How to throw a christmas party at your house

How to throw a christmas party at your house

If you want to host the best holiday bash on the block, it’s going to require more than a strand of string lights, store-bought cookies, and Christmas music on repeat (though that also sounds pretty great). Elevate your get-together with our favorite recipes, activities, and decorating ideas. From creating an Instagram-worthy photo backdrop to whipping up (lots of) baked brie, these party ideas are sure to be a hit. We even included dress code options in here, like formal attire and pajamas only. Enjoy the inspo, then get ready to throw the merriest holiday party ever. Oh, and many of these ideas can even be translated to virtual parties. You can whip up a meal together or watch the same movie online just as easily as you can IRL.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Organize a game of White Elephant. If you and your guests need some inspiration, allow these gift exchange ideas to guide you.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Before you gather around the TV for a movie marathon, get a little exercise by hosting a scavenger hunt. If you need help with holiday-themed ideas, you can buy this deck of more than 200 cards.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Is it even Christmas if you don’t have a garland? Dress yours up by crafting a modern wreath out of three gold rings. Add some mistletoe for extra greenery and romance.

Get the tutorial at Sugar and Charm.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Make it a really special occasion with a black-tie dress code. We’re talking formalwear, hors d’oeuvres, and maybe even a harpist in the corner. Invite the whole neighborhood or keep it intimate—just make sure you tell all your guests the attire on the invitation.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Make sure everyone’s favorite holiday drink is flowing. Add marshmallows, peppermint sprinkles, and red cups (booze, too, if it’s a grownup event).

Get the tutorial at Sugar and Charm.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Invite your nearest and dearest over for a viewing party of all the classic Christmas movies. Make it an all-day marathon or vote on a favorite movie to screen for a night in.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Sorry, it’s simply not a party without pigs in a blanket. They get even cuter when formed into a holiday wreath.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

If you’re throwing a holiday party this year, you may be wondering how to take your celebrations and Christmas traditions to the next level. Not to worry, we have all the inspiration you’ll need right here on our list of the best Christmas party ideas! These creative themes put a twist on the traditional and can be enjoyed by all ages. Activities for kids, Christmas games adults will enjoy, and unique party favors are all included to help make your merrymaking that much. well, merrier!

If you’re looking for fun activities, set up a Christmas cookie decorating station for guests to create their own masterpieces, or host a karaoke night with holiday hits that everyone can sing along to. The little ones will enjoy watching classic Christmas movies as part of a marathon or writing letters to Santa—you can supply them with stickers and stamps to give their notes a little extra flair. And if you’re looking for quirky dress code ideas that adults and kids alike will have so much fun with, tell everyone to wear Christmas pajamas (the Drummond family wears matching sets every year!), ugly Christmas sweaters, or even holiday character costumes. Just be prepared to have two or three people suited up as Buddy the Elf!

Spreading holiday cheer has never been easier thanks to these fresh, outside-the-box Christmas party themes and ideas.

Everyone loves a good party, especially during the holiday season. At the end of a hard year of work, the best gift you can give to your employees is a chance to relax and spend time with their coworkers, and maybe win a few prizes! Here are our tips for planning the best office Christmas party this year.

Set The Scene

Decorating your space is the first step towards hosting a memorable party. The goal of all events is to create a comprehensive experience for your guests. This includes creating an environment that excites your attendees and enhances the event itself. Splurge on some lights, garland, maybe even a Christmas tree. It’s worth it to get your employees in the holiday spirit. (Bonus points if you can puton a holiday-themed playlist.)

How to throw a christmas party at your housePlan Activities

We’d be lying if we said that parties are always fun. The best way to avoid a monotonous party is to give your guests something to do. Incorporating games is the easiest way to entertain your attendees. At Paperkite, we keep it fun (and competitive!) with card games like Spoons, as well as sharing our love of baking with a cookie exchange. It’s important to have a few options that will cater to all your employee’s personalities, so be sure to include more low-key activities like a cookie decorating contest or a holiday scavenger hunt.

You might also consider including some form of entertainment. Live music is always a good option, or take things in a different direction with a hypnotist, a bartender giving a holiday cocktail demo, or a comedian to bring the laughs.

Whatever activities you decide to include, hosting a raffle or giveaway is essential. After all, the point of an office party is to give back to your employees for all of their hard work and dedication. Paperkite holiday raffles often include delicious items from our clients, like Fly Creek Cider Mill. Your team will appreciate the effort of showing them your appreciation!

Collect Charity Donations

The holidays are a time of giving, and studies have shown that people feel good when they give back. Boost employee spirits by providing an easy avenue to do something meaningful. Encourage employees to arrive at the party with a donation (non-perishable food, clothing, toiletries, etc.) that you can later bring to a charitable organization on their behalf. Not only does it make your employees feel good, but more importantly, you’re supporting those who need it most this time of year.

Commemorate the Day

Capture memories and give your employees something to look back on with a fun photo booth! A photo booth complete with fun props and dress-up items gives your employees something to do and serves as a party favor. We often don’t take pictures with our coworkers, so a photo booth is a great way to commemorate friendships and savor the excitement of the day. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. With some intentional decor and a smartphone or iPad, you can set up a functioning “photo booth” and upload the photos to a shareable Google folder.

How to throw a christmas party at your houseAsk Your Employees

If you’re totally stuck for ideas, ask your employees for suggestions. Above all else, you want to make sure your guests have fun, so if you don’t know what kind of activities they’d like- ask them! It’s also worth noting that some employees might not be comfortable attending an in-person event. You want your team to be comfortable, so if you do opt for in-person, be sure to incorporate COVID-safety measures, and if most prefer to not gather, host a virtual event! Games and performances can all be conducted via Zoom, so bring the party online!

Whatever you decide to do, make it meaningful. Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season!

Just because your square footage is on the small side doesn’t mean you shouldn’t host a party. Welcoming friends and family into your home for dinner, brunch, cocktails or even just dessert is a wonderful gesture of love, friendship and goodwill. Plus, it’s fun!

With a little creativity, maneuvering and outside-the-small-space thinking, you will be able to transform your home to welcome all your party guests.

Set the scene

To make room for your guests, you need to literally make room, according Ariel Knutson, news and culture editor of, who often moves excess living room items like the television, television stand, bike and additional clutter into her bedroom to accommodate her partygoers. According to Knutson, rearranging the furniture maximizes space and gives guests more options for standing and sitting.

Think outside the box

Utilize your available space to its fullest and often ignored potential. Katie Meyers, writer, suggests using throw pillows on the floor as relaxed-seating options, the kitchen sink as an ice-filled cooler and a white tablecloth-covered coffee table as a dining spot.

Keep temperatures low

Since a small space plus a lot of people equals heat, Knutson advises turning off the oven at least an hour before guests arrive as well as cranking the air conditioning; she also recommends keeping a window open and a fan running in an area or room away from the populated party space for guests to cool down if necessary.

Conserve drinkware

Asking your guests to label their glass or cup will help prevent a multitude of littered cup-clutter and save you some clean-up time at the end of the night, according to Meyers, who suggests using wine charms for a decorative look.

