How to do an aerial cartwheel

How to do an aerial cartwheel

DISCLAIMER: Please master your regular Cartwheel before attempting this skill! Please warm up before attempting Aerials!

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How to do an aerial cartwheel

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How to do an aerial cartwheel


How to do an aerial cartwheel

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How to do an aerial cartwheel

I am like a fire in her anger

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You are simply amazing. What a human being can master such as youself is unbelievable.

Very good drill ,thank you coach ,am from 🇱🇰 ,can you send me some trampoline ..

Please reduce your tutorials down to 5 mins. and show the entire movement more than 1 sec.; like a typ. woman you love explaining things to death.

Just a real badass nothing else to it

I learned it when I was seven it was hard but I got mines by being by a wall and then hold in a position u would do a cart will and try to do it by a wall and then the wall will hold u when u fall

i am so jealous i cannot do it and i have practising for a long time now.

I can do an aerial but im so low to the ground can you give me some tips? Like my head will hit the ground if my legs didnt land fast enough

My aerial is really inconsistent, so I'm gonna try this😅

this video was so helpful I have a dance exam coming up and thanks to you i will nail it

I’m gonna go practice this everyday and I comment back when I get my Ariel

Omg how do you do that

But my coach says to make sure your chest is up or else you will go straight to the ground

thanks so much now I am on a whole new level

I got it but not the landing

This didn’t work because I can’t take my hands of the floor at the beginning

Omg I’m so nervous I still can’t do my aerial and I have to do it in a dance tomorrow 😕😬

Ok I’m so happy this is the best one I’ve ever seen

Whatever tip it is for your hands not to go down I still do it even with a soft ground

Besides looking like black widow, she also looks like coach Megan

Hi could you try to do on the regular cardio because my sister is in the way she’s in the middle of my carpet so yeah I’m just gonna MoveOn anyways hope it’s good

I can also aerial cartwheel

I watched ur vid one night and the next day i did it

I ACTUALLY DID IT! at least i did it on my airtrack!! i’m so happy this worked, the rest of the vids were like “do a 1 handed cartwheel and then go for it” THSNK UU

So, I tried this….and it didn't end well. Lol

Thank you so much I am almost there just need to go for it can u make a video on how not to put your hands down I know you already talked about but can u go more into detail

This looks like a Capoeira free cartwheel (a windmill) not proper gymnastics one Her body positioning is wrong at the beginning and at the end. If you are a cheerleader an acrobat or a gymnast. don’t use this is it’s is aggressive.A free cartwheel should be performed elegantly flawless this is just aggressive to me it’s nice and it looks good don’t get me wrong she done a very good job but it’s not a proper aerial

Sport is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity of any kind is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Aerial skills or aerial gymnastics are an acrobatic discipline.

Aerial gymnastics is inspired by circus performances where silk sheets are used by performers to perform spectacular movements. On top of that, these stunts are performed at a height of 4-10 meters from the ground, making them even more appealing to the eyes.

As a student of gymnastics, aerial gymnastics is important for students to learn. How quickly a student learns depends on the mobility skills of the student. Aerial is a huge confidence-building skill. It will allow students to use an aerial in choreography; whether it’s cheerleading, dancing, or gymnastics. It allows them to do talent shows in school. The versatility of this skill makes it a special talent to have.

How to Do An Aerial: Beginners Guide

Learning to do an aerial is a challenging skill that requires consistent practice, patience, and dedication. An aerial is a gymnastics skill where hands are not touching the floor or the apparatus. This is one such skill that requires you to use the power of your legs in order to perform the skill properly. Needless to say, it’s only possible when your legs have enough power and that comes from training.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do an aerial.

First off, make sure that you have adequate room for tumbling and flipping. Nothing should get in the way of your practice. Be sure to work on a mat and follow safety precautions.

Step 1:

Like any other sport, warm up your body before you begin practicing an aerial. Since you’ll be using your legs a lot, be sure they are warmed up properly. Start with some jumping exercises and hamstring stretches.

