How to post a gif on tumblr

Love seeing GIFs on Tumblr? Make your own from your videos or photo bursts!

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How to post a gif on tumblr

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For years, Tumblr users have enjoyed posting and reblogging thousands upon thousands of animated GIF images. And now thanks to the official Tumblr mobile app, you can learn how to make GIFs on Tumblr without having to use a separate tool first.

Why Tumblr Is GIF Central

Tumblr is one of the most popular microblogging platforms available today that’s completely dominated by visual content. Its users are continuously posting and reblogging photo sets, videos and, of course GIFs. The best posts can go viral in a matter of hours.

GIFs strike the perfect balance between imagery and video. They’re short, dynamic, and don’t have any audio — so they’re perfect for telling mini-stories or showing a short series of scenes that can be viewed and shared easily on both the desktop web and mobile devices.

Most users take scenes from videos to make GIFs that they can post to their blogs, or they simply scour the web for existing GIFs of music videos, memes, TV shows or movies that someone else has already made. Giphy is just one good source of popular GIFs that Tumblr users can take advantage of when they want to include dynamic visual content in their posts and reblogged captions.

How Tumblr Is Further Solidifying Itself as GIF Central

Interestingly enough, Tumblr noticed the big trend in how users were regularly inserting GIFs into their reblogged post captions and introduced a GIF-making feature to help them out with that. You can now easily find and insert GIFs into Tumblr captions without having to upload them first from your computer.

On the desktop web, anytime you reblog a post you can click on a small plus sign button that appears to the left of the caption area, which pulls up some formatting options. One of those options is a GIF button, which allows you to search through existing GIFs already on Tumblr to preview and then insert them into your caption.

Tumblr’s Move Toward GIF Creation

Considering how popular the image format is on Tumblr, it makes sense that the blogging platform would launch its own built-in GIF creator tool. This will save users a lot of time and hassle from resorting to using third-party tools and then have to upload them to Tumblr.​

Now, whenever you plan to post a single photo or photoset on Tumblr through the mobile app, you get the option to turn any of your videos or photo busts into GIFs before you post them. It’s super simple to do, and you can bet you’ll get more likes and reblogs from it since Tumblr users adore this type of content.

Here’s how to start making your own GIFs through the Tumblr app. Click through to the next slide to see some visual screenshots.

Elyse Betters, US News Editor

· 17 November 2015

How to post a gif on tumblr

(Pocket-lint) – When we think about Tumblr, we think about GIFs.

Tumblr is a 8-year-old website and mobile app that lets you share GIFs, text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos with the world. According to the company, more than 23 million GIFs are posted to its service every day, so naturally, it’s where many people go when they want to mindlessly surf for hours and/or laugh at animated images with user-generated captions.

Building on top of its core strengths, Tumblr has added a new feature that’ll excite GIF lovers across the world. It’s now a GIF-maker. Yeah. It’s hard to believe this feature was absent up until now. Nevertheless, a new update to the Tumblr for iOS app adds the ability to make animated GIFs from short video clips and image bursts. Keep reading to learn more about how it works.

Tumblr GIF-maker: Getting started

Download the Tumblr for iOS app. It’s free. Tumblr said its iOS app can create a GIF out of any video or photo burts in your camera roll, and then you can edit and post that newly-created GIF using the same app. Tumblr is planning to evenually update its Android app as well.

Tumblr GIF-maker: How does it work?

  • Launch Tumblr for iOS.
  • Tap the compose button (pencil icon from the bottom menu bar) from the main screen.
  • Tap the Photo option (camera icon) from the compose screen.
  • Pick a set of burst images or a video you want to turn into a GIF. If it can be made into a GIF, it should be labelled with a “GIF” badge. You’ll see three tabs at the bottom of the media-selecting screen that let you filter your camera roll media by All, GIFs (video clips), and Stills. You’re limited to a 3-second clip to start with, but you can lengthen the time with the speed tool on the next editing screen.
  • Once you select your media, you will be brought to an editing screen, with an option to change the GIF’s speed from 0.5x to 4x. You can also zoom in by pinching the screen or make the GIF “rebound” back and forth sort of like a Boomerang.
  • Tap ‘Done’ when you’re, um, done editing.
  • You will then be brought back to the media-selecting screen, with your new GIF highlighted in blue. While its highlighted, tap ‘Next’ in the top-right corner. From there, you’ll be brought to a post screen, where you can add a caption and some tags.
  • Tap ‘Post’ when you’re ready to post the GIF to your Tumblr, and voila!
  • Repeat until your bored (which can never happen with GIFs, so yeah).

Tumblr GIF-maker: Got any extra tips?

Sure do. Tumblr said photo bursts make really good GIFs. Oh, and 1.5x speed seems to be the magic number for smoothness. Also, the shorter your GIF is, the better it’ll look. If you’d like more tips, Tumblr’s iOS app serves up a few.

How to post a gif on tumblr

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No matter how many times an original post of yours gets reblogged, you’ll always be credited as the source. Rebloggers might add a gif, or some commentary, or take out the caption entirely, but your username will always, always be stuck to the bottom of the post.

Now here’s a pro tip:

You can make that sticky source point wherever you want it to. If your content came from somewhere else (your DeviantArt page, your Flickr account, your friend who’s definitely giving you permission to post her stuff), you can ensure that the post’s source always points to that place, come hell or high reblog. Here’s how:

  • Hit the gear icon at the top of the post form.
  • Find the “Content source” field and put the content’s original URL in there.

