How to do amazing card tricks

How to do amazing card tricks

Effective card magic tricks rely on specific maneuvers, also known as “sleight of hand” that help create illusions for the audience. These card magic skills consist of techniques such as cuts, shuffles, flourishes, controls, forces, and more. Learning these fundamental card sleight of hand moves will get you the necessary foundation for mastering and performing card magic tricks.

The One-Handed Cut for Card Magic Tricks

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This cut, also known to magicians as a "Charlier" cut, allows you to separate the deck into two portions and switch their positions—all with only a single hand. It's the first flashy cut that most magicians use as a flourish to augment card magic tricks.

One-Handed Triple Cut

How to do amazing card tricks

Here's another one-handed cut. It's flashier than the Charlier and more secure.

Basic Card Shuffle for Card Magic Tricks

How to do amazing card tricks

This basic shuffle is what most professionals use when they start their card tricks. This move also includes a cool flourish called the "bridge" that you can perform at the end.

The Swivel Cut

How to do amazing card tricks

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The swivel cut is a fundamental cut that forms the basis of more advanced moves, and it's generally more for flourishes than card magic tricks.

The swivel cut is flashier than the pivot cut. Like the pivot cut, it requires the use of both hands and separates the deck into two portions and switches their positions. The difference is that the upper half of the deck turns 180 degrees as it separates from the deck.

The Hindu Shuffle

How to do amazing card tricks

The Hindu shuffle is a powerful move for magicians because it's a false shuffle, meaning you can maintain the order of some of the cards. Although the shuffle is mostly used by magicians and not the general public, it has lots of applications.

In its basic form, it can be used to mix a deck of cards by separating the deck into sections and rearranging them. Once you learn how to do this, you can start adding the Hindu shuffle to your card magic tricks.

A False Cut

How to do amazing card tricks

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A "false cut" looks like a regular cut of the deck, but it leaves all of the cards in their original order. It's a valuable utility move that you can learn and always employ in your card magic, especially if you want a specific card to "reappear" in your trick.

Beginner's Guide to Card Flourishes

How to do amazing card tricks

Card flourishes are flashy, attention-getting moves that magicians can perform to delight (and sometimes distract) their audiences. Flourishes include the use of fancy cuts and shuffles, card fans, arm spreads, and more.

A branch of magic known as “XCM,” which stands for extreme card manipulation, is dedicated to the performance of advanced card flourishes.

How to do amazing card tricks

Here you will find card tricks for the beginners. Whether you have been practicing card magic tricks for just a couple of hours or maybe never had the chance to practice then this section is for you. You will find step by step guides that will teach you exactly how to perform the magic tricks. So if you haven’t already done it, then go ahead and grab a deck of cards. Most of these tricks does not require a full deck of all 52 playing cards so it is not a must, but for many of the tricks it is a good idea to include all of the cards.

You will find tricks that range from finding the four aces to tricks where you are able to find the spectators selected card under crazy conditions!

GREAT card trick for beginners!

This is a great card trick for any beginner that want to learn a card trick that will fool anyone that they show it to! This trick is cool because you find the spectators card, but you do it even better by… Ok I am not going to spoil that. Take a look at the video!

The Spectator Finds The Aces

This is an absolutely great effect where the audience finds the four aces in a very unexpected way! It is a trick I always uses if I really want to fool the spectators – and make them feel really good by finding the four aces!

Simple And Cool Beginner Trick!

This is a great trick because, just like the card trick with the aces above, it is the spectator that finds their own card! It is super simple and the secret behind the effect is really cool!

Card sleights and flourishes

For anyone who wants to showoff with some cool card tricks it is always cool to be able to include some flourishes that really shows that really shows your spectators that you are a pro at handling a deck of cards. Not only is it wise to learn some flourishes but it is also a grat idea to learn some important card sleights that you will be able to use in a lot of the card tricks that you can perform. Another reason for why it is so essential to know some of these sleights like card controls and false shuffles is that they make the card tricks even stronger.

Learn a Card Control

This is a video that teaches how to perform a card control. A card control is a secret sleight that allows the magician to control a card from the middle of the deck to the top of the deck! It is a very powerful tool to have in the toolbox for any card magician!

