How to decorate for valentine’s day

Love is in the air, so why not fill your house with decorations fit for the season? Balloons, banners, heart-shaped centerpieces, and sentimental wall-art will all leave a heartfelt impression.

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Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can display it on your wall? This Valentine’s Day, spruce up your home with our best decorative ideas from pretty flower arrangements to romantic candle displays. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner for two, a Galentine’s Day party with all of your friends, or even spending a quiet afternoon at home while you’re stamping out valentines by the dozen, these ideas will serve as inspiration for your neighbors, true loves, and best friends on Valentine’s Day.

It’s a holiday that’s characteristically clichéd, and yet, it’s easily elevated to suit a modern aesthetic with sophisticated details. Use favorite photos to personalize a few everyday objects. It’s not just a box or a sticker or a makeup case—it’s a custom keepsake brimming with family history and happy memories. Instagram makes for instant art when snapshots are arranged on the wall to spell out “LOVE.” Old-fashioned ideas still have their charm, especially when they’re revamped in modern style: Carnations, bleached amaranth, and fluffy garden roses make for giftable floral arrangements. And while these fresh blooms certainly play a part, it’s the loose, ethereal arrangements spilling out of vintage apothecary bottles or other vessels, at once humble, dreamy, and utterly Parisian, that appeal to us. Even zip-ties and paper doilies, small and simple as they may be, can be locked into hearts for a garland or table runner that the kids can help make and display.

Not only will you impress guests, but you’ll have everyone ready for the holiday of love even before it arrives.

Add a little love to your home with these 7 simple ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day. A few quick and inexpensive touches, and you’ll be all ready to celebrate!

How to decorate for valentine's day

I did a winter wonderland theme in our dining room this Christmas, and actually ended up leaving up a lot of the decor up for winter. While I don’t like the snow outside, I do love that wintery look inside!

How to decorate for valentine's day

While I loved the white, I did want to do some decorating for Valentine’s Day. And, honestly, a little color was needed – I always forget how dark and gloomy it can get here in January! I didn’t have a lot of time to decorate since I was away quite a bit travelling, but I came up with a few quick and inexpensive ways to add some Valentine’s Day decor to our home.

7 Simple Ways to Decorate for Valentine’s Day

Adding Valentine’s Day decor to your home doesn’t have to be complicated. Just follow these 7 simple ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day. It’s time to show the love!

1. Add In Some Red

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than a few pretty pops of red and it doesn’t take much to make the red really pop against the white! I used a couple of Love mugs, a felt LOVE banner, and a red heart plate . Just these few items really transformed the buffet into a pretty Valentine’s Day vignette.

How to decorate for valentine's day

2. Use Valentine’s Day Chocolate or Candies

Using seasonal chocolates or other candy is an inexpensive way to add some color to your Valentine’s Day decor. Use wrapped chocolates or place candies in covered glass containers. One of the good things about decorating with chocolate is that you don’t have to store it at the end of the season. Just a warning that it may need to be replenished frequently. 🙂

How to decorate for valentine's day

3. Use Printables

One of my favorite things to do each holiday season, is to come up with some printables to display. They are definitely the quickest and most inexpensive way to add that seasonal decor into your home. You can find my previous free Valentine’s Day printables HERE and I have some new ones for you to download too! Just click the links below or at the end of the post.

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

4. Add Small Valentine’s Day Signs to your Regular Decor.

I picked up a couple of these wooden love tags from Michaels, and added them to the lighted trees in our dining room and a winter wreath in our front entry. You can often find little signs in the dollar store or Target that can easily be added to decor items that you already have up. They’re inexpensive, don’t take up much storage space and don’t require you to change up your existing decor. Just layer, layer, layer!

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

5. Add Valentine’s Day Tea Towels.

A couple of Valentine’s Day tea towels will add a seasonal touch to your kitchen for less than $10. They’re practical to use during the holidays and are easy to store afterwards.

