How to solder pipe

Introduction: How to CORRECTLY Solder a Copper Pipe

How to solder pipe

How to solder pipe

How to solder pipe

Hiya on this text I’ll be completely explaining how to solder copper pipe to get a pleasing leak-free joint. In the event you occur to’re unfamiliar with soldering, you’ll discover a means to solder any diameter pipe after this video with ease and peace of ideas.

Step 1:


Alright, so the first points I wanna undergo are the devices and provides you’ll be needing to full the obligation. So instrument #1 is a torch. You’ll uncover a superb torch at your native ironmongery store that ought to worth you between 20$ to 50$ Canadian {{dollars}}, Positive there are increased fashions in the marketplace for industrial plumbers nonetheless should you’re a DIYer doing minor work, these will simply do good.

To discover a means to use your new torch you’ll be needing some gasoline. There are 2 types of fuels for you to choose from, you’ve acquired your peculiar “propane” gas which you will each uncover inside the tenting ile or inside the plumbing a part of the store or MAPP gas. The excellence between every of these is that MAPP gas burns hotter than propane, which in flip heats up your joint sooner, so it’s up to you to choose which one you want to use.

You may also desire a lighter to your torch, In case your torch doesn’t have one built-in, you want to use a faithful striker.

One factor else it’s your decision is just a few flux. The primary purpose of flux is to forestall oxidation of the underside and filler supplies when soldering.

Lastly, it’s your decision some wire brushes, sandpaper, and solder. The plumbing code specifies to NOT use 50/50 solder as a result of it includes lead, so use 95/5 or any solder that is lead-free.


Preparation is significant to having leak-free joint. The 1st step to accomplish that’s to clear every components that’ll be joined collectively. To clean the pipe, take your sand paper and sand the portion that’ll penetrate the turning into until it resembles this. As you may see, there will not be any additional flooring spottings and that’s exactly what we’re looking out for. Subsequent is the turning into. You’ll wanna use a faithful dimension brush to your turning into to get it cleaned, they most regularly arrive clear from the manufacture nonetheless it’s important to get the ground roughed up a bit just so the solder can adhere increased.


With every your surfaces now prepped, let’s assemble them, nonetheless sooner than you’ll need to apply some flux. Making use of the flux is pretty self-explanatory, all that’s wished is enough of it to cowl every surfaces that contact equivalent to inside the picture.


Alongside along with your flux now utilized it’s time for the exact soldering course of which is step 2. Now the target proper right here is to heat the portion you want your filler supplies to be pulled into. There’s a time interval for this and it’s referred to as capillary movement. Capillary movement is the pliability of a liquid (solder on this case) to motion in slender areas with out the assistance of exterior forces, which implies it’ll motion upwards which is pretty cool.

It’s essential to start heating your joint on the bottom FIRST, motive being is do you have to start heating the best first, your solder will want to motion down due to gravity nonetheless gained’t have wherever to go as a result of the bottom of the joint is simply too cool to soften the solder, so always start from the underside and work your strategy up.

So protect heating it up whereas testing your solder every now and then to see if it’ll get sucked in. Lastly, your joint may be scorching enough to settle on your solder so go ahead and run a pleasing bead all through the joint to assure full safety. An excellent tip proper right here is to always study your joint after soldering it, it’ll converse for itself which signifies that do you have to haven’t appropriately heated the joint, it’s best to see some voids inside the joint. If this happens all you might need to do is reapply slightly little bit of flux, heat up the joint and solder the affected area.


As the final word step, should you’re optimistic that your joint is soldered appropriately, wait a couple of minutes for it to settle down. Some plumbers will use some flux to clear off the joint whereas it’s nonetheless extremely popular nonetheless doing it’ll set off a large drop in temperature in a extremely small time frame and may fracture the joint inflicting a leak. As quickly as your solder has solidified, use a rag to wipe off any additional flux which may doubtlessly eat up your pipe in the long run, and likewise you’re executed.

Make Sure You Have the Correct Instruments

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How to solder pipe

When doing a plumbing enterprise involving soldering copper pipe preparation pays for itself. That may help you put together here is a guidelines of devices you’ll need when soldering copper pipe.


How to solder pipe

The torch wished for soldering copper could also be propane or MAPP gas (methylacetylene-propadiene propane). MAPP gas is accessible in a yellow tank and propane is accessible in a blue tank. MAPP gas, usually a bit dearer, will get lots hotter than propane, so heats the pipe sooner. Propane works good, it merely takes longer—which may work to your profit should you’re new to soldering copper and are engaged on 3/4″ or half” pipe. The collection of a torch is totally up to you.


