How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

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Papier-mâché (pap-yay mash-ay) or paper mâché (paper mash-ay) is an easy to make, hard material that can be used to cover various surfaces. It is often used in arts and crafts to make various sculptures, fruit bowls, puppets, dolls and much more. The surface is easy to paint, allowing you to add patterns, bright colors, and interesting designs to your finished product. This article details how to make the basic paper mâché that can be used for any project that you have in mind.

How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

  • A bowl or large container
  • Flour, wallpaper powder/paste, or white glue [1] X Research source
  • Water
  • Your base structure
  • Paintbrush
  • Newspaper (for your project — not for clean-up duty)
  • There is no wrong size your strips could be. In fact, if you want to add volume to your structure by molding the strips, you will need different sizes. So tear away freely.
  • Glue mixture: Pour 2 parts white glue and one part water into a mixing bowl. These quantities can be changed to suit the size of your project. Or, if you have a stronger bonding glue, 1 part white glue and 1 part water will do the trick. [3] X Research source
  • Flour mixture: Combine 1 part flour with 1 part water. Easy as pie! (But also liable to mold. Use caution!) [4] X Research source
    • For super large and intense projects, you may want to substitute white glue for the water.
    • If it’s too thin or thick, adjust accordingly. Add more adhesive base if it’s too thin, water if it’s too thick.

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    • If you’re using a balloon, consider painting it with cooking oil beforehand — that way, when it’s dry, you can slide it out easily.
    • If you’d like to create a shape (a face, say), bunch the strip into the form you want, place it on your surface, and then layer another strip on top to smooth it out. This can create volume, texture, and detail quite easily.
    • Put your first layer on horizontally, the second vertically, and so forth. It will help show you where you have been before and strengthen the piece. [7] X Research source

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    • Some schools of thought say to start with a white primer. If you’re using a light color on the piece, you may want to use this method (otherwise some print may stick out). Make sure not to cover to top part in order to take the balloon out.

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

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    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

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    About This Article

    To make papier mâché, first add 2 cups (240 grams) of flour and 1 cup (240 milliliters) of water to a large bowl. Stir the flour and water together until a paste forms, then set the paste aside. Next, tear or cut enough 1-inch wide strips of newspaper to cover the object you’re papier mâchéing 3 times. When you’re done, dip the strips into the papier mâché paste, and press them onto your object. Continue dipping and pasting the strips until your object is completely covered. Then, let the first layer dry, which should take about 2 to 3 hours. Place a fan next to the object to help the papier mâché dry faster. Repeat the process 2 more times so you have 3 layers in total. Then, paint and decorate your papier mâché object. For other ways to papier mâché, including how to use a glue mixture or a wallpaper mixture as your base, read on!

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    Paper mache can be made into a variety of different types of crafts, from fine art sculptures to pinatas and kids’ crafts. There are two forms of paper mache: one uses pulped paper and one uses torn strips of paper. The pulp type of paper mache is most often used to create molded and sculpted pieces, while the strip form is used to cover existing surfaces, making hollow and flat pieces like pinatas and masks. Since paper mache crafts are inexpensive and easy to make, they are popular for kids’ crafting and school projects as well.

    Pulped paper mache crafts are made by combining torn newsprint or paper, water, and flour, or glue blended to make a clay-like paste. In some cases, an armature is formed out of cardboard, aluminum foil, or wire, and then the object is covered with paper mache. Paper mache crafts made with pulp need to dry for about a week before they can be painted and then dry to a hard, durable finish. This method is used to make molded or cast pieces, dolls, sculptures, and holiday decorations. Pulp paper mache crafts are dense and heavy for their size and should not be exposed to water because they could melt.

    Torn strips of thin paper or newsprint are used to make paper mache crafts that need to be hollow. This is the most commonly used paper mache technique, which combines long strips of paper with glue and water. Strips are applied to an existing surface, like a balloon, cardboard box, or other item. Paper mache crafts made with the strip method dry in a day or two, depending on the humidity level and temperature of the room they are in. Strip paper mache crafts include pinatas, holiday decorations, home decor, and masks.

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    Water and flour are the two main ingredients for paper mache paste. You can also add white glue to this mixture, or it can be used as a suitable substitute. Paper can also be mixed in with a paper mache paste to create a pulp. Color and mold retardants can also be added.

    Flour can be mixed with water to create a very simple homemade paper mache paste. These ingredients are often just mixed together until they reach a paste-like consistency. Thick paste will usually be a little stronger than thin. The flour and water can also be cooked or boiled to create a relatively weak paste that dries clear. To make this type of paper mache paste, flour is first mixed with water, and then this mixture is stirred into boiling water and allowed to cool before being used.

    Most white glues can also be used in paper mache paste. Pastes that use glue usually dry much clearer than those made with just flour and water, but the glue must be diluted before being added. Generally, one part water is mixed with two parts glue to make this type of paste. It can also be added in with a flour and water paste.

    Some people also use diluted glue for a type of finishing coat on their paper mache projects. This can be used when you do not want the edges of the paper to show on the finished project. Parents who use glues as one of the ingredients for paper mache, however, should supervise their children closely since some glue may be toxic if ingested.

    Different types of paper can also be used when making paper mache. Some people add paper directly to the flour and water to make a paper mache pulp, which can then be used to create a smooth surface on a finished project. Newspaper is the most common type of paper used for paper mache, but colored construction paper can also be used.

    To make paper mache pulp, bits of paper are soaked in water for several hours. The mixture is then put into a blender, and flour, glue, and water are added. Colored paper mache pulp can also be made by adding some sort of pigment, such as food coloring, pigment powder, or acrylic paint.

    Paper mache often has a tendency to mold. To prevent this, salt, cinnamon, or clove oil might be added, since these ingredients reportedly help prevent mold from growing on the finished product.

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    Discussion Comments

    If you are wanting to know how to make paper mache, there are many basic recipes that you can easily find online.

    One thing to remember if you are mixing this up yourself is how humid your climate is. If you live where there is high humidity, you might want to use less water when you are making your paste.

    I also like to add a little cinnamon to my mixture. It just smells a lot nicer when you are working with the glue. andee February 27, 2012

    @LisaLou – That is a great idea using the liquid starch. Another thing I have found that is very economical is using Elmer’s art paste as my glue for paper mache.

    I think I have tried just about every paper mache recipe there is, and I have found this paste to be the cheapest thing that will give good results too.

    I can buy this in a box for around $4 and it will make up to a gallon of glue. Depending on how many kids you have working on a project, this can last for a long time.

    Another tip I learned when working with paper mache, is to use a clear layer such as copy paper for your last layer. This makes it a lot easier to paint over than a layer of newspaper.

    If you do use newspaper for all of your layers, it is easier if you use a white primer paint before you begin painting your different colors on your dried paper mache. LisaLou February 26, 2012

    I have made several batches of my own paper mache mixture. I have used the glue and water method, and also the cooked method with flour and water.

    All of them work well, and I have found it to be more a matter of personal preference than anything.

    Another thing I found that works well is a liquid starch. I bought a big jug of this at the grocery store, and this is great because it is already mixed up, and will last a long time.

    It has a consistency close to the cooked method, and dries smooth and clear. Once I started using this, I find it is easier to have it on hand all the time and I don’t have to worry about cooking or mixing anymore.

    Mix one part flour with one part of water (eg, 1 cup flour and 1 cup water, or 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup water) until you get a thick glue-like consistency. Add a bit more water if it’s too thick. Mix well with a spoon to get rid of all the lumps.

    What glue do you use for papier mache?

    One of the most common, and easiest, ways to create paper mache is to use glue and water as the paste. A few different types of glue will work, but most people use wood glue or white Glue-All. Using glue is very similar to using flour, but it creates a stronger structure that is less likely to rot.

    Can I mix PVA glue with water?

    To use in sand and cement, a mixture of 2 parts PVA to 1 part water is general. Tip the PVA in the water and mix as normal. PVA dries to a colourless finish and will not react with any other surface preparation or finish.

    How much do you dilute PVA?

    Dilute 1 part PVA with 4 parts water and mix well. Apply using a brush, working material well into crevices and gaps. Allow the coat to dry before continuing.

    Should I PVA before wallpapering?

    By priming your walls with either an acrylic, alkyd, or PVA primer, depending on the surface type, will ensure your wallpaper adheres properly to the surface without damaging the wall. Primer creates a barrier between the wall and the paper so that the adhesive doesn’t overly bond with the wall material.

    Can you mix glue and water?

    Mixing glue and water results in thinned glue, which has many applications, such as a sealant or for papier-mâché. Water will also recover Elmer’s glue that has thickened over time.

    Can I use clear glue for fake water?

    How to Make Fake Water with Glue – Using Blue Elmers Glue for Water in Dioramas. If realistic water is too much or you want something simpler for a smaller diorama, then you can also use blue glue. Besides, you’ll probably want to get clear school glue as well.

    What are the six general types of adhesives?

    Different Types of Glues:

    • White Craft Glue: This is the most common craft glue for porous lightweight materials such as paper, cardboard, cloth, and kids’ crafts.
    • Yellow Wood Glue:
    • Super Glue (also known as cyanoacrylate adhesives):
    • Hot glue:
    • Spray adhesives:
    • Fabric adhesives:
    • Epoxy:
    • Polyurethane:

    What can I use if I don’t have Mod Podge?

    If you just can’t find Mod Podge where you live, look for PVA glue. It’s about the closest you can get. Frequently craft and art stores have PVA glue, but you may have to call around.

    Can I use Mod Podge instead of gesso?

    Can I Use Mod Podge Instead of Gesso? No, you cannot use mod podge in place of gesso – at least not for sealing and priming surfaces meant to be painted. Although mod podge and gesso are both adhesives and somewhat related, they are far different from each other in makeup and function.

    Does homemade Mod Podge really work?

    Homemade Mod Podge is usually made using watered-down glue, so it lacks some of the properties that store-bought Mod Podge has. Store-bought Mod Podge can be used as both an adhesive and sealant, making it durable. The homemade version is less-adhesive, and lacks varnish or sealer.

    Is Homemade Mod Podge waterproof?

    You can make it waterproof by adding varnish to it. However, if you really want something waterproof, hardcore, then I would say you need to use varnish. Not mod podge at all. (Remember Mod Podge isn’t waterproof unless you select the waterproof option too.)

    Is PVA the same as Modge podge?

    Modge Podge is a type of PVA glue similar to Elmers but with a higher moisture content, its thinner. Its also works better with inkjet prints rather than Elmer’s glue that’s been thinned with water. If you want to try the a water thinned PVA glue do a test first.

    What is the difference between PVA glue and clear glue?

    There is no really a better one, they just work differently when making slime. White Glue is Water-Based, while Clear Glue is Solvent-Based. Just make sure you are using a type of glue that contains PVA!

    Is wood glue and PVA the same?

    Polyvinyl acetate is a component of a widely used glue type, commonly referred to as wood glue, white glue, carpenter’s glue, school glue, Elmer’s glue (in the US), or PVA glue.

    Is clear glue stronger than white glue?

    As far as I know, there is no difference in the effectiveness of the two types of glue.

    What does PVA glue not stick to?

    Carpenter’s Glue or PVA Glue PVAs provide a strong bond on porous surfaces but do not adhere well to nonporous materials such as metal or plastics.

    You don’t have to wait for your child’s science fair to make an erupting paper-mache volcano. Making one at home out of paper-mache is fun for the whole family. Paper-mache is a technique you use to create shapes out of shredded paper—typically newspaper—and glue. Paper-mache glue, also called paste, is a basic mixture of flour and water. The glue is used as a wash over the layers of paper to hold it in place as it hardens into a specific shape. While there are two types of paper-mache glue—cooked and no-cook—this project works best with no-cook glue.

    What You’ll Need

    Equipment / Tools

    • Paintbrushes
    • Small paper cup
    • Small funnel
    • Stirring utensil


    • Cardboard or a round cardboard cake tray measuring about 2 feet in diameter
    • Small paper cup or small water bottle
    • Masking tape
    • Paper-mache paste
    • Newspaper
    • Various colors of acrylic paint
    • 1 Tablespoon Warm water
    • Liquid dishwashing detergent
    • Red food coloring
    • 1 to 2 Tablespoons Baking soda
    • White distilled vinegar


    Make the Base

    Make a base for the bottle or cup by crumpling a mound of newspaper into the approximate size of a hamburger on a bun. Tape it down on the center of the cardboard or cake tray. Using masking tape, secure the bottle or cup upright in the center of the mound you just created.

    Form the Volcano

    Start to build the form of the volcano by wrapping crumpled newspaper around the sides of the bottle or cup, making it as wide as you want at the bottom. Mold and shape it into a cone so the volcano is narrower at the top of your bottle or cup than it is at the base.

    Wrap Volcano in Masking Tape

    Wrap the newspaper in masking tape, so the outside is smooth from the masking tape. This also secures the newspaper to the base.

    Don't cover the opening of the bottle or cup at the top of the form with masking tape—you'll need it to be open for the eruption.

    Form the Exterior of the Volcano

    Tear more newspaper into strips about 1 to 2 inches wide. Saturate one strip of the newspaper by dipping it into the paste. You can also hold the strip of paper in your hand and brush the paste onto the paper using your other hand and a paintbrush. Stick the newspaper strip over the volcano by using your fingers to massage and smooth each strip onto the form. Repeat this process until the form and base are covered with newspaper strips. The strips should overlap and run in different directions.

    Let the Volcano Dry

    After applying one layer of paper strips, wait 24 hours for the paste to dry. If you wish, you can apply another layer of paper strips until you achieve the volcano shape you like, but every layer of paper strips and glue needs to dry for 24 hours.

    Paint the Volcano

    When the newspaper and glue are completely dry, then it's time to paint the volcano with as much detail, texture, and color as you'd like. Use brown or gray for the rocks, green for vegetation, and red streaks to simulate the lava that will flow from the top. Add little trees or dinosaurs at the bottom of your volcano to replicate a prehistoric scene.

    Make the Lava

    Measure 1 tablespoon of warm water and pour it into the volcano crater (the top of the bottle or cup). Add three to four drops of dishwashing detergent into the bottle or cup. Add the baking soda and stir with a narrow utensil or stick. Pour the white vinegar into a separate paper cup until it's one-third full, then add a few drops of red food coloring.

    Make an Explosion

    Quickly pour the vinegar into the volcano crater, step back, and watch the volcano's bubbly and blazing red explosion begin.

    Paper Mache is an awesome medium to work with, it is easy to use, quite cheap and all around just perfect for Kids but also great for adults to use. You can easily create simple or complex forms, paint them and use them for a lot of different things, like costumes, for art or other projects. But before you start, there are some things, that you should consider. One such thing is what kind of mixture to use for Paper mache, glue-based or flour-based? In this article, I will tell you everything, that you need to know so that you can make an educated decision.

    So is glue or flour better for Paper Mache? The short answer is, glue is better. It creates a better adhesive than flour and glue-based Paper Mache is also very unlikely to rot or mold, unlike flour-based Paper Mache. The Glue also drys clear and creates a better base for painting your Paper Mache project later on.

    What Kind of Glue is Best for Paper Mache?

    Pretty much any white glue is good for Paper Mache. The only important thing is, that it is easily diluted with water and if you want to do Paper Mache with Kids then you should use non-toxic glue.

    I normally use either wallpaper paste or Wood glue but Mod Podge would be a good alternative as well.

    Make sure, that if you are using wood glue, that this wood glue is regular wood glue and not extra fast drying one or a water-resistant one. Special fast drying wood glue or water-resistant glue may have some additives, that can interfere with water and make it either very had to dilute it or sometimes even impossible.

    So simply stick to regular wood glue and you should be fine.

    If you are using wallpaper paste then make sure it is a normal one as well. There are some special pastes out there that adhere better to textured walls or are very fast drying but, as with the wood glue, these additives may make it hard to use for Paper Mache.

    No matter what kind of glue you choose to use you have to dilute it with water. Generally mixing it one part glue and one part water will be enough but depending on the exact type of glue you use you may have to use more water.

    A good indicator of whether you have the right amount of water is when your mixture is becoming less sticky than it originally was and it has to be quite fluent almost like water.

    If you are using wallpaper paste then simply add more water, than the instructions say until you have the right consistency.

    Is Using Glue any Different Compared to Using Flour for Paper Mache?

    For one I personally think using glue is easier than using flour because mixing it right is easier and the glue mixture is just way stronger than any flour mixture can ever be.

    To be honest, using glue is bit more expensive than using flour but it works so much better than flour and it drys a little faster as well.

    Glue is mixed with water just like flour is but glue is mixed in a one to one ratio with water, unlike flour.

    Other than these small differences using glue is pretty much the same as using flour but the glue mixture has a lot of advantages over a flour mixture.

    The Glue mixture is faster drying, easier to use, drys transparent, doesn´t change the color of the paper, adheres better, doesn´t mold or rot and so on. It´s just all-around better in my opinion.

    Why Do So Many People Use Flour for Paper Mache Even Though it´s Worse?

    There are a couple of reasons. One reason is, it’s way cheaper than using glue and it is defiantly not toxic.

    So a lot of schools, for example, use it in their crafts classes because they don´t have to worry about toxicity and money and it is still a lot of fun for their kids.

    Flour and Water is also the traditional mixture, that is being used since centuries but mainly because they didn´t have the possibility to buy white glue like we do today.

    So in a lot of traditional crafts, the flour and water mixture is still used for paper mache, even today.

    And even though Paper Mache can rot or mold when you use flour instead of glue there are things you can do to ensure that none of that is happening. It all depends on how you seal the project and how you use it. And many masters do know how to properly seal their Paper Mache to avoid any molding.

    But the easier way is still just simply using white glue such as wood glue or wallpaper paste.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can You Make Paper Mache Water Resistant?

    Yes, you can but it still won´t be able to stay outside for a very long time. You can use a layer of epoxy to seal your paper mache and make it water-resistant or you can apply a small layer of mod Podge or white glue to make it resistant to small amounts of water.

    What Happens if Paper Mache Gets Wet?

    If you didn´t seal it at all then it may get soft again. If that happens, then you have to carefully dry it while taking care not to deform it. If you have sealed it properly, then Paper Mache can take small amounts of water without any problems but if it gets soaked then you may have to say goodbye to your project.

    Does Paper Mache Get Hard?

    Paper Mache normally doesn´t dry hard. The consistency of paper mache is comparable to a very thick paper or cardboard. That being said there are processes, that can make Paper Mache dry hard by using epoxy for example.

    Any More Questions?

    Do you have any more Questions about Paper Mache? Then feel free to leave a comment down below and I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

    Looking for the perfect paper mache recipe? We’ll show you how to make paper mache using PVA glue to craft sweet little trinket pots using cookie cutters that the kids will love!

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    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    This competition is now closed

    Published: December 10, 2020 at 9:30 am

    It isn’t just balloons that are good for covering in paper mache! You can cover so many different shaped objects with this fun paper mache recipe. The reason that balloons are so popular is that they can be removed with just once prick of a pin, and POP – your paper mache balloon shape is free! We’re going to show you 3 great methods you can use to release your paper mache from solid objects, so you cans see how to make paper mache fun shaped objects. We’re using cookie cutters to build up some little mini trinket pots, but you can use anything you like – just remember you’ll need to be able to slide you paper mache off it, so one side must be left open, with an opening wide enough for the object to be removed.

    What is paper mache?

    Paper mache (or papiermâché to give it its proper name) literally means chewed paper. With this technique, absorbent paper, often newspaper is torn into strips and mixed with a sticky paste. The strips are shaped around an object and take on the shape of that object once the paste is dry. You can use different papers like tissue paper, but you don’t want anything with a surface finish on it, so if it looks glossy, it probably wont take up the paste too well so it wont properly mash together. Tearing the paper into strips rather than cutting it also helps to create a more absorbent edge for taking up with stitch paste and really sticking nicely.

    Paper mache recipe

    There are several methods you can use to make the paste for your paper mache. You can mix water with flour, you can use wallpaper paste or you can use PVA glue mixed with water. We are focusing on how to make paper mache with PVA glue in this article, but if you want to see how to make paper mache with flour, you’ll find a recipe on our sister site, BBC Good Food. Click for the flour paper mache tutorial. You might also like our Easy Salt Dough Recipe post.

    What do you need to make paper mache?

    • Newspaper torn into strips – 2x5cm is a good size
    • PVA craft glue
    • Cold water
    • Paintbrush – 1cm wide is a good size

    How to make paper mache

    1. Mix 1 part PVA craft glue with 2 parts water to make your paper mache paste.
    2. You don’t need to be super accurate – there is no need to measure out your ingredients, it is fine to approximate this by eye. But a ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part PVA glue is a good rule of thumb.
    3. If you are exploring how to make paper mache with kids, it’s a good idea to use a child-friendly PVA craft glue as this will be water soluble so easily removed from clothing and hands, but we’ve used a water resistant wood PVA glue with this technique and it has still worked.
    4. Mix the glue and the water together until they are combined, then your paper mache paste is ready to use.

    How to make paper mache

    Take a look at our video tutorial to see how to paper mache and how the layers and built up as you learn how to make paper mache with PVA glue. If you prefer a photographic walkthrough showing how to make paper mache, you’ll find these under the video.

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    Paper mache isn’t very good at dealing with moisture.

    Thankfully there are numerous ways you can waterproof it so that it will last for a long time.

    Adding waterproof wood glue to the paste will protect your structure.

    You can also use waterproof acrylic paint to color your paper mache.

    Apply a layer of waterproof varnish after you’ve finished your statue to keep it in excellent condition.

    This will help protect the brightness of the colors even when you’re leaving your paper mache outside.

    3 Ways To Waterproof Your Paper Mache

    Papier mâché or paper mache is an easy and extremely popular crafting technique.

    In French, it means chewed paper, which is basically the main thing you need to create an incredible statue.

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    The paste is made of a simple and flour and water mix, and you can even add glue to create a durable paste that you can apply on a balloon or a hollow object to create a statue or structure.

    When it dries, the paper hardens and becomes more durable and difficult to break. However, it doesn’t become waterproof.

    If you’re leaving your paper mache statue outside or accidentally spill water on it, the water will moisten the paper and make it brittle and easy to peel.

    This practice is thousands of years old but is one of the most popular ones today because you can make decorative items for your home or even sell them to start a crafting business.

    Here are some methods that you can use to waterproof your mache paper:

    1. Use Waterproof Glue

    Paper mache is made using a pliable paste that is applied on top of a structure like a balloon, box, or even egg to create the desired shape.

    There are several types of adhesive materials that you can use to stick the materials together.

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    Flour and water are suitable for DIY projects, but the statue won’t be that durable.

    Adding waterproof glue like gorilla glue is a good idea because it holds the paper together.

    It also makes the paper mache structure more resistant to the elements even if you leave it outside.

    Waterproof glue also protects your paper mache creation from the mold.

    Moisture from the rain or accidental water slips can cause mold that destroys the paper mache structure and can become a safety hazard if you’re leaving it inside your house.

    However, this material is resistant to water and prevents it from ruining the paper mache structure.

    2. Use Waterproof Colors

    After your paper mache has adequately dried and hardened, you might think about applying different colors to make your creation more unique.

    There are different kinds of colors that you can use with paper mache, but water-based ones are the least water-resistant.

    Instead of water-based colors, use waterproof acrylic paint to coat your paper mache.

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    These will allow the water to slide off the outer surface of the paper mache without affecting their brightness.

    As a result, even the heaviest rain won’t make your colors run or fade.

    High-gloss enamel paint is excellent for paper mache, especially if you’re leaving your creation outside.

    This paint is resistant to the elements and stays bright and vibrant in extreme weather conditions.

    There are different varieties of opaque, transparent, and frost finish variations of enamel paint that you can use to cover your paper mache.

    This paint resists moisture as well as UV rays, so it’s an excellent choice for outdoor projects.

    3. Use a Waterproof Sealant

    A waterproof sealant adds more protection to your paper mache.

    This transparent layer makes the colors more resistant to moisture, so it will protect your creation from the elements.

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    After your paper mache has completely dried, you can apply a transparent layer of waterproof finish if you want to retain the original color of the paper mache.

    Even if you have applied color, this finish will make your paint glossy and more water-resistant.

    It’s normal to apply a new layer of sealant every year, especially if you’re leaving your paper mache outside.

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâché

    Paper mache (or papier-mâché, if you prefer) can be made with many different paste recipes.

    To go straight to your favorite recipe, click on one of the links below.

    This is a reader-supported site. When you buy through links on this site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Thanks for your support! 🙂

    The recipes listed on this page are for use with paper strips and paste. You’ll find my paper mache clay recipe on a separate page.

    How to make gluestick paper glue for papier mâchéIf you’re looking for a fast start on your next paper mache project, any of the recipes on this page will work with my new downloadable patterns for sculptures and masks.

    Fast and Easy Raw Flour and Water Paste

    This has been my favorite paper mache paste for years. It’s also the paste our friend Dan Reeder uses to make his wonderful dragons and monsters. However, keep reading to see when it might not be the best option for your next project.

    Paper mache paste is easy to make, and it doesn’t really need a recipe. The most important tip is to use hot water (from the tap, not boiling) to make a nice smooth paste.

    Ingredients for easy paper mache paste:

    • Flour
    • Hot Water from the Tap

    To make the paste, just pour some white flour in a bowl. Add hot water gradually until you have a consistency that will work well. Mix with a spoon or whisk. If you have one, an immersion blender works great).

    How thick should you make your paste? You want it thin enough so it looks more like white glue than pancake batter – although thicker paste will work OK, too, if that’s the way you like it. You really can’t make it wrong.

    What kind of flour will work? You’ll need to use all-purpose white flour. Whole-wheat flour makes healthier bread, but it isn’t sticky enough to make good paste.