How to decorate for valentine's day

6. Create a Seasonal Beverage Bar.

This is another favorite of mine! We don’t drink coffee around here, so hot chocolate is our go-to hot beverage of choice. I’ve had lots of fun coming up with new hot chocolate bar set-ups over the years and always switch it up for the different seasons. If you’d like to create your own Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate bar you can check out my free hot chocolate bar printables HERE and free hot chocolate bar labels HERE. I told you I love printables! 😉

How to decorate for valentine's day

7. Add a Valentine’s Day Throw Pillow

You can’t get much easier than tossing a Valentine’s Day throw pillow onto a bench, chair, or sofa! If you’re short on space, look for a pillow cover that can just be added over top of one of you current pillows. The tree is from my Christmas decorations, but the red berries fit in perfectly with my red and white Valentine’s Day decor!

How to decorate for valentine's day

So there you have it! I’d love to hear if you decorate for Valentine’s Day and if you have any other Valentine’s decorating tips. Be sure to grab the printables below before you leave! 🙂

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

For more Valentine’s Day ideas, check out these posts…

Use this great idea to make your decorating for Valentine’s Day, or any other time of year, fast and easy!

How to decorate for valentine's day

Do you have a spot in your home is that is your favorite place to decorate for the different seasons and holidays throughout the year? My favorite space is the open shelves in my breakfast area! Why? Well, it’s because they are one of the most visible spots in my home. Located through the wide opening from the family room into the kitchen/breakfast area, these shelves are impossible to miss whenever we’re moving about in our house.

How to decorate for valentine's day

If you caught this previous post, “How To Quickly And Easily Keep Shelves Decorated As The Seasons Change”, then you already know that my mission today is to show you how you can very quickly and easily add seasonal or holiday decorations to any spot in your home.

The secret is to start with a base of basic, mostly neutral items that will allow you to get a whole new look and celebrate any holiday or season with just a few easy decor changes.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Take a look at this side-by-side comparison – a basic winter look is on the left. You can see that by using a mostly neutral background, how easily I was able to only switch out a few things to go from Winter to Valentine’s Day.

How to decorate for valentine's day

I don’t do a ton of decorating for Valentine’s and I don’t have very many Valentine’s Day specific decorations, so I keep them all in a small tub in the place where I store the rest of my decor. All I had to do was to bring that small tub downstairs and pull out what I wanted to use on my farmhouse shelves this year.

Let me explain just how quick and easy it was! Take a closer look at the right side of the shelves. The white casserole dish on the top shelf was replaced with an adorable sitting pillow, I added a cute Valentine’s heart plaque to the second shelf and a wonderful scented Valentine’s candle to the bread board on the bottom.

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

On the left side, I tucked in a larger Valentine’s heart block to the decorations on the top of my sideboard.

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

You can see that on the rest of the shelves, I simply replaced the white candles on the top shelf with red ones, added Valentine’s themed dishes to both tool boxes and then switched out some of the accessories displayed on the round bread board that the lamp is resting on. How to decorate for valentine's daySo – have I convinced you yet? I challenge you to find a spot in your home where you can put these same decorating principles into practice!

How to decorate for valentine's day

Red rose petal and candles centerpiece, simple Valentines Day ideas

Colorful, aromatic candles, fresh flowers, and sweet edible decorations are simple, stylish, and beautiful ideas for holiday table decorating. They create a cozy atmosphere and set a romantic mood on Valentines Day. Red, pink, and white Valentines Day ideas look festive and delicate, sweet and energizing. Edible decorations and beautiful flowers in white, red, pink, and purple create eye-catching, sentimental, and attractive table centerpieces with colorful romantic candles. Creative accents, pink and purple, white and red color brighten up Valentines Day table decor.

Get inspired by unique, elegant, and impressive table centerpieces developed by professional decorators. Plan your special dinner and combine classic Valentines Day colors with modern hues, unusual table decorations, and crafts. Handmade table decorations, flower centerpieces, and decorative candles in pink, purple, white, and red colors look romantic. They will pleasantly surprise your loved ones creating an unforgettable impression.

Paying attention to small details and using simple, inexpensive, and meaningful ideas make your Valentines Day table setting look personal, sweet, and stylish. Use soft pink and purple colors or contrasting red and white color combinations for dining table decorating. Add pastels and delicate color tones. Pale gray, light peach and beige bring softness into traditional, festive, and passionate red and white Valentines Day decorations.