That’s it! Now your post is properly attributed, and that attribution is unshakable.

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I’ve been around Tumblr long enough to start believing that my longevity entitles me to some opinions. And, at the risk of sounding like the uncle who makes Thanksgiving awkward by being elderly and opinionated, I’d like to hold forth on what I think makes a blog good. In some cases, these might not be the same thing that will make your blog widely read

Don’t engage the slimemold. If you get in an argument with some goo growing in the drain, you’ll probably win. But nobody will be impressed and the goo won’t notice. The same thing applies with the thirteen-year-old who left a truly odious comment on a thread somewhere.

Engage other viewpoints. The accoustics on most of the Internet are terrible. Everything gets drowned out by the echoes. Find people you disagree with who you nevertheless respect. If you can’t find any, look harder (or look inward).

Go the extra mile. Fix the formatting of that messy reblog chain. Where possible, make it look decent. If you screwed something up, fix it.

Use hypertext like you mean it. It’s like text, but more. You’re not just putting words on the screen. You can add pictures, charts, videos. Any given word can become a link—which means it can have a multitude of different meanings. And every time somebody writes anything about millenials, you can link to this Monty Python sketch.

Kill your brand. Every once in a while, it’s worth throwing in a post about something that most of your blogs readers don’t care about. People will probably get outraged, but that’s okay. It helps disrupt the echo chamber thing.

Get the story right, even if it means you’re not the first person to get to the story. If somebody you want to be outraged with did something unbelievably outrageous, do some bare minimum of fact-checking to make sure it happened before believing it.

Write. Revise. One of the best ways to get better at writing is practice.

So I have some views. You may not share them. That’s fine. And some of these definitely won’t make you a super-famous blogger. I think you’ll draw more page views if you can be the first partisan to hack up a story—even if you get your facts wrong. But if you’re going to spend however many hours creating a space on the Internet, you might as well make it a decent one.

Your Tumblr’s business home page provides visitors with a template that stays consistent no matter what page they are currently viewing. You can add an animated GIF to your home page by placing it below your profile picture, header or background. Once the image has been added, the animated GIF will appear on every page. If you promote your business through Tumblr, adding a GIF to your page can help to identify your company or advertise a particular sale or product.

Header or Background

Step 1

Access the Themes section of your Tumblr profile.

Step 2

Click the “Update” button on the Header or Background option in the Appearance section. If you choose Header, the GIF will appear as the header on your page. Background tiles the image as your background.

Step 3

Click the “Save” button.

Below Profile Picture

Step 1

Navigate to the Themes section of your Tumblr profile.

Step 2

Enter the following code into the Description text box:

Change “” so that it redirects to the URL for your GIF on the Internet.

Step 3

HTML Template Editing

Step 1

Click the “Edit HTML” button in the Themes section of your Tumblr profile.

Step 2

Place the following code after the “” snippet of code:

Change “” so that it redirects to the URL for your GIF on the Internet.

Step 3

Click “Preview Template” to ensure everything appears as you want it. Each Tumblr theme is slightly different, so experiment with placing the code in different places within the HTML to get the image in the exact location you want.

    Type: studio album
    Date: 30 Oct 2020
    r.e.m. beauty
    Type: beauty brand
    Date: 2021

    Save Your Tears (remix) – The Weeknd & Ariana Grande
    Type: single
    Date: 22 Apr 2021

    34+35 (remix) ft. Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion
    Type: single
    Date: 15 Jan 2021

    Type: single
    Date: 30 Oct 2020

    Type: single
    Date: 23 Oct 2020

    God Is A Woman
    Type: Fragrance
    Type: Fragrance

/>How to post a gif on tumblrHow to post a gif on tumblr /> /> /> /> />

About: Ariana Grande-Butera
Admins: Dhya, Ana
Theme: monicarambeau

D A I L Y G R A N D E ’ S M O N T H L Y E V E N T

Each month, we will reveal an Ariana-related theme or prompt to edit. Show us your best graphics, gifs, icons, typography edits and more. Entries will be showcased on a page on our blog!

march event: favorite lyrics

Let’s hear your favorite Ariana lyrics! 

  • Reblog this post
  • OPEN TO EVERYONE (you do not need to be a member of our blog to participate)
  • Post original creations only
  • Mention us @dailygrande and the month’s event in your caption
  • Tag #dailygrande
  • This event runs from March 1st – March 31st

There are no limits—post as much as you want and have fun with it! Feel free to suggest future prompts or message us with any questions here.

HANDE ERCEL in her role as eda yıldız in Sen Çal Kapımı e52 fragment

on my gif pack server, you will find #340 gifs of hande ercel in sen cal kapimi (ep 47) these gifs were all made by me from start to finish, so please don’t repost into gifsets/gif hunts or claim as your own. if you would like to edit these into gif icons/for crackships you must credit me (@cemresbaysel​) and reblog the post from the blog you will be posting from. failure to follow my simple rules will get you blocked. hope ya’ll enjoy this gif pack!

