How to make an evergreen wreath

The other day I made a wreath out of Juniper branches to hang from the Visitor Center chandelier. We needed a centerpiece for our luminary stroll open house. It took about 45 minutes. This natural evergreen wreath was easy to make and looks great.

How to make an evergreen wreath

Here are the steps to making your own natural evergreen wreath:

  • First, find a Juniper tree with large quantities of blue berries. Prune branches 18 to 24 inches long. You will need at least 12 branches this size.
  • Next, place four branches in a square overlapping each other by six to eight inches. Make sure branches are all facing the same direction all around the square.
  • Tie the stems to the upper portion of the branch-ends with fine black wire.
  • Next, attach four more branches but rotate 1/8 of a turn. Tie stems and tips together like the previous square. Tie these branches to the original four branches as well.
  • Now look at the wreath. If there are exposed stems (pruned portions), cover them with the last four branches placing them the opposite direction. Tie these branches to the wreath tightly. All ties should be invisible.
  • I topped my wreath with some red holly berries. They really show up well against the dark green of the Juniper branches.
  • You can finish it with some red velvet bows, pine cones or other natural elements.

How to make an evergreen wreath

The fragrance of fresh cut evergreen branches permeate the room plus you have the satisfaction that you created your own wreath from natural elements. If I can make this, then you can too. Good Luck.

How to make an evergreen wreath

1. You will need some type of wreath frame, wire, and clippers. This metal ring came from a craft store, but you can also make your own out of wild grapevines.

How to make an evergreen wreath

2. To start, gather all the ingredients that you’ll be working with. For the most beautiful wreath, you’ll want six to eight different kinds of evergreens and some unusual textural bits.

How to make an evergreen wreath

3. Next, make up a collection of small mixed evergreen bundles. Place the more common evergreens on the back, and concentrate the unusual elements on the front of the bundle.

How to make an evergreen wreath

4. Once you have a nice pile of bundles, it’s time to begin. Lay a bundle of greens on your wreath frame and secure it with a few wraps of floral wire.

How to make an evergreen wreath

5. Then move a few inches down the frame and place your next bundle, making sure to keep the greenery facing the same direction as the last, and secure it to the frame with wire.

How to make an evergreen wreath

6. Continue adding bundles and wiring them down until the entire frame is covered in greens.

How to make an evergreen wreath

7. Once the wreath frame is fully covered, it’s time to add in the special little touches that will really make your finished wreath pop.

How to make an evergreen wreath

8. These specialty elements give texture and interest to the finished wreath.

How to make an evergreen wreath

9. Once you have everything securely fastened, primped, and fussed with, your wreath is ready to be shared!

What You Will Need

Wreath frame

  • Heavy duty clippers
  • Floral wire
  • Various evergreen foliages
  • Interesting textural bits

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    Using fresh greens, we’ll show you how to make an evergreen wreath to add a touch of natural beauty to your front door all Winter long.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    DIY Fresh Evergreen Wreath

    Fresh and natural wreaths are our favorite types of wreaths to make and display. Whenever possible, we gather items from nature such as mulberry vines, boxwood, birch, wheat and driftwood to turn into pretty decorative wreaths. Simple, evergreen wreaths are especially lovely to see in the Winter and over the holidays.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    This particular evergreen wreath was made with clippings from my mom’s Christmas tree. While the pine needles on my tree had mostly fallen off, her tree on the other hand was still going strong even after the holidays! Although it was time to take the tree down, she decided to trim the tree and use the cuttings to make a pretty evergreen wreath.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

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    Materials Needed:

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    • Christmas Tree
    • Gardening shears
    • Grapevine wreath (buy or make your own), 12” or larger
    • Floral wire or twine

    How to Make an Evergreen Wreath:

    Using gardening shears, trim clippings of the Christmas tree in 6-8” lengths. Clip enough pieces of evergreen to cover one grapevine wreath.

    Cut a few 5” long pieces of floral wire to have ready for assembling.

