How to wrap books as a gift

Because books make the best presents.

Giving a book is hands-down one of the best present ideas, no matter if the lucky recipient is a fan of graphic novels, historical fiction, or beautiful photo books. But how do you possibly wrap this predictably-shaped present to reflect the fun and mystery of diving into a fresh read? The publishing company Simon & Schuster’s latest Instagram giveaway may have the most clever solution yet. The company asked readers to set up lucky recipients on a #blinddatewithabook, and photos marked with the hashtag were entered into a giveaway.

The idea of a book blind date is simple—just wrap the book in inexpensive craft paper (or repurpose a brown paper shopping bag), then write clues to the book that’s hiding inside. The clues can allude to the plot or characters, or write hints like, “For fans of John Green.” The second the recipient gets the package, they’ll know immediately there’s a book inside, but the clues turn what would be an unsurprising present into a guessing game, bringing some fun and suspense back to the gift-giving process.

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For a fresh spin on the White Elephant gift exchange, ask everyone to bring a “book blind date” to the party, and have guests take their pick based on the clever descriptions. Finding a new-favorite thriller or a page-turning memoir is much better than getting a singing fish or a llama-shaped duster, right?

Give this one to your best friend and partner in crime.

Want to add this mystery to your reading list? Check it out here.

Rather than write out a full description of the book, follow @hereforevermore’s lead and write just a few key curiosity-piquing words.

Sometimes the effort that goes into wrapping a present feels just as important as the gift itself—especially when books are involved. While it’s easy to wrap a heavy square or rectangular package, these gifts are quickly identified as books, which can take away from the surprise and thrill of gifting. Time to explore the art of fun and adventurous gift presentations.

There are many easy ways to add a personal touch to your gift book and get extra points for creativity. Even better, designing your own gift wrap or using recycled materials is also good for the environment. Check out some of our favorite DIY gift wrapping ideas.

DIY Gift Wrap with Goodies

Adding a small, meaningful object or ornament to your package is always better than a bow, and it’s super easy. Bonus points if your add-on relates to the book theme or category.

1. Add a toy animal

Top off your gift with a tiny stuffed animal or charm of a character from the book. It’s a playful way to accent children’s books, pet photo books, or any collection that features wild creatures.

2. Spice it up with herbs or plants

Who needs store-bought ribbon when you can make your own DIY gift bow that smells good too? A bundle of fresh herbs, evergreen trimmings, or flowers can make a beautiful gift even more appealing. Try this gift wrap tip for cookbooks, gardening books, recipe journals, or nature photography books.

3. Garnish with tiny treasures from the kitchen

If you’re gifting a cookbook, try adding cooking or baking utensils for embellishment. Think wine charms, measuring spoons, an egg timer, or a wooden spatula. You can’t go wrong with two great gifts in one.

4. Use a photograph as a gift tag or teaser

Turn that special snapshot from a birthday, holiday, or road trip with friends into a unique photo card. It’s a perfect way to personalize your gift wrap and hint at the book inside.

5. Make a gift topper from edible treats

Whether you’re gifting a book of recipes, holiday photos, or travel memories, there’s a way to work tasty treats into the packaging. From homemade cookies and candies to tiny jam jars or liqueur bottles, add a food item that ties into your gift and they’ll get twice the joy when opening it.

Make Your Own Gift Wrap Paper

6. Turn coloring pages into gift wrap

Take a cue from coloring books, and use a black marker to draw a design on a large sheet of paper. Use your playful pattern to wrap the book, and add a bundle of colored pencils or crayons on top. Artists of all ages will enjoy making (and unwrapping) this homemade paper.

7. Create hand-stamped DIY wrapping paper

It’s easier than you might think to apply a traditional stamping technique in a modern way. Using a basic ink pad, stamp a pencil eraser to create polka dots on blank paper, or cut out shapes from a sponge to make textured prints. Your homemade wrapping paper will be one of a kind (just like the gift inside).

8. Wrap it up in a map

Nothing says travel photo book or personalized travel journal like using a map of the featured country or city to wrap up your gift. Maybe you even want to draw a personalized map with special landmarks. You can finish it off with string, ribbons, or a mini flag.

