How to get your life back on track

When we set a new goal in life, we are usually filled with optimism, have a crystal clear vision on what we want and are 100% committed to going after it.

But often, over time, and with all the distractions present in our day to day life, we can fall off track and lose that focus we started with. There are lots of things that can distract us, social media, family commitments, television, work, the list is endless. As the distractions add up, the feeling of determination and clarity we initially had can slip away, and with it, the dream of achieving what we want.

However it happens, it is extremely common for our focus and determination to dip now and then when we are on the journey to achieving something we have never done before.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that when we set our sights on achieving something we have new, there is a lack of evidence in our mind that we can achieve it.

Your brain may say to you that because you have never done this particular thing before, that it is a foolish idea to try. You may even tell yourself that you aren’t capable. Self-talk like this can generate a sense of self-doubt which ultimately leads to a decrease in focus. It is the ultimate in self-sabotage.

So how can we get back on track towards our goals when we lose focus?

1 . Acknowledge Your Mistakes

You are human, you are allowed to make a mistake. Acknowledging and taking responsibility for your choices is the first step to making a change in the right direction.

How to get your life back on track

2 . Reevaluate Your Goal

If you find that you are falling off track, perhaps you may need to reevaluate your goal. Some questions to ask yourself may be;

Do I actually want this?

What else do I need to learn to get to where I want to be?

Are the steps I have laid out to help me get there practical and achievable?

3 . Practice Self Compassion

It is easy to beat ourselves up when we fall off track or make a choice that is not in alignment with what we really want. The more productive option is to love yourself through your inner challenges. Give yourself a break! You are learning, growing and trying something you have never done before.

How to get your life back on track

4 . Get Inspired

Look to others for inspiration . Although you may have never achieved the goal you have chosen, there is definitely someone else in the world who has done it. Use these people as inspiration! Read books, blogs, listen to podcasts, go to seminars, whatever it is that helps to remind you that what you want to achieve is possible.

5 . Take Action to Get Back on Track

Once you regain clarity on what you want to achieve, get back to it. Momentum is a powerful driver for creativity. Take one action today towards any goal you have no matter how small. Do it now! One small movement in the direction of your goals can incite an avalanche of progress.

What techniques do you use to get yourself back on track? Share them in the comments below!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself, “Wow, I thought I’d be further ahead by now.” If you have, you’re not alone.

Today, wealth coach and certified financial planner Therese Nicklas shares the one thing she’s learned – that she shares with her money coaching clients – that allowed her to help clients go from wanting more to having more, which can help you get back on track.

Lifestyle change: To stay or to go

Big lifestyle changes are unsettling and scary. Even when it’s our idea, that place between where you are and where you want to be is uncomfortable. And who wants to be forced out of their comfort zone: Nobody, right?

Fear of change often keeps us stuck in bad jobs, bad relationships, even bad habits. Not knowing what is on the other side can be terrifying.

Well, the truth is, our real growth happens just outside of that soft, cushy place of the familiar. Like the beautiful butterfly emerging from the bland cocoon, or the gorgeous lotus flower that pushes through the muck, often the only way out is by plunging through.

Where to start to get back on track

Everything in your life right now is a reflection of what you believe you deserve. If you have an “itty-bitty committee” in your head telling you you’re not worthy, that is a perfect example of a subconscious limiting belief.

Studies suggest the bulk of our thoughts are processed in the subconscious. If we are consciously or unconsciously telling ourselves we can’t, or we don’t deserve, or we are not worthy, that becomes reality. And here’s another tip: In my experience, your net worth has a direct correlation with your self-worth.

Easier said than done

I know change is challenging. Standing at the intersection of “what I know and what I don’t know” causes the part of our brain, known as the reptilian brain, to go into fight or flight mode. When this happens, the frontal cortex (the decision-making brain) shuts down. What a double whammy! When we need it most, the decision-making part of the brain turns off.

A confused mind tends to say no.