Establish a coat room

Collecting your guests’ coats, bags and purses and placing them in a room away from the party space, like a bedroom, will help diminish any unnecessary clutter, advises Knutson.

Be a décor minimalist

Although one of the most enjoyable things about entertaining is decorating your space, it’s best to keep your décor to a minimum, advises Meyers, who suggests using simple centerpieces and an unfussy color scheme. She also recommends taking advantage of vertical space by hanging streamers or lights from the ceiling or on the walls. Understated can be beautiful, and guests will be delighted by your clutter-free and elegant décor.

Avoid traffic jams

Party food and snacks are magnets for guests, and if you put these magnetic dishes in one space, you will inadvertently create a party-traffic jam. Instead, try putting several snack stations around your party space, advises Knutson, who uses her dining and coffee tables for food presentations. To maximize even more table space, Meyers suggests using cake stands, tiered trays and risers for your savory and sweet treats.

By implementing these tips, you’ll be happily saying, “The more, the merrier,” at your next party.

Chef Andi Oliver is well-known for dishing up tasty food as well as her boundless energy and flamboyant sense of style. She’s been cooking for dinner parties since the age of 12 and has wowed diners on many food and cooking shows over recent decades before becoming a judge on Great British Menu. She also has her own restaurant, Wadadli Kitchen, which she runs with business partner Kelly Miles.

We’d all love a seat at a table like Andi’s so we asked the chef and her TV presenter daughter Miquita for their approach to being brilliant hosts this Christmas.

Gather those you love

Abundance is the word Andi keeps coming back to when describing an Oliver family Christmas. Whether it’s food, fairy lights or family and friends, the chef and presenter’s ethos is always the more the merrier.

At Andi’s home, the door is very much open at Christmas. Visitors include the ‘hundreds’ of relatives that live nearby and a circle of besties including singer Neneh Cherry, film producer Alison Owen (her children Sarah, Lily Allen and Alfie Allen are also regular guests) and Andi’s long-time business partner Kelly Miles. That’s just a small sample of the stream of guests who will enjoy Andi’s great hospitality over the holidays.

Food, glorious food

When it comes to festive food, it’s no surprise that Andi is in charge of the menu. Favourites are rum and molasses glazed ham, oxtail (for Garfield, Andi’s partner of 25 years) and four types of potatoes (at Miquita’s request). Stuffing is made from different types of sausage including merguez, Turkish sucuk or Greek, and the gravy flows endlessly.

When the Cherry family pitch up to join the fun, they bring a Scandi twist. ‘Neneh is Swedish so we do a lot of curing and pickling,’ says Andi. ‘We’ll cure a whole salmon with pickled winter berries mixed in with sugar, salt and vinegar. We make brunkål, which is cabbage with a little vinegar, honey and butter, slow cooked until it goes dark brown, sticky and caramelised. Then there’s Glögg, a white mulled wine with white and redcurrants, cranberries, a little bourbon, vanilla, green cardamom and ginger. It’s absolutely delicious.’

Generosity of spirit

‘I’m really conscious that this can be a very difficult time for some people,’ says Andi. ‘We come from a huge family, so when people have small families, fractured families or no family at all, we try to bring them into the fold. Knowing that we can bring people who really need that love into the bosom of the family, that’s the whole point of Christmas. To share what you have with everybody, including the food and yourself – your time and your energy.’

‘We were poor for a long time,’ adds Miquita, speaking of the years before both their broadcasting careers took off. ‘But it’s not about affluence. Even if Mum had £20 for Christmas dinner, she would find a way to feed everyone. She would buy a bag of chicken, put it in the oven and make it feed 50 people. It’s always been about time spent together, unhooking from the stress of chasing life, chasing work and chasing your own tail. Growing up, I would always see her looking after people and she still does that now. Christmas will always be about each other.’

Served in style

You won’t hear any talk of tablescaping at chez Oliver – Andi is incredulous at the idea of creating something purely to show on Instagram. But Miquita insists that making a space beautiful is something her mum has always done naturally. ‘Nothing has to match,’ Andi insists. ‘It just has to be pretty. Our table will have lots of candles, doilies and poinsettias. When I go to second-hand shops, I look out for decanters and gravy boats, and I’m really getting into coloured glass.’

The tree is similarly haphazard, the one rule being that it has to be real. ‘And I like it to be slightly wonky,’ says Andi. ‘The tree that nobody else wants.’ As for the gifts underneath, it’s not about expense, but thoughtfulness. Miquita will find something fabulous in a charity shop, while last year Andi made hampers filled with gifts bought in a Moroccan market where she had been filming.

Playlist for the good times

‘Music is the backbone of our daily life,’ says Miquita, whose past jobs presenting Channel 4’s Popworld and shows for BBC Radio 1 make her best qualified to be in charge of the tunes. ‘For Christmas it’s Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, the Jackson 5… Hearing Stevie Wonder at Christmas reminds me of the West London flat where I grew up, surrounded by so many people and so much love,’ she says.

Once the tunes are sorted, an excess of fairy lights is non-negotiable. ‘Twinkly, twinkly, twinkly,’ Andi laughs. ‘I love lights around a tree, down the hallway, in the kitchen… lights everywhere. If we’re having Christmas away from home, I take fairy lights with me and platters to display everything we’ve cooked. We once hired a house in Somerset for Christmas and I drove a van down a day early to decorate it,’ she says. ‘By the time we got there, she had created this magical fairyland,’ laughs Miquita. ‘She’s a great host. I can be quite anal – “Is that glass right?” – whereas Mum’s attitude is: “just shove it on the table, make it twinkly, play music and show your love for people.” I’ve learned how to create spaces for people to love each other in through my mum.’

Memories to treasure

Andi is known for her joyful sense of style all year round while her partner Garfield brings fun to this occasion with fancy dress. ‘We have a lovely Polaroid of me and my cousin Phoebe as children, wearing matching tutus,’ says Miquita. ‘That tutu was the best Christmas present and that photo reminds me of how Mum has always made Christmas incredible. Even when we had very little, we always had so much love.’ An abundance of love? That’s the key to the perfect Oliver Christmas.

First featured in At Home magazine Winter 2021. Catch up with the digital edition here.

When it comes to throwing Christmas parties, there’s nothing we love more at Merlin Events London than to organise a spectacular, memorable party. As Christmas is all about fun, festivities and sharing we thought we’d put together our five tips on how to throw the best office Christmas Party ever (and hopefully take a bit of the stress out of the equation!).

1. Don’t do it alone

Work with an experienced Christmas Party Coordinator – don’t panic you’re not on your own! Treat them as your guiding star as they’ve been doing it for years, so speak to them about your ultimate goals or vision and ask them for a timeline of priorities. (Remember any Christmas Party at Merlin Events London includes a dedicated event manager).