HANDE ERCEL in her role as eda yıldız in Sen Çal Kapımı e50 fragment 2

HANDE ERCEL in her role as eda yıldız in Sen Çal Kapımı e50 fragment

hande ercel gif hunt

click on here or source below to find 14 new gifs with hande ercel in her role as eda yıldız in sen cal kapımı various fragments (added a fragment from episode 30). all gifs are created by me from scratch. like or reblog, if they are useful for you or you are going to use them. do not redistribute them into other packs. do not appropriate them to yourself. do not turn them into gif icons and do not use them for crackship without my consent.

itsphotoshop is a collection of all kinds of resources for your Photoshop edits such as tutorials, textures, colorings, fonts. Here you will also find tutorials on how to make and customize Tumblr themes. Everything is organized by a thorough tag system and numerous pages that will hopefully make your experience easier and pleasant.


screencapping software

all of our resources

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Can I make questions?

How do I submit my resources?




We understand this blog as a collection of resources─an archive that we try to keep organized. We are always thinking of ways to improve our pages and tagging methods. The majority of resources are created by Tumblr users who submit them to us, however, if you want your content to be removed, let us know right away.

itsphotoshop © 2012–2022

Tumblr staff decided to change the photo/gif sets dimensions on November 2014. So at this point everyone is more or less used to the “new” dimensions and this post may be out-of-style.

Check this post for a clearer and graphic explanation of what comes next:




177px – 178px – 177px

The middle image/gif has to be 178px.


Which ones to use:

It’s up to you. Right after the changes were applied, around 60,000 Tumblr users, us included, decided to keep using the old dimensions, so you can make edits using the ones you like better. Update: We eventually switched to the “new” ones.

How to get all edits/gifs to look fine in the Dashboard:

Install this script so the Dashboard would go back to the way it used to look like, which means that 245 and 160px gifs and images won’t look distorted. Neither will 268 and 177px edits: the space that separate photos/gifs in posts will adapt so everything looks fine.

Our current settings are these. We personally only use Stylish Tumblr Image Width: No Rescaling script not the codes. And we recommend to check this hack.

I’m having trouble with the script in my blog/s.

In case you installed the script and gifs in your blog still appear distorted, enter your URLs inside these fields. You’ll find them when you click on the Stylish button in your browser and select Fix New Tumblr Photo Widths › Edit. Make sure you save changes when you’re done.

KNOW THAT Stylish will only work for you; whenever other users enter to your blog/s, they will not notice any differences.

Apart from that, there are some codes you can paste in Customize › HTML: this one for photosets and this one for single photo posts. Remember NOT TO USE BOTH methods (Stylish AND codes) at the same time in blogs. ALSO: codes will work for everyone who enters to your blog/s.

Sometimes those work and sometimes they don’t. Besides, from what we know, there are NOT any codes available for theme makers to fix this.

How to post a gif on tumblr

If a picture says a thousand words, then a great GIF can say a million.

Whether you want to share a short animated clip that’s funny, poignant, informative, or shocking, posting a GIF on Instagram is a great way to share memorable media.

But you can’t simply post a GIF to Instagram from your phone’s camera roll. You have to use a third-party app to convert the GIF into a file type that Instagram allows, and then upload it.

Fortunately several such apps exist, and one of the easiest to use, GIPHY Cam, also happens to be free. So, to post a GIF on Instagram, just follow these steps.

Check out the products mentioned in this article:

iPhone Xs (From $729 at Apple)

Google Pixel 3 (From $799.99 at Best Buy)

How to post a GIF on Instagram

1. Download and set up the GIPHY Cam app on your iPhone or Android phone.

2. Make sure that you have the GIF you want to post saved to your Camera Roll.

3. Open the GIPHY Cam app and tap the icon of the camera roll, or the thumbnail of a picture from your camera roll to open your smartphone camera library.

4. Tap the GIF you want to post, then tap the “>” icon to convert the GIF.

5. Hit the word “Next” to convert the GIF into a video format Instagram allows.

6. Tap the Instagram logo and then proceed as you would to make a standard Instagram post .

Tumblr, a microblogging and social network platform, is designed for blogging and sharing multimedia content including GIFs. However, to give users the best and fastest experience, Tumblr sets a GIF size limit. What is the Tumblr GIF size limit? This post will answer you.

How to post a gif on tumblr

Tumblr is the best place for bloggers where they can create different types of posts like text posts, photo posts, GIF posts, audio posts and video posts (Try MiniTool MovieMaker to make a Tumblr GIF and video). What’s more, unlike other social platforms, contents on Tumblr are available for download without limitations.

However, there are some posting limits on Tumblr. In the next part, I will explain what the Tumblr GIF size limit and other post limits are in detail. Continue to read this post!

Tumblr GIF Size Limits and Dimensions

According to Tumblr Help Center, the recommended GIF size should be no more than 3 MB because GIFs under 3 MB won’t be compressed. And the maximum GIF size is 10 MB. If you upload a GIF that exceeds 5 MB, Tumblr will try the best to compress the file download for you.

As for Tumblr GIF dimensions, the maximum width is 540 pixels. The GIF also can be 268 pixels wide, 178 pixels wide, and 177 pixels wide.

That’s all about the Tumblr GIF size limit. Do you want to know more? Here’s a table of Tumblr image and video specs.

