How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Twitch is a live video streaming platform. It was introduced in June of 2011. The site mainly consists of video game streams, E-Sports streams, music broadcasts and quite recently a trend of “In Real Life” streams has started on the platform. The content on the site can either be viewed live or by video on demand.

How to fix error 5000 on twitchTwitch Error 5000 Content not Available

However, quite recently a lot of reports have been coming in of users who are unable to access any live stream on the site and an error message that displays “5000: Content not available” shows up. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons due to which this error can be triggered and provide you with viable solutions in order to ensure complete eradication of the problem.

What Causes the Error “Code 5000” in Twitch?

The cause of the error is not specific and it can be triggered due to a number of reasons:

  • Cache and Cookies: Cache is stored by applications in order to decrease the loading times however, over time this cache can be corrupted and cause problems with the application. Similarly, cookies are stored by websites on a browser to decrease loading times. These cookies can cause issues with loading certain websites.
  • Extension: Also, it is possible that a certain extension installed on your browser might be causing the issue, the “Ghostery” extension, in particular, is known to cause issues with the site.
  • Browser: In some cases, the browser that you are using to connect to the site might be experiencing issues in doing so.
  • DNS issue: Also it is possible that your internet is experiencing DNS problems. DNS is like a phonebook for your internet it translates the name of a website into an IP address and uses that to connect to the website, it is possible that the DNS might be corrupted and is causing issues with the connection.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the issue we will be moving on towards the solutions.

Solution 1: Clearing Cookies and Cache.

Cache and Cookies are stored by the browser and the application in order to decrease loading times. However, sometimes this can cause issues with the loading of certain sites if the Cookies or Cache become corrupted. Therefore, in this step, we will be clearing the cookies and the cache of the browser.

  1. Click on the “Menu” button on the top right side of the browser. Clicking on the Menu Button.
  2. SelectSettings” from the dropdown. How to fix error 5000 on twitchClicking on “Settings” from the drop-down.
  3. Scroll down and click on “Advanced“. How to fix error 5000 on twitchClicking on “Advanced”
  4. At the end of the “Privacy&Security” heading, click on the “ClearBrowsingData” option. How to fix error 5000 on twitchClicking on “Clear Browsing Data”.
  5. In the time range, select “Alltime“.
  6. Make sure that both the “Cookiesandothersitedata” and “Cachesimageandfiles” options are checked. How to fix error 5000 on twitchChecking both the options.
  7. Now click on the “Cleardata” option. Selecting the “Clear Data” option.
  8. This will now clear all the cookies and the cache, open the site and check to see if the problem persists.

Solution 2: Disabling Extensions.

In some cases, certain extensions on the browser were causing issues with loading the streams on the twitch website. Therefore, in this step, we are going to be disabling all the extensions on the browser in order to make sure that any extension is not interfering with the site.

  1. Click on the “Menu” button on the top right side of the browser and hover the cursor over “MoreSettings” option. How to fix error 5000 on twitchOpening Extension Settings
  2. Select “Extensions” option to open up the list of extensions installed on the browser.
  3. Make sure to disableall the extensions and in particular the “Ghostery” one. Disabling Extensions.
  4. Now try to open the site and check to see if the issue persists.

Solution 3: Flushing the DNS.

DNS is used by the browser as a sort of phonebook for the internet. It translates the addresses of a site to an IP address and uses that to connect to the site. The internet connection that you use has certain DNS settings allocated that are elemental in the connection to the internet. Sometimes, this DNS can be corrupted therefore, in this step we will be flushing the DNS. For that:

  1. Click on the “Searchbar” and type in “CommandPrompt“.
  2. Rightclick on the “CommandPrompt” icon and select “RunasAdministrator“.
  3. This will open up the command prompt, type in “ipconfig/flushdns“.
  4. This will now completely reinitialize the DNScache.
  5. Try to connect to the site and check to see if the issue persists. Flushing DNS.