2. Planning

It’s best to plan early but don’t panic if you’ve left it too late and your preferred locations for your office Christmas party are booked. Consider weekdays or holding it in January or November to give you more flexibility and help your budget stretch more. Business Matters advises that you don’t forget cultural diversity – not everyone celebrates Christmas, but everyone celebrates New Year and enjoys the holiday season.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

3. Location, Location, Location

Eventbrite believes that the wow factor starts with the venue – an unusual setting immediately makes a statement and helps to create a fantastic experience. And that’s not all – according to PA Life you need to have the perfect picture moment for that all-important selfie. A survey of 1,000 UK consumers carried out by Christmas Tree World has revealed people upload 7 photos on average of themselves in front of Christmas trees, decorations and displays throughout the Christmas period, so it’s got to look stunning! Recently trends show a move away from hotels and conference rooms to unique venues and non-traditional venues. People are also looking for more than just a venue, with set designs and themes becoming increasingly popular. As we covered in our blog Shared Office Christmas Parties – when small means thinking big; whether it’s an alpine ski lodge, a set from Love Island or moonscape, people are looking for that little bit more. Themed parties are also continuing to be on trend. Echoes from the Olympics are still popular with carnival or samba-themes adding atmosphere, party spirit and a fantastic opportunity to wear great costumes.

Work/life balance is a huge trend in 2018, and mindfulness and wellbeing as themes are now very common. This can range from having a hand and neck massage at a cocktail party, to events with a dinner dance format also offering a ‘chill out’ zone for those wanting a chance to relax and unwind.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

4. Food & Drink

Luxury street food and classic festive foods are becoming increasingly popular each year, creating an informal atmosphere for guests, and promoting interaction between colleagues at your office Christmas party. However, sit-down meals are still very popular. When planning catering, a great tip to bear in mind from Eventbrite is that food will help create a sense of theatre, leading to a more memorable experience. Paragon suggests American snacks including pulled pork, sliders, mac and cheese are popular due to their booze soaking up abilities. You could give them the gourmet touch by adding some truffle into the mac and cheese or mix up your serving options – why not do sharing boards Jamie Oliver style? At Merlin Events we’re proud to work with London’s leading award-winning caterers who create incredible eating experiences to enhance your Christmas parties.

As alcohol is often the leading factor in post-party embarrassing situations it’s worth bearing in mind and offering alcohol-free alternatives and booze soaking nibbles. Non-alcoholic drinks are also increasingly popular due to the popular trend of wellbeing and health in the workplace. And think of the weather – when its cold, warm drinks go down well. So mulled wine and cider stations with DIY spices and garnish can work well.

5. Entertainment & Technology

Lettice Party reports that technology is becoming more and more popular at all events with AR, AI and VR making an appearance in order to create an immersive experience in entertainment for all to enjoy. Don’t underestimate the importance of entertainment, as it can be the deciding factor in how an event is received. Uptown Events recommends whether you hire mixologists, showcase digital art, amaze with fire breathers or go for a unique DJ, it’s worth giving entertainment that extra spin, so incorporate it from the very beginning of your planning.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

It’s all about taking care of every detail so the office Christmas party is on brand and the corporate messages are effectively conveyed. Attendees need to come away having had a brilliant time and in no doubt as to what it was all about and why they were there. And finally, think about transport home for your guests’ wellbeing. A survey for PA Life revealed that nearly a quarter of Brits have ended up between 50 and 100 miles out of their way after falling asleep on a train!

If you’ve left it a little late to book your office Christmas party venue, we have dates available for larger office Christmas parties here and shared parties for smaller groups here!

A LIST Guide speaks to some hardened professionals to learn the dos and don’ts of throwing a seasonal soiree that’ll be remembered for all the right reasons.

So you’ve been tasked with planning the office’s Christmas party. No pressure, right? Just a spectrum of personalities to appease, expectations to juggle and a tight budget to achieve the perfect result. Again, no pressure. Right? Well, if you’re starting to feel a little overwhelmed — don’t fret. A LIST Guide spoke to some hardened professionals to learn the dos and don’ts of throwing a seasonal soiree that’ll be remembered for all the right reasons.

Do – Find the right date to maximise attendance

How to throw a christmas party at your house
Schedule the event to come straight after work — or better yet — organise an early mark on a Friday to really get everyone involved and excited.

Don’t – Include the children

How to throw a christmas party at your house
Marianne Edmonds, co-founder of Queensland agency LOUD Events (and party planner extraordinaire) says: “There are times throughout the year for family fun days or bring your children to work for the morning days. Christmas is ultimately for the work unit. We believe these should be separated to allow for all to enjoy.”

Do – Treat your office Christmas party like a team building exercise (but not blatantly so)

How to throw a christmas party at your house
The Christmas party is essentially a team bonding exercise — not just a chance to drink for free on the company. Be conscious of those electing not to drink and make sure you think of them also when planning your silly season soiree.

Don’t – Be tight or hold the party at the office

How to throw a christmas party at your house
“A party with no expenditure will only backfire,” Edmonds said. “Don’t be lazy or tight and hold the event in the work place. Not ever.”

Do – Give the managers a job

How to throw a christmas party at your house
“We often place senior management in front of the employees and give them a job like cooking sausages, or to be part of a flash mob or a dunk tank,” said Edmonds. “Personifying senior staff goes a long way”.

Do – Include a level of interactivity

How to throw a christmas party at your house
Think ping-pong competitions, boules, trivia, bubble soccer…the opportunities are endless! Click here for more interactive ideas.

Don’t – Wear your uniforms to a Christmas Party

How to throw a christmas party at your house
Plain clothes or costumes only! This is in your best interest as if drunken debauchery occurs, it can’t be traced back to the company.

Do – Choose a theme

Aside from adding some visual flair and pizazz, a good theme has the power to set the tone for your guests, says Tracy Wood, Director of Funktionality. “We recommend researching the guest demographic thoroughly to find something that appeals to their interests, whether it be pop-culture relevant to their era or a trending theme.”

Don’t – Just make your guests sit down all night

Add a layer of interactivity to your event to get everyone moving and networking.

Do – Get some roving entertainers

People attend parties to be entertained, Woods said. “The importance of roving entertainment for cocktail events has been more pronounced of late, with performers acting as a great icebreaker or conversational talking point among guests, helping to ease people into natural areas of dialogue and ultimately encouraging engagement.” Woods tells A LIST Guide that the days of plugging in an iPod are well and truly over. “Instead, opt for live entertainment such as DJs and bands that can really lift the atmosphere of an event to help get everyone up and dancing.”
Need ideas? Click here to browse A LIST Guide’s entertainers.

Don’t – Put spirits on the bar tab

Experts agree that this is just a recipe for disaster. It’s been trialed and tested rigorously. Trust us on this one.

Do – Create lasting memories

Whilst the importance of great good, theming and entertainment should not be overlooked, guests are now coming to expect more from an event, says Woods. “We recommend incorporating fun activities that have a take away element so guests are able to leave the event with a memento of the incredible time they had. Custom-branded photobooths are a common choice, but for a bit more of a treat you could try custom perfume mixing or cigar making stations.”
Need help planning your Christmas soiree? Click here to browse event management companies on the A LIST Guide.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Often the value of a corporate or office Christmas parties is misunderstood or misjudged. Here are the top 10 reasons why a good company Christmas party can improve the team morale and benefit your company!

