How to make lay’s chips with sunflower oil

PLANO, Texas — Frito-Lay Inc. said it is reducing the saturated fat in its leading potato chip brands, Lay’s and Ruffles, by more than 50% by switching to NuSun sunflower oil, without changing the taste.

In addition to reducing the saturated fats, the move to NuSun sunflower oil will increase the mono- and polyunsaturated fats, commonly known as good fats. As with Frito-Lay’s entire portfolio of snack chips, Lay’s and Ruffles continue to have 0 grams of trans fat, the company said.

The switch to NuSun sunflower oil is another [image-nocss] major step in the company’s commitment to health and wellness, it said. Lay’s potato chips, Frito-Lay’s largest brand with more than $2 billion in sales, is now available with 100% NuSun sunflower oil in the northeast and will be nationally available by the end of the year. The scale and impact of this conversion is similar to Frito-Lay’s elimination of trans fat in all snack chips in 2003.

In the past several years, dietary recommendations from government agencies and health organizations have put more emphasis on reducing saturated and trans fats and replacing them with unsaturated fats. Frito-Lay’s conversion to 100% NuSun sunflower oil reflects these dietary recommendations, it said.

The Plano, Texas-based company has scheduled broad marketing support, including a summer promotion and a full advertising plan, kicking off with a radio campaign in the northeast this spring. Consumers will be able to identify Lay’s made with NuSun sunflower oil through new packaging that combines the Lay’s logo and a sunflower.

Separately, for Father’s Day, regional snack food maker Herr Foods has come up with the politically correct answer to its HERR’S Potato Chips. It is introducing HIS Potato Chips.

This is a fun way to recognize dads, said Ed Herr, president of Nottingham, Pa.-based Herr Foods. Plus we’re supporting a worthwhile causethe National Fatherhood Initiative.

HIS Potato Chips will be available from early May through Father’s Day, June 18. A portion of the sales will benefit the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), a national project dedicated to increasing the number of involved, responsible fathers.

HIS Potato Chips are available in an 11.5-oz.

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There are different types of snacks and fast foods that are eaten by people. Today, many companies and businesses have engaged in the production of fast foods and snacks. Some companies are very popular, and people enjoy eating the snacks produced by them. The nutrition amount is these kinds of snacks or foods is not equivalent to each other, but people like to consume them.

These snacks include chips, cold drinks, instant foodstuffs etc. They are available in several flavours, and companies manufacturing them introduce different flavours gradually. The two famous snacks in the chips section in the world are 1. Lay’s chips and 2. Pringles chips.

Lay’s Chips vs Pringles Chips

The difference between lay’s chips and pringles chips is the ingredients that are used to make them or the primary ingredients that are used to make them. The primary ingredients used to make lay’s chips are potatoes, salt and oil. On the other hand, the primary ingredients used to make pringles chips are potatoes, salt, oil, wheat starch, rice flour etc.

The production of lay’s chips was started in the year 1940 in the United States of America. The lay’s chips as a company are owned by the brand PepsiCo. The brand was found by Herman Lay, who used to sell the snack from the trunk of his vehicle initially. The brand gained popularity gradually and was advertised through television commercials.

The company of pringles was found in the year 1968 in the United States Of America. The pringles chips were first sold by Procter and Gamble, and later in 2012, it was sold to Kellogg’s. The pringles chips are saddle-shaped and are made up of ingredients like potatoes, salt, oil, wheat starch, rice flour etc. Although there is 42% of potato content in the recipe of pringles chips.

Comparison Table Between Lay’s Chips and Pringles Chips

What are Lay’s Chips?

Lay’s chips are a type of potato chips that are manufactured by lay’s brand. The brand was found in the year 1940 by Herman Lay in the United States Of America. These chips are available in nearly 200 flavours in several countries. They are made up of potatoes, salt, oils and other chemical ingredients.

Herman Lay initiated an operation of snack foods in the year 1932 in Tennessee, USA. He used to sell the snack from the trunk of his vehicle in the beginning, and later on, the brand was advertised on television commercials. The renowned slogan “betcha can’t eat just one” of the brand was the brand merged with the Frito Company in the year 1961.