So while we are in “fight or flight” mode, confusion sets in. Knowing which direction to take becomes so overwhelming, we often decide to do nothing. And so, what changes? Zilch. We are still dealing with the bad job, bad relationship, or bad habit.

This is because we want certainty – and change is the opposite of certainty.

Limiting beliefs and financial self-sufficiency

There are many of us that need to learn how to build our money muscles to be financially self-sufficient. Mary (name has been changed) came to me because, in her mind, she was bad at handling money. She told me how she grew up and shared her painful money memories.

The only way out is through

Mary was “stuck in the muck,” with a negative opinion of herself. The first thing she said to me was “I’m really bad with money.” Once she showed me her credit card and bank statements, I saw her debt balances were higher than her savings and retirement accounts. It was obvious being “bad with money” was a deeply rooted belief.

To eliminate this subconscious thinking, we went through a series of exercises to find the cause. We discovered she was copying her parents’ money behavior – taking care of strangers before herself.

Her parents would give money to charity or a neighbor in need before taking care of their own family. As painful as it was for her to remember, it was essential for her to develop awareness of her subconscious motivation to break the cycle.

Once she became aware, Mary made a commitment to break the familiar patterns and learn new behaviors that would help her improve her finances.

Awareness is not enough

After studying Mary’s finances, I realized her income was much lower than my other clients in the same field with comparable work experience. By engaging with money coaching exercises, Mary could trace back to the point that she developed low self-worth.

By supplying Mary with exercises and tools to change her opinion of herself, she shifted her money mindset and improved her self-esteem. Mary’s transformation was probably the most impactful one I’ve witnessed. Her courage and commitment to doing the work to get positive results inspires me every day.

How determination prevailed in getting back on track

When we started working together, the idea of looking for a better job freaked Mary out. It could help her get her life back on track, but it would be hard. “I’d rather walk down the street naked than go on a job interview,” she said.

By teaching her to focus on “why,” I helped Mary to realize she had to earn more money to break the cycle for herself and her daughter. With a new level of determination and courage, Mary agreed to search for a better job.

By focusing on exactly what she wanted, and acting on leads that fit, Mary replaced her dead-end job with one that was more fulfilling – and doubled her income!

The first step toward financial freedom is clarity

Do you feel ambivalent about what you want? This mindset will keep you stuck. It’s essential to learn to move through ambivalence if you want to create real lasting change.

Here’s an exercise that will help you quickly gain clarity: Think about what you want, ask yourself this simple question, and write your response in your journal:

What about _____________is important to me?

Don’t overthink it, answer with the first thought that comes to mind. For example, if your goal is to start a business, ask yourself: What about starting a business is important to me? Your answer might be “having a flexible schedule.”

Add your answer into the previous question. Then ask: What about having a flexible schedule is important to me? Write the answer.

I ask my clients to repeat this process at least seven times until they get to the core of why this is important to them – it helps the message sink in. You need to really go deep. That is when the magic happens that lets you get your life back on track.

You will have a deep level of clarity that will motivate and inspire you to show up in an authentic way. The buzz will be empowering and make you unstoppable!

Examples of starting questions to help you gain clarity:

The bottom line
If you want to get your life back on track by making a change in any area, start by changing your thought process! Make a commitment today to deciding what you want and go for it!

I hope at least one of these ideas helps you gain clarity in your everyday life, and inspires you to take steps to follow your passion!

How to get your life back on track

Life is messy. We think everything is under control and then choices and/or events disrupt, derail, or distract us from the dreams we had for our lives. When this happens we start to ask: How do I regroup? How do I move forward and feel in control of my life again? How do I get my confidence back? Ultimately, how do I get my life back on track?

If you’re like me, a woman post 40, this feels especially true after years of putting others first. I still remember feeling overwhelmed with sadness when I realized my goals and dreams had to be put on hold indefinitely because I had two boys to raise. Whether you’re still married, remarried, divorced, mom of 10, mom of 1 or somewhere in between you know what it’s like to abandon your dreams to take care of others. But now something has changed. It’s like walking through a tunnel and all of a sudden you see the light ahead of you. The light represents your opportunity to get your life back and you’re ready to get it back on track.