    Starting with one bunch of clippings, hold it against the grapevine wreath and secure to the wreath with floral wire. Secure in two spots along the bunch to keep from flopping.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    Next, take another bunch and layer it over top of the first bunch covering the cut ends. Secure with floral wire.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    Continue working all the way around the wreath until grapevine wreath is fully covered. Go back and fill in any gaps in the wreath with extra pieces of greenery and then using the gardening shears to trim any sides that are uneven.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    When done, hang your evergreen wreath outside in the cool, fresh air until it’s time to replace with a new Spring wreath.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

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    When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. Right? So what do you do when a powerful windstorm knocks down the beautiful blue spruce in your backyard? You have your friends over for an evergreen wreath making party. And that’s precisely what my friend did this past weekend – she put out an open invitation to her Facebook friends for an evergreen wreath making party where she’d supply the evergreen branches and we just had to bring whatever else we needed to make our wreaths.

    It’d been a long while since I done any real crafting, and I was excited about the possibilities when I saw the invitation. I double-checked with my husband to make sure the day/time would work for me to be able to get away for a few hours, and I started brainstorming ideas in my head. (I probably should have taken a few minutes to search Pinterest for ideas and tutorials, but I didn’t – I just went with my gut.)

    On the way to my friend’s house, I stopped at a craft supply store to pick up a few essential wreath making items:

    • wire wreath frame (I picked up a 12″ frame due to the location I’d be hanging the wreath when I got home)
    • floral wire (I went with green so it’d blend in with the evergreens, and I chose a pack with a built-in cutter for convenience)
    • ribbon (my choice for decorating the wreath once I had it assembled)

    Upon arriving at my friend’s house, we realized that none of us actually knew what we were doing. I had an idea of how I thought it should be done, so I began to put my wreath together while the others followed my lead. As they had questions, I’d attempt to determine a solution, and then I’d document it with my phone’s camera in order to put together this tutorial.

    It turns out that making your own evergreen wreath is not only fun, but it’s also quite easy, albeit a bit time-consuming. We had a great two hours of fellowship while assembling our wreaths, and even the least “crafty” of us came away with a beautiful handmade evergreen wreath to display in our homes this holiday season!

    Easy DIY Evergreen Wreath Tutorial

    1. Gather your supplies – you’ll need (at minimum) a wire frame, floral wire, and plenty of evergreen branches. You may also opt to use holiday floral stems, ribbon, and/or pinecones to decorate your assembled wreath.

    2. Lay your wire frame on your work area with the concave side facing you (so that the branches will lay “inside” the frame).

    3. Cut your evergreen branches – I used branches about 10-12″ in length with plenty of fullness – and begin to lay them inside your frame, layering them slightly while being sure to lay them all in the same direction. (I did mine with the stems all pointing clockwise in my frame). You’ll probably need twice as many branches as you originally think in order to get the thickness you desire.

    4. Once you have an idea of what your evergreen wreath is going to look like, begin tying each branch in with floral wire. Simply align the branch in your frame and use a 4-6″ piece of floral wire to “twist tie” the branch into place. You’ll want to be sure to attach each branch securely to the frame.

    Note: when using the floral wire, you’ll want to “fold it half,” centering it on the branch you’re attaching so you have two pieces to twist together on the backside of the frame. The same will be true when you attach any decorative pieces to the wreath once it is assembled.

    5. Continue to add branches as you work your way around the frame, making sure to occasionally pick your frame up to look for “bare” spots where you’ll need to add additional evergreens.

    6. When you’ve successfully tied in all your evergreen branches, you are ready to begin decorating your wreath. I opted for a medium-sized bow on the top of my wreath along with some pine cones (also provided by my friend who lost the tree) scattered throughout.

    How to Make a Decorative Bow

    Select a wide ribbon. I chose one with wire running along the edges to give my bow a more defined shape.

    To create the bow, simply wrap your ribbon around your hands the desired width of your bow, leaving a slight overlap in the middle with either end of your ribbon. You’ll want to wrap it the number of times around that you want to have loops on each side of your bow. (For example, I wanted a bow with four loops on each side, so I wrapped my ribbon around my hands four times.)

    Then you’ll cut another piece of ribbon that is slightly larger than double the height you’d like for the center of your bow in order to wrap it around the loops and be able to secure it behind them.

    Use a 10″ piece (or larger if necessary based on the thickness of your bow and wreath) of floral wire to secure the smaller piece of ribbon around the loops of the bow and tie the bow onto the wreath.

