How to send high school transcripts to colleges

Transcripts Delivered Electronically:

No faxed transcripts will be accepted.

Official high school transcripts may be sent electronically from the high school using a secure third-party delivery service. Columbus State Community College has received transcripts from the following third-party electronic delivery services:

  • Naviance
  • Parchment
  • eScrip-Safe*

NOTE: Schools using eScrip-Safe should send the transcripts to [email protected] to ensure accurate, timely receipt and processing.

PLEASE NOTE: During the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home order, we prefer that transcripts be sent directly from a third-party vendor. If a transcript must be emailed, we require that it come from a high school official’s email rather than the student’s email. We will not accept attachments of a transcript sent from a student. Personal delivery of transcripts is not available. Transcripts may be sent via U.S. mail, but limited personnel on campus may increase processing time.

Transcripts Delivered In Person or via Mail:

A final official high school transcript is a transcript received in the original, sealed envelope on official paper with an official seal and/or official signature verifying the date of graduation and has not been opened prior to being submitted to Columbus State Community College. No faxed transcripts or transcripts attached to e-mails from high schools or students will be accepted.

Official transcripts in original sealed envelopes may be delivered to Columbus State Community College by one of two methods:

1. In person in the original sealed envelope from the high school to:

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How to Retrieve Old College Transcripts

One of the most important parts of your college application is your official high school transcript. Your high school transcript can be sent to colleges in a variety of ways. A college might want a paper transcript, or you may need to submit a transcript request through a website or electronic system. The application requirements of the college or colleges on your list will tell you exactly how they want you to send your transcript, but if you’re not sure, make an appointment with your guidance counselor to discuss these details of your application.

Sending Transcripts the Old-Fashioned Way

Some colleges may want a paper transcript from your high school, or maybe your high school will only send transcripts if you have filled out a paper form. It’s important to visit your guidance counselor in order to find out these little details before you start applying to colleges. In these cases, your school will give you a form to fill out to request transcripts. You will need to know the address of the college admissions office where you want your transcript sent.

Sending Your High School Transcript with the Common Application

Many colleges are now using the Common Application to make applying to colleges easier for students. The Common Application is an online college application portal that allows students to submit their applications to more than 800 schools in the United States, Canada, China and Europe.

However, some things never change: To submit your high school transcript to the Common Application, you need to visit your guidance counselor and fill out a transcript request. Your guidance counselor will be the one who submits your official transcript online with your school forms attached. If the college to which you’re applying prefers to receive paper transcripts, you will still need to submit a transcript request through your guidance counselor. Depending on your school’s policy, you may need to mail the transcripts yourself.

Sending a Parchment Transcript

Some high schools, especially large schools, may use to help students receive and send their credentials. If you need to send a Parchment transcript, you will first need to make an account on After that, follow the instructions on the website that ask you for your information. After you order and pay, the website will electronically send your Parchment transcript to your school or schools of choice. As with other methods, check with your guidance counselor first before you start the ordering process.

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How to send high school transcripts to colleges

When you’re gathering materials to apply for college or even a job, you’re often asked for a copy of your high school transcript. If you’ve ever wondered what a high school transcript actually is, you’re not alone.

What Is a High School Transcript?

A high school transcript is a record of your academic accomplishments during your time as a high school student. On it you will find every class you have taken in high school, when in your tenure you took each class, and what grade you received in those classes. Everyone who went to high school will have a transcript and if you attended more than one high school, you will have more than one high school transcript.

So when are you going to need a high school transcript?

When You Apply to College

Many colleges require an official copy of your high school transcript when you apply and again when you graduate to prove that you’ve completed your high school curriculum and that you have the academic standing necessary to be accepted . Some colleges will also use your high school transcript or GPA to determine any merit-based financial assistance. It is also used to determine if you’ve fulfilled any pre-requisite work necessary for class registration.

When You Graduate or Transfer High Schools

Your high school transcript is examined to ensure you have fulfilled all the requirements for graduation and don’t need to take any additional classes to meet curriculum standards. If you have to transfer high schools, your transcript is evaluated to determine your class standing and what classes you’re able to take based on the coursework you have already completed.