  1. A thank you: Recognize the hard work your staff and colleagues did over the past year and say Thank you with giving them a brilliant Christmas party!
  2. Team building and bonding: Staff will be able to get to know each other better in a setting that is fun and enjoyable. The result is better communication and a smoother workflow in the office in the future.
  3. Motivation: Letting go after a stressful year will be a great motivator to work hard in the coming year.
  4. Company values: Recap what your company is all about and that team spirit is important to you.
  5. Loyalty: Parties emphasize team spirit and help to retain your company employees presenting an environment they want to work in.
  6. Give everybody a break: Away from the office and a change of scenery will allow everyone to relax and enjoy themselves without the pressure, potential stress and deadlines from work.
  7. Honest recap and evaluation: Most employees will convey their true feelings about the company at work. During a party one can have conversations much easier giving you an opportunity to learn field of improvement for the future making your office a better place to work overall.
  8. Save money: Be clever about it and speak to the company accountant how a party can “save money” used as expenses and even possible tax benefits.
  9. All about the fun: Setting a good party says a lot about your own personality. What kind of person & leader are you? It reflects general leadership of the company overall.
  10. A Christmas party is a must: Don’t be a party pooper and not host a Christmas party for your staff. It will send a very negative message in our company and your employees will not thank you for that.

Different Options and Alternatives

Excellent alternatives for smaller offices is a Christmas dinner or different private dining options. For groups, large event venues are a very good option. Themed nights and organised parties would often include top entertainment on the night. Those could be corporate bands and a DJ as well as smaller acts. Food and drink would often be included as a package as also.

The benefit of booking a venue that includes all of the above is saving time and potential stress. Usually group bookings are available. Depending on what Christmas party package you book and in what venue it can be a clear statement to your employees that you value their work and time.

Feel free to contact us under T: 00 353 (0)1 6344 628 if you have any questions or want to book a Christmas party or Christmas dinner in Dublin.

Home » Blog » Making Christmas Special, How To Throw A Party That Everyone Will Remember

Santa Claus, Christmas trees, plum cake and carols is what Christmas is all about. But what is Christmas without your loved ones? The best way to celebrate Christmas is by surrounding yourself with family and friends and the best way to do that is a house party.

Let’s be honest, house parties are the best! You can organise the party at your convenience, be creative and decide when it is closing time. At the same time, throwing a party at home can be overwhelming too. Whether it is picking the decorations or deciding on the menu, there are so many things that you need to look into.

So here’s a list of ideas that will help you throw a party that everyone will remember.

Pick a Theme: If you want to throw a party that everyone will remember as the best Christmas party in 2021, a theme party is a way to do that. Because who doesn’t like a theme party?! You can go all traditional or get as creative as you like. You can go all out and throw a beach, movie or a white Christmas theme party. The choices are endless. Picking a theme for your party will also help you set the tone for the party. Once you have decided on the theme, you can decide on the rest of the things. Ask your guests to dress up accordingly. It will be super fun!

Christmas Decorations: It isn’t Christmas without a Christmas tree and decorations. From the string lights, wreaths, tree ornaments, tinsel and candles, everything sets the mood. Now that you have got the theme picked out, you can plan your decorations too. But remember not to go overboard. You don’t want your place to look like a mess. Simple and sober is the way. Less is more! Remember to pay attention to the lighting of the room. Lights help you create a cosy atmosphere.

Create a Party Playlist: Music is a crucial part of every party. It can break or make a party. So, you might want to spend some time creating a playlist that screams Christmas but doesn’t bore your guests too. You can have a mix of songs that are perfect for listening pleasure and some groovy numbers for those who want to hit the floor.

Have a Delicious Spread: The way to your guests’ hearts is FOOD! Want to throw a party that everyone will remember, then have a delicious spread and enough food. But remember not to order too much food. People usually enjoy indulging in finger food such as chips, sausages, cheesy fries and whatnot. Since you are throwing a Christmas party, you can add plum cake, rose cookies, kulkuls and other snacks. Tons of restaurants serve traditional Christmas lunch and dinner spreads. Also, don’t forget the dessert. It is the most important part of any meal.

A Photo Booth is a Must: Everyone is going to take tons of photos, so why not make it creative? This will be super fun. You can have props like Santa hats, Rudolph noses, headbands and many more. Your guests will enjoy taking pictures.

Remember to be a great host: Obviously this goes without saying, but people get so caught up with organising the party that they end up running around and not socialising with their guests. Take a minute to relax and enjoy your party. Dance, sing and make merry. Invite people to join the fun. Don’t look stressed since your guests are bound to feel your energy and might wonder if you’re stressed because of them!

Serve your guests on time: Again, food is very important, but oftentimes people get so caught up with having fun that they forget about meals. Not all your guests might want to stay for the entire party and might leave half way, so ensure that they are well fed! Think of all the parties you’ve left without eating!

Organise games, activities: Games are a great way to break the ice, especially if you’ve invited multiple groups of friends over. Start with some fun silly games, Karaoke, charades, you can even ask your guests to decorate the tree. Keep them occupied so there is no lull in the energy of the party!

Gift them cute trinkets: Christmas isn’t the same without gifts, pick cute gifts for people to take home. Work with any budget you have in mind and find things people will love. From a hot chocolate mix to spices to custom made trinkets to home decor. Go as creative as you like.

There is a party, and then there’s a Christmas party! It has to be special. These ideas are sure to make your Christmas party extraordinary, and everyone will surely remember it. If you have just moved into your Advaitha Aksha 4 BHK luxury flat in Koramangala, there are tons of activities that await your guests. If you are still looking for a premium ready to move luxury flat near Koramangala, Advaitha Aksha is for you. This property has everything you are looking for in your dream home. From luxury finishes to advanced sustainability features and smart home features to breathtaking views. Book a site visit today! Only a few 4 BHK units left!


Advaitha Ventures Private Limited was established in the year 2006 with a vision to create, build, and deliver superior quality upscale modern residences and commercial work spaces on time with utmost transparency, built around a holistic philosophy and work ethic based on Aptitude, Attitude and Acumen. Advaitha Ventures has built up a sizeable Land bank in Bangalore, Mysore and Coorg.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Christmas is almost upon us! This year, cosy Christmas parties at home are the thing – pandemic restrictions have made sure of that. But even though party sizes are getting smaller, it is no less nerve-wracking to throw a party. There’s so much to think about, including themes, decorations, food and games. To give you a leg up on your party planning, we’ve put together seven helpful tips. Your guests won’t be shutting up about this party when it’s over.