    Once your bow is secured, pull the individual loops out to give your bow a 3D effect.

    Attaching the pine cones was also quite easy. Simply wrap a length of floral wire (about 12-14″ long) around the bottom of pine cone (tucked inside the lowest layer of cone scales that have opened), twist at the base of the pine cone, and then tie the pine cone into place on the wreath.

    If you opt to attach any additional decorative pieces, you’ll do so in the same manner as you’ve done with the branches, ribbon, and/or pine cones – simply tucking the pieces into the wreath and using the floral wire to “twist tie” them into place on the frame.

    This evergreen wreath is the perfect addition to your front door! You could also hang it above the mantel, or on an indoor wall as well.


    • Twig wreath – store bought (try this one!)
    • Green silk faux leaves – assorted in green colors, shapes, and textures
    • Scissors
    • Hot glue

    How to make an evergreen wreath


    The first thing you want to do is choose your largest leaves and lay them on top of the wreath to get the placement right.

    Tip: Face your leaves in the same direction as you move around the wreath.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    Once you are happy with the placement, wrap any ends that you can amongst the twigs, but also use hot glue to secure the leaves in place.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    Continue filling in the gaps, securing leaves in place with hot glue and winding any ends that you can between the twigs until your wreath is full.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    Tie hemp cord around the top of your wreath for hanging, and you are all done.

    You now have a beautiful wreath to hang on your door, or above your mantel year-round. You may even want to include it in your holiday or seasonal decor because it goes with everything.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

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    How to make an evergreen wreath

    Tonya Staab is an Aussie residing in Kentucky with her partner and her twins. She spends her days working from home, is probably still in pajamas, and most likely eating. Check out her latest DIY projects and recipes on her blog.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    This DIY Giant Evergreen Christmas Wreath is the perfect holiday statement for your front door! Made with faux and fresh evergreen sprigs, red holly berries and Buffalo plaid ribbon!

    In case you haven’t noticed, I have a *slight* deep seeded love of giant wreaths. It all started with this wreath from last year, then I had to make one for winter, one for fall, one for summer and now I’ve gone and done it again with this giant wreath for Christmas this year. I hope you leave here today inspired to make one for your home too!

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    Put a Ribbon On It!

    For this wreath I combined my love of giant wreaths with my equally large love of Buffalo plaid…Buffalo plaid is everywhere here in my home at Christmas! Just a simple bit of ribbon makes this wreath complete!

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    Use Faux and Fresh Greens

    And of course you can’t have a Christmas wreath without sprigs of evergreen! For my evergreen wreaths I like to use a mixture of faux and fresh evergreen sprigs. I add the faux stems as the anchor, then tuck in fresh sprigs to make the wreath look really full! Wreath Tip! This is also a great way to have a ‘fresh’ wreath all throughout the season because you can remove sprigs as they dry out and replace them…you’ll have a lovely scented wreath until January!

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    But I think my most favourite thing about making these wreaths is photographing them. Both years the weather has cooperated beautifully with a perfectly timed snowfall! Is there anything more beautiful than a giant snowfall?! So as the snow fell from the sky I dragged my husband out to the country for a wreath photoshoot! What a good sport! But seriously, is there any better backdrop? I think not.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    2 wreaths, twice the fun!

    I actually made 2 giant wreaths this year, this one here and also this Giant Evergreen Wreath with Plaid and Dried Orange Slices! Too fun! I’m definitely a Canadian girl…I love love love snow and winter.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    Wreath Making Tip!

    Anyway, I hope you try to make a wreath like this for your home. Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re hard to make because they’re not…I promise. It’s really all about stuffing in sprigs of evergreen until you get it the way you like it. The whole thing only takes about 20-30 minutes! Oh and did I also mention the supplies are less than $30…or even cheaper if you can cut your own greens. Wreath tip! Reuse your grapevine wreath base year after year, or even season after season. I used this same base for all of my wreaths over this past year.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

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    • 1 large grapevine wreath base: I bought the biggest one I could find at Michaels…but still small enough that it will fit on my door.
    • evergreen sprigs: fresh and/or faux evergreen sprigs (or both like I used). I used sprigs of fir, cedar and pine.
      • 4 large faux evergreen sprigs
      • 2 large faux flocked evergreen sprigs that I cut into pieces to stuff into the wreath

