How to stay on track

How to stay on trackGoals are the key to success. We need to set goals and targets to ensure progression. Without a structured idea of where we are headed plans will simply remain as plans. A structured and informed set of goals will ensure your ambitions are reached in the quickest time, with maximum effect. What is often the most difficult part is staying on track, particularly if the goal in question is a long term one. There are a number of tactics that can be employed to assist you lasting the distance!

#1 Keep a diary

Keeping a journal or diary of the small steps involved is one of the best things to do. Weeks may go by where you feel de-motivated but taking a look at how far you have come can be a huge inspiration. It will also be a useful tool for looking at where you are going right and wrong

#2 Tell people

Involving others and telling family or friends of your plans can be nerve wracking. But putting it out there means it’s real and people can be a huge source of encouragement. So be brave and spread the word!

#3 Get a friend involved

There is nothing quite as good as having someone to bounce ideas off and discuss problems with. The goal doesn’t have to be mutual. Just having a mate to turn to for guidance or advice is a big plus.

#4 Rewards

All work and no play isn’t maintainable in the long term. If you are working hard and smashing your goals then take to time to treat yourself. It could be a bath, a manicure or splurge on ASOS. Rewards will keep you going and in a positive frame of mind.

#5 Re-evaluate

As you work harder and invest both time and effort into your goals they may change. What you initially considered to be important may become less so. It’s necessary to take stock and re-evaluate where you are headed. This will make you feel reinvigorated and allow you to strive on for success.

#6 Commitment

Being fully committed to the process is essential for success. Full engagement with the goals you have in mind will excite and motivate you. Taking time to remember why you are doing this will boost commitment and lead to positive outcomes.

#7 Take action

Taking action is hugely important to staying on track. Just getting started is key to success. If you change nothing, nothing changes. There is no alternative to getting stuck in and working hard. Being busy and productive will lead to good things.

#8 Have a deadline

This is an absolute game changer when you are struggling to keep on top of goals. Having a specific time frame to work within is fantastic for focusing the mind. If you are unable to reach the deadline you have set yourself it is a great opportunity to reflect and consider what can be changed to ensure success will be achieved.

#9 Be realistic

Empires aren’t built in a day! If your goal is to write a book, it won’t be written overnight. There is a fine balance to be had between ambition and realism. Work hard and success will come, it may take time. A touch of realism is necessary. Without it you may become disillusioned and demotivated. This could lead to you deciding to give up. Manage your own expectations.

#10 Plan well

Careful planning is crucial in goal setting. If time is taken to prepare and visualise the next steps necessary then success is much more attainable. Taking half an hour on a Sunday evening to plan and strategize will ensure a productive week. Planning and organisation will motivate you to stay on track to reach the top.

Follow these hints and tricks and I promise you will be meeting your goals ASAP!