How to make an email account

  • Over 200 domain names
  • 65 GB of free email storage
  • How to make an email account

    Your new email address

    Before you create an email address at, here are a few things to consider:

    User name

    Do you plan to use your new email address for personal or work correspondence? Make sure to register a user name that reflects this intention. Your nickname might be fine for family or friends, but your first and last name or the name of your business is probably better when you set up an email account for professional purposes.

    Domain name

    Running a business? You might pick, or one of our many professional domain names. What’s your hobby? Maybe or is right for you. With more than 200 domains, is sure to have one that suits you. Together, your user name and email domain form a unique email ID that sets you apart from the crowd.


    Remember that the length of a password determines its strength, so your password should have at least eight characters and contain both upper- and lowercase letters as well as numbers and symbols. A strong password is essential to protect the important data in your inbox – so don’t choose a password that’s easy to guess like your own name or birthday.

    How to create an email account

    Create a free email account with in just six easy steps

    1. Click the “Free sign-up” button.
    2. Fill in all required fields.
    3. 3. Choose and type in your desired free email address from our wide selection of more than 200 domains.
    4. Enter a secure password (at least eight characters long, including upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters).
    5. Enter a cell phone number or email address for password recovery.
    6. Follow the instructions in the captcha box.
    7. Click the “Accept” button.

    That’s it – you’re done! Now that you have set up an email address, you can start using your new free email account immediately on the device of your choice.

    More than a free email address!

    Even though it won’t cost you a penny to make an email account with, we don’t skimp on the features. We are proud to offer you a secure, reliable email experience with a range of great tools and features – entirely for free.

    Once you create a new email account with, here are just a few of the features you will enjoy:

    Alias addresses

    Why choose just one address when you can have 10 alias addresses?

    Mobile apps

    Access your email account anywhere, anytime with our mobile apps

    Top security

    Including 2FA and cutting-edge virus and spam protection

    Email storage

    65 GB of free email storage (about 500,000 emails)

    FAQs: Creating email accounts

    How many email addresses can I create?

    With, you can have up to 10 email addresses in a single account. This allows you to have separate email addresses for different types of correspondence.

    As you know, you register a new email address when you set up an email account. But you can also create up to nine additional email addresses linked to your account, called “alias addresses.” Simply log in to your account and go to E-mail Settings > Alias Addresses, where you can register any available combination of name and domain name. Emails sent to your alias addresses will automatically arrive in your account inbox, and you can set any of them as your sender address.

    What does do with the contact information I provide?

    When you create your free email account, we ask you to fill in a contact cell phone number or email address. This is for our password recovery process: If you forget your password we can send you a secure text message or email to reset it. The personal data you provide during the email sign-up process remains confidential – will not share it with anyone else. We are not in the business of selling personal data.

    Is there a mobile app I can use with my new account?

    Yes, there is! offers free apps for both iOS and Android devices. Simply download the correct app for your device and get started. Both apps are intuitive and easy to use. Once you have downloaded the app, it will take you through the set-up process and get you connected to your account in no time.

    So what are you waiting for? Create an email account today. It’s free! email is fast, easy, and free

    How to make an email account

    How to make an email account

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    What to Know

    • Go to the sign-up screen and select Create free account. Then follow the instructions to set up an account.
    • Subscribe to Microsoft 365 to unlock premium features including 1 TB of storage and a custom domain.
    • Download the Microsoft Outlook desktop and mobile apps to sync your mail across all your devices.

    This article explains how to create an Outlook email account. Instructions apply to

    How to Create a New Email Account

    With a free account, you can access your email, calendar, tasks, and contacts from anywhere you have an internet connection. When you are ready to open a new email account at

    Open a web browser, go to the sign-up screen, and select Create free account.

    How to make an email account

    Enter a username—the part of the email address that comes before

    How to make an email account

    Select the dropdown arrow at the far right of the username field to change the domain from the default to if you prefer a Hotmail address. Then select Next.

    How to make an email account

    Enter a password, then select Next.

    Choose a password that is easy for you to recall and difficult for anyone else to guess.

    How to make an email account

    Enter your first and last name in the fields provided, then select Next.

    How to make an email account

    Choose your Country/region, enter your Birthdate, then select Next.

    How to make an email account

    Enter the characters from the CAPTCHA image, then select Next.