9. Use stencils to personalize your design

Premade letter stencils give you a quick way to embellish plain wrapping paper with a message of your own, using ink, paint, or colored pencils. Use cookie cutters as a shortcut for making holiday patterns. Want to get fancier? Cut out your own paper or cardboard stencils for tracing.

Mix Up Your Gift Wrap Materials

Instead of spending money on fancy gift toppers, get creative and “upcycle” the colorful odds and ends around your house. You just might surprise yourself (and the gift recipient) in the process.

10. Use fabric or cloth bags for packaging

Turn those textile scraps or a cloth bag into a stylish and durable wrapping for a custom gift. You can easily dress up plain fabric with paint, beads, ribbons, or hand-stitched designs.

11. Find alternative papers or bows

You don’t have to use the funny papers or the Times, but those are cheap and easy options. Why not color in some graph paper? For an elevated DIY gift wrap look, wrap a cookbook in craft paper (as a nod to the butcher paper they use at the deli), then tie it up with twine. Colorful string, thread, buttons, pipe cleaners, and tissue paper can all be used to make crafty dots, bows, and flower accents.

12. Create a clue with words

Keep it playful and spell out a clue for the recipient that refers to the book title or topic. Glue extra Scrabble tiles to the wrapping paper, or create your own lettering out of paper, fabric, or paint. Use EXPLORE for a travel book, DREAM for notebooks and journals, or LOVE for wedding books and anniversary albums.

13. Replace the ribbon with a filmstrip

Here’s a fun way to embellish any kind of film or photography book—whether it’s a family photo album or a limited edition made by the artist. Use 35mm film in place of ribbon to create a festive and book-appropriate bow.

Think Outside the Box

There is no limit to all the fun, creative ways you can disguise the size, shape, and heft of your gift book. Plus, you can reuse boxes and craft supplies from your own closet—which is good for your wallet and the environment.

14. Hide the gift book in a product box or container

Your packaging could be as simple as a tin canister or laptop box, or as innovative as a hollowed-out book that fits the real one inside. Paperback books give you more opportunities to camouflage your gift, like rolling them in a poster tube.

15. Create a cardboard cutout in a different shape

Cut out two identically shaped pieces of cardboard to create a “sandwich” for your gift book. Basic triangles or circles can be fun, or you can get creative with an animal, plant, or abstract shape. Place the book inside, wrap your unique design, and no one will ever guess it is a book.

16. Include a second “decoy” gift

Wrap a home décor book inside a throw blanket or accent pillow, tuck a cookbook inside a tablecloth or place a small book inside a vase—anything to create a surprise reveal for the recipient.

When it comes to homemade wrapping paper and surprise gift wrap ideas, the possibilities are endless. The next time you’re sharing a book for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, you know what to do for that next-level gifting experience.

How to wrap books as a gift

Wrapping a flat gift isn’t as hard as it looks. While you may be scratching your head (or shredding wrapping paper by the masses), step back and take a deep breath because we made a tutorial!

For this easy peasy step by step, we recruited Colorado Anne. She set us straight on how to wrap a flat gift. What’s considered “flat” do you ask? Books, canvases, posters, even frames.

You can finally gift these flat items without casually shoving them into a gift bag. Yay! Okay, let’s get into it. Here we go.


  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Gift

How to Do It

Grab your flat gift and lay it on your wrapping paper. Cut out your piece just as you normally would for any square gift.

Start to wrap your gift. The biggest challenge most people face is getting and corners and ends to look pretty, so we’ll stop and spend some time there.

Okay now, let’s get started on the ends. You’re going to want to do is this:

  1. Fold in the corners of each side.
  2. Fold the very end over so it meets the edge of the gift. (pictured below)
  3. Fold again to make a crisp, clean edge. (pictured below)

Once you’ve folded both sides, you’re done! It’s pretty easy to make a flat gift look fantastic. Then, all you need is a name tag to complete your look.

Look at that edge! Perfect!

