How to get free songs for an ipod

How to get free songs for an ipod

Do you want to download free music for your iPod to enjoy wonderful songs? There really are some legal ways to download free music files without worrying about piracy for your reach. In this article, we will provide a list of top 4 ways to download free music for your iPod.

The techniques described on this article to download free music are compatible with iOS 10, iOS 11 and even the latest iOS 12. Moreover, you can download free songs using any of the iPod Touch, iPod shuffle, iPod Nano and much more.

Tips: If you lost any data like video or photo from iPod or iPhone, you can always use Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to get it back from iOS device easily.

1. Get Free iPod Music from iTunes

iTunes enables you to download free songs produced by several artists globally. You can navigate to the relevant section of the iTunes Store every week to fetch free songs from time to time, and then import them to iPod.

How to get free songs for an ipod

Alternatively, you can use a coupon code or apply an iTunes gift card to download free iPod music from iTunes.

2. Get a Free iPod Music Download App

To download free iPod music, you can also make use of some dedicated music apps for iOS platform.

Spotify is a music streaming service available in 65 regions. The service provides DRM-protected content from record labels. You will be able to experience an enhanced streaming quality and other features by opting for paid package.

Deezer enables you to listen a wide range of music content from several recorded labels such as Sony Music, Warner Music, and Universal Music. The music service has 53 million licensed tracks with 30,000 radio channels. Deezer is compatible with Android, iOS, BlackBerry, MacOS including Windows Mobile. With Deezer, you can listen to pre-defined playlists or create your own playlists. The app enables you to explore channels for a wide range of genres or moods including the ability to access audiobooks, podcasts and free Internet radio stations. The app doesn’t include any ads or interruptions. And it is possible to import your favourite MP3 files with improved sound enhancements. It also can stream songs via Apple Watch or Apple Carplay.

Alternatively, you can also checkout, which is an online music streaming service. It streams user-curated playlists of 8 tracks. The service includes a subscription to 8 tracks and will cost $25 for 6 months.

3. Go to Free iPod Music Download Sites

Besides iTunes and some music apps, the Internet is flooded with free music websites with content produced by several artists as well.

You can listen, copy, share and even burn songs to CD/DVD with the help of the free music websites. Some of these websites from where you can download free iPod music are listed below

  • Jamendo, includes over 7000 albums, which can be downloaded free of cost. It is possible to review, share your favroite iPod songs, and donate to the artists.
    How to get free songs for an ipod
  • SoundClick, features more than 2 million full-length tracks in addition to the free ones to download.
    How to get free songs for an ipod
  • PureVolume, contains songs produced by over 400,000 artists. You can listen and download for iPod without charge.
  • BeSonic, provides more than 12000 songs that are available free of cost. The search module enables you to locate the songs you wish to download.

You will find plenty of free music resources on several third-party websites from where you can download iPod Music legally.

4. Digital Music Player Alternative to iPod

The Apple iPod has been considered an undisputed king of digital music and entertainment. The iPod is still the most popular music player despite the rapid evolution of smartphones and gadgets. However, several manufacturers have released digital music players as an alternative to the iPod. You now can make use of a wide range of digital music players to enjoy music. In this section, we will provide 5 good digital music players alternative to iPod.

1. Astell & Kern Kann

Astell & Kern Kann is equipped with 64GB expandable internal storage with support for TIDAL streaming using Bluetooth. The player is capable of delivering 15 hours of standby time via USB-C and Micro USB with DAC sounding support.

2. Aurender A10

The Aurender A10 ships with 4TB storage capacity with a 120GB solid-state drive for playback caching. The player also includes an additional expansion using which you can attach a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device via the Gigabit Ethernet port. The player also includes an IR remote with the ability to adjust volume using a front panel knob. The premium audio quality is delivered by dual 768KHz/32bit Next Generation Flagship AK4490 DAC Chips. The dedicated USB Audio output make use of an Ultra-Low-Noise Power Circuitry coupled with four individual toroidal power transformers.

3. Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX2

Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX2 is pre-loaded with Android Jelly Bean. The player provides support for Wi-Fi including the ability to run third-party apps such as Tidal. The default internal storage of 128GB with expansion capability is more than enough to burn thousands of songs. Moreover, the player also delivers a standby time of 30 hours with support for S-Master HX digital AMP. The problem with the player is its inability to use high-power headphones.