Different flavours of the chips are available in different countries. For instance, in the USA, flavours like Sour Cream and Onion, Salt and Vinegar, Chipotle Ranch etc., are found, and on the other hand, in the UK, flavours like Prawn Cocktail, Cheese and Onion, Pickled Onion etc. are found.

The different flavours of the chips are made with different ingredients, and ever since the beginning, different methods and ingredients were used to make the chips and to improve the taste and quality of the chips. In 2003, the usage of hydrogenated oil to cook the chips was stopped, and it was replaced by sunflower oil or canola oil.

What are Pringles Chips?

Pringles chips are a type of potato chips that are manufactured by the Pringles brand that is owned by Kellogg’s. The brand was found in the year 1968 by Alexander Leipa in the USA. Alexander Leipa restarted the work of Baur. Initially, pringles was owned by Procter and Gamble.

The chips are saddle-shaped and are made up of potatoes, wheat starch, rice flour and other chemical ingredients. The brand also manufactures tortilla and multigrain chips with some changes in the ingredients that are used for making other chips. Other than that, rice pringles and corn pringles were also available.

The pop-top cans in which the chips were placed and sold to the customers was replaced with foil tops. The can in which the chips are put is one of the reasons why the chips are not broken and therefore there maintained taste and quality. Many strategies were implemented to increase the sales of the product.

More than 100 flavours are available of the chips in different countries. Standard flavours of the chips include, Hot and spicy, Ranch dressing, Cheddar cheese, Loaded baked potato, Original etc. and are available in the US. Some flavours are available only in specific countries. For instance, flavours like Wasabi, Prawn cocktail and various curry flavours are only available in the UK and Ireland.

Main Differences Between Lay’s Chips and Pringles Chips

  1. The lay’s chips are sold to people in plastic bags. On the other hand, the Pringles chips are sold to people in cylindrical containers.
  2. The pringles chips are saddle-shaped, and all the chips are of the same size. On the other hand, the lay’s chips don’t have a definite shape, and the size of the chips differ from each other.
  3. The lay’s chips were found in the year 1940. On the other hand, the Pringles chips were found in the year 1968.
  4. The current owner of the lay’s chips is PepsiCo. On the contrary, the current of the pringles chips is Kellogg’s.
  5. The slogan of the lay’s chips is “betcha can’t eat just one”, on the other hand, the slogan of the pringles chips is “once you pop, the fun doesn’t stop” and “once you pop, you can’t stop”.


Both the brands manufacture a delicious variety of chips and have gained popularity throughout the world ever since their inception in the market. People enjoy eating the chips of their preferred flavours.

Some people prefer lay’s chips while some people prefer pringles chips. Both the brands have managed to fulfil their customer’s food wishes thoroughly ever since the beginning.



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Potatoes, Vegetable Oil (Sunflower, Corn, and/or Canola Oil), Barbecue Seasoning (Sugar, Dextrose, Salt, Maltodextrin [ Made From Corn], Molasses, Torula Yeast, Onion Powder, Spices, Tomato Powder, Paprika, Natural Flavors, Corn Starch, Caramel Color, Yeast Extract, Paprika Extract, Garlic Powder, and Mustard Seed Oil).

What is the process of making potato chips?

Chips are prepared by slicing potatoes and frying the chips in vessel contained oil at controlled temperature using the furnace. The crisp of chips depends on a number of factors including the quality of oil, the temperature of the oil, frying time, quality of potato and moisture contained in the chips .

Do you need to soak potatoes before making chips?

You may be tempted to skip this step; don’t. Soaking the potato slices removes excess starch and is a key element to ensuring that the potato chips fry up crispy.

How do you keep homemade potato chips crispy?

To keep homemade potato chips crispy , remove their excess oil by placing them on clean paper towels after they’re done frying. Then, store your chips in an air-tight container to prevent moisture exposure.

Do barbecue chips have meat?

BBQ Potato Chips Many chips , especially barbecue flavor, contain chicken fat (or schmaltz). Always read the food labels carefully. For example, while Lay’s “Country Flavor” BarBQ chips are vegetarian-safe, Lay’s KC Masterpiece Barbecue chips and BBQ Baked Lay’s are not.

How do you add flavor to chips?

Mix your chips with some olive oil until they’re lightly coated, then grate Parmesan cheese on top and add some black pepper. Instant gourmet potato chips ! If you want to take this version even further, you can add garlic, chili flakes, and fresh parsley.