Browse our blog for more wrapping tips and ideas and don’t forget to shop for the latest in wrapping paper and accessories from Current Catalog.

How to wrap books as a gift

Wrapping paper is done. It’s unrecyclable, gaudy, expensive, and it turns your living room into a sea of single-use trash. Not only that, but wrapping a book turns it into a really boring rectangle of blah, no matter how loud the pattern is. Today I’m going to show you how to wrap a book properly without wrestling with tape and rolls.

Furushiki, the Japanese Art of Cloth Wrapping

Furushiki is the next big holiday thing. Instead of ripping a bunch of paper up and making ugly trash, this beautiful process of folding a precious gift in soft, reusable fabric makes the entire gift-giving process meaningful. If you’re into saving the planet, then this is a great way to both wrap your gifts and have a planet-happy holiday. The fabric can even be part of the gift if you’re giving to like-minded or crafty people. You can even hand-print your own wrapping fabric if you want to be really extra.

A post shared by Emilie Sauvée (@emilie_daoulagad_gwer) on Oct 3, 2019 at 12:00pm PDT


Let’s say that you love the idea of furushiki but you just know that your friends are going to throw out that nice cloth—or worse, try to give it back to you. Thwart those wasteful instincts and make the wrapping part of the gift! You could probably use a sweater for a hardcover and a large-ish tee shirt for a trade or mass market paperback. Absent long arms, consider the ever-useful scarf. Speaking of which…


You could totally wrap a book in a scarf. Same principle as above, but for someone who prefers to wrap a warm or decorative sash around their neck and face. Plus, while a book is a low to mid-range expensive gift whose real value is in the message it communicates about how well you know the giftee’s tastes, you can get damn classy with scarves. Amp up that financial statement with silk if you need to!

Cute Bags

It’s true that cloth wrapping can be a little much for some folks. Bags are an easy-to-locate, east-to-customize, reusable alternative that’s a little more mainstream, but still breaks up the rigid lines of the obvious book covered with paper. There’s an extra air of mystery to bags and tissue paper can get quite fancy indeed. Choose recyclable and make those bags pretty!

Old Pages

Let me level with you. As a librarian. There are many, many books in this world that get turned into pulp.

It’s a hard but true fact: new books are always coming out and old books usually don’t get reread much. Reference books like encyclopedias and giant dictionaries are excellent examples. So instead of donating those books you’re done with to the library (because I assure you that we toss most of the donations we receive,) use one or two as wrapping paper! Tear out those pages and wrap up your book in them. You can even make pretty flowers to top the gift off and make it fun.

A post shared by Natasha Alipour Faridani (@natashaafphoto) on Dec 17, 2018 at 6:49am PST

It’s the age of GPS. Odds are good that you have some old maps lying around that you haven’t used in honest to goodness years. Atlases and street maps abound in homes where the digital revolution rolled in so fast that nobody ever thought to dump resources that had become obsolete. Lucky you, they’re now colorful, classy wrapping paper that will give your gifting that old timey flair. A book can take you places! Here’s a map!

Brown Paper and Innovation

Never underestimate the potential of brown paper bags as wrapping. Plain though they may be, they are also sturdy enough to support all kinds of creativity. You can dip half of your wrapped book in colorful paint, for example. You can paint glue on it and then dredge it in confetti or glitter. You can jazz it up with washi tape, use a stencil to add a custom design, or even attach festive doo-dads, like pinecones and kids’ art projects. Some grocery stores, like Trader Joe’s, also use paper bags with cool art on them.


Back before our cushy modern era, people wrapped gifts in newspaper all the time. Particularly popular was the wrapping of children’s birthday gifts in the colorful Sunday funnies. This is still a very viable idea! It’s also a great way to support your friendly neighborhood journalist and save the Earth.

Looking for something simple? Check out our post about engineering the perfect classic paper bag book cover! If you’re unconvinced and still want to wrap traditionally, let us hook you up with some literary wrapping paper.

There’s just one downside: It’ll look too pretty to unwrap!