4. Astell & Kern AK240

Astell & Kern AK240 provides 256GB storage with support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The music player is designed with angled corners and slanted edges carved out of duralumin. The addition of high-fidelity drivers will eliminate noise and distortion.

5. HiFiMan HM-901

HiFiMan HM-901 is a music player hat can modify the internal amp module depending on the situation. It is possible to modify the hardware based on your requirements. You can control volume using a high-end step attenuator backed by an external low-gain/high-gain switch. The player is manufactured by using a combination of faux leather and plastic components, which gives a robust look and feel. Moreover, the player lacks a touch screen. And the HM-901 makes use of a proprietary port instead of the standard port for transferring files.


With Apple iPod, you will be able to listen to music without any annoying notifications. The web is scattered with free music tracks and you can use them with your iPod. However, locating free music tracks for your iPod is a tedious job. We have provided you with the relevant ways by which you can download free songs for your iPod. We hope you will make use of the above techniques to simplify your life style. If you have any question or suggestion, welcome to leave a comment below.

How to get free songs for an ipod

It has more than 30 million new iPod users every year to enjoy music specially. So for one of the most frequently asked questions by them: How to download free music to iPod?

Don’t worry. This article will provides you some methods of downloading free music for iPod. Compare them and choose the best and easiest way to get your favorite music to iPod freely.

Download Free Music for iPod with iTunes

Open iTunes on iPod (Take iPod Nano for example)—tap the “music” button at the bottom of interface—use your finger to scroll down on the page until you come across a button labeled as “single of the week”. Click this button to open the page for that single (the single of the week is always free and a new single is offered each week)—tap the free button to download the song. Then you can find the free music you choose before has been downloaded on your iPod.

You may want to choose more free music which you like deeply and then download them to iPod, how to get more free music on iPod with more methods, we will provide you other solutions to think over below:

Free Music Download Apps for iPod — Freelegal

Freelegal Music App is a free music app that can process free music download for iPod and provides you more than 7 million different MP3 songs via your local library.

  • Download and install this free music software from iTunes or App store on iPod.
  • Search the library for the free music and then downloads them, you can easily access the downloaded song on your iPod.
  • After all steps are finished, you can enjoy your free iPod music anytime.

Easy-to-use interface and a large number of songs to download for iPod Nano/Touch/Shuffle.

Some iPod users have bad experience when they download free music to iPod and the music quality could be loss.

Download free music to your iPod with powerful software

iPod Free Music Trans is made to download iPod music from computer without iTunes, you can download free music from computer to iPod easily and never mind the original music being erased.

Do you want to find a good way to free download some favorite music to your iPod touch?

How to get free songs for an ipod

iPod users are highly interested in downloading music from a free and legal mp3 downloading sites, such as eMusic and more. eMusic really offers a free way to download music. But there is a limitation. If you want to get a fixed number of tracks to your iPod every month, you need to subscribe eMusic in return. And sometimes, it is not very safe to do that. After the music downloading process, do you have any idea about how to transfer your existent music from computer to your iPod for listening anytime and anywhere? In this article, we will show you how to put music on iPod without iTunes.

Part 1. How to put music on iPod with Music Downloader

What’s your choice when it comes to downloading online music or audios from websites, like YouTube, Vevo, and so on? Do you ever want to convert YouTube songs or videos to iTunes or iPod? Many people may find or some other online BeeMP3 alternative websites for Music online downloading. However, it seems not very secure to do so. To guarantee your music downloading experience, we’d like to introduce you a reputable online music downloader, Video Downloader here.

Step 1 Download and launch Online Music Downloader

Download, install and launch the smart online songs downloading software.

How to get free songs for an ipod

Step 2 Paste and analyze the URL

Click the button of “Download”, input the URL of music or video you want to download, and then tab “Analyze”. Seconds later, the video information will be listed in the main window.

How to get free songs for an ipod

Step 3 Download the music/video

Tick the video resolution you want, click “OK when you choose “Only Download” or automatically convert to a preferred audio/video format after the downloading process.

How to get free songs for an ipod

Step 4 Check the downloaded music/video file

Click the tab of “Converted” from the left column, and you can clearly see the music or video file you have successfully downloaded.