    Make up just enough for one sculpting session. This is good advice for any paste made with wheat flour. Wild yeast is attracted to flour (that’s how sourdough bread is made.)

    If the paste is kept over from one session to the next, the yeast will break down the flour and make the paste less sticky (and slightly stinky). It’s best to whip up as much as you need today, throw out any paste that’s left over, and make a new batch tomorrow – or whenever you need some more. (If you need a paste that can be kept for longer periods of time, see the Elmer’s Art Paste, below.)

    Be sure to clean the bowl and utensils before the paste has time to dry – it will dry very hard. That’s good for paper mache, but not so good for the person washing the dishes.

    Tips: This paste is easy and strong, but it will leave a floury residue on the outside of your sculpture. If you want the last layer of paper to be seen on the finished sculpture, you’ll need one of the clear paste alternatives below.

    And if you have a gluten allergy, you’ll want to use one of the gluten-free alternatives.

How to stop feeling useless

How to stop feeling useless

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Here is a question that friends and I have: How do we stop feeling useless during the COVID-19 quarantine? It sucks to be living through something that will be in the history books. It sucks more to be on the sidelines having things happening to us and our world and feeling useless. During WWII the nation came together, people stepped up. Heroes are still talked about. For COVID-19, it seems like the best thing we can do is stay at home (and vote). We aren’t doctors. We don’t sew to make and donate masks. We don’t have enough extra income to donate substantial amounts to save the world. Shouting into the void that is social media gives limited returns. We talk about what we’ll do once this is all over, but with hollow excitement since being too happy feels weird right now (we know it’s not), and we have no idea what season we’ll be in when this is all done. Our lives are on pause and at risk, and it feels like there’s nothing we can do about it and we aren’t even being useful by pausing them. Being cooped up in a city where we can’t really get out, for a bunch of people whose happiness is pretty linked to the outdoors, is bad enough. Feeling useless on top of it is wearing. So, for an actual question, how do we stop feeling useless?

Feeling useful and being useful are two different things, and, though I know you know this, staying home as much as possible is the most genuinely useful thing you can do right now. You’re doing the heroic thing, the thing that binds you to the rest of your generation, the thing that will save lives, and you’re still not feeling right about it. Which tells me that what you’re really asking isn’t how to be helpful. You’re asking how to feel OK.

Some of us are working from home; some of us have lost part or all of our work; some of us are disabled, with limited ability to go out even pre-pandemic, and seeing that experience finally reflected in the culture around us; some of us are all alone, or sharing space; some of us are still going to jobs in person, careful and fearful every day. This pandemic is said to be an equalizer, though in many ways it’s brought our differences—particularly demographic vulnerabilities (age, race, family, ability, economic, and so on)—into greater relief. But the one thing we are all experiencing together, looking out our separate windows, is the world operating at a different speed.

As an outdoorsperson, you already have a huge advantage, because the outdoors skill that will help you the most right now, which is something so many people struggle with, is the ability to be bored. Or rather, the ability to experience boredom, or situations that other people might find boring, without feeling panic. Think about when you’re camping, sailing, or even just sitting in your backyard, when the minutes are empty and unmeasured, and all you can do is exist and notice. Long nights in the woods without a clock, thinking until dawn. How often do you melt into time like that at home? I know I never do. I scroll on my phone, or do the things on my to-do list, or, more often, feel guilty that I’m not doing the things on my to-do list. True boredom is terrifying because it forces us to let go: let go of “progress,” let go of distractions, let go of the idea that we are doing something important, and that therefore we, too, are important.

Odds are that the world doesn’t need you to be a hero right now. The world needs you to let yourself be bored.

As you mentioned, perhaps the most disarming thing about quarantine is that we don’t know how long it will last. It may help to create your own countdowns: this many weeks until midsummer, this many days until your dog’s birthday. Build rituals to mark the passage of time in other ways, too, whether it’s writing in a line-a-day journal or sitting on the porch each morning and noticing as many things as you can that have changed since the day before. Choose a weekday to go off social media completely, a weekday to call your old roommate, a weekday to call your representatives. Try to do physical, tangible things, like cooking, or stretching while you talk to friends on the phone. Clean and repair the gear that you’ll use when this is over. Try a craft.

Notice the ways that people in your community are struggling, both personally and systemically. Call your friends and ask what they need. Many of those needs will be beyond your capacity to help. But some of them won’t.

And if you need help—in big or small ways—call friends and ask for it. They care about you and want to feel useful. They’re passing the time, too.

It could be that you’re going to do something huge and historic during this pandemic, and that circumstances will align in, say, August, for you to use your creativity and skills and experience to solve a problem or start a conversation that will resonate in unknowable ways. But most of us won’t be remembered, even if our era is studied for generations. Most heroes aren’t famous, and most famous people aren’t heroes. We participate in history by participating in today. Right now, that’s all you can do.

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And, the answer is really shockingly simple. Yet, if you google the question, you’ll find hundreds of pages with dozens of different suggestions. There’s really one main thing you need to do to feel valuable and feel a sense of worth. Actually, it doesn’t matter what else you do, if you don’t take this one step, you will always feel completely worthless.

Yes, one decision you make is going to be more important than all the others. You MUST make this decision.

What’s the decision to stop feeling unworthy?

DECIDE to feel worthwhile.

Make the decision that you have value and worth.

Do it right now. Try it out. Say it with me, “I’m worthy”. Or if it resonates more with you, choose, “I have value”, “I’m important”.

Do you see how empowering this one little sentence is? There’s no working through things or letting things go at this precise moment. It’s simply a decision you make. I’m worthy.

Don’t let the simpleness of this advice make you doubt the power of it.

This is NOT an affirmation

How to stop feeling useless

The key piece to understand here is that this is not an affirmation or mantra that you tell yourself blankly throughout the day knowing deep down inside that you don’t believe it.

You could tell yourself, “I’m going to the store, I’m going to the store” all day long knowing deep down inside that you’re tired and that you’re going to put it off and go next week. Saying it over and over to yourself won’t make you go to the store. You won’t go to the store until you DECIDE to go to the store. Once you make that decision then you put on your shoes and your jacket, look for your keys, and go to the store. You made the decision so you do it. That’s the difference between an affirmation and making a decision.

Think about all the other things you’ve achieved in your life. What was the one thing you had to do in order to move ahead with your goal? You had to make the decision to do it. Without making the decision, it always remains a wish or something to do in the future.

Make the decision. It’s as simple as that.

Try it out for the next few days. Keep making the decision throughout the day. “I’m worthy”.

See how it changes all your other decisions when you decide for yourself that you have value.

No one else can make this decision for you.

This will be the most important decision you ever make for yourself.

Don’t waste another moment, try it out now. Make the decision. I’m worthy.

Catherine Pratt, www.Life-With-Confidence, @LWConf

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How to stop feeling useless

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How to stop feeling useless

How to stop feeling useless

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How to stop feeling useless

How to stop feeling useless

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How to Overcome Your Insecurities

How to stop feeling useless

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Remedies for an underdiscussed cause of unhappiness.

Posted December 23, 2018

How to stop feeling useless

Children can feel useless, the product of their impotence in an adult-controlled world. Teens can feel even more impotent because they believe that, if they were allowed, they could be potent.

Young adults blessed with (some would say saddled with) higher-education-inculcated Big Ideas too often find themselves pulling a beer or barista lever. Even many people who — to use the current argot — launch, by midlife see the dispiriting limitations of their influence, at work, in changing their spouse, even their kids.

And of course, in old age, the decline in physical and mental capability often leads to great dispiritedness, because hope for a better future wanes — The awareness grows of being pushed ever closer to the end of life’s conveyer belt.

What’s a mere mortal to do?

Your child or grandchild

Please resist the temptation to overprotect. Short of allowing your young child to climb a cliff, the liabilities outweigh the benefits. The parent who allows kiddo to climb a tree, literally or figuratively, even unsupervised, is assured of increasing the child’s self-efficacy and self-confidence, not to mention joy. Even if, against the odds, your child falls and breaks a limb, that will heal far faster and more completely than having gotten the disempowering message that the world is a dangerous place and that they are ill-equipped to deal with it. And don’t tell me about the risk of becoming a quadriplegic or dying. That risk is trivial. One must make decisions based on probabilities, hence the foolishness of the U.S. Government making everyone take their shoes off before getting on an airplane, because one schmuck hid a bomb in his heel.

Indeed, previous generations of parents were far more likely to let their kids play unfettered. Yet today, despite the long decline in crime rate per Kim Brooks’ book Small Animals: Parenting in the Age of Fear, many parents have grown overprotective, perhaps in part for fear that some zeitgeist-soaked parent will deem them irresponsible for allowing Junior to play outside unsupervised or, per Brooks, left in a cool car for a few minutes while Mom ran into the store. (She was reported to the cops by one of those zeitgeist-soaked parents, found guilty, and forced to do community service.)

Young and midlife adults

What about the millions of underemployed, under-influential adults? In a world of 7.7 billion people, relatively few have major influence. Even the president of the world’s only superpower has been rendered impotent by the media, which has manipulated the public into a paroxysm of surety that he is the anti-Christ, who, if allowed, would wreck humankind. Because so few jobs, even those ostensibly in “public policy,” affect much policy let alone improve lives, the most likely way to increase agency is to act where you clearly can influence 1 on 1: Mentor someone at work, be a thoughtful, two-way communicative parent. Or volunteer for a local charity that you’re confident makes a difference. Or start an ethical business that improves life. My favorite idea is what I call ProMatch: websites matching consumers with professionals: psychologists, doctors, architects, etc.

Old age

Then there are the not-golden years. Sure, that’s a particularly good time for mentorship, passing on the wisdom of your life and perhaps of the ages to the next generation or even to your age peers, even, yes, offering unwanted advice to that stranger on the bus. But there’s no getting around the elderly’s relative impotence.

Fortunately, there are ways to potentiate even one’s later years, maybe even saving the best for last. Because few employers will hire “senior citizens” to do something important, can you hire yourself? Is there a project or business you have the bandwidth to try, a last hurrah? Perhaps your awareness of your place on said conveyer belt can fuel you to go out in a blaze of glory or at least to not fade out like a fireplace’s last ember.

A more likely source of elder usefulness is a bequest. Many older people with the wisdom to have pursued a lifetime of saving over materialism can wisely rather than reflexively bequeath their savings. Sure, you might do the standard thing — leave it to your kids and equally — but in your situation and in the larger scheme of things, is that wisest? Think of what each of your kids would do with the money. Think of the extent to which that would empower rather than debilitate as it does to trust fund babies and welfare recipients for whom the money is a paralytic. Might some or even most of your hard-earned savings do more good bequeathed elsewhere: to a needy person(s) you know or to a charity you believe generates much good per dollar expended, especially where your dollars would — unlike if given to a large charity — be more than a grain of sand tossed onto a beach?

I’d be less than authentic if I suggested that these elder tips transcend the recognition that nothing can preclude most older people feeling ever more useless. When those feelings descend, if you can’t think of something to make yourself useful, don’t be afraid to use the time-honored, shrink-discouraged denial, suppression, and distraction, for example: “The end is still a long way away. And, sure, I may forget some things but the accumulated wisdom trumps. Onward and upward!”

The takeaway

Sometimes, all of us feel useless, but I’m not a fan of the standard advice: “acceptance.” At the risk of ending with a very not-Buddhist exhortation: Fight it!

How to stop feeling useless

The human race had to retreat into social distancing, self-isolation, quarantines and lockdowns.

And, for many people, it is the first time that they are truly alone. Cut off from their bustling lives and social interactions.

And, even if they never before struggled with low self-worth, they now feel insecure, unsettled, anxious. Because, in isolation, they are starting to doubt their worth.

Now, feeling worthless during social isolation is nothing new for us introverts.

We are the misfits, the outsiders. The ones who are always too anxious to introduce ourselves, start a conversation, invite others in.

We are the ones who never fit in, no matter what we try. The awkward rejects, who are too terrified to speak up and claim our place in society.

And we always believed that we were experiencing social isolation because we didn’t have enough worth. And as such we were unacceptable to others.

But what if worthlessness was never the origin of our social isolation? What if, instead, social isolation creates a feeling of worthlessness?

We aren’t lonely because we were worthless. Rather, we feel worthless, because we are alone. For 4 simple, but profound reasons.

How to stop feeling useless

So many people fall into the trap of feeling worthless, small and insignificant. And because they believe every lie they hear, either in their minds or from the world around them, they fail to see themselves as the amazing, beautiful and incredibly powerful beings that they truly are.

Feeling Worthless

But not anymore.

Today we will all let go of all this “feeling worthless” nonsense and reclaim our right to feeling worthy and enough.

7 Ways to Go from Feeling Worthless to Feeling Worthy

1. Don’t expect the world to validate your worth

We want everyone around us to recognize how precious and valuable we are. But how can other people recognize how valuable you truly are when most of them can’t recognize their own value? And how can this world give you something you yourself feel unworthy of receiving? If you want to go from feeling worthless to feeling worthy, you need to stop expecting the world to validate your worth.

The world is our mirror, it gives back to us what we think, and feel worthy of receiving. And if you want the world to treat you as a worthy and valuable human being, you need to behave as such, and you need to recognize your own value and true worth.

2. You will never find your worth outside of you

Even though we live in a world where we are told that Having and Doing equates to Being – worthy, valuable, enough, etc., that is far from the truth. And if you don’t believe me, just look around you at all the people who Have and Do so much, and still feel like they are never enough.

“If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich..”

Don’t look for your worth outside of you. Look within, for that is where you will find Everything you need and All that you are.

3. Be careful who you spend your time with

Believe it or not, the people we spend our time with play a huge role in how we perceive and feel about ourselves. And unfortunately, a lot of times, our friends and family, consciously or not, they might feed our doubts and insecurities by treating us as if there’s nothing worthy and valuable in us.

“Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.”

Be careful who you spend your time with. Make sure that the people around you lift you up and not tear you down. Always pay attention to how you feel around people. And no matter what happens, do not let anyone trick you into thinking you are worthless because you’re not!

“If for company you cannot find a wise and prudent friend who leads a good life, then, like a king who leaves behind a conquered kingdom, or like a lone elephant in the elephant forest, you should go your way alone. Better it is to live alone; there is no fellowship with a fool.”

4. Don’t believe everything you think

Don’t believe everything you think especially if your thoughts are meant to feed your doubts and insecurities and strengthen this unhealthy belief that you are worthless and never enough.

You are worthy. You are valuable. You are enough.

Repeat these words to yourself until they become your reality. And know that that is really who you truly are!

5. If you’re feeling worthless, disconnect in order to Reconnect

“Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering..”

If you are feeling worthless, disconnect for a while from the noise and many demands of this crazy world. Switch off your phone, your laptop, the loud voice of those around you, and just sit. Just be alone with yourself. Allow yourself to reconnect with your true value and worth so that you can know yourself for who you truly are and not for who the world thinks you should be.

6. Tell Yourself what you want to hear from Others

“Words are things, I’m convinced. You must be careful about the words you use or the words you allow to be used in your house.”

Instead of waiting for the whole world to tell you that you are worthy and valuable, start telling these things to yourself. Start telling yourself the things you deep down know to be true. Tell yourself you are worthy, valuable, beautiful, strong, lovable and enough. Tell yourself everything you need tell yourself and know that your words will reveal their Truth to you.

7. Be kind and gentle with yourself

This world we live in is already so harsh on all of us. There’s no need for you to add more on top of that. Be kind and gentle with yourself and all your so called mistakes and imperfections, and let go of this fearful need for perfection.

“Perfectionism is a self destructive and addictive belief system that fuels this primary thought: If I look perfect, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful feelings of shame, judgment, and blame.”

What is one thing you could do today to go from feeling worthless to feeling worthy? You can share your comment in the comment section below.

We know that life feels pointless right now. We understand how monotonous everything can become. What it’s like to feel totally and utterly worn down by trying to stay afloat. It can grind us down until we have no energy left at all. Until we begin to wonder what the point of it all really is.

How to stop feeling useless

We see you. We see how hard you are working to hold things together. How keeping things ticking over is a superhuman achievement right now. Perhaps you don’t always manage to wear a clean jumper, or even get dressed every day. But you’re doing your best. You’re trying your best to take the medication you’ve been prescribed, keep the house running, look after any dependants, manage your money, and maybe, on a good day, wave a damp cloth around the kitchen.

Life can grind us down. When we’re really low, it can be difficult to find any meaning in our life. We often search for reasons to live. Reasons to keep going with everything when it’s so exhausting. A glimmer of hope on the horizon that offers us a reason to keep pouring energy into the daily grind. It can be so difficult to find this meaning, especially when we feel rubbish. Without meaning, everything can feel pointless. ‘Keeping things going’ becomes even harder when we can’t see the point in it.

Even though it feels pointless – we’re still doing it. The fact that we’re still waking up each morning and trying to face the day in the best way we know how shows how tenacious we are.

When life feels pointless, and we’re struggling to find any meaning in the things we’re doing or to think of any reasons to live, suicidal thoughts can become louder. They can spring up and cloud our mind, using our lack of reasons to live, and lack of meaning, as ‘evidence’. When this happens, and we can’t find any hope, it can help to reach out to a friend, family member, or professional, for some support.

We’re allowed to cry, to scream, to get upset, and to feel frustrated at how unfair all of this is. We are allowed to ‘feel’ full stop. We’re allowed to take up space to ask for hugs, to ask for the support that we need, and to respond to our needs. We deserve support. We’re important, our life is important, and we deserve to feel safe.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic meaning-finding formula. There are times when no matter how hard we try life continues to feel pointless. Sometimes we just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other until we’re able to find some meaning again.

Sometimes when life feels pointless, it’s because we feel stuck. We know that we’re not where we want to be in life but might not know what it is we do want, or how to get there. Life can feel pointless because we’re putting all of our time and energy into things that aren’t fulfilling us, so we feel empty. At times like these, it can be helpful to brainstorm loads of different options – even if it’s blue-sky thinking and the things we come up with feel totally out of our reach. We could try changing something – even if it’s something really small like what we have for breakfast. Making little changes can shake things up and can help to re-ignite the ideas part of our brain. Perhaps we could try something new – giving things a go could lead to us find a passion for something that we’d never even thought about before.

We need to cut ourselves some slack. We are not pointless, and our life is not pointless. Our unrealistic expectations of ourselves can leave us feeling useless, and pointless because we never feel as though we’re enough. The contributions we make to society feel pointless because other people have contributed more. But other’s contributions do not invalidate our contributions. Other people’s achievements don’t invalidate our own achievements. We are enough. Our life is not pointless.

If you are feeling as though life is pointless right now, we’re not expecting you to get out of bed and run a marathon. We hear you. We’re standing alongside you. We hope that you’re able to do a little bit of self-care. We hope that you can think back to all of the times that you’ve coped with hard stuff before and that you recognise how strong you are. We hope that you feel able to keep putting one foot in front of the other for another day and that you’re able to reach out for the support you need.

The Blurt Team x

Please help us to help others and share this post, you never know who might need it.

I feel completely worthless. I don't see a man ever loving me or wanting anything to do with me beyond loveless sex, ego boosts, or having someone to abuse. I've been treated as worthless in the past and I don't believe that will ever change.

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I have literally been in the same position. Not only that, but even if they are really kind in the beginning, they turn rude and/or abusive after a while or once they lose interest in me.

I thought for a long time that it was my fault, but went to therapy and realized that these type of men seek out kind and sweet people because they are easier to tear down/they will not stand up for themselves or say anything rude back. Not only men do this, but most people use kind, allowing people and project trauma on them, cause it is easier.

I would suggest writing down a list a boundaries and sticking to them. No matter how much it hurts or makes you uncomfortable. You stick to those boundaries . This way, you gain self confidence and self respect and people will not be able to project or use you.

The main boundary I started with was: Not allowing people to yell at me or be rude with me even as a joke.

Once i got one boundary established, I set a new one.

Another thing is to not base your worth on who might want you or not. Even if a man does not want you, it should not matter. Your worth, happiness and life should not depend on that! If all they want with you is this and it is not reaching the bar for you, just walk away. These men are not worth your time! You have to choose yourself, even when they do not! Wish you the best of luck!

How to stop feeling useless

Shame. Everybody has it. Nobody wants to talk about it. The less we talk about it, the more power it has over us.

Shame goes to the core of a person and makes them feel there is something inherently wrong with them.

I remember when I was a young girl, I struggled so much with feeling I was ‘less than’ others.

There were many nights when I would say prayers to help change me. I didn’t like my freckles. I was so embarrassed by my body. I hated the fact that I had a lisp. My skin was either pale as a ghost or the color of a tomato. I would get blotchy when I was the center of attention. This list could truly go on and on. What I was really experiencing was a strong sense of shame.

Shame is often the trademark in hurting families, and almost always part of the underlying matrix of psychological conditions.

It may start with someone not owning their own feelings and making it about someone else. I was such a sensitive kid. I would get made fun of for having emotions, and this eventually led to my own struggles with insecurity that surfaced as depression and anxiety.

In our society, shame and guilt are often intertwined. However, these two emotions are quite different.

Guilt’s focus is on behavior. It’s about what we do. When we experience guilt, we have gone against our own code of ethics.

Guilt tells me that I am not doing what has been expected of me. This emotion usually serves as being an internal conscience. It helps me to not act on harmful impulses. The great thing about guilt is our values get reaffirmed. There is a possibility of repair. We can learn and grow.

Shame’s focus is on the self. It’s not that I did something bad, but that I am bad. It gives us the sense that we do not measure up to others. We are defective. We are damaged goods.

A person cannot grow while they are in a space of shame, and they cannot shame others to change. This concept is like saying “you are worthless and incapable of change, but change anyway.”

When we’re in shame, we don’t see the bigger picture. We feel alone, exposed, and deeply flawed.

Oftentimes, we will respond to shame by moving away from it, moving toward it, or moving against it. Moving away from it means to withdraw, hide, and/or stay silent. Moving toward would be appeasing and/or pleasing others. Moving against suggests we try to gain power over others. We use shame to fight shame.

As human beings, we are wired for connection. We come into the world needing connection in order to survive. When we are in shame we unravel our ability to connect. Our first reaction to shame is to hide.

This may mean we work all the time, attach to someone in an unhealthy relationship, or withdraw from our community. More so, we may have difficulty with healthy levels of self-esteem. We may fluctuate between arrogance, grandiosity, and low self-worth. As a result of this dynamic, we are either one up or one down in a relationship. Relationships lack substance, honesty and meaning.

According to the research of Brené Brown, shame needs three things to survive: silence, secrecy, and judgment.

Shame thrives on being undetected. The only thing shame cannot possibly survive is empathy.

We have to find courage to talk about shame. When we dig past the surface, we find that shame is what drives our fear of rejection, to not take risks, to hate our bodies, and to worry about the judgment of others.

We are more likely to engage in self-destructive behaviors or to attack others. When we are honest about our struggles, we are less likely to get stuck in the black tar of shame. Shame cannot hold on when we name it.

So, how do we become aware of shame? And, what can we do about it?

Well, we first have to name shame when we are feeling it.

When I make statements like “I am an embarrassment” or “I am such a failure,” what I’m really feeling is shame. When I attack my being, I need to recognize the shame and reframe the belief. “I am not an embarrassment, I just did an embarrassing thing.”

The next step is to develop more awareness about when I am experiencing shame.

We have to become mindful of our triggers to shame. Our feelings, beliefs, and actions are motivated by these triggers whether we acknowledge them or not. So, when we are feeling shame, we want to interrupt it with more positive thought patterns.

Ego repair comes next.

We have to track and replace that negative internal dialogue, and put ourselves around positive and meaningful influences. It’s important at this stage to practice loving-kindness to ourselves and others. A great practical tool is talking to and treating yourself the way you would someone you love dearly. You would never call someone worthless, right? So, why do that to yourself?

Name and return shame.

I was picked on a lot as a kid for being overweight. I experienced shame in my gut and in my chest. I would often feel sick to my stomach. Eventually, I developed beliefs that I was “worthless and unlovable.” These came from an ample amount of being hurt by my peers.

As I grew into an adult, I lost a good amount of weight, but still held onto those beliefs. Of course, I learned that weight has nothing to do with worth and love. I was able to name where that shame came from, and put it back on my peers who hurt me out of their own ignorance, pain, or confusion.

If we are unable to put shame back in its place, we will continue to attract people and situations that validate those negative beliefs and recreate shame in our lives.

Avoid negative situations and build positive supports.

It is crucial to place yourself around healthy and loving people. When I am active in my shame, I often want to cocoon. During these times of isolation, I feel more alone and shameful. If I am able to simply communicate what is happening with me to someone who loves me, the power of my shame diminishes.

In order to understand where we are and where we want to go, we have to have self-acceptance about who we are. Shame can make for discomfort in relationships with others. If we could work on developing a loving relationship with ourselves, our ability to be intimate and authentic increases.

It is vital that we learn to separate shame from the person.

We need to understand that shame is an emotion. The concern, though, is many people have turned shame from an emotion to a state of being. We want to be able to transform it back into a feeling. All of our emotions have functions. Shame, similar to other feelings, is attempting to protect us from some sort of threat. However, it often is a misperceived threat.

We cannot become resistant to shame, but we can develop resilience to it.

We have to help one another know we are not alone in our experiences and in our feelings. It is helpful to have corrective, validating, and emotional experiences with someone we love. We have to understand that part of our shared humanity is having parts of ourselves we are scared to show, but we have to be brave enough to show them anyway.

About Lauren Impraim

Lauren is a therapist specializing in co-occurring disorders. She helps people process their shame and their pain, aids in stopping self-defeating patterns, and helps others build resilience and hope. You can find her on Psychology Today here.