How to wrap books as a gift

You did it: You’ve picked out the world’s greatest present! The meticulous hours spent browsing shelves, online stores, gift guides, and more have lead you to this exact moment, finally able to gift this perfect object to someone you care about. But there’s one thing that could throw a wrench in the whole “perfect” thing: Gift wrapping.

For those of us who groan at the thought of wrapping presents, this step-by-step guide on how to wrap a gift is for you. (It was photographed at The Mercantile, Ree Drummond’s bakery, store, and restaurant in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, so you know it’ll be gorgeously wrapped!) Say goodbye to the days of family members mocking your sloppily wrapped gifts every Christmas. No longer will you be tangled in a web of tape, ribbon, and wrapping paper. That feeling of shame you get when purchasing a gift bag? A thing of the past! Your Christmas presents, birthday presents, anniversary presents, and any other special occasion gifts will get a serious makeover thanks to these easy-to-follow techniques.

You’ll be proud to deliver your present to the lucky recipient. It has impeccably folded paper and a ribbon flourish on top, after all. If you wince when they start tearing into the paper, that’s just the sign of a job well done. Once you’ve read these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to becoming a gift wrapping pro in no time! (And check out these DIY gift wrapping ideas for some gorgeous inspiration.)

Baby shower gift wrap ideas: Design your own, buy beautiful wrappings, or just get inspired! How about making personalized wrapping paper?

How to wrap books as a gift

Before you purchase gift
wrap; take a look around your home for some free and easy
inspiration. If you’re looking for retailers with amazing baby gift wrap, we have those too! Remember, these ideas will work for baby boys or baby girls!

How to wrap books as a gift

How to wrap books as a gift

How to wrap books as a gift

How to wrap books as a gift

How to wrap books as a gift

How to wrap books as a gift

How to wrap books as a gift

How to wrap books as a gift

Are you looking for some easy ideas you can try at home? Check out this gift wrapping site: Get ideas for baby showers and find more relevant links.

Do a little brainstorming to come up with new ideas:

  • Do you know the theme of the baby shower?
  • Do the new parents have any hobbies or special interests?
  • Do you know if baby is a girl, or a boy?
  • Is the shower planned around Christmas or any other holiday?
  • Is this mommy’s first pregnancy?

TIP: Holiday and season based themes are very popular for baby showers. Retailers are
full of seasonal colors and accessories that can be used for crafting
and decorating, so take a peek around, as you are coming up with your baby shower gift wrap ideas!

Really simple and unique ways to wrap a baby gift

If you already have a cute gift bag or gift box on hand, just add an embellishment or two.

Trim gift bag or box, with a strand of festive garland , sequence, or even boa feathers.

Instead of tissue paper ; use fabric flowers or other re-useable gift confetti.

Stuff a diaper with lullaby CD’s, rattles, small toys or little socks and leggings.

How to wrap books as a gift

How to wrap books as a gift

Baby Shower Gift Wrapping Ideas
Using Your Own Talents

If you do any stamping or other crafts, you can incorporate that into your baby shower gift wrap ideas. Stamp plain paper with your own creative style. Use scrap book paper to add your own personal touch.

Use your home printer to create pieces of personalized wrap. For example:

  • Decorate the paper with baby’s due date, or last name.
  • Print out a letter, famous quotes, or a poem.

Just be thoughtful; and the creative juices will flow.

  • use newspaper
  • paint a brown paper bag
  • unused wallpaper
  • an old map
  • piece old gift bags together
  • Add a pretty ribbon or other decorations, and you have some very cool, re-purposed gift wrap.

A gift with-in a gift. Use a baby blanket or other linens to wrap your gift. Secure your package with clothes pins instead of tape, and you have gift wrap with no waste.

How to wrap books as a gift

Homemade Flowers are always a nice touch. You can use paper, tissue, ribbon, or fabric scraps to craft your own.

Fresh Flowers are a sweet idea too. Keep the flowers in the refrigerator, prune flowers and attach them to your gift package.

How to wrap books as a gift

How to wrap books as a gift

You can even use a paint chip card for your gift tag.

