How to celebrate your anniversary at home

We’re all playing our part and social distancing right now, but it’s still as important as ever to celebrate all of life’s milestones. Commemorating your anniversary at home might not have been your original plan, but it’s a fun opportunity to get creative—being in quarantine is no reason to let your anniversary go unmarked! Choose a thoughtful anniversary gift for your love to show them how much you care, then plan an innovative way to spend some time together. Whether you want to stay indoors or hang out in the backyard, it’s surprisingly easy to transform your space into someplace magical. Here, you’ll find our favorite inventive ideas for an anniversary at home, as well as some of our favorite supplies that can help bring them to life. These suggestions also double as inspiration for a stay-in date night!

1. Go Camping in Your Own Backyard

If you both love the great outdoors, what about an evening of exploring your own garden? Get out of the house and take advantage of your yard with tried-and-true camping activities. Cozy up under the night sky in a two-person sleeping bag. This unique Name a Star kit will make stargazing even more romantic. And don’t forget about classic camping cuisine! These trusty YETI camp mugs double as excellent anniversary gifts, and a gourmet s’mores kit only sweetens the deal. The best part about celebrating your anniversary by camping at home? Your warm house is never too far away, if the weather takes a turn.

2. Create an At-Home Cinema

Do you miss going to the movies and catching the latest blockbuster? Or are you more of a theater-loving couple? Either way, you can turn your passion into a stay-at-home anniversary idea. Set a movie-theater atmosphere with freshly made popcorn—if there was ever a time to spring for a personal popcorn popper, it’s now! Serve it in couple’s popcorn buckets for an extra-fun touch. (You could go for classic gummy candies too, if you both have a sweet tooth.)

Of course, snacks are just the start. Swap out movie posters for this custom marquee print, and you’ve got yourselves an easy at-home anniversary decoration. Or, if you prefer the thrill of musicals, opt for some Playbill-themed decor. Really want to up the ante? Create your very own movie trailer. Tribute turns messages from all your loved ones into a tear-jerking video. Talk about a super-sweet anniversary gift for your sweetheart. Finish off your setup with an impressive speaker system for that big screen-worthy sound.

3. Plan a Themed Dinner

If you love going out to eat together and you miss the fun of grabbing a bite, bring the restaurant vibes home with an anniversary dinner. A meal subscription service like Hello Fresh gives you a bunch of gourmet recipes to choose from, as well as all the ingredients you need to cook a romantic meal. If you want to kick things up a notch, feel free to break out your wedding china!

What makes dinner at home even better? Picking a playful theme. You can find loads of coordinating supplies and decor on The Knot Shop and Etsy. Some string lighting can also really help to set the mood by making your dining room or patio feel completely new. Ready for the finishing touch? Customize a menu with your courses for the night to finish off this romantic idea for an anniversary at home.

4. Shake It Up

Whether you’re master mixologists or you’ve had the same drink orders since college, a virtual cocktail-making course is a unique stay-at-home anniversary idea. If you’re looking for anniversary gift ideas, this home bar set features all the essentials you’ll need without breaking the bank. Treat yourselves to a pair of chic cocktail glasses to make your concoctions look ultra professional, and snag this speakeasy-inspired scented candle to really set the tone.

5. Get Crafty

Unleash your inner artists by dedicating a night to crafting together. You can find loads of kits online for all skill levels, from beginners to connoisseurs. This Love is Art kit from Uncommon Goods is a single canvas that you work on together. Or, if you’re feeling really romantic, make a plaster keepsake of your hands. It’ll serve as a lasting symbol of your relationship and love for one another, all while being a fun and creative way to pass the evening.

If you’d prefer to make crafting nights a part of your routine, you can sign up for the Maker crate from KiwiCo. It’s marketed for all ages, with the goal of getting you and your S.O. to unleash your creativity. Previous projects have included everything from macrame planters to terrazzo clay organizers!

6. Outsource the Planning

Looking for simple anniversary ideas you can do at home? There are loads of subscriptions for couples worth signing up for this anniversary. With DateBox Club, a themed box is delivered every month to make sure you’re always celebrating your time together. The service does all of the prep work for you, so you can focus on each other. It also offers affordable digital date nights, where you get a PDF of inspiration instead of a box. Crate Joy carries some date night subscription boxes of its own, like the Date Night In box and Crate Dates. Whether you want just a once-off box or a monthly surprise is entirely up to you.

