How to clean a hot tub

When your hot tub starts to have water chemistry problems, it can be tricky to figure out where the issue is originating. Foaming, debris coming out of the jets, cloudy water and all manner of spa water unpleasantness can seriously deter you from using your hot tub and benefiting from your time in the water. Many owners will resort to a drain and refill, which is the correct move. HOWEVER, one of the major steps many people miss is conducting a hot tub purge.

A hot tub purge is the only way to truly clean your hot tub in all the nooks and crannies. Bio-film is a hard to eradicate problem that plagues most hot tubs that have been around for a while. Bather byproduct that is sloughed off in the water can make its way into the plumbing—lotions, hair products, sweat, deodorants, etc.) and cause chronic hot tub chemistry woes.

Other situations that may require the use of spa purge is after the initial set up of the hot tub unit. Even if you get a hot tub directly from a dealer, there can be foaming problems due to build up in the pipes. I’ve heard of new owners putting water in a hot tub and having immediate and overwhelming amounts of foaming in the water because the hot tub had sat out for six months and accumulated gunk despite being brand new. Whether you purchase a new or used hot tub, you should always fill, purge the hot tub, drain and then refill.

Purging your spa returns the plumbing conditions to original condition, removes built-up organic waste, and is compatible with all sanitizing systems. It’s difficult to clean inside plumbing, so spa purge reaches the places you can’t.

Hot tub purge also works on jetted tubs.

Can’t I just conduct a hot tub shock to fix my hot tub water?


NOTE: Spa Purge may not work if your chlorine or sanitizer level is above 6 ppm.

    • To use Spa Purge in a hot tub, make sure the water is heated to more than 95° F.

    • Once the spa is heated to that temperature, empty the full one-liter bottle into the water.

    • Let the Spa Purge sit in the hot tub for 12 hours, running the pump and jets for five minute intervals over the course of that period.

    • Keep an eye on the system so that the foam doesn’t overtake the sides of the tub.

    • After 12 hours, drain the tub and rinse it while the bad water is being pumped out.

    • Spa Purge will break down oils, clogged filters, lotions, hair products, and any other nasty contaminants from the piping of the tub. Spa Purge uses natural enzymes that bind to the organic contaminants and breaks them down into smaller parts like carbon dioxide and water.

    • Before refilling, make sure you clean all the fittings, pillows, and that you clean the filter.

    • Repeat the process as necessary.
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Hot tub not looking so hot? If you’re looking to get rid of your old hot tub, be prepared for some heavy lifting – the average hot tub weighs more than 500 pounds!

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How do I dispose of a hot tub?

Spa removal isn’t as easy as taking out the trash. Hot tubs are large, nearly impossible to move on your own, and are typically not accepted at local landfills or recycling depots.

There are several ways to get rid of your old hot tub, including:

  • Trading it in to a dealer
  • Selling it online or at a yard sale
  • Hiring a junk removal company to help remove it

If you don’t want to handle hot tub removal on your own, you can always call 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, right from where it’s located. We’ll even help disassemble!

Best of all, recycling and proper hot tub disposal is prioritized, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up space in the landfill.

How do I move a hot tub?

To get your hot tub ready for removal, there are a few things you’ll need to do ahead of time:

  1. Disconnect the power supply.
  2. Drain all of the water from the tub.
  3. Disassemble all of the spa’s parts, such as pumps, heaters, power, and plumbing.
  4. Pack the tub’s accessories separately.
  5. Clear a path wide enough to fit the tub through.

After these steps are completed, our Truck Team Members will turn the tub on it’s side and use dollies to load it into our shiny, clean trucks.

Moving a hot tub is more than a one-person job. We’re happy to help and in your neighborhood – just point and your junk disappears!

How much does it cost to get rid of a hot tub?

Most hot tub removal services are priced based on the size of the spa and how hard it is to move it. However, our prices at 1-800GOT-JUNK? are based on how much space your junk takes up in our truck. That means that the easiest way to provide an estimate is in person. Our crew will arrive onsite to take a look at your junk and provide an exact price.

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Can I lift a hot tub myself?

Moving a hot tub is a job for more than one person. Depending on the size of your spa, you may need special tools to help move it. Even if you have a group of friends on hand to help, finding a place to take your hot tub can be harder than it looks.