    How to make an email account

    Outlook will set up your account and display a welcome screen.

    You can now open your new account on the web or set it up for access in email programs on computers and mobile devices. Features

    An email account offers all the features you expect from an email client. Plus it includes:

    • A focused inbox for your most important emails.
    • Swipe gestures to archive and delete messages.
    • The ability to schedule messages to return to your inbox at a specified time.
    • An option to pin important messages to the top of your inbox.
    • Text-formatting features to personalize your outgoing emails.

    Outlook also adds travel itineraries and flight plans from emails to your calendar. It attaches files from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box. You can even edit Microsft Office files right in your inbox.

    Outlook Mobile Apps

    Download the Microsoft Outlook apps for Android and iOS and use your account on your mobile device. is built in on Windows 10 phones.

    The mobile apps include most of the features available with the online account, including a focused inbox, sharing capability, swipe to delete and archive messages, and powerful search. You can also view and attach files from OneDrive, Dropbox, and other services without having to download them to your phone. vs.

    Microsoft bought Hotmail in 1996. The email service went through several name changes including MSN Hotmail and Windows Live Hotmail. The last version of Hotmail was released in 2011. replaced Hotmail in 2013. At that time, Hotmail users were given the opportunity to keep their Hotmail email addresses and to use them with It is still possible to get a new email address when you go through the sign-up process.

    What Is Premium Outlook?

    Premium Outlook was a stand-alone premium pay version of Outlook. Microsoft discontinued Premium Outlook in late 2017, but it added premium features to the Outlook desktop app that is included in Microsoft 365.

    Anyone who subscribes to Microsoft 365 Home or Microsoft 365 Personal software packages receives Outlook with premium features as part of the application package. Benefits of Outlook for Microsoft 365 include:

    How to make an email account

    E-mail is a great way to send and receive information over the Internet. However, as there are many different e-mail and webmail clients, the steps used to start an account differ. To learn how to create a new e-mail account in various programs, choose from the list below and follow the instructions.

    • Google Gmail
    • (formerly Hotmail)
    • Yahoo! Mail
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Mozilla Thunderbird

    Google Gmail

    1. Go to the Gmail website.
    2. At the bottom of the sign in screen, click the link.
    3. On the account creation screen, fill out all the fields ( A ) and then click Next ( B ).

    How to make an email account

    1. On the next screen, fill out your birth date and gender ( A ) and any other information you are comfortable with, then click Next ( B ).

    How to make an email account

    1. Read Google’s Privacy and Terms, then click the button.
    2. Click the button until you’ve moved through the features menu.
    3. Click the button, allowing you to access your new account. (formerly Hotmail)

    1. Open an Internet browser and head to
    2. Click the button.
    3. On the next screen, choose a username ( A ) and a domain ( B ), and then click Next ( C ).

    How to make an email account

    1. Choose a password, and then click the button.
    2. Type your name, and then click the button.
    3. Choose a country, type in your birthdate, and then click the button.
    4. Choose a country code, type in a phone number, and then click the button.
    5. Enter the access code and click the button.
    6. Navigate through the rest of the prompts and your account will be opened.

    Yahoo! Mail

    To access Yahoo! mail, you need to create a Yahoo! account. Here’s how.

    1. Navigate to the Yahoo! account sign up page.
    2. Fill out the required fields ( A ) and then click the Continue ( B ) button.

    How to make an email account

    1. Click the button.
    2. Enter the five-digit key, and then click the button.
    3. Click the button.
    4. Click the icon.

    Microsoft Outlook

    These instructions only work with Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013.

    There are two ways you can set up an email account in the Mail app on your iOS device — automatically or manually. Learn which option is best for you.

    How to make an email account

    How to set up your email account automatically

    If you use an email provider like iCloud, Google, or Yahoo, Mail can automatically set up your email account with just your email address and password. Here’s how:

    1. Go to Settings > Mail, then tap Accounts.
    2. Tap Add Account, then select your email provider.
    3. Enter your email address and password.
    4. Tap Next and wait for Mail to verify your account.
    5. Choose information from your email account, like Contacts or Calendars.
    6. Tap Save.

    If you don’t see your email provider, tap Other to add your account manually.