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There could also be a number of kind of solder on the market so guarantee to buy plumbing solder. Look at that the solder is all correct for soldering copper plumbing pipes and that it is protected for ingesting water.

How to solder pipe

That’s an acid that makes the solder motion into pipe joints. With no good flux, the solder isn’t going to motion correct and it is additional most likely that you’re going to end up with leaks. You will give you the option to solder with loads of the fluxes on the market at residence enchancment outlets, nonetheless there are some you may want better than others. In the event you occur to uncover one which’s working properly for you stick with it since not all fluxes are created equal.

As quickly as as soon as extra make it doable for the flux you purchase is protected for ingesting water if that is what the pipes are for.


How to solder pipe

The striker is used to create a spark to start the torch with. Some torches have auto strikers in-built so, in that case, a striker may very well be pointless. For safety causes it is always a superb suggestion to use a striker, not an open flame, to mild a torch.

Copper Pipe Cutters

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Tommy Halvarsson / WikiMedia Commons

Using copper pipe cutters is a simple strategy to reduce the obligatory pipe lengths. The cutters go away a pleasing straight edge they often help to lower burrs on the reduce edge.


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Making certain that the pipe and fittings are clear may be one of many important important points to do sooner than you begin soldering copper pipe. An excellent sandpaper materials is crucial to clear the floor of the copper pipe. Sand every ends of the pipe to about half an inch previous the turning into.

Turning into Brush

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To clean the inside of the copper fittings use a turning into brush. The wire bristles can prime the inside of the turning into to make good contact with the pipe.

Safety Devices

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Staff Sgt. Alexander W. Riedel / U.S. Air Drive

A fireplace materials, a sprig bottle with water, and a fireplace extinguisher are important to have available when soldering copper pipe so that nothing catches on fireside.

  • Fireside materials: a barrier that is fireside retardant could also be positioned behind regardless of it is you may be soldering so that the encircling area does not catch fireside.
  • Water: A sprig bottle with water is a ought to. Moist down any area you will be soldering first after which use it as a backup if one thing begins to smolder. Moreover, moist the realm once more down when accomplished soldering as a result of the residual heat can nonetheless catch fireside.
  • Fireside extinguisher: Always have a fireplace extinguisher helpful when soldering copper pipe merely in case one factor catches fireside and you cannot put it out with solely a twig bottle of water.

There are kits you can purchase which have loads of the elemental soldering devices in them, which may sometimes forestall money. Consider that risk till you are taking a look at purchasing for specific devices resembling a better-than-average torch, additional solder, or a particular flux.

Whilst you uncover {{that a}} soldered copper joint is leaking in the middle of the software program of full water pressure on the highway, it’s a sign that the soldered joint desires to be eradicated. Eradicating a solder from a copper pipe may sound like an easy course of, it is nonetheless important to trade the earlier joint with a model new one to assure it retains working appropriately. Proper right here’s a info on how to take away solder from a copper pipe.

1. Flip The Water Off

This doesn’t merely means making certain all faucets is not going to be in use – you even have to shut off water from the precept valve. After that, you might need to drain the pipes by turning the faucets – every the perfect and lowest – on. Ensure that to place a bucket beneath the turning into to make it doable for any additional water is caught when the pipe is eradicated.

2. Assure Safety At All Events

You set your self at certain menace when doing DIY duties. As such, you need to have to ensure to have the right security so that you simply don’t bear excessive accidents. A really highly effective gear for eradicating a solder are safety glasses. Since you will be using a propane torch and a set of devices, putting on safety glasses permits you to protect your eyes protected while you’re employed.

3. Start Melting The Solder

Ensure that to place heat-resistant materials behind the soldered joint to forestall fireside. Then, mild the propane torch and modify it to the most popular flame it is ready to producing. Keep the flame in direction of the copper turning into until you see the solder begin to soften. It’s a very important step the place you even have to ensure to’re aiming on the turning into and by no means inside as that melts the pipe.

Maintain a water spray bottle shut by in case a fireplace begins. This style, you could put the fireplace out as quickly as potential. Even increased, ensure to have a fireplace extinguisher shut by or maybe even a bucket of water in case the flames are considerably large.