Here’s a basic gif tutorial (using frame animation)! It’s long overdue so I’m making it as simple as possible. Feel free to send me an ask if there’s anything that’s confusing and I’ll try my best to help. Everything’s under the cut 🙂 You’ll need:

  • Adobe Photoshop (as long as you have frame animation you’re good to go, I use CC 2019)
  • 4K Video Downloader (optional but highly recommended. it’s free)

After downloading your video using 4k Video Downloader, open photoshop. Go to Window → Timeline and make sure it’s in frame animation. When you’re ready, go to File → Import → Video Frames to Layers and select the video that you want to gif. You’ll see this box:

Drag the little white arrow keys to mark the start and end of the scene you want to gif (Left for start and right for end). I’m going to gif a scene from the breathin music video. I’ve dragged the arrow keys to the particular scene I want (it’s okay to put the keys a bit earlier/later than the scene you want, you can delete excess frames later). You can press play to see a preview of the scene. For smoother HQ gifs, you’ll want every frame, so make sure the ‘Limit To Every 2 Frames’ box is unchecked.

Press OK and you’ll have both frames and layers ready!

Now for the fun part! Crop to whatever size you want. If you want your gif to look HQ on the dashboard, tumblr’s post dimensions are 540 pixels wide. For 2 column gifsets, gifs should be 268px each (there’s a 4px gap). For 3 columns, the right and left columns should be 177px each and the middle column should be 178px. Here’s a visual explanation.

I’m going to crop mine to 540px by 230 px. Set the aspect ratio in the crop box (it appears when you choose the crop tool)

And select the area you want to crop. When you’re done, press enter or the tick in the topbar. Now that it’s cropped, you’ll need to resize your gif. Go to Image → Image Size and fill in the dimensions you’ve chosen:

Press OK. You pretty much have your base gif now, all that’s left is to sharpen, set the frame delay & colour your gif.

To sharpen, I use this sharpening action. Here’s a summary of what you need to do: download and then load the action into photoshop → click on your first frame → select ‘flatten frames into layers’ in the timeline window → press play on the action. (It’s important that you have both your first frame and Frame 1 layer selected before you press play or the action won’t work). The action sharpens up to 120 frames, so if your gif has lesser frames, this message will appear. Just click ‘stop’.

Once it’s sharpened, add your colouring layers/psd (I’m using this psd). Click ‘Select all frames’ in the timeline settings and set the frame delay. I usually set mine to 0.05 seconds.

UPDATED SETTINGS (as of 2021) To save, go to File → Export → Save for Web. These are my usual gif settings (the quality is set to bicubic):

You’ll need to make sure the gif is under 5MB or it will exceed tumblr’s gif size limit (i.e. it won’t move when you upload them). Just keep deleting excess frames until it’s under 5MB:

Also make sure that the gif is set to loop forever:

Save it when you’re done! Here’s how my gif looks:



Site Info

Merlin Gifs is run by fans for non-profit entertainment purposes only. We do not own any content posted on this site, unless stated otherwise. If you own something that we posted and would like it to be removed, please notify us here.

Promotional images are from Merlin’s Keep

Hello Merlin fans,
today we bring you The Merlin-gifs Alphabet Challenge!
What is this challenge!?
Well, for starters, it has no starting date and no deadline… which means your contribution to the challenge has no expiration date. You may start today, tomorrow or in three months and you’re free to choose WHEN to post!
For each letter of the alphabet, you are given a prompt (a character, a place, an episode, a colour or a technique) and “officially” you are required to make ONE post per letter, but if you’re feeling creative and inspired, feel free to pick more than one option. This challenge is open to any kind of creative content (gifs, graphics, fanarts, photo edits, picspams e.t.c.). We are a gif blog so we can only reblog gifs but don’t let this halt your creativity. The only rule is that you can’t skip any letter!

A: Arthur Pendragon / Aithusa (4.04) / Alora (#cc9966)
B: Balinor / Beginning of the End (1.08) / Black & White
C: Cenred / Camelot / Capes
D: Dragoon / Dragonlord / Daegal
E: Elyan / Ealdor / Excalibur
F: Freya /Fyrien (Castle of) /Faceless
G: Gwaine / Guinevere / Gaius
H: Hunith / High Priestesses / Horseplay
I: Isolde / Isle of the Blessed / Ismere
J: Jewels / Jade (#00A86B) / Juggling
K: Knights of Camelot / Kara / Kilgharrah
L: Lancelot Du Lac / Lady Morgana / Leon
M: Merlin / Mordred / Morgause
N: Nimueh / Nemeth / Navy Blue (#000080)
O: Old Religion / OT4 / Orchid (#da70d6)
P: Princess Mithian / Percival / Pale Colours
Q: Queen of Hearts (3.10) / Queen Annis / Quick Silver (#A6A6A6)
R: Royal family / Red (#FF0000) / Rising Sun (Tavern)
S: Sophia / Sorcerers / Sins of the father (2.08)
T: The Thomas / Tristan / The Crystal Cave (3.05)
U: Uther Pendragon / Uther’s Ward / Unicorn (#9f90d0)
V: Vivian / Valiant / Vibrant Colours
W: Will / White (#ffffff) / Wicked Day (4.03)
X: Ships (ex: Merlin x Arthur) / Xotic (#863336) / Xoxo (romantic of platonic kisses)
Y: Ygraine / Young Warlock / Yellow (#ffff00)
Z: Zenchua (#d23c77) / Zonk / Zzzz

Don’t forget to include this hashtag: #merlinedit (and/or #merlinalphabetchallenge) to share your graphic content! Have fun!