Make a gift package out of a tote, caddy, pail, hamper, containers, and more. Fill and arrange the container with baby blankets, and other baby supplies. Add a rattle and adorable bow, to complete the look. The new baby will get his gifts, and mom and dad will have storage for all those gifts!

Where to purchase baskets or other storage ideas:

  • Crate and Barrel
  • Pottery Barn
  • The Land of Nod
  • Micheal’s Craft Store
  • Target
  • IKEA

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Easiest baby shower DIY decorating idea: “Do it yourself” paper flower…

There is nothing better on Christmas morning than waking up to a pile of wrapped gifts under the tree. However, while wrapped gifts are great for the recipient, they can be a pain for the wrapper! With some practice and the right supplies, you will be gift wrapping books like a pro in no time!

This guide covers everything from how to wrap the book to what kind of gift tags are best for different occasions. We also discuss how to create ribbon bows and other fun ways that your gifts can stand out on their own.

If you’ve ever been unsure about gift wrapping a book before, this article should provide all the information that you need!

Now let’s get to the process. First things first, if you want your gift wrap job to look professionally done then it is important not to skip any steps! The following are just a few of the necessary guidelines that should always be followed when wrapping books as gifts:

How to wrap books as a gift

Wrapping Paper.

To wrap a book, first, roll out enough paper to cover the whole thing. Lay some wrapping paper flat so that its underside is exposed and then cut across it with sharp scissors into thin strips of equal length.

Start one corner and make quick cuts diagonally all over until you’ve reached the other side, cutting as close to each other as possible without overlapping them or leaving any gaps!

Centre the book on the piece of wrapping paper and use both hands to fold in one side so that it fits one side of your book.

Create a triangle by folding the paper so that it sits on top of your book and is folded in half down its length. Take one side, fold it over to meet with the other end at the middle before turning back up again and tucking under both ends. This creates a triangular shape for you to fill out as though they were pieces of an actual puzzle.

Pull the triangle in and then tuck it back under both ends, making sure to push all of the paper down so that it’s tucked underneath. Continue doing this until you reach either side of your book, whichever is closer to where you are standing at any given moment – be careful not to crease too much! There should never be any corners of the paper that are not tucked under.

Next, lay down your book, open up straight and flat on a hard surface, such as the floor or tabletop. Start by folding one side over to meet with the other end, then keep repeating this process for each

Gently pull to ensure that the paper is snug against the front and back cover, then tape this down with a single strip.

-Keep the edges of the paper straight. This will provide a clean and professional look to your gift wrap, to ensure you have the neatest package possible and help reduce the chance of a crease in the paper. There is nothing worse than not having a good straight line on your wrapping!

-When wrapping the book, it is best if you begin on oe of the long edges instead of starting in the centre like you would with regular paper. This will help maintain straight lines all around and will make for a more attractive final product!

-When taping the gift wrap, it is best not to have one long strip of tape across the book as this may cause damage when removing later on! Instead, use smaller pieces of tape to make a crisscross pattern – that way your wrap will be much more secure and you won’t need to worry about any damage occurring.

-For a very fancy, gift wrapping look, you can use fabric as the paper for your book wrap! If you don’t have any on hand just head to the nearest hobby store and pick up some scrapbooking supplies – they always carry them in their shops!

When using fabric make sure that there is enough excess so that you can fold the fabric over to the back and then cut a straight edge. Fold this over again, with the edges matching up in what would be considered “half” of your book – place it along one side of your book.

How to wrap books as a gift

Tissue Paper

With a little bit of tissue paper and some tape, you can go beyond just gift wrapping the book into protecting your book from the damage that general storage wrapping causes. No one wants to receive a scuffed book! Just make sure to wrap it in the order we’ve said: place the book at the edge of one layer, roll up tightly (but not too tight!), then cover with another piece for extra protection before taping edges on either side

You can wrap books even more artistically by customising the wrapping paper and adding your own creative touches. For instance, you could cover it in newspaper with some colourful bows or use text to create roses for decoration on the front of the package.

With these simple tips, you’ll have the perfect wrapped book in no time. All that’s left now is to pop a nice gift tag on the package so they know who it is from! Be careful, though. You’ll find yourself doing the gift wrapping for everyone you know!