Solution 4: Changing Browser.

In some cases, the browser that you are using to connect to the site might be experiencing issues in doing so. Therefore, it is recommended to change the browser that you are using to connect to the service as it might solve the issue if the problem is with the browser.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Twitch is a live video streaming platform which was introduced in June of 2011. The platform essentially includes video game streams, E-Sports streams, broadcasts, etc. Error 5000 is an error that is commonly faced by Twitch users. This error states that content is not available. Here’s how you can fix it.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Turn On Flash in Google Chrome

To fix this error, try turning on the Flash on your Chrome browser.

  • First of all, go to the “” site in Google Chrome.
  • Then you should select the padlock icon in the search bar.
  • You have to click on Site settings at the lower side of the pop-up
  • Thereafter click on the drop-down near to Flash.
  • Choose Allow in the “Flash” drop-down.

Turn Off Extensions in Google Chrome

You need to turn off extensions in Google Chrome. Follow the instructions given below.

  • Get started by launching Google Chrome on the Computer.
  • Then you have to click on the vertical ellipsis menu icon on the upper right-hand side.
  • You should go to the menu & choose More Tools.
  • Navigate to the sub-menu and click on Extensions.
  • You should switch the toggle under an extension to the “Off” position.
  • Now, go to the Chrome & refresh the Twitch stream page.

Remove Cache in Google Chrome

If yo u want to remove cache in Google Chrome, then you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • To get started, launch Google Chrome on the PC.
  • Then you should click on the vertical ellipsis menu icon.
  • You have to go to the menu & click on the Settings.
  • Thereafter move down & click on Advanced.
  • Click on Clear browsing data beneath “Privacy & Security.”
  • Later, you have to tick the boxes of Cookies, Cached images & Files.
  • Now, select the blue Clear data option.
  • You have to refresh the Twitch page in Google Chrome.

Turn On Flash in Firefox

You need to turn on Flash in Google Chrome. Follow the instructions given below.

  • To begin with, go to the” in Firefox.
  • Then navigate to the search bar & click on the green padlock icon.
  • You should click on the right arrow icon near to the “Connection.”
  • Thereafter click on Information.
  • You should click on the Permissions button.
  • Later, you have to untick the box of “Use Default” beneath “Run Adobe Flash.
  • Now, go to the “Run Adobe Flash” box & choose Allow.

Turn Off Extensions in Mozilla Firefox

If you want to turn off extensions in Mozilla Firefox, then you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Launch Firefox on the Computer.
  • Then click on vertical ellipsis menu icon.
  • You should click on Preferences.
  • Thereafter, you have to click on Add-ons.
  • Go to the sidebar & click on Extensions.
  • Later, click on the horizontal ellipsis menu icon.
  • Navigate to the drop-down & click on Disable.
  • Now, reload the twitch stream page in Mozilla Firefox.

Remove Cache in Mozilla Firefox

You need to remove cache in Mozilla Firefox. Follow the instructions given below.

  • First & foremost, launch Firefox on the computer.
  • Then you should click on the vertical ellipsis menu icon.
  • Go to the menu and click on Preferences.
  • Navigate to the left menu & click on “Privacy & Security.”
  • Move down to the “Cookies & Site Data” heading.
  • You have to click on the Clear Data option.
  • Tick the boxes of Cookies & Cached Web Content.
  • Select the Clear option.
  • When the confirmation pop up comes, click on Clear Now.

Turn On Flash in Safari

If you want to turn on Flash in Safari, then you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Visit the “” in your Safari.
  • Go to the menu bar & click on the Safari tab.
  • Navigate to the Safari menu & click on Preferences.
  • Then select the websites of the Preferences screen.
  • Tick the box of “Adobe Flash player.”
  • Select the drop-down near
  • Now, choose “On” in the drop-down section.

Turn Off Extensions in Safari

You need turn off extensions in Safari. Follow the instructions given below.