But there’s a problem, you have no idea how.

Midlife Design Coach

Hey, I am Michelle Woods, Midlife Design Coach. I help women post 40 stuck in midlife misery stop fantasizing about a life they wanted in the past and start living fulfilled right now.

I’ve been in your shoes. I know exactly what it feels like to be in that tunnel and realize that light represents an opportunity to change. A few years back I came out of my own tunnel and had to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be. I realized that while in the tunnel I was stuck in midlife misery and I was sick of it. I wanted to stop fantasizing about a life I had wanted since my 20’s and discover the woman I was and wanted to be. I went through a process I call Midlife Design. The process gave me clarity and direction. It helped me start believing in myself and my capacity to create actions and goals I was proud of. Midlife Design helped me get my life back on track.

Midlife Design For You

Midlife Design is a transformational coaching process that helps you decide what you really want so you can decide how to get there. Let’s face it, you’ve changed. You’re not the same woman you were in our 20’s and 30’s. Now is the time to catch up to that change. Midlife Design is a chance to stop and reflect on what no longer serves you so that you can confidently feel fulfilled working toward the life you want.

How to Get Your Life Back On Track

There are 3 C’s to the Midlife Design Process. Each “C” represents a significant milestone in a woman’s journey in this one-of-a-kind coaching program. Moving through these 3 C’s helps you slowly get your life back on track.


You get clear on what’s important to you, how you want to show up for yourself, and what it means to be fulfilled in midlife and beyond. Clarity settles over you and for the first time in a long time, you can see the possibilities for your life unfold. Without this clarity, it’s impossible to know what “on track” even means!

Confidence you can create the life you want. Because I’ve helped you explore what fulfillment means to you it now becomes your guide. You’re able to make decisions and take actions that bring you joy and bring you closer and closer to getting your life back on track. The baby steps in this process help you build confidence and a new belief that what you want is possible. Together we create your personal life map that leads your way.


Contentment because your life has purpose and meaning. Your action steps, personal victories, and new confidence have sparked a light inside you. You love the person you’re becoming and how it impacts your family and relationships. You’ve found your meaning again and are overcome with joy and fulfillment.

How Can I Get My Life Back on Track?

One of the ways you can get your life back on track is by applying for Midlife Design: From Misery to Meaning. This is a 5 month kick ass transformational life coaching program that guides you through the 3 C’s and helps you get your life back on track.

Not quite ready to work with me? Download my free guide:“Midlife Misery Mini Guide: What’s Really Keeping You Stuck? Discover the 5 signs of Midlife Misery & actions you can take to get unstuck.

How to get your life back on track

It’s common to go through times where you feel like life is off track. It just takes one unexpected change or disruption in routine to initiate a domino effect. Suddenly you lose the sense that your days, weeks, or overall life are within your control. Today’s chat is all about accepting when things fall apart and learning how to organize and prioritize your life inventory to get to feeling back on track. Brew up a cup, and let’s unpack this.

How Does Life Fall Off Track?

Often, when things are going great, it just takes one thing to disrupt the pace or system, and slowly (or quickly), things begin to unravel completely.

It’s almost as if a domino effect gets activated, and one habit dropped turns into two, then a project, then a goal, until suddenly we’re feeling derailed.

What can cause this initial disruption? Well. life.

Procrastinated tasks, an unexpected illness, shifts in external circumstances or relationships in your life, a change in season, a change in environment, fluctuating hormones and moods, depleted motivation, loading too many things on your plate at once. the list goes on.

So what do you do about it?

Step One: let it fall apart .

Resisting the fallout or spiral will only prolong the process and cause unnecessary excess suffering. Attempting to continue as if things are fine can manifest into suppression, depression, anger, irritability, anxiety, stress, etc.