Step 2:

An aerial is a cartwheel. Practice being able to do a cartwheel from both your right and left sides. Your cartwheel needs to be perfected before you can do an aerial. When you are comfortable with cartwheels, try them one-handed.

Step 3:

Practice your mountain climb and needle kick positions. These are essential for body positions for completing an aerial.

Step 4:

Once you have mastered your cartwheel, add a hop at the start and begin to practice running into it. By adding a run to it, you’ll be able to build more momentum which will result in added height.

Step 5:

The next step will be takeoff. Take care with this step to avoid injuries. Practice running and jumping into your cartwheel.

You can also start picking up your hands at the end of the cartwheel to familiarize yourself with the feeling of your body in the air.

When this is comfortable, you can try picking up your hands at the start of the cartwheel as well.

Step 6:

You are now ready to attempt a full aerial. When running, use your arms to gain full momentum. When you push off, bring your arms to your chest and then push them back swinging in the air.

By doing so, you’ll be able to achieve the height you need to do a successful aerial. Once in the air keep your back straight and look at the ground while practicing.

If your child has a passion for aerial gymnastics, it is a good idea to enroll them in a gymnastics class such as Aerial Silks class where they can practice under the supervision of experienced professionals. Aerial is not a dangerous skill to perform, though it’s an advanced skill. Athletes tend to learn it efficiently when they work with qualified coaches.

Most of the injuries occur when practicing it inside the home because you’re not going to get enough space. So it’s always a good idea to either practice it in an open space like a park, front yard, or gym.

Where to Learn Aerial Flip?

Do you have a child in your home who wants to learn gymnastics or are you interested in the sport yourself? Gymnastics is a physically challenging sport that requires dedication, but the rewards are worth it. Gymnasts excel in dedication, commitment, and focus, as well as athleticism.

Needless to say, you need comprehensive guidance to help you accomplish your goal efficiently and safely. If you are looking for a place where you can learn aerial gymnastics, then Hi-NRG is the right place for you. It offers top-notch aerial flip guides and safe aerial gymnastics for children .

At Hi-NRG, a comprehensive confidence-building program is followed to build the required confidence in students, which helps them learn effectively. Our confidence-building curriculum introduces athleticism to children and makes them interested in fitness and sports, which paves the path for them to learn sharply and efficiently. The benefits of confidence-building do not stop here; it helps children throughout life.

If you want to learn aerial and wondering how to do an aerial, then Hi-NRG has explicitly designed classes for you.

Aerial Gyms Near Me

Hi-NRG has four convenient locations in Chesterfield, Eureka, O’Fallon, and Lake St. Louis.

At Hi-NRG, highly experienced professionals teach gymnastics skills and properly supervise both young and grown-up kids — minimizing the risk of injuries and training effectively.

If you or your kid is interested in learning aerial and wondering how to do an aerial and want to learn other gymnastics skills, then visit our nearest gymnastics center and enroll in the class.

Ask any student: what is the number one trick you want to learn in Acro Class?

The answer is always the same – an Aerial!

It is no wonder every student wants to get an Aerial: a beautiful, no-handed Cartwheel that pops up and into the air with seemingly little effort; who wouldn’t want to accomplish this?!

There is a catch, however – learning how to do an Aerial is anything but effortless, and any experienced Acro teacher will tell you the same thing: an Aerial takes a LOT of time, determination, and even frustration, to achieve.

The Aerial is one of the most challenging Acro tricks to learn, despite the fact that it is actually NOT one of the most difficult tricks to execute, once mastered.

Most students require at least one to two years to learn it but, once achieved, it feels very simple to execute and is one of the more versatile tricks to use in choreography.

In accordance with the Acrobatique method, a Side Aerial is best taught from a step, retiré lunge preparation, with the chest up on the take-off, and a strong drive back with the arms (arms are reaching straight up and vertical in the upside-down position); it ends in a strong square lunge of the first leg (the absorbing leg), with a stretched and strong landing of the second leg (the braking leg), with the upper body finished open to the audience and the arms in Acro 4th position.