    How to make an email account

    How to set up your email account manually

    If you need to set up your email account manually, make sure that you know the email settings for your account. If you don’t know them, you can look them up or contact your email provider. Then follow these steps:

    1. Go to Settings > Mail, then tap Accounts.
    2. Tap Add Account, tap Other, then tap Add Mail Account.
    3. Enter your name, email address, password, and a description for your account.
    4. Tap Next. Mail will try to find the email settings and finish your account setup. If Mail finds your email settings, tap Done to complete your account setup.

    Is your email account set up? Learn more about using the Mail app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    How to make an email account

    Enter account settings manually

    If Mail can’t find your email settings, then you need to enter them manually. Tap Next, then follow these steps:

    1. Choose IMAP or POP for your new account. If you aren’t sure which one to choose, contact your email provider.
    2. Enter the information for Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server. Then tap Next. If you don’t have this information, try to look it up.
    3. If your email settings are correct, tap Save to finish. If the email settings are incorrect, you’ll be asked to edit them.

    If you still can’t set up your email account or save your email settings, contact your email provider.

    Do more with Mail

    • Learn how to delete email on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
    • Search for and view email in the Mail app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Contact the vendor for additional information.

    Email address is a type of identification by which an email receiver identifies the person who sends mail to him/her. That’s why while creating an email address you need to enter your personal details that must be valid. However, what if we tell you that you can create an email address that doesn’t require any validation of personal details and that email address gets permanently deleted after your work is done?

    Here we have a method to create fake Email Addresses. By this, you can create a fake email address that will be automatically deleted after ten minutes. Just read out the article to know the best disposable email sites.

    How To Create Fake Email Address Within Seconds

    Note: The method we are discussing is just for an educational purpose and should not be used for any illegal purposes, as we will be not responsible for any wrongdoing.

    The method of creating a fake email address is very simple and easy as these are based on online websites that will provide you a free email address without taking any personal details from you.

    1. 10 Minute Mail

    Well, this is a random email generator that can provide you a temporary e-mail address. Any e-mails sent to that address will show automatically on the web page. You can read them, click on links, and even reply to them. The email address will expire after 10 minutes.

    2. GuerrillaMail

    It is one of the most user-friendly ones out there, with this, you can get disposable email ID easily. You need to enter the details, and the fake email ID will be generated. Moreover, this also lets you send emails with attachment up to 150MB. You will be provided with a temporary email address that you can use to verify some websites which require the email address.

    3. Mailinator

    Well, Mailinator is another free disposable email address provider where you can use any inbox you want. You will be given a Mailinator address which you can use anytime a website asks for an email address. The public emails you will receive will be auto-deleted after a few hours of receiving.

    4. MailDrop

    If you want to sign up for a website but you are concerned that they might share your address with advertisers. MailDrop is powered by some of the spam filters created by Heluna, used in order to block almost all spam attempts before they even get to your MailDrop inbox. This works the same way as Mailinator in which you will be given a temporary Email address which you can use to verify sites etc.

    5. ThrowAwayMail

    It is a disposable email address service. When you visit a new email address is generated just for you. The generated email address can immediately receive an email. Any email that is received will be shown on the main page.

    6. MyTrashMail

    Any time you are asked for an email address to sign up a newsletter, register at a forum, etc, use any email with one of the active domain names listed on the site. You don’t have to register an account with this site, nor do you need any password. Your account is created on the fly.

    7. Dispostable

    On this site, you just pick a random email address! You only have to make sure it ends with The website has a very clean user interface. You can create a disposable account with this site.

    8. Mail Catch

    It is one of the best temporary email services that allows you to create temporary disposable mailboxes, in a completely anonymous way. When you are asked for an email by a website and you do not want to give your (for fear of spam), you can simply give whatever mailbox name you want on the domain (like [email protected]).

    9. Fake Mail Generator

    This is similar to 10-minute mail. Fake Mail Generator is an ad-free site that generates an email for you automatically. You can use the email address for various services and logins. So, Fake email generator is another site in the temp mail site on the list which you can consider.

    10. Mailnesia

    Whenever you need to register on a site and you don’t want to give out your primary email address, use any address instead. Email verification links are visited automatically in the background to validate the account instantly!