Table decorating ideas

How to decorate for valentine's dayFresh flowers for romantic table setting How to decorate for valentine's dayTender pink color for romantic holiday table decor How to decorate for valentine's dayRomantic Valentines ideas, table setting How to decorate for valentine's daySimple and cute Valentines Day ideas, flowers and candles

Beautiful lace, silky and sheer fabric, shiny dinnerware, colorful glasses, crystal vases or romantic candle holders make Valentines Day dining room decor look delicate and impressive.

Design the inviting and personal dinner table decor including Valentine table centerpieces with stylish lace or tulle swaths, metallic accents or silky ribbons, green leaves, hearts, sweets or rose petals which are attractive and unusual edible decorations.

Edible decorations and flower centerpieces

Add romantic holiday candles, beautiful fresh flowers or make paper butterflies and colorful heart decorations for charming table centerpieces. Handmade decorations and simple crafts create unique, very special and romantic Valentines Day table decor.

Posted on January 25, 2022

Valentines Day Decor Ideas

Today I’m sharing How to Use Cloches for Valentines Day Decor as well as Valentines Day Decor Ideas for gifts.

This was a fun project which allowed me to use items already on hand with the exception of candy, cookies and the printable cards.

I’m including a list of items used as well as detailed instructions on how to pull the vignette together.

(Posts on The Ponds Farmhouse may contain affiliate links. You can see the full disclosure details here.)

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Pinterest Challenge

I decided to attempt this project as a result of a monthly Pinterest Challenge hosted by Cindy at County Road 407. This months inspiration photo comes from Birgit at Crafting While I Wait.

If you are joining me from Laura at Decor to Adore, welcome. I know you loved her Wooden Spool Vintage Valentines Craft.

  • How to decorate for valentine's day
  • How to decorate for valentine's day

Coffee Table Vignette for Valentines Day

For this challenge, I decided to add cloches and Valentines Day decor to the wooden bowl on my coffee table.

When using bowls and trays to corral decor items together, the individual items come together to create a more cohesive vignette.

Vintage Valentines Day cards was something that I regrettably didn’t have for this project. If time had permitted, I would have ordered some authentic cards on Etsy. However, this was not an option and therefore I decided to downloaded a couple printable cards.

I was excited to find one card that was a free printable and the other adorable vintage card was available on Etsy for a minimal price.

Valentines Day Decor Ideas

Now it’s time to gather your supplies.

These are the items I used, however I recommend using items that you have on hand. Look through your decor supplies to find similar items that will work for your vignette.

  • 2 – Printable vintage Valentines Day cards
  • Vintage Frame
  • 2 – Glass Cloches – 1 large and 1 small
  • 4 – Vintage brass candle sticks
  • A small cake stand or something similar
  • Wooden riser or possibly a larger cake stand
  • Vintage silver tray
  • 1- martini glass
  • 1- milk glass vase
  • 2 – faux tulips
  • 6 – vintage quilt hearts
  • 1 – white candle
  • Several pieces of chocolate candy wrapped in red foil
  • A plate of heart cookies
  • Large Wooden Bowl

To begin, insert one of the printable cards in a chunky vintage frame. The other card will be placed inside the large glass cloche.

How to decorate for valentine's day

It is easy to secure the card on the inside of the glass cloche by adding a couple pieces of clear tape at the bottom edge. You may need to fold the card to make it fit properly.

How to decorate for valentine's day

In order to elevate the arrangement, you can add a wooden riser, a small metal cake stand or something similar to give your vignette some height.

Next, add the framed vintage card to the back of the bowl and fill in open spaces with brass candle sticks.

In addition, the quilted hearts can be placed on the candlesticks or you may use candles if you desire.

How to decorate for valentine's day

These cute heart shaped cookies look adorable on to the cake stand and covered with the small cloche.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Style the Large Cloche

For the main centerpiece, use the wooden riser and silver tray, which you will cover with the larger cloche.

First, before adding the cloche, add the main items to the silver tray which will be added to the riser.

Here, I used the martini glass filled with chocolate hearts and the milk glass vase with two tulips.

In addition, I added a quilted heart and sprinkled additional candy around the base.

Finally, position the large glass cloche with the vintage printable card over this vignette.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Now your vignette is almost complete and you can place the remaining quilt hearts around the cloches and on the candlesticks as desired.