Acrobatique Syllabus creator, Melissa Klassen, has analyzed Aerials for over 20 years; she has studied several different methodologies and approaches during her quest to find the best way to teach Aerials (and was personally taught several INCORRECT and INEFFICIENT ways in the process!).

After several different generations of students, and having tried EVERY imaginable method to teach and execute an Aerial, she invented the following 4-step approach to teaching/learning this highly sought-after trick.

  • Step #1: Have your student perform a step, retire, lunge out (finishing with the chest completely upright, and the arms reaching forward in horizontal). Have your students simultaneously jump out of the lunge, and swing the arms back 180* HARD! Practice this drill across the floor for a minimum of 2 months.
  • Step #2: Next, the student performs step #1 but then lands back in the lunge, swings the arms all the way back, up and over the top, carrying through to a Cartwheel, finishing in an open lunge position, absorbing with the first leg and braking with the second leg. Practice this drill for a minimum of 2 months.
  • Step #3: Then, when your student understands the timing and flow of step #2, have your student combine the whole movement WITHOUT a land in the lunge before taking off into the Cartwheel: step retiré lunge, hold the lunge, jump out of the lunge while simultaneously swinging the arms back and over the top, and land directly into a handstand to Cartwheel out. Most of your students will be at this stage for approximately 4-6 months.
  • Step #4: The only difference between step #3 and Step #4 is that there is no stop in the lunge. The student uses all of the same technique as in step #3, but carries it through to one fluid trick, landing with the hands on the floor and Cartwheeling out. The student keeps practicing this step until he/she is ready to leave the arms off of the floor for a true Side Aerial. Most students will spend another 6 to 12 months on this step before keeping arms off the floor.

Why You Should NOT Teach Aerials from a Running Preparation:

Students that learn Aerials from a running preparation come to depend on momentum to take off, instead of learning to push from the hip joint. When a student learns how to push out of his or her hip joint, he/she is able to “pop” off the floor easily, enabling him or her to dance into and out of the Aerial flawlessly, without the use of an obvious preparation.

Additionally, teaching this four-step breakdown will allow you to streamline your Acro classes and greatly reduce the amount of spotting necessary in your class(es).

Although this process can seem painstaking at first, if you take the 1 to 2 years necessary to perfect the technique in each step, your students will be able to perform stunning, high Aerials that “pop” off of the ground beautifully and SAFELY.

Students that take the time to learn this proper Aerial technique will have their Aerials for LIFE.

This is the best and most efficient way to achieve a Step Aerial. And, as a bonus, this four-step method utilizes the same technique that is used to achieve a Front Aerial, making the transition from mastering a Side Aerial to learning a Front Aerial seamless – two tricks for the price of one!

Check out this excerpt from the Acrobatique INTERMEDIATE Syllabus book: Aerial Cartwheel from a step:

Are you an Acro Teacher looking for a FREE place to learn, ask questions, and connect? Join the Acro Teachers’ Collective Facebook Group HERE!

Gymnastics skill that is fast and requires knowledge of a cartwheel. It is a cartwheel with out using your hands.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Aerial Cartwheel

Friday, October 2, 2009

How to Do an Aerial Cartwheel

How to do an Aerial Cartwheel

*Materials Needed
1. Good amount of space
2. Comfortable clothes (preferably workout clothes)
3. Spotter just in case (can be anyone who you trust)
4. Mats until you are comfortable with the skill
5. foam pit if needed


1. Know the basics of the skill, meaning what the skill is and what it looks like. This may require research.
2. Find a good place to practice that has mats and is roomy.
3. Start by stretching out your muscles so you do not pull anything.
4. When you are stretched out, find someone who can spot you or catch you if you fall, this could be a parent, friend, or coach.
5. Start by doing cartwheels. They need to be completely tight and quick. No bent legs, or arched body positions.
6. Continue doing cartwheels until you feel that they are perfect and you can move on to the next step.
7. If you are ready to try an aerial, you can go off of the floor into the foam pit if you are scared. Remember, an aerial is the same thing as a cartwheel just without your hands. Have your spotter close by.
8. Once you have done some into the foam pit, you can move to the floor if you are ready.
9. If you need to you can ask your spotter for help.
10. Be patient!! It will take time, you will not be perfect the first couple of times.
11. Keep trying no matter what. Giving up will only make you feel bad.
12. Be proud of yourself! This is a difficult skill!
14. Show it off! This is a great accomplishment.