7. Go on a Virtual Vacation

You might start your anniversary at home in your living room, but by the end of a virtual tour you’ll feel like you’ve traveled the world. PlacePass has tons of fun options for you to choose from, wherever you want to explore. You can visit the gilded halls of Versailles and learn interesting anecdotes from an experienced tour guide. What about hopping all over Europe, from sunny Alicante to picturesque Santorini? Or maybe you’d prefer something more contemporary, like a walk through some of the street art Miami has to offer? There’s even a guided tour of vibrant and historic Kyoto to make this an at-home anniversary to remember.

8. Have a Slumber Party

If you’d prefer something more relaxing, a slumber party-style evening is perfect to help you both unwind. Stay up late talking under a cozy blanket for some quality time together. (And don’t forget to squeeze in an impromptu pillow fight.) Then, when it’s time to go to sleep, settle down with mugs of Belgian hot chocolate and luxurious silk eye masks for a restful night of sleep. How’s that for a simple anniversary idea at home?

9. Get Ready to Roll (the Dice)

Make staying in for your anniversary fun by organizing a game night. We recommend classics that have a unique, personalized twist, like wooden tic-tac-toe and Guess Who with a few familiar faces. If you’re going for a more romantic vibe, a battle of compliments is sure to delight. Or, stick to a refined game of Scrabble that comes in a cool linen book-shaped box (psst: linen is the 12th anniversary gift theme). Find even more of our favorite games for couples right here.

10. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Whether it’s your first anniversary or your 50th, there’s something so special about looking back on your time together. Compiling a photo album is a fun activity to do, as well as a great way to remember years past. Another idea? Reminisce using a home theater projector. If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary at home, what better way to mark the occasion than by watching your wedding video?

If you want to do more to reflect on good times, have a go at recreating your first date! “Go” for a coffee in the kitchen, turn the living room into an arcade with some retro video games or get dressed up and go dancing around the house. Get creative with it!

The months of June through August encompass wedding season in many parts of the world, including ours. Nowadays, it’s wise to stay in unless absolutely necessary, so if you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary with your significant other, staying home doesn’t mean you can’t make it special.

We came up this post to give you (or your parents) tips to create the perfect setting to make the occasion unforgettable.

Come up with a Romantic Wedding Anniversary Menu

First things first, what’s any celebration without an extraordinary meal? You could try your hand at replicating choice dishes from your wedding or from a memorable date before you tied the knot. What’s important is you take extra care preparing the meal. Another option is to simply take your pick from these NewGen Baker dishes to make things easy. And if you’re feeling up for the challenge, why not prepare them all and go all out?

A special note to the kids reading this: this is a great opportunity to make your folks feel loved and special. Celebrate their day by helping them cook up a feast and let them have their wedding anniversary dinner alone together.

By the way, if you’re a newbie baker, you may find these posts helpful:

We’re not your baking-go-to for nothing! Start off your wedding anniversary meal with some delicious Italian bread that’s as beautiful as a wedding bouquet. But way tastier!

Serve our Floral Foccacia Bread with balsamic dipping oil and a variety of toppings like caramelized onions or a dip of made from fresh tomatoes and garlic. This bread is also ideal as a side for your soup.

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

It’s a good idea to have an assortment of starters to get you going, just like your wedding day! Fill up a food board with a selection of sliced fruit, nuts, meats, and bite-sized breads. Of course our version has pancakes! You can follow our recipe to a tee or get creative and add little special touches you know your spouse will love. Really, it isn’t a wedding anniversary board if it doesn’t include you and your partner’s favorite things.

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

An elegant version of one of your favorite home-cooked meals is our Crepe Lasagna. This is a filling, and yummy dish that looks as pretty as it is delicious. Careful not too eat too much or you won’t have any space for the rest of your feast.

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

A chicken parmigiana baked to perfection is hard to beat. You can serve it with a side of hot noodles or fluffy white rice. Our recipe uses basil leaves to give the dish a fresh flavor and aroma.

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

This particular recipe isn’t just healthy and heart-shaped, it’s also a symbol of how much you care for each other’s well-being. Most of the ingredients have health benefits. Whole wheat flour is chockfull of vitamins and gives any baked goodie a nutty flavor. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, which promotes good eyesight. Walnuts are a good source of fiber, contain antioxidants, and are a natural anti-inflammatory. Consider it a tribute to your good health on your special day!