How to decorate for valentine's day

For more Valentines Day Ideas, you might like this Easy Heart and Vintage Seed Packet Garland tutorial and this Budget Winter & Valentines Porch Decor.

How To Use Cloches for Valentines Day Decor

I’m excited about how the Valentines Day Decor and Cloche filled bowl came together. It makes a perfect romantic centerpiece for the coffee table and would also look great on a dining or console table.

How to decorate for valentine's day

As I mentioned in the beginning, one of these cloche Valentines Day Decor Ideas would make a great gift idea for your Mother, Daughter, etc.

How to decorate for valentine's day

I hope you enjoyed this Valentines Day Decor idea!

Don’t leave yet, because up next is Carol from Blue Sky At Home with her creative Ideas For Making Valentines Vignettes. Be sure to click on each link below for more Valentines Day inspiration.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I look forward to sharing my next adventures with you.

20 Beautiful Valentines Day Mantel Ideas which you can use on a bookcase or shelf! If you’re stuck looking for a creative and romantic idea for celebrating Valentine’s Day you’re sure to find something to LOVE in this post.

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

Trends come and trends go. I’ve been around much longer that I care to admit and have seen and experienced trend drift. One day it’s in and the next day it’s out…so design, collect and evolve over time and you won’t go wrong. Simple backgrounds, some striking architectural element in the main rooms, a soft place to land/sit and you are good to go. Change out the accessories seasonally and edit, and purge. Trend wise stick to the inexpensive accents. I guarantee that the farmhouse sign or the boho wall hanging will be something that you’ll put in the donation pile before you know it.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Decorate Seasonally


How to decorate for valentine's day

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  2. Valentine’s Day Mantel†from
  3. Valentine’s Day Patterned Heart Mantel & Printables #shutterflydecor – from
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  16. Valentine’s Day Mantle 2014 from
  17. Valentine Mantle Inspiration from
  18. Pretty & Pink Valentine Mantel from
  19. Valentine’s Mantel†from
  20. Vintage Whimsical Valentine Mantel from
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Cecilia from Georgia says

Simple but elegant! The striking pink ginger makes such a statement in the vintage chocolate pitcher. Where do you live that you can grow ginger? How I dream of a tropical garden. You must show pictures of what you grow.

Tirana Bertrand says

Don’t forget about Mardi Gras. I have a life size jester and Mardi Gras dolls on my mantle. A colorful feather boa adds the final touch.

I am mad for your paper tassel garland! I need about 25 of those to hang over every window valance for Valentine’s Day!

I didn’t know you had a tropical garden. I should have known. You actually grow ginger plants?! Color me gingered with envy!

Lovely post – as always!

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Because heart balloons are just the tip of the iceberg.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Even if you’re not a mushy type, it’s hard not to fall in love with Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect time to tell everyone you love just how much they mean to you with sweet DIY Valentine’s Day cards and—if you’re really in the festive spirit—fill your home with Valentine’s Day decorations fit for the season. Whether you’re in the market for romantic bedroom ideas or cute, simple Valentine’s Day crafts for kids, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up our all-time favorite easy projects for Valentine’s Day, and we can practically guarantee there’s at least one idea on our list you’ll be excited to start working on.

How can we be so sure that these are the best DIY Valentine’s Day decorations around, you ask? Well, for starters, they’re just plain adorable, that’s how! But the best thing about them (and the reason why we know you’ll love having them in your home) is that you can easily extend their lifespan well beyond Valentine’s Day. From Valentine’s Day wreaths, to cookie cutter wind chimes, to hand-formed ring bowls, these gorgeous Valentine’s Day crafts make perfect decor (and double as fabulous DIY Valentine’s Day gifts as well!). Here are the best pieces of Valentine’s Day decor to make for your home that’ll have you feeling oh-so-full of love.

With a little advance planning, it is easy to have a romantic holiday without leaving the sofa.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Even before quarantining was de rigueur, many people preferred to celebrate Valentine’s Day indoors to avoid the hustle and bustle of the holiday. With the loved up annual holiday on the way, it’s high time to get to planning your festivities for the night, whether it’s hanging out with friends you love or that special someone.

We may, once again, be limited as to where we can go out this year, but fortunately there have never been more fun date options for staying in. The trick, whether planning a first date or choosing something special to do with a longtime significant other, is to really commit to it. Go all out with the decor, outfits, and food, whatever your theme may be. Below, we share some ideas for a memorable Valentine’s Day at home (most of which can easily be adapted for an equally fun treat with friends).