How to get free songs for an ipod

You can also check the video tutorial down below:

How to get free songs for an ipod

Part 2: How to put music on iPod with iPod Music Transfer

Many people may meet the same question that when they save their music on different computers, it is hard to manage an iPod with many iTunes libraries. Once you connect your iPod with another computer and synced with another iTunes, you will get the warming information from iTunes that “Do you want to erase this iPod and sync with this iTunes library?” So it is not a good way to put your music on iPod with iTunes. Do you want to get free music to iPod without iTunes? Nowadays, more and more iPod users have realized that question and most of them are looking for another way to transfer the downloaded music from computer to iPod. So in this article, we’d like to introduce the most popular way to get the best solution. If you have some music on your computer, it is convenient to export them to iPod if you have this amazing iPod music transfer, FoneTrans. You must have been tired with the bulky iTunes and its complicated steps. iPod Music Transfer can bring you the exactly opposite experience. The simple, easy-to-use interface, and the fast transfer speed make people fall into with it instantly.

Step 1 After free downloading this software, please install it on your computer.

Step 2 Launch this software and connect your iPod to computer via an USB cable, you will get the interface as below:

How to get free songs for an ipod

Step 3 Click “Media” on the left sidebar, you will find “music” on the right top of the interface, click it, and you will find your music on your iPod, you are able to manage them and export them to PC or iTunes library.

How to get free songs for an ipod

Step 4 Still on the same interface, click “Add” to add file(s) or folder from your computer, press on “Ctrl” Button at the same time and choose the music you want to copy to your iPod. With only a few seconds, you will find that all your chosen music has downloaded on your iPod.

Not only music, you can also put other media files like videos to put on oyur iPhone iPad. Learn the way here to put video to iPhone.

Part 3. FAQs of downloading music to iPod

How do I manually add songs to my iPod?

To add songs to your iPod manually, you need to connect it to your computer first. Open iTunes on your computer and click iPod icon. In the Summary tab, scroll down to Options and select the Manually manage music and videos option. Then click the Done button to confirm the selection, and click Apply button.

Can I drag and drop music to iPod?

Yes, you can drag and drop music and album onto iPod with iTunes. For iPod can read track from a database, there is no need to create or update the database with another app.

Can I put music on my iPhone without iTunes?

Yes. Besides iTunes, there are many cloud services like Google Play Music, Amazon Cloud or Dropbox to sync music to iPod. You can also use Aiseesoft FoneTrans to transfer music to iPhone without relying on iTunes.

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How to get free songs for an ipod

December 17, 2020 09:22 / Updated by Jenny Ryan to Video Downloader

This article shows 15 best music downloaders for iPhone. If you want to free download MP3 songs, you can try the music apps for iPhone.

Want to download YouTube/Facebook Videos on Android? We list 5 great video downloader for Android to help you download Android videos.

Want to transfer songs, videos, apps that you’ve purchased from Apple store on your iPhone? This article will show you how to move iTunes purchased items to iTunes.

Download Music For Ipod – How To Download Songs For Ipod At Free Sites

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  • Other Apps

Download Music Mp3 direct from the artist – This is the new way to download music. Download Music Mp3 direct from the artist through his/her official website. Enjoy exclusive free songs, unlimited music downloads, bonus materials, paid instruments and much more. Now it is easy to download music directly from your favorite artist’s website. New in-house band and artist information database make it easy to find any song, along with album, artist name, track number and album cover.

Enjoy superior music quality. Enjoy music like you would with premium services from music download sites. Uncompressed music files are compressed to provide superior audio & video quality. Quality may be altered as per your comfort level.

Download Music Mp3 directly from the artist – These days it is easy to download music from an artist’s official website. Most of these sites offer various download options for a variety of music genres. With one-click registration, you get access to download unlimited songs. Fast legal music download service is offered at affordable prices.

Download Music Mp3 from iTunes – There are various options available for people who want to download music legally. The most popular option is to download music from the official iTunes site. Downloading from iTunes guarantees full legal music downloads. You can also choose to purchase the songs once you have purchased the album.

Download Music Mp3 from illegal sites – There are certain sites on the Internet that offer music for free but do not intend to offer any download option. Such sites are illegal. They encourage people to download music illegally and can even put you in prison. It is best to stay away from such sites.