Leave the heavy lifting up to a professional junk hauling company. If you need hot tub disposal services, call 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. We’re in your neighborhood and ready to help remove that old tub right out of your backyard. We’ll handle the heavy lifting – all you have to do is point!

Can hot tub covers be recycled?

Yes, hot tub covers can be recycled! However, taking these heavy lids to a recycling facility can be a chore and requires a lot of hard work.

Some facilities may require you to take the cover apart before you bring it in. If so, be prepared to clean out any dirt, mold, or mildew that may have accumulated over time in the vinyl lining. You may need to use specialized tools to cut the cover out.

How do you dispose of a hot tub cover?

If you’re getting rid of an old hot tub or are buying a new top, you need to know what to do with your old cover. However, disposing of your hot tub cover does require a few extra steps:

  1. Use a box cutter or knife to cut the cover along the seams into separate, smaller pieces
  2. Unzip and remove the vinyl covering to take out foam inserts
  3. Remove any plastic wrap, metal, or aluminum pieces attached to the foam inserts
  4. Cut the vinyl and leftover foam inserts into smaller pieces for easier disposal

If you don’t want to handle this on your own, you can always call 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. We’ll haul away your hot tub cover for you, and ensure that it gets properly disposed of. All you have to do is point!

How to clean a hot tub

How do I clean my hot tub?

Your Royal Spa is a sanctuary where you go to relax and get away from it all. You can’t do that if it’s dirty or functioning poorly. That’s why we’ve put together this hot tub cleaning guide.

Spring is the perfect time to perform these easy maintenance tasks. Simply follow the steps below to clean your hot tub inside and out!

Step 1

Before draining, apply “Jet Clean” to the spa water and let it circulate through the jets. This will clean out the pipes and equipment. This only needs to be done every 3 years or so.

Step 2

Drain your spa completely.

Step 3

To properly clean the acrylic surface, we recommend wiping the surface with a soft damp cloth or sponge. Distilled vinegar or denatured alcohol are good cleaning choices for the spa’s surface.

DO NOT use any cleaning products containing abrasives since these could dull the brilliant surface. Products like Bon-Ami, Comet, Ajax, or Lysol are NOT recommended. Harsh chemicals should NEVER be used on acrylic surfaces.

DO NOT use household soap or liquid detergent. This will cause the water to foam.

Step 4

Refill your spa.

Remember to turn your thermostat all the way to “Cold” or minimum and leave it there until after the spa is filled and all of your pumps/jets are working properly. Turn your thermostat back to the desired setting after you have established that all of the pumps and jets are working properly.

Step 5

Balance the Alkalinity and pH of your spa water as quickly as possible. This can take a few days to complete.

Step 6

Add Start-Up Chemicals: follow the directions in your Operation & Care Guide regarding what chemicals to add.

Step 7

Add Royal Spa’s “Natural Hot Tub Nutrients” to your water. Do not add them until you have balanced the alkalinity & pH of your spa.

Additional Cleaning Tips

Clean Filter

Clean your filter every 4-6 weeks by spraying off with your garden hose. If a garden hose is not available, you can run your filter
through the dishwasher (DO NOT USE SOAP OR DRY BY HEAT).

Using Spray and Rinse will help eliminate oil and grime. You may rotate two filters,
exchanging the dirty filter with a clean one.

Clean Skimmer Basket

Clean your skimmer basket every 1-2 weeks. Unscrew the basket, pull it out and remove any
foreign debris. It is good practice to turn off your spa before removing the basket.

Hopefully this guide helps with cleaning your hot tub and gets it ready for another great year of fun. If you have any questions, please contact your Royal Spa rep any time! Enjoy your spa!

It’s hard to beat the comfort and calm of a hot tub. But to keep the hot tub and water looking beautiful, it’s important to take care of your personal retreat with regular cleaning.

October is the perfect time to drain, clean, and refill your hot tub. The weather (depending on where you live) is not too hot, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is still in the distance.

Cleaning your hot tub will not only help it look better but make it easier to keep the water balanced. That’s a win-win in our book.

How to clean a hot tub Cleaning your hot tub shell helps maintain the life of your spa and keeps it looking good.

5 Steps to a Sparkling Clean Hot Tub


To really clean your hot tub, it needs to be empty. You should drain your hot tub every six months, and this is a great time to clean the shell of your spa. Many Master Spas hot tubs have an internal drain that make removing the water easy. Refer to your owner’s manual for more information.