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  • how do you guys make gifs?

we use photoshop! as for coloring we make our own.

  • do you accept gif requests?

yes we do! though we will not gif any leaked content so as long as your request is for a gifset of any ingame character we will gladly accept.

  • can you please promote my post / reblog my set / etc?

we usually go on #genshinedit, #genshinimpactedit and #genshinet when looking for things to reblog, so if you use one of those hashtags and we like what we see, we will reblog it. asks like this will be ignored as we are not a network blog.

  • when will you make / post my request?

we are students / work so there will be times where we won’t be able to make everything right away but your requests will be done sooner or later.

we’re always very grateful for all the requests we get and honored that people want to see more of our content but if you’re going to be demanding and rude about it, the request is going to be ignored

  • can i repost your gifs on tumblr / twitter / instagram etc?

no, we don’t allow reposting of the content we create.

  • can i use your gifs on my blog / carrd / etc?

we’re sorry but no. even with credit we would like to keep the content we create on our blog only.

if you have any questions about genshin, lore, builds, characters, etc. feel free to message us about it we will love to help you out!

ps: we do not support leaked content and we won’t be reblogging gifs, edit or any other posts made from leaked content.

again we would like to ask to NOT repost our content or use it on your blog / carrd / tumblr / twitter / instagram etc. we work hard on our content and we would like to keep it on our blog only.

if you see anyone using content anywhere else and would like to let us know, feel free to message us!

Tumblr this morning is rolling out a new feature designed to take advantage of the extensive collection of GIFs hosted on its service: a GIF search engine. The news follows that of Facebook’s decision to officially support the animated file format on users’ Timelines, announced last week. With Tumblr’s implementation, web users will now be able to more easily locate GIFs on Tumblr as well as add them to their posts, while also properly crediting the GIF’s original creator, the company says.

The search engine doesn’t rely on a third-party integration, such as a partnership with the popular GIF resource Giphy, for example, but instead only includes those GIFs that have been posted to the Tumblr platform.

The GIFs are indexed and cataloged using Tumblr’s search algorithms, which rely on tags to properly identify the GIFs.

That means Tumblr users should be able to surface GIFs using less common keywords than on some other search services, including via unique Tumblr slang, sayings and other abbreviations that members of the various fandoms on Tumblr use. For example, a search for “aos” should be able to pull up GIFs related to the TV show “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” while a search for “hp” could pull up GIFs related to the character “Harry Potter,” thanks to the way the engine has been designed. It also means users should be able to search Tumblr’s GIFs by phrases that were included in the post’s tags, like “I want to believe,” for X-Files GIFs, for instance.

To determine which GIFs are ranked more highly in the search results, Tumblr takes a variety of factors into consideration, but engagement – including likes and reblogs – is a strong factor.

Users who want to add a GIF to their post will now be able to do so by clicking the plus “+” button the web interface, then clicking the new “GIF” button and entering in their search terms. After selecting the GIF, it’s automatically added to the post along with a credit for the creator, which appears immediately below the image with a link to the original post.

That person will be notified that their GIF has been used and linked through notifications which are pushed out across all platforms, including web and mobile.

The GIFs are indexed from across all of Tumblr, whose site today includes over 239 million blogs with more than 80 million new posts daily. Currently, there are more than 112 billion posts on Tumblr, many of which include GIFs.

What makes Tumblr’s search service interesting is that the site has, for a long time, been known to be one of the web destinations that helped influence the GIF’s comeback over the years. The file format grew popular in the web early days as a way to add visual interest and movement to web pages. But as internet speeds increased and computing technology improved, GIFs were discarded for some time in favor of more high-quality files.

In recent years, however, GIFs have been seeing a renaissance of sorts. But these days, GIFs tend to emerge from edited video files, sometimes with advanced effects like filtering or adjustments in speed, as opposed to Web 1.0’s GIFs which were often crude animations, like the once-ubiquitous dancing banana GIF or the flashing “under construction” sign for web pages still being built.

And Tumblr has served to host many of these newer, more modern GIFs for years, including a number of original creations.

At launch, Tumblr’s GIF Search is only available on the web, but attribution and notifications are on all platforms, including Android and iOS. Tumblr hasn’t yet said when the feature will make its way to Tumblr’s mobile apps, but it seems it would make sense to include it in the future.

How to post a gif on tumblr

GIF, a filetype that celebrated its 25th anniversary this past June (don’t you feel old now?), won’t die. And the animated GIF, in particular, has seen a notable resurgence recently, as a newer, younger group of netizens rediscover its capabilities, posting GIFs to social networks, blogs and in fashion editorials. “Cinemagraph“-making apps became trendy, and Tumblr posts filled with animated GIFs ranging from the artsy to the humorous. But animated GIFs aren’t just for fun anymore – Tumblr has turned them into a money-making tool. Yesterday, the company ran a sponsored animated GIF in its Tumblr Radar section, and not surprisingly, it was for fashion brand Calvin Klein.

Yes, you read that right: cinemagraphs (animated GIFs), are Tumblr ads now.

You may remember that Tumblr first rolled out its advertising products in May of this year, announcing the ability for advertisers to pay for a spot in either Tumblr Radar or Tumblr Spotlight. For those unfamiliar with Tumblr terminology, Radar is the section on the right side of the Tumblr dashboard that displays an image from another Tumblr user’s blog, the blog’s title, and offers buttons that let you follow, reblog or like the post in question. Spotlight, meanwhile, is an editorially curated selection of the best of Tumblr.