Accept the loss or hiccup and take a step back so you can see everything for what it is. As uncomfortable as the feeling of falling apart can be, it’s also an excellent opportunity to gather information on how this happened and learn so you’re better prepared next time.

Lay-out your life in front of you using calendars, a general list, an overview of responsibilities. Mind dump EVERYTHING on your plate right now, from big to small, then climb inside the logical side of your mind and take a good look at everything on your plate before moving to the next step.

Step Two: pick up the pieces .

  1. Take Stock — what is on your plate that is no longer serving you, no longer relevant, unaligned with your values and goals, or is unnecessary fluff?
  2. An excellent question to as yourself is, “how is this serving me, my life, or my higher purpose?”.
  3. Ex: Working on getting more sleep serves your overall health, allowing you to show up better in your life.
  4. Categorize — Now that your have your list of responsibilities and projects that have fallen off track, categorize them into three lists:
  5. – Things That Are Running Smoothly
  6. – Things That Have Fallen Off Track
  7. – Things Unattended To/Haven’t Started Yet
  8. Organize — Condense the list into Projects, Tasks, Goals & Habits.
  9. Hint: Projects are a collection of tasks; goals are typically accomplished through habits
  10. Prioritize — Finally, write down or mark the deadline and timelines of each thing on your list. Doing so will prioritize what needs your focus now vs. what can hold off until later as you begin to make yourself a system.

Step Three: create your system

Things to keep in mind:

  • Your system will be unique and catered to YOU.
  • You can use physical planners, digital planners, scheduled reminders, or choose a system that allows you to go through your responsibilities more intuitively.
  • What has worked for you best in the past?
  • Pick a system that aligns with who you are and what your feel will best serve your responsibilities and purpose.

Begin by writing down your purpose. It doesn’t need to be your overall purpose, but instead the general purpose of this season of your life. This will help you reestablish what responsibilities you’re taking on that help feed into your greater purpose at this time (and why the earlier fluff removal is so necessary)

Ex: student, mother, your career/profession, establish or stabilizing yourself financially, a writer, a friend, finding a job, buying a house, the list is endless.

How do you find out what your purpose is?

Take a look at the more significant projects, goals, and responsibilities from your previous list. Is there a general theme to all of these things? A feeling, service, or outcome you’re hoping to get from these tasks?

Write out what your life would feel like fully fulfilled in this chapter. What does it look like, what would it feel like, what is needed to fulfill that manifestation?

Next, create a new system. Choose to what scale you wish to plan and begin working backward (yearly, seasonally, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly).

  1. Yearly: goal for the year or this chapter of your life
  2. Seasonally: projects needed to complete (often work or personal goals)
  3. Monthly: to-do tasks or goals for the month (practical things like bills, appointments, lifestyle changes)
  4. Weekly: prioritize specific focus’s or habits for individual days (focus Sundays on GYSTing, days for exercise, etc., classes or work schedule on specific days)
  5. Daily: write out your perfect day, with our without ideal time slots.

Step Four: set yourself up for success

Before jumping into your new system, take a step back, and a deep breath.

Dip back into that logical side of your brain and take a look at the plan you’ve created and ask yourself:

  1. Is this realistic?
  2. Is this a transition or a cannonball?
  3. Is there anything here that isn’t essential?
  4. What are my expectations with this?

The more honest you are with yourself with this, the more successful you will be. Don’t be afraid to take what you’ve planned or created and push it back to give yourself more time to accomplish everything than you think you need. Make the process a slower build and an enjoyable increase of momentum. Picking life back up one thing at a time is a surefire way of remaining successful and on track as you begin to make progress.

Once you’ve done this, there’s only one thing left to do . begin .

Right where you are, whenever you’ve finished your system, jump in. As you do, keep one thing in mind – you are likely to fall off track at some point again. It’s human; there’s only so much of life that we can plan and systemize, but if you find that it’s often happening, go back to step four and take a more honest look. Are there responsibilities you can untie yourself from or ways to extend your timeline deadlines so that you can stop the habit of falling off regularly?