2. WIPE.

Once your hot tub is empty, it’s time to go in with a soft cloth and cleaner. Be sure to use a cleaner designed for acrylic to clean the hot tub shell, jet, and other controls. Be wary of aggressive or coarse cleaners. Rather than giving a deeper clean, they can damage or scratch the hot tub shell, while taking off the sheen. It’s the equivalent of sanding a car.


When you are cleaning the empty hot tub, you might notice some stubborn mineral-based buildup. To tackle those lines, you can use white vinegar or mild scale remover product with a soft cloth.

For general cleaning or to banish those lines, a Magic Eraser might also help.

Always, if you have any questions, be sure to talk with your local Master Spas dealer.


Be sure to rinse your hot tub thoroughly as many cleaners will likely cause foaming. That’s fine during the cleaning process but it’s definitely not something you want to see when you refill your hot tub. Residual cleaners can also affect the chemistry of your spa water.

Rinse the cleaned surfaces with fresh water from your garden hose and wipe with soft cloth as doing so will help to remove residual cleaning agents.


While you are cleaning the shell of your hot tub, it’s also a good time to take off your spa pillows and give them a good rinse. This helps improve pillow lifespan and slows down deterioration of the pillows (i.e. discoloring, becoming stiff and flaking of the material).

Aside from Master Spas’ Clarity hot tubs, most spas feature pillows with two plugs on the backside of the pillow. We must be careful when removing not to damage these plugs because they keep the pillows in place.

Pillows on clarity hot tubs are easier to remove because they do not have the plugs.

We want to let you in on a dirty little secret about how to clean a hot tub: you don’t need special spa cleaning products. Sure, it might feel easier to stop at your local pool and spa shop for a hot tub cleaner, but you really don’t need to.

The other thing is, maybe you’d prefer to use natural cleaners and avoid ingredients that can be toxic, especially if you have curious kids or pets in the house. Whatever your reason, there’s a good chance you already have everything you need at home to maintain a clean and healthy hot tub.

Want to learn more about how to keep your hot tub clean, balanced, and sanitized? Then you should check out The Hot Tub Handbook and Video Course to help you save hundreds on chemicals and less time on hot tub maintenance all year long.

Tired of trying to keep your hot tub clean all the time and dealing with chemicals?

You’ll save $100 right away with this easy-to-follow digital ebook and video course. This is the ultimate maintenance guide that hot tub manufacturer doesn’t provide you.

How to clean a hot tub

How to Clean a Hot Tub the Natural Way

Before we jump into the everyday household products you can use to clean your hot tub, let’s talk about the types of cleaners you’ll find in your kitchen cabinet. This will help you understand what types of cleaners are best for certain types of work.

For example, you wouldn’t use bleach to clean a sensitive surface anymore than you’d use olive oil to clean your toilet. Let’s not even talk about what kind of mess that would be. Yikes.

Knowing why these products work makes it easier to understand when and how to use them.

  • Detergents: They help remove sticky stains by emulsifying the oils that bind dirt to the surface. Conventional examples include laundry detergent and dishwashing soap.
  • Acids: This class of products break down rust and hard water stains. These are the toilet bowl, tile, and mold cleaners.
  • Sanitizers: As the name suggests, these products disinfect and remove stains and odors. These are typically the harshest chemicals, like chlorine bleach.
  • Bases: These cleaners remove dirt, fat, and grease. Commercially, these fall under the category of all-purpose cleaners.
  • Abrasives: You want to be careful with these because as their name suggests, abrasives can scratch whatever surface you’re cleaning. Steel wool and scouring powders are common commercial examples.

So what can you use that’s going to get the job done, but not damage your hot tub surfaces?

White Vinegar to Clean a Hot Tub

If you’re conscientious about cleaning your coffee maker, you probably a bottle of white vinegar sitting in your pantry right now. And if that’s the case, you already know vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent. But have you ever wondered how to clean a hot tub with vinegar? It’s easy.

Typical white vinegar will have an acidity of about 2.5pH, although it can go as high as 4pH. That means it’s strong enough to dissolve messes without the risks of heavy-duty commercial cleaners. For example, it’s less likely to damage a vinyl hot tub cover.

Vinegar cleans by charging the particles of whatever you’re scrubbing. Those charged molecules are then more attracted to positive and negative charges in water molecules, making the offending substance easier to remove.