Ads on Radar are designated by a dollar sign “$” next to the name of the blog being promoted along with text reading “sponsored by” and the name of the advertiser. While these ad units have been available since spring, it’s been hard to spot an advertisement on Radar, which usually just shows content Tumblr thinks you’ll like. The reason for this is because Tumblr advertisers pay for access to just 5% of the company’s daily traffic. Starting at rates of $25,000 per day and up, the advertiser buys a package that offers them a small slice of the some 120 million+ impressions on Radar as well as a featured position in Spotlight, which comes as a part of the ad package deal.

It’s here on Radar where the ad for Calvin Klein ran, featuring an animated GIF as the eye-catching image. And although this is the first time some folks spotted the animated GIF format (see, for example, David Chatier’s post and a reblog from MG Siegler, a Tumblr investor via CrunchFund), Tumblr says this is not actually the first advertiser to have used the GIF format. Other advertisers who have advertised via animated GIFs have included Coca Cola, Puma, American Apparel, MTV, VH1, Adidas, College Humor, and the movies “The Expendables 2,” “Ruby Sparks,” and “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” In total, around a dozen sponsored GIFs have run over the past two months, alongside other types of ads.

“You can use any post in the Tumblr Radar,” explains Tumblr’s Director of Product Danielle Strle, “so we’ve seen photo posts, a few video posts, and around a dozen animated GIFs.” She says that some of the animated GIFs have been really subtle, so users may not have even noticed the movement. But she does push advertisers who want to experiment with a different type of ad to choose the GIF format. “When people say they want to use video, I actually do tend to encourage them to use the animated GIF,” she says. “It’s such a magical format – it’s all the visual and immediacy of video, without the barrier to entry of the play button.”

One of the more popular animated GIF ads was Coca Cola’s, which ran around two weeks ago. In the first 24 hours, it received 35,000 “notes,” which is Tumblr’s term for likes and reblogs combined. By day two, that number had reached 60,000. And in the days since, it has spread around the Tumblr network, receiving some 17,000 to 18,000 more notes. Strle says she would be shocked if people didn’t continue reblogging that same GIF next summer, too. “Content on Tumblr tends to be really evergreen and has a long life cycle,” she says.

Well, she may be right on that point – animated GIFs, given how long they’ve lasted on the web, do appear to have a timeless appeal. But whether their recent comeback will eventually translate into a core piece of Tumblr’s business model remains to be seen. Still, there’s a lot more room to experiment here – the ads Tumblr runs today are web-only. Strle says mobile ads are on the roadmap, but declined to say when those will debut.

How to post a gif on tumblr

in general, i don’t allow my artworks to be reposted or used at all, but there are some exceptions, so here’s a list of where/how my artworks can or cannot be used:

  • reposting (on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.): No
  • header/icon: Yes, with credits (if caught without credits, i’ll ask you to remove/change it/tell you to put the credits somewhere on your profile)
  • playlist (soundcloud/8tracks/etc.) album cover: No
  • wattpad cover: No
  • youtube: No
  • desktop/phone wallpaper: Yes (but if you’re editing my works to become wallpapers for others to use, that’s strictly prohibited.)
  • print on shirts/clothings/merchandise: No
  • journals: Yes (with credits if you plan on posting pics of the spread)
  • tattoos: No
  • background for videos/video editing: No

if there are other types of usages that are not mentioned here, please DM me on my instagram (@_mienar) for a prompt response.

i sincerely ask for you to respect my wishes and choices on where/how I allow my works to be used.

EDIT: reblogging =/= reposting. reblogging my works on tumblr is completely okay! reposting means saving/downloading the images and posting it somewhere else – that’s what i don’t allow

Alt text! It’s a textual alternative to a photo or GIF, so anyone who uses a screen reader will know what you’ve posted. If you post, say, a long Furby sitting on a couch, you might provide alt text that says “a long Furby sitting on a couch” so anyone who needs to use a screen reader gets to join in on the fun. Keep it short, keep it descriptive.

Easy-peasy. When you add an image or GIF to a post or reblog on Tumblr in the iOS or Android app, you’ll see a meatballs menu (●●●) pop up in the lower right-hand corner of your image or GIF. Tap it, then select “Add alt text.”

We’re continuing our efforts to make Tumblr more accessible in accordance with the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium. They’re an initiative that sets standards for accessibility for people who may need assistance using the internet.

Happy alt texting, Tumblr!

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Tumblr is getting a facelift

Some time ago we took a long, hard look at how we stacked up to the recommendations outlined in the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium. This is the initiative that sets standards for accessibility for people who may need assistance using the internet. It outlines steps to take and tools to use to create as seamless of an experience online as possible, whether you have auditory, visual, or neurological disabilities, are using a limited device, are on a slow connection with limited bandwidth, or…well, a whole bunch of other reasons.

The result of that long, hard look? Not great. We needed to make sure Tumblr was accessible to anyone who wants to use it.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been making changes to do just that. Our inaccessible menus are more accessible, we fixed our poorly described elements, and increased overall readability. You can read more about all that in our most recent @javascript post about the mobile web.

Part of making Tumblr more accessible involved upping the color contrast in our UI, most notably on the dashboard and everywhere else that familiar blue touches. The light grays and muted blues had a contrast ratio of 2.02:1. What does that mean? Bad. It was bad, and we needed to do better by people with visual impairments.