    11. Yop Mail

    The free, quick, and features rich Yop Mail guard you against spam, phishing, and other online abuses. Protect your actual email, instead use YOPmail’s disposable one to sign-up wherever you want. YOPmail creates temporary inboxes of your choice instantaneously.

    12. Nada

    When you register for Nada service, you will be provided a temporary email address which you can use it for registering to some untrusted websites. The inbox of Nada looks really clean and impressive, this is a real Anonymous service and the best thing is, Nada is 100% free.

    13. Temp Mail

    It is a Disposable email, that allows the user to receive an email at a temporary address that self-destructed fake-mail or trash-mail. Temp Mail is great for forums, WiFi owners, websites, and blogs that ask users to register to view their content. So, this is another best disposable email that you can use.

    14. Email Generator

    It is one of the fast and easy methods to get a disposable email. You can use the disposable email service to receive a temporary email address that you can use on a variety of websites that asks users to sign up to see their content. You can generate the disposable Email address to generate unlimited emails which will help you to avoid spam and stay safe online.

    15. My Temp Mail

    This is another best website from where you can get a temporary email address for verification. Well, the interface of the web-based service is super easy, users just need to click on the ‘New Email’ button and they will get a randomly generated email accounts. The mail will be active for 24 hours from the last visit. If you want to keep your email address live, then you need to revisit the URL.

    16. Email On Deck

    Well, Email on Deck is one of the new sites from where you can get the temporary, disposable, and throwaway email address. The service is entirely free and you can get your temp mails in just 2 easy steps. The emails are deleted after a few hours. So, this is another best website that you can visit to get free temp emails.

    So this method is How To Create Fake Email Address. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also.

    1 Minute, 18 Seconds to Read

    Please view the updated version of this topic to learn how to create an email account in cPanel.

    Before you can use email, you must create the email account in cPanel.

    How to Create an Email Account

    1. Log into cPanel
    2. Once logged into cpanel, click on the “Email Accounts” located in the Mail section of cPanel:
      How to make an email account
    3. That will open a screen so you can create a new email address. You should see the below screenshot. How to make an email accountFill in the fields, below is a description of what to enter:
      Email: This is the name of the account. This will be before the @ symbol in the email address.
      Password: This is the password you assign to the email account.
      Password (again): Re-type the password
      Mailbox Quota: Select the size of the mailbox you want to create.

    After entering your information in the fields, click the button labeled “Create Account

  • Once the account has been created, you will see the following screen to verify the account was created.
    How to make an email account
  • Further Reading

    Getting started with Email

    Congratulations, now you know how to create an email account in cPanel. Please check the next article on Checking your Email Account. If you missed our previous article, please see the Email Introduction tutorial, which is part of our Introduction to Email class.

    Migrating email from another host

    If you’re in the process of transferring to InMotion Hosting from a different hosting provider, you may have emails that you want to copy to this email account you just created. We have a tutorial on how to accomplish that here.

    Did you find this document helpful?

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    Table of Contents

    Create an Email Account

    Valid for versions 94 through the latest version


    Last modified: December 16, 2020


    This interface is part of cPanel’s Email Accounts interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Email Accounts).

    This interface lets you create a new email account. To create a new email account, click Create. A new interface will appear. It displays the account creation settings, as well as your account’s quota status.

    Create a new email account

    To create a new email account, perform the following steps:

    Enter a new email address in the Username text box.

    • You cannot enter cpanel as an account name when you create an email account.
    • You cannot rename an email account or change its address after you create it. However, you can use cPanel’s Forwarders interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Forwarders) to create a new address that forwards all mail to the existing account.

    Use the Domain menu to select the domain on which you want to create the email account.

    This setting only appears if you have more than one domain on your account. To see this menu, click Manage Subdomains or Manage Aliases to check your account’s domain configuration. A new interface will appear. You can find the links to these interfaces in the Missing a Domain? menu on the right side of the interface.

    In the Password section, perform one of the following actions:

    Select Set password now. Enter a secure password in the Password text box. A secure password does not contain a dictionary word. It must also contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The system will evaluate the password that you enter on a scale of 100 . A weak password has a 0 value, while a very secure password has a 100 value. You can also perform the following actions:

    • Click the reveal icon ( ) to display the entered password.
    • Click Generate to let the system create a secure password for you. The system will reveal this password.
    • Click the more icon ( ) to select password complexity settings. The system will use these settings when it generates a new password.