  • Navigate to the “” in Safari.
  • Then you should click on Safari.
  • Go to the safari menu & click on Preferences.
  • Thereafter click on the Extensions tab.
  • Untick the box of extensions.
  • Now, reload the Twitch page in Safari.

Remove Cache in Safari

If you want to remove cache in Safari, then you need to Follow the instructions given below.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Recently, a lot of users report that they are not able to access any live stream due to the Twitch error 5000. What causes this vexing error? How to fix error 5000 twitch? Let’s explore these questions together with MiniTool.

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What Causes Content Not Available Twitch error 5000

As a fantastic live video streaming platform, you can access a variety of game streams such as video game streams, music broadcasts, E-sport streams, etc. However, it is annoying that you can’t play access to any live streams on the site because of the Twitch error 5000.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

What causes this Twitch network error? According to the investigation, the corrupted cookies and caches are major causes that lead to error 5000 Twitch. Besides, certain extensions and DNS issues are also responsible for this error.

Now, let’s see how to fix error 5000 twitch.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

2000 network error is one of the most common errors in Twitch. This post will give an introduction about it and provide some feasible solutions.

Fix 1. Clear the Cookies and Cache of Browser

The cookies and cache are used to reduce the loading time when opening a browser or application. However, once the cookies and cache get corrupted, you may encounter an issue when loading some certain sites like Twitch.

To get rid of the Twitch error code 5000, follow the steps below to clear the corrupted cookies and cache:

Step 1. Open your browser and click on the Menu button at the upper right corner.

Step 2. Click on the Settings option from the submenu.

Step 3. Scroll down to the On startup section and click on Advanced.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Step 4. Scroll down and click on Clear Browsing Data option at the end of the Privacy & Security section. Then change the Time ranges to All time, select the checkbox for Cookies and other site data, and Caches image and files. Now, click on the Clear data option.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Now, you can restart the browser and try browsing the site to check if the error 5000 Twitch disappears.

Fix 2. Disable All the Extensions

Sometimes a certain extension on the browser can cause the Twitch network error as well. So, you can disable all the extensions so that they can’t interfere with Twitch. Here’s how:

Step 1. Click on the Menu button of the browser and select the More tools option from the drop-down menu.

Step 2. Select the Extensions option from the submenu to open all installed extension on the browser.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Step 3. In the pop-up window, disable all the extension especially for the Ghostery one.

Step 4. Access the site again and see if the Twitch error code 5000 still persists.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

What can you do if your Twitch keeps buffering? Come and read this post where some solutions to Twitch buffering issue are listed together with detailed steps.

Fix 3. Flush the DNS Cache

DNS is used by your browser to translate the IP address of a site. If the DNS gets corrupted, you may encounter some issues when loading a web site. Here you can try flushing the DNS cache to fix the issue. For that:

Step 1. Press Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box, and then type cmd in it and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys to open an elevated command prompt.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Step 2. Type the ipconfig/flushdns command in the elevated Command Prompt and hit Enter.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

This operation will reinitialize the DNS cache completely. After that, you can try connecting to the site and check if the issue “content not available Twitch” is resolved.

Fix 4. Switch to Other Browser

If all the above methods fail to work, you can consider switching to other browsers. This is because the browser you are using might be suffering some issues. For instance, you can switch from Google Chrome to Firefox or other browsers.

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Facing the twitch error 5000 and wondering how to fix it? Then I am here to help you out. It is one of the common issues that we get to see and fixing it is not a hard task. And In this article, I will tell you how you can fix it.

Table of Contents

What is Twitch Error 5000?

Twitch Error 5000 is a standard Twitch error that we get to see. The error usually appears as Twitch Error 5000: Content Not Found. The error usually appears when you try to stream on Twitch. But you cannot do so because of some plugins or chrome extension integrated with your browser.

