I was hitting on her. But when I did, he was stunned. Then I looked back at her, and her eyes were glistening. She was obviously moved, and was so warm and kind in her thanks.

That day I knew. Beauty has nothing to do with what type of bathing suit we wear or don’t wear. It’s about how we carry ourselves and how we value ourselves. I’m sure I’ll wear my bikinis again someday, but it sure won’t be for the same reasons I used to wear them.

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PS. Whether it is wrong to force women to wear such attire is most definitely not my point.

I have heard from my male friends that the changing room is a bit "sketchy" in that people do not wear clothes. Is it also like that in the women's changing room? What if we are prudish group (both men and women) ?

Is it also like that in the women's changing room?

What if we are prudish group (both men and women) ?

Develop a less prudish mindset.

in that people do not wear clothes

This is normal behavior in the culture you're visiting, you're also expected to shower naked and wash properly with soap, albeit the blue lagoon showers are more likely to have stalls instead of a wall of showers. This isn't "sketchy", it's just an enviorment that doesn't sexualize or demonize nudity in context appropriate situations. Nobody, not a single person in there, will even notice you exist nor care that you're naked.

What if we are prudish group

Then you're going to be very uncomfortable any time you visit a swimming pool in Iceland.

Again: nobody will be looking at you, nobody will care that you're nude (Especially since, you know, everybody else is as well), and you'll only have your own emotions to contend with.

It isn’t sketchy, it is a part of their culture. People are so used to doing it there, they aren’t phased by other naked people. So no one will be paying attention to anyone else.

It is like how you are when you eat in a restaurant, you don’t even notice the other people around you.

It can be really liberating to just go along with it, but there are also some more private showers there, I think. But you will see other naked people, and you do have to shower naked and thoroughly.

"Sketchy?" Sketchy is a place where people stare at others and take photos secretly.

Icelanders are not as uptight about the human body as Americans are, and regard changing rooms as simply a place where one showers and changes. No one is going to be staring at you; no one is going to care that you're nude.

You know what they WILL care about? You refusing to properly shower before entering a public pool/lagoon without showering. The water is clean, and they'd like to keep it that way. If this is too much for your group, you'll need to remove all of Iceland's wonderful hot springs, pools and other similar attractions from your list. Your loss.

I guess Europeans are more liberal on the human body but considering that this is a touristy place (i.e. less Icelandic people) I would have thought they adapted it to more conservetive cultures. Quick question though – showering — Do they check if you showered and is that why they make you shower naked in public so that they can check?

it's not sketchy in the least. This happens in all changing rooms/showers at pools and lagoons in Iceland. No one is looking at you and hopefully you aren't looking at anyone else. you must shower naked before entering the blue lagoon (and other similar places). If you can't do that, then you can't use the Blue Lagoon.

They do have some showers with stalls, but the changing rooms are open and people will be naked. Just go with it, it's expected.

Dude, you best stay away from the Icelandic pools.

American here. I understand that In Iceland nudity is not a big deal but I also understand the concern, especially since most people visiting the blue lagoon are not Icelandic and may also have an issue with nudity, just like you. As for the locker room. I was just there a few weeks ago. You are first given a towel and pick a locker. If you are worried about being uncomfortable, you can try to find an area without many people. I would towel change and wrap your towel around you nude. Walk to the shower area. They have small frosted shower stalls that you can rinse off in. They are not completely private but good enough in my opinion. After you shower, you can either move to the side and towel change into your bathing suit or go dry off and go back to your locker to change. If your towel gets completely soaked from the shower you can get another dry towel. There is also a changing stall in each locker area. It may be taken but if you are really concerned, you could wait for this. I think you should be fine. If you want to go to the blue lagoon, don’t let this stop you!