Either way, whenever you fall off, take a deep breath, get back up, brush off the dirt, and try again. For each time you fall, you become more resilient, and with more resilience means more capabilities to take on the whole wide world.

We all have the chose within us to find our way back to the path – or not – after we have strayed from it. We can either choose to loose ourselves or pick ourselves up, and move on to greater things.

Here are 5 ways to bring ourselves back when we have lost our way to go in life.

1. Write down your reason why.
Have that visual representation of why you do certain things to push you further in life.

2. Know that life is short.
We all have just one life, and it will be gone all to soon. So don’t stress over the small things as they really don’t matter in the grand scale, and use the time you have more wisely.

3. Feed your mind with something positive and powerful.
Take in as much positive content you can to keep you on track in the first place and don’t stray into the negative as it will pull you down. Self development as much as you possibly can.

4. Move.
Make sure you exercise as much as you can to release the right chemicals and reduce the stress within in you.

5. Know where you want to go.
Set your goals – have a direction, make it specific and define exactly how you will get there. This way you should never lose sight of your track.

There are always ways to get back on track, so make sure you never get lost forever in trying to make your goals happen.

How to get your life back on track

Women are incredible at taking care of everyone’s needs. Sick kid, needy friend, busy spouse and aging parents – we’re there to heal, listen and support. But in the midst of caring for everyone, our own needs go unmet.

Sometimes we’re aware of our feelings of sadness and frustration that our desires are unfulfilled but often we’re simply so busy getting everything done that we don’t even tune in to what our spirit is trying to tell us – that something is missing. I’ve had some women tell me that they choose to stay so busy because they’re afraid to examine their lives and face the emptiness they’re feeling.

At some point we finally come up for air, look around and realize that our lives are nothing like we had imagined them to be. It’s as if the curtain is pulled back and we think “how the hell did I get here?!”

Do you feel that something is missing but you’re afraid to even consider what it might be?

The good news is that we don’t have to forego our happiness and personal dreams for anyone – not even our kids. I can’t think of a more important lesson to teach our kids than living life to its fullest and following their passion.

This isn’t living selfishly but living self-fulfilled

In my coaching practice I work with women to get back on track to living the life they intended – confidently, courageously and joyfully.

Here are the first steps in getting there:

Turn on your personal GPS – The Universe always provides us with answers but often we either ignore them out of fear or don’t hear them because of all of the “chatter” in our brain. Women’s intuition is a very real and powerful force. It’s our personal GPS and will most certainly get us to where we want to go. In order to do this we need to tune inwards and the best way to do that is…..

Meditate (Yes, you can!) – It’s almost impossible for us to disconnect and simply sit in silence. In fact, it probably feels uncomfortable. We constantly have our “to-do” list running through our heads.

If you regularly practice meditation that’s great but I have many women tell me they’ve tried meditating but can’t. I tell them it’s because they’re trying rather than simply being. Try this exercise:

  • Find 10 minutes where you’re alone in your house or, if you can’t do that go park somewhere and sit in your car.
  • Close your eyes and breathe in for a count of four, hold it for a count of four and breathe out for a count of four.
  • Keep repeating this breathing and as you do focus on your breath as the air enters your lungs and leaves your nose.
  • If thoughts enter your mind don’t fight them but acknowledge them and then allow them to drift away like a cloud in the sky.

Start planning – You didn’t get to this place in your life overnight and you’re certainly not going to reinvent yourself overnight either. This is where I work with my clients on the “3 F’s” – Focus, Filter and Forget.

Focus – Create vision boards with photos and written journal entries of exactly what you want in your life – a new job, a new home, a new partner – with as many specifics as possible. Write out your perfect day from the moment you get up in the morning. What do you smell? Where are you – near a beach, a city, the country? What is the temperature outside? What do you eat? Where do you work – a large corporation, in a home office, in a small shop? How are you dressed?