You can use vinegar to clean all kinds of surfaces, but it’s especially helpful for removing scum lines in your hot tub shell. It’s also really inexpensive, so you’ll save money using vinegar to clean your hot tub instead of a special cleaner.

Important: You may have heard you can use vinegar to clean hot tub pipes too. We strongly recommend against that. It won’t hurt your pipes or anything, it just won’t be effective. Vinegar is an excellent cleaner for a lot of things, just not for the nasty biofilm that accumulates in hot tub plumbing. To make sure it’s removed and your pipes are clear, always use a hot tub line flush product on the plumbing.

What You Need

Cleaning Instructions

  1. If you’re cleaning your hot tub shell, drain your tub first.
  2. Mix a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water in a bucket or spray bottle. Give it a good stir or shake to make sure everything is evenly distributed.
  3. If you’re using a spray bottle, spray your hot tub shell or cover thoroughly. If you’re using a bucket, carefully pour the vinegar-water solution over what you want to clean.
  4. Let the solution sit for fifteen minutes.
  5. Wipe down your shell or cover with a cloth or sponge. If you’re dealing with stubborn stains, you may have to repeat the process.
  6. Once your shell or cover is clean, rinse it thoroughly before refilling your tub.

You can also use vinegar to clean your filters. Simply soak your filters in a 50% water and 50% vinegar solution for two hours. Keep in mind you may need to use an actual hot tub filter cleaner if it’s really grimy, or replace the filter if it’s beyond cleaning.

Cleaning Your Spa
Soak in your spa’s sparkling clean water by following these simple cleaning tips.

  1. For the whole spa: Use a mild non-abrasive, non-sudsing cleaner and a soft rag or nylon scrubber to remove dirt build-up.
  2. For minor surface cleaning: Use common baking soda to clean small surface areas.
  3. For a shiny look: Apply FreshWater Spa Shine to your clean and dry spa shell.
  4. For spa pillows: Follow the instructions in your Owner’s Manual to remove and clean your spa pillows.
  5. For vinyl cover: First remove the cover and spray it lightly with a garden hose to loosen any dirt or debris that might have built up. Then, using a mild soap solution (1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid with 2 gallons water) or baking soda, scrub the vinyl in a circular motion with a large sponge and rinse with a garden hose. Rinse the bottom of the cover without using soap, and wipe it clean with a dry rag. To condition the cover after cleaning, apply a thin film of Hot Spring Cover Shield™ product.

Helpful Hint: To keep detergent and soap residue out of your spa water, shower without soap before soaking in your spa, and instead of washing your bathing suit use the rinse cycle.

Clean Your Spa Filter Cartridges

Because mineral particles or calcification from hard water can clog any water filtration system, we recommend following these light cleaning tips each month to keep your spa’s water flowing properly.

  1. Spray cartridges: Spray each cartridge with a garden hose, rotating while spraying to thoroughly remove any debris between filter pleats.
  2. Use filter cleaner: Use either FreshWater® Instant Filter Cleaner or FreshWater® Filter Cleaner to keep your filters clean and in good operating condition.
  3. Replace filters: While cleaning your filters will help keep water running smoothly, you should replace your filters every three years with genuine Watkins replacement filters.
  4. Watch these videos for more help.

Replacing Your Spa Water

While following spa water cleaning tips will keep your water fresh longer, soaps and detergents can build over time in your spa to cause residue. Know how to replace your water with these steps:

  1. Drain and refill tub: Following the instructions in your Owner’s Manual, drain and refill the water in your spa to clear detergent and soap residue that may have accumulated over time.
  2. Get pre-filter: For sparkling clean water right from the start, use the CleanScreenTM; Pre-Filter when filling your spa.
  3. Attach pre-filter: When using the CleanScreenTM: Pre-Filter, attach it to an ordinary garden hose to remove organic contaminants, metals like copper and iron, and tannins from your new water.

Your Hot Spring spa is designed for year-round use in all climates. Ensure maximum energy efficiency in your spa any time of the year with these steps.