Are Doritos made from potatoes?

Manufacturing Director Mike Stahl described the process of making Lay’s potato chips, Fritos corn chips, Doritos and Tostitos chips, and Cheetos: “The chips start as locally sourced fresh crop potatoes or whole grain corn and all-natural seasonings; no preservatives. It’s real potatoes , real corn,” Stahl said.

Are Pringles made from potatoes?

Ingredients. Pringles have about 42% potato content, the remainder being wheat starch and flours ( potato , corn, and rice) combined with vegetable oils, an emulsifier, salt, and seasoning.

How do you make fries from scratch?

How to Make Homemade French Fries Slice the potatoes 1/2 inch thick. Soak them cold in water for at least an hour or overnight. ( Rinse them twice with cold water and pat the completely dry. Heat oil to 300 degrees. Increase heat to 400 degrees. Place them bake on paper towels and sprinkle immediately with salt.

Where does the oil for frying potato chips come from?

The oil used for frying potato chips is refined oil that is often extracted from animal, plant or synthetic fat. It can be extracted from a variety of plants like olive, palm, canola, rapeseed, soybean, peanut or corn.

Which potatoes are best for chips?

A starchy potato is best as it has a soft, dry texture , making it good for chips. Look for King Edward , Maris Piper , Romano, Désirée , or russet potatoes .

Are red potatoes good for chips?

Includes Kipfler potatoes , Red royale potatoes , Dutch cream potatoes , and most red potatoes . If you’re looking for the best potatoes for frying chips , floury potatoes are your best bet. They hold their shape very well, and they tend to absorb ingredients like salt and oil much better than other types of potatoes .

Why are my homemade chips soggy?

On contact with the oil, the moisture on the surface of the chip, or any other food item, immediately vaporises, sending out volcanic jets of steam that spatter the oil. At the same time, oil will seep in, making the food leaden and soggy . Most things can’t form a solid shell fast enough.

Why are my homemade potato chips soggy?

Whether you have got those big packs of store-bought wafers and chips or frying a fresh batch of potato crisps at home, if you let them come in contact with air, they are bound to catch moisture and would ultimately turn soggy . If you’re looking to restore your chips ‘ crunchiness, then we have got your back.

Do old potatoes make better chips?

The correct potato is essential to get this combination. Floury potatoes , generally known as old potatoes , are the best potatoes for chips . If you use new potatoes for chips you will never achieve that light inner filling. However, some varieties of old potatoes make far better chips than others.

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Made with three simple ingredients—potatoes, sunflower oil, and sea salt—these delectable chips are sure to make you smile.

Serving size About 17 chips (28g)
Amount per serving Calories 160
Fact and Amount % Daily Value*
Calories 160
Fat 10g 13%
Saturated 1g 5%
Trans 0g
Monounsaturated Fat 5g
Polyunsaturated Fat 3.5g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 160mg 7%
Carbohydrates 15g 6%
Fiber 1g 5%
Sugars less than 1g
Protein 2g
Vitamin D 0mc 0%
Calcium 6mg 0%
Iron 1mg 2%
Potassium 350mg 6%
Not a significant source of added sugars.
The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

All products are labeled accurately with the most current ingredient information. However, we recommend that you check the label on a specific product for the most current and accurate nutritional information. If you need assistance, please contact Consumer Relations toll-free at 1-800-352-4477 Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Potatoes, Expeller-Pressed Sunflower Oil, and Sea Salt.

Есть разные виды закусок и фаст-фудов, которые едят люди. Сегодня многие компании и предприятия занимаются производством фаст-фудов и закусок. Некоторые компании очень популярны, и людям нравится есть производимые ими закуски. По количеству питательных веществ эти виды закусок или продуктов не эквивалентны друг другу, но людям нравится их употреблять.

Эти закуски включают чипсы, холодные напитки, продукты быстрого приготовления и т. Д. Они доступны с несколькими вкусами, и компании, производящие их, постепенно вводят различные вкусы. Двумя известными закусками в разделе чипсов в мире являются 1. чипсы Lay’s и 2. чипсы Pringles.