How to heal fissures

How to heal fissures

About 9 out of 10 short-term fissures heal with home treatment—including using stool softeners or fiber supplements and taking regular sits baths. And about 4 out of 10 long-term anal fissures will heal after home treatment is used.

But not all fissures will heal with just home treatment. If a fissure lasts more than 8 to 12 weeks, you may need prescription medicines. These may include nitroglycerin cream, high blood pressure medicines in pill or gel form, or injections of botulinum toxin (Botox).

If medicines don’t stop your symptoms, you may need to consider surgery. The most commonly used surgery is lateral internal sphincterotomy. In this procedure, a doctor cuts into part of the internal sphincter to relax the spasm that is causing the fissure.

What are the Symptoms and Signs of Anal Fissures?

. Severe pain during a bowel movement followed by continuing pain is the classic symptom of an anal fissure.

. There is a vicious cycle of constipation causing pain, which makes the anal sphincter muscles go into spasm.

. This causes more pain and spasms, which makes having a bowel movement more difficult and worsens the constipation.

. The pain is significant enough to make sitting down even more painful.

. There also may be a few drops of bright red blood in the toilet bowel or when wiping, but significant bleeding usually doesn’t occur.

How long does the recovery after of fissure take?

It plays the fundamental roles to note that complete healing with both medical and surgical treatments can take up to approximately 6-10 weeks. However, acute pain after surgery often disappears after a few days. Most patients will be able to return to work and resume daily activities in a few short days after the surgery. Pain during bowel movements usually goes away within a couple of days after the start of home treatment. There are several steps you can take to relieve your symptoms and help the fissure heal and try to prevent constipation.

What are the methods of diagnosis of anal fissures?

A doctor can usually diagnose an anal fissure simply by examining the area around the anus using an endoscope may also help your doctor find other causes of anal or rectal pain such as hemorrhoids. In some cases of rectal pain, you may need an endoscopy for better evaluation of your symptoms.

What natural home remedies help relieve pain of anal fissures?

. Add fiber to your diet. Eating about 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day can help keep stools soft and improve fissure healing. Fiber-rich foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. You also can take a fiber supplement. Adding fiber may cause gas and bloating, so increase your intake gradually.

. Drink adequate fluids. Fluids help prevent constipation.

. Avoid straining during bowel movements. Straining creates pressure, which can open a healing tear or cause a new tear.

What prescription drugs treat anal fissures?

Prescription drugs used to treat anal fissures that fail to heal with less conservative treatment are ointments containing anesthetics, steroids, nitroglycerin, and calcium channel blocking drugs (CCBs).

What are the nonsurgical treatments of anal fissure?

Your doctor may recommend:

. Externally applied nitroglycerin (Rectiv), to help increase blood flow to the fissure and promote healing and to help relax the anal sphincter. Nitroglycerin is generally considered the medical treatment of choice when other conservative measures fail. Side effects may include headache, which can be severe.

. Topical anesthetic creams such as lidocaine hydrochloride (Xylocaine) may be helpful for pain relief.

. Botulinum toxin type A (Botox) injection, to paralyze the anal sphincter muscle and relax spasms.

. Blood pressure medications, such as oral nifedipine (Procardia) or diltiazem (Cardizem) can help relax the anal sphincter. These medications may be taken by mouth or applied externally and may be used when nitroglycerin is not effective or causes significant side effects.

What does surgery for anal fissure include?

Options of surgery for treating anal fissure involve Botulinum toxin injection into the anal sphincter and surgical division of a portion of the internal anal sphincter (lateral internal sphincterotomy). These two are performed typically as outpatient procedures. The aim of these surgical options is to promote relaxation of the anal sphincter, thereby decreasing anal pain and spasm, allowing the fissure to heal. If a sentinel pile is present, it may be removed to promote healing of the fissure.

All surgical procedures have some risk and both Botox injection and sphincterotomy can rarely interfere with one’s ability to control gas and stool. Your colon and rectal surgeon will discuss these risks with you to determine the appropriate treatment for your particular situation.

Special consideration is given to patients with established anal incontinence, known anal sphincter muscle injury (such as after obstetric injury) or diarrheal conditions (i.e., Crohn’s disease). In these select patients, surgical sphincterotomy must be considered carefully. A thorough discussion with your surgeon will identify any of these risk factors so the most appropriate treatment can be provided. Some patients may benefit from an alternative surgery called an anal advancement flap (anoplasty). Your surgeon will discuss this with you if this option is indicated.

Does surgery cure anal fissures?

Surgery by lateral sphincterotomy is the gold standard for curing anal fissures. Because of complications, however, it is reserved for patients who are intolerant of non-surgical treatments or in whom non-surgical treatments have proven to be ineffective.

What are the chronic fissure treatments?

Chronic anal fissures can be simply and effectively treated medically without the risk of incontinence associated with sphincterotomy. Topical nifedipine and botulinum toxin injections are an excellent combination, associated with a low recurrence rate and minimal side effects.

Sometimes the most difficult thing about a problem is overcoming the fear of facing it. When people have painful conditions of the anus, they tend to be embarrassed to talk about that part of the body and even less enthusiastic about inviting a doctor to take a look. But anal pain is best treated sooner than later, and an earlier diagnosis can improve patients’ outcomes in the long run.

Reflecting their commitment to doing everything possible to ease patients’ suffering, the surgeons in the Division of Colorectal Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia have recently developed a new protocol to treat anal fissures, a painful condition frequently misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids. What’s more, the new protocol offers superb results without cutting the anal sphincter muscle.

What are anal fissures?

Anal fissures are small cuts or tears at the skin of the anal opening. They typically cause pain when a person has a bowel movement, and pain can be severe for hours afterwards. Some patients also experience bleeding. Many people assume that pain in that part of the body signifies hemorrhoids, so they self-treat with hemorrhoid remedies first, says Daniel L. Feingold, MD, an attending surgeon in the Division since 2004. Very often, it is only after suffering for a long time that people finally seek help from a gastroenterologist or colorectal specialist.

According to Dr. Feingold, anal fissures can happen to anyone: the majority of patients are healthy, and fissures do not appear to have anything to do with age, gender, diabetes, smoking, diet, sexual practices, or any other known factors. Although some anal fissures heal without treatment, some do not, and these go on to cause chronic pain problems. The fissure cycle goes like this: if the cut of the fissure stays open, pain causes spasms of the muscles around the anus, which prevents blood flow to the area, which prevents healing. This leads to more pain and more spasm.

Medical therapy, primarily a muscle relaxant cream applied around the anus, is effective in healing about 70% of anal fissures. By relaxing the muscle so that spasms resolve, blood flow to the area improves and healing can occur. Hot baths and stool softeners can help promote healing. About 30% of patients fail to heal with this approach, however. These patients traditionally have had two options, the first of which is injection of botox into the fissure. By paralyzing a portion of the muscle and relaxing the spasm, the hope is that the fissure will heal. This works only in about 30% of patients, however. The gold-standard approach is a surgical procedure called sphincterotomy, in which the surgeon cuts a piece of the anal sphincter. This relaxes the spasm, which relieves the pain and allows nearly all fissures to heal. The drawback to sphincterotomy is that some people develop function-related problems, meaning that they can have increased urgency or impaired control of bowel movements, gas, etc. Women, in particular, are at risk of having function-related problems after sphincterotomy.

Why Columbia?

When patients first meet Dr. Feingold, he reassures them of several important things. First, he acknowledges that it is normal to feel embarrassed and anxious. Second, he explains that they are in the right place, where he and his colleagues are experts in colorectal conditions like anal fissures. Third, he emphasizes that his exam will be pain free; when evaluating a patient with a fissure, he does no internal exam, just a visual examination of the external anus. In fact, he says, “Many of my patients are surprised and ask, ‘That was it? That’s the whole exam?'”

Beneath his ability to help his patients feel comfortable and even laugh, Dr. Feingold means every word. To the point, he was so determined to find a better option for his patients with anal fissures that he took it upon himself to develop a new protocol to improve upon available treatment options.

Wound care protocol

Dr. Feingold performs the procedure in the operating room because it has the best lighting and allows patients to have sedation during the procedure. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and patients go home after a few hours.

The procedure entails four steps.

  1. Gently dilate the anus with special retractors
  2. Clean out the fissure with curettage to stimulate healing
  3. Cauterize the wound with electrocautery to seal the wound
  4. Inject traimcinolone (generic Kenalog), a steroid, into the fissure.

Dr. Feingold says that he developed the idea for the Kenalog protocol by considering the best-known approaches to treating chronic wounds. He has treated 115 patients with the new method, and virtually all have had superb outcomes. He is in the process of publishing results from his first 100 patients, two thirds of whom were pain free within ten days. Among the other third of patients, it took as long as six weeks for their pain to disappear. None of the patients have had control-related complications. “Patients report they are very happy with this approach,” says Dr. Feingold.

Dr. Feingold explains, “This has a good record of fixing the problem and a low risk profile. The beauty is that it is muscle-sparing, so it does not cause control related problems. But it also doesn’t burn any bridges, so if it fails, it would still be possible to do a sphincterotomy, if need be.” Although he no longer performs sphincterotomies because of the success of this approach, other surgeons in the Division of Colorectal Surgery do, should it be needed.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

How to heal fissures

The anus—colloquially known as the “butt hole”—is lined with a thin, moist tissue known as the mucosa. The mucosa is extremely important to the passage of stool but can, at times, become injured. If this happens, the result is what’s known as an anal fissure. As the name suggests, this is a tear in the anal tissue that can be caused by different forms of trauma, strain, or intrusion. An anal fissure is an uncomfortable, sometimes embarrassing condition that no one wants to put up with any longer than necessary. The good news is that anal fissures do heal and there are a few things you can do at home to help speed up the process.

What Causes an Anal Fissure?

An anal fissure is caused most often by tension and straining of the anal sphincter, the muscular rings that circle the anus and govern how it relaxes or contracts. Passing a particularly large bowel movement, straining during constipation, or repeated use from diarrhea can all result in tears to the mucosa. It may help to compare this to how muscles can tear from a workout, only instead of lifting weights you are passing—or attempting to pass—a large mass of feces.

Trauma to the anal canal can also result in a fissure. Common sources of trauma to the site include childbirth, anal intercourse, rectal exams, and the insertion of a foreign object. Additionally, anal cancer, HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis, herpes, and the inflammation from Crohn’s disease can all weaken the lining of the anus and make it more susceptible to developing tears. Circumstances or conditions that slow circulation, like old age, can also increase your risk of developing a tear.

For reasons that no one quite understands, infants are particularly vulnerable to anal fissures and most experience at least one during their first year.

Symptoms of an Anal Fissure

The most apparent symptom of an anal fissure is the condition’s namesake itself. If you were to look at the anus you would likely see a crack or cut in the skin, possibly branching off from the anal opening. A small lump or skin tag may also be present. The site of the fissure may also be itchy or show signs of irritation. You may also experience anal spasms depending on the location of the fissure.

Other than its physical presence, an anal fissure makes itself known through pain and blood. When you pass a bowel movement the fissure is going to hurt, sometimes severely so. The pain usually lessens after the movement has passed but can persist for up to several hours. Additionally, you can expect to see bright red blood on either the toilet paper or in the bowl from the bleeding fissure. Bright red blood means that the source is somewhere along the lower part of the intestinal tract (like the anus)—if the blood is dark then you have something else going on and should consult your doctor.

Anal fissures are usually diagnosed from a visual examination but a colonoscopy may be used in cases where the tear is in the internal part of the anus. If an underlying condition (e.g. Crohn’s disease) is suspected, then your doctor may want to perform additional tests.


Anal fissures that persist for over six weeks are considered chronic and may require more advanced treatment options. Additionally, if a fissure is large enough to penetrate into the anal sphincter itself then you will be faced with a recurrent cycle of discomfort and pain that becomes resistant to healing without possible surgical intervention.

Home Remedies for Anal Fissures

In most cases an anal fissure will repair itself within a few weeks. During that time, your goals are to minimize trauma and agitation to the area and to help promote circulation to ensure proper healing. There are a number of steps you can take to accomplish this:

  • Lubrication: If you apply petroleum jelly or a similar lubricant to the anus prior to passing a bowel movement you will both ease the pain from the fissure and prevent it from being further aggravated by a potentially hard stool or straining.
  • Aloe vera: When used as a gel or ointment or even as a compress, aloe helps soothe the site of the fissure and reduce inflammation (if any).
  • Pillows: Much like with an external hemorrhoid, you should avoid sitting on hard surfaces in order to help keep the pressure off the rectal area. Sitting on a pillow is a good way to provide needed cushioning.
  • Wiping: Keeping the site of the fissure dry and clean is key for a speedy recovery. After a bowel movement, blot-dry rather than wipe to avoid irritating the fissure. Also, avoid scented, dyed, or otherwise infused toilet paper products since their contents can further aggravate the site. You can also employ baby powder to help keep the area clean.
  • Sitz bath: A sitz bath is a sort of anal wash or cleanse that you can employ on its own or following a bowel movement to help soothe an anal fissure.
  • Fiber: The less straining at the bowl, the better. Upping your fiber intake with foods like whole grains, leafy vegetables, and prunes will help keep you regular and prevent painful passing. Water and fruit juice can also aid in passage.
  • Laxatives: Laxatives to promote passage of bowel movements and stool softener to increase comfort should be used carefully as they can both help and hinder your recovery if the wrong type is employed. If you are considering the use of a laxative or stool softener, talk to your doctor to make sure you’re using the right type.

Other Options

If your anal fissure takes more than six weeks to heal, talk to your doctor. They will be able to investigate any underlying causes that are preventing the fissure from healing. If necessary, surgical repair is also possible. This can involve the use of Botox to paralyze the sphincter and release pressure on the fissure or the division of the sphincter to accomplish a similar effect.

Even after your fissure is repaired, you should try and maintain healthy bowel habits to prevent a reoccurrence.

An anal fissure is a common health problem which is caused by a small tear or split in the anal section. The most common cause of an anal fissure is passing through hard stool. This causes the rectum to stretch excessively, producing small yet painful tear in the anus. The pain may be felt continuously, yet most of the patients complain about excruciating pain during bowel movements, causing them to avoid it. However, avoiding bowel movements is not a good health practice, as it may lead to constipation and even hemorrhoids. To heal an anal fissure, home remedies such as high-fiber diets, laxative, and hydration have a major role. The tear and split commonly heals within days or a few weeks, not more than a month. Hence, chronic anal fissure refers to those fissures which won’t heal properly after 4 to 6 weeks of proper medication.

Causes of chronic fissure

Although painful, an anal fissure should heals properly within weeks without any complications. Afterwards, the patient will be able to have bowel movements without any pains and discomforts. However, some cases of anal fissures develop into the more severe stage of chronic fissure—the condition where an anal fissure won’t heal after months. Some risk factors of this include:

  • Reduced blood flow to the lining of the anus, which may be caused by the spasms of the ring muscle which goes around the anus, which cuts off blood supply to the anus canal, inhibiting the healing process.
  • Infection of the tore anal canal with bacteria from the feces.

Symptoms of chronic fissure

Chronic fissure might include some signs and symptoms which are heavier than a usual anal fissure that heals within 4 weeks, which include:

  • Excruciating pains after bowel movements.
  • Bleeding.
  • Harden anal ring.
  • Spasms of anal ring.
  • Burning or itching sensation around the anus.

Healing a chronic fissure naturally

Chronic fissure involves hardened anal ring and spasms in the area. Thus, the pain it causes might be unbearable. Some patients commonly decide to have it operated, while in fact, there are some home remedies which may relieve the pain and heal the wound. These home remedies are natural and therefore, have less side effects than surgeries.

  • Sitz Baths

Sitz baths is beneficial in healing chronic fissure, as this reduces the pain, inflammation, and itching caused by hardening anal ring. To perform the method:

  • Fill a large basin or tub with warm water.
  • Add Epsom salt into the water.
  • Sit in until the water cools down—about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Repeat this after any toilet time until the fissure subsides.
  • Massaging

Massaging can be used in healing chronic fissure as it helps promoting sufficient blood supply to the affected area. However, this needs to be done gently to prevent bleeding, and using clean hands to reduce the risk of infection.

  • Take a fingertip of petroleum jelly or antibiotic ointment.
  • Apply it onto the anal sphincter and continue to massage in gentle circular motions, pressing, pushing, and vibrating techniques.
  • Repeat the treatment after bath or before night sleep.
  • High-fiber diets

This is the most important method to heal acute to chronic fissure, since a good diet inhibits constipation.

  • Replace white rice or pasta with brown rice, which has a higher level of fiber.
  • Add fruits and vegetables to your daily meals. Consume both an hour prior to the meals to get its maximum benefits.
  • Replace your snacks with raw nuts, which are not only low in cholesterol but also high in fiber.
  • Sufficient fluids

Keeping your body hydrated is essential for promoting proper digestion, so that digestion can be avoided. If you are suffering from chronic fissures which causes stinging pain and discomfort, drinking sufficient water is essential. This will help the intestines in digesting solid foods you consume. Sufficient fluids inside the body will prevent the intestines from forming hard, dry stool, so that it will not make the fissure worse. Drink 8 glasses of water or more every day, yet avoid sugary fluids which may promote constipation.

Hi Everyone – I can tell you how to cure Anal Fissure’s quickly.

Firstly, my experience was horrible just like everyone else. I have read that it can be more painful than childbirth! Mine started from an overly large bowel movement that ripped me in 3 places. The pain was so bad that i passed out on my bathroom floor with blood and feecies hanging out of me when i woke up. The doctor gave me suppositories and anasthetic cream but nothing was working. I have concucted a reigime that has cured it in nearly three days. When i read on forums that it can take a few weeks i said to my self ‘There is no way im living with this pain for that long’! EVERYTHING HURTS. Sneezing, Laughing, Coughing, Walking, Sitting, Lying down. the list goes on. follow these steps and it cleared up 3 days.

1. Your going to need a few things from the shop – The first is Anusol Cream (despite people saying its not as good as preperation H and other stuff its has worked wonders for this reigime and is designed for anal fissures and hemeroids. The second is COCONUT OIL (MAGIC STUFF). Anchient chinese cultures still use this to heal wounds of all kinds and this really was the turn around stuff for me. Thirdly. Ibuprofen for temporary pain relief and lastly Dulcolax tablets. I will show you how to use all these products for a quick repair in a minute.

2. Psychology . DO NOT sit at home and wollow in pain and sadness. Go to work, see your friends, live a normal life but be careful. Positive mentality keeps you relaxed and promotes healing. When i was at work i barely felt any pain because i was so distracted, but when i was at home it was constant pain. Make sure you do this, im certain this has really helped. Also do not be affraid to tell people exactly whats wrong with you, i have found great amusment talking to people about it and 6/7 of the people i spoke to had been sufferers too, its nice to know your not the only one and you can see them well and happy!

Here is my reigime that saved me:

1. The night before take 1-2 of the Dulcolax, it doesnt kick in until the morning but you need this so you dont damage yourself further. It is not a laxative it makes it all soft and squidgy and it just falls outta you. Minimal pain.

2. In the morning your gonna need to have a bowel movement, before you do. Run a bath and put a few table spoons of cocnut oil in it. (hot bath), then have your bowel movement. Mine was too painful to wipe so as soon as i finished i hopped in the bath and the water IMMEDIATELY relives the pain (BLISS).. and the coconut oil moisturises and heals. Stay in there for a good 10-20 minutes and then i promise you it wont be hurting as much now so now you can apply the anusol cream.

3. Before you head off to work or start your day, take 2 ibuprofen. After all this, it will sting a little but by day 3 you can barely feel anything.

4. Make sure you take your ibuprofen after breakfast, lunch and dinner. I had high fibre cereal for breakfast, water all day normal lunch and whatever for dinner.

5. Make sure you re-apply cream if you have a bowel movement during the day. I tried to just have one in the morning so i could not aggrovate my anus too much.

6. After dinner, take your ibuprofen, run a bath with coconut oil and just sit and relax for as long as you can (make sure you put NOTHING in your bath except the cocnut oil as soaps and stuff can dry you out and make it worse).

7. Before bed, take your dulcolax again drink plenty of water and get good nights sleep.

This regime has fixed me in 2 1/2 days pretty much which i found amazing (i think it was the cocnut oil, which stings like a bitch but is AMAZING, i doesnt numb pain but it promotes healing). I am so pleased to be living a normal life again so quickly as i thought i would never be the same again. It is really important you dont fester at home doing nothing as it will only make it worse, go out, see the world and forget that its there.

Hope this helps people as it has really helped me and i wanted to share this with others.

Most anal fissures heal with home treatment after a few days or weeks. These are called short-term (acute) anal fissures. If you have an anal fissure that hasn’t healed after 8 to 12 weeks, it is considered a long-term (chronic) fissure. A chronic fissure may need medical treatment.

What happens if fissure is not treated?

WHAT CAN BE DONE IF THE FISSURE DOES NOT HEAL? A fissure that fails to respond to conservative measures should be re-examined. Persistent hard or loose bowel movements, scarring, or spasm of the internal anal muscle all contribute to delayed healing.

Do fissures bleed?

Anal fissures typically cause pain and bleeding with bowel movements. You also may experience spasms in the ring of muscle at the end of your anus (anal sphincter).

Can a fissure heal on its own?

Like other small cuts or tears to the skin, an anal fissure will often heal by itself within a few weeks. However, you should see your GP if you have an anal fissure as they can give you advice and medications to help ease your symptoms and allow the fissure to heal more quickly.

Is sitting bad for fissures?

The second approach to treatment involves decreasing the anal sphincter spasm. Often all that is needed are regular Sitz baths, sitting in a warm tub of water that allows the muscle to relax. Ointments are available and may be prescribed to help decrease sphincter spasm if basic treatments fail.

Is fissure a serious problem?

Anal fissures don’t lead to more serious problems. Most anal fissures heal with home treatment after a few days or weeks. These are called short-term (acute) anal fissures. If you have an anal fissure that hasn’t healed after 8 to 12 weeks, it is considered a long-term (chronic) fissure.

How do you stop a fissure from bleeding?

You can treat an anal fissure at home by:

  1. using over-the-counter stool softeners.
  2. drinking more fluids.
  3. taking fiber supplements and eating more fibrous foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables.
  4. taking a sitz bath to relax the anal muscles, relieve irritation, and increase blood flow to the anorectal area.

Can I eat banana in fissure?

Fiber therapy — Avoiding hard bowel movements will prevent trauma to the anal canal, promoting healing of the fissure. Increasing fiber in the diet is one of the best ways to soften and bulk the stool….GRAPHICS.

Food Serving Grams of fiber
Banana 1 medium banana 3.1
Oranges 1 orange 3.1
Prunes 1 cup, pitted 12.4

Can fissure heal naturally?

Anal fissures are embarrassing, painful, and can have a detrimental effect on quality of life. Fortunately, most anal fissures are considered “acute” and will heal on their own at home. The key is to reduce the discomfort while promoting healing in the area.

How do I know my fissure is healing?

Q: How do you know if a fissure is healing? A: Most anal fissures heal with home treatment after a few days or a weeks. These are known as acute anal fissures. Pain during bowel movements usually goes away within a couple of days after the start of treatment.

What does it mean to have minor rectal bleeding?

Minor rectal bleeding refers to the passage of a few drops of bright red (fresh) blood from the rectum, which may appear on the stool, on the toilet paper or in the toilet bowl. This brochure addresses minor rectal bleeding that occurs from time to time.

When to seek medical care for a tear?

If the wound continues to bleed after a minute or so of pressure, or if blood is soaking through the cloth or towel, seek medical care as soon as possible. In some cases, this could be a sign of an underlying condition that requires medical treatment.

What happens if a skin tear is left untreated?

If left untreated, skin tears can lead to infection, which may progress to cellulitis, or sepsis —a condition that is life-threatening. Additionally, skin tears that are improperly dressed may not heal as they should. As a result, they may easily re-tear or become chronic. Several types of dressings work well for skin tears.

What should I do if I have bleeding in my eyes?

Your doctor may prescribe eye drops as needed for eye bleeding: supplementary tear drops for dry eyes steroid eye drops for swelling numbing eye drops for pain

How long does it take a rip or tear to stop bleeding?

A small rip or tear should stop bleeding in a couple of minutes, although it can start to bleed again as it is very difficult to keep that area of the mouth stable and immobile. If the bleeding stops and there is not too much pain associated then there really is not too much that needs to be done.

What does it mean to have blood in Your Tears?

Blood in the tears is a rare condition known as haemolacria. Tears of blood have been documented through the ages, usually carrying a negative connotation. In some cultures, having bloody tears was once thought to be associated with demon possession. Thankfully, most cases of haemolacria are benign…

Can a shallow tear heal on its own?

Shallow (superficial) tears may cause mild pain and light bleeding. These tears often heal on their own with very little treatment. Deep tears are more likely to cause more severe pain or heavy bleeding. They must be repaired with surgery.

What causes bleeding in the rectum at Mayo Clinic?

By Mayo Clinic Staff. Rectal bleeding may occur for many reasons. Common causes of rectal bleeding include: Anal fissure (a small tear in the lining of the anal canal) Constipation. Hard stools. Hemorrhoids (swollen and inflamed veins in your anus or rectum)

An anal fissure is a tear in the lining of the anus or anal canal (the opening through which stool passes out of the body). The fissure can be painful and may bleed.

Who is at risk for anal fissures?

Anal fissures can occur in anyone at any age. The chance of having an anal fissure decreases as people get older. People who have had fissures in the past are more likely to have them in the future.

Symptoms and Causes

What causes an anal fissure?