Many websites offer free music to visitors. Before opting for a free service, make sure that the service offers original quality music. Search for music legally through search engines or forums. Check out free music review sites to get an idea of the reliability and quality of the service. Once you find a service that meets your requirements and offers original quality music, you can download and enjoy your favorite songs for free.

Paid-up sites – Many paid-up sites offer legitimate music downloads at a nominal fee. Visit online music discussion forums and get reviews of such services. Some sites also offer demo versions of upcoming music albums so that you can download music and listen to it to decide if it is something you really want to hear. A fee is usually required but it is minimal compared to the benefits you get.

Free websites – There are other legal ways of downloading songs for the iPod. You could visit websites and blogs that allow iPod downloads. Many sites allow users to download music and show free music video clips. They will only require a one time membership fee to give you unlimited access for a lifetime. The song will be downloaded into your iPod and you can play them anytime you like.

When deciding where to download your music for iPod from, make sure the site has good customer services. It would be better if they offer you the option of paying through PayPal or money transfer. The security measures of the site should be high. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the site before you download music for iPod. If it is legal, that is the best choice.

How to get free songs for an ipod

If you’d like to transfer songs from your iPod to a different device or your PC, you’re going to need the best free iPod transfer software that will allow you to accomplish that goal quickly and without any hassle. While iTunes is the main service that most people resort to, its functionality is somewhat limited and it doesn’t work properly for everyone, forcing users to look for solutions elsewhere.

Top 5 Free iPod Transfer Software

  1. MobileTrans – Works on both Android and iOS devices
  2. CopyTrans – Copy iPod playlists, ratings, play counts
  3. PodTrans – Supports two-way transfer
  4. EphPod – Fast transfering spped
  5. YamiPod – Сomes with playlist support

When putting together this list of the best free iPod transfer software, I’ve paid attention to such aspects as compatibility, file transfer speed, possible iTunes integration, UI convenience, and the availability of a built-in player.

1. MobileTrans – Our Choice

  • It is completely free to use
  • It can backup photos, music, messages, videos, contacts
  • Easy to use
  • Great compatibility
  • None

Verdict: MobileTrans is a free iPod transfer software that can create backup copies on an iPod and export information via a USB cable to other gadgets. The utility is also able to back up iTunes information data.

The program interface is very user-friendly and understandable and makes it possible to determine the content that needs to be cloned or transferred to a Windows PC or between gadgets. I also recommend you using music players for iPhone to play almost any audio files: WAV, MP3, FLAC, etc.

How to get free songs for an ipod

2. CopyTrans

  • Easily allows you to drag and drop your music
  • Can be used on multiple PCs
  • Interface is easy to use
  • Built in Music Player is very handy
  • The app itself doesn’t store anything

Verdict: If you want to copy songs from one computer to another, the CopyTrans free iPod transfer software is what you need. It’s free and can be downloaded in minutes from the site that offers it. This software is easy to use and there are no complicated instructions to follow.

It lets you change the track name, customize the volume, skip tracks, and even insert your own music library. These added features really come in handy.

How to get free songs for an ipod

3. PodTrans

  • Straightforward interface
  • Easy to restore your audio files
  • Converts incomplete files into playable formats
  • It doesn’t support other devices
  • It hasn’t been updated in a while

Verdict: PodTrans is a revolutionary iPod to iPod transfer program that lets you sync your iPod to your computer and use one device to download all your iPod music from any computer with an internet connection.

It is very easy to use, with an easy to follow wizard making the entire process simple and hassle free. You simply download the software, install it and then let it do all the hard work for you by converting your music files into high-quality WAV files that can be transferred directly to your computer. By the way, you can use music management software to open different formats of audio files.

How to get free songs for an ipod

4. EphPod

  • Extremely easy to use for transferring music
  • The sync feature works well
  • It supports the “extras” that the iPod has
  • Playlists can be added at any time
  • Navigating through the menus and windows may be difficult
  • It doesn’t handle some ID3 tags very well

Verdict: One of the many benefits of using this software is that it allows you to make unlimited downloads from any iPod and transfer them to your computer or flash drive. Another benefit is that you won’t lose any information. Even if you have an old iPod, this software will still transfer those songs into your computer.

In addition, EphPod supports standard WinAmp playlists (.M3U), includes powerful playlist creation features, and syncs your entire music collection with one click.