And in most of the cases, this is the flash player only. But the problem is not related to some specific plugin of extensions. The culprit can be any other plugin or extension.

What causes Twitch Error 5000?

There can be quite a lot of reasons why you are getting to see the twitch error 5000. And some of the top reasons can be:

  • Cache and Cookies: Browser caches are one of the main reasons why you get to see the problem. Browser caches are sort of an application that focuses on reducing the loading times. However, at times the cache file gets corrupted. As a result, you get the twitch error code 5000.
  • Extension: Extensions are one of the top reasons why you get to see the Twitch error. Extensions are quite powerful to control how websites perform on our browsers. And it might be causing the issue. One such example is the “Ghostery” extension which is known for causing this issue.
  • Browser: At times, the main culprit is your browser only. So the browser you are using might be facing some issues.
  • DNS Issue: In the end, it can be a DNS issue which is causing the main trouble. DNS is like a phonebook for your internet service. It translates the website name into an IP address, and then it connects to the website. And in some cases, the DNS gets corrupted, and you end up seeing the twitch error code 5000.

How To Fix twitch error 5000

To fix Twitch Error 5000, here are a couple of fixes that you can try out. Just go ahead and try each of the methods one by one and see if they are working for you or not:

Fix 1: Enable Flash Player

If you are only getting this error while using Chrome, then enabling flash player would be a good way. To enable flash player, you can follow these steps:

  • First of all, launch the Chrome browser from your computer.
  • Then in the URL field type down Chrome://settings and hit the enter button.
  • This will take you the settings page and from here scroll down to the bottom and click on Advanced.
  • Now select Content settings
  • Then select Flash.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

  • In the end, simply turn on Flash using the toggle button.

However, in case if this method does not work for you. Here are some other fixes that you can try out:

Fix 2: Clear Cookies and cache

At times the error 5000 twitch happens because the Twitch server is unreachable. And it is for a temporary time only. But what happens with our browsers is that it saves cache files which allows us to load website faster.

The cache does not allow the browser to load a website from the present time. Instead, the cache shows a copy of the website which cache have previously stored on your computer. This way, your website load faster. But at times, the cache does not update itself with the recent web page. As a result, even if the website is up and running, you get the same error. Hence, clearing cache would be the best option.

  • First of all open Chrome.
  • Then go to Chrome://settings.
  • Then go to the Advanced settings.
  • Then Find and click Clear browsing data.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

  • In the end, simply select your preferred settings and clear data.

Fix 3: Disable extensions

In the end, you can disable extensions. There are many users who have complained about Twitch not loading Chrome. And this happens because of some extensions. Hence, you can try disabling them and see if everything is working fine or not. To disable extensions, you can follow these steps:

  1. First of all, launch Chrome.
  2. Then in the address bar, type down Chrome://extensions and hit the enter button. Also, if you are using Firefox, then you have to type about:addons in the address bar and hit the enter button.
  3. Then over here, you will find a list of extensions or plugins.
  4. Simply disable all the plugins or extensions one by one.

Also, as you do so make sure to check if you are getting the twitch error 5000 or not, this would be a long process though depending on how many extensions you have.

Also, you should pay special attention to those extensions that you have recently installed on your browser.

Fix 4: Use A Different Browser

If you are still getting the twitch media resource not supported error by following the above methods. Then it would be a good idea to change your browser and see if everything is working fine or not.

For example, if you are facing the issue on Chrome, then try downloading Mozilla Firefox and see if you are getting the same error or not. Even you can try out Microsoft’s Edge browser and look for the error. Similarly, if you are, Firefox user gives a try to other browsers and see if you are getting the same thing.

Video Guide

Final Words:

So that was all for your question how to fix twitch error 5000. Also, if you are facing twitch error 2000 you can check our twitch error 2000 fix tutorial. Now go ahead and check these steps out and see how they are working for you. Also, if you have any more questions to ask. Then do feel free to comment below and I will help you out.