Pick the Right Soundtrack

Music really adds to the ambience of any occasion, and your wedding anniversary should be no exception. Create a playlist for each other made up of your favorite songs. Make sure that you pick the ones that have meaning, like your wedding song or what was playing on your first date. You can even include the ones that remind you of all the things you’ve weathered as a couple. These will have you reminiscing and laughing together.

The fact that you made the effort to create something meaningful for each other is a gift in itself!

Decorate and Dress up for the Occasion

Even if you can’t dine out or have a huge party, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a gorgeous wedding anniversary setting at home.

Bring out the fancy tableware and scented candles, or come up with simple and creative ways to dress up the dining area. Why not create a photo collage of all your best moments together and place it where both of you can see it? And why not get the the kids to pitch in as well?. Not only will you have a beautiful set-up, they’ll also have tons of fun getting creative for Mom and Dad.

And while you’re at it, make sure you dress for the occasion. The idea is to make this celebration extra special, so why not put glam it up with your best suit or dress? If you can’t go to that fancy restaurant, then let it come to you.

Spend Some Quality Time Together

After you’re done with your romantic wedding anniversary dinner, head to the living room and share a glass of wine or two. Just because several years have gone by, it doesn’t mean your dates have to end. Think about the evening and how much you prepared for this occasion. Spend time talking about things other than work or other people. Get to know each other all over again. Then, call in the kids and make room for some family bonding time over a movie. Make this wedding anniversary at home your best one yet!

Share this post with friends and family who are celebrating anniversaries. We would love to know how your romantic dinner preparations went, so make sure to leave a comment below!

Your anniversary is a special celebration and a chance for you to celebrate your geekiness. It may not be possible to take a trip or go out for a nice dinner, but it is possible to have a wonderful day to remember your wedding and have fun as you look back on the day with fond memories. Whatever the reason for celebrating your anniversary at home, you can still make it a night to remember. Here are some of the geeky ways you can do so.

When celebrating an anniversary at home, it is important to focus on the gift to show your love and appreciation to your beloved. Cheering their inner geek or focusing purely on the love you share will make precious memories and can be bought online and delivered directly to your door.

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

Romantic gifts

Have her favourite flowers delivered to her door on the day of your anniversary. If you want flowers that last more than a week, it could be that what is the best anniversary gift for her is a natural bloom preserved at the peak of perfection in her favourite colour or birthstone colour. You can choose a red rose, or another colour, including black, silver or gold to display at home.

Subscription box

Whatever the focus of your beloved geek, you are sure to find a subscription box that they will enjoy all year. There are uniquely themed subscription boxes delivered monthly or quarterly that are filled with collectables and exclusive merchandise. Boxes can include apparel, accessories, some of which are exclusive, offering great value for money.

Cosplay costume

Gift a costume of their dramatic hero, or if they already have one, look for a costume with a twist like the Star Wars inflatable Han Solo in carbonite costume. This costume allows your beloved to reenact the moment Han Solo has been captured by Darth Vader and frozen for all eternity.


Throwing a themed party is a great way to celebrate your anniversary with relatives and friends. As a proud nerd or geek, you can organise your own party to be as eccentric or non-mainstream as you wish.

Have the party at home with your family, housemates or partner and invite others to join you online. The free Houseparty app is a synchronous social platform that lets you connect face-to-face with the people online, allowing you to chat with up to seven friends in an online party.

Have a movie, show or concert marathon

Together, create a list of your favourite movies and watch them whilst enjoying your favourite snacks. Take this as an opportunity to try out something new. Netflix Party has Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness which is a hit documentary chronicles the escalating conflict between big cat breeders who own private zoos and animal rights activists in the United States. The bizarre and compelling cast may have you hooked, otherwise look at other docuseries as well as movies covering every genre.

Games night

You best anniversary at home may be relieving stress by enjoying a video game together, as you delve into the realm of fantasy. Hook up those video game consoles and have your friends join you online if they cannot make it to your house.

Book a take-out meal

Many restaurants are now offering a delivery service, so order in your favourite dishes and have these delivered to your home. Create a romantic ambience by clearing the room so you can sit at a table, with dimmed lights or some unscented candles. Create a playlist of your favourite music, including the first dance song at your wedding reception and when it plays, replay the dance in your dining room or living room.