Enter your new dashboard:

It looks…cleaner, doesn’t it? Like someone dusted off the poorly accessible bits. The blue is darker, the grays are lighter, all the buttons and icons are brighter with our new brand colors, and it has a contrast ratio of 7.87:1 What does that mean? Good! Very good.

The switch to your brand new, higher contrast, less dusty dashboard has been slowly rolling out this week. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll get it sometime in the next few days.

A note: We know that this color change on the dashboard negatively impacts the beautiful bluespace art so many of you have created over the past few years. Seeing these older posts lose the utilization of the dashboard—something that made them so special and unique to just Tumblr—is certainly not a great feeling. There’s no way around that. We hope, however, that this change only means newer, more bluespace art will be created, and that this time around it will be easier for everyone to experience.

Goodbye, #36465D. You’ve treated many of us well, but #001935 will treat every single one of us even better.

Dusting off the cobwebs

Over the past couple of weeks, we have slowly rolled out a spiffy new version of Tumblr on the web. Here’s a smattering of goodies in the update:

  • Dark mode is now available on the web! Along with a few other color schemes, too. Just click the silhouette figure in the upper right corner and then click “Change Palette” to cycle through all of ‘em.
  • You can now view your likes page in the default view or in the new grid view.
  • Same with any tagged pages. Here, try it out with the frog tag. A glorious grid.
  • Copying the link to a post, reporting a post, or blocking someone whose content you don’t enjoy is easier than ever. Just click the meatballs menu (●●●) in the upper right corner.

Some of these visual changes are obvious, but the biggest transformation is the one you can’t see. This wasn’t just a facelift, we completely updated the web interface. The old one was outdated—over a decade old. Adding features to it wasn’t always easy, fixing bugs wasn’t always quick. It was clear that we needed to update the whole dang thing. So update the whole dang thing we did. The result? A faster Tumblr. The experience is smoother, it’s easier to add new features, and we’re able to squash any pesky bugs quicker than before.

This kind of web interface change means that some of your Tumblr browser extensions may not work. We understand how important these extensions are to those of you who want to customize your Tumblr experience as much as possible. Throughout this process, we’ve stayed in close communication with the people over at @new-xkit-extension to make sure our update was one that they could work with. We provided them with APIs they needed to begin moving over to this new platform. This also gave us the opportunity to discuss the benefits their extension brings to the community. Having their input on what makes their service valuable to the people who use it has been a true treat, and one we are grateful for. While XKit isn’t an official Tumblr tool, it’s one we know is dear to many of you, and we don’t take that lightly. If you have any concerns, we encourage you to read more about what they have to say over here. Be sure to follow them to stay updated on their process!

We want to hear from you

Yeah, you. When we first began testing this new interface with a small selection of you, we received some really useful feedback. We want to make sure that continues, so we created a survey. While we always read the reblogs on our announcement posts, this survey is the best way to let us know exactly how you feel about this update. And don’t worry—it’s anonymous. We won’t know who you are unless you make it your business to tell us so. Head on over there and share your thoughts now.

Your audience want to feel something when they scroll through Instagram, and GIFs can forge that emotional connection with them.

Below, we’ll show you how to post a GIF on Instagram — with a series of GIFs — and share some of the social network’s best GIF apps.

How to Post a GIF on Instagram

  1. Download the free GIPHY app.
  2. Open GIPHY.
  3. Search for a GIF.
  4. Press the “share” button in between the heart and the three dots (it looks like a paper airplane).
  5. Press the Instagram share button.
  6. Allow GIPHY to access your photos.
  7. Allow GIPHY to open your Instagram app.
  8. Choose to post the GIF to your story or feed.
  9. Add a filter, a caption, and share!

Here’s a series of GIFs that will show you exactly how to post a GIF on Instagram:

1. Download and open GIPHY.

You can find GIPHY in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

2. Search for a GIF and tap the one you like.

3. Press the “share” button in between the heart and the three dots (it looks like a paper airplane).

It will drop down to a screen with all the platforms you can share the GIF on.

4. Press the Instagram share button.

This is where GIPHY will give you one or two notifications asking if it can access your photos and open Instagram — hit “OK” or “Allow”.

5. Choose to post the GIF to your story or feed.

6. Add a filter, a caption, and share!

The 6 Best Instagram GIF Apps


GIPHY has the world’s largest library of animated GIFs and stickers.

Free on IOS and Android

4.7/5.0 Rating

2. Giphy Cam

On Giphy Cam, you can record your own GIFs and add filters or special FX to them.

Free on IOS and Android

4.8/5.0 Rating

3. ImgPlay

Free on IOS and Android

4.7/5.0 Rating

4. GIF Maker

With GIF Maker, you can convert your photos or videos into GIFs, Boomerangs, and memes.

Free on IOS and Android

4.6/5.0 Rating

5. Momento

Momento lets you use your live photos and videos to create GIFs and stop motion videos. You can also add augmented reality, filters, music, stickers, effects, text, and zoom to them.

Free on IOS and Android

4.6/5.0 Rating

6. Songclip

Apple featured Songclip on their “New Apps We Love List” last year. And it was included for good reason. The app has a licensed music library full of modern and classic hits that you can add to their collection of GIFs or your own created GIF. But if you don’t feel like making your own GIF-music combination, you can just select and send one of their trending Songclips to your friends.