Чипсы Lay’s против чипсов Pringles

Разница между чипсами Lay’s и Pringles заключается в ингредиентах, которые используются для их изготовления, или в основных ингредиентах, которые используются для их приготовления. Основные ингредиенты, используемые для приготовления чипсов, – это картофель, соль и масло. С другой стороны, основными ингредиентами, используемыми для приготовления чипсов Pringles, являются картофель, соль, масло, пшеница. крахмал, рисовая мука и др.

Производство чипсов Lay’s было начато в 1940 году в Соединенных Штатах Америки. Компания Lay’s Chips как компания принадлежит бренду PepsiCo. Бренд был найден Германом Лэем, который первоначально продавал закуски из багажника своего автомобиля. Бренд постепенно набирал популярность и рекламировался в телевизионных рекламных роликах.

Компания Pringles была основана в 1968 году в Соединенных Штатах Америки. Чипы Pringles сначала были проданы Procter and Gamble, а позже, в 2012 году, они были проданы Kellogg’s. Чипсы Pringles имеют форму седла и состоят из таких ингредиентов, как картофель, соль, масло, пшеничный крахмал, рисовая мука и т. Д. Хотя в рецепте чипсов Pringles содержится 42% картофеля.

Таблица сравнения чипов Lay’s и Pringles Chips

Что такое чипсы Lay’s?

Чипсы Lay’s – это разновидность картофельных чипсов, которые производятся под торговой маркой Lay’s. Бренд был основан в 1940 году Германом Лэем в Соединенных Штатах Америки. Эти чипсы доступны почти 200 вкусов в нескольких странах. Они состоят из картофеля, соли, масел и других химических ингредиентов.

Герман Лэй начал производство закусок в 1932 году в Теннесси, США. Вначале он продавал закуски из багажника своего автомобиля, а позже бренд рекламировался в телевизионных рекламных роликах. Знаменитый слоган бренда «Betcha can’t eat only one» – это бренд, слитый с компанией Frito в 1961 году.

В разных странах доступны чипсы разного вкуса. Например, в США такие ароматы, как Сметана и лук, соль и уксус, Chipotle Ranch и т. д., а в Великобритании, с другой стороны, есть такие вкусы, как Креветки Коктейль, Сыр и лук, маринованный лук и т. Д. Встречаются.

Чипсы с разными вкусами сделаны из разных ингредиентов, и с самого начала для их изготовления и улучшения вкуса и качества использовались разные методы и ингредиенты. В 2003 году использование гидрогенизированного масла для приготовления чипсов было прекращено и заменено подсолнечным маслом или маслом канолы.

Что такое чипсы Pringles?

Чипсы Pringles – это разновидность картофельных чипсов, которые производятся под маркой Pringles, принадлежащей Kellogg’s. Бренд был основан в 1968 году Александром Лейпой в США. Александр Лейпа возобновил работу Баура. Изначально компания Pringles принадлежала компании Procter and Gamble.

Чипсы имеют седловидную форму и состоят из картофеля, пшеничного крахмала, рисовой муки и других химических ингредиентов. Бренд также производит тортилью и мультизерновые чипсы с некоторыми изменениями ингредиентов, которые используются для изготовления других чипсов. Помимо этого, также были доступны рисовые и кукурузные принглы.

Банки с крышкой, в которые помещались чипсы и продавались покупателям, были заменены крышками из фольги. Банка, в которую кладут чипсы, является одной из причин, по которой чипсы не ломаются и, следовательно, сохраняются вкус и качество. Было реализовано множество стратегий для увеличения продаж продукта.

Доступно более 100 вкусов чипсов в разных странах. Стандартные вкусы чипсов: острый и пряный, заправка ранчо, сыр Чеддер, загруженный печеный картофель, оригинальный вкус и т. Д. И доступны в США. Некоторые ароматы доступны только в определенных странах. Например, такие вкусы, как васаби, коктейль из креветок и различные вкусы карри, доступны только в Великобритании и Ирландии.