Filter – Begin filtering out friends and family members who are not supportive of your dreams or just emanate negative energy. Don’t engage in conversations about your plans with them as they will surely find ways to discourage you. Usually these people are unhappy themselves and, as they say, misery loves company. Instead, surround yourself with people who will encourage you on your journey.

Forget – Let go of bad habits that will keep you from reaching your goals. This could include unhealthy eating habits, drinking too much or smoking. It also could be the habit of volunteering for projects that you really don’t want to participate in. If your partner enjoys going to sporting events and that’s simply not your thing politely decline. If friends constantly go out to expensive restaurants and you really can’t afford it take a pass and suggest some free activities instead. The goal is to start living more authentically.

Are you living the life you intended to? What changes would you like to see for yourself? To learn more about how I can help you, visit my coaching page here.

And if you want to be part of a group of women who are ready to live life on their terms joyfully and successfully, join my Facebook Group My Midlife Tribe – Fabulous, Fierce Females!

Even when we have the best of intentions to be in tune with ourselves and to further our development, we’re all human beings and life happens.

We all go through times where we’re feeling like we’re a bit off track and that’s why I wanted to create this tool kit. A tool kit to help you get your life back on track when you feel like the wheels are starting to come off.

Audit What’s Not Working in Your Life

Take time away from social media to realise what you’re not enjoying and take time to reconnect with yourself. There is always a solution to your problems, you just have to work out what’s not working for you and why.

Figure out what has to change to make things more achievable for you.

Learn More About Your Emotional Intelligence

A lot of people take IQ tests to see how “smart” they are but very little people wonder how emotionally intelligent they are.

If you’re not feeling on track then, maybe you’re not aligned with your own emotional intelligence. You can take an emotional intelligence test to find your EQ and get tips on improving emotional intelligence here:

Create an Up-Level Plan

When you’re feeling off track in life you need to have an action plan with things that are going to help you get back on track.

Things on my list include things that I want to buy, learn or achieve and I’m constantly referring to it to paint a vision for my life. We start to feel like we’re off track when we’re stuck or when things are getting a but mundane and we need to remind ourselves of what we’re working towards.

An up-level plan is a great way to design your life by your own desires.

Reverse Engineer Your Mentors Success

When I’m feeling off track I like to find someone new who’s doing what I want to be doing and to reverse engineer their success.

As long as you don’t start comparing yourself to them and you’re just using them to draw inspiration and motivation, this is a great way to get out of your funk.

Create Short Term Goals

It’s great to have big extravagant goals and dreams but sometimes when things seem too far away or out of reach they are hard to achieve. You feel like you’re working hard for no reward but when you start to set smaller and more achievable goals you feel more accomplished in the now.

Learn How To Manage Your Energy

When you’re not effectively managing your energy or trying to do things with low energy or without soul, love or purpose you start to feel off track and like you’re not aligned. If you’re feeling like things aren’t aligning ask yourself if you are showing up with the right energy.

Upgrade The Quality of Your Relationships

Even when your friendships or relationship with your family or partner is great, you also need to think about the quality of those relationships.

Are you communicating on a deep soul level or are you on your phones scrolling?

Are you helping each other achieve your goals and desires or are you bitching about other people?

Instead of having negative conversations, really focus on being the best version of yourself always but especially when surrounded by others.

Have More Fun

If you’re feeling in a funk do something that you love! Go to the beach with your loved one, or go play in the park with your pet, just do something that you’re going to enjoy. Realise that yes your business is important but it’s also important to take care of your mental health and happiness.

If you’re building a business and it’s not fun, it’s not going to be worth it.