Twitch error 5000 commonly occurs when streaming on Twitch and is often accompanied by the message 5000: Content not available. Twitch may appear to load, then buffer indefinitely in some cases.

This error is one of many on Twitch that can cause you to smash your device without even thinking. We’re going to show you how to fix it whenever it happens.

An error #5000 is the most common on Twitch. It is usually caused by an issue with an integrated plugin for Chrome. This is mostly the Flash Player.

This problem is not limited to one plugin. Some users reported that they were able to solve the problem by disabling additional plugins.

How to fix Twitch error code 5500

Try these solutions if you’re experiencing a black screen, a buffering icon, or an inability to watch streams on Twitch.

Method 1: Enable Flash Player

  1. Type the following in Chrome to open a new tab:chrome://settingsEnter, and then click Enter.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Advanced
  3. Choose Content Settings
  4. Choose Flash
  5. The toggle should be turned to OFF

If the above method doesn’t work, try the next.

Method 2 Clear cache and cookies

This fix will help you to fix error 5000

  1. Type in the following to open a new tab in Chrome:chrome://settingsThen hit Enter
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Advanced
  3. Click Clear browsing data
  4. Click Clear Data to select your preferred settings.

Method 3: Turn off extensions

This problem has been solved by many users who have disabled certain extensions.

You will need to disable extensions one at a time until you can identify the cause.

Ghostery is the most problematic extension.

These steps will help you find and disable any problematic plugins in your browser.

  1. Type in the following words into a Chrome tab:chrome://extensions/Enter, and then type. Type the following if you’re using Firefox:About:addonsEnter the code in a new tab.
  2. Start with Ghostery and Shockwave and disable each plugin one at a time. Then refresh your twitch stream for each occasion.

These steps should have helped you solve Twitch error 5500 and you can now watch streams on the platform.

If the machine is showing that it has become unplugged, then the following solutions will solve the problem.

How to Fix Twitch Error 2000? Facing Twitch Error 2000 and want to get rid of it? If yes then this guide which is especially for fixing this twitch error will help you out. So without wasting any time let’s begin with the intro of the article.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

How to Fix Twitch Error 2000

Today we live in a world where the computer and various services like shopping, games, multimedia, etc, available on it play an important role in our society. It makes our life easier and helps us do a lot of things in a single place. Online Gaming has become an important part of many people’s routines and there are various gaming services on the internet that helps you keep up with the gaming world.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

One such famous service that is used to stream the game online is Twitch. There are millions of Twitch users around the world that stream games on this platform on the monthly basis. Like many other online game streaming services available on the internet, Twitch also faces errors on its platform occasionally and one such error that it faces is the Twitch Error 2000. Everything that you want to know about the Twitch Error 2000 is given below. FIX TWITCH ERRORS ONLINE

What Causes Twitch Error 2000?

The Twitch Error 2000 that you come across on the Twitch platform is seen because the content that you are trying t stream is currently unavailable and it can happen because of various reasons like error from the user’s end, connection error, issues with the web browser, antivirus problem, etc. The good this is that if there is a problem, there is always a solution.

How To Fix Twitch Error 2000?

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Like any other error on the internet, this error can also be fixed. There are a few ways that can help you solve this error and the methods are mentioned below briefly. TWITCH ERRORS ONLINE

Fix 1: Change your browser

The problem with the web browser is that it can have some hidden settings that might alter its proper functioning with a particular website. If you are facing the Twitch Error 2000 on a certain browser, you can change the browser to see if the problem was mainly because of the previous browser or not.

Fix 2: Disable ad-blockers and extensions

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Ad blockers might most of the time give you a benefit while using a browser but in some cases, it might affect your app or a particular website that you are using and this can be the case when you face Error 2000 on Twitch. To get rid of the error, you can disable the ad blocker, which might solve your problem. Disable ad-blockers and extensions

Fix 3: Restart the Internet Router

Sometimes it is not your computer or the application on it that is causing the problem, but on the opposite, the internet creates this headache for many of us. A simple step of just restarting the Internet Modem can most of the time solve your problem.