Основные различия между чипами Lay’s и Pringles Chips

  1. Чипы Lay’s продаются людям в полиэтиленовых пакетах. С другой стороны, чипсы Pringles продаются людям в цилиндрических контейнерах.
  2. Чипы pringles имеют седловидную форму, и все стружки одинакового размера. С другой стороны, фишки прокладки не имеют определенной формы, а размеры фишек отличаются друг от друга.
  3. Чипы Lay’s были найдены в 1940 году. С другой стороны, чипы Pringles были найдены в 1968 году.
  4. Текущий владелец фишек лейбла – PepsiCo. Напротив, нынешние чипы Pringles принадлежат компании Kellogg.
  5. Слоган чипсов для непрофессионалов – «Betcha can’t eat just one», с другой стороны, слоган чипсов Pringles – «как только вы лопнете, веселье не прекратится» и «как только вы лопнете, вы сможете». т стоп ».


Оба бренда производят вкусные чипсы и завоевали популярность во всем мире с момента своего появления на рынке. Людям нравится есть чипсы своего любимого вкуса.

Кто-то предпочитает чипсы Lay’s, а кто-то предпочитает чипсы Pringles. Обеим брендам с самого начала удавалось тщательно выполнять пожелания своих клиентов в отношении продуктов питания.

Are banana chips deep fried?

Fried banana chips are usually produced from under-ripe banana slices deep – fried in sunflower oil or coconut oil. These chips are dry (like potato chips ), contain about 4% water (table), and can be salted, spiced, sugar coated or jaggery coated. Sometimes banana flavoring is added.

Why are banana chips so bad for you?

High in fat A single cup (72 grams) of banana chips packs 24 grams of fat, 21 of which are saturated. A diet high in saturated fats from processed foods is linked to a higher risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease ( 1, 2, 3, 4 ).

Which oil is best for banana chips?

Traditionally, coconut oil is used for deep-frying the Nendran chips, which will give a pleasant aroma while eating. About half a liter of coconut oil will be sufficient for a bunch of large sized bananas.

How do you know when banana chips are done?

After 12 hours, take one or two banana chips out of the dehydrator and let them cool. Taste for desired doneness. By 10 hours, the chips may be more chewy and between 12-15 hours they will have more of a crisp crunch to them. Most foods are best when they are 95% dehydrated, when they are more dry than chewy.

Are banana chips fried in coconut oil healthy?

01/6Everything you need to know about banana chips While the coconut oil and minimal use of spices make them look like a healthy snack item, they are actually loaded with sugar and saturated fat that can lead to obesity, increased cholesterol levels and more.

What is the shelf life of banana chips?

In a large can, they will store for 10 to 15 years in a sealed #10 can (oxygen absorber included) under ideal storage conditions (cool, dry place). Once opened, it has an average shelf life of 6 to 12 months. Instructions: Add 3 parts water to 1 part banana.

What are the healthiest chips?

Our Top 5 Healthy Chips Bare Veggie Chips. Saffron Road Baked Lentil Chips. Eat Your Vegetables Chips. Beanitos White or Black Bean Chips. Baked Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips. Chili Cheese Fritos. Cheetos. Kettle Brand Potato Chips.

Can banana chips help you lose weight?

Dieters appreciate the fact that they’re nearly fat -free. Dried banana chips represent a comparatively healthy snack or dessert if you eat them in moderation and remember to brush your teeth afterward. However, fresh bananas allow you to gain the same nutritional benefits without increasing your fat intake.

Which chips are good for weight loss?

The Best Chips To Eat If You’re On A Diet If You’re All About The Flavors. Popchips. For The Lay’s Fans. Lay’s. If You Don’t Care About The Potato. Terra. When You Need Kettle Chips. Kettle Brand. If You Prefer Sweet Potato Chips. Food Should Taste Good. Ruffles or Die. Ruffles. If You Want A Chip With Protein. Tostitos. When All You Want In Life Are Cheetos.

How can I start banana chips business?

8 Steps Guide to Start a Banana Chips Making Business Step 1: Analyze the Banana Chips Market. Step 2: Craft the Banana Chips Business Plan or Project Report. Step 3: Arrange Finance. Step 4: Licensing & Registration. Step 5: Unit Establishment. Step 6: Banana Wafers Manufacturing Machine & Cost. Step 7: Raw Materials.

How do you make banana chips crispy again?

Make sure that the oven settings are not too hot as you don’t want them to get over-cooked. Allow the chips to get warm for about 5-10 minutes, take them out and wait for them to cool down. You’ll then notice that all the moisture has evaporated, giving you crisp chips back again.