Anal fissures can be caused by trauma to the anus and anal canal. The trauma can be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Chronic (long-term) constipation
  • Straining to have a bowel movement, especially if the stool is large, hard and/or dry
  • Prolonged diarrhea
  • Anal sex, anal stretching
  • Insertion of foreign objects into the anus

Causes other than trauma include:

  • Longstanding poor bowel habits
  • Overly tight or spastic anal sphincter muscles (muscles that control the closing of the anus)
  • Scarring in the anorectal area
  • An underlying medical problem, such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis (types of inflammatory bowel disease); anal cancer; leukemia; infectious diseases (such as tuberculosis); and sexually transmitted diseases (such as syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, chancroid, HIV)
  • Decreased blood flow to the anorectal area

Anal fissures are also common in young infants and in women after childbirth.

What are the signs and symptoms of an anal fissure?

Signs and symptoms of an anal fissure include:

  • Pain during, and even hours after, a bowel movement
  • Constipation on the outside surface of the stool
  • Blood on toilet tissue or wipes
  • A visible crack or tear in the anus or anal canal
  • Burning and itching that may be painful
  • Discomfort when urinating, frequent urination, or inability to urinate
  • Foul-smelling discharge

Diagnosis and Tests

How is an anal fissure diagnosed?

Usually, your doctor can diagnose an anal fissure by visual inspection of the anus or by gentle exam with the tip of the finger.

Management and Treatment

How are anal fissures treated?

The goal of anal fissure treatment is to lower the pressure on the anal canal by making stools soft, and to ease discomfort and bleeding. Conservative treatments are tried first and include one or more of the following:

  • Preventing constipation through the use of stool softeners, drinking more fluids while avoiding caffeine-containing products (which cause dehydration), and dietary adjustments (increase in intake of high fiber foods and fiber supplements);
  • Soaking in a warm bath (also called a sitz bath), 10 to 20 minutes several times a day, to help relax the anal muscles;
  • Cleansing the anorectal area more gently;
  • Avoiding straining or prolonged sitting on the toilet;
  • Using petroleum jelly to help lubricate the anorectal area.

These practices heal most fissures (80 to 90 percent) within several weeks to several months. However, when treatments fail and anal fissures persist or come back, other measures can be tried, including:

  • Using hydrocortisone-containing suppositories, foams, or creams to reduce inflammation;
  • Applying other creams and ointments. These may include a medicated cream (to help heal the fissure), a topical muscle relaxant (to relax the anal muscles), an anesthetic ointment (to reduce pain, if pain interferes with having a bowel movement), or nitroglycerin or calcium channel blocker ointments (to relax the anal muscles and increase blood flow to the region, promoting healing).
  • Injecting botulinum toxin type A (Botox) into the anal sphincter. The injection temporarily paralyzes the anal sphincter muscle, relieving pain and promoting healing.
  • Surgery

What does surgery for an anal fissure involve?

Before surgery is considered, your doctor will re-examine you and may conduct other tests to determine why other treatments have failed to heal the fissure.

A fissure may fail to heal because of scarring or muscle spasms of the internal anal sphincter muscle. Surgery usually consists of making a cut to a small portion of the internal anal sphincter muscle to reduce pain and spasms and allow the fissure to heal. Cutting the muscle rarely results in the loss of ability to control bowel movements.

The surgery can usually be performed on an outpatient basis (the patient goes home the same day). Pain is relieved after a few days and complete healing takes place in a few weeks.


Can anal fissures be prevented?

For fissures in infants:

  • Change diapers frequently.
  • Treat constipation, if that is found to be the cause.

For fissures in adults:

  • Keep the anorectal area dry.
  • Wipe the area with soft materials, a moistened cloth, or cotton pad. Avoid rough and scented toilet paper.
  • Promptly treat all occurrences of constipation and diarrhea.
  • Avoid irritating the rectum.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 02/22/2019.


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Hello, just wanted to share my story here. I have been on this site many times when I was suffering from anal fissure for 2 years. its a long story but I want to just focus on how I healed and what finally worked. I see a lot of people going for surgery and I would highly recommend you try the steps below before you do. I have tried almost everything you can think of and here is what worked in steps below.

break the cycle. Go on a 2 day water fast followed by 5 days of juice fast. it worked for me. the idea is not to poop or atleast the hard poop and rest your anal muscle for a few days so they start healing. take a laxatives or stool softener to avoid constipation. see step 6

Most important: Cut all fiber out of your diet. I eat mostly meat, eggs, white bread and rice. This i what think is the reason why I finally healed. All my doctors (I saw 2 different doctors and 2 surgens) have told me to eat fiber eat more fiber fiber fiber. and every time I add more fiber I remember my fissure would hurt evan more and it made things a lot worse. I think doctors are screwing people over there is a research paper on cutting fiber heals constipation if someone wants to research look it up on google. So no fiber or very little fiber until you heal 3-6months.

anal dilation start with your one finger insert in butt for 10 mins and keep stretching anal everyday 1-2 times daily. Slowly move to 2 fingers and more if you can, you can also buy anal plugs from Amazon which can make this easy do this for 3 mon atleast.

wash your butt after ever bowl movement and I mean really wash it get in there and clean it wash but don’t be rough. wash with warm water and always dry it after. only wear cotton underwear makes a difference no polyester.

Try diltazium cream – honestly I’m not sure if it made a difference but I was using it while I healed so I want to mention it. I have used other similar prescriptions before which did nothing for me.

Take a stool softener that is safe for long term use. Make sure it stool softener not harsh laxatives. take daily for a month and than adjust to as needed.

Avoid or reduce caffeine, spicy food and anything that irritate bowls. Other thing that worth trying include pure aloe vera gel, sudo cream (baby rash cream) and sitz bath but these are less important to overall healing.

the most important thing is be patient and stick to the routine and don’t miss a single day. follow all the steps and i really believe it will work for most if not all. it takes time to heal some people may need 6 mon to 1 year to completely heal.

How to unpin a group on facebook messenger

In this post, you’ll see the steps to pin and unpin a Facebook post on your profile, group, and page.

Here, I’m using the PC, Android, and iPhone. Let’s start.

How to Pin or Unpin a Post on Facebook Desktop Version (PC)

To pin, or unpin a post on your Facebook page, follow these steps:

Note: You must be the admin or editor of the page to pin a post.

Sign in to your Facebook account.

Hit the page name in the top right sidebar.

To unpin, follow these steps:

Find the pinned post and click on the three horizontal dots on its top right.

Click on the “Unpin from Top of Page” option.

To pin, follow these steps:

Find the post you want to pin.

You can see three horizontal dots on its top right. Hit it.

Click on the “Pin to Top of Page” option.

Follow these steps to pin or unpin a post on your profile:

Log in to your Facebook account. Click on your name at the top.

Follow these steps to unpin:

Find the pinned post. Click the three horizontal dots on its top right. Hit the Unpin post option.

Follow these steps to pin:

Locate the post you want. Click the three horizontal dots on its top right. Select the Pin post option.

Here’s how to pin or unpin a post on the Facebook group:

Note: This task can only be performed by group admins or moderators.

Log in to your Facebook account.

Choose your group name from the Your Shortcuts section on the left sidebar, or hit Groups on the left sidebar and then select your group name from the “Groups you manage” on the left sidebar.

Follow these steps to pin:

Locate the post you want to pin. Click the three horizontal dots on its top right.

Click “Mark as announcement.”

Navigate to the Announcements tab. If you don’t see it, refresh the page.

Hit the three horizontal dots on the top right of the same post.

Click “Pin to top.”

Follow these steps to unpin:

Locate the pinned post. Click the three horizontal dots on its top right.

Hit “Unpin from top.”

Note: You can also remove that announcement if you wish.

How to Unpin or Pin a Post on the Facebook App (Android or iPhone)

To pin, or unpin a post on your Facebook profile, follow these steps:

Open the Facebook app.

Hit the Menu (three horizontal lines) at the top if you’re on Android or bottom if you’re on iPhone.

Tap on your profile.

To unpin:

Find the pinned post on your profile. Hit the three horizontal dots at the top right of the post.

To pin:

Find the post you want to pin on your Facebook profile. Tap the three horizontal dots at the top right of the post.

To pin, or unpin a post on your Facebook page, follow these steps:


  • Only the page admin or editor can pin a post.
  • Facebook for Android doesn’t allow you to pin or unpin a post on a Facebook page. But you can do that on Facebook for iPhone.


Open the Facebook app.

Hit the Menu (three horizontal lines) at the bottom.

Tap on your page. Navigate to “Posts.”

If you want to unpin a pinned post, follow these steps:

Find the pinned post and tap the three horizontal dots on its top right. Hit “Unpin from Top.”

To pin a post, follow these steps:

Find the post you want to pin. Tap the three horizontal dots at the top right of the post. Hit “Pin to Top.”

To pin, or unpin a post on your Facebook group, follow these steps:

Note: This task can only be performed by group admins or moderators.

Open the Facebook app.

Choose Menu (three horizontal lines) from the shortcut bar at the bottom if you’re on an iPhone or the top if you’re on Android.

Tap on the name of your group.

Here are the steps to pin:

Find the post you want. Hit the three horizontal dots on its top right.

Select “Mark as announcement” if you’re using an iPhone or “Pin to Announcements” if you’re on Android.

At the top, you can see “Announcements,” which is under the Invite button. Hit it.

Hit the three horizontal dots on the top right of the same post.

That’s all there is to it.

Here are the steps to unpin:

At the top, you can see “Announcements,” which is under the Invite button. Hit it.

Hit the three horizontal dots on the top right of the pinned post.

Hit “Unpin from top.”

Note: You can also remove that announcement if you wish.


  • What is a pinned post? It is a post you’ve pinned.
  • You can pin a post to a Facebook page, group or profile to get maximum attention for it.
  • You can only pin one post. Also, note that if you’re pinning a post while there is an already pinned post, the existing one will be replaced.
  • What happens when you pin a post on Facebook? The pinned post will remain at the top of the page until you unpin or remove it.

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How to unpin a group on facebook messenger

When a group chat has served its purpose, then it may be time to delete it. Once a group chat is deleted, all conversations, files, links, and anything shared on it are deleted and are non-recoverable. If you want to learn how to delete group chat on Facebook Messenger, then this article can help you.

The Facebook Messenger app offers everybody to create a group chat. Group chats are designed to reach and communicate with more of your friends easily. They work as a common chat room where members are able to see every member’s message. It’s quite easy to create a group chat but it takes an effort to delete one.

The creator of the group chat is the only person responsible to delete it. If you are one of the creators, this article is for you. If you are one of the members, you may share this with the creator.

Delete Group Chat on Facebook Messenger

If you are the creator or an admin of a Messenger group chat, you can delete the group chat by following these steps:

1. Launch the Facebook Messenger app.
2. Under the Search box, tap the Groups tab. It’s in line with the Message, Active, and Calls tab.How to unpin a group on facebook messenger
3. Select the Group you want to delete. Remember, you must be the admin or creator of the group chat.How to unpin a group on facebook messenger
4. Tap the Group Name to open its menu.How to unpin a group on facebook messenger
5. The screen will display the different settings and options regarding your group chat. Scroll down and look for all the members. Do not be confused by the Ignore Group and Leave Group option. From this part, it needs your patience and efforts as you have to manually remove all the members one by one. If you only have few friends in the group, then the task should be a breeze. The next steps will show you how to remove members.How to unpin a group on facebook messenger
6. Tap the member’s name to make the other options available.How to unpin a group on facebook messenger
7. Under the member’s name and facebook link, there are four options. These are the Message, Audio Call, Video Chat, and View Facebook Profile. While on the bottom part you will only see the Remove from Group and the Block option. Tap the Remove from Group.How to unpin a group on facebook messenger
8. . Confirm your action by tapping the Remove button. Do the Step 6 up to Step 8 for all the members. Do these until it remains only the creator. Then follow the next step.How to unpin a group on facebook messenger
9. Now it’s the time for you, the creator, to leave the group. There are two ways to access the Leave Group option. Tap your name from the list.How to unpin a group on facebook messenger
10. From the member list, scroll down a little bit. You will find the Leave Group tab after the Ignore Group.How to unpin a group on facebook messenger
● Alternatively, on the bottom part of the screen, you will see the Leave Group button. This option is only available on the creator’s page.
11. Tap the Leave button to confirm. After the confirmation, your screen will be back on the Group page.How to unpin a group on facebook messenger

Tip: Anyone who is a member of the group chat can also remove a co-member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I just leave the group without deleting the members? What will happen with the group chat?
A: You may choose to. But if you are the creator leaving the group chat in that way will not automatically delete the whole group. It will continue to be active without your presence.

Q: I tried the Delete Conversation. In effect, the group chat disappeared. Does it mean that the group is deleted?
A: When you long press the group chat name under the Groups tab, it will give you an option that can be accessed quickly. One of these is the Delete Conversation tab. But it will only erase the conversation within your Messenger app alone. It means that the group chat is still alive. You will see it again once a message arrived for that group chat. Also, other members can still access and view those messages you deleted. Because those messages can still be found on their own Facebook Messenger app.

Q: What will happen on the messages inside the deleted group chat?
A: All messages from the group chat will be found on your archived. You can access them using messenger web.

As stated in the introduction part, deleting a group chat is irreversible. All the information shared through the deleted group chat is removed from all the members and can no longer be recovered. Make sure that you have made up your mind and that important data from the group chat are saved and backed up before deleting it.

You just learned how to delete a group chat on Facebook Messenger. If you have questions about any of the steps above, let us know in the comments.

How to unpin a group on facebook messenger

Don’t think that after widening its domain with WhatsApp that Facebook would forget about improving its other apps. In fact, the company is working continually to improve their own apps, like the Facebook app for Android that just received a new user interface. In the latest Facebook Messenger update, you are now able to create pinned Messenger chats from indiduals and groups and add shortcuts to these on the home screen of your Android device.

How to unpin a group on facebook messenger

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Facebook Messenger group chats make it a lot easier to write a group of people all at once. First you need to ensure that you have the most recent version of Facebook Messenger, which you can do by clicking on the install button below. The recent version added the homescreen shortcuts feature.

Once the app has been updated, open the app again and slide to the second ‘Group’ tab. Here it will give you examples of the different types of groups you can add. Tap on Create new group.

This will open a new page where the new group is set up. You can choose a name, add a picture which you can take then and there, choose from your own photo apps or search directly via the app on the bing browser. You will also need to add the people in that group.

How to unpin a group on facebook messenger

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Once you are done, tap create group, which will then pin it to the Groups tab. You can add as many as you want.

To be able to create a shortcut on your homescreen, tap on the small menu icon on the individual group. Select Create shortcut (here you can also unpin group, open chat heads or mute notifications).

How to unpin a group on facebook messenger

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You will then see that the shortcut icon with the image you chose is now on your homescreen. Long press on it to drag it where you would like to place it. Tapping on the group will open the chat window and just like normal chat heads, you can maximize and minimize the chat head, move it around the screen and drag it to the ‘x’ when you are done.

Learn what Facebook snooze is and how to snooze or unsnooze someone in this post.

In this case, I am using a PC, Android, and iPhone. Let’s begin.

Facebook Snooze: what is it?

This feature prevents your News Feed from showing updates from a specific person, page, or group for 30 days.

This one is only temporary.

Your News Feed will resume showing updates from that specific person, page, or group after 30 days when the snooze ends.

How to Snooze Someone on Facebook?

Note that these steps may apply to both the Facebook desktop version (PC) and Facebook app (Android and iPhone).

Follow these steps to snooze a page, profile, or group.

Visit your News Feed. Find the post of the person, group, or page you want to snooze.

At its top right, hit the three horizontal dots.

Hit Snooze X for 30 days. The name of the profile, group, or page is X.

Note: If the post you selected in the above steps is a shared post, then you’ll see more than one snooze option. And each snooze option is unique to the person, page, or group in the post.

How to Unsnooze Someone on Facebook?

There are two ways to accomplish this task. Here they are.

Method #1

You’ll see an Undo button after you snooze. Undo the snooze by hitting it.

The steps above apply to PCs, Android devices, and iPhones.

Method #2


Hit the inverted triangle icon in the top right corner of Facebook.

Go to Settings & Privacy > News Feed Preferences.

Click Snooze on the popup. This one is between Reconnect and Reaction Preferences.

All the snoozed ones will be displayed by default, as well as the ones that have been snoozed at least once.

Find the one you want by using the search box. You can also use the filter to filter only profiles, pages, or groups.

It’s important to note that the clock icon with the blue color represents the snoozed one. Those remaining were snoozed at least once before but aren’t snoozed right now.

Click on the blue clock icon next to the one you want.


Depending on which one you wish to unsnooze, follow the steps below.

Go to the snoozed page and hit the three horizontal dots button beneath the cover photo. Hit Snoozed > End Snooze.

Go to the snoozed group and then hit the three horizontal dots at the top right. Hit End Snooze.

Follow these steps to unsnooze a profile. You can also unsnooze a page or group using the steps below.

Here are the steps:

Tap Menu (three horizontal lines) at the top of the Facebook app. Hit Settings & Privacy > Settings.

Under the Preferences section, you can find the News Feed. Hit it.

You can view snoozed profiles in the People section.

You can view the snoozed pages in the Pages section.

You can see snoozed groups under the Groups section.

Find the snoozed one you want to unsnooze.

Hit the End Snooze button next to it.


Depending on which one you wish to unsnooze, follow the steps below.

Go to the snoozed page and hit the three horizontal dots button beneath the cover photo. Hit Snoozed > End Snooze.

Go to the snoozed profile and hit the three horizontal dots button beneath the cover photo. Hit Snoozed > End Snooze.

Follow these steps to unsnooze a group. You can also unsnooze the page or profile using the steps below.

Here are the steps:

Tap Menu at the bottom of the Facebook app. Hit Settings & Privacy > Settings.

Under the Preferences section, you can find the News Feed above Reaction Preferences. Hit it.

You can view snoozed profiles in the People section.

You can view the snoozed pages in the Pages section.

You can see snoozed groups under the Groups section.

Find the snoozed one you want to unsnooze. Hit the End Snooze button next to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do People Know if You Snooze them on Facebook?

When You Snooze Someone, Can They See Your Posts?

Facebook Snooze Not Available to Me? Why Can’t I Snooze Someone on Facebook?

The reason is you’re trying to snooze someone from somewhere other than your News Feed. Please check the steps to snooze in this guide.

What Happens When You Snooze Someone for 30 Days on Facebook?

Snoozed person, group, or page updates won’t appear in your News Feed for 30 days. Apart from that, nothing will happen.

How can I see who I Snoozed on Facebook?


Hit the inverted triangle icon in the top right corner of Facebook.

Go to Settings & Privacy > News Feed Preferences.

Click Snooze on the popup. This one is between Reconnect and Reaction Preferences.

All the snoozed ones will be displayed by default, as well as the ones that have been snoozed at least once.

Android or iPhone

Tap Menu (three horizontal lines) at the top or bottom of the Facebook app.

Facebook is the most popular social media. You can create a group on both Facebook and Messenger . But, often you need to delete a group you created on Facebook for various purposes. If you want to delete a Facebook or Messenger group, then this article is for you.

Summary of Deleting a Facebook/Messenger Group

  • The group owner/ creator has to remove every member of a group.
  • After that, he has to leave the group if he wishes to delete the Facebook or Messenger group.

How to Delete a Facebook Group on Android

With the following steps you can easily delete a Facebook group on android (If you are the creator/ owner of the group) using web browser:-

  • After Log Into your Facebook account, tap on Menuor Navigation Optionwhich is on the top bar.
  • Then, scroll down & click on Groups.
  • Find & Select the group you want to delete.
  • Tap on More,click on View Group Info(you can also tap on the group name to View Group Info) and click on Members.
  • Click the “More” button next to each member’s name and then select “Remove from Group” and Hit “Confirm”
  • Remove every single member from the group in this process.
  • After removing all the members from the group, select the More button next to your name. Select Leave Group and then Leave and Delete.

Done. You just successfully deleted the group.

How to Delete a Facebook Group on PC/Laptop

With the following steps you can easily delete a Facebook group on PC/Laptop (If you are the creator/ owner of the group) using web browser:-

  • After log in to your Facebook Account, click on Down Arrow (which is on topbar) and select Manage Groups.
  • Select the group you want to delete from Group You Managesection which is on the left sidebar of that page.
  • Tap on Members on the left sidebar of the page.
  • Tap on “More” button next to each member’s name and then select “Remove from Group” and Hit “Confirm”
  • Remove every single member from the group in this process.
  • After removing all the members from the group, select the More button next to your name. Select Leave Group and then Leave and Delete.

Done. You just successfully deleted the group.

How to Delete a Facebook Group on Facebook/ Lite App

If you are a creator/owner, then you can easily delete a Facebook group with the following steps:-

  • Go to Navigation Option.
  • Then, scroll down & click on Groups.
  • Searchthe group that you want to delete. You can also find the group by click on See More.
  • Click on Admin Tools
  • Tap on Members.
  • Remove every single member from the group (If you tap on a member, then you will find an option to remove that person from group)
  • After you remove all the members from the group, then leave the group. (If you tap on group name, then you will find a Leave Groupoption)

Done. You just successfully deleted the group.

How to Delete a Messenger Group chat on Messenger/ Messenger Lite

If you are a creator/owner, then you can easily delete a Messenger group with the following steps:-

  • Click on Infobutton of the messenger group that you want to delete.
  • Tap on See GroupMembers.
  • Click the “More” button next to each member’s name and then select “Remove from Group” and Hit “Confirm”
  • Remove every single member from the group in this process.
  • After you remove all the members from the group, then leave the group. (If you tap on Infobutton, then you will find a Leave Chatoption)

Done. You just successfully deleted the group.

Who Can Delete A Facebook Group

One more thing, only the group owner/creator is able to delete Facebook or Messenger groups. Group admins can’t delete a group rather they can archive a Facebook group unless the owner leaves.

Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Workplace from Facebook Groups

Workstream collaboration apps are essential to many organizations’ collaboration and communications ecosystems. In fact, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Workplace from Facebook all boast an estimated 2 million users each. However, these platforms are only as useful as those who know how to properly use them. When it comes to Workplace from Facebook, setting up workplace groups and different workplace group types is one of the initial steps – but what do you need to know about them in order to properly deploy Workplace in your organization? Facebook Workplace Groups create a private space to discuss projects, manage information, and securely share documents with colleagues or clients.

The first steps to optimize your use of Workplace Groups is to a) understand the different workplace group types; b) select the correct group; and c) confirm that the proper security measures are in place.

Workplace Group Types

There are five Facebook Workplace Group types. They are

  • Teams & Projects
  • Discussions
  • Announcements
  • Social
  • Multi-Company Groups (MCGs)

All of these groups, with the exception of multi-company groups, are internal groups within your company. MCGs are important when you’re looking to join working groups outside of your organization, or looking to communicate and collaborate with vendors or guests about your organization.

Looking for assistance?

Don’t go at it alone! If your organization needs help in deploying workstream collaboration tools, Unify Square can help. Our expert consultants can work with you on platform selection and deployment plans to ensure a successful roll-out.

What about discussion groups, announcement groups, and team & project groups – what’s the difference? Discussion groups allow communication to flow back and forth between all group members and are great for giving feedback on products, projects, or other initiatives. Announcement groups are great for making company-wide announcements; they allow for one-way communication and have notifications switched on for all users.

When it comes to getting work done, most groups will fall into the team & project category. This group type has automatically synced chat, is perfect for sharing and discussing updates with your team, or for a project discussion. It’s important to note this group category has a limit of 250 people, doesn’t have group moderators, and does not allow for automated group membership.

How to Select the Right Facebook Workplace Group
How to unpin a group on facebook messenger

So, while your head is spinning with all the different groups you can create, it’s still important to select the right Workplace from Facebook group. Ask yourself:

  • Will members need chat?
  • Are there external members?
  • Is it work related?

Once you’ve asked these questions, you should be able to decide what type of group will be best. From there, it will be important to consider what security settings the group will need and how members will be added to the group.

Is it okay for anyone to find this group? Should there be limitations to who can join this group? What type of rules should there be surrounding who can post to the group?

Key Security Considerations for Setting Up New Groups

How to unpin a group on facebook messenger

Collaboration security is becoming a critical component of all IT teams’ strategies. While workstream collaboration removes the barriers and improves efficiency for collaborating and communicating, it’s important to consider how to mitigate potential risks (without inhibiting user efficiencies).

One way to help with this is to understand the security features of Facebook Workplace groups have.

Group Roles

All groups will need to have a group admin (though, it is a best practice to have multiple admins to prevent orphaned groups), and some groups come with the added layer of a group moderator. Once that’s set up, group members can then join the group.

What’s the difference between an admin and a moderator? It’s easy to think of the moderator as monitoring people and content, while the group admin has access to everything. Moderators can approve or deny membership requests and posts within a group. They can also remove posts and comments on posts, block people from the group, and pin (or unpin) a post.

Group admins can do everything a moderator can do, as well as make (or remove) another member a moderator or admin to the group and manage group settings (such as the group name, cover photo, or privacy settings).

Privacy Options

How to unpin a group on facebook messenger

Workplace from Facebook provides three types of privacy options for groups:

Facebook Messenger now offers a feature that lets you host video chats where people can just pop in and out. Here’s how to use Messenger Rooms.

How to unpin a group on facebook messenger

COVID-19 has jump-started interest in virtual meeting and video chat programs. To stay in touch with family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues, you can use a variety of apps, from Zoom and Skype to FaceTime and Microsoft Teams. But a new option from Facebook offers a different twist on the concept of virtual meetings.