Spread out on the living room floor with a gourmet spread (we like this lobster roll and sea salt brownies kit from Maine) and bottle of bubbles. Make sure to set the scene with a cheerful picnic blanket and pack a basket—they are worthwhile purchases if you don’t already have them. The shakeup from your normal routine is sure to make the whole experience feel special.

The problem with a fondue night is that when it is over, you are left with a fondue kit that will likely never get used again. That’s why these stoneware pots of Belgian chocolate are so genius. Heat them up in the microwave and dip away; no clean up or storage required.

One movie? That’s just a regular night. Giving yourself permission to watch as many as you want? That’s a proper date night. Start with Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet or embark on a series like The Matrix or Before Sunrise and enjoy a luxuriously lazy evening on the sofa. Of course, you are going to need popcorn and candy; splurge on the good stuff.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Sign up for cocktail-making class with James Beard honoree Lynnette Marrero and Ryan Chetiyawardana, the founder of former world’s best bar winner Dandelyan, at MasterClass. (Bonus, the subscription includes classes from Margaret Atwood, Dr. Jane Goodall, and other amazing celebrities.) Or, invest in a quality cocktail book and work your way through some delicious recipes all on your own.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Perk up your Valentine’s Day dinner conversation by busting out this quiz book—it is always fun and surprising to learn new things about your partner. Or, organize a virtual date night and team up against other couples with a round of virtual Jeopardy. Have everyone contribute to a winner’s pot to amp up the friendly competition.

Posted on Published: January 22, 2016 – Last updated: March 13, 2020

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How to decorate for valentine's day

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

After Christmas, my house tends to look a bit bare. Does yours? We have over a dozen totes dedicated to Christmas decor, so when all that delightful merriness is gone, things look a bit boring. So, I made a quick trip to my local Dollar General and filled my shopping cart with all the supplies necessary to decorate a ladder shelf for Valentine’s Day! How to decorate for valentine's day

How to Decorate a Ladder Shelf for Valentine’s Day

My Dad made me a ladder shelf to hold my entire Christmas Village – it was so pretty while the village was set up, but once it came down I realized that I really had nothing to go on it! Since I am doing Teal and Pink for Valentine’s Day, I went a little crazy at Dollar General and went way over my thirty dollar budget. But, still for less than $100, I completely decorated a 6 foot/6 self ladder for Valentine’s Day (plus got some chips to snack on LOL!)! Plus, I have very few hearts on it, so the pinks and few teals in there will transition to Easter pretty easily (and cheaply).

Step One: Prepare for your trip to Dollar General

Measure the space between the shelves so you know how tall your items can be! Visit the Dollar General website to print out a few coupons to help you save even more on your home decor project. Save on home essentials with Dollar General!

How to decorate for valentine's day

Decide on your colors and if you have a theme you want to stick with, write it down. For example, my main color is pink with some teal/aqua accents and I was really looking for some Owl things. Go Shop! Don’t overlook the less obvious! From shiney plastic plates to decorated paper ones. From coffee mugs to gift bags.

Be sure to check out Dollar General on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for decorating/DIY ideas and more! The choices are endless at Dollar General and you will be pleasantly surprised at how great everything will look together!

Step Two: Prepare to Decorate

Clean your ladder shelf off completely – time to wipe the shelves down! Open packages and create any DIYs. For example: fill jars, create bouquets, put items into frames. Gather all your supplies together How to decorate for valentine's day

Step Three: Have Fun Decorating Your Ladder Shelf for Valentine’s Day!

The best way to accomplish this is to sort your items by size so that you can be sure to set up your decor triangles. Then, start breaking your ladder down shelf by shelf. How to decorate for valentine's dayAs you get down to the longer shelves, break it down by sides. Each grouping on your shelf should contain tall and short, flat and bulky to create flow and dimension. In the image above, you can see my simple little decor project! I found pretty Valentine’s Day greeting cards and pretty frames – chopped the cards down to size and stuck them in the frames. Beautiful decor for a couple bucks!