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How to throw a christmas party at your house

Go beyond red, white and green

Set the mood with colourful, festive decoration. Red, white and green is traditionally associated with Christmas, but let your creativity flow this year with more imaginative colour palettes. It helps to set a theme – perhaps you want to turn your home into a winter wonderland, then icy blues, white and silver will do the trick. Or lean into a tropical Christmas and deck your halls with vibrant colours, lush foliage and touches of blue to suggest the sea. Your party, your rules.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Take the chance to dress up

After being cooped up so much (no thanks to the pandemic), everyone is just dying for an excuse to dress up and look pretty. Suggest a dress code for your guests so they have something to work with. Go for something classic (all white formal, glitter), or zany (Santa Claus chic, cabin-in-the-woods) and watch your guests go all out. You could even hold a little competition and award the best-dressed guest to spice things up!

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Keep the finger food to a minimum

There’s nothing like a bout of coronavirus to ruin a good Christmas party. To keep the guests feeling safe and assured at your gathering, ditch the finger food and serve everything on individual plates. If you don’t want to use disposables, you can even label a set of cutlery for every guest and encourage them to hold on to it through the whole party. If you’re serving food family-style at one big dining table, be sure to provide serving spoons too. And if you want to keep the cooking to a minimum, here are some awesome Christmas takeaway ideas.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Create a collaborative festive playlist

A lively party needs good tunes. Let your guests in on the fun by creating a collaborative playlist on your favourite streaming platform. Spotify Group Sessions allows up to five users to play, pause, skip and queue music at any one time –so you can keep your party playlist fresh through the night. But it’s also no big deal to crowdsource some song suggestions beforehand and preparing the playlist for the party. Whatever it is, don’t forget to include these great festive tunes.

Throw an alternative Christmas party with friends and extended family. Follow our easy tips to make it just as special as the big day itself.

For those of us who live away from home, Christmas is often about train journeys, the hubbub of family, huge piles of food and the promise of relaxing on arrival. But if you can't travel to family this year – or just want to host an alternative gathering – there are other ways to celebrate.

The idea of a ‘fake’ Christmas dinner or festive party for adopted family members is one we’re fully on board with, as it gives you the opportunity to spread the love beyond the family dining table. Here are our top tips for an early or late Christmas get-together.

Festive drinks

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Prosecco is a safe bet for as a Christmas tipple – it’s reasonably priced but still special, the right side of dry and easily available. Encourage everyone to bring a bottle, then let people make their own drinks with a DIY cocktail bar.

If you want to up your game, we have plenty of ideas for festive drinks recipes including cocktails galore. Or, opt for a crowd-pleasing bowl of Christmas punch.

Budget ideas for Christmas

Since buying Christmas presents is still top of the agenda for most, keeping costs down can be key. Encourage a collaborative element with everyone throwing in an equal amount of money, then use the total to pay for a carefully planned menu.

If you’re going down a traditional route, the bird will be the most expensive component. Shop around for supermarket deals on turkey, or visit a local butcher – they'll have more options, plus a good selection of cheaper meat cuts like pork shoulder (ideal for making pulled pork), lamb shoulder, beef brisket or an alternative centrepiece.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

If you really can’t embrace a turkey-less Christmas, choose a smaller bird and bulk out your spread with meaty stuffing. These recipes can be made into chunky loaves and served in satisfyingly thick slices.

Head to the frozen aisle for broccoli, carrots, sprouts and peas, but don’t fall into the trap of overcooking them to an unpalatable mush. Blanche them to quickly defrost, then use in one of our delicious recipes.

Be resourceful by using up odds and ends of leftover storecupboard ingredients. You’re bound to find stock cubes and flour for homemade gravy, icing sugar for dusting over desserts and dried fruit, which can be added to pretty much anything at Christmas.

Christmas buffet

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Bring-a-dish parties are one way of remaining a cool and collected host. Assign roles to the group – a shared Excel spreadsheet can help with this – and ask each person to bring a side, dessert, starter or snack. Give everyone enough freedom to ad lib and go their own way.

Try choosing a theme

If you prefer to keep things streamlined, choose a theme. The food scene is ablaze with all things Scandinavian, so think home-cured salmon, quick meatballs, rye bread toasts and glögg – a mulled wine with added almonds and currants.

American-style feasts are a safe bet when catering for a crowd – who doesn’t love macaroni cheese? Team it with a Christmas ham, winter slaw, eggnog and pumpkin strudel. We’d never turn our nose up at a 70s-style fondue party either – this baked pumpkin with oozing cheese will bring things up to date and have the drooling masses flocking. Serve with après ski-style boozy hot chocolate.

How to plan ahead for a party

If you have constraints in terms of general floor space, oven capacity or time, take the pressure off by selecting dishes that can be cooked the night before and served cold or quickly heated in the oven. Meats like ham and turkey are better for serving cold than lamb or pulled pork, for example, which are better reheated. If you have a slow cooker, dust it off for an overnight session. Recipes like slow-cooked Irish stew, barbecue ribs and Brazilian feijoada were made for entertaining.

Edible Christmas gifts

If you really want to make your friends feel loved, whip up some super-quick gifts. These ridiculously easy sweets require little preparation besides melting chocolate.

Add a potluck element by encouraging everyone to bring a homemade secret Santa present. You'll find hundreds of simple recipe ideas in our edible gifts section.

Quick and simple canapés

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Rather than make a whole three-course meal, opt for lots of small canapés – choose clever ingredients to save on tricky assembly and arduous cooking. Flour wraps can be utilised to great effect – just spread them with cheese and your a topping, then roll into spirals or rotollos.

Ready-made Yorkshire puddings are great for quickly filling with pastrami and horseradish, while crackers and rye bread make instant toasts. If you don’t have time to hit the shops, our storecupboard canapé ideas use up everyday ingredients – remember, ready-made pastry rolls and cases are your friends.

Christmas for two

If you’re throwing a pre-Christmas dinner for a partner before you part ways later in the month, push the boat out by throwing a three-course feast. Game birds are in season, and choices such as guinea fowl and pheasant are the perfect size to serve two. If you really want to make a day of it, serve brunch and selection of snacks too – our complete Christmas menu for two will offer inspiration.

Try these guides for more advice on Christmas parties

Do you throw a 'fake' Christmas party for friends? How do you like to celebrate? If you need more inspiration, visit our expansive Christmas kitchen.

Planning To Throw A Holiday Party This Year? Better Read This First

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You might have heard them already. They will creep into your brain, as they do every year, right around mid-November. Who among us will ever forget “Silver Bells”? Or “Jingle Bells”? Or “Hark, The Herald Angels Sing”?

Christmas returns again. As memorable as Christmas music is, more memorable is the Christmas party. Maybe it’s your turn to host the office Christmas party this year or maybe you just damn well want to host an event during the holidays.

We’re not going to quibble on the whys. We’re just going to tell you how to do it right. These guidelines will keep you on top of the planning for holiday parties, with minimal stress and tons of success.

Need some help finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list? Check out our carefully curated list of great gift ideas for men. If you’re shopping for a special lady, head over to our roundup of the best Christmas gifts for her. Guaranteed you will thank us later!