When You Apply for Certain Jobs

Internships, government positions, and even jobs within a university can require you to submit your high school transcript when applying for employment. In these cases, transcripts are used to determine your work ethic and to fact check any claims you have on your resumé such as GPA or graduating with honors. This also gives employers the opportunity to see how long you’ve been taking any coursework relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Unofficial Transcript vs Official Transcript

Transcripts come in two forms: unofficial and official. What’s the difference between the two and which one should you be handing out?

Both transcripts contain the same information. The official version contains your school’s seal or a tamper-proof mark to guarantee none of the information presented has been manipulated or altered in any way. An unofficial transcript does not have this mark.

Most colleges and universities require you to submit an official copy of your high school transcript. To ensure their authenticity, official high school transcripts are often sent directly from to school to school. Your high school may also give you an official copy of your transcript in a sealed envelope. Do not open this envelope! The moment you do, it is considered unofficial and will not be acceptable to the colleges and universities you’re applying to.

Some jobs will accept an unofficial copy while you’re applying and then request an official copy when you’ve been hired in order to verify the information you’ve provided.

If you’re working with a college consultant or applying for scholarships, an unofficial version of your high school transcript is usually acceptable. And if you just want your high school transcript for your own records of personal use, an unofficial copy is okay.

How to send high school transcripts to colleges

High School Transcript and College Admissions

I’ve mentioned briefly already why your high school transcript is important for the college application process, but I want to go into a little more detail about how it affects your chances for admission into college.

When an admissions committee receives your complete college application, one of the most important pieces of information you will provide is your high school transcript. This tells the committee a variety of things, including:

  • how long you’ve been taking a rigorous course load
  • if you have any “weak” subjects or areas you’re challenged in
  • your work ethic
  • how well you balance school work and life
  • GPA and class standing

That’s a lot of information, right? A lot is riding on your high school transcript.

Make Your Transcript Impressive

Depending on the caliber of schools you’re applying to, it’s important that you take what’s called a “rigorous high school curriculum.” What does that actually mean and why is it important?

Usually taking a rigorous course load means you’re doing four years of English, math, social studies, and the sciences. Pursuing the same foreign language for three years is also strongly encouraged. This doesn’t leave much room for electives, but even those should be tailored to what your intended major is. If you’re undecided, make sure your electives either contribute to one of the areas above, like astronomy or Shakespeare, or broaden your intellectual horizons like psychology or philosophy.

When you’re picking classes for the year or semester, make sure to enroll in as many AP and IB classes as you possibly can. Taking AP and IB courses prepare you mentally for college on an intellectual level by placing you in charge of how much you get out of a particular course. This is very different from how regular high school classes are taught and, if you’re unprepared, can leave you feeling overwhelmed when you’re finally in college.

I always tell my students that working with a tutor is one of the best things they can do for their education, especially when they’re mentally transitioning from normal high school level course work to AP and IB level coursework. You’re not a failure for seeking out a tutor; you’re taking responsibility for your education and being mature enough to admit you need some help.

A high school transcript is one of the most important collection papers for you future. Colleges and universities, high schools you might be transferring to, and even some employment opportunities require a high school transcript in order for you to be considered. Make sure you’re sending the official transcript to them rather than of the unofficial one and that you know the difference between the two. And most importantly, make your high school transcript something you can be proud of.

Do you have any questions about high school transcripts? Does knowing all of this change how you look at your school work? Comment below and let us know your thoughts. We can’t wait to see what you have to share with us!

Your Transcripts, Diplomas & Other Academic Records

First, enter the school name that you would like to order your transcript or another record type from.

Then you will be able to specify where it needs to be sent.

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How to send high school transcripts to colleges


Average school sending times are within 2 business days from when Parchment notifies them. Please note: Sending times vary by school.


Parchment will deliver the records as soon as they are processed by the sending school.


Print and mail orders will be sent out the same day if they are processed by the sending school before 3PM PST. Mail times vary between USPS & FedEx.


You will be notified via email every time your order status changes.