How to do a Ribbon Spread

It may sound simple at first but it can be a little tricky to perform what is known as a ribbon spread on the table. It is a flourish that you probably have seen before: the cards are spread in a half-circle motion across the table.

Learn Many More Card Tricks

On you can learn a lot of different card tricks! I have been doing magic and card magic tricks for more than 10 years and I have collected +100 different tricks that I want to teach on this site! I will try to update this site and the youtube channel as often as possible

Find the newest card tricks on the front page. Here you will get an overview and be able to find the exact category of card tricks that you might be looking for!

Easy card tricks might look a little like this category but some of the effects are different and they will mostly also be suited for the beginners. There are card tricks where the spectator will get to select a card and where the four aces will be produced etc. There are also some sleights that I am sure will come in handy!

Intermediate card tricks are a little but more advanced and they are perfect when you want to take your card skills to the next level. They are not the easiest tricks to perform but they will be possible after some practice!

The advanced card trick section is even more advanced and when you have mastered the tricks in the intermediate section this section will be perfect to pick up right after!

Roger "Rogue" Quan: Hey Heather, how about a card trick?

Roger: I just need a number between, I guess 10 and 20. Any number you want.

Roger: 18. Do you want to change your mind?

Roger: No. We'll deal out 18 cards, alright? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18. That's pretty fair, right? Let's randomize this a little bit more. 18 consists of two numbers, one and eight. What's one plus eight?

Roger: Deal down nine cards. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Actually, memorize that card. Got it?

Roger: I'm gonna read your mind. It's a black card, correct? It's a club. It's an odd card. The number, it's a little low, pretty low. It's a three of clubs.

Okay, here's the secret to the math card trick.

Basically, you need a regular deck and you have to memorize the card at the tenth position. So One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. In this case, the five of clubs.

You have to kind of force this card on your spectator without them knowing.

So that's the tenth card from the top of the deck. You have them name a number between ten and 20. So any number from 11 through 19 will work.

So let's pretend the card is 12. You deal down from the top. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12.

Now you're gonna tell them they're gonna randomize the trick a little bit more. You're going to have them add up the two numbers that make up 12, which equals three actually. One and two equals three.

And they're going to deal from the smaller pile. One, two, three. They memorize this card. That happens to be the five of clubs. The card that you actually know in your mind.

So basically what happens now is you're going to read their mind any which way you want. I like to do it nice and slow. I tell themm, "Your card is a black card, it's a club, it's a number card, it's little bit low, it's the five of clubs."

How to do amazing card tricks

Maybe you’re bored from a 4-month-long quarantine, or want to show your friends and family what you’ve accomplished. No matter the reason, it’s never too late to learn card tricks.

Luckily for you, easy card tricks are a great hobby to start.

And once you get good, you can impress everyone you know!

The best part is it’s so cheap and all you need is a deck of cards to perform them. See if you can ace (hah, get it?) these easy magic tricks with cards in the list below, and start wow-ing everyone around you.

1. Prediction

One of the oldest card games in the book, yet one that will leave everyone wondering just how the heck you pulled this off.

Ask your spectator to name any card in the deck and show your crowd that all of the cards are, in fact, different. Before even asking them to pick a card you will have already set aside a card from the rest of the deck.

After shuffling out the cards onto the table, once you pick up the card you set aside, it just so happens to be the card your spectator picked! But how?

2. Card Rise

Okay, where is the string? No, really, where do you hide the string? This card trick will have your friends thinking you’re an expert level magician.

The way to comprehend this trick is to flip the card into the palm of your hand to give the illusion that the card is floating and coming from the middle of the deck. Sound confusing? Take a look at the tutorial and learn for yourself.

3. Vanishing Card

This is a trick all about hand placement.

The object of this trick is to hold the disappearing card at an angle where the crowd can’t see. You will use the angle of the card to your advantage as you slip it into your back pocket, thus making it disappear.

4. The Plan B

You may have to dedicate some time to learn this one. This trick has multiple tricks within just one act.

For this one, you’ll need to grasp the art of fake shuffling to be sure that the card your guest has chosen stays at the top of the deck. From there, it’s all a matter of making your guest think you don’t have the correct card and then surprising them at the end.

Check out the tutorial for this enticing card trick.