Fix 4: Disable the Antivirus

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Antivirus is specifically made for blocking harmful websites that might harm your computer and many times it happens that the antivirus that you have installed is blocking game streaming applications like Twitch, Steam, etc. A simple method here can be that you just disable the antivirus when you are streaming or playing the game and turn it back when you are done. Disable the Antivirus

Fix 5: Refreshing your Twitch Stream

It is seen that many times the errors on the internet like Twitch Error 2000 on Twitch are one-time errors and do not occur again, once you encounter them. For this, you can just try refreshing your twitch Stream to see if the error persists or not.

Fix 6: Use Twitch Application

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

It is seen that browsers create problems many times. Whenever you come across this kind of error on any streaming service, you can use their particular application to see if the problem is with the browser or is it any other issue that is creating this problem for you. Twitch Application windows

Fix 7: Clear Brower Cache and Cookies

Cache and cookies can also be at fault sometimes because they take up the temporary memory on the browser and do not allow the proper function of that particular browser. To get out of this situation easily, you can just Clear Brower Cache and Cookies and this might solve your problem.

Fix 8: Reinstall Browser

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

If you want to stream your game on a particular browser and you are also in an ambiguous situation the browser might be creating an issue for you, the best thing to do is to first uninstall the browser and then reinstall it to see if you get the error resolved. Reinstall Browser

Fix 9: Turn Off Your VPN

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

If you are streaming while using a VPN and nothing is working in your favor then there is a possibility that the VPN proxy that you using might be behind the twitch error 2000. In that situation, it is better to stream without using a VPN. twitch online

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: How to fix twitch error 2000 in safari?
Answer: It is seen many times that the browser cookies on Safari cause the twitch error 2000, for this you can clear them to see if you fix the error.

FAQ 2: Why I am getting twitch error 2000 only on one stream?
Answer: It can either be a browser issue or browser cookies and cache issue, for this you can uninstall and then reinstall the browser.

This is all for the guide on How to Fix Twitch Error 2000 in 2021. After these fixes, you will be able to get rid of this error. If you still see the error then most of our user’s advice is to reinstall the twitch application in your system. So, if you are new to omggamer then do subscribe to our newsletter for more gaming updates, also share this article with your friends on social media platforms.

Any platform that handles a lot of multimedia and bandwidth will encounter errors, and Twitch is no exception. Many streamers have been hit by the dreaded “Twitch Error 3000,” also known as error code 3000. It’s a huge problem because it stops users from loading streams.

This error code is most often reported by Google Chrome users. The good news is that there are multiple fixes for this problem. This guide will not only help you understand what the error code is but also how to correct it.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

What Is Twitch Error Code 3000?

Twitch error code 3000 is a multimedia decoding error. It means a browser cannot properly translate the stream information, which results in something like an endless loading screen. Many users report the resolution cycling through 360p, 720p, 1080p, and other available resolutions.

In most cases, Google Chrome is the culprit. The error code usually results from a conflict with HTML 5. In most cases, HTML 5 doesn’t produce the correct output. It can also be caused by interactions with Flash player.

A final potential cause is from bad cookies or problems with your cache. Of the main causes for this error code, a faulty cache is the easiest problem to correct.

How to Fix Twitch Error 3000

There are several different methods that can fix twitch error code 3000. If one of these doesn’t work, try one of the others.

Clear Your Cache and Cookies

Your first step should be to clear your cache and erase your cookies. It’s a simple process and one that might resolve the problem without requiring further action. The steps shown are for Google Chrome.