    Some hosting providers require a minimum password strength value. You must enter a password that meets this value.

    Select Send login link to alternate email address and enter an email address. The system will send a password creation link to this address.

    This setting is available if your hosting provider has enabled it.

    Select the Stay on this page after I click Create checkbox to create another email account after you create this one.

    Click Create to create the account and return to the Email Accounts interface. You can click Go Back to cancel this action and return to the Email Accounts interface.

    Optional Settings

    The section manages Optional Settings for your email account.

    In the Storage Space section, perform one of the following actions:

    • Enter a custom disk storage size to limit the account’s email quota size.
    • Select Unlimited if you do not want to limit the account’s email quota size.

    In the Automatically Create Folders for Plus Addressing section, select one of the following settings:

    Automatically Create Folders — When you receive an email that uses plus addressing, the system will create a new folder. The server moves a message that uses plus addressing to a designated folder if the folder exists. For example, the system would place a message to [email protected] in the plusaddress folder.

    Do Not Automatically Create Folders. — When you receive an email that uses plus addressing, the system will not create a new folder. Instead, it delivers the message to the INBOX folder.

    Select the Send welcome email with instructions to set up a mail client checkbox to send the user mail client set up instructions. The user can access this message via Webmail. This message contains the incoming (IMAP and POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) server details. It also contains the .mobileconfig file. This file contains the mail client set up information for use with AppleВ® devices.

    If you selected Send login link to alternate email, the system will not send a message.

    This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link!

    Setting up your email with your own domain helps add authority and trust to your online blog or business.

    But is there a way to create an email with your own domain for free?

    Today, I’m going to show you a little hack that you can take advantage of inside the BlueHost user panel to work around paying for your domain name, so that you can get started with your own personalized domain email without having to pay any additional fees.

    Benefits of Having Your Own Email Domain

    So you’ve put together your own site, why invest in your own custom domain? With your own email domain, you gain:

    • Authority: Most websites or blogs that are seen as an authority in their niche or field will most likely have their own email domain for contact and communication. The authoritativeness will help contribute to social proof that you are considered like an expert.
    • Brand Recognition: Branding is a great way to help grow an audience over time. Having your own email domain will just increase the overall branding of your blog.
    • Customer Trust: When people see that you have an official website email, it can increase the legitimacy of your online business.

    How Can I Create my Own Email Domain For Free?

    To get started, just log onto Bluehost and go to your user panel. If you haven’t started a website with Bluehost yet, take a look at my free guide on how to start your own blog or website.

    Not sure if it’s the best hosting solution for you? Check out my review of Bluehost. You can get a free domain for a year when you sign up with BlueHost. This domain can then be used to create your own domain email for free.

    When you get to the dashboard, go to the sidebar and click on the Advanced tab.

    Then scroll down a bit until you get the email section. You’ll want to click on Email Accounts.

    Now you’re in the email manager window. To get started with your free domain email, click Create to set up a custom name and password.

    So just go ahead and set up your information. You can also adjust the storage space from the default 100 MB if you just want to create one primary account. You can create up to 5 emails under your account plan.

    Your new email should be created at this point. From here, you can manage or check your mail by clicking on the links next to your new account.

    If you would, you can choose a pre-installed default email application, or you can try to manually connect with some of the other applications Bluehost integrates with. I went with “horde” as my default application.

    The highlighted start in the upper right corner of your email indicates your default client. You can switch whenever you’d like based on what kind of dashboard looks the best to you.

    Available Default Web Applications

    Choose whichever email dashboard you like the look and feel of the best! Horde gives you a basic layout that includes a calendar, address book, and notes section.

    The next available default client is roundcube. It’s feature list is smaller but the dashboard looks a bit more modern.

    Last is SquirrelMail. You can customize personal information with features like email signature and edit your incoming messages with different highlights based on which set of recipients you receive mail from.

    How do I Create a Gmail Account With My Own Domain Name?

    If you want to create a Gmail account, you’ll have to go back to the dashboard and go to GSuite under the Email & Office tab.

    From here you would have to set up a G Suite account. This feature is not free as it comes with a monthly premium, but it’s the only way you can integrate your Gmail account through Bluehost. For a full tutorial, take a look here.