How to do an aerial cartwheel43s

How to Do an Aerial Cartwheel

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How to do an aerial cartwheel4s

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How to do an aerial cartwheel1m45s

Unearthed a George 111 cartwheel penny


How to do an aerial cartwheel47s



How to do an aerial cartwheel4s

American cartwheel


How to do an aerial cartwheel4s

One handed cartwheel

My 307 Life

How to do an aerial cartwheel32s

Light Skill – Aerial Cartwheel

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Cartwheel Ends With Unexpected Crack


How to do an aerial cartwheel34s

How to do an aerial cartwheelThe Aerial flip is just like a cartwheel or round off but twice as cool because your doing a cartwheel but with NO HANDS!

You’ll see this flip thrown a lot in [email protected]$$ martial arts films.

I know when you see it in ninja movies you think the same thing I do, “That was BAD-A! I gotta learn that!” And then imagine throwing that sick flip anywhere and everywhere. going to class . aerial. while out with some friends.. yea might as well throw an aerial here too. Some Hott babes walk by. you know you’re throwing one!

So if you’re ready to take your cartwheel to the next level and become a ninja rockstar! Let’s get started.

Find a nice soft patch of grass.

Step 1:Run up with a nice pace to build up momentum

Step 2:Plant your left foot down, really stomp it down and block to get more height when you jump.

Step 3: Jump with your left leg as you swing your right leg , both arms , and upper body UP to get maximum height.

Step 4: Really drive that right heel up and once your body is inverted drive it down.

Step 5:Land with the right foot

1. You will likely aerial the same way you cartwheel or round off. (so you will go the same direction and jump and land on the same feet as you cartwheel)

2. Flexibility will help with this flip. Especially theses stretches : Splits and pike stretch

Super FAST Progression Steps

*Note I put progression steps for 2 styles of aerial, the ninja style and regular straight style. Pick which ever one is more comfortable for you.

Style 1: Ninja Aerial
1. Learn your cartwheel

2. Do a one-handed cartwheel or b-kick

3. Do a B-kick

4. Invert the B-kick more – so it becomes a martial arts aerial.

Style 2: Regular Aerial
1. Perform a round off

2.Run and attempt the aerial form, place your hands down for support.

I was wondering, as I have been trying 2 learn an aerial recently, it seems that it is very hard to get the additional momentum needed once u move from a 1 handed cartwheel to pull in ur hands. I always fall a little short, just need a little extra to land on my kicking leg square.

Is it more an issue of flexibilty, or strength, or something else. People have been advising me 2 use my toes to push more, but so far not enough. Are there good drills 2 do in order 2 get over the last hump?

Any help would b gr8, thx

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How to do an aerial cartwheel


  • Mar 10, 2012
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An aerial is very different to a 1 arm cartwheel and requires very different technique. some things to look at

1. Don’t run too much, running gives you a lot of forward momentum. Forwards momentum makes the aerial harder, you need upwards momentum instead.

2. Hurdle high and then quickly put your chest to your leg like you are trying to under cut yourself.

3. Push strongly off your push off leg, bend it enough to get a good push.

4. Kick your other leg hard and fast over the top.

5. Lift your chest quickly at the end.

Flexibility in the side splits is very helpful as is good leg power.

You can work on it on a trampoline, tumble track or something similar first to give you more airtime and help you break the habit of putting your hands down.

Doing it off a raised surface helps too.