Click the three dots at the top-right corner of your browser, just beside your avatar. Select Settings in the menu that appears. Scroll down to the Privacy and Settings and then select Clear browsing data.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Click the check boxes for Cookies and other data and for Cached images and files, then select Clear data. This will eliminate all cookies, which means you will need to log back into any accounts–but it will hopefully correct the error code.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Google Chrome uses hardware acceleration, which allows the browser to take advantage of your GPU to speed up specific tasks and improve performance. However, driver incompatibilities sometimes cause more trouble than the feature is worth.

Disabling hardware acceleration can sometimes resolve Twitch error 3000. To do this, click the three dots at the top-right corner of your screen and select Settings. On the left side of the screen, click Advanced > System and then disable the toggle beside Use hardware acceleration when available.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

You may need to restart your browser before the changes fully take effect. However, once you restart your browser, navigate back to Twitch and check if you still receive the same error code.

Allow Third Party Cookies

One reported fix for Twitch error code 3000 is to allow third-party cookies. However, be cautious regarding this step. Cookies store information related to your browsing experience with the intent of simplifying things–for example, your login information. Cookies can also store more information than you may want them to, especially third-party cookies. Be aware of this before you allow them.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

To allow third-party cookies, once more click the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen and select Settings. On the left side of your screen, select Privacy and security and then select Cookies and other site data. Click the box beside Allow all cookies or Block third-party cookies in incognito.

Once you enable third-party cookies, try Twitch once more. If the problem continues, there are more steps you can try.

Update Chrome

Most people allow Chrome to update automatically. In fact, there are a huge number of users that have never manually updated Chrome before. This is fine–it resolves a lot of issues that can arise from out of date browsers.

However, if none of the previous steps have resolved the problem, make sure Chrome is up to date. Open Chrome and look at the three dots on the top-right side. If an update is pending, you will see an icon beside those dots. A green icon means the update is recent–within the last two days. An orange icon means the update was released within the last four days, while a red icon means it is over a week old.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

Click the dots and then select Update Google Chrome. Your browser will restart once the update is finalized.

You can also click the three dots and then select About Chrome to forcibly check for an update.

Change Browsers or Try Desktop Twitch

If none of the above steps worked to resolve Twitch error code 3000, there is a simple solution still available: change to a different browser. Most people have loyalty to one browser over another, which can make switching undesirable.

How to fix error 5000 on twitch

However, if nothing else resolves the issue, try launching Twitch in Safari or Firefox. If you’d prefer to stick with your browser and can download Twitch, try the desktop version. It operates almost exactly like the web browser. You can find it on

The last thing you want is to miss a stream by your favorite streamer because Twitch won’t load. If you encounter this problem, try one of the five steps above to solve it. With any luck, you can correct the problem without much hassle.

Patrick is an Atlanta-based technology writer with a background in programming and smart home technology. When he isn’t writing, nose to the grindstone, he can be found keeping up with the latest developments in the tech world and upping his coffee game. Read Patrick’s Full Bio

Twitch is a leading video streaming platform that hosts more than 100 million viewers per month. The site primarily targets gamers who can view live content or recorded videos. The main content on the site is live streaming of video games, including live broadcasts of big sporting events like eSports competitions. Gamers can also share video games directly from their controllers to Twitch.

However, just as with any other software, mishaps are bound to happen, and recently there have been increasing reports of users getting a black screen displaying the error message:

“5000: Content not available”

Pro Tip: It is possible to fix many PC issues by using the PC Repair tool. PC Repair is easy to use and reliable Windows optimization software developed to fix hundreds of system issues.

To understand what it means and how to fix the Twitch error ‘5000: Content not available’, keep reading.

What Is Twitch 5000: Content Not Available Error?

The error 5000: Content not available appears without warning when using the site. The error seems to prevent live streaming from loading, and all that the user can see is a black screen with a buffering icon.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of this error, here are some of the possible culprits.