5. Spelling Bee

Alright, first things first: if you can’t spell, this trick might not be the one for you. You’ll have an audience member spell out the type of card that they have in three separate decks and separate each one with a pile of cards.

It can get pretty tricky if you try and keep your eye on which card the word starts at and where it ends.

6. Force Card

​There are various ways to perform a force card trick. The point of a force card is to give the magic effect of whatever trick you’re doing and can even be a trick on its own for beginners.

​7. Snap Change

You must be quick on your feet for this trick. In order to make this come to life, you must be able to flip the front card back with just a snap of your fingers.

This trick is sure to wow!

8. Fail-Proof

If you’re looking to learn the craft of easy card tricks, this is a great place to start. This video shows you fail-proof tips and tricks that are perfect for beginners wanting to branch out.

You’ll be able to pick up the deck without fear of messing up, and as the way this trick is designed, you won’t fail.

9. Vanish & Change Card Trick

A powerful card trick that relies heavily on the illusion that you have more cards in your hand than you actually do. Excel in the art of the shuffle and you will have captivated the crowd.

10. Random Stop

Your friends will be asking you how you did this trick for days and maybe even weeks to come. The art of this trick is to simply shuffle the cards but always stop on the card one of your friend selected at random.

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11. Lose the Kings

Another one of the easy magic tricks with cards for beginners looking to impress their friends.

The point of this trick is to show your spectator that you have all the kings out of the deck. You will then randomly place them into four different stacks of cards and then, like magic, all of the kings have resorted back into their own stack again.

Sound confusing? Watch the tutorial for a quick lesson.

12. Devil’s Elevator

The Devil’s Elevator is an enticing trick that always leaves you guessing. You’ll constantly be wondering just how your number makes its way to the top of the deck every single time.

13. Hand Sandwich

Great for Zoom calls or socially distanced group gatherings, this will have your friends feeling like part of the act.

Simply place the cards in the hands of your spectator and have them close their palms like a sandwich. You’ll tap their hand with a card to reveal the card they were holding this entire time.

14. Amazing Aces

This card trick will wow your crowd at the sheer impossibility of having all the aces in the deck appear at the top of four piles!

While the trick involves secretly moving the aces to the bottom of the deck before beginning, your friends and family will wonder how you did it. Seriously, nobody ever has this much luck in poker!

15. Shake Change​

How well can you shake? Well, that’s all that matters in this card trick!

All you need to perfect is that perfect shake to change the card to the one that was selected by your friend.

How to do amazing card tricksSo on we go to the intermediate card tricks. This section is not completely done yet, so if you want to stay up to date be sure to check this page in the near future! It will contain some of the tricks that will require a little bit more practice than some of the other tricks that are found in the other sections but I promise you it will be worth the effort to put in the practice that some of these effects deserve. It is not easy but once you acquire the knack – so to speak, of doing the trick or the sleight then it becomes like second nature and you don’t even think about it. If you want to become a card trick master then it is of course important that you put in the practice that these effects deserve. A bright person once said: it requires more than 1000 hours of practice to be able to do something to perfection. That something of course ranges from painting to playing football to dancing to doing magic or card tricks in this instance. Therefor it can be a good idea to never give up. Oh, so many times I have been thinking: “I AM NEVER GONNA LEARN THIS”, and then suddenly it began to work.How to do amazing card tricks

That brings us to the next step in this section because it is often the point, that it at first maybe does not function. Imagine this scenario: you have been practicing all the day on some new and cool card move but it just does not want to function. Then you take a break, maybe go out or at least do something completely different. Then you come back and pick the cards up a little later and then all of a sudden it just works! I don’t know what you call this but I am sure there is a name for it. I have experienced this many times over and over again so remember: it might seem hard but once you have put in a lot of practice then take a brake. Do something else and then pick up the cards again.

To keep you engaged until some of the more intermediate tricks are added to this section lets take a look at a sleight that will you keep busy for atleast a little while. This is an interesting way to cut a deck of cards and it is called a charlier cut. Nobody knows where it has gotten this name from but what is at least certain is that it looks very cool. It is a way of cutting the deck with only one hand. Of course most of the cuts with a deck of cards take place

What can you expect from these tricks?