4. Separate The Pipe From The Solder

Using water-pump pliers, preserve the copper turning into and switch it sooner than it’ll get launched from the copper piping. In case it sticks, free it from the solder by twisting 1 / Four of the pipe. Merely be careful not to squeeze the copper turning into too tightly because of which will set off hurt to the copper piping.

5. Get Rid Of The Outdated Solder

With the assistance of the propane torch, heat the ends of the copper pipe so that the earlier solder will soften and could also be eradicated. Using a dry rag, wipe away any solder that is left. Take further precaution to ensure you don’t burn your self when wiping away the earlier solder from the pipe.

6. Sand The Copper Pipe

Sand about an inch up the ends of the copper pipe by using emery materials. Make it doable for there’s no mud or grease left when sanding the pipe. After doing this, the pipe is now ready for re-soldering. When re-soldering a joint, guarantee not to use an earlier copper turning into.

Means Stage

Start to Finish


  • propane torch
  • paintbrush
  • emery materials


  • copper pipes and fittings
  • flux
  • acid core solder
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Step 1

How to solder pipe

guarantee pipe connection area is cleaned

Image by: Cary Wiedman

Clear the Pipe

Use emery materials to clear the floor of the pipe the place the connection may be made.

Use emery materials or a small wire brush to clear the inside of the turning into to be soldered onto the pipe.

Step 2

How to solder pipe

How to solder pipe

flux used inside fittings

Image By: Cary Wiedman

secure the turning into to the pipe

Image By: Cary Wiedman

Protected the Turning into

Use a small paintbrush to apply flux to the inside of the turning into (Image 1).

Protected the turning into to the pipe (Image 2).

Step 3

How to solder pipe

How to solder pipe

torch used to heat turning into

Image By: Cary Wiedman

solder melts correct into joint

Image By: Cary Wiedman

Heat the Turning into

Use the torch to heat the floor of the turning into (Image 1).
Contact the tip of the solder to the joint of the pipe and its turning into (Image 2). The solder will soften correct into the joint.

After the solder has cooled, wipe away any additional, making certain that solder totally encircles the joint, with no gaps.

I’m trying to make a sculpture by soldering copper/brass rods collectively, nonetheless after I attempt to make one joint, it melts all of the encircling joints. I tried putting on some heatsink tweezers nonetheless they weren’t environment friendly. It’s going to be pretty sophisticated, so clamping all the factor and soldering the entire joints directly is not going to be smart. Any options for making a better heatsink? Ought to I merely solder sooner? In the mean time I’m letting the metallic get really really scorching because of I guessed it’ll make a better joint, nonetheless maybe I’m overdoing it?


How to solder pipe

Most interesting Reply 12 years prior to now

In the event you’re using tin or lead based totally solder, you don’t have to get the metallic really scorching. The solder is additional of a glue that desires the metallic to be scorching to stick. In the event you’re using jeweler’s silver solder (technically brazing), then you definitely might need to use completely totally different temperature ranges of solder, nonetheless as soon as extra, overheating the metallic wouldn’t work. On this case, because of the solder boils or breaks down and the joint isn’t as sturdy.

How to solder pipe

Are you ready to wrap a large ol moist rag on the other joint? Works with plumbing typically. You may too get pastes that help, I do know they use them for gun smithing.

How to solder pipe

Reply 1 yr prior to now

I reap the benefits of a moist towel when soldering copper pipes to protect the current joints cool. Works like a attraction; as long as you keep it damp it’s going to protect the joint cool in my experience. What I would love to know is: How shut to an current joint will this system work? I’ve a leaky shutoff valve that is about 1” subsequent to an current joint that I actually need to protect (for causes too sophisticated to go in to now)

How to solder pipe

Anytime you may be sweating pipe,you want to get each little factor cleaned ,fluxed, put collectively,and sweat it abruptly,in no way do say a half of a joint in any other case you wll have points.When Im placing in a single factor like a set of tube and bathe valves I do it as I acknowledged above,and should you get via sweating your complete joints,dont contact nothing,do you have to dont give it time to cool,you may have a leak.

How to solder pipe

Reply 11 years prior to now

Moreover when sweating ,protect the heat on the joint to the place merely the tip of the flame is touching,testing it every few seconds buy touching the soldier to the joint,when its ready you’ll be aware the soldier being drawn up into the joint.