Gaming party

Whether you love Fortnite, Fifa or Animal Crossing, invite your friends and family to play with you from their own living rooms. Recent release Animal Crossing: New Horizons trending, with plenty of gamers causing mischief while visiting their friends’ islands via Nintendo Switch Online. If you do not have a headset to chat through your gaming device, you could always set up a video or voice call at the same time.

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How to celebrate your anniversary at home

Anniversaries are very special to most of us as it’s that time of the year to toast the milestones achieved with our loved ones. Thus, it requires a unique kind of celebration to mark the occasion. And sometimes staying insides can also be a nice way to spend quality time with your partner. To make your day stand-out and make it a memorable one, here are some wedding anniversary celebration ideas that you should definitely try. It can get quite boring to do similar things on every anniversary, so get creative this year!

5 Best At Home Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Candle Light Dinner

A romantic candlelight dinner is a classic way of spending your anniversary night but how about doing it at home? You could order or cook your favourite food and be with your loved ones without a server to disturb you. But such a dinner would also mandate gifts, so you could get your partner a customised present to make it extra special. A personalised box of chocolates with some delicious treats could be the perfect thing! It could pose as a yummy dessert to relish after dinner.

Karaoke Night

Who doesn’t love singing along with their favourite songs however tuneless you might be? Which is why karaoke is an exciting way to spend your night with some of the hit songs of your time. It is a game that can turn an evening into peals of laughter. To make it an interesting one, do get snacks and drinks to keep you going until late. Also, don’t forget to rehearse as want to beat your partner with a high score!

Video Game Special

Most of us grew up playing video games with our siblings and friends. So why not challenge your partner for a contest? With the faulty game cassettes and fighting for a chance to compete, nostalgia will leave you and your partner elated. You could include prizes for winning a certain number of matches to make it a competitive and interesting game night. It must have been a while since either of you got your hand on a game console, so go easy on each other but only in the beginning!

Celebrate with Cake

Every occasion needs a cake to mark the day, so shouldn’t anniversaries have one, too? But instead of ordering one from your beloved bakery, you can make it yourself. What do you think of an Oreo Cheesecake that is a delicious treat preferred by most? You can also find recipes of no-bake Oreo Cheesecake as well! Garnish it with some Cadbury chocolate shavings and Voila! You have yourself a cake.

Dance Marathon

If you and your partner are the types who love to burn the dance floor, a dance marathon should be something you do on your anniversary. It’s fun to have a dance-off once in a while instead of hitting the club. To get started, install a dance game on your TV or laptop and warm up! You bet by the end of the night, you must have some new moves to try the next time you go out.

If you have an anniversary coming up, then you are probably starting to panic right about now. By now, we all thought we’d be back to normal this virus would be gone entirely, but it’s starting to look like we may be social distancing for the foreseeable future. If you are looking for ways to celebrate your anniversary safely, you can do it at home! Here are a bunch of great ways to celebrate your anniversary at home and on a budget.

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

Have a fancy dinner by candlelight at home

Restaurants are expensive, not to mention that sitting across from your significant other all dressed up wearing a mask doesn’t exactly scream romance. Instead, have a fancy dinner at home by candlelight! You could cook steak and lobster right at home, or your order your favorite takeout! Light some candles on your dining room table, and enjoy a fancy dinner that you can enjoy in your pajamas! We love doing takeout sushi and wine, but something even as low key as pizza can be romantic with candles and dimmed lights!

Serve your spouse breakfast in bed

If you want to start off your anniversary by spoiling your spouse, consider serving them breakfast in bed! This can be anything from a simple pancake breakfast to french toast and mimosas! Go for your spouse’s favorite breakfast foods, and make a special breakfast to show them how much you care! Are you the one always making breakfast? Drop some serious hints (like, tell them straight up breakfast in bed would be AMAZING) with notes, texts, etc so they know how you’d like to start the day!

Rent a few Redbox movies and have a double feature

Redbox movies are so cheap! But you can rent movies digitally as well for a few dollars! Have each of you choose a movie and then snuggle up on the couch for a fun double feature at home! You can even make your own popcorn and get some boxed candy to get the full “movie theatre experience” that you both might be missing! We love getting our own candy from the dollar store, but you can also buy it in bulk from Amazon & then save some for later.

Create your own DIY Wine and Design at home

Instead of going out for wine and design, do your own at home! First, start by choosing a wine that you will both enjoy. Then hop onto YouTube and find a fun painting or drawing tutorial that you’d like to try! You can do acrylic pours, follow a Bob Ross tutorial, and more right from your own living room! Just make sure you look into the tutorial ahead of time to make sure you have all the supplies you need before you find yourself knee dip in but missing a color. Grab a kit from Amazon to save some time!