Christmas Party Invitations

It’s not a party until you have people attending, but that requires planning and executing invites. To put your guests at ease, be super clear from the outset about who is invited. Don’t force them to ask you an awkward question — or leave them to assume the worst! “Communicate whether partners, friends, children, pets, and so on are welcome to party it up, or if not, be specific about who should attend. But c’mon, it’s the holidays. and nobody likes a Scrooge!” says Melissa Elders, Founder of Nibble+Squeak.

Ideally, you’ll do this two to three weeks in advance of the event. Send your invites by e-mail, unless it’s somebody you feel needs a more personal phone invitation (like, say, the new hot girl at work). Also, remember your married friends might need more advance notice than your bachelor buds.

But before you press “send,” be sure to include the following information in the e-mail:

  • The date and time of the party
  • The location
  • A description of what the party will be like (food, music, gift exchange)
  • The fact that they need to RSVP
  • Your complete contact information
  • What the guests need to bring

Note: if you don’t hear back from your guests, resend the invitation a few days before the shindig.

Party Invitations

How to throw a christmas party at your houseIf you want to go all out for your party, festive mailed invitations are always a special touch.

Christmas Party Venues

The party needs to happen somewhere. If you need space, you might want to think about renting a room. Sometimes it makes perfect sense to rent out your condo’s party room or the corner of a restaurant you know and love. Hotels often have a wide range of rooms that are available for many different kinds of events. Be sure to book these rooms early on if you’re thinking about hosting the party elsewhere.

Unless you live in a tiny apartment or at home with your parents, there is a good chance that hosting the party at your place is your best bet. While this opens up a lot of possibilities for what kind of party you can host, it also puts the onus on you to make this thing great. So, get out the cleaners and scrub brushes. Clean every room in the house and get ready for your party.

Christmas Party Prep

Establish a start time and an approximate end time for the gathering. “Include that information on written invitations and mention it during all verbal invitations. Keep the guest list manageable for the amount of food prepared or bought and for the location of the gathering. Neatness is next to godliness, so straighten up the place. Any area that will be seen by guests should be clean and neat. Stock the restroom with plenty of soap, toilet paper, and paper towels,” says Tangela Walker-Craft of Simply Necessary Inc.


How to throw a christmas party at your houseKeep your home smelling fresh by using a room spray an hour or two before guests arrive. Febreze has a full line of limited edition holiday scents available in Fresh Pressed Apple, Fresh Twist Cranberry, Fresh Cut Pine and Fresh Fall Pumpkin to keep your home fresh and festive all season long.

Food is up next in our guide on how to throw a Christmas party.

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To Instagram or not? Is that a valet outside or a mobile testing unit? And are we finally allowed to ask who else is coming to dinner? The official handbook for pandemic-era holiday parties.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

How to throw a christmas party at your house

“I don’t want to eat gingerbread, that’s for sure,” says Michael S. Smith.

The interior designer of President Barack Obama’s White House is holding court on the subject of holiday parties. He usually hosts a major bash on New Year’s Eve at his home in Rancho Mirage, California, with his husband James Costos, the former ambassador to Spain. That, of course, stopped with the pandemic. Now he’s wondering, Is it time to resume, and if so, how?

“A lot of stuff has come out about entertaining during the plague,” he continues. “Buffets seem a little kooky, so one of the things we started to do is individual hors d’oeuvre plates. People kind of like it. It’s a glamorous version of a boxed lunch.”

Welcome to the second holiday season under the shadow of Covid. It’s strange, awkward, and brimming with potential landmines. Merry Christmas! In the constantly shifting landscape of this ongoing pandemic, newly complicated by the Omicron variant, fêtes are smaller, buffets are out, outdoor gatherings are in—something easier in Palm Springs or Palm Beach than in Manhattan—and mobile testing units parked out front with the valets have emerged as status symbols of a sort. Some hosts messenger over rapid tests before cocktail hour; Gloria Steinem did that recently for a conversation on redefining menopause that attracted Gayle King, Brooke Shields, and Julianna Margulies. Others require masks, and most everyone demands proof of vaccination. The ladies who lunch have become the ladies who soldier on, with caution.

“I am trying to make the best of it, in complete candor. I’m a very social creature. I love to entertain. I love to see people,” says the Texas philanthropist Nancy Rogers, who travels with Abbott’s BinaxNOW Covid-19 tests and has all caterers and staff working her events tested the day of. Then there’s the matter of size. “Most of my parties are now down to under 50,” she adds. “Before, of course, I’d have many more than that. And I am definitely not holding or going to as many as I used to. I hope not to have scaled back permanently, though it has been somewhat enjoyable not to have a frenzy.”

Tina Craig, the OG blogger known as Bag Snob, is also based in Texas, where the very subject of vaccine mandates is a source of debate. Is this the year you can finally ask who is coming to dinner? And whether guests are neg, vaxxed, and boosted?

This article was written in collaboration with Adele Chiang from Cardable. Find out more at the end of the article.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

It’s the merriest time of the year – Christmas. Nothing is better than gathering around a succulent turkey with your family and friends, enjoying delicious food while basking in amazing company. That being said, throwing a Christmas party can sure be stressful. From making sure all the guests send in their RSVP in time for you to make the necessary preparations, to ensuring everyone eats their fill – what’s a host to do, right?

Here are some tips that we’ve put together so you can stay stress free and still throw the best Christmas party!

1. Start planning early

It might be two weeks from the actual party, but don’t rest on your laurels, it’s time to get cracking. Firstly, make sure there’s enough space in your humble abode. Deciding on where to hold your party can be a challenge. You need to make sure the space in your house can hold the number of guests that you’ll be inviting! Do allow for at least 5-8 additional pax, just in case your guests bring along more friends. The more the merrier, right?

Lifehack: Create a group on Facebook and add all your guests to it. You can post messages on the discussion board instead of messaging all of them individually. Instead of addressing the same queries over and over again, replying to one guest on the Facebook thread will ensure everyone is kept up to date.

2. Decide on your dress code

Having a dress code can be a lifesaver for someone who doesn’t know what to wear. Make sure your Christmas party has a fun dress code, it makes for more memorable pictures as well! Since it’s Christmas, why not have everyone come dressed as Santa? You can even have a competition to see embodies Santa the best!

If you’re afraid your guests won’t be too keen on coming as Santa, why not have a poll on Facebook? Using the group that you have set up earlier, conduct a poll and check out the most creative comments. It might be something as simple as a creative way to dress up with the same colour theme but it definitely adds more fun to the party!

Tip: Looking for a nice outfit that fits the colour theme? Check out Zalora with latest promo codes for some savings!

3. Organise a Secret Santa gift exchange

Receiving a present and unwrapping it always brings the same sense of excitement, no matter how old we get. A gift exchange can be awkward when someone doesn’t get a gift. Well, you don’t have to worry about it with the number of secret santa name generators that have been popping up on the internet.

There are many such generators online, but if you’re looking for a reliable one where your guests can even indicate their very own wish lists, check out this one. You get to input all your guests’ names and email addresses, before it pairs two names up to form a pair. Each guest will have to get a gift for another randomly chosen guest. In return, he/she will have his/her very own Secret Santa, which he will receive a gift from!