How to solder pipe

It will take a mix of QUICKNESS. and the RIGHT amount of heat.
In the event you’re trying to solder with a propane torch, you could want to flip the flame WAY down. or swap to an enormous solder iron. Solder is not going to be approach to ATTACH points to each other for bodily vitality. Solder will unfastened its connection if the objects have any movement on them (over time). Brazing is maybe a greater choice. One different trick to use is to wrap the rods with very THIN wires on the joints you want to solder. The thin wires isn’t going to be seen because of the solder covers them, nonetheless it provides further vitality and might HOLD the joints even when adjoining joints heat up an extreme quantity of.

How to solder pipe

In case your’e using silver solder, like with jewelry, you want to use a paste-mixture of yellow ochre and water to forestall the solder from flowing. Merely mix it up and put it on the solder joints that you don’t want to soften. Nonetheless do you have to’re cleaning the piece with pickle, the equivalent as you’d with jewelry, you could want to scrub the entire yellow ochre off the piece sooner than putting it inside the pickle because of yellow ochre is principally iron oxide and the iron will contaminate the pickle inflicting it to copper plate each little factor. In every other case I’d counsel submerging components of it in buckets of water or sand. Or moist sand.

How to solder pipe

What you need is a high-powered soldering torch, and to “braze” as an alternative of merely solder. The torch will heat in a short while, and also you then immediately cool with water. The idea is to can be found fast, hit arduous, and go away sooner than the heat that is flowing via has a chance to react. Using a daily soldering iron in such an event merely isn’t going to do. With a torch, you ought to be ready to make a joint and have it already cooling inside a second, in case you might have good strategy. By the purpose the heat reaches one thing shut by, it isn’t going to be enough to attain a melting degree. Do not treatment solder with water though, as a result of the solder will cool too fast and lose it’s bond with the metallic you are attempting to bond. Drench the encircling area as an alternative. The strategy takes comply with, nonetheless is relatively easy once you get the cling of it.

How to solder pipe

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When remodeling a bathroom, kitchen or basement, it is usually essential to switch or cap off current copper plumbing traces. Copper pipes are soldered collectively using what is called a “sweat” connection. When the pipes are heated, solder is drawn into the joint, making a water-tight seal. The strategy is relatively easy with some specialised devices.

Flip off the water present valve feeding the pipe to be capped off. If it does not have a shutoff valve, flip off the home’s water-main valve. Activate all the faucets on the underside diploma of the house to help drain water away from the pipe.

Decrease the pipe with a hacksaw. Guarantee to reduce as straight as potential.

Clear the floor of the pipe with a little bit of emery materials. Roughly one to two inches of the highest of the pipe wants to be shiny with no metallic burrs. Clear the inside of the cap with a plumbing brush.

Apply flux to the floor of the pipe and the inside of the cap.

Clear the work area of as lots flammable supplies as potential. This consists of drywall mud, insulation and picket fibers. Fill a bucket with water have a towel and fireside extinguisher ready.

Push the cap onto the highest of the pipe. Heat the reference to a propane torch until the flux begins to sizzle. This might take roughly 10 to 15 seconds. Take away the flame from the joint.

Contact the solder to the joint. The solder will soften and get drawn into the joint. It is not essential to switch the solder spherical. Feed as lots solder into the joint as essential until you see the solder has totally enveloped the joint.

Drape a water-soaked towel over the joint to cool it. Switch the towel spherical to stay away from burning a spot in it.

Activate the water shutoff valve and study the joint for leaks. If the joint leaks, shut off the water, reduce the pipe shut to the cap and repeat the sooner steps to solder on a model new cap. Do not attempt to re-use the cap.

How to solder pipe

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As an alloy of copper and zinc, brass is suitable with copper, and producers produce many frequent plumbing fittings with the material. Solder adheres as properly to brass as a result of it does to copper, so the fittings are sometimes molded with slip joints so you could solder them to the pipes. It’s easy to solder copper plumbing do you have to do it correct nonetheless troublesome do you have to make a mistake, and a typical mistake is to solder pipes whereas water is dribbling via them. If the pipes and fittings are dry, nonetheless, you should have no problem producing a watertight seal.

Put collectively the pipe onto which you are going to solder a brass turning into by first turning the water totally off so that none is dripping from the highest. If the pipe is put in horizontally and water is pooling inside it, swab it out with a rag.

Deburr the highest of the pipe with a file do you have to used a hacksaw to reduce it. Clear off oxidation and filth with 120-grit sandpaper. Right preparation of the pipe ensures adhesion of the solder.