How to send high school transcripts to colleges


Enter the school you attended that you need your transcript or other record type sent from.

How to send high school transcripts to colleges


Enter the school you attended that you need your transcript or other record type sent from.

How to send high school transcripts to colleges


We’ll send the request to the school so they can verify and process the order.

How to send high school transcripts to colleges


Your school sends the records you requested through the Parchment system, to the destination you specified.


How to send high school transcripts to colleges

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How to send high school transcripts to colleges

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How to send high school transcripts to colleges

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How to send high school transcripts to colleges

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  • July 25, 2019

Your high school transcript is a complete record of your academic achievements in high school. It starts with the first grading period of your first year of high school and is updated each term until you graduate.

The format varies from school to school, but most transcripts include:

  • Your name, address, and date of birth
  • The name of your school
  • The courses you’ve taken and when you took them
  • Your grades for each grading period
  • The weight of each grade (grades in higher-level courses like AP are often worth more than the same grade in a standard course)
  • The number of credits you earned for each course
  • Your cumulative GPA
  • Your scores on AP Exams, the SAT, or other standardized tests
  • Any academic honors you’ve received

Transcripts and College Applications

High school transcripts are necessary for almost every college application. They give college admissions officers a quick overview of a student’s academic performance and help them decide who to admit.

Official and Unofficial Transcripts

There are two types of high school transcripts: official and unofficial. The main difference: official transcripts are sent to colleges directly from high schools, while unofficial transcripts can be given directly to students. Many schools have online portals where you can print copies of your unofficial transcript.

Colleges almost always ask for official transcripts because they want to make sure the information on the transcript hasn’t been changed. Talk to your school counselor to find out how to send official transcripts when you’re applying to college.

Other Uses for Transcripts

Some scholarships, internships, and jobs may also ask for a copy of your high school transcript. You’ll probably need an official transcript for scholarship applications, but unofficial transcripts may be acceptable in other situations.

Make sure you know what type of transcript is required before submitting any application.

How to send high school transcripts to colleges

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How to Send High School Transcripts to a College

Whether you’re a new high school graduate or you have some college credits, you will need to send some transcripts when you apply to universities. Institutions require official transcripts, which must come directly from the school that issued the credits in the first place. So, how do you submit a transcript request and get your information in the right hands?

The answer depends on the school from which you came, the institution you want to attend and the type of application you complete. Be sure to understand the steps for submitting transcripts so you can apply with relative ease and meet all of your application deadlines.

What Are Official Transcripts?

When you apply to colleges, you cannot just make photocopies of the transcripts that you already have. Allowing such records would leave too much room for cheating. Instead, institutions need to see official transcripts.

These forms come from the submitting school, typically in sealed envelopes. Some systems allow authorized users to send official transcripts electronically instead. In either case, you will not be the person to submit the documents. Instead, official transcripts should come from your school’s academic counselor.

How to Get High School Transcripts

If you have little to no college experience, colleges will want to see your high school transcript. This document shows which courses you took, your grades, your cumulative GPA and your graduation date. The guidance counselor at your high school should submit your form for you.

Most likely, you only need to send your high school transcript from your final school because it will have records from previously attended institutions. Be sure to see your guidance counselor to find out your school’s unique procedures. If you have already graduated, you can still get your transcripts with a phone call to the school.

Send Your College Transcripts

When you send college transcripts, they must also be official copies. Universities often employ several people who oversee transcript requests. Contact your previous college’s academic advising office to discover what the procedures are at the school.

Some schools allow you to send a few college transcripts for free. Other institutions charge a small fee for each record you have them send. You can typically pay these fees online when you order the documents.

Once you submit your transcript request, one college will send the documents directly to the other. You should not have any further involvement in the process.

Transcripts Through the Common App

The Common Application, or “Common App,” allows you to apply to more than 800 colleges and universities with just one application. When you use the service, you must submit applications. Sometimes, you can complete this process through a service called Parchment.

In some cases, the colleges only need to see the transcripts from Common App. Other schools may need you to send official transcripts directly to the university as well.