      10 fresh cedar sprigs

      8 fresh pine sprigs

      10 – 12 small fresh evergreen sprigs for filling gaps

  • sprigs of berries: 1 sprig of large faux red berries (I just snipped them off to stuff in)
  • pine cones, about 4
  • ribbon, I used a cloth Buffalo Check ribbon
  • green floral wire or twine for securing the evergreen sprigs

    1. Hang the grapevine wreath base on a wreath hanger on a door inside. This to be the easiest way to assemble a wreath, because you can see what you are doing.
    2. I start with 2 large faux evergreen sprigs as the base, and stuffed each one into the bottom of the wreath base…one on each side for balance, with the stem towards the bottom of the wreath, and the evergreen fanning upward. I used a little bit of floral wire to secure them. (I used faux sprigs as the base because I want to be able to only switch out small fresh pieces over the season as they dry out, while the faux ones remain ‘fresh’ in appearance)
    3. Then I stuffed in 2 pieces of the faux flocked stems.
    4. Then I stuffed in more pieces of the faux evergreen stems above the faux ones.
    5. Then I tucked in the fresh cedar, pine and evergreen sprigs at random, securing with wire as needed. Basically, what I do to one side of the wreath, I do to the other, for balance.
    6. Then I tucked in the berries and acorns. Securing with wire as needed.
    7. Step back, have a look and see if both sides mirror each other, and add and adjust as needed.
    8. Wrap the ribbon on the base of the wreath, leaving ribbon trailing down.

    Watch the Video to see how I made this Giant Evergreen Wreath!

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    So so so so so pretty. I seriously could make these for days.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    With just a few simple supplies and a little time it’s easy to make your own fresh evergreen wreath!

    Hello friends! I’m so happy that you are here! I am in such a great holiday mood and I want to share it! Over the next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas I’ve got a tonne of holiday inspiration coming to the blog. I can’t wait to get started!

    First up, I made a wreath! Here’s a little background on this project…I teamed up with a group of 14 other amazing Canadian bloggers to bring you 15 different wreath ideas. We each have a post up today, so make sure to check out their wreaths too! You can find all the links at the bottom of this post…there are some gorgeous wreaths!

    I really love wreaths, and how welcoming they are. Especially Christmas wreaths! There are so many great ideas for wreaths, sometimes it’s hard to pick a theme! But this year I knew I wanted a big, rustic, fresh evergreen wreath filled with pretty holiday ribbon. So I made one.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    I know you can buy evergreen wreaths easily enough, but I wanted to try to make one myself. Mostly because I wanted to see if it would be easy to put together, but also because I had a specific look in mind. Rustic. I wanted my wreath to look fluffy, and full and rustic. And I think I achieved that.

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    It kind of reminds me of something you’d see hanging on a chalet in the mountains during the winter. I especially love all the ribbon woven through and trailing down. So pretty! And another great thing about this wreath? It cost me less than $20 for the whole thing. Yep.

    So if you have ever thought of making your own fresh evergreen wreath, maybe this is the year you’ll do it? This is an easy project…a bit tedious and time consuming, but simple enough. And once you have it put together you can embellish it however you like! Add ornaments, berries, twigs, ribbon, lights…the possibilities are endless! Anyhow, here’s how I made my wreath:

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    What you need to Make a Fresh Evergreen Wreath:

    • 1 wire box wreath frame (I used a 16″ one). Find them at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Walmart.
    • Tin snips
    • Wire
    • Fresh evergreens
    • Ribbon (I used red & white 3/8 inch and 1.5 inch Grosgrain ribbon from May Arts Ribbon)

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    How To Make a Fresh Evergreen Wreath:

    • Cut the evergreens into the length you would like. The longer the branches the more rustic your wreath will be. The shorter the branches, the more tidy your wreath will be. Either is gorgeous!
    • Gather 3 or 4 of the branches into a bunch and wrap the bottoms of the stems together with the wire. (See picture on the left.)
    • Wrap the bunches onto the wire frame with the wire. (See picture on the right.)
    • Repeat until the box frame is full.
    • Embellish! I weaved through the 2 types of ribbon around the entire wreath then made the bow.