You can also suggest having the guests DIY their presents, like this Peppermint foot soak that just takes five minute to prepare, only requires four ingredients and is apparently wonderful for tired and sore feet!

Another great gift idea is to gift experiences instead of physical gifts. Check out Klook Singapore for a range of wonderful activities with these latest local deals!

How to throw a christmas party at your house

4. Decide on the amount of food to cater

‘A party without a cake is just a meeting’ is a quote that I would definitely second. Sadly, not everyone is as enthusiastic about cake as you and I. It’s really difficult to estimate the amount of food to cater, especially when you’re kiasu and afraid of not having enough food for your guests. Food waste in Singapore has reached an all time high, and is increasing every single year. Order responsibly can not only minimise wastage but save some money.

Food delivery is also a great option, just be sure you order enough and have a backup in case your order gets cancelled at the last minute.

5. Plan some games for your guests

Avoid the post-dinner food coma by planning fun and interesting games for your guests to get them chortling away. One game that you can play is called Funniest Christmas Presents – True or not?

Simply make a list with the names of all your guests. Go around the room and have each person state their name and the funniest or most interesting Christmas presents they have ever received. After each guest has announced their gift, write ‘true’ or ‘false’ next to their name. The person with the most accurate guesses, wins!

6. Get in the mood with simple decorations

Decorations make a party instagram-worthy and provide some cheer to the house. But it’s easy to blow your budget, especially when you’re grabbing ‘cheap’ Christmas decorations by the dozen. Those affordable decorations certainly does add up!

Go the simple and classy way with some fresh flowers. Beautiful red roses in a simple vase or jar make a stunning centerpiece for the dining table. These roses can also be given to each guest as a lovely gift to bring home at the end of the evening.

We hope you’ll have one of the best Christmas parties ever, and even if you decide to take the party out to a restaurant or function room, some of these tips might still be helpful for you! Merry Christmas!

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Fun Christmas Party Ideas to Help You Throw a Memorable Bash

Have yourself a merry little Christmas by inviting friends and family over to celebrate the holiday season with these festive Christmas party ideas! We’ve rounded up some of our best ideas to make prepping for parties just as fun as throwing them. So, settle in for a holiday decoration derby or Christmas movie marathon. Just don’t forget your favorite winter drink recipe and a slice of fruitcake.

For those with a crafty holiday spirit, you’ll love our crafter-noon parties. From making Christmas wreaths to hosting a fun (and helpful) gift-wrapping party, we have enough ideas to last you the entire season—and then some! Relax and make ornaments with your friends (with our favorite DIY Christmas ornament ideas and tutorials to get you started, no less) or kick it old school with a salt dough crafting extravaganza. You can even throw a cookie swap party where guests are invited to bring their favorites and share Christmas cookie recipes.

If your friends aren’t the crafty type, which we can totally understand in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we’ve got ideas for you too. Throw a fun holiday soiree inspired by your favorite Christmas movie, or go for a classic holiday dinner party. Start the evening by serving your guests some delicious and Country Living-approved Christmas appetizers. You can even throw together a hot chocolate bar if you’ve got a slow cooker to keep things warm and toasty. If you’re in the mood for something savory, fondue can feed a crowd and keep everyone entertained all evening long. All your friends will need to do is bring their Christmas cheer!

Make the most of your holiday this year with our best Christmas party ideas, including a cocoa-fueled soiree, cookie swap, and a DIY-filled afternoon of crafting.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

One is a sad affair with a few cocktail sausages and warm beer that leaves everyone with a sinking feeling of disappointment and feeling decidedly not festive.

The other? The kind of Christmas party you’ve always secretly wanted to host but haven’t quite pulled off yet: one that’s genuinely fun, doesn’t suck and has everyone rhapsodising about it over Zoom until the post new-year misery sets in.

From hours of beer pong, to stunning sunset views, to a dinner cruise down the Thames, there’s no shortage of spots to party your heart out.

Discover the best of London’s Christmas party venues – perfect spots for all the holiday festivities.

Venues for Throwing Best Christmas Parties in London

Work on Your Stroke at Swingers

Anyone up for a round of crazy golf? Swingers is the place for you.

All of Swingers’ party packages include golf, drinks, and nosh. You can also add a Christmas cocktail, festive dessert, and even a souvenir golf visor, if you want. And really, who doesn’t?

Packages at Swingers start at £35 per guest. You can book up to 20 guests using their website, but if you’re aiming for a bigger bash, you can call or contact them here.

Bounce Into Games Galore

Bounce, a self-described “social entertainment venue,” offers ping pong, wonderball, shuffleboard, and, of course, beer pong (ayyyyyyy).

If you’re going for high-class casual and perhaps even want to indulge in a drinking game or two, this is the place for you.

Bounce has 3 packages you can choose from. All you have to do is decide if you want to keep your party small or go all-out with a prosecco reception and unlimited pizza.

Bookings for Christmas parties at Bounce start 29 November, so get started ASAP to avoid missing out. Packages start at £35 per person.

Skate the Night Away at Skylight Tobacco Dock

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Photo Credit: Haydon Perrior

If you’re looking to take the party outside but aren’t fond of the cold, look no further than Skylight, London’s premier rooftop venue.

This one-of-a-kind venue lets you and your guests skate the night away on their ice rink. When you’re ready for a break, you can sip on mulled wine in stunning transparent igloos. All the festive feels.

And did we mention the view? On Skylight’s Tobacco deck, you’ll enjoy a full 360-degree view of London.

Igloos can be booked for 3-hour blocks for £60, and ice skating can be added on when you get there for £15.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

If you’re planning a holiday party this year, you might be crossing your fingers for a festive white Christmas to help set the mood. But since you can’t exactly summon the weather, you’ll have to come up with a backup plan.

How will you possibly manage to dream up a cohesive theme with holiday decorations to match when you’re already battling the regular hustle and bustle of an already very busy season, you may ask? To help you find time for it all—browsing for gifts, strolling through magical villages, and even bingeing holiday movies—we’re taking care of the initial plans for you.

Not only have we gathered the very best Christmas party themes—both classic (hello, ugly sweater outfits and Secret Santa gift exchanges) and creative (a Christmas crafternoon or a fireside roast and toast, anyone?)—but we’ve also included all you need to make your Christmas party fun, including jolly good games, delightful decorations, crowd-pleasing dishes, delicious drinks, and festive activities, and rousing playlist, that’ll ensure a merry time for all. (Yep, even the hostess with the mostest—that’s you.)

Ahead, you’ll find more than three dozen Christmas party theme ideas—from a formal, elegant adults-only Christmas cocktail party to a fun wreath-making get-together, to multi-cultural celebrations for work friends, and everything in between—guaranteed to spread holiday cheer.

Want to throw a rockin’ holiday Christmas party? Read on for our top tips from the Good Beer, Good Festive Folk at Steam Whistle Brewing.