With Facebook Messenger Rooms, you can create a virtual room where people can come by and spend time with you on video. Your room can stay up all the time, or you can open it for specific occasions like a happy hour, game night, or birthday party. Open the room to all your Facebook friends or just invite specific people. Messenger Rooms works on the Facebook and Messenger websites or app. Unfortunately, only Chrome and Edge web browsers are supported.

If you don’t want to use the Rooms feature, you can still use Facebook and Messenger to place video and audio calls. By accessing your past Messenger chats, you can call one person or a group of people. After you’re connected, you can control your audio and video, share your screen, and chat with the other person. This video chat feature works in all browsers.

Join a Messenger Room

Open Facebook on mobile or the web. At the top of your feed under the “What’s on your mind” field will be Messenger Room entries for any Facebook friends currently signed into Facebook.

If someone has already created a Messenger Room and has joined it on their end, the button will say “Join.” Click the Join button, then click the Join as button on the next screen.

Once you are both in the room, you should be able to see each other for the video call. Close the Messenger Room video window when done.

Create a Messenger Room

If someone is currently signed into Facebook but has not yet created a Messenger Room, the button will read “Say Hi.” If none of the friends currently signed in have created a room, then the icons for the rooms may appear smaller with no button. In that case, hover your mouse over each friend’s Messenger Room icon to see the status. Click the Say Hi button.

At the next window, you can create your own room, and the person you selected will automatically be invited, or you can send a message to that person. Click the option to send a message. Type your message and send it to the other person.

To create your own Messenger Room, click the icon to Create Room either in the Messenger Rooms section or in the “What’s on your mind” section.

At the window to create your room, click the first entry for Room activity. You can then choose the type of activity you want, which will serve as a sort of topic for the Room. You can choose a general room with your name, a room for hanging out, a room for bored at home, a room for TGIF, a room for Happy Hour, a room for a birthday, a room for Karaoke, or other types of rooms.

Next, you can choose who you want to invite to your room, either all your Facebook friends or only specific people. By choosing the second option, you are then asked to select from a list of friends who you want to invite.

You are then asked when you want to start your room. Select a specific day and time or just keep it at the current time to start it immediately. Click Save.

Click the Create Room button to finalize the process. The room will then appear in the Rooms section of Facebook. Click the Join button when you want your room to be accessible to other people.

Anyone who was invited should now see a Join button for your room in their feeds. Clicking on Join then connects all of you via a video call.

Create Rooms on Messenger

If you want to create a Room in Facebook Messenger, you can do this on the web at the Messenger website. Click the video camera button to open a new video window. From here, you can copy the chat’s shareable code and send it to others.

By default, anyone with the link can join, but you can change that. Click Edit, then you can change it so people have to be on Facebook to join. On mobile, you can create a Room by first creating a group conversation.

Room Features

Once inside a room, you have several options. Click the Share icon to share your entire screen or just a specific window or app. Click the video icon to turn off your video feed or click the microphone to mute your audio.

Click the people icon to see call participants. From this menu you can remove another person from the room, share a link to the room, or lock the room so no one else can join.

Click the gear icon in the top right to view settings. At the Settings screen, you can change the sources for the camera, microphone, or speakers. You can also see the keyboard shortcuts for different features.

Click the double-arrow icon at the upper right to jump to full-screen mode. Click the Esc key to shift back to windowed mode.

Edit Room Settings

You can also tweak the setting for your Messenger Room. In your Facebook feed, click on the room’s icon anywhere outside of the Join button. At the window for your room, click the Invite button to invite additional friends. Click the Share icon to share the link for the room in a Facebook post.

Click the Edit icon, and you can change the name of the room, the people who’ve been invited, and the start time. Click Update Room to save changes. You can close the room by clicking the End Room icon.

Regular Video Chats

If you don’t want to create a Messenger Room and still want to video chat with Facebook friends, you can still do that. On Facebook, click the name of the person you want to call from Messenger. In the Messenger window, click the camera icon. You can also click the video icon inside the Messenger app to call another person.

If the other person is available and answers your call, you’re then connected. At the video call window, you can turn off the video, mute the microphone, and share your screen. You can also add other people to the call. When finished, click the phone icon to end the call.

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How to unpin a group on facebook messenger

Facebook group owners can delete a group by first removing all members. Once the owner is the only person in a group, then they will have the option to delete it.

Group admins can archive a group, meaning that the group will no longer appear in Facebook search to non-members, and no new members can join. Admins can only delete a group if the original owner first leaves the group.

Here’s how to delete a group on Facebook.

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How to delete a Facebook group using a web browser

1. Go to and navigate to “Groups” on the home page.

2. Select the group that you wish to delete.

3. Navigate to “Members” on the left side of the page.

4. Click the “More” button next to each member’s name and then select “Remove from Group.” Hit “Confirm.”

5. One all members are removed, select the “More” button next to your name. Select “Leave Group” and then “Leave and Delete.”

How to delete a Facebook group using the mobile app

1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android phone. Select the “Menu” tab and then select “Groups.”

2. Select “See All” next to “Your Groups,” and then select “See All” again underneath “Groups you Manage” to view all of your groups.

3. Open the group that you want to delete.

4. Tap on the name of the group, and then tap “See All” to view all of the members.

5. Tap on each person’s name and select “Remove Member” to remove them from the group.

6. Once everyone is deleted from the group, tap on your name and select “Leave Group.” Facebook will confirm that once you leave the group, the group will be deleted. Select “Leave and Delete.”

How to climb a rope

What used to be a staple of 1970s gym classes has become a common test of gymnastic skill, coordination, upper body endurance, and grip strength for CrossFit Regionals and Games athletes. The rope climb comes up in CrossFit® training just often enough to cause stress and panic (for some folks!) each time it does.

Let’s flash back to the brutal Saturday workout of the CrossFit Games Regional this year:

100-ft. dumbbell overhead walking lunge (80#/55#)
100 double-unders
50 wall-ball shots (30#/20#)
10 15-ft. rope climb
50 wall-ball shots
100 double-unders
100-ft. dumbbell overhead walking lunge (80#/55#)

Time cap: 16 minutes

If it’s the ten 15 ft rope climbs that have you reflectively shaking your arms with fatigue, you’re not alone. We saw the best athletes in the world fail rope climbs, lose their form, and struggle through 10 ascents after double-unders had already taxed their forearms to the max.

The 2017 Regional competition proved rope climbs can be a real doozy even for the fittest of the fit, let alone the everyday athlete or functional fitness fan. Because let’s be honest, even if you’re lucky enough to get your sweat on at a box that has a rope (or even multiple ropes) how often does it cross your mind to hop on the rope at the end of a grueling WOD or lifting session. Moreover, when was the last time your box had rope climbs programmed into the workout of the day itself?

That’s why we consulted with three experts to bring you the latest and greatest tips and tricks for improving your rope climbs so that you can stop fretting about rope climbs and start fretting about other parts of the WOD like those 100 ft walking lunges, for example.

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So i guess i should say that this whole thing is a spoiler but no one cares about what it’s spoiling so it’s probably fine.

Ok now to actually start this guide
Step 1: Have the game Terraria downloaded onto your computer
This step is vital because if you don’t have the game, you won’t be able to play the game to press up on any ropes. Probably the most important step

Step 2: Open Terraria
This step is important for the same reasons as the first step. Probably the second most important step.

Step 3: Create a character, a world, get some rope, and place the rope.
Ok this is probably getting repetitive

Step 4: Make sure you know what "Up" is for you
This guide can be misleading if people have different controls for Terraria so you want to make sure you know what "Up" is by going into settings, controls, then keybindings, and looking for "Up". Once you know what key you use for "Up" you are ready to press up on a rope.

Step 5: Walk towards the rope and make sure your character is at least partially making the rope obscure from your view
You have to complete this step and the next step in quick succession before your character hits the ground so make sure you can do it

Step 6: Apply enough pressure onto the "Up" key so that your character somehow pulls out a (insert good name for it here) to hang onto the rope.
Remember the "Up" key from step 4? Well here is where you use that. Most players will use "W" and not the up arrow key but just make sure you press it

Step 7: There is no step 7
What? you expected this guide to have steps on how to get off a rope or how to go up and down on it? Read the title. I taught you how to press up on a rope. Good job to everyone who can do it. Thanks for reading this stupid guide. I hope you can safely press up on all the ropes.

So before you put your climbing rope away after a trip, it’s important to spend a few minutes taking care of it. This is especially key at the end of the season, when your rope may spend months tucked away in a closet or rope bag.

Let’s take a closer look at how to store climbing rope and how you can ensure your rope lasts for years to come.

Flake and Inspect Your Climbing Rope

When you get back from a trip in the mountains, it’s tempting to leave your climbing rope in your bag for a few days. But that’s one of the worst things you can do to your rope.

If the rope is at all wet – as is often the case if you’ve been dragging it through the snow – leaving it in your bag will cause it to grow bacteria and mildew that can wear away at the sheath. Even if the rope is perfectly dry, leaving it tangled in your bag for days on end can cause kinks and twists that are difficult to get out later.

So, the first step in the storage process is to take your rope out of your pack and flake it. Starting with one end of the rope, pull the entire rope through your hands, stopping to untangle any knots you find along the way.

This is also a great time to inspect your rope for damage, something every climber should do regularly. As you flake out the rope, look closely for places where the sheath may be fraying or discolored. A little fuzz around the sheath from abrasion isn’t a major concern, but a mass of fibers along the whole length of the rope is.

Also check whether the rope feels stiff or has soft spots anywhere along its length. If you find these, the rope is nearing the end of its lifespan and should be replaced soon.

Coil Your Climbing Rope

The next step in the storage process is to coil your rope. There are several different ways to do this, but the most common method is the butterfly coil.

Take one end of the rope in your hand, grab the rope with your other hand, and extend your arms with the rope behind your back. In front of you, bring your hands together, grab and extend the rope, and then flip the strand over your shoulder.

Continue this pattern, switching which side is controlling the rope after each strand, until you have around 10 feet of rope left. Lift the coiled rope off your shoulders and wrap the remaining 10 feet of rope around it. Finish with a knot to keep the rope from uncoiling.

Hang Your Rope to Dry

Now your rope is unknotted, untangled, and ready to dry. Hang the rope somewhere warm and dry, preferably inside. (You can leave it on the ground, but the drying process will take longer.) Depending on how much water the nylon sheath soaked up, it could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to dry completely.

The Best Storage Conditions for Your Climbing Rope

Climbing ropes aren’t overly picky when it comes to storage. Once your rope is coiled and fully dried, you can safely stow it inside a rope bag on the ground in the back of your closet.

There are a few things to consider, though. The most important is that you want your rope to stay dry. Avoid putting it in areas of your home that have a lot of moisture or that might get water on the ground after a big rain. If you’re worried about moisture, you can get a specialized storage bag that essentially acts like a rain jacket for your rope.

You also want to keep your rope away from direct sunlight (UV radiation) and heat. If your garage gets hot during the summer and wet in the winter, it’s probably not the best place for your rope. You should also avoid dirt or sand, acid or alkaline compounds like chemical cleaners, and any sharp objects that might be lurking on your closet shelves.

How Long Does a Climbing Rope Last in Storage?

If you store your climbing rope in a cool, dark, dry place, it can last for up to 10 years. Even if you never use your rope, most manufacturers suggest retiring it after that amount of time.

For most climbers, though, storage won’t be the limiting factor in your rope’s lifespan. Factors like how often you use the rope, whether you use it for top roping or lead climbing, and the conditions you use it in will have the biggest impact. Inspect your rope regularly and replace it once it shows serious signs of wear.

I live in Bellingham, Washington, at the base of the wild North Cascades. Over the last ten years, I've explored much of the region's steep terrain and endless layers of ridges and peaks, both on foot and on skis, often linking far-flung ridges together to push deeper into the range.

*The information on this site is based on research and first-hand experience but should not be treated as medical advice. Before beginning any new activity, we recommend consulting with a physician, nutritionist or other relevant professional healthcare provider.

How to climb a rope

Learn more about
Michael Graw

Born with Mt Rainier in his backyard, Michael has decades of experience in the mountains.

How to climb a rope

Learning Proper Rope Climb Technique

Nov 27, 2018 11:30:00 AM / by Neal Maddox

Rope Climb Technique:

The rope climb is a very technical movement that challenges your grip strength, and works your arms, back, and core. Rope climbs requires upper body, core, and grip strength. They also require coordination and overall body awareness. Most people may think that upper body strength is the most important prerequisite for climbing rope. While upper body strength is important for climbing rope, having good rope climbing technique is going to be the most important aspect for learning how to climb rope efficiently.

Read More Total Body Workout

Unless you are performing legless rope climbs, the legs and the core play an important role in having an efficient rope climb technique. Before you actually start ascending a fifteen-foot rope, you must first practice the techniques starting from the ground. Here are some progressions to teach you the techniques of how to efficiently climb a rope:

  • Seated hand-over-hand pulls: From a seated position, pull yourself into a standing position. Place your hands over each other until you have reached that standing position. Try to pull yourself up using your arms, rather than standing with your legs. You can sit on a bench, box, or chair.
  • Seated-to-standing rope climb: Start seated on the floor and then pull yourself up, hand-over-hand, into a standing position. If you lack the upper body strength to pull yourself up using only your arms, allow your legs to assist you into the standing position
  • Laying-to-standing rope climb: This drill is very similar to the last, except you will begin laying flat on your back on the floor to increase the difficulty. Since you are starting flat on your back with your legs straight out, you will not get any assistance from your legs during the ascent.
  • Seated clamp down to stand: Start in a seated position on a bench, box, or a chair. Clamp down on the rope, pinching the rope between your feet. The rope will rest on top of the shoelaces of one foot, with the other foot “clamping” down on top of that foot. Once you have a secure clamp, begin standing, pulling your hands up the rope until you are in a complete standing position.
  • Standing rope pulls: From a standing position, pull yourself off of the ground, using your arms only. Keep your legs straight and your hands in position. Engage your lats and pull yourself as high as possible off of the ground. Switch hands each rep to simulate going hand-over-hand on the rope.
  • Standing clamp-down: From a standing position, clamp the rope between your feet and extend your legs straight. Move your hands in to place, up the rope, until you are standing extended with your fleet clamping down on the rope. For a low clamp, keep one leg straight and lift the other leg just high enough to clamp the rope between your feet. For a high clamp, pull both knees up towards your chest and then clamp the rope between your feet.
  • Clamp-down with one pull: This is very similar to the previous progression with an extra pull added to the ascent. Once you have clamped down your feet and achieved a standing position, pull your knees to your chest, going hand-over-hand up the rope, re-clamping your feet and standing to extension.
  • Rope climb: Adding to the previous progression, continue the ascent all the way up the rope. Knees to chest, hand-over-hand, clamp down and stand up on the rope. Think about a toes-to-bar when you are pulling your knees toward your chest. Lean back and try to get your feet as close to your hands as possible before clamping down on the rope.
  • Legless rope climb (advanced): This is an advanced movement where you are going to ascend the rope using just your upper body. This is going to challenge your grip and upper body strength. When performing these, make sure you have enough strength to get all the way up and down the rope.

Rope climbs can be a tough movement to acquire or master. They require a lot of upper body strength, core stability, and coordination. When learning how to climb rope, make sure you take the proper steps to ensure that you are progressing properly in order to ensure safety and efficiency. Always start by learning the movements on the ground before learning in the air. This will allow you to stay safe while still practicing the proper techniques that will allow you to learn how to become more efficient at the movement. Once you are ready to start ascending the rope, be sure to focus on the fundamentals and progressions, and apply the proper technique that you have learned and practiced to get to that point.

Ropes are placeable items that primarily provide quick vertical mobility. They can be placed adjacent to blocks in any direction, or in midair where background walls are present. Once placed, Ropes are used by pressing ▲ Up or ▼ Down while moving over them. Streamers and Chains operate identically to Rope, but cannot be crafted into Rope Coils.

All Rope variants operate identically, but Silk and Web Ropes are immune to falling lava, as opposed to normal and Vine Ropes, which will be dislodged similar to Torches.

All ropes are acquired in different ways:

  • Rope can be found randomly in Chests and Pots, as a bonus drop from slimes, or purchased from the Merchant and Skeleton Merchant for 10 each.
  • Vine Rope is acquired by destroying vines while the Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage is equipped.
  • Silk Rope is crafted from one Silk at the Loom.
  • Web Rope is crafted from one Cobwebby hand.

Visually, the player appears to move along Rope using a mechanical tool with wheels, as though they were riding a rail. This tool appears automatically when using Rope, does not exist as a separate item, and is available from the beginning of the game.

Vertical movement speed on Rope equals that of a free fall, though moving down via Rope and hitting the ground will not cause fall damage. Horizontal movement is also possible, by placing adjacent Rope horizontally, but is much slower. Rope can be placed atop existing placed Rope, which will extend the total length of the rope downward, without the player actually having to be at the bottom of the Rope column.

All Rope types can be crafted into their respective Rope Coils, consumable items useful for placing Ropes in inaccessible locations.

Rope climbing is a gameplay feature in The Long Dark.

How to climb a rope

Rope over cliff.


Overview [ ]

Rope climbing allows players to navigate up or down steep cliffs at specific points. Some ropes spawn pre-attached to designated climbing rocks. In locations where a rope is not present, a non-deployed Mountaineering Rope can often be found somewhere nearby, which can be attached to the climbing rock, and then used as normal.

Deployed Mountaineering Ropes can be harvested and relocated to other moved to other climbing points.

Climbing [ ]

How to climb a rope

A climbing spot and sign in lower Milton Park near Milton.

Climbing a rope is the most strenuous activity in-game, draining Rest and Stamina quickly as one climbs. When stamina reaches zero, the climbing rate slows significantly and there is a chance to slip and fall. How fast one climbs is significantly impacted by current Rest level and Weight. Having a high Rest will make for an easy, quick climb (and/or low Weight) and burning less Calories. Low Rest (or high Weight) will make climbing slower and burn more Calories; so slow that it may be impossible to complete a climb before draining all stamina, slipping, and falling.

Climbing is not possible if the player has any Sprained Wrists, Sprained Ankles, or Broken Ribs. This means it is possible to become stranded at locations which require climbing to access them (such as Hushed River Valley, or Timberwolf Mountain). Bandages can be life-saving to treat sprains in these circumstances, but since Broken Ribs require Painkillers or Rose Hip Tea, they can be harder or even impossible to treat if one is unprepared.

Action [ ]

Select the deployed rope to begin climbing, then move forward to climb up, or backwards to climb down. Looking around while climbing is possible by stopping mid-climb, but Stamina, Fatigue, and Calories will continue to drain rapidly. It is possible to reverse climbing direction mid-climb, or stop and rest on a Ledge.

If climbing from below, a rope must already have been attached to a rock from above to be able to climb it.

Note: Stamina for climbing is not affected by the Sprint Penalty statistic of worn clothing, but is derived from the same Stamina meter used for sprinting. It is not wise to Sprint prior to a climb without allowing Stamina to recover first.

  • It is possible to stop and recover stamina on a ledge (described below); often a requirement for long climbs. both restores rest and reduces all rest draining effects so is a great boon to rope climbing.
  • Drinking an energy drink before starting will immediately restore half the player’s rest and completely fill their stamina, along with reducing all rest draining effects. However, the Headache and severe loss of rest after the drink wears off can cripple the player.
  • Using an Emergency Stim’s for temporary for infinite Rest and Stamina allows one to climb through a single rope with ease, however the after effect of zero Rest afterwards can be crippling.
  • Wearing crampons reduces the Stamina drain when climbing, thus speeding up the process and preserving some Rest.
  • Resting with a Bedroll (or Bear Skin Bedroll) prior to a climb, or on a Ledge mid-climb can be useful to restore Rest.
  • In many areas, it is possible to avoid the taxing fatigue of rope climbing by carefully dropping down nearby slopes and small ledges. The trade-off is that this method usually carries a high risk of sprains or even falls. Note that one major exception exists: dropping into the Ravine Basin will result in automatic death.
  • In a few rare cases, it may even be possible to avoid a rope climb by navigating up sloped terrain (for example, one can reach the Lake Overlook by marching up the hill in front of the Camp Office). Even more so than dropping down, climbing steep terrain comes with a high risk of sprains.

Ledges [ ]

Some cliffs feature ledges midway along their rope course, and are suggested when the white selection dot appears. To enter a ledge, stop climbing and look at the ledge until it highlights, then select it. There is always room for a fire and a sleeping bag, but most ledges are very cold and exposed if strong winds or blizzards are present.

  • It is not possible to exit or enter a rope mid-climb except at designated ledges.

Slipping/Falls [ ]

When the character runs out of Stamina mid-climb, there is an increasing chance they will slip on the rope. The longer one continues to try an climb with no Stamina, the greater the chance of slipping.

After slipping they will slide down the rope until randomly catching themselves. How far one slips may depend on how much fatigue one has.

  • When one starts slipping, it is not advisable to try to resume the climb. More slippage is likely to follow. Descend quickly or enter a ledge and rest before trying again.
  • If one slips as far as the ground, it is equivalent to falling from the original height and bruising injuries, sprain afflictions, and condition loss will be awarded accordingly. It is possible to severely tear clothes. Death is possible.

Descending [ ]

Descending a rope takes far less stamina and is less impacted by fatigue. However, slipping and falling is still possible. Select the rope between where it is tied off but before it turns over the cliff. Move backward to go down. It’s possible to stop mid-climb and look around, if desired. If there is no rope available, or the player is encumbered, it is sometimes possible to “mountain goat” down a cliff. The trick here is to select a location with the fewest number of overhangs possible, and crouch-walk. As long as the slope of the cliff is anything less than vertical, the player will not fall. This technique must be used carefully, however, as a miscalculation could result in a lethal fall.

Deploying ropes [ ]

How to climb a rope

Mountaineering ropes can only be attached to or detached from a specific rock formation at the top of a sheer cliff (see image for example of formation; looks like a sharp tooth about 3 meters high). To deploy a rope from inventory, simply select the middle of the rock when close. To detach and take a rope, select the rope where it wraps around the rock. Rope will automatically be placed in inventory. Attaching/detaching a rope takes about 10 minutes.

Game history [ ]

Rope climbing was introduced on 16 December 2015 in version 0.298 also known as the Timberwolf Mountain update.

How to climb a rope

Picture this. You’ve just surpassed the 3-mile marker. Forearms and finger tips are cramping from 300 yards of unforgiving bucket carries. The bottoms of your feet feel heavy, your thighs are burning and just above the grassless hill you see it… The rope climb.

In that moment you have a choice to make. Complete the rope climb or take a quick trip to the penalty zone for 30 burpees (Spartan Race). What decision do you make?

Truth is, many racers settle for 30 unfriendly burpees without even attempting the rope climb. It could be intimidation. After all, the rope climb is far from easy. It could be fear or exhaustion. But often times, it’s a lack of training. And without proper training there will always be a lack of confidence.

This has been a challenge for many of my obstacle racing clients. So improvisations had to be made. In fact, one of my most popular trainings on YouTube is the “Spartan Race Rope-less Rope Climb” video. And there’s reason for it. Most people don’t have access to a gym with ropes to climb. Similarly, plenty of racers don’t have access to a high tree and a 20-foot long rope in their backyard.


For that reasoning, participants either “wing-it” with the rope climb on race day or avoid the obstacle altogether. You don’t have to settle for either.You can effectively train to conquer any rope climb at any obstacle course race without using a rope.

Don’t get me wrong. Rope climb training with an actual rope is unbeatable. Practicing technique and experiencing the obstacle first hand will make for a higher completion rate come race day. Yet simply because you don’t have access to this tool does not mean you can’t be successful. Below, I’m going to give you some 3 unique exercises that will prepare you for this obstacle.

Question is, how bad do you want to complete the rope climb on race day? If you’re serious, keep reading till the end. I’m also going to give you complete access to my best training tips for some of OCR’s most challenging obstacles in my downloadable Short Course Crusher’s Guide at the end of this training.

Let’s get started.

How about a quick anatomy lesson?

When climbing up a muddy rope, several different muscles fibers will be highly activated; the “lats” (majority of your back muscles), biceps, and forearms to name the “Big 3”. To prepare your muscles for this challenge, training for strength and functionality is key. Little strength in these “pulling muscles” means little climbing.

The following exercises are going to strengthen the very muscles needed to hoist you to the very top of the rope climb.

Exercise 1: Underhand-grip Pull-ups

Underhand-grip pull-ups will force your back muscles to develop functional strength for pulling yourself up a rope. It’s not some fancy back exercise machine that sits on a track or is guided on a cable. It’s as close to rope-climbing simulation as you can get.

The underhand-grip pull-up also recruits muscle fibers in the biceps and forearms more heavily than any other pull-up variation.

Would you believe me if I said strengthening your biceps and forearms is even more valuable than training your back muscles for the rope climb? It’s true. Your biceps and forearms will be the first to fatigue during a rope climb. If those 2 muscles cannot hold on any longer then it won’t matter how strong your back is. You’ll have to let go. Keep this in mind as you train for the rope climb.

By the way, if you’re thinking to yourself, “what if I can’t do a pull-up?” Don’t worry. You can always practice partial pull-ups until you build enough strength to complete a full pull-up repetition.

If you can’t do a partial pull-up, then I suggest practicing the dead hang and developing your back muscles using dumbbells for rows or an assisted pull-up machine.

Exercise #2: Hanging Knee Raise

Place a medicine ball between your knees and squeeze your legs together tightly. Stand underneath the pull-up bar, reaching upward and gripping tightly. As you hang on the bar, keep your knees squeezed together around the medicine ball and raise your knees to your belly button. This is how you perform the hanging knee raise. If you need a visual, take a look at This Video.