How to get free songs for an ipod

5. YamiPod

  • Standalone app
  • Comes with auto-downloads new versions
  • Has two different restore features
  • Built-in music player
  • Doesn’t recognise the iPod Touch, so suited to other iPods only

Verdict: YamiPod is a program whose main purpose is to copy files from and to iPod with the ability to synchronize data. The peculiarity of the program is that it does not require installation and can be launched directly from the iPod, which allows you to exchange MP3 files with different Macs. I also recommend you using photo transfer apps to transfer files between different devices.

Load your iPod Classic, Nano, Mini, and Shuffle with music

How to get free songs for an ipod

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What to Know

  • iTunes: Go to the Music tab, select the Sync Music check box, choose the songs you want, then select Apply.
  • Newer Macs: Your iTunes music library is located in the Music app, and you can transfer music to your iPod using the Finder.
  • iPod touch: Sync music from iCloud and download music apps for iOS like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music.

This article explains how to put music on an iPod that doesn’t connect to the internet, including the iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle.

How to Put Music on an iPod Classic, Mini, Nano, and Shuffle

Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer and have added music to your iTunes library. You can get music by ripping songs from CDs, downloading it from the internet, and buying it at online stores like the iTunes Store, among other means.

Apple replaced iTunes for Mac in 2019 with the release of macOS Catalina. Your iTunes music library is now located in the Music app, but you transfer music to your iPod using the Finder. When you connect your iPod to the Mac, it appears in the Finder. Just drag and drop files onto the device. Windows PC users can still use iTunes for Windows.

Connect your iPod to your computer using the USB cable that came with it. You can’t use just any cable; you need one that fits Apple’s Dock Connector or Lightning port, depending on your model. If iTunes isn’t already open on your computer, it opens now. If you haven’t set up your iPod yet, iTunes walks you through the setup process.

After you go through the setup process or if your iPod has already been set up, you see the main iPod management screen. If you don’t see it, click the iPod icon in iTunes to get to this screen. The screen shows a picture of your iPod and has a set of tabs along the side or across the top, depending on the version of iTunes you have. The first tab menu is Music. Select it.

The first option in the Music tab is Sync Music. Check the box next to it. If you don’t, you won’t be able to download songs.

The options that become available are:

  • Entire Music Library does what it says. It syncs all the music in your iTunes library to your iPod (space permitting).
  • Sync Selected playlists, artists, and genres allows you to choose the music that goes on your iPod using those categories. Check the boxes next to the items you want to sync.
  • Include music videos syncs any music videos in your iTunes library to your iPod (assuming it can play video).

For more precise control over the songs that sync to your iPod, make a playlist and sync only that playlist or uncheck songs to prevent them from being added to your iPod.

Select Apply at the bottom of the iTunes window after you change the settings and determine which songs you want to download.

This begins the process of syncing songs to your iPod. How long it takes depends on how many songs you’re downloading. When syncing is complete, you have successfully added music to your iPod.

To add other content, such as audiobooks or podcasts (if your iPod supports these), look for other tabs in iTunes, near the Music tab. Click the appropriate tabs and choose your options on those screens. Sync again, and that content is transferred to your iPod, too.

Some older versions of iTunes allowed you to sync music to MP3 players that were made by companies other than Apple. Learn about all the non-Apple MP3 players that were compatible with iTunes.

How to Put Music on an iPhone or iPod Touch

The early iPods were all limited to syncing with iTunes, but that’s not the case with the iPhone and iPod touch. Because those devices can connect to the internet and can run apps, they have many more options for adding music.

How to get free songs for an ipod

iPods Sync With iTunes, Not iCloud

The iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle don’t have an internet connection of their own. When you want to put media on them, you use the iTunes program on your desktop or laptop computer to download songs to the iPod, using a process called syncing, not iCloud. These iPods don’t support streaming music services like Spotify or Apple Music.

When you connect your iPod to a computer running iTunes, you can add almost any music and—depending on the model you have—other content such as video, podcasts, photos, and audiobooks that’s on that computer to the iPod.

home_icon Created with Sketch.