Take an online class

If you want to do something new and exciting, why not take an online class together?! You can learn how to balance your checkbook, paint a masterpiece, do ballroom dancing, or even how to cook a gourmet meal from home for just a few dollars! Many classes are available for very cheap; you just have to look for free or discounted options online!

Need some help grabbing things without leaving the house?! Check out these ideas & gifts from Amazon!

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

Hopefully, if you have an anniversary coming up, this guide will help you put together something special for your significant other! You may not be able to do something grand this year, but there are still plenty of affordable and fun ways to celebrate an anniversary at home on a budget. I know Chris & I will be doing one of these options for a fun, but low key anniversary at home in September!

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Here’s how to mark your special day when your standard anniversary plans got tossed out the window.

Sheltering in place may have put a crimp on your anniversary plans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a romantic celebration of your love. This year’s anniversary may be even more memorable thanks to these fun and fabulous ways to extol your significant other that don’t require you to even leave your neighborhood.

Get Out of the Restaurant Rut

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

If you’re like many couples, you gravitate toward your favorite restaurant, even for your anniversary. You know, the one where the steak frites is your go-to menu item. Why not try something new? Scroll DoorDash and choose a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Or maybe spring for something totally different, like a box of Cadillac Mountain Oysters from Maine courtesy of Island Creek Oysters (from tide to table, as they say). There’s never been a better (read: cheaper) time to buy lobster, too. The prices have been falling for months thanks to the pandemic. Try

Mail Order a Date Night Kit

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

All of a sudden, there’s date night in a box thanks to mail-order subscription services like DateBox Club and Happily. Inside each box, you’ll find everything you need to create a fun date night. Some services allow you to personalize your dates by filling out a pre-date questionnaire so they know your personalities, budget, likes and dislikes. We’re all so busy, and now many of us don’t necessarily want to leave the house, so date night kits make it a cinch to reconnect as a couple. Some services, like Crated With Love, sell one-time date night boxes with themed games, recipes and activities. For a little spontaneity, choose their Mystery Date Box.

Take a Hike – Away From Your Street

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

You’ve probably walked around your block dozens (maybe hundreds) of times since the pandemic began. So much so, you could probably do it with your eyes closed. Yes, walks are therapeutic — good for body, mind and soul — and they’re good for reconnecting as a couple as you walk and talk. However, walking the same streets can also be monotonous. Why not explore somewhere new? Open your eyes as a couple to new scenery, new gardens and new sounds. Bike or drive to a new park or neighborhood for reflection and conversation on your anniversary.

Camp Out in the Backyard

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

You may not be ready quite yet for an anniversary weekend in a charming hotel with room service, but you can switch up the scenery with a backyard camp-out. Or maybe an overnight at a nearby campground. No tent? No problem. REI can rent you everything you need, including tents, sleeping bags, lanterns and camping chairs. They even offer camp cook sets if you really want to take it to the next level and grill up some burgers or make foil-packet meals, like quesadillas or garlic shrimp. Of course, there’s nothing better than s’mores over a fire pit under the stars.

Experience Something New – Virtually

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

So wine tasting in Napa is off the table for this year. The same goes for exploring the glaciers and fjords at Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska — at least, in person. Fortunately — and while we know it’s not the same — many experiences are available from the comfort of your sofa. This virtual tour of Kenai Fjords gets you as close as you can get without physically touching the icebergs. For a more hands-on experience, loads of wineries are offering wine tastings from your home. One to check out is Quintessa’s "Virtual Estate Experience," which includes a private sommelier-led Zoom session, a scenic property tour and sampling of three half-bottles of wine.

Throw a Picnic for the One You Love

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

Pre-pandemic, how many times did you spread out a checkered blanket and have a picnic with your significant other? Now is the time. You can have a picnic anywhere — a local park, a city garden, even your own backyard. It can be as simple as making sandwiches and fruit salad to bring to the park with a bottle of wine. Or you can order a fancy picnic basket with meats, cheeses, fruits and crackers from Harry & David. Some restaurants put together gourmet picnic boxes or picnic boards to pick up on the way to dining alfresco. In New York, book a luxury picnic with Personal Attention. They’ll even set it up for you!