I’m sure you can picture the rope climb simulation. Imagine yourself holding onto a rope while you tightly grip the bar and pretend the rope is in between your legs. With each knee raise, get vision of yourself moving another foot up the rope. Keep your core tight, legs sturdy, and breathing under control. Repeat this movement until you can no longer hold onto the bar.

This exercise is a triple whammy for rope climb training. You’ll develop your grip strength and endurance with the dead hang. You’ll ignite your core, developing abdominal strength, hip mobility and power. And of course, you’ll be a master at simulating an often used rope climbing technique. Not too shabby for training without a rope, right?

By the way. If you do have a rope to train on, yet are weak in your back, biceps, forearms or core, you can benefit tremendously from following this training.

Exercise #3: Dumbbell Hammer Curl

SHOCK ALERT! Biceps are NOT just show muscles. Especially for obstacle course racers. Truth is, if you don’t develop strong biceps then several obstacles, not just the rope climb, will be a challenge come race day.

The dumbbell hammer curl is one of the best moves you can use to develop strong biceps and forearms. When selecting a weight for the dumbbell hammer curl, be sure to make your selection on the heavier side. Forget the 15 – 20 rep range.

Instead, after properly warming up your arms, select a resistance that is challenging through an 8 – 10 repetition range.

To perform this movement, keep your elbows tight at your side and grip the dumbbells with your palms facing in toward your belly button. From there, curl the dumbbells up and slowly lower them back down.

Keep in mind, your body works as a unit. You are only as strong as your weakest link, remember that sang? Approach the rope climb with no weak links and you’ll have the confidence to attack the obstacle without settling for another 30 exhausting burpees.

If you’ve never successfully completed the rope climb, make it your goal for the next race, eh?

As promised, because you’ve finished reading this entire training, I know you’re serious about conquering the rope climb and dominating any obstacle that stands in your path. I want to give you Free and Instant Access to my Short Course Crushers Program and a big thank you for stopping by for Trainer Tuesday with Mud Run Guide. Enjoy.

How to climb a rope

It wasn’t until I added a rope to my garden set-up that things really changed though. Since rope climbing, I’ve noticed my abs becoming a LOT more visible. That’s because the rope climb is an awesome form of cardio, and a great core workout; especially if you’re doing l-sit climbs.

How to climb a rope

The rope climb is one of the big reasons gymnasts have such huge arms it turns out.

Just look at Ross Edgley: ever since he attempted to climb rope for the equivalent height of Everest (yep, he’s insane), his biceps have been actually ridiculous.

And in terms of functional performance, rope climbing is once again boss. The act itself has actual real-world potential use. Rope climbs build incredible for grip strength for example and toughen up your hands at the same time. They’re also excellent for proprioception. My pull ups have gotten far better, and I can now even do a one armed pull up – something I hadn’t been able to do for a while. This makes a lot of sense, considering that when you climb rope, you take it in turns to hold your entire weight up from one arm while maneuvering the rest of your body.

Best of all, the rope climb is genuinely fun. There’s a small element of danger, real progression, and a ton of different techniques you can use to keep it fresh.

Convinced yet? Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

How to Get Started With the Rope Climb

If rope climbing is so great, why aren’t more people doing it? The problem is that a lot of people think they need to be in a gymnastics hall to try the rope climb, or to be somewhere else where they have ten meters of rope.

How to climb a rope

You don’t. All you need is a short ten foot rope (less even), and a pull up bar or tree branch to hang it from. I have an outdoor pull up bar with a small hoop in it. I then used two carabiners to secure a piece of rope there. The rope came from eBay and had an eyelet built in, it cost about $30.

You could achieve something similar though by tying a knot around a pull up bar in a doorframe – I used to do this. Heck, you could even tie a few towels together and turn them into a rope of sorts.

This doesn’t leave you with a whole lot of space for maneuvering. While that might seem like a bad thing, it isn’t if you practice the L-sit sit-up.

For the uninitiated, this simply means climbing with just your arms while keeping your legs at a right angle. You can do this in a strict, gymnast kind of way, or you can just bend them and keep them flailing underneath you.

How to climb a rope

And when you do attempt the rope climb, start off easy and then build up. Aim for just one or two climbs and then stop. Use gloves to begin with if you need to (your hands will likewise need time to toughen up) and don’t go to failure.

When you grab the rope, make sure to twist the hands inward to get a tighter grip and to take at least some of the pressure off your elbows. One last tip: rope climbing is much easier when it is warmer. It hurts when the rope is cold!

ALWAYS maintain some tension in the arms and kepe the elbows bent – don’t just hang from them. Cross your hands over at face level wherever possible. If you feel any discomfort… stop!

How to climb a rope

There are a number of different approaches to rope climbing and different techniques. For example, the J-Hook is a foot lock technique you can use. While this is all important and great, it’s also not necessary for us. We’re focusing on building strength, and we don’t have space to lock our legs! As we’re not climbing high, we’re not really in much danger of falling and hurting ourselves.

Check those out if you’re going higher, but otherwise just grab the rope and go!

Rope Climbing Variations

If the rope climb is too difficult for you to begin with, there are several variations you can try out early on.

One option is to perform pull ups holding the rope. This lets you train the biceps and grip, without needing to move one hand over the other. It’s also ideal if you don’t have much space at all for the rope climb.

You can even just hang from the rope this way – maintaining that engagement in the biceps and 90 degree angle in the elbow.

Another technique is to perform rope-wall climbs. If you can set the rope up near a wall, then you can support your lower body with your feet and climb up this way.

How to climb a rope

Both these easier variations are also ideal for drop sets. Perform the rope climb to failure, then just “drop down” to the easier option – that being the rope pull up, static hold, or rope-wall climb.

If you want to go harder though, then you of course have the option of adding a weighted vest or weight belt. This is an AWESOME challenge, and surprisingly effective as a form of resistance cardio.

How to climb a rope

Add rope climbing to your training and you’ll see the benefits across multiple facets of your strength.

How to make valentine’s day special on a budget

While things may look and feel a bit different this year due to social distancing and spending more time at home, there are still plenty of ways to make Valentine’s Day special that show your appreciation for your loved ones. Although we may be limited to where we can go out, we learned in 2020 how to create fun ideas and special moments in our own way. Read on for ‘10 Budget Friendly (at home themed) Valentine’s Day Ideas to try this February 14 th .

Have an indoor picnic. You can’t tell us this is something you do on the regular. Lay down a blanket in your living room, bring a cute basket full of your favorite finger foods and desserts, your favorite drink, and enjoy! Appreciate each other’s company by chatting, or even playing an old fashioned game of cards. Don’t forget to surround yourself with some flowers to make it feel more Valentine’s Day centric!

Become Mixology Masters. Cocktails, mocktails…whichever route you prefer, try something new! A fun addition could be signing up for a virtual mixology class or buying a drink recipes book. Need some inspo? Here are 10 Valentine’s Day cocktails ‘that taste like falling in love” or try one of these 11 Valentine’s Day mocktails.

Movie Night. A trip to the movie theater can add up quick for the pair of tickets and snacks anyways, so why not just enjoy a recent movie release at home (or several)? Have a movie marathon at home for just a few dollars by renting a movie off of Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix, or even at your local library. Don’t forget the popcorn! Try out our favorite, easy Valentine Day themed popcorn mix.

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

Cook together. Open up a bottle of wine, put on your favorite music, dance around and start cooking. Pinterest can be a great spot to go for new recipes, or YouTube for online cooking classes! By dining in you’ll save money and skip the crowds. Want to make it really feel like a special date night? Dress up for your dinner. Bonus: Make your dinner at home a themed dinner. Watching 50 First Dates when accompanied by a pineapple upside down cake or watching two pups fall in love during The Lady and the Tramp while eating a plate of homemade spaghetti and meatballs is much more fun. Here are some more romantic movie menu ideas:

  • The Notebook: Enjoy a candlelit crab boil for two in honor of this seaside romance.
  • Lady and the Tramp: Share a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs, then go for a moonlit stroll with the one you love.
  • Sixteen Candles:Enjoy birthday cake with your crush, plus updated takes on meatloaf and “tater tots”.
  • Chungking Express: Two unconventional love stories inspire an Asian street-food feast with pineapple for dessert.
  • Julie and Julia: Enjoy the Julia’s famous Beef Bourguignon! This hearty French stew is a classic combination of wine, garlic, and onion. Serve it with boiled or roasted new potatoes.
  • Casablanca: Cheers your meal with some Champagne Fizz.
  • Goodfellas: Dinner was a big thing for the mobsters in “Goodfellas”. Enjoy a good speghetti and meatball meal while watching this film (whether or not you slice the garlic with a razor blade is your call.)
  • When Harry Met Sally: Enjoy a nice salad and finish your dinner off with a Apple Pie of course! “I’d like the chef’s salad, please, with the oil and vinegar on the side and the apple pie a la mode. But I’d like the pie heated, and I don’t want the ice cream on top. I want it on the side. And I’d like strawberry instead of vanilla if you have it. If not, then no ice cream — just whipped cream, but only if it’s real. If it’s out of a can, then nothing.”

Order a carryout food feast. Skip cooking this evening all together and order out instead. Pick up dinner or get a variety of dishes from a handful of different local restaurants!

Enjoy a fancy charcuterie board! Maybe you’re not up to cooking and prefer to not order out – another fun idea is to munch on delicious meats and cheeses instead! Design a gorgeous charcuterie board and serve with a bottle of wine for the best night in! Even better? We have tips on how to build the ultimate cheeseboard on a budget here! (Make sure to add a little valentine’s day chocolate to your board!)

Create a Scavenger Hunt. This can be made into a family or couple activity. You don’t even have to leave your house (even though you can to make it more adventurous). At the end of the hunt, exchange little gifts, cards or baked goods that you’ve purchased within a pre-agreed upon budget.

Take your Valentine’s Day outdoors by ice skating, sledding or hiking. Valentine’s Day in Wisconsin is always pretty chilly. Why not use it to your advantage and bundle up to go outside with your valentine? Make sure to fill your thermos mug with a warm beverage (hot chocolate with extra whip is a great choice)!

Don’t forget your furry friends this valentine’s day! Bake some dog treats together and take your furry loved ones to the dog park or for an extra-long walk.

Volunteer together. Dedicate this Valentine’s Day to helping others. Call your local nonprofits to see how they need help. Not only does this benefit the community but it also costs nothing. Spread the love!

Remember, in the end, Valentine’s Day is really about spending time with the loved ones. Time, after all, is the most precious gift of all.

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year… and usually the most expensive. Restaurants bump up prices, florists mark up their bouquets and even the cost of chocolate rockets sky high. If you don’t have hundreds to spend on one evening, don’t worry. Remember that you don’t need to spend loads of money to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

Do Your Research

Although most restaurants hike up prices or only offer expensive set menus, if you plan ahead you can often find great deals on restaurants. Search Travel Zoo and for good deals in your local area and book way in advance; Valentine’s offers always sell out quickly. Also look out for day trips that might interest you; spa days and cocktail master classes are incredibly fun and tend to crop up on these sites quite a lot! Plus it’s a great experience to share with your special someone.


A personalised gift is a lovely way to show your loved one how much you care. A photo album filled with photos of the two of you is a wonderful idea; you can reminisce together over all of the special times you’ve shared. Another idea is to make a “mixed tape”. As most people don’t own cassette players anymore, make your partner a playlist and download it onto their phone or burn it onto a CD. You can even personalise a Valentine’s Day card to include a photo or printed message; this is much more romantic than picking any old card up at the shop.


If you don’t fancy going out for dinner, why not cook at home instead? Cooking is much cheaper than paying for a fancy dinner, plus your loved one will really appreciate all the effort you’ve put in! You won’t have worry about booking any reservations weeks in advance, plus you can plan the meal around your schedule. With all the money you’ll save by cooking at home, you could even head out to a cocktail bar or a show after dinner.

Watch a Film At Home

Yummy, sweet and sticky popcorn will be in order this weekend for National Popcorn Day!

— Cookie Crumbles (@CookieCrumbs_UK) January 16, 2015

A terrific alternative to splurging at the cinema is to watch a film at home. Surprising your loved one by watching the first film you ever saw together is a very sweet and romantic gesture. Or you could watch your beau’s favourite film to show how much you love them – they’ll especially appreciate it if they know it isn’t something you would normally choose to watch!

Time Travel

Okay, so I’m not suggesting that you and your dearest literally time travel for Valentine’s Day. Due to the fact that everywhere tends to be awfully busy and expensive on the 14 th , why not have your special date the day before or the day after. You’ll save a tonne of money by doing this and you can still have a lovely, romantic time.

Stargazing Picnic

Sitting out under the stars on a perfectly clear night is arguably the most romantic activity you can do. Grab a blanket and pack up some food to much on and have a midnight picnic. Lounging under the stars with your loved one might just be the most romantic moment you’ve ever had. Just remember to wrap up and take a flask of something warm to drink!

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Shopping centres will soon be filled with hearts, streamers, and balloons; Valentine cards will be exchanged; and flowers will be delivered to homes and offices all around the country.

The consumer industry places so much focus on expensive gifts and fancy dinners that for many, the day has become about spending a lot of money. To remind you what Valentine’s Day is all about, and to help you make your loved one feel special (even on a student budget), we’ve listed some brilliant ways of making Valentine’s Day special without spending a lot of money:

Instead of looking for an expensive venue: Go out into nature

The local park, nature reserve, or even your backyard can be much more romantic than an expensive restaurant. Grab a picnic blanket (an old duvet or curtain could work well too) and some pillows from the couch, and you have the beginnings of a romantic setting! If you decide to have your date during the day, try to pick a spot in the shade. If the weather doesn’t permit an outside setting, duplicate the picnic setting in your living room or any covered area. If you can travel, take a drive to the nearest botanical gardens or the closest beach.

Instead of buying a card: Make your own

A handmade card is much more special than a generic store-bought one.

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

Instead of buying a meaningless gift that costs a lot of money: Choose something personal (and affordable)

Expensive gifts, while pleasant to receive, are often generic and meaningless. Here are some other ideas:

If your partner is sentimental, print some photos and write your memories from the occasion on the back of the photo. Instead of buying a bunch of roses, buy only one, or pick a pretty flower. Don’t buy a box of chocolates simply because the box has hearts on it. Buy one bar of your partner’s favourite chocolate and wrap it in pretty paper. Write a short letter on that piece of paper before wrapping the chocolate, and your partner will receive an extra surprise when unwrapping it!

Instead of spending a fortune on food: Prepare your own

Restaurants and retailers want you to believe that expensive meals carry significant meaning. The truth is that a home-cooked meal or picnic basket can be much more romantic and meaningful. The fact that you prepared the food or snacks yourself will make it all the more delicious.

Your partner will also appreciate the personal effort, especially if you decide to prepare his or her favourite meal (or dessert).

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

Set the right mood

You can treat your loved one to good food and a gift at any time. What makes Valentine’s Day special is the romantic mood. Decorate with some red balloons, or switch off the lights and place some candles around the picnic blanket or dinner table. Candles are not expensive, yet they can provide a wonderfully romantic atmosphere – just take care not to set anything alight!

Don’t underestimate the small things

If you and your partner don’t find big dates appealing, you can still make each other feel appreciated. Place short notes of appreciation in your partner’s diary or lunchbox. Send a short SMS telling your partner how much you appreciate him or her. Rent a movie you both want to watch and spend the evening together.

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

The most important thing about Valentine’s Day is to spend time together alone. Investing time in your relationship is much more important than spending money. Always remember that a hug, a smile, and some quality time together is worth much more than any gift.

Seasons come and go. The 365 days we have in a year are usually filled with different celebrations ranging from Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and a host of others including special event days in our lives.

One of the most special days of the year that is very remarkable is Valentine’s Day. A day people get to share their love through gifts, flowers, candies, cakes, chocolates, and homemade crafts all in the name of St. Valentine.

February 14th has long been celebrated as a month of love according to and will continue to be celebrated.

People tend to take the day as a day for lovers. However, it’s a day to spread love among your friends, families, colleagues, schoolmates, et all and in this post, I’m going to save you the stress of wondering about what to do in order to make the day special to someone in your life.

We understand how the season can be, however. After spending much of Christmas and New Year, it can be so stressful sometimes to consider what to buy and in this post, we’re going to save you the stress of thinking and battling with your ideas.

So, you agree with me and are fascinated to be a part of this year’s special person in someone else’s life? Let’s go there.

Let’s talk about what to do on that day and how to do them

1. Buy Your loved one a gift

A lot of people always have the problem of thinking about what kind of gifts they can get for their loved ones. But in my opinion, this should never be so stressful at all.

Gifts are usually misinterpreted by many with the thinking that they have to be very expensive to make the impression of showing love.

But truth be told, it doesn’t have how much a gift costs. What matters is the heart that was used to express the gift. And sometimes, people rush into trying to impress someone.

But guess what? As tiny as N1000, you’ll be able to put a smile on someone’s face with a gift. It is better to express your love and show of concern on a special day like this with something special and not verbally alone.

What types of Gifts can you get?

– If you’re getting a gift for your boyfriend or husband, it can be something they don’t already have or have but it’s kind of old and needs replacement. This can also be a pair of boxers because every man needs this every day.

Moreover, it has to be something romantic since it’s for your lover (better half) right? It can also be a backpack, journal, wine, and perhaps a pair of singlets. Believe me how special he’d feel that day. Men are not usually on the receiving side of the story, but you can choose to make it different in your relationship this season

– If it is your girlfriend or wife, of course, you know better what spikes her. Trust me, you might want to impress her a little. No, wait, not with the cost of the gift but what she loves and here, it’s not so difficult to spot what women love.

They all love chocolates, coloured pants (“G-Strings”; since it’s a lovers day) colour can be red, black or white… depending on her colour choice. You can also turn one of her photos to enlargement (photo frame) and put it on the wall, etc.

– If it is your mom, dad, uncle, aunts, brother or sisters or any relation, it makes your job easier as you can walk into any park and shop and shop for nice red wine with chocolates, wristwatches, clothing, etc.

– If it is your friend, BFF, or schoolmates, it can be easier too. During my secondary school days, my friends do give me breakable plates, glass cups, and white towels. These can also serve as Valentine’s day gift ideas for him for you to start planning ahead.

2. Plan a Picnic

I’m sure no one should tell you about this, but one special thing to do on Valentine’s day is to plan a beach picnic. Some quality places you can spend time with your family and loved ones in Lagos are numerous ranging from different beaches to choose the one closest to you and a lot of other recreation centers like Freedom Park , Lekki Conservation Center, etc.

3. Plan an In-House Party

As far as you don’t violate Covid-19 guidelines and protocol, it will be nice to plan an in-house party for a few of your family and friends to catch fun, drink, and dance.

This is one of the best ways to better spend Valentine’s day. It brings about joy, connection and builds bonds among families.

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that is only as important as you make it. Yes, there are a few traditions attached to it, but none of them are set in stone. The day holds different meanings for different people. Some want an over-the-top celebration and treat the day like a barometer for their current relationship, while others jump into a long tangent every February 14 th about the great Hallmark conspiracy. Whatever you may think of Valentine’s Day, it’s a chance to show how much you care about someone—your crush, partner, roomie, or whoever—with a little something special.

Like all holidays, celebrating usually means spending money, which can be tricky on a student budget. But there are plenty of heartwarming ways to make the day festive without breaking the bank. For some brainstorming inspiration, here are a few budget-busting ideas that are sure to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

Do Your Research

Taking your valentine out to dinner is the go-to plan for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, this can also be the priciest. If you’re dead-set on this traditional route, you’ll need to do some research to find an affordable meal. Some restaurants offer special couple’s rates for Valentine’s Day, so take some time to browse your top choice’s social media pages, or stop by their location during business off-hours to see if there are any discounts. You may find the perfect deal for your dinner plans.

If you’re willing to stray from the norm a bit, you can plan to go out for a less expensive breakfast or lunch instead of dinner. The menus for these times are usually much lower than the price points you will find at dinner hours. Or you can skip dinner and go straight for the good stuff—dessert! Even at a fancy restaurant, desserts usually don’t cost more than $10. This way, you can treat your valentine to a high-class atmosphere without the astronomical price tag.

Why Buy When You Can Make

The best Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t always come from a store. A handmade gift adds a personal touch to your festivities that no amount of money can buy—at least, that’s what you can tell your valentine, who specifically put their perfect gift in their Amazon cart and made sure you saw it.

But seriously, a thoughtful, handmade gift is a rock-solid idea, and you can wow your valentine on a shoestring budget if you’re willing to put the time and effort into making your Valentine’s Day a full-on DIY affair. Instead of dining out, try making a home-cooked meal for you and your valentine to share. The fact that you prepared dinner yourself will make it all the more delicious. If you’re far from a pro-level chef, a quick Google search will give you endless options for easy-to-follow recipes. It may take a bit more elbow grease than making a reservation, but your personal effort will dazzle your date just as much as the dish you make—even if it isn’t considered “edible” by traditional standards.

If you want something for your valentine to open during dinner, you can make your own Valentine’s Day card as well. A handmade card is much more special than a generic store-bought one, especially if you put your own unique talents to use. If you’re an artist, draw a picture; if you’re a crafter, deck out your card with an artsy collage; if you’ve have a way with words, turn your note into an ode to their best qualities; if you’re a computer whiz, design and print a card on your computer, or make an e-card for your valentine. As long as you use your personal talents to make something special, your affection will outweigh price tags every time.

Set the Mood

Setting the right mood is the make or break ingredient for a memorable and meaningful Valentine’s Day. You can treat your loved one to good food or a thoughtful gift anytime, but whipping up a romantic atmosphere will add that special holiday magic. While hiring a violin virtuoso to serenade your intimate evening at a rooftop restaurant sounds like a perfect plan, it might not fall within your budget. But there are plenty of practical methods you can use to enchant your Valentine’s Day celebration.

The easiest way set the mood on a student budget is to get thrifty with your holiday decorations. Some red balloons, a hand-picked playlist filled with your valentine’s favorite songs, and some well-placed candles will transform any dinner into a dreamy setting. Just make sure you shell out for some candleholders as well—no one wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a surprise visit from the local Fire Department.

You can even turn dinner into an exotic picnic with a blanket and some pillows. A meal shared in your local park, nature reserve, or even your own backyard can be just as special as an expensive restaurant. And if Mother Nature decides to spoil the fun with nasty weather, you can always move it all inside and set up a picnic in the living room. While it may not sound picturesque, the real measure of romance isn’t how close you can get to fairytale perfection —it’s the passion you put towards making your valentine feel special.

Investing time in your relationship is much more important than spending money. That’s the real heart of the matter (pun intended) when it comes to making the perfect Valentine’s Day plans. Despite the sappy stigma, it’s a holiday meant for celebrating how special your valentine is to you, and as long as you keep that in mind and use a few of these budget busting tips, you’re sure to have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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How to make valentine's day special on a budget

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How to make valentine's day special on a budget

Big Brother loved this project. He worked hard on cutting hearts out of construction paper and taping them onto the yarn. There was a lot of talk about the patterns on the various strings, he is growing so fast and often surprises me with how much he is learning at school.

Over the past week we have made several other small decorations out of construction paper and some version of string. In the past I had a habit of happily shopping at Diddams, San Carlos for every holiday. Now that we are trying to save money, it really spawns creativity. It’s amazing what you can dress up with materials that are lying around your house (and I am no Crafter).

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

Excuse this terrible pic – you get the idea. We hung hearts from the ceiling fan. This is Baby Brother’s favorite decoration. He loves to look up and coo at them 🙂

Today Big Brother completed his class valentines. We printed (free!) “I’m hooked” fish valentines from There are four valentines per page so I had Big Brother print his name four times. I then made color copies (we have an “All in One”) printer so that he signed each one but he didn’t have to sign 20+ times! (He’s only 5 years old Friends…)

We paired them with goldfish crackers and tied them up in a clear party bag (set was $1.99) and ribbon ($1.97).

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

Tonight after the boys go to bed The Hubbs and I will put up the new magnet board (see our discussion on our Facebook page), sight words, and love notes. We will also take their favorite toys (including Buzz LightYear, Curious George etc) and tape construction paper hearts to their hands as if they are waiting for the boys in the morning.

Per tradition, Big Brother has already requested heart pancakes.

The hubs and I will make a nice steak dinner and we will probably have a PJ dance party afterwards, Big Brother is soooooo obsessed with music right now 🙂

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking I have no time or I am way too tired to take this on. If you are a Davis Local, after school and work check out the 2nd Friday HeArt About. Grab some food and listen to free live music or enjoy the free entry to the many art exhibits. Whole Foods will provide an easy picnic spot on the lawn and Boheme is hosting a free photo booth!

Here are some easy printables to help make Valentine’s Day special in your house tomorrow!

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

Get tips on how to make Valentine’s Day fit into your budget. I’m sharing practical tips that won’t break the bank this Valentine’s Day!

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

How to Make Valentine’s Day Fit Into Your Budget

With Valentine’s Day being less than two months after the holidays, most people are still recovering from the spending they did and have a hard time fitting Valentine’s Day into their budgets. Here are 10 Ways to make Valentine’s Day Special and fit it into your budget:

If you have your heart set on getting your Valentine flowers, make sure you get the best deal. Skip a dozen roses because they will be the most expensive. Instead, get in-season flowers and make the arrangement yourself.

Do love notes. Make sure you place them everywhere you can think of. Make it a game between the two of you. Place one in lunches, on bathroom mirrors, and in cars. Finding these throughout the day can really make an impression and a memorable time.

Did you do something special and frugal on your first date? Play it out again! Of course, you won’t be able to find the same movie in the theater, but you could rent it and watch at home.