How do you preserve banana chips?

After the chips have fully dried, let them cool then store in an airtight storage container. I use freezer bags and store the chips in the freezer. The quality of the chips will last longer in a cool/cold dark storage area (freezer).

How long does it take to dehydrate banana chips?

To make dried banana chips in a dehydrator, you won’t need the oil. Simply layer the banana slices on the trays in your dehydrator and cook them at 135 degrees for about 8 hours for chewy dehydrated banana chips. Keep an eye on them for the last couple hours so you can remove them when they reach the texture you want.

Why are my dehydrated apples not crispy?

Dehydrate at 135°F until they are spongy and dry to the touch, but not crispy. This usually takes between 10-14 hours, depending on how accurately you slice the apples and the type of dehydrator you have. Keep an eye on them after the 10-hour mark to make sure they don’t dry out too much.

Should dehydrated bananas be chewy?

A naturally dried banana, with nothing but the heat of your oven, food dehydrator, or the sun, is packed with flavor and vitamins. The size of the banana and the dry time will yield either a softer, chewy, taffy-like banana bite or a tougher consistency, licorice-like almost.

A year after stepping down, Nooyi recalls how customers were once aggravated by the healthier line.


  • Indra Nooyi loves ‘Sex & the City’ for lessons in sisterhood
  • ‘Leave the crown in the garage’: Indra Nooyi’s guide to acing work and life
  • Indra Nooyi’s parting note as PepsiCo CEO to staff: Listen to podcasts, search Google

Former PepsiCo chief Indra Nooyi, who stepped down as CEO last year, was instrumental in shifting company’s focus from sugary beverages to healthier options. But it wasn’t always an easy task for the former CEO.

Speaking at Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women International Summit recently, Nooyi recalled how she met with a lot of resistance not only from the investors and fund managers but also from the customers themselves. “Imagine taking Lay’s potato chips which is a salty potato chip and reducing the salt,” she deadpanned.

To tackle this, the company reduced the salt levels a little bit every few weeks so that customers wouldn’t notice the shift in taste. Today, the Lay’s potato chip has 20% less salt than it did in 2006, according to Nooyi.

The strategy of ‘sneaking in healthiness’ seemed to work well for PepsiCo. Nooyi recalled another incident where customers were up in arms because the chips were being fried in heart-healthy oil and how the company tackled it.

“Lay’s chips get fried in HOSO – High Oleic Sunflower Oil – which is a heart-healthy oil. It cost a lot of money for us to do that,” she said.

“We put a big sunflower on the bag and we were so proud of making the transition. (But) The consumer complaints just went through the roof and sales plummeted because they said it tastes awful. So the next day, we took off the sunflower from the bag and people said, ‘Thank God, it tastes the same.’ (But) It’s still fried in HOSO. I was not backing off from the healthy part.”

Lays has been one of the leading potato chip brands in the United States for decades, with an impressive 1.7 billion U.S. dollars worth of sales in 2017, accounting for roughly 30% of the potato chip market.

Given their popularity among consumers, it’s only natural for you to be wanting to know whether or not these potato chips are vegan.

However, as you probably suspect, the answer varies based on the specific flavor you purchase. In other words, some flavors are vegan while others may contain animal ingredients.

After carefully analyzing each flavor available on Lay’s official website, I came across a bunch of flavors that do not contain ANY animal ingredients, which include:

  • LAY’s Classic Potato Chips
  • LAY’s BBQ Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Limón Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Dill Pickle Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Lightly Salted Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Lightly Salted BBQ Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Simple Sea Salt Thick Cut Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Simply BBQ Thick Cut Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Baked Original Potato Crisps
  • LAY’s Kettle Cooked Original Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Kettle Cooked Reduced Fat Original Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Kettle Cooked Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Poppables Sea Salt Potato Snacks
  • LAY’s Stax Original Potato Crisps
  • LAY’s Wavy Original Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Wavy Sea Salt & Pepper Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Wavy Reduced Fat Orignal Potato Chips
  • LAY’s Wavy Lightly Salted Potato Chips

In this article, I’m going to list the ingredients that each LAY’s potato chip contains, and I’m also going to mention some of the questionable ingredients that may be present in some of the vegan flavors, and why that may derange some vegans from purchasing certain flavors.