Snuggle Up During an Outdoor Movie Night

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

Outdoor movie projectors and screens have never been more popular. Just find a wall to hang a white sheet (or use a wall as a screen) on your deck or balcony to watch a movie. From here, there’s little more to do than plug your phone into the projector to watch your favorite romantic movie and snuggle up under the stars.

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

Virtual Wine Tastings to Try at Home 14 Photos

Bring vineyards from around the world into your home with these virtual wine tastings.

Wedding Anniversaries gives us the chance to pull back from the daily struggle and celebrate the moment that changed our lives forever. Anniversaries basically help us remember the beautiful days of life, the memories that two individuals created together, and remind us how impeccable and heart-warming those memories are in our lives. Celebrating anniversaries is to raise a toast to those beautiful memories and to thank God for giving strength and showering love and blessing that lead them to stay happy together. Marriage is a priority of life, and celebrating the day of marriage is special for both partners. Celebrating anniversaries can be a wonderful way to thank each other for being there for each other through thick and thin and being the reason for each other’s happiness. Life always seems busy, and you somehow feel like you can barely take time for your loved ones to thank them for being there for you and being your constant support system. So anniversaries are the chance to connect and communicate with your loved ones and recollect those memories. The day to take a break from the busy schedule and acknowledging where you are today. The chance to show them your priority by surprising them with an amazing celebration.

This anniversary doesn’t miss out on the chance of surprising your loved ones. No matter how busy you are, take out some time for your loved ones and show them how important they truly are in your life. Anniversaries don’t mean throwing parties in luxurious villas or resorts and planning for romantic dinners in restaurants. Instead, it can be celebrated in the best possible way at home. There are many ways to enjoy this special day from your home. So what are you waiting for? Plan something exciting, order happy wedding anniversary cake for this anniversary to surprise your loved ones and make them smile.

Here are some amazing anniversary ideas that you can plan at your home.

Decorating House with Flowers

An anniversary is a special day in every couple’s life, the day that symbolises years of togetherness and time that two people spend together. So this day is meant to celebrate in the best possible way. Instead of planning for something outside, make a plan at home and surprise your partner. Arrange for some vibrant colour flowers and decorate the house. You can either decorate it with the same kind of flowers or use the kind of flowers that best suit her personality. This lovely surprise will surely bring the two of you together and make your partner overwhelmed and pleased. To make it extra special, add a letter/note for your partner and let them know you much you love and care for them. This is the best way to thank each other for being there for one another and making this life way more beautiful and precious. Online cake delivery in Bangalore is now available where you can select your favourite flavour.

Romantic Dinner Night at Home

Plan for a romantic dinner night. Arrange a table and decorate it with lights. Add balloon and some red wine to make it extra special. Order your partner’s favourite food from the restaurant and set up the dinner table at home before your partner comes home from work. This is the best way to celebrate your wedding anniversary at home. This for sure is the best way to enjoy dinner in a more peaceful environment and share your love for each other.

Movie Night

Celebrate an anniversary by arranging for a movie night at home. A good movie and some good food never go wrongs when you want to spend the day with loved ones at home. Anniversaries are the day to celebrate the bond of love and togetherness. So an anniversary with loved ones by spending some quality time and a good movie weigh more than anything else. You can even arrange for a projector for a big screen and enjoy your time with loved ones in the best way. Arrange for some good food or order snacks online to munch in a while watching a movie. This stands out from any other plans for celebrating an anniversary.

Cook Food Together

Sometimes it becomes difficult to go out for dinner on special occasions. Sometimes when it weekends the restaurants become overly crowded and expensive and for spending the important day of life in a place where you are paying for food and table but where you can’t enjoy the moment is not worthy. Instead, you can plan for the day with loved ones by cooking together. Cooking some special food with loved ones and enjoying it together is the best way to celebrate your anniversary day at home. You can also arrange for a cake and some flowers to surprise your partner.

Romantic Wedding Day Dance to recollect memories

Wedding day dance is something that remains hear warming and special for you no matter what. So reminiscing that beautiful dance with your partner is the best way to celebrate your anniversary at home. Surprise your partner by playing the same song of the wedding day dance and recreate that beautiful memory with a smile. Order anniversary roses and surprise your partner.