    Where to Go From Here?

    You can take advantage of your new email account by integrating it with an email marketing software to start your own email campaign for your readers.

    You can set up autoresponders and start sending out newsletters to help build your email list over time.

    Since a lot of readers who visit your site will not come back, having a way to capture their email so that they can continue receiving content and promotion updates is a great way to gain customers and grow your audience.

    To get started, take a look at my guide to integrating email marketing with your website.

    How long have you been using Hotmail? Or Outlook? Are you tired of the limitations of these accounts, and do you need more functionality from your email client?

    Gmail has been around since 2004, but not everyone has made the move yet – people don’t like change. But there are many reasons you should consider moving to Gmail. It’s no wonder 1.5 billion users have chosen to use Gmail as their primary email client.

    Benefits of a Gmail Account

    1. It’s free.
    2. It has excellent spam filters and keeps your inbox cleaner than any other email client.
    3. It has a very generous storage space allowance, 10+ GB of email storage space.
    4. You can change your theme and the way your inbox works (i.e.there’s more flexibility than with any other email client).
    5. Countless plugins and extensions are available and free to use. These can help you customize your workflow and how you use email.
    6. You have the power of Google search functionality right inside your inbox.
    7. Easily Accessible – your account can be accessed anywhere where there is internet access.
    8. It’s reliable and rarely crashes.

    How to Set Up Your New Gmail Account

    Step 1. First things first, you need to head over to

    Step 2. Click on the button that says “Create Account.”

    How to make an email account

    Step 3. After that, the sign-up form will appear. You’ll need to fill in all the details it requests: first name, last name, a new username, and a new password.

    How to make an email account

    Step 4. Next, you’ll be asked to enter a phone number to verify your account. This is because Google uses a two-step verification process to boost security. You can find out more about two-step verification here.

    How to make an email account

    Step 5. You should now receive a text message with a verification code from Google. If this hasn’t been delivered within a few minutes, you can use the automated call system instead.

    Step 6. Once you’ve verified your account, you will see a form that asks for some personal information. This includes a recovery email, your birthday, and your gender. If you’re not comfortable giving these or want to find out why Google is asking for this information, there is plenty of information on offer during the sign up.

    How to make an email account

    Step 7. You now need to accept Google’s Terms of Service and their Privacy Policy – it’s highly recommended that you review both of these in detail before clicking “I Agree.”

    Step 8. You should now have your new Gmail account.

    How to Open Your New Gmail Account

    Step 1. Return to the main Google screen and click the Gmail link.

    How to make an email account

    Step 2. Once you sign in you’ll be brought through the Gmail introductory steps. After the last introductory screen, a popup appears announcing that your new Gmail account is ready to use.

    Step 3. Enjoy your new email account and look at ways to level up your Gmail account to get the most from it.

    What to Do If Your Username Is Taken

    Adding in Periods

    Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t distinguish between variations like brad.pitt, bradpitt and – they are all the same as far as Gmail is concerned.

    What you need to do is take parts of your name and be creative with the periods.

    Getting Creative

    If you have a common name – like John Smith – you need to be even more creative when coming up with a Gmail username that will make sense to your recipients.

    • Do you have a middle name you can use?
    • Do you have a nickname? Although keep that one professional, please!

    Register Your Own Domain

    If you are using Gmail for business, then this is the ideal thing to do – especially if you have (or are setting up) a website.

    Sign up for G Suite. You can do that here.

    It’s relatively cheap and will help you send emails that look that bit more polished and professional.

    Level up your Gmail account

    With so many benefits, you can see why swapping your Outlook or Hotmail account to Gmail might be a wise move. One of the major benefits of having a Gmail account is the free add-ons or extensions you can add to supercharge your account. Right Inbox is an email productivity extension that brings your emailing to the next level. Right Inbox gives your Gmail added functionality with the following features:

    Email Tracking: Find out who reads and clicks your emails, how many times, and when. Real-time insights on who reads your emails and who’s ignoring you.

    How to make an email account

    Email Follow-Ups: Set up follow-ups that automatically send if your prospect doesn’t reply. You can forget to follow up, because Right Inbox won’t.

    How to make an email account

    Email Templates: Turn your most effective emails in templates you can insert and optimize with one click. Save time while adding consistency to your email communication.