Spend some time making your own chocolate-covered strawberries. It can be fun, messy and romantic. The good news is, it is also thrifty. For less than $10 you can do this at home.

Go around and ask for free samples at local candy or chocolate shops. Spend the day taking a tour of the best chocolate shops in your area and come home and snuggle.

Hold a “contest” between the two of you to see who can spend the least amount of money and make the day the best. The competition should be great to see when it comes together!

Do a scrapbook page together of your favorite memory. This could either be an activity you do together or a gift you present your love.

If you do a dinner out, make sure you don’t pay more than you need by getting any coupons you can as well as eating at non-peak times such as lunch. If you are really strapped for cash, you could just go out for dessert at a fancy place instead of an entire meal.

Scour the local paper for free events going on, on Valentine’s Day. Many communities have ‘Sweetheart’s Dances” at local Senior centers that are open to the public of any age. Get a glimpse into the future by going and seeing how much love the elder generation has for each other.

Buy Flowers at a discount and make your own arrangement. You can buy flowers cheaper at grocery stores than floral shops and with a little help from the dollar store, you can make a very nice arrangement. (you can check sites like Groupon for a 50% off deal)

Lastly, remember that with Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts. Don’t get too hung up on spending money and instead think of ways you can spend time, even if all it is, is a walk in the local park.

Be sure to check out awesome deals you can find on Groupon with 50% off savings and more!

If your kids are too grown up for traditional Valentines Day Boxes or card exchanges at school, don’t think that Valentine’s holiday is no longer important. It may not be about the cartoon cards and fun crafts, but it can still be a special holiday. Here are some easy (frugal) ways to make Valentine’s Day special for the teens and tweens in your life.

Hobbies on a Budget uses affiliate links. Click here for a full privacy and disclosure policy.

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

Make Breakfast Special

In our house on school mornings, breakfast is a fend for yourself kind of event. We have cereal, breakfast shakes, frozen waffles, oatmeal, and fruit. You just come in and fix what sounds good to you on that day. But on Valentines Day, it’s ok to actually make it a little more festive. You don’t have to actually cook to create a special breakfast. I remember when my Mom would put out a fun Valentine’s Day tablecloth, cereal bowls and flowers or decorations on the table so breakfast would become a fun event – even on days we were rushed.

Frugal Tip: I have a plastic tote box filled with seasonal decorations so I don’t have to buy them fresh every year. I also have a lace tablecloth that I can pull out and decorate for any season by just changing the things that go on top!

Just take a few minutes the night before to set out some Valentines hearts, balloons and decorations to kick off the next day with a special twist.

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

Share a Pencil

Every kid needs pencils at school. For Valentines Day, why not have a cup of brand new holiday pencils ready for the kids to take to school? It’s a small thing that doesn’t cost any money but can bring a smile throughout the day.

  • How to make valentine's day special on a budgetValentines Day Pencils
  • How to make valentine's day special on a budgetV is for Video Games
  • How to make valentine's day special on a budgetValentine’s Cupcake Socks

Give something Sweet

Some parents go all out and send teddy bears, chocolates, and balloons to their kid’s schools on Valentines Day. We’ve never gone that route and don’t plan to start that this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun candy waiting for them at home or on the breakfast table. For a frugal twist, skip the expensive box of chocolates and make something special instead. Pick up a box of their favorite candies for a $1.00, attach a balloon from the local dollar store and attach a Valentine card.

Another fun option is to buy a package of cookies and put a few in plastic baggies with a red ribbon. Serve it up in a festive basket with a red cloth and you have a perfect centerpiece for a celebration.

How to make valentine's day special on a budget

Share Love Notes

I read recently that one family was celebrating Valentines Day by sticking little notes of encouragement on their door with simple phrases like “I’m proud of you!”, “You are Special”, “I’m praying for you today!” or “I love how hard you worked on your recent school project.” Just write notes on construction paper and fill their door with positive affirmations and blessings.

Share the Love

If you are like me, I have picked up new boxes of Valentines Day cards every year the week after the holiday when they go on sale for a quarter a box. I have a huge stash of cards that are brand new and ready to be shared. Each year in the past, the kids have gone through the stash and found the perfect card for each of their friends. But this year, now that they are older, they don’t really want to give out these super cute cards. So what can I do with them? We’re sharing the love this year with children who need something special to remind them that they are loved.

Why not reach out to a local children’s home and see if you can drop off Valentine’s cards? Sort them by girl/boy so the staff at the home can distribute them to the children in their care.

Just because teens are growing up doesn’t mean we need to quit celebrating the fun holidays. How do you plan to make Valentines Day special for your teens? Got any ideas? I’d love to hear!

Looking for a fun Valentine’s Day box? How about an R2D2 Valentines box?

How to download an apk file from the google play store

How to download an apk file from the google play store

The Google Play Store gets frequent updates, which is great news. The not-so-great news is that it can take weeks, or for some people even longer, to get the latest iteration. The basic functionality never changes so being stuck on an older version isn’t all that bad. However, we understand the urge to get the latest and greatest version on your device.

Looking to update Google Play Store on your device? Here’s how.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Step 1: Check your current version

The first thing you’ll want to do is see which version you have to make sure you’re downloading Google Play Store’s latest version.

This can be done as follows:

  • Open your Google Play Store app.
  • Open the settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom. You’ll find the “Play Store version” there.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

This is important because you don’t want to install an older version of Google Play by accident. You also want to make sure you download a version that is compatible with your phone. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem unless you’re rocking some ancient version of Android like 2.3 Gingerbread — if that’s the case, it’s probably time to replace your phone!

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Step 2: Download Google Play Store via an APK

It’s a pretty self-explanatory step. The Google Play Store comes in APK format like any other Android app. You can download APKs from websites, tech blogs, and trusted people on forums or other places. However, for now, APKMirror is probably your best bet for trusted Google Play Store APKs. Here is a short tutorial for downloading the Play Store app:

  • Head to this link by clicking here.
  • Find the version of the Play Store you want. If you want a newer version, reference your current version and see if a new one is available.
  • Download the app by following the website’s instructions.

There are some other places that have recent Play Store APKs uploaded. However, APKMirror is just easiest method and it’s one that people generally trust. You shouldn’t have problems getting it from there.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Step 3: Deal with security permissions

The Unknown Sources setting has been a part of Android for ages. When disabled, it prevents users (and other apps) from installing applications from anywhere aside from the Google Play Store. Android Oreo changed this to a per-app permission rather than a system setting. Thus, there are two different parts to this one.

Before Android Oreo:

  • Enter your device settings.
  • Go to “Security”.
  • Find the Unknown Sources option and check the box. A warning will pop up which you should definitely read. Once done, hit “OK” and this will enable you to install APKs from Unknown Sources.

If Unknown Sources isn’t in the Security settings, try finding it in the Privacy settings or Application (Apps) settings.

After Android Oreo:

  • Begin installation with a file browser or through the web browser.
  • Android will tell you that the app doesn’t have permission to install APKs. Click the available Settings button in that prompt.
  • In the next menu, tick the box that lets that app install APKs.
  • Hit the back button to return to your installation.

It’s a little more complicated, but the trade off is better security because the only app that can install third party APKs is the one you just gave permission to as opposed to the system-wide setting in previous versions of Android.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Step 4: Use a file manager and install the Google Play Store

Now that we’re all set to go it’s time to install this thing. Use your favorite file browser. For those who may not have one, you can see our recommendations here!

  • Open your file browser and navigate to wherever you downloaded the Google Play Store APK. If you downloaded it on your device then it will be on your SD card in the Downloads folder.
  • Once you find the APK, click on it. There may be a box that pops up depending on the apps you have installed on your device asking which app you want to use. If this is the case, click “Package Installer”.
  • On the next screen, read over any permission changes (there usually aren’t any) and then click install. When it’s finished, the latest Google Play Store will be installed on your device.

Hey you did it! Wait, there is still one more step!

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Step 5: Disable Unknown Sources

Leaving the Unknown Sources box checked is a major security hole that can cause problems down the road. The best way to keep yourself safe is to go back and turn that off! If you have Android Oreo or later, you are done and you can skip this step because these settings aren’t in your phone anymore.

Pre-Android Oreo:

  • Go back into your device settings.
  • Go back into the Security settings, Privacy settings, or Application settings (wherever you found it last time).
  • Uncheck the box. This will prevent everything (except the Play Store) from installing apps. You can always re-check the box later if you need to do this again.

There’s probably a reason they changed it in Android Oreo and this is probably it.

Android Oreo and later:

  • Head into the device settings and then tap on the Apps option.
  • Scroll and find the app you used to install the Play Store. It’s usually the same browser you downloaded the Play Store with. Tap it.
  • On the next page, check over its permissions until you find the unknown sources section. Untick the box to remove the permission to install apps from outside of Google Play.
  • Please note – This process may change from phone to phone. Even stock Android is slightly different from Android Oreo to Android 11 when performing this task. If you can’t find it initially, keep looking. You’re not crazy, it’s probably just in a slightly different spot.

You now know how to download Google Play Store to ensure you have the latest version. This method will work on almost any Android device, but there may be slight variances depending on your Android version and OEM. Do keep in mind that this will not work on Amazon Kindle Fire devices. That’s an entirely different process which may also require you to root your device.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

You can install and run Google Play apps on a PC through the free BlueStacks Android emulation program. BlueStacks emulates Android OS on a computer and works with the Google Play store to give computer users full access to Android apps without using an Android device. BlueStacks has some app limitations — it's an emulation program, so every app is not guaranteed to work. Also, the traditional keyboard and mouse interface may also limit usability in apps.

Step 1

Download and run the BlueStacks installer (see Resources).

Video of the Day

Step 2

Click "Continue" on the installer pop-up window.

Step 3

Check the "App store access" and "App notifications" boxes, and then click "Install." BlueStacks will automatically handle the file directory part of the installation process.

Step 4

Launch the BlueStacks program through the Start Screen icon or the desktop shortcut. BlueStacks may also auto-launch after you install it.

Step 5

Click the magnifying glass icon on the top of the BlueStacks screen.

Step 6

Type in the name of the app you're looking for, and click "Find" to search the Google Play store. You can also view the Google Play store through a Web browser to browse apps.

Step 7

Click "Install" next to the app to install it to the computer.

Step 8

If prompted, click "Continue" to enable the AppStore. Follow the on-screen instructions to log in to your Google account or create a new one.

Step 9

Follow the on-screen instructions to sync the BlueStacks program with any phones or tablets tied to your account. Do not highlight any of the devices if you don't want to sync.

Step 10

Click the Google Play icon to download the App from the Google Play store. Click "Accept" to agree to the terms of service if prompted.

Step 11

Click "Download" on the app listing display, and then select "Accept and Download" to initiate the installation process.

Step 12

Press the "Esc" key multiple times until you return to the BlueStacks home screen, click the "My Apps" option and select the app from the installed apps list.

You do not need to own an Android device or tie an Android device to your Google Account to use BlueStacks. The BlueStacks program can run on both Windows and Mac devices, including touchscreen PCs. The traditional computer interface devices like the keyboard and mouse are compatible with BlueStacks; however, the user experience may vary within apps, as they are designed to be used with a touch-screen. You can control apps with a mouse pointer — the left-click button works like touching the screen where the arrow is pointing. You can drag and drop content by holding the mouse button and moving the cursor.


BlueStacks is a legal program; however, some apps may have terms and restrictions that limit their use through the program. BlueStacks can't register apps or accounts to a device because the program doesn't have Android device ID. Unless you are using a touchscreen device, apps that are designed to use multi-point touch to operate may be unwieldy or impossible to use through BlueStacks with a keyboard and mouse.

It is possible to download APK Files from Google Play Store on Android Phone or Tablet using a workaround as provided below in this guide.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Download APK Files from Play Store Using Chrome Browser

In general, users want to download APK Files to Bypass geo-restrictions and to get the latest version of the App, instead of waiting for a staged rollout of the updated App by Google Play Store.

If the APK File that you want to download is not available on APK Mirror or APKPure, you might be able to find it on Google Play Store.

However, the problem is that Google Play Store does not permit downloading of APK Files on mobile devices.

Hence, this workaround requires you to first download the APK File from Google Play Store to computer and transfer the APK File to your mobile device.

Step#1 – Download APK Downloader for Google Play Store

The first step is to download an Extension for Chrome browser known as APK Downloader for Google Play Store from Chrome Web Store to your computer.

Visit Chrome Web Store and download APK Downloader Extension for Google Play Store by APKCombo on your computer.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Click on Add to Chrome button and follow the instructions to Add this Extension to Google Chrome browser on your computer.

Step#2 – Download APK Files from Google Play

Once the “APK Downloader” extension is added to Chrome, you should find it easy to search for and download APK Files for most popular Apps on your computer.

Open Chrome browser on your computer > click on the Extensions Icon and select APK Downloader for Google Play .

How to download an apk file from the google play store

On the next screen, type Name of the App for which you want to find the APK File and click on the right Search Result .

How to download an apk file from the google play store

On the next screen, click on the Download APK button .

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Next, switch to Google Play tab and click on th Down Arrow button.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Wait for the APK file to be downloaded to your computer.

Step#3 – Install APK Files from PC to Android Device.

The final step is to transfer the APK File to your Android Phone or Tablet by using steps as provided in this guide: How to Install APK Files on Android Phone or Tablet.

Google Play is a giant online apps store for downloading/installing Android apps and games in Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can install any application from this platform easily on your Android smartphone or tablet, but sometimes it’s very difficult to install your required stuff directly from google play due to slow internet speed, required app is not suitable for your device, bandwidth limits or data charges, etc.

In such situations, most users think they never can install their required app into their smartphones. But it’s not the game dear 🙂

You can install any app which Google Play Store suggests that it’s not suitable for your smartphone. You can install, but there is no guarantee that it’ll work too.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

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Why I Download APK Files in Computer?

The most common reasons for downloading APK files are;

  • Installing heavy apps or games like Asphalt8, Nova, etc. in the smartphone is not an easy task and time consuming, you can download these apps easily in the computer.
  • You do not have an internet connection, low internet speed, high data charges, and bandwidth limits.
  • Sometimes Google banned some applications in the playstore, but unluckily you need them, but if you have apk files you can easily install these apps.
  • You can share APK files with your friends or with your other Android devices without any problem.
  • Sometimes play store is not recommending some applications for your device but you know that your device can handle these apps, then this is the alternative way for installation.
  • Installing apps from playstore repeatedly is a headache. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Applications are not available in your country then you can use this method.

How to Download APK Files in Computer?

Now we are going to tell you “How to download APK files from Google Play to PC”. From this method, you can download your favorite or required apps to your PC and then transfer these files to your Android devices via USB cable or by other means.

We will use “APK Downloader” tool by Evozi developers.

So, Let’s start!

  1. Open Play Store in the web browser, search for your required application or game. For example, we want to download “Pocket” application.
  2. Copy the entire URL address of required app.(in our case Pocket).How to download an apk file from the google play store
  3. Go to APK Downloader and past URL address in the box.How to download an apk file from the google play store
  4. Click on “Generate Download Link”. It will take a few seconds to generate downloading link depend on the size of the application.
  5. And now click on “Click Here to Download”, your downloading will start immediately.How to download an apk file from the google play store

That’s all :), but if you are facing any trouble with this method write in the comments section, I will try to help you ASAP.

Android apps are packaged as APK files. You can use any File Manager app to copy these files from the computer to your Android device and then touch the .apk file to install, or sideload, the corresponding app on your device.

There are various reasons why you may want to download the APK installer of an Android app from the Google Play store:

  1. Google Play Store says that a particular app or game is incompatible with your Android device though you know that the app would work just fine.
  2. Sometime an Android app may be not be available for download in the Google Play store of your region or country.
  3. An app is listed on the Google Play store but you want to install that app on another Android device, like the Amazon Kindle tablet, that doesn’t have the Play Store.

How to Download APK Files from Google Play Store

Evozi, an Android app developer, offers a one-click online APK download app that lets you download the APK installed of any Android app that’s listed on the Google Play store. The downloader app can be accessed at

To get started, enter the web URL of any app listed on the Google Play store and click the “Generated Download Link” button. The APK download app will fetch the APK file from the Google Play store and will host it on its own servers from where you downlaod the file.

Since the APK files are directly fetched from the Google Play Store, it’s unlikely that the Android App will be infected with any malware. Also, to prevent app piracy, the APK downloader only lets you download free apps and games from the Google Play store, not the paid ones.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Special offer. See more information about Outbyte and uninstall instructions.

Usually, when you download apps, you do so from the Google Play Store. The process is highly convenient, and it only takes a few moments to download and install the application, depending on your Internet speed.

How to Download APK Files (Android Apps) from Google Play

Instead of having bow download or reinstall the application, the developer just releases the new feature in the form of fi,e APK. There are several reasons why you would need or want to download an APK file. This will enable you to enjoy that feature still. Another reason why you would want to download APK files is that there are cases wherein new features of applications are leaked on the web.

Leaked APK files enable users to experience the new feature before others do. To download an APK directly to your device, you need an Internet connection and a browser. Open the browser on your device and direct it to an APK downloader site.

How To Download APK Files – How To Download APK File From Google Play Store

These sites help you find the APK you need xn download it directly to your device check the list of commonly used APK downloader sites below. However, security features on your device may prevent you from downloading and installing from a third-party source.

To do so, connect the device to your computer, set it as a Media Pak, then copy and paste the APK file from the computer to your device. There are quite some APK downloader sites, and those listed below are only a handful. Some unscrupulous individuals hide malicious programs called malware on APK files.

By Mark Wyciślik-Wilson · Mar 14, · 3 mins to read. Nov 25, · Nov 25, · 1) Assuming you are using the Chrome Browser on your desktop, download and install APK Downloader from the Chrome Web Store. 2) Once added to Chrome, just open any app page in Google Play and you Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Aug 01, · How to Download APK Files of Apps From Google Play Store. There are two ways you can download APK files from Google Play Store: Download directly to your device. Download the APK file to your computer then transfer to your device. To download an APK directly to your device, you need an Internet connection and a load.jobbees.cos: 1.

Malware can slow down your phone or even retrieve essential data from it and transfer it through the web without you knowing. This is not a tool for piracy, but it will enable you to download the APK for any free apps. You can download a copy of the extension by paying a visit to Code Kiem. You will need to right click the link to the latest version of the extension and select Save Target As.

Click Add and a new icon will appear to the far right of the address bar.

Easy Ways to Download an APK File from the Google Play Store

Enter the email address and password associated with your Google Play account. When it comes to your Android Device ID, there are a couple of options available to you. If you have a tablet — although you can downloac do this with a phone — you should download Device ID from Google Play. This provides you with the same information.

By Mark Wyciślik-Wilson · Mar 14, · 3 mins to read. Nov 25, · Nov 25, · 1) Assuming you are using the Chrome Browser on your desktop, download and install APK Downloader from the Chrome Web Store. 2) Once added to Chrome, just open any app page in Google Play and you Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Aug 01, · How to Download APK Files of Apps From Google Play Store. There are two ways you can download APK files from Google Play Store: Download directly to your device. Download the APK file to your computer then transfer to your device. To download an APK directly to your device, you need an Internet connection and a load.jobbees.cos: 1.

2 thoughts on “How to download an apk file from google play store”

Special offer. See more information about Outbyte and uninstall instructions. Usually, when you download apps, you do so from the Google Play Store.

Mark Wyciślik-Wilson
How to download an apk file from the google play storeMark Wyciślik-Wilson

Mark Wyciślik-Wilson is a software fiend and a fan of the new, shiny, and intriguing. His work has appeared everywhere from TechRadar and BetaNews to Lifehacker UK. Read more.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Install an app from Google Play and, while the installer takes the form of an APK files, you’re never given the opportunity to download the file directly. Using the APK Downloader extension for Chrome, you can download any APK you need so you have it as a backup.

This does not mean that you can wade into the store and start downloading all of the premium apps and games you’ve always had your eye on. This is not a tool for piracy, but it will enable you to download the APK for any free apps.

Note: Using APK Downloader is against Google’s Terms of Service as it involves accessing Google Play using means ‘other than through the interface that is provided by Google’.

You can download a copy of the extension by paying a visit to Code Kiem. You will need to right click the link to the latest version of the extension and select Save Target As.

To install APK Downloader, click the menu button to the upper right of Chrome and select Settings, click Extensions and then drag the .crx file you have downloaded onto the extensions page – make sure you drag to the center of the page so the ‘Drop to install’ drop zone appears. Click Add and a new icon will appear to the far right of the address bar.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Click the Options link beneath the APK Downloader entry on the Extensions page and you will be asked to provide your email, password and device ID. Enter the email address and password associated with your Google Play account. The extension’s page provides details for why this information is needed.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

When it comes to your Android Device ID, there are a couple of options available to you. If you’re using a phone, bring up your dialer and call *#*#8255#*#*. Scroll down through the data that is shown and beneath the JID entry which lists your email address, you’ll find your Device ID in hexadecimal format. We’re interested in the 16 characters that appear after ‘android-‘

How to download an apk file from the google play store

If you have a tablet – although you can also do this with a phone – you should download Device ID from Google Play. This provides you with the same information.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

Enter all of these details into the Options page for APK Downloader and click Login.

Now you can head over to Google Play and start browsing through the available titles. When you find something you would like to download, open up its page and click the APK Downloader icon at the right hand side of the address bar and save the APK as you would any other download.

How to download an apk file from the google play store

If you have trouble downloading APKs, go back and double check that your Device ID has been entered correctly – get it wrong and you’ll see nothing but download errors.

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How to download an apk file from the google play store Mark Wyciślik-Wilson
Mark Wyciślik-Wilson is a software fiend and a fan of the new, shiny, and intriguing. His work has appeared everywhere from TechRadar and BetaNews to Lifehacker UK.
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If you happen to own a device without the Google Play Store installed, getting it up and running is a little trickier than just downloading an APK file and pressing a button. In this guide, we’ll attempt to show you how to install the Play Store using a series of steps that may work for your phone or tablet, depending on just how old (or odd!) it is. We can’t guarantee these steps will work: there are simply too many devices and versions of Android to account for in a single guide, and too many reasons these steps might fail for a particular combination of them. But if you want to give it a try, we think this is a good place to start.So, how do you get the Play Store onto an Android device that didn’t come with it? While it would be impossible to create one guide that covers every situation and device, this tutorial might help you get the Play Store running on uncertified hardware. Some devices require more complex workarounds, like Huawei’s flagship phones, so we can’t guarantee these steps will work for everyone.

Are you trying to install the Google Play Store on an Amazon Fire Tablet? Please use this dedicated guide, as it has more specific instructions for Amazon’s tablets.

Of course, there are some caveats to this process. Devices that don’t come with the Play Store pre-installed won’t pass Google’s SafetyNet checks, which means some applications won’t work properly (like Google Pay) or can’t be installed at all. Other strange issues could crop up, depending on what version of Android you’re running, but there’s no way to know for sure what will work until you try.

As previously mentioned, this guide isn’t a complete tutorial for every kind of Android device out there. It’s very possible you will reach the end of this guide and still not have the Play Store functional. If you want to save yourself some time and (possible) frustration, there are some alternatives you can try first.

The best alternative to the Google Play Store that generally works on all devices is the Amazon Appstore. It has most of the same big games as the Play Store, as well as a decent collection of third-party applications, all without the need for Google services. However, you won’t find any Google apps like Chrome or Gmail on the store. You can download the Amazon Appstore from here.

How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat

Is honesty really the best policy? Let me ask you this: Husbands, when your wife asks the age-old question, “Do I look fat in this,” are you honest with her? By the way, that’s a loaded question; there’s really no good outcome for you at this point.

What about when your grandmother spends 100 hours knitting you the world’s ugliest sweater and she asks, “Don’t you just love it?”

Or when your kid makes you a misshapen, puke-green ceramic “bowl” in art class and says, “You do like it, don’t you Mom?”

The old adage, “Honesty is the best policy” is stupid; you know why?

Because honesty isn’t a policy, it’s a value!

I value honesty in people, but I also value compassion, kindness, and appropriateness. Sure, it would be honest to tell your kid that he’s no Picasso and that he ought to stick to spelling or arithmetic, but is that kind?

If you’re being honest, do you tell your wife that she looks huge in that dress? Sure, that’s honest, but is it compassionate? Some could argue it would be compassionate to tell her the truth so she doesn’t go out looking bad in public. I’m not married to your wife, so only you know if that kind of thing could end up buying you a few nights on the couch!

I value honesty, but I also value people who have enough sense to know how and when to apply that honesty in a way that does the least amount of harm to anyone.

What I don’t value are the people who apply honesty, truth, fairness, and equality on their terms. People who don’t want to do the right thing; people that want to do the easy thing, the popular thing, or people that want to take the path of least resistance.

This is easy to do when you view honesty as a policy. Why? Because policies can change over time, with new leadership or new sets of circumstances. They can also change as people change. Ask me, I know; I’ve been in human resources for nearly 10 years and I’ve changed lots of policies as our organization has grown or as our workforce has changed.

Think about government! Their policies change all the time. Sometimes it’s as fluid as just who in the president’s seat at the time. Policies change; values rarely do.

When we have a value system, a way of being in the world, a set of beliefs that guide our actions, we tend to hold onto them as our truth. We use these values to help us make decisions and make choices in our lives.

From the time most of us can remember, we’ve made choices that help shape our lives. From the little, mundane choices like pizza or a burger, or, paper or plastic, to the more complex, life-changing choices, which job to take, who to marry, kids or no kids.

When we have a strong set of values guiding us, it makes these choices so much easier because we’ve already established the things that are meaningful and important in our lives.

I do value honesty in my life, and I appreciate when I receive it. I also appreciate when people have enough common sense to apply it appropriately.