    Notes & Tips From the Trenches!

    • This wreath is easy to make, but it will take some time and a lot of patience. I muttered a few while making it, but in the end I really like it, and felt satisfied knowing I made it myself!
    • You can find fresh evergreens at your local grocery or hardware stores (I got mine at Superstore for less than $20), or at greenhouses, or get out in your yard and prune your evergreen trees! Just don’t take your neighbours without asking! 😉
    • After much of your wreath is complete, hang it up and stand back to look at it. You will see that you will likely need to tuck in and add more branches to fill in spaces. Just add more until your wreath is as full as you would like.
    • Embellish your wreath to your tastes! Use ribbon, ornaments, berries, twigs, lights…the possibilities are endless!
    • Fresh wreaths are best kept outdoors in the cold. Inside or in warm temperatures the wreath will dry out and the needles will fall off.

    That’s it. Now sit back and enjoy. Grab an eggnog and light the fire! I love this time of year!

    To get even more Holiday Wreath inspiration, check out these 14 incredible wreaths created by my fellow bloggers (from left to right, they are):

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    You’re bound to be inspired!

    You can also follow this fun wreath hop on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #wreathhop!

    Have an inspired day!

    How to make an evergreen wreath

    Wreaths can be crafted from a variety of evergreen plants, but have you ever considered making boxwood wreaths?

    Boxwood wreath ideas can include Christmas items for a seasonal decoration, but this lovely greenery isn’t holiday specific. The lovely shape of the leaves makes a DIY boxwood wreath suitable for hanging anytime of the year, both inside and outside the home.

    What is a Boxwood Wreath?

    Boxwood is a versatile and popular landscape shrub typically found throughout USDA hardiness zones 5 through 8, with some varieties being cold hardy to zone 3 and others tolerating the heat of zones 9 and 10.

    There are approximately 90 species of boxwood and many more cultivars. Common classifications include American boxwood, English boxwood, and Japanese boxwood, with each family varying in leaf shape, foliage density, and rate of growth. English boxwood is often recommended for making boxwood wreaths due to its bright, dense round leaves.

    A DIY boxwood wreath can be made from boughs harvested from your own garden or from store-bought boxwood branches. Use fresh cut stems for longer lasting wreaths. Prior to making boxwood wreaths, hydrate the branches by soaking them overnight in water.

    How to Make a Boxwood Wreath

    To craft a DIY boxwood wreath, you’ll need a wire or grapevine wreath form, florist wire, and wire cutters. If a bow is desired, choose approximately 9 feet (3 m.) of ribbon. Once finished, the wreath can be sprayed with an anti-desiccant resin to slow moisture loss.

    Patience is also needed when learning how to make a boxwood wreath for the first time. If you’re dissatisfied with the results, simply turn the wreath over, cut the wire, remove the greenery and begin again. To get started, follow these simple steps for making a boxwood wreath:

    • Cut four to five sprigs from the boxwood branches and bundle these together using the florist wire. Shorter sprigs of 2 to 4 inches (5-10 cm.) in length will give the wreath a more groomed appearance, while longer sprigs create a more natural looking wreath.
    • Using the ends of the wire, attach the bundle of sprigs to the wreath. Repeat steps one and two as you encircle the wreath frame with bundles of sprigs. Ideally, you want to completely cover the wreath frame. To accomplish this, you may need to attach bundles to the inner, outer, and middle sections of the frame.
    • As you near the starting point on the frame, gently work the new sprigs under the first sprig bundle you attached. Once the frame is completely covered, use scissors to trim stray sprigs or to create a more uniform-looking wreath.
    • If using an anti-desiccant, follow the package directions for mixing and spraying the product. Allow to dry as recommended. Untreated foliage can be periodically misted to maintain moisture levels.
    • Attach a ribbon and bow, if desired. The wreath is now ready to hang. (A piece of ribbon or florist wire can be used for hanging.)

    Please keep in mind – Boxwood is poisonous to both dogs and cats. Keep a DIY boxwood wreath out of reach of small children and pets. Discard wreaths once they begin to shed. To prevent the spread of boxwood blight, avoid composting boxwood wreaths.