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  • Mar 10, 2012
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An aerial is very different to a 1 arm cartwheel and requires very different technique. some things to look at

1. Don’t run too much, running gives you a lot of forward momentum. Forwards momentum makes the aerial harder, you need upwards momentum instead.

2. Hurdle high and then quickly put your chest to your leg like you are trying to under cut yourself.

3. Push strongly off your push off leg, bend it enough to get a good push.

4. Kick your other leg hard and fast over the top.

5. Lift your chest quickly at the end.

Flexibility in the side splits is very helpful as is good leg power.

You can work on it on a trampoline, tumble track or something similar first to give you more airtime and help you break the habit of putting your hands down.

Doing it off a raised surface helps too.

Thanks a lot, I will try those steps, and get back for some more advices.

Any1 else has suggestions, plz LMK

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  • Mar 15, 2012
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  • Mar 15, 2012
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  • Mar 16, 2012
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  • Mar 16, 2012
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Yeah, I’ve been getting conflicting advices here as well about the height of the upper body. Perhaps that’s 1 of those things that diff tech suit diff people. Its quite counter 2 how I do FSP or layouts, so this is completely new set of tech that I have 2 get used to.

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  • Mar 16, 2012
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Sorry, could u describe a russian lift 2 me, and how its diff from an aerial?

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  • Mar 16, 2012
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That’s another thing that I get differing advices on, some say that I should let my arms follow the arc of my feet in the air, more or less. Other have encouraged me to pull them into the chet tight to increase the rotation.

I think this skill is by far the most confusing of any that I have learned so far.

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  • Mar 16, 2012
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Whoops, nevermind, u already gave the answer.

Sorry, do u mean when u take off on front tuck, u have to swing the arms backwards instead of throwing them upward?

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  • Mar 16, 2012
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  • Mar 17, 2012
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Just wanted to say Russian lift isn’t how you should learn front saults! As for arms in/out. Having them out will slow your rotation. When i do an aerial i throw my inside arm (arm starting on the inside of the flip) back like a russian lift to get height. my other arm goes up and over my head as if i where ding a bent arm punch (couldn’t think of another way to describe it) to aid in my rotation.

I am extremely inflexible so i have to rely on a hard kick with my back leg, strong thrust with my support leg and keeping my chest up to maintain height.

Check out this page: Tricks It is for people learning tricking a slightly different sport to gymnastics but with similar techniques.


  • Mar 17, 2012
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Yep, that’s it. I find the timing very difficult but I’m not a gymnast. Basically the drill over the folded panel mats seems to work for everyone I’ve seen work the skill.

As far as the Russian lift not being how one should learn a front salto, I sure as heck wouldn’t use it for a backward one .
The Russian lift works for some, I’m personally not a big fan of it. Some people actually do get more lift out of it though.

What are exercises to do inorder to preform aerial cartwheel easily. I would imagen one would need to work their quads, gluts, and obliques, and focus on explosive power. What exercises would accomplish this?

I am assuming you want strength exercises mainly and not aerial drills. If you have been doing gymnastics regularly for a while, you should have the necessary muscle for it. The hard part about aerials (in my opinion) is technique and fear.

For strength, however, I would add calves and hamstrings to your list of muscles. Calves for the extra push on the front leg to get you off the ground, and hamstrings to pull your back leg over.

Calves: calf raises (also try one-legged calf raises. It is both harder and helps some with ankle and core stability.)

Quad/Calf Combo: get a sturdy block or low stool. Step up on to it like you are skipping pushing yourself off the block with your calf

Glut/Hamstring: all I can think of right now is this one

Obliques: all I can think of is "cherry pickers", side crunches, and side planks with dips/lifts (just lower and raise your hip in that plank position) and leg lifts (lift the top leg to about 45 degrees and lower back down to side plank position).

That's about all I can think of right now. You can also do "flight cartwheels" where you either cartwheel while pushing off your front leg and wait to put your hands down, or cartwheel normally but with repulsion after your hands are down. The first will work an aerial entry and the second works the aerial landing while helping to build the necessary muscles.