While it would be honest to tell your grandmother that her sweater is a hideous monstrosity, you know the sweat equity and love and kindness that went into her creation. Any human with a heart would tell her they love it, stash it back in the box it came in, and wear it once or twice when you see her.

Any man with a heart, a brain, and a desire not to spend time in the “dog house,” would tell his wife that she’s beautiful, and maybe be brave enough to suggest that this particular dress just doesn’t do her justice, or isn’t one of your favorites.

And while I’m not a parent, I would venture to say that any parent who wants to build their child’s self-esteem would gush about the pukey-looking bowl and find a spot (albeit maybe not the most prominent one) to display their newly-acquired piece of “art.”

Honesty is a value that should be taken seriously, applied fairly, and should be a value that you use regularly — a sort of litmus test for helping you make decisions. Will honesty hurt sometimes? You betcha! This is why you’ve got to exercise your ability to assess the situation you’re in and make the best decision you can based on what’s happening around you.

If you know that an honest answer will hurt someone, unless you’re in a serious illegal, immoral, or unethical situation that requires nothing less than the blunt truth, decide if and how you can soften your approach to spare someone being hurt.

If you want more policies, go to Washington, they’ve got plenty and probably more than a few to spare. If you want more values, look inside yourself; that’s where the real truth and honesty live.

Sometimes I feel really bad for guys. Let’s face it – we set them up for failure. We ask a guy what seems to be a simple question, yet we know it’s a loaded one. If he doesn’t answer the way we want, we use it as an excuse to get mad. But what did we expect? Guys have pondered the answers to these dreaded questions for centuries. It’s about time we help answer them without getting in quite as much trouble.

“Does this make me look fat?”
How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat
A guy’s first thought is probably something along the lines of, “Can’t she look in the mirror and see for herself?” When a woman asks this, she loves the outfit but is paranoid that it might show off the wrong kind of curves. First of all, “yes” is obviously the wrong answer. “No”, “Absolutely not!” or some other variation is good. If the clothes really do look bad on her, tell her she looks great, but you just don’t think that style suits her as well as another outfit. This is a good time to point out an outfit you know she likes. She’ll love that you’ve noticed what she’s wearing and forget the initial question.

“Do you think she’s prettier/hotter than me?”
How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat
The answer is always an obvious no. If you get caught looking at another woman, don’t worry. Fix the situation by telling her you were just thinking about how lucky you were to find such a beautiful woman and were just noticing how no other women can compare. We know it’s BS, but we appreciate the effort.

“Am I like my mother?”
This one is really tricky. It depends on why she’s asking and whether she likes her mother. Basically, if it’s a bad thing, say no. If she loves her mother and wants to be like her, say yes. Think it through before answering, but think quickly.

“What are you thinking?”
How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat
Strangely enough, I’ve had guys ask me this more than I’ve asked them. It’s definitely a deer caught in headlights moment – the moment she asks you, your mind will probably go blank. Unless you’re thinking something horrible about her (and why would you be?), just be honest. If she hates the answer, she might just stop asking. On the other hand, it could just help her find out what a fun, goofy guy you really are.

“What don’t you like about me?”
How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat
This is a trap. It usually comes up before or during a fight. Resist the urge to go down the list of faults, because it doesn’t end well. My advice is to either refuse to answer or give a compliment. One of the best responses I’ve heard (yes, I was stupid enough to ask this) is this gem: “You’re perfect to me and I love everything about you.” It’s sweet and arguing with it just makes the girl look like an ass.

“How do I look?”
How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat
This isn’t so bad. Just make sure you actually look at her before answering. A simple “Great!” tossed over your shoulder while watching Sports Center isn’t good enough. Take 10 seconds to give us that up and down look you used to give us and tell us we look hot. Try to use more than one or two words once in a while, though.

“Did you notice anything different?”
How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat
Welcome to pure panic mode. Yes, we see the gears starting to grind as your eyes get wide, trying to take in every minute detail at once. And yes, we do like to watch you squirm. We also expect you to notice what’s different. I’m sorry, but there’s only one real right answer. Notice the difference and answer correctly.

“Are you listening to me?”
How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat
There are only two right answers to this one. A) Say yes and be able to back it up by repeating back her last few sentences. B) Say no, but have a damn good reason why you weren’t. More often than not, it should be A.

“Do you like my friends/family?”
How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat
We all imagine our significant other will absolutely love our friends and family. Of course, sometimes we can’t stand our family and friends either. I highly recommend being as honest as possible without being rude. Hell no is not an appropriate answer. Just say you like them, but you just don’t have much in common. We know the code, it’s okay.

“Where’s this going?”
How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat
Congratulations, your woman is ready for the next step. The question is, are you? Don’t lie on this question. It will come back to bite you in the ass. Be honest. If you’re not ready to move in together or get married, say so. Give her valid reasons. She’ll either like it or she won’t. Either way, don’t lead her on.

Every guy will hear at least most of these multiple times in his life. Don’t panic. Breathe, think and answer carefully. How will she respond? Depends on how much she wants to torture you that day.

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The best dating/relationships advice on the web – sponsored. If you’re reading this, check out Relationship Hero a site where highly trained relationship coaches get you, get your situation, and help you accomplish what you want. They help you through complicated and difficult love situations like deciphering mixed signals, getting over a breakup, or anything else you’re worried about. You immediately connect with an awesome coach via text or over the phone in minutes. Just click here…

How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat

Flirting, especially for a lesbian, can be really difficult to learn, but that’s why there are lesbian flirting tips to help! When I was looking for my girlfriend, I used tons of lesbian flirting tips to really tell me how to pick up a girl. Flirting with the same sex as can be awkward in the beginning and it can also be different if you don’t know how to do it. Girls don’t like lines pulled on them, instead, it’s all about the body language.

1 Eye Contact

There are so many different lesbian flirting tips out there, it’s hard to find out which is the top one. Eye contact makes it though. You can’t get anywhere unless you first make that connection. Eye contact is so important no matter who you are flirting with, but most of the time, girls will respond better when you meet their eyes!

2 Light Touching

Who doesn’t like to be touched? I know that I do! Well, when you are flirting with a girl, giving off some light and subtle touching is a surefire way to get her to notice you. Just a brush against her arm or even a little twirl of her hair can mean everything.

3 Lots of Compliments

You’re a girl, she’s a girl, what girl doesn’t like compliments? Honestly, if someone tells you that you are beautiful or even pulls a little line on you, it’s all flattering isn’t it? Try a few compliments out and see how far it gets you!

4 Have a Sense of Humor

Just like flirting with a guy, a girl likes another girl that has a sense of humor. Truthfully, I couldn’t be with my partner if she couldn’t take my witty charm or my sarcasm. Lighten up and have a sense of humor, girls!

5 Have a Positive Attitude

That attitude that you put on is by far one of the biggest obstacles. You’ve got to be positive. You’ve got to make sure that you know that you are going to win this and that the girl is going to love you. Rejection can’t be anywhere in your mind. Seriously, girls, it matters!

6 Be Honest & Open

Remember how you like honesty and open doors? Well, all girls do, so when you are hitting on a girl, don’t make up a bunch of stories, instead, just be yourself and be honest. You are hitting on a girl remember, you don’t have to lie about anything!

7 Relax

Yes, you are hitting on a girl, yes she can read you, yes she knows you are nervous – so relax! Just because you are hitting on a girl that probably knows exactly how nervous you are, make sure that you relax. When you have someone hitting on you, can you tell if they are relaxed or not?

8 Watch Her Body Language

Oh, her body language tells a lot, so does yours. If you are constantly fidgeting and constantly knitting your hands, she’ll know you are nervous. If she isn’t smiling, isn’t interactive and isn’t present in your conversation, you’ll know she isn’t interested. Pick up on those cues!

9 Smile

Smile! Your pearly whites are your best asset and it makes you look less nervous and way more approachable. Just smile at her, flash her a big toothy one and she’ll see that you are more approachable and not so nervous!

10 Ask Questions

When you are flirting, no matter what gender, you’ve got to ask questions! Learn about the girl you are trying to flirt with and really figure out what she is all about! Open ended questions are the best girls!

11 Make a Move

Making a move can be really difficult in the beginning, especially if you’ve never flirted with a girl before, but girls, you’ve got to go with it. It could be something as simple as holding her hand!

12 Be Confident in Yourself

Confidence is something that all girls are attracted to. Aren’t you attracted to someone who is confident in themselves? That’s what you’ve got to be — confident in who you are and what you are all about.

13 Look Amazing

With confidence comes looking amazing. You’ve got to be confident in what you look like and what outfit you are wearing, otherwise you won’t feel comfortable flirting!

14 Be Yourself

Nobody wants to flirt with someone who is trying to hard or acting like something you’re not. Most of the time girls can tell when you’re putting on an act, so I wouldn’t consider if you’re trying to flirt!

15 Think about Yourself

What would you like? When it comes to flirting, just think about what you want her to be doing because she likely wants the same thing. Of course there’s no guarantee that it will work, but then again flirting is never a guarantee.

16 Find a Reason to Lean in

Point out something that needs to be whispered about! This way you have to lean in and get closer to her. When you get closer, she’ll be able to smell your perfume plus who doesn’t like being close to the person they’re flirting with?

17 Find Common Ground

This rule applies pretty much across the board, no matter who you are or who you’re flirting with, you should try and find common ground. Is there a show you both like? Talk about it! Maybe you both like books or sports. Test out some things, it’ll be a great way keep the conversation going.

So girls, these are all of my tips that I use when flirting with a girl. What about your tips? Any that you have that you can share with other lesbians?

There are many spanking blogs on the net. However, the vast majority are consensual; two consenting adults, making an agreement to satisfy each others fantasies, using safe words…..And that’s fine. To each, his own.

But my site is different. I believe that non-consensual spankings, are the best. And here’s why: There’s no acting. It’s real. Nothings rehearsed; nothing’s been pre-arranged. The young woman is about to get something completely unexpected; something she would never dream in a million years she would receive. And the haughtier she is; the more arrogant; the more vain and self-absorbed, the more better it is to watch her reaction. Her face will go from resentment, to anger, to disbelief, to outright fear, in a matter of seconds.

The following are examples of what I’m talking about. yes, they are from movies; but every actress depicted, is receiving, or about to receive, a very unwanted spaning:

McClintock! Every spanking enthusiast knows this movie. John Wayne chases Maureen O’Hara all over town, and when he catches her, drags her by the arm into a barn, and gives her a spanking. Look at her face, the outrage; look at the way she’s squirming. Does she look like she’s enjoying herself? No. And that’s what makes this scene so good.

The Secretary. Another movie that all spanking enthusiasts know. Did she have any idea what was about to happen when James Spader ordered her to bend over the desk? No. And when that first smack landed across her ass, the look on her face was…priceless.

Weeds. Mary-Louise-Parker gets a very real, very unexpected spanking in the back of a limo. The man just takes her over his lap, pulls up the back of her dress, and spanks her ass red. Acting? Yes. But it’s the non-consensual element, that makes the scene so good.

One of my all-time favorites: Jessica Alba in The Killer Inside. This is as good as non-consensual spankings get. Smoking hot, so very full of herself, she gets thrown on the bed, her panties ripped down, and then she gets a very real whipping on her bare ass with a belt. Again, acting, of course. But no true spanking enthusiast can deny, this is a wonderful scene. Imagine if this weren’t

a movie. Imagine the actress, Jessica Alba, being arrested for drinking and driving one day, and the judge granting her probation, on the condition that her husband, or father, or even the judge himself, give her a whipping. Now imagine yourself walking past the bedroom when it happened? If you are a spanking enthusiast, and you tell me you would not stop and watch, you are a liar.

And I could go on and on, giving you examples of non-consensual spanking scenes in the movies. There are literally hundreds of them. But allow me to take you in a different direction to make my point, good reader. Let’s say you were sitting in your living room one evening, maybe watching TV, when suddenly there’s a knock on your door. You open it, and you see two people standing on your front porch you’ve never seen before: A young woman, beautiful and blond, and an older-looking man standing beside her. The man looks angry, the young woman looks nervous and embarrassed.

How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fatTennis star, Maria Sharapova.

The man introduces himself as Yuri Sharapov. The young woman beside him, is his daughter, Maria. He apologizes for the inconvenience; then he asks a strange question. It appears his daughter, famed tennis star, Maria Sharapova, has gotten herself into some trouble. She’s been banned from playing tennis for nine months, for failing a drug test. He, of course, is outraged by this. And because he’s so angered by this, he simply cannot wait to get home to discipline her. He must do it now. He reaches into his wallet and hands you a wad of bills.

How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat

He asks if he can use your bedroom for a few minutes, that he plans to give her a whipping. He says that he’s sick and tired of her flaunting herself half-naked in public, and now with being banned for failing a drug test, he’s going to blister her butt, good.

What would you do, my consensual-only friends? Would you become shocked and offended at such a request? So much so that you would hand him the money back, and politely ask him to leave? Or would you show him the way to the bedroom? Maybe ask if he needed any “assistance”?

Or maybe if it was Britney Spear’s father, asking you to use your bedroom? Or Jennifer Love Hewitt’s father? Or Paris Hilton’s father? Be honest. Tell me you wouldn’t enjoy watching any one of these women, get their saucy butts whipped with a belt? If you are a spanking enthusiast, and you say you wouldn’t, then maybe you’re not as into spanking as you think you are.

Barely got any sleep the whole night. Was tossing and turning in bed the whole night. Guess it is either my problems that was causing me another sleepless night or just in a new environment. But then I travel and have been in other hotels, so guess really the problem is this.

She called to find out how I was this afternoon. But I was terse and straight to the point. I would be seeking to divorce her. She asked me to take down the blog as she feels really ashamed about it. But I told her I would think about it. She told me that she would sign the divorce paperwork and said that she would not seek any alimony from me. She again begged that I do not blow it up. To be honest, I am thinking what my options are.

Right now, I am just like a zombie. I have been betrayed by someone who I thought would be there by my side when I was in my 60s and 70s. Someone who would I thought would be there when I was old and senile. But guess what, I have been hoodwinked. I miss my little gal. But then again, she was not mine to begin with. Only a father can love so deep. She may not be mine, but she will always be special to me. I guess only Fathers would understand what I am going through right now.

I read all the comments on the blog and to be honest, I wish I had the time to reply or comment. But I do like to thank everyone who has shown concern to me. I really appreciate it. It is hard going through this alone really and sometimes some of the things said have been very touching and offers of help or to listen to me are greatly appreciated. It shows that Singaporeans do care and it also shows that a majority of people do have morals still.

I just arrived back in Singapore this morning. She came and picked me up. While we were in the car, she told me that she knew that I was tracking her. Apparently, a few people reading my blog called the person and the bastard told the bitch!

Anyway, we drove to the nearby park to talk. She told me she knew she was totally wrong and that she should not have lied to me. She begged for my forgiveness and told me the truth about what I already knew. She begged me not to spill the beans on the guy as he was already married and in the civil service and could lead to a lot of trouble for him, while at the same time begging me not to tell on her. She cried her heart out.

I was really torn. During this trip overseas, I had the opportunity to chill out and think things through and really, I feel that the other guy is a bastard. I already know who he is. And seriously, if I blow this matter up, it would really hurt him a lot just as much as she would also get it. I really felt like tearing them apart with my own two hands. She told me she would not ask for anything because she knew she was in the wrong and she knows that I have the proof to back it up that she has been hoodwinking me all this time. She would not ask for a single penny; not that that matters.

We ended up arguing. Seriously, how can a woman who has pledged to love you and take care of you ever do something like that to another. Being cuckloid is one thing but to be lied to time and again. Anyway, went home. I saw my daughter and just hugged her for the longest time. If anyone out there is a dad, you will understand that a child is innocent. I really would like to publize this whole event but the only thing stopping me is seeing my daughter. I would give anything to make her happy. I know some people think it is a dumb thing to do. But the child is really innocent and if there was no children involved, I am sure you would be reading this in the New Paper shortly about the next sex scandal in Singapore.

I was schoolmates with Michael Palmer and knew who he was. The prefect, the goody two shoes etc. When the sex scandal of his came out, I did not give it too much thoughts. But right now, I think I understand how his child must have felt when his dad got into the limelight. I guess I don’t want this child to go through the same emotional scars.

I packed up my bags and now am living in a hotel with just my suitcases for tonight. I guess I will be seeking legal representation shortly to get things sorted out.

I am so emotionally drained. This past few weeks have been hell and I really do not wish this on anyone. I have done my duty as a husband and father. Now I just hope that God will give me the strength to carry on.

I leave for London today for a business trip and I have already placed a few traps for the couple.

How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat


How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat

Discover the Surprising Signs She Likes You–And How to Sleep With Her Fast (Even If You Think She Isn’t Interested At All Right Now)…

Reading women may seem like an impossible task.

Why is she playing with her hair? What is she doing with her hands?

How can I tell if she is attracted to me?

I get asked questions like this a lot–and so today, I want to give you all the answers.

Hi, I’m David Dupree, and every week I’m answering one of the most difficult, burning questions guys have when it comes to sex & dating.

And today, I’m answering this one:

How do I spot the signs she likes me ?”

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

Alright, let’s talk about something–the signs that you should make a move.

These are basically the ways a woman says “Yes, I want you,” or, “If you kiss me, I’d let you.”

The strong ones are when she gives any version of escalation. That’s a clear sign she wants you.

And so today, I’d like to show you a few examples of what this looks like.

The Top 3 Signs She’s Attracted To You

Here are some major signals to look for.

1) She is laughing or smiling…

2) Playing with her hair…

3) Dancing…

When she does these things, and her body is facing you–it’s a pretty clear sign she’s interested.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean she is facing you frontward. She might have her back to you, but it’s still the same.

If her back is to you, but her shoulders are exactly parallel to yours, this is a strong indicator she likes you.

It’s a more timid way to come at you, and a lot of women like to do this since they are not used to making the first move.

How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat

It Doesn’t End There…

Other things women will do, and this is very common with Australian women, is they’ll touch you with something.

Or she might ask you for something–like a favor.

For example, women expect to have their way, so if a woman asks you for a favor, it is not just her way of asking for something.

She’s also qualifying. She’s raising your level.

When she says, “Can you do me a favor?” She’s raising your level, because normally she’ll just say “Can you…” and finishes with what she wants.

However, when she specifically asks if you can do her a favor… it’s a form of “come hither.”

The #1 Thing to Keep In Mind Before You Make A Move

Now, when you see her do these things, keep this in mind:

For men, this is called picking women up, or “hitting on” her.

However, for a woman, this is called “giving him the come over,” because what she’s saying to you is, “I want you to try.”

She is saying, “Take your shot.”

She may also show her interest by asking you for your opinion on things that are date-oriented… without actually asking you out.

All of these are the signs of attraction.

Which reminds me… when a girl is really into you, and I mean so into you that she’d be down to have sex with you in the nearest bathroom… then she may show you some different signs.

Here’s what I mean:

How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat

Now You Know She’s Into You… What Next?

Once you know if a certain girl is into you… does that mean she’s going to jump into bed with you right away?

But as time goes on, you may notice that she tries to be more “obvious” about wanting to sleep with you.

The problem is, when I say “obvious,” I mean these signs will be obvious to her… but probably not to you or most men.

(For example, did you know that when a girl does this with her body, it means she’s really h*rny…? This one was a big shock to me personally.)

So even though these “obvious” signs are her way of screaming, “Take me home now and f**k my brains out, PLEASE. ”

If you aren’t sure what to look for, then you’ll probably miss them. (And your chance to sleep with her).

So here’s what to look for:

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on October 7, 2020.]

Granted I myself am not very well equipped, unless you consider 4 inches long and 4 inches in girth as well equipped, I don’t understand what’s so great about big penises and why girls seem so attracted to them.

Do big penises actually feel better than smaller ones or is it just a visual stimulation to them?

Do you think guys with smaller ones are less of a guy than guys with big ones?

Are small ones less attractive?

Would you leave a guy you like just because he’s not packed?

I exactly can’t pick out the size I get. I don’t understand why girls seem to freely make fun of guys with small penises without any remorse. I just sorta wish that they’d be a bit more accepting of the fact that I’m not exactly a horse. ._.

It’s hurtful when you’re basically saying I’m not good enough for you because my penis isn’t big enough!

Ugh! What can I do to make myself just as wanted to girls, sexually, without having a big penis?

Most Helpful Guys

How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fat

I really think penises are really about as important to girls as breasts are to us. Yeah, I admit I could have some fun with a pair of D cup boobs, but I could also fall hard for a pretty, but flat chested woman. Sure, she's lacking in that department but if there's other qualities about her that attract me, I could easily forget all about the breast thing and be 100% sexually satisfied with her.

Sure, size matters, but people tend to attribute more weight to the issue than it merits. When it comes to visual attraction, there are many other factors that have much larger impact than penis or breast size. The choice of whether to date or not date someone is probably almost never determined by how well endowed that person is.

Instead of counting inches, why not count your blessings? It's better to be a handsome man with a 4 inch penis than an ugly guy with an 8 inch penis. Maybe you're an appealing guy but you don't realize it because you're better qualities aren't in your pants.

By the way, when you say four inches are you measuring flaccid or erect? Don't even bother worrying about your size when you're soft. If you're in a sexual situation with a girl, she's going to see your erect penis, not your flaccid size. Girls don't care whether you're a shower or a grower.

How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fatRonna Benjamin July 1, 2014 4911 views

How to be honest when she asks if an outfit makes her look fatMy niece, my mother, and I were sitting relaxed in my mother’s backyard by the pool for a before-dinner drink. The sun had just started to lower at the end of a hot and humid June day. I was sipping on a glass of Chardonnay. My niece was sipping on an iced tea; my mother was drinking water—apparently the “unfiltered” kind.

“And if I were going to be honest with you today, Ronna, what do you think I would tell you?” my mother asked me, nonchalantly.

“Uh oh,” I thought, “here it comes. She’s about to be honest with me about my hair.“ It’s always about my hair. And it’s usually not good.

My mom never mastered the art of conversational foreplay. She never learned that she was supposed to ask if I wanted her opinion before going in for the big bang.

I sighed. “It’s got to be about my hair, mom,” I replied.

“How’d you know that?”

“Because it’s always about my hair.”

Apparently, otherwise I am pretty perfect, because if I weren’t, clearly my mother would have told me.

“Well, you’re right…”

She took a small breath, as if this were a little hard to get out. But I knew otherwise. It really wasn’t difficult at all.

“To be honest with you… you look like a bleached out old whore.”

My niece almost spit her iced tea all over the table.

I simply took another sip of Chardonnay, and braced myself for the fuller explanation. Because I knew my mother was just warming up. Nearing 80, she was not about to develop the art of tact.

She went on: it’s not the color; it’s the style- too young for me. It is stringy. It is too long.

“But, really, mom, a ‘bleached out old whore’? That’s kind of harsh, don’t you think?” I had actually blown my hair dry that very morning. The last time I had looked in the mirror, around noon, it had looked pretty good. Or so I thought.

“Maybe it’s just a mess because it is so humid today, and it’s extra frizzy.” Actually, I had been experimenting for two weeks with not shampooing at all in an effort to tame the frizz and keep the color intact. Apparently, that was not working out so well. I made a mental note to pick up a bottle of non-sulfate shampoo on the way home.

“It is definitely not the frizz. And no, I’m not being harsh. I am just being honest.”

My mother is fiercely proud of her brute (some might say “brutal”) honesty. She explained to my niece, a rising high school senior, how she is the only one in the family everyone can count on to be completely honest with them.

She gave a few examples of her past honesty, though I didn’t need those- I could write a book. She has given her unfiltered opinion about girlfriends and boyfriends of her children and grandchildren, unfiltered opinions about their choice of clothing and home decor (and yes, the pool table is still in my living room.)

She certainly gave an unfiltered opinion when I came home from college with a third hole in my ear, and I was saved from relentless nagging only when my brother came home from college with one in his.

Recently, she has told my beautiful niece– over and over– exactly what she thinks of her new nose piercing (you can imagine.)

It’s interesting to have a mother with no filter. On the one hand, I just love knowing what she thinks. I can always count on her honesty, and that’s important. On the other hand, it’s often plain old mean.

In any case, it was time to end this conversation.

“Mom, did you ever think that’s the look I’m going for? Mike just told me last night that he likes it when I look like a bleached out old whore. It’s sexy.”

“Great. Well, you’ve nailed it.”

Later, I wondered what she might have said if she had actually had a glass of wine that day. Really, how much more unfiltered can you get? Then I picked up the phone and made an appointment with my hair stylist.

How to add javascript to your website using html

Linking all three front-end languages – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – makes your website look neater and more polished. The steps on how to include Javascript in HTML will be discussed in this tutorial.

You will get useful tips and understand where you should add your JavaScript in HTML documents. We will also show you how you can link separate JavaScript files to your HTML files. While you might need to create additional files, it is easier for your browser to display it that way. Also, you won’t get lost in hundreds of lines of code.


JavaScript in HTML: Main Tips

  • You should write long JavaScript codes in separate files, as dividing the code in portions makes it more readable.
  • In HTML, you need to write your code between tags. These tags define JavaScript code.
  • It is suggested to only implement short JavaScript codes inside the tag. Otherwise, the code can become hard to read.
  • JavaScript file extension is .js .

Inline JavaScript

There are two ways to include JavaScript in your HTML document. The first is by writing JavaScript code within tag.

  • Script tags have been added to every HTML page where you want the JavaScript to be included (we only added it to index.html ).
  • The file name my-project.js is spelled exactly the same in both the HTML and the actual file name. Capital letters matter!
  • You have definitely saved all your files.
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    JavaScript makes HTML pages more dynamic and interactive.


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