Unfold soldering flux on the floor of the pipe and the inside of the brass turning into with a small brush. The comb usually comes with the flux. Slip the turning into onto the pipe and rotate it into the appropriate orientation.

Heat the joint with a propane torch until the flux begins to boil. When it does, it’s going to flip black and begin to smoke. Take away the heat when this happens.

Unroll a coil of lead-free solder and speak to the tip to the joint as rapidly as you are taking away the heat. Switch the solder totally throughout the pipe as a result of it melts and seeps into the joint. Work quickly. The metallic stays scorching enough to soften solder only for just some seconds.

Solder the other joint of the turning into as rapidly as a result of the solder inside the first joint turns boring and solidifies. Let the turning into cool for 10 to 20 minutes sooner than you contact it.

Are you together with a bathroom inside the basement or need to switch some water present traces spherical? In the event you occur to do your particular person plumbing work and sweat pipes, you’ll have your particular person torch nonetheless might need some solder. Many DIY’ers want to learn the way to do their very personal plumbing work and it’s a good means to research. Always protect respect for the skilled trades nonetheless typically there are small jobs that you’re ready to do your self. Let the professionals do the medium to large jobs. Ready to see the perfect solder for sweating these copper pipes? Let’s get correct to it!

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What you could depend on to be taught:

Why is it Referred to as Sweating Pipes?

Copper pipes are nonetheless inside the majority of properties in the intervening time regardless that new residence constructing is transferring to PEX piping for water provide. In order to be a part of pipes collectively it’s essential to solder the joints collectively so that they don’t leak water. The water pressure inside a typical residence wants to be between 40 psi and 80 psi. If there was a leak you’d have loads of water exiting and making an enormous mess.

To hitch copper pipes collectively it helps to add a paste referred to as flux to the ends. Flex primarily retains the copper from oxidizing as a result of it heats up. When flux heats up it’s going to begin to bubble or sweat. The pipes can seem to be they’re sweating!

One tip, seek for a tinning flux which has powdered solder inside. The alternate kind of flux is water based totally. In the event you occur to overheat a water based totally flux it could probably typically go away a mark or residue on the pipes and likewise you’ll in no way get match!

What Form of Solder is Used for Copper Pipe?

Lead free solder is most interesting for copper pipes carrying ingesting water. Will most likely be free of elements you don’t want moving into your ingesting water. Nonetheless it’s going to require a greater melting degree than a 50/50 solder.

How Do You Solder Copper Pipes Collectively?

1. Clear the inside of each turning into with a wire brush
2. Clear the floor of the pipe with metallic wool
3. Apply a small amount of flux to the pipe
4. Put collectively 6-Eight inches of solder
5. Heat the pipe using a torch until the flux sweats or bubbles
6. Apply the solder to the pipe. If the solder doesn’t soften, the pipe desires to be hotter
7. Maintain together with solder until your complete joint is roofed
8. Clear the pipe with a cloth

Do You Need Flux to Solder Copper Pipe?

Flux is not going to be essential nonetheless it’s very troublesome with out it. With out flux, the copper will oxidize as a result of it heats up and might forestall match as you place the fittings on the pipe. The flux will forestall the oxidation course of from starting and allow the pipe to heat up so you could soften the solder should you add it to the pipe.

How to solder pipe

How to Solder Copper Pipe

Curated Neutral Critiques

One verified client on Amazon has been using Oatey solder for just a few years and has not run in to any factors. His foremost software program has been inside the crawl home beneath his residence. He likes this product because of it’s non-toxic to your water.

One client modified his water heater himself to save on large plumbing funds. The one additional issue he wished was a propane torch.

Video from Oatey

Oatey Agency Profile

Oatey is an ISO licensed agency that manufactures plumbing merchandise in america and world vast. LR Oatey started the company in 1916 they often have continued to broaden and enter new markets over time. Headquartered in Ohio, the company continues to open distribution services and supply chain corporations.

In Conclusion

In the event you occur to’re doing all of your particular person plumbing make money working from home and wish to add a faucet or add a valve, this lead free solder is the perfect to your software program. Oatey is well-known inside the commerce and makes top-of-the-line consumables within the market.

  • Meets ASTM Customary B-32 and the requirements of the Protected Ingesting Water Act.
  • Formulated for plumbing/potable water line capabilities.
  • Copper, bismuth, tin and silver alloy
  • 420°F – 460°F melting differ
  • Lead free solder

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Selling API on:

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