  1. Buy a Winter Blanket: Keep your spa hot year-round, even in areas with freezing temperatures, by purchasing a Winter Blanket from your local Hot Spring spa dealer.
  2. Install the Winter Blanket: Install the vinyl-covered, fiberglass insulated Winter Blanket inside of the equipment compartment door, adding additional precaution against partial freezing to some of your spa’s components while maximizing energy efficiency.
  3. Look for wear and tear: Check that your cover is at peak performance level by looking for signs of wear and tear.
  4. Check the seal: Make sure the seal is still tight and intact so heat doesn’t escape.
  5. See if you need a replacement: If you see signs of sagging, fading or cracking, get a replacement cover for your spa.
  6. Remove snow and ice: Regularly brush snow off of your spa cover and splash warm water on ice rather than prying it off.
  7. Stay maintained for vacation: If you plan to leave for few days during the winter months, keep your spa maintained with these tips:
  8. Adjust pH: Before you go, adjust the pH according to the Owner’s Manual.
  9. Sanitize: Sanitize the water with super chlorination or the new Hot Spring MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer according to instructions.
  10. Lock cover: Lock down the cover to prevent access.
  11. Lock light and jets: Lock the light and jets feature on the control panel (on 1998 models).
  12. When you return: Upon your return, balance the pH and sanitize the water prior to using.

If you plan to be away from home a week or longer, call your local dealer for more tips on winterizing your spa, or check your Owner’s Manual for additional instructions.

Keep your spa water clean from algae, bacteria and other unwanted impurities by maintaining a safe amount of sanitizer. With too much sanitizer in your spa water, your lungs, skin and eyes may become irritated.

Refer to your Owner’s Manual for sanitizers approved for use with your spa. DO NOT USE tri-chlor chlorine, any type of compressed bromine or chlorine, acid or any type of sanitizer not approved for your spa. If in doubt, please contact our Customer Service Department or your local Hot Spring spa dealer.

Hot Spring Spas support is here to help make your spa maintenance as easy as possible. For additional information about the care and cleaning of your spa, refer to your Owner’s Manual.

For any special questions, or any technical or customer service questions, please contact our Customer Service Department or call (800) 999-4688.

Spa Water Products

Water is the essence of your spa, so it should be fresh, clean and ready to enjoy. Hot Springs offers two accessories to keep your water clean and your care routine easy.

Hot Spring MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer
To eliminate unwanted impurities accumulated in you spa water, this chlorine-free oxidizer increases sanitizer efficiency and enhances water clarity. The Hot Spring MPS Chlorine-Free Oxidizer is compatible with bromine, chlorine and most alternative sanitizers. It is also recommended for use with the EverFresh® water care system for the best quality water possible…fresh, safe, and free of odors and irritation.

Hot Spring Spa Vac
The Hot Spring Spa Vac cleans dirt, gravel, leaves and other debris without draining your spa. This self-contained, simple-to-use water vacuum requires no pumping, batteries or water hook-ups, while the telescopic aluminum pole makes it easy to remove debris from hard-to-reach areas. You can also it on your swimming pool steps and in fountains.


Wellness awaits you. Take the next step to owning a Hot Spring spa by exploring more.

How to clean a hot tubCleaning your hot tub out may seem like a daunting task, but it isn’t we promise! The day before emptying your hot tub be sure to shock the water and turn on all of the jets for at least 30 minutes to clean out the pipes of any dirt or debris that may be in them. Once the water has been shocked for 24hrs you will need to empty the water out. Your hot tub may have a plug that will drain the water for you, if it doesn’t don’t worry put a garden hose in it and drain it by siphoning the water. It will take a few hours to drain, once the hot tub is drained use a towel to dry all of the acrylic. You are now ready to clean! DO NOT USE any cleaners that foam this will make your water have bubbles and although that sounds fun it is not, it will get out of control and throw your chemicals off balance. Another tool you don’t want to use is any kind of abrasive brush or steel wool, they will scratch your acrylic. What you do want to do is use a sponge, paper towels, or rags. We recommend cleaning products such as 409, Windex, or a light bleach cleaner. 409 is one of our favorites if you have a scum line, the degreaser in it helps to cut through that scum quite quickly and easily. Be sure to wipe down all acrylic areas as well as your jets and your water skimmer, cleaning out the inside housing of your filter is also a good idea. Once you get everything wiped down you’re done, hook a hose up and begin re-filling your pristine hot tub!