Make GIF with a free GIF creator app on iPhone & iPad! ImgPlay will be your favorite go-to app for gif & video making! ImgPlay can be your converter, splitter & editor for your GIF & video! You can easily customize GIFs when you make GIF from video, Live Photo & burst. Combine and caption GIFs to make funny memes! If your GIF is ready, share it to iMessage, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr directly!

GIF or Video Creation:
• Using Live Photo
• Using Burst Photos
• Photo-by-Photo (Slideshow)
• Partial Video-Editing Features
• Partial GIF-Editing Features
• Video Recording Tools
• Importing from Wi-Fi, iTunes & Dropbox

Four Camera Modes:
• Hands-Free, Normal, Boomerang, Stop-Motion

Canvas Style:
• 1:1, 4:5, 9:16 (Instagram Story Size), 1.91:1 (Facebook Size), 2:1(Twitter Size)
• 16:9, 3:4, 4:3, 2:3, 3:2, 1:2
• 6 Different Meme Canvas Styles, including Autotext-area
• Various shaped Canvas style including Text Cut Out Canvas

Frame View:
• Checking GIF & Video Frames easily
• Ordering Frames with Drag & Drop
• Easily Merge Photos, GIFs, Videos & Live Photo with the Tap of a “+” Button

Captions & Text:
• Adding Text to GIFs & Video
• Adding Customized Fonts directly
• Shadow, Outline, Neon, etc. Text styles
• 20 different Animated Text with Looping option
• Downloadable various Fonts

Fun Stickers & Image Overlay:
• Customizing Stickers with your own Photos & GIFs
• 23 different Animated Sticker Motion with Looping option
• Downloadable Fantastic Sticker Packs
• Using Copied image for Sticker by Copy & Paste from Clipboard
• Add Mosaic
• Add your own logo

Adjust Effects in details:
• Adjustment for Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Warmth & Sharpen
• 45+ different Filters

Make GIFs & Videos fun-fully:
• Sketch with Pen Drawing
• Speed Control (0.02sec-1sec) for GIF/Video
• Play Direction Change (Forward, Reverse, Back & Forth)
• Video trimming
• Colored or Patterned Background
• Rotate, Crop & Flip
• FPS Setting (5, 10, 15, 20, 24, 30) while editing or trimming video

Save & Share easily and quickly :
• Looping Count (Infinite or 1, 3, 5 times)
• Save GIF as Video File or Save Video as GIF File
• Save GIFs/Videos to Camera Roll in the Desired Size
• Save GIF/Video by selecting the pixel size
• Share GIFs/Videos Quickly to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Weibo, WeChat, QQ, etc
• Resize the files automatically to upload them for Twitter and WeChat
• Save as an individual frame
• Export APNG, WebP

ImgPlay for iMessage (Over iOS 10):
• Send GIFs/Videos from Camera Roll Directly without leaving your iMessage Conversation

We always love to hear from you.
If you are enjoying ImgPlay, please leave us reviews.
Bugs? Feedbacks? Suggestions? Feel free to contact us.

Pronounced “ghif”or “jiff”(the debate is ongoing), GIF is the name given to short animated images.

Images can improve email engagement by up to 650%, and while animated GIFs can be divisive (some might think they’re tacky), their benefits are hard to argue with.

However, adding a GIF to an email or other document requires a specific process. If you simply copy or save a GIF, all you’ll wind up with is the static frame of the animated GIF. Here’s how to copy and paste the entire animation, both using traditional methods as well as the Right Inbox GIF button.

How to copy and paste a GIF

Method 1: Copy animated GIF and paste it

Step 1. Go to the website with the GIF you’d like to copy.

Step 2. In your Chrome browser, navigate to More tools – Save page as… and name your file before clicking Save.

Step 3. Go to the location where you saved the page, and open the folder with the same name as the page you’ve saved.

Step 4. Run a search for *.gif and you’ll see the animated GIF in the results.

Step 5. You can now paste the downloaded GIF into an email, Word document, or webpage.

Method 2: Save full HTML page and embed

Step 1. Go to the website with the GIF you’d like to copy.

Step 2. Right click on the GIF and click Copy.

Step 3. Open File Explorer to locate the folder where you want to save the GIF.

Step 4. Right click in the folder and click Paste.

Step 5. The whole animated GIF will now be saved on your computer and can be inserted into an email, Word document, or webpage.

How to Use GIFs Using Right Inbox

With Right Inbox, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort saving, copying, and pasting GIFs. By downloading the Right Inbox extension for Chrome, you can simply insert a GIF into your email at the click of a button. Here’s how:

1. Download the extension for free in Chrome.

2. Open a new email.

3. Click on the Add GIF button.

4. A new window will pop up where you can access the full GIPHY library.

5. You’re presented with the currently trending GIFs, and you can also search the GIPHY library by entering keywords into the search bar.

6. To enter a GIF into your email, simply click the GIF you want.

7. You’ll then be given the option to Insert into your email, or Save the image into your saved GIFS folder.

8. Click Insert and your GIF is immediately embedded into your email.

9. When you click Save, your GIF will go into the Saved folder so that you can locate them at a later date.


Start spending less time in your inbox

Gmail is a registered trademark of Google. Right Inbox is not affiliated with Google or Gmail