Home > Transfer iPhone Media > How to Extract Music from iPod with/without iTunes

March 2, 2017 (Updated: June 28, 2021)

You can also read this guide in Français.

iPods are some of the most popular music players in the world, but they come with a lot of restrictions because of Apple’s proprietary software. For example, you may find yourself wondering how to extract music from iPod in order to put it on your PC or on another device. This isn’t exactly easy to do if you follow the usual protocol. Instead, there are some better methods to consider, using third-party software that gives you more freedom than iTunes.

  • Method 1: How to Extract Music from iPod without iTunes
  • Method 2: How to Extract Music from iPod Manually with iTunes

How to Extract Music from iPod without iTunes

One of the best ways to recover music from iPod without iTunes easily and seamlessly is with iMyFone TunesMate. It’s a third-party application that gives you a lot more control over iPod/iPhone music. It gives you choice to extract music from iPod to computer/iTunes/external hard drive, etc.

  • Recover music from iPod without iTunes when iTunes library corrupted/damaged.
  • Extract music from iPod to computer selectively.
  • Delete unwanted music from iPod in bulk, especially for duplicates.
  • Transfer music to iPod from computer/iTunes/CD/external hard drive/MP3 player etc.
  • Highly spoken of by hundreds of users and well-known media.

How to Extract Songs from iPod to iTunes Library

Step 1: Install and launch TunesMate, then plug in your iPod.
Step 2: Go to the “Home” tab and then click “Transfer iDevice to iTunes”. Hit “Start” button.

How to get free songs for an ipod

Step 3: Make sure “Music” is checked. Click on the “Start to begin.

How to get free songs for an ipod

This will extract music from iPod to your iTunes library. There are lots of advantages to this. For example, it allows you to have a central location for your music, and you can even transfer your playlist or music easily to other devices using TunesMate later.

How to Extract Music from iPod to Computer

Step 1: As before, put iMyFone TunesMate on your computer (download and install), then plug your iPod in.
Step 2: Click on the “Music” tab and you will be in “Music” category by default. You’ll see a list of your songs and you can pick which ones you want to transfer from the list.
Step 3: Click on “Export” and then click “Export to PC”. It will ask you to choose a folder for the destination of your songs, and after that it will transfer the music to that folder.

How to get free songs for an ipod

  • More Tips to Manage iPod Music
  • You can edit music info of your songs, like albums, names, artists, artworks, etc.
  • You can back up iPod music and restore backups when needed without loss of data.
  • You can back up, transfer, create, delete playlists in a smart way, and drag music into the playlist.
  • You can restore your iTunes library from iPod when iTunes corrupted.
  • You can share Apple music to friends without limits.

How to Extract Music from iPod Manually with iTunes

Of course, you always have iTunes to extract music from iPod. Though it’s not recommended, you can do this by following these steps:

  1. Open iTunes and plug in your iPod.
  2. Go to “Edit”, then “Preferences”, and then“Devices”.
  3. Look for the box that says “Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically”, and tick it.
  4. Open “Computer” and you will see your iPod is shown as a disk.
  5. Tap “Tools > Folder option > Show hidden files and folders” on ribbon and then hit “Ok”.
  6. Go into the disk of your iPod and open “iPod-Control”. Find the music folder and copy it to desktop.
  7. Go to “Edit > Preferences > Advanced” on iTunes. Tick “Keep iTunes music folder organized” and “Copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library”.
  8. Go to “File > Add to library”. Choose the music folder from the desktop and add it to iTunes library.

How to get free songs for an ipod

  1. Open iTunes. Connect your iPod to Mac.
  2. Click “iTunes > Preferences > Devices”. Check “Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically”.
  3. Open “Terminal” in “Applications/Utilities”. (You can use the spotlight to search “applications”.)
  4. Type “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE” and killall Finder”. Then press reture key.
  5. Double-click on your iPod icon and open “iPod Control” folder to find the music folder. Copy it to desktop.
  6. Follow the Step 7 & 8 in “For PC” to add the music folder to iTunes library.

How to get free songs for an ipod

Now, there are a lot of inherent limitations in using iTunes to extract music from iPod. These limitations and problems include:

  • iTunes only has unidirectional transmission, and it tends to write over your data, so your original data isn’t left.
  • You can only sync your iPod to one iTunes library.
  • You can’t select individual files for transferring, you can only sync.
  • You are limited to sharing data with 5 devices.
  • It only supports purchased music.
  • You cannot transfer data directly from your computer to your iPod. To do so, you need to transfer data from computer to iTunes first and then iPod.