Arranging for a Party at Home

The new beginning of your life needs to be celebrated for the people who have been an important part of your life and those who were there when you started. It is always the best choice to invite your family and loved ones and celebrate a day together with good food and music. Invite your family, friends, and loved ones and throw a party at home. This is the best way to celebrate an anniversary at home.

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

Celebrating my anniversary with my husband is my last good memory of the “before time.” We drank fancy cocktails and ate dinner at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants in Queens. No one was wearing a mask or practicing social distancing; this was before the president declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a national emergency—before Tom Hanks announced he had it, inciting a mass panic to protect our national treasure at all costs. (He’s better now. He donated his plasma. Love you, Tom.)

Now, couples are finding creative ways to celebrate their anniversary in quarantine—like my colleague Paul Kita and his wife, whose fifth wedding anniversary falls at the end of May.

“We got engaged in Cape May, NJ,” Paul told me over Slack. “We were planning on going back, but COVID is likely going to cancel all that. So I’m going to do my best to re-create the experience. I’ve contacted a bar for the recipe for one of her favorite cocktails. I’m going to try to buy her some art from her favorite hotel down there. I’m going to cook her some lobster rolls. And I’m going to try and get some sand delivered—TRY on that last one.”

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

How to celebrate your anniversary at home

Hester Grainger and her husband Kelly, who run the company Hudia together, recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in quarantine—and Hester said it was “actually great.” Better, in some ways, than an elaborate celebration in a non-pandemic world.

“There was no pressure to go out for an expensive dinner, or to spend tons of money on a weekend away,” she wrote in an email. “I even made my husband Kelly an anniversary card! We had a lovely day at home. Starting out with a family brunch with our two children. We spent the day in the garden enjoying the sun. Then had a great anniversary dinner in the evening. It really was a memorable anniversary.”

So how can you go about planning an epic anniversary in quarantine? In the before times, it might have been fun to actually re-live your first date, but that isn’t possible now—I mean, unless your first date involved eating beans in stretchy athleisure, in which case, no need to keep reading! For everyone else: Is there’s a clever way to re-create certain elements of your first hang, quarantine-style? If it’s a wedding anniversary you’re celebrating, are there ways you can recreate special details from your big day? Here are ideas for how to celebrate an anniversary in quarantine.

1) Travel virtually to a past vacation spot—or somewhere you’d like to go when this is all over.

2) Stream or rent a movie you watched early on in your relationship.

3) Attempt to recreate the first drinks or first meal you ever shared together. (For bonus points, print out a menu from the bar or restaurant.)

4) Attempt to recreate a signature drink or menu items from your wedding day. (For bonus points, attempt the three-tier cake.)

5) Re-read your wedding vows to each other. Sob uncontrollably.

6) Re-do the first dance from your wedding—this time in the living room, and in your pajamas.

7) Pick a photo printing service and order a collage of couple-y pics from throughout your relationship. (Or sit down and build a collage or album together!)

8) Head to the bedroom (or wherever) and play the Wheel of Foreplay.

9) Listen to the music from every concert you’ve seen together—or if you’re not concert people, listen to the biggest hits from whatever year you first got together.

10) Adopt a shelter pet.

11) Snuggle on the couch surrounded by your all-time favorite snacks and thumb through old photo albums together.

12) Challenge each other (in a chill, friendly way) to relationship trivia, where you each come up with a series of questions to quiz the other person. (Examples: Which celebrity did we see at that bagel place on our third date? Where were the names of our neighbors in the first apartment we lived in? Etc.) Winner gets an erotic massage.

14) Present your partner with a handwritten list of your favorite memories together from every year you’ve been an item.

15) Pick up or order a bottle of wine from the year you first got together.

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How to celebrate your anniversary at home

How to Celebrate Your Anniversary at Home

We don’t really have to say it because everybody already knows- life is well, different right now. COVID-19 has turned everything topsy-turvy. However, that doesn’t mean that all celebrations have to be put on hold! For those of you celebrating major milestones during this time, we’ve got your back! Birthday, first anniversary, 10th anniversary… whatever it is, we’re challenging you to enjoy the time together at home.

How to celebrate your anniversary at homeHow to celebrate your anniversary at homeHow to celebrate your anniversary at homeHow to celebrate your anniversary at homeHow to celebrate your anniversary at homeHow to celebrate your anniversary at homeHow to celebrate your anniversary at home How to celebrate your anniversary at homeHow to celebrate your anniversary at homeHow to celebrate your anniversary at homeHow to celebrate your anniversary at home

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