How to clean a hot tub


PDC Spas offers a diverse line of hot tubs, swim spas and fitness spas with unparalleled quality and wellness benefits. Dedicated to manufacturing advanced hydrotherapy products, our products are designed to reduce stress and improve your health, ultimately delivering a better quality of life in the privacy of your home. Each hot tub, fitness spa and swim spa model is meticulously engineered combining comfort features and performance technology to provide a full range of immediate and long-term health benefits. PDC Spas offers a wide variety of sizes and features to ensure the best hot tub, swim spa and fitness spa for you and your home. Made in the USA from start to finish for over 60 years, PDC Spas is proud to be the most trusted name in the spa industry.

A quality cover is protecting your investment — a hot tub from Master Spas. But it’s important to invest the time to maintain the cover so that it can do its job and last the life of your hot tub. Knowing how to clean your hot tub cover will help it look good and last longer.

A properly sized Master Spa cover is the best way to keep the heat in, the cold out, and your energy bills low. As heat rises from your hot tub, a well-insulated cover will act as a barrier and prevent the heat from escaping.

It also keeps out debris, leaves, pet hair dust, and anything that would, well, take the water from a place you want to relax to a place you want to escape.

Not only that, the cover protects the hot tub surface from prolonged exposure to the elements. Weather and sun can damage the hot tub surface, and it might not be covered by your warranty.

But just as you care for your hot tub, you need to take care of the cover. Keep reading for our best tips on how to clean your hot tub cover.

How to clean a hot tub Master Spas makes its covers to fit snugly on hot tub models. A good-fitting cover helps keep the water clean.

How to Clean Your Hot Tub Cover

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Hot Tub Cover Care

The top and bottom of the cover for your hot tub should be cleaned periodically. Cleaning the cover maintains the appearance, as well as helps it last longer.

DO: Remove the cover so cleaning agents and dirt don’t enter the water. You work hard to maintain the quality of your water, you don’t want to compromise that by leaving the cover on. Plus, it’s easier to reach every spot when you can walk around the cover.

DON’T: Put the cover on an abrasive surface, like cement or patio stones. Not only will it be uncomfortable for you to clean the cover on a hard surface, it’s not good for the cover. Instead, put it somewhere like a swath of grass. (Rule of thumb: If you would scrape your knees or feet during the cleaning process, pick a new spot.)

DO: Wash off dirt, leaves and other debris with a hose.

DON’T: Use a harsh cleanser because you think it will do a better job. After spraying off the cover with a hose, scrub any spots with water and a gentle cleanser. Rinse thoroughly and flip over.

DO: Keep the water of your hot tub clean and the chemicals balanced. Properly balanced water does help maintain the life of your hot tub cover.

DON’T: Let the cover air dry. Use a soft towel or shammy to dry the top and the bottom of the hot tub cover.

DO: Apply a vinyl protectant or conditioner once the cover is dry. It’s just like using lotion on your skin after you’ve had a shower. You want the cover to be clean but you also want it to be soft so it doesn’t dry out or crack.

DON’T: Use a product made with petroleum, silicone, or citrus. Those ingredients can damage the vinyl of the hot tub cover.

DO: Put the cover back on your hot tub and keep it free of debris, even if you are not using the hot tub as often you would like. Depending on the climate of where you live, make sure to wipe off snow and ice in the winter months. And if you have trouble with leaves or twigs, consider trimming trees and bushes.

DON’T: Allow items to collect on top of the cover. Not only does putting stuff on the cover detract from your landscape but it puts extra pressure on the cover and your hot tub’s shell.

Additional Tips

Inspect your hot tub cover for rips, tears, or any signs of wear when you are cleaning it. Minor tears and rips can be fixed with a vinyl repair kit.

Always leave the cover off for 20 to 30 minutes after shocking the water. Vapors are released during the process, and they can damage the materials of the cover.

Taking off the hot tub cover once or twice a week can help air out the cover. It helps prevent odor and mildew from building up, which can happen when the cover or water isn’t properly maintained. Plus, it’s a great time to do that weekly shock treatment for your water. (Need to brush up on hot tub water care? Check out this post or visit the How-To section on our YouTube channel.)

About Your Hot Tub Cover

Just like your Master Spas hot tub, your cover was made in our hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

They are designed to match your Master Spas model so that you can feel confident you are getting the best fit.

The covers are made, by hand, with high quality vinyl and high-density foam. The designs feature easy-to-grab handles and locks to keep the cover in place.