  • Caches and cookies are stored by applications and websites to reduce loading time. Occasionally, caches and cookies get corrupted affecting the functionality of the apps and browsers.
  • Browser extensions and add-ons are also known to cause issues and might be interfering with the live video streaming on the Twitch client site.
  • Internet connection issues could also be blamed for the error code 5000 on Twitch. More specifically, corruption of the DNS (Domain Name System), which acts like a phonebook of the Internet that translates domain names into IP addresses so that users can access web content, can affect a browser’s functionality.
  • Integrated plugins on Google Chrome like Flash player could also be responsible for the error.

How to Get Rid of Error 5000 When Loading My Stream

Clear Cache and Cookies

Corrupted cookies and cache can destabilize any browser or app, and clearing them usually fixes common problems. Here’s how to proceed:

On Chrome:

  1. Launch Chrome and click the three vertical dots to open the menu.
  2. Open More tools > Clear browsing data.
  3. Pick a time range and then check all the boxes. To delete everything, choose “All time”.
  4. Click “Clear data”.

On Mozilla:

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox and click the three horizontal lines at the top right-hand corner of the browser.
  2. Select Options > Privacy & Security.
  3. Find Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data.
  4. Check the boxes, and then click the “Clear” button.

On Microsoft Edge:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge and open the menu.
  2. Go to Settings > Privacy & security.
  3. Click the “Choose what to clear” button.
  4. Check the boxes that you want to clear, and then click “Clear”.

Flush DNS

The DNS is responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses so that websites can load Internet resources. If the DNS gets corrupted, websites won’t be able to load web content. Flushing the DNS can help resolve most website problems. To do so:

  1. Open “Command Prompt” with administrator privileges.
  2. Execute this command: ipconfig /flushdns.
  3. If the process is successful, you’ll see the message: “Windows IP configuration successfully flushed DNS Resolver Cache”.

Try to stream videos on the Twitch site to see if they will load.

Enable Flash Player

Google Chrome users seem to be more affected by the Twitch ‘5000: Content not available’ error. Enabling Flash Player can help fix this error.

  1. Launch Chrome and go to Menu > Settings. Alternatively, type chrome://settings in the search box, and press “Enter”.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and expand the “Advanced” section.
  3. Open “Site Settings”.
  4. Select “Flash”, and click the toggle button to turn it on.

If this method doesn’t work, try the next workaround.

Disable Extensions and Add-Ons

If you use ad blockers or pop-up blockers, they could be interfering with video playback when streaming on Twitch. Browser extensions and add-ons may add more functionality to your browser, but they could also be the source of the error preventing live streaming.

Try to disable them one by one until you find the culprit. Here’s what you need to do:

On Chrome:

  1. Click the three vertical dots, and select More tools > Extensions.
  2. Disable the extensions one at a time and refresh your Twitch stream on each occasion to check if it’s working again.

On Mozilla:

  1. Open the menu and click on “Add-ons”
  2. Disable the plugins one at a time and refresh your Twitch stream to check if video playback has resumed.
  3. Next, open the “Extensions” tab and repeat the same process.

On Edge

  1. Open Edge and go to the menu.
  2. Select “Extensions” from the drop-down list.
  3. Right-click on the extension that you want to disable, and click “Turn off”.

Use Twitch for Desktop

If you’re still having trouble loading streams on Twitch, try the desktop version. Since it’s a dedicated application, it may run better. Plus, it comes with more functionalities. Go to the official website and download the desktop client. After installing it, simply log in with your credentials and you’re good to go.

Enhance Your PC’s Performance

If you’ve been using your machine for a long time without running some sort of PC maintenance, you should not be surprised if it starts exhibiting sluggish behavior. Junk files usually clog your system, affecting its performance, and could be the reason the Twitch client is freezing.

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The ‘5000: Content not available’ error on Twitch is a major drawback for many online gamers. We hope you find a fix to the issue. If you have alternative methods to fix the error or you need further assistance from our technical team, please feel free to leave a comment below.