December 10, 2018

Ah, the office Christmas party. Believe it or not, it’s not just a time to drink your fill of holiday cheer, show off your mad wassailin’ skills and stuff your face on the company dime: it’s also a time to come together with the people with whom you spend ⅓ of your life .

Here at Steam Whistle, our office Christmas party is an opportunity to gather at the Roundhouse, toss back a few frosty pints and reflect on the year that’s passed, and look forward to the year ahead. From our humble beginnings , our holiday parties have been pretty amazing, and we owe our unblemished yuletide success to our ability to know what makes people feel all warm and fuzzy inside — and we’re not just talking about our beer…though there’s that, too.

If you want to throw a holiday Christmas party and want some tips from the Good Beer, Good Festive Folk, then read on. Here are our top tips for throwing one helluva holiday office party.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

It’s Gotta Be Gratis

Ever show up for an office Christmas party only to find you’ve got to foot the bill? Or part of it? Believe it or not, it happens. Everything — and we mean everything — at your workplace holiday party needs to be on the house. We’re talking open bar, we’re talking free photo booth, we’re talking complimentary commemorative glassware to take home. A holiday Christmas party is the time to thank your employees — don’t make them pay for it.

Give a Little Gift

Christmas bonuses are still the preferred Christmas gifts, but if your company can’t — or just doesn’t — do bonuses, or, if your company wants to give a gift in addition to bonuses, then consider a small pressie for each employee. You don’t have to drop a ton of money. Some quality glassware , gift cards you bought with company rewards programs or some tasty goodies to take home: these are all wonderful and easy ways to give your staff something to take home.

Have Activities

Not everyone at your office Christmas party is going to be a team sport kind of person, but that doesn’t mean your seasonal shin-dig can’t benefit from a few organized activities. You don’t have to do many. Even one can add some excitement to the event. Your activity can be as low key as a raffle for a ‘suped up gift basket or as high energy as an office wide tobogganing party. Just be forewarned, we speak from experience when we say not everyone will want to don their retro Steam Whistle snowsuits and head out into the brisk air, so make all activities encouraged, but absolutely optional.

How to throw a christmas party at your house

Save the Date & Make it Convenient

Your staff already schedules their lives around work. Going to the office Christmas party shouldn’t be another thing they have to try to squeeze in to their busy schedules. First, set the date for your office Christmas party by the first week of November. The holiday season books up quickly, so if you want your employees at your party, you’re going to want to give them plenty of notice. Secondly, make the time and day convenient. Scheduling it on a work night, for instance, is a real drag. Late nights and early mornings don’t make for happy, productive workplaces. Friday nights are generally the best bet, since your staff is already at work and they don’t have to spend a precious weekend day or evening with their coworkers, when — let’s face it — they’d probably rather be chilling with close friends and family. Especially during the holidays.

Let the People Speak!

Allow your staff to have a say in their office Christmas party. You don’t have to give them free range (though a trip to the Maldives does sound swanky), but you can invite them to choose from a list of pre-approved options. For instance, do they want to come to Steam Whistle for a tour and then after-party at the Roundhouse? Or do they want to nosh on some grub and tap a keg of Steam Whistle at the office with our home beer delivery service? Or, do they want to go axe throwing then out to dinner where they can order a pint o’ Steam Whistle, fresh from the tap? You see the theme: options. Give the people options! Options let your employees know that you not only appreciate their work, but value their opinions, too.

Be Responsible

Whether it’s providing taxi chits for safe rides home, delicious non-alcoholic drinks for non-drinkers or DDs, or arranging accomodations in nearby hotels, it’s imperative that everyone be safe — and safety starts with the host and/or party planner. Do what you need to do to make sure your staff enjoys the party, and arrives home safely — whenever they get there.

Here’s to safe and happy holiday office Christmas parties everywhere! Cheers, from all of us at Steam Whistle!

Make Christmas a fiesta with a delicious Mexican Christmas dinner spread. Whether you’re throwing an office get together at SUPER LOCO or a dinner party with family at home, below are a few ways to go Mexmas this holiday season!

Style Your Christmas Tree – Mexicano!

Mexican Christmas trees decorated with hand-made stars, angels, parrots and even mini sombreros are a colourful reflection of their rich culture. The most authentic ornaments can be made with items found in your home – clay, straw, tin & other everyday household products.

Time to get creative this Mexmas!

Make your own Margarita

You simply cannot throw a proper Mexican Fiesta without good Tequila, so make everyone merry with a pitcher of Margarita! We are giving you our classic Tommy’s Margarita recipe.

45ml – Arquitecto Blanco Tequila
30ml-freshly squeeze lime juice
15ml -Agave (Can be found in major supermarkets)

Step 1: Pour 45ml of Arquitecto Blanco Tequila into a shaker, with 30ml of freshly squeezed lime juice and 15ml of agave syrup.

Step 2: Shake well for 30 secs.

Step 3: Rim half the serving glass with pink salt, and strain margarita mix over some ice in a glass and garnish with dehydrated lime wedge.

We can guarantee it’ll taste like the best Margarita you’ve ever made!

Dress up your party

Create a casual and colourful setting for your Mexican Christmas dinner and keep your guests entertained with fun games and a festive table setting. Dress your table with Mexican-styled table runners or colourful napkins. Use red and yellow flower cactus-like succulents or Marigold flowers as center-pieces. Add authenticity by hanging a few sombreros and ponchos here and there to keep things fun for your guests.

Throw in some maracas, lotteria card games and other fun activities to keep your guests entertained will you serve up a feast. For a festive touch and atmosphere, brighten your table by placing jars with fairy lights around your table setting to lift the Christmas spirit!

Too lazy to do it all? Leave it to us.

This year, Executive Chef Randy has prepared a special Mexmas menu perfect for dinner with the familia or lunch with office colleagues. Begin the feast with three starters; corn chips served with salsa and guacamole, Mexcian street-style grilled corn and cured red snapper ceviche.

Choose from four different mains, all served on a platter for sharing. Herb crusted turkey prepared with sage, oregano and coriander crust, served with a traditional mole sauce with over 20 ingredients. Agave gammon ham, glazed in cinnamon with a side of pineapple salsa. Citrus chili, fire-grilled angus beef fajitas served with corn tortillas. Last but not least our vegetarian option, pickled pumpkin, goats cheese spinach enchiladas with a side of soft corn tortillas.

All mains are grouped with three sides for sharing, refried beans, Mexican rice and ensalada rustica. Continue merry making into the night with a flourless chocolate cake topped with Mexican vanilla ice cream. Special dietary requirements can be catered for.

Piñata Bashing

What is a Mexican Christmas party without a piñata bashing? Get creative and fill your piñatas with surprises, miniature presents for your guest or even cash to make it ‘rain’.

Don’t have the time to make your own piñata? We’ve got you covered. This year, we offer our very special Christmas Star Piñata for all Mexmas table bookings. Fill it up with candies or a special surprise – let us know one week in advance from your reservation and we’ll take care of the rest.