Transcript Submitting Checklist

Sending transcripts can be tricky sometimes. When you’re stressing out about getting into college, it can be easy to miss important details. Make sure to remember these things when you get ready to send your documents:

    Give yourself enough time. It can take a few weeks for transcripts to get into the right hands.

Double check addresses. You don’t want to miss your deadline because the transcript went to the wrong office.

When in doubt, call someone and ask. Admissions and guidance counselors deal with transcripts all the time and can help.

  • Never submit unofficial transcripts without written permission.
  • Sending transcripts is an important and sometimes difficult part of the college admissions process. Be sure that you know the procedures for your previous schools and the ones you want to attend. With this knowledge, you can send the right documents to the people who need to see them.

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    How to Find College Transcripts

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    How to Retrieve Old College Transcripts

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    All other documents and exam scores must be submitted by July 15.

    Admitted transfer applicants

    You will be asked to submit official transcripts from all schools and colleges you have attended, including high school, regardless of your length of attendance or whether you believe the credit is transferable. Some campuses may request transcripts prior to admission.

    Transcript information for applicants who have attended school outside the U.S.

    Each academic record must list the:

    • dates you attended the institution
    • titles of courses and examinations you completed
    • grades (marks) you received
    • credit, hours or units earned
    • any degree or diploma you may have received

    Because it may take some time for schools outside the United States to forward your records to UC, you are encouraged to have available legible photocopies of your official foreign academic records. Do not send transcripts at the time of application. After you submit your application, be prepared to send these copies to the admissions office at each campus to which you have applied, only upon their request. Official transcripts will be required at the campus you elect to attend.

    UC recognizes that it may be difficult to obtain foreign records in the event of political upheaval or natural disaster. However, these situations are rare. Failure to provide official records may jeopardize your enrollment at UC.

    Veterans & active-duty military

    If you are admitted and have accepted an offer of admission, you can submit official military transcripts (e.g., ACE, SMAART) to your UC campus.

    UC may award transfer credit for some of your military courses if the content was equivalent to a course taught at UC.

    Send your score to colleges, universities, and other organizations.

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    Sending CLEP Scores and Requesting Transcripts

    Scores can be sent to one institution for free during registration, or you can request an official CLEP transcript after exam day for a $20 fee. Transcripts can be ordered by logging in to the CLEP My Account registration portal.

    There are three ways to request a transcript in My Account:

    • Click on “Request a Transcript” in the dropdown menu under My CLEP Account.
    • Click on MyAccount Overview, and you will see a link called “Request a Transcript.”
    • Click on My CLEP Exam Scores and scroll to the bottom of the page under Order Transcripts. Click on the “Transcript Request” link.

    This cumulative transcript covers all CLEP exams you’ve taken and the scores you earned in the last 20 years. Acceptable forms of payment for transcript orders are debit or credit card ONLY.

    You will receive a confirmation email once your transcript request is received. Transcript creation and delivery takes 10–14 business days, and an institution receiving your transcript may take additional time to process your scores once it receives them.

    Important Notes About CLEP Transcripts:

    • If you want to send transcripts to multiple institutions, you must complete a transcript request for each institution. There’s a $20 fee for each transcript ordered.
    • Transcript orders are nonrefundable and cannot be canceled or changed.
    • If your institution still hasn’t received your scores 15 business days from when you placed your transcript order, you can log in to My Account, go to your transcript order details, and click on resend transcript to resend your scores for free. Note:A transcript resend will have the exact same information as the original transcript request. If you change information from an original transcript request, you will be charged a $20 fee.
    • Be sure to verify your institution’s mailing address when entering a custom address. If you enter an incorrect address and need to resend your transcript, you will be charged an additional $20.

    Only transcripts for non-DANTES-funded exams may be ordered online via My Account. Test takers ordering official transcripts for DANTES-funded exams must order online using the Parchment Transcript Ordering Service.

    Obtaining Transcripts for Military Personnel

    A military transcript will include all scores for DANTES-funded CLEP exams taken after July 1, 1974. To obtain a transcript, order online using the Parchment Transcript Ordering Service and pay the required $30 fee.