If you want the freedom to use your music however you would like, iMyFone TunesMate is a much better manager for your songs.

Yes, iPod is a must have for music buffs, it delivers good ways to enjoy music, but if we can get free music downloads for iPod, it would be better. Apple will never offer free song download app for iPod with no download limits, at least in the future a few years. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy music from iTunes, Apple Music, in fact, you have tons of ways to download free music for iPod.

You can jailbreak your iPod and go to pick Cydia free music app, like MusicDog, dTunes, EZ-MP3 Player, etc. But if you are a non-jailbroken iPod user or want to switch to other ways, keep reading and find the best solution for free songs downloads for iPod without jailbreak.

Table of Contents:

  • Part 1. Best iPod Free Music Downloader
  • Part 2. Free Music Download Sites for iPod
  • Part 3. Free Songs Download App for iPod

Part 1. Best iPod Free Music Downloader – MacX Video Converter Pro

You’ll love the free songs downloader for iPod Nano, Shuffle, Touch 6, 5, 4 and older after you try it. It downloads billions of free song, or HD, HQ, 4K, 8K music video in MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MOV, etc. from SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vevo, and other 1000пј‹ sites without any limits. The faster, the better, it only takes a few seconds for the the program to download a free music video for iPod (Jailbroken or non-jailbroken). Unlike some free music download sites for iPod that throw pesky pop-ups, this program is 100% clean, you are free from ads, virus, spam, plugins, and the likes during the free music downloads for iPod. Its ease of use is also a big highlight. Follow the guide below to download free Hindi songs to iPod.

Fortunately, Windows users can also benefit from this iPod free music downloader. MacX HD Video Converter Pro for Windows is designed for Windows PCs (Win 10) in speciality. And you can follow the same steps of Mac version below to get free music download on iPod.

How to get free songs for an ipodDownload Free Music to iPod

Step 1: Free download the iPod free music downloader and run it on your computer. (Windows version is available as well.) Click “YouTube icon” to enter the free music downloads for iPod page, copy and paste song URL the box frame and hit “analyze”.

Step 2: Choose format, resolution, file size you want.

Step 3: Click “Browse” button to select an output folder to save the downloaded free songs for iPod.

Step 4: Hit “Download Now” to start the job.

Part 2. Free Music Download Sites for iPod

1. MP3 Skull

MP3 Skull is a good website to download free songs to iPod. It provides a big collection of free music downloads for iPod and convenient search bar. All you need to do is to type the song you wanna download in the search box and you’ll see a wide range of resources, pick one and click download. Truth to be told, download buttons on this top free iPod music download sites are really confusing, there’s a high chance you’ll pick up virus and plugins. If you hate pesky ads, plugins, you can take advantage of free music downloader for iPod to download music or directly move music from Mac to iPod with the help of iPod transfer.

2. Noise Trade

Noise Trade beats off MP3 Skull no matter in website design, or music resource. And it is clean, no virus, tricky plugins, spam, annoying pop-ups, making itself one of the best free music download sites for iPod. With a wide range of music genres, Noise Trade still adds new albums continually. To download music from this free music downloads for iPad iPod iPhone, you have to register. If you are not going to pay the songs, you only have access to download some free songs distributed by some artists.

Part 3. Free Songs Download App for iPod

1. Freegal Music

iPod has bags of apps to stream free music, Pandora, Spotify, SounCloud, to name just a few. When it comes to free music downloads for iPhone iPod iPad iOS devices, you still have chances to get many apps in your pocket. Freegal Music is a good one. The iPod free songs downloader app offers about seven million songs with continually updated today’s top albums, singles, featured artists & composers, as well as a search bar. The free application is compatible with iPod touch. Like most free music apps, it crashes sometime, and has download limits. The interface and other designs need improvement.

2. MP3 Music Downloader

You can’t deny that there’s few free apps in the store offering limitless free songs downloads for iPod. Among the few free applications, MP3 Music Downloader is a reliable app for iPod to download free legal songs for free. No register is required. It is very simple to use. One thing worth noting is that almost all free songs download app for iPod have download limits, and stutter or crash very often. And free music download sites for iPod throws overwhelming ads and plugins.