How to do amazing card tricks

So what can you really expect from these tricks. Of course it is a little different from the easy card tricks which is a little bit easier to master but still there will be some tricks that are for everyone in this section. A good section is the trick where a card is picked from the deck totally at random. And then the card is shown be be displayed at the screen of the phone. This is what will really baffle your audience and it is indeed a good example of what can really be impressive to show off. The great thing about some of these tricks and actually it is almost true for all of them is that they are almost all impromptu. If you do not know what impromptu means then it is that the trick does not need to be set up. You can in other words do it from a completely shuffled deck! That is a very strong point and it is not all tricks that have that ability! By the way it is always a good idea to expand your network and get tips and tricks from other experienced magicians. You can of course use this very site but another page that I use occasionally is the magic cafe.

What cards to use?

So where do you go from here? Well if you really want to take your card magic to the next level then it is a good idea to at least get the right cards to use. When you have tried to use the right cards for the first time then there is no way back – then you want to use those cards for the rest of your life. The most beloved brand is Bicycle. Bicycle have ben producing cards for many years now and they always deliver high quality that are only found in Bicycle cards. Therefor they are a good way to with!

How to do amazing card tricks

You can buy the right bicycle card at Penguin magic. Penguin magic is a very good magic supplier and I believe it is actually the biggest magic supplier in the world. I have often bought many orders from them and they always deliver quickly and without any trouble. Even if there are problems they always are good to deliver what I need. You can buy a lot of different cards and apart from Bicycle cards you can buy what is knows as Aviators. They are actually the cards that I use the most because they are such good quality. Well, maybe that is unfair to say because they are not the best quality but it is for the most part a personal taste opinion and Bicycle cards are maybe the best quality but I really like the quality much better that is found in the Aviator brand. What I am trying to say here is that for the most part it comes down to personal taste. And that really is what matters anyway. because there is really no right and wrong. You should pick what you like best that is all there is to say about that. And when you find the brand that you lov you instantly know it! That is what is so great about the right deck of cards for you!

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How to do amazing card tricksFree Card Tricks
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How to do amazing card tricksFree Coin Tricks

How to do amazing card tricks

Despite wishing we could be whisked away to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, we know deep down there's no such thing as magic.

But the tricks and stunts magicians spend their lives practicing in order to entertain us, come pretty close.

We accept that it's all smoke and mirrors, but because we don't exactly know how they do the things they do, we can allow a part of ourselves to simply be enchanted and amazed by it.

And that's exactly how people are feeling about a recent trick from close-up magician Eric Chien.

The young man from China, put on an incredible show at the FISM World Championships of Magic back in July, going on to win the award for 'Best Trick'.

And now his award-winning 'Ribbon' performance has finally been shared online – and it's truly mind-boggling.

In the six-minute video, Eric takes a ribbon and some playing cards out of a box and people watch as he somehow manages to change the colour of the cards from red to blue, before making cards vanish into thin air and reappear.

If that weren't enough he also changes the colour of his vest and seemingly cuts a card in half, before putting it back together again and transforming the cards into silver coins.

Advanced card tricks are maybe my favourite section or my favourite card tricks are found in the advanced category. I am still working on this section so be sure to come back a little later to see when the section will be updated with the advanced stuff.

How much practice does the advanced tricks require?

That is a good question because some of these tricks are indeed not the easiest to learn – but i guess you already figured that out by the name. They are not easy to do but with some practice I assure you that they will become possible. It is maybe a good idea to point out that these tricks should first be attempted when you have a firm grasp of how to perform other good card tricks. In other words I would not try to attempt this if you have just begun to perform card magic tricks.

If you want to get an overview of all the card tricks look here!

How to do amazing card tricksHow to do amazing card tricksSo speaking about advanced card tricks this is where you are really expected to put some practice into the trick. I would love to be able to reveal some of the tricks that will be available from this category later but I guess I will have to wait just a little bit longer because this is exactly what I expect from this section. Some of the tricks that are going to be available is the trick where we can all see how it is affecting the outcome. For example there is a trick that requires that you have at least some knowledge of other card magic tricks. In these tricks and in the explanations I take for granted that you know how to perform a double lift, a card force etc. It is therefor not a good idea to just start with this section (even though I know that you are eager to get started and that is awesome!).