For an even better effect, add tissue paper or pretty ribbon so that when someone opens up their present they’ll feel like opening a special package from Santa!

How to wrap books as a gift

How to wrap books as a gift

I have been gifted these personalised books from In The Book

We all know it’s what’s on the inside that matters but when giving a gift sometimes it’s nice to put a bit of extra effort in so that the outside looks good too. I always feel special if someone gives me a beautifully wrapped gift so I figure if I wrap a gift nicely the recipient will feel special too right?

We also know that each year thousands of tonnes of gift wrap just ends up in landfill. It would be nice to strike a balance, gift wrap that makes the recipient feel you have made an effort for them without using masses of the earth’s resources unnecessarily.

I love reading, I always have and so books are often a go to for me when I’m thinking of gift ideas. I know quite a few people do the 3 gifts idea for children: something to wear, something to play with and something to read. When our children were little they always had a book or 2 in their Christmas stockings and they were usually the first thing that Santa bought!

Some children just love books and devour them at every opportunity (our daughter even used to prop a book behind the taps so she could carry on reading whilst she brushed her teeth!) and some need a little more encouragement to find their love of reading. What could be more fun than finding yourself in a story? In The Book produce a whole range of personalisable books where you can add a name which will then appear throughout the story. You can add a message too and in some books a photo as well. In The Book sent me a couple of books to see what I thought and to come up with some creative ways of wrapping them.

I choose a selection of hard backed books, some of them came in lovely boxes so almost don’t need any more gift wrapping, they could just have a ribbon round and be all done!

How to wrap books as a gift

See how the name is not just on the front but mentioned all through the story too – how lovely is that? This is a bit of a spoiler for Matthew’s Christmas gift but luckily he is too young to read the blog so I think I’ll get away with it!

How to wrap books as a gift

To wrap Matthew’s book in a fun but environmentally conscious way I chose to upcycle some old comic book annuals and some packaging paper that came in sheets with some flat pack furniture. You could reuse parcel paper or old plain wrapping paper too.

How to wrap books as a gift

Make a garland of circles punched from the old comics and wrap it around the plain parcel. The garland can be reused afterwards or strung up somewhere as a decoration too.

To make a Comic Book Garland wrapped present you will need:

Old comics or comic book annuals

A sewing machine and thread

Parcel or packaging paper

Alphabet stamps and ink

Start by punching a load of circles from the comic book pages.

These comic books look ok in the photo but they had lots of pages falling out, puzzles and colouring pages all done and had been scribbled on over the years. They have been well used and loved as books, it was time for them to have a new purpose.

To get the punch where the pictures were I had to trim the white borders. Then you can punch circles all around the edge of the page. You’ll have to trim the holey edges off again so you can get your punch into the centre.

How to wrap books as a gift

I didn’t count, I just punched a heap of circles! This is only 2 pages worth and is enough for 2 long wrapping garlands.

How to wrap books as a gift

Now you need to break out your sewing machine. I guess you could do this by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine, but it would take a lot longer. On the machine this really is a 5 minute craft.

I took this as a chance to use some of my older threads, the ones I’ve inherited and I’m not sure about how strong they still are. They seem perfectly good but I’m just not confident to use them for clothing. A project like this is a ideal way to use them up. You can just you ordinary thread of course, I just like to use what I have!

Pull a nice long end of thread to start and then just start sewing straight across the circles. Once you’ve done one, just line up the next one under the foot. If you do the same thing each time the gap between the circles will be fairly even.

How to wrap books as a gift

You can make the garland as long as you like. To go round Matthew’s book I used 43 circles and the garland was about 4 foot or just over 1.25 metres. Truth time: It’s actually this long because my bobbin ran out of green thread but as luck would have it that was perfect!

* Just a quick note about your sewing machine needle. I’d really recommend keeping one just for sewing on paper. Swap it with the one that you’re using for fabric when sewing with paper or card and then switch it back. I don’t know for sure if it matters but if paper blunts scissors then I’m sure it can’t be good for needles either!