If you’re feeling in a funk or off track be sure to watch my final tips in this video and if you haven’t already join the Game Changer community on Facebook or on Instagram – @erinmayhenry

How to get your life back on track


How to get your life back on track

There will always be times when you feel like your life isn’t on track. For me, it happened a few weeks ago. I’ve just moved house to be quite far away from work, I still have a lot of DIY to do, I need to make time for friends and family. I hadn’t had a weekend to myself to organize my life and our work goals were stepping up to the next level. While I was at work, I had this feeling I was forgetting something, constantly. My mind just felt blank. I ran home in the evening to a house that wasn’t even furnished, made to-do lists in a random notebook and did it all again. I realized that being unorganized just wasn’t me, and having two notebooks in my bag didn’t make me more productive , it just confused me more.

How to get your life back on track

There’s a reason why everybody is more stressed in the last few months of the year, it’s because goals become bigger , it suddenly dawns on us that we haven’t achieved our resolution (for another year!) and we try to do too much. In between moving house, sorting out my personal life and staying on top of work I felt like I was being pulled and pushed every which way and couldn’t get myself back on track. So I took back control of my life and got it together in around half an hour, and it was the best thing I ever did!

1. Start by learning how to organize everything

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I rely on Skillshare for a lot of things in life. Skillshare’s CEO Michael Karnjanaprakorn’s class Real Productivity: Create Your Ideal Week was the first class on productivity I’d ever done. I couldn’t have got my life back on track without it because I needed to feel like there was a way to stay in control and organize everything. He helped me to realize I needed to throw those two notebooks out of the window and start fresh, creating a smarter plan to stick to.

I decided I would use Skillshare to teach me how to organize my life, and learn a new skill every week. But also, to help me manage the things that were stressing me out and turn my weaknesses into strengths. For example, I had a shoot coming up and I wasn’t sure how to get the exposure of the photos right. I turned to Skillshare and in under 5 minutes, I had it all under control again. Because we love Skillshare so much, they’re giving CGD readers two FREE months of unlimited access to more than 17,000 classes for a limited time only! Click here to start your two free months and get your life together right now.

How to get your life back on track

2. Get an A3 sheet and plot your pain points

You’re going to need one full day off to get your life together. I used the Saturday before our Career Girl Academy to actually organize my life. It’s good to do this when you have one full day. Sit down and figure out which areas of your life feel chaotic and unorganized. Get an A3 sheet of paper and start writing down areas of your life you want to focus on. I took four highlighters and four corners of my paper and wrote down, work, family, health, and house, and then underneath action points and ‘pain points’ that were stopping me from being organized

3. Plan your work week first

Start with the most chaotic area. For me, it was work. Things were getting a bit overwhelming. I had two notebooks and I couldn’t keep track of what was coming and going. So I decided to get smart. I needed some supplies, so I went out and got post-its, highlighters, and my fresh Getting Things Done planner . I started from the very beginning with my goal and then added all my to-dos in order of urgency. Knowing which tasks I had hanging over my head really made me feel a lot more relaxed.

4. Take the effort out of the things you want to do

Once I’d planned out my work week I felt some of the pressure coming off. But I was trying to do way too many things. I wanted to be healthy, make time to work out, decorate my house, complete all my work goals and make time for friends and family. We all wish we could be perfect, but you can’t do all that without losing your mind.

So, I started with my healthy goals. I booked a personal trainer twice a week starting in October. I started cooking meals from scratch to make sure I’m eating healthier. Automating these things took the pressure off, so booking in my trainer to come to my house means I can’t worm my way out of it. Signing up to a meal subscription service took the effort out of grocery shopping while keeping my meals healthy and delicious!

5. Create spreadsheets for everything you’re planning

Everything from my housewarming party to the potential plumbing work we need to get done is on a spreadsheet. I took one hour to try and take the pain out of all that I needed to do. So for example, planning out upcoming birthdays and making a list of potential gifts, and breaking down the party planning, and house decor, into actionable lists with deadlines. As long as I’ve done certain things on my list by that date, I can relax.

Model Ann Tye photographed by Career Girl Daily at The Bermondsey Hotel London . Makeup by Rianna Plummer .