Step Four: Shop Your Home for the Finishing Touches

How to decorate for valentine's dayPersonalize this space with some of your favorite (matching) from around your home. In the image above you can see my beautiful letter M (for Miller) that my parents gave me for Christmas and an antique glass telegraph insulator that my grandmother gave me. In the very top of the picture, you can also see an antique creamer that belonged to my great-grandmother. My Mom gave it to me for my birthday. These three pieces bring this entire shelf together to create something that isn’t only pretty, but holds meaning! How to decorate for valentine's dayIf you don’t love the items in your home, why do you have them? A quick trip to your local Dollar General can help you to redecorate with things that you do love!

Sharing simple tips on how to decorate a pretty table for Valentine’s Day.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Decorate a pretty table for Valentine’s Day with these simple tips. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you can “shop your house” for items to use.

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Please see my full disclosure here.

I’m excited to be participating in my first tablescape blog hop of the new year. It’s hosted by my sweet friend, Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate.

It’s so hard to believe that this is my fifth year participating! I’ve learned so much from these talented table stylists.

There are 20 beautiful Valentine’s Day tablescapes being shared today, in so many different styles and color schemes.

S o be sure to visit everyone, linked up at the end of this post, for tons of inspiration.

Something I always try to share is that you can decorate your home for each holiday without spending a lot of money.

Pretty Valentine’s Day Tablescape

For my tablescape, I decided to set a table for two for my daughter and her boyfriend to enjoy a simple Valentine’s Day dinner.

How to decorate for valentine's day

I once again challenged myself to use items I already own. So, I started with a gray crushed velvet fabric used as a tablecloth.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Pink and gray is a favorite color scheme of mine, so I took out my pink scalloped chargers. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

How to decorate for valentine's day

Next, I used my favorite wedding china, which has soft colors that work well for a romantic dinner at home.

How to decorate for valentine's day

My daughter and her boyfriend are both 24, so I made a pretty in pink strawberry shooter with a strawberry heart and chocolate covered rim.

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

Valentine’s Day Centerpiece

This Valentine Tiered Tray made a perfect centerpiece, and I can easily move it out of the way to serve dinner.

How to decorate for valentine's day

My favorite gold flatware completes this simple tablescape. I hope you enjoyed this post how to decorate a pretty table for Valentine’s Day.

How to decorate for valentine's day

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I only send it out once a week so you won’t be bombarded.

You can subscribe here:

Here are my top 3 thrifty tips for decorating a pretty table.

Thrifty tips for decorating a pretty table for any holiday.

  • Shop thrift stores – Keep an eye out at thrift stores, flea markets or yard sales for inexpensive china. Most of my dishes (with the exception of my wedding china) has been found at thrift stores or vintage markets. I’ve even found complete sets of name brand china at Goodwill. You never know what you might find, and half the fun is trying to find that “diamond in the rough”.
  • Shop your house – It’s amazing what you can find in your basement, or garage. Or even just moving things from one room to the next. When I downsized several years ago, I found an old set of dishes that I completely forgot about. It was in my hope chest just waiting for a special occasion. Which brings me to my next tip.
  • Use the “good china” – A few years ago I binged the Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, based upon her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. I’ve moved again since then and downsized my “stuff” even further. The basic concept is only keeping things that spark joy, and using what you have. How many of us have a hutch filled with “our good china” that we never use, or use once a year? I’m here to tell you to use the good stuff. There’s no time like the present. I’ve used my wedding china more in the past 3 years than I did in the 20 years prior. It really does feel good to use it and enjoy it. Then you can put it right back in the hutch!

Be sure to visit the talented bloggers below to see the rest of the Valentine eye candy!

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How to decorate for valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is more than just the gifts you give your partner. It’s an all-encompassing experience in showering one another with extra affection for one day of the year, almost like a bonus anniversary where couples across the world share their love. While endless gift guides circulate every year with foolproof ways to treat your partner to a present, formulating creative ideas on how to actually spend your Valentine’s Day isn’t as straightforward.

While there’s certainly nothing with spending the day doing the bare minimum (save for a few treats and roses here and there), for those looking to make the most of the day, there’s no better time to upgrade from conventional celebrations and engage in something a touch more extravagant. From stargazing, to glamping to a slew of handy classes to take together, here are 30 creative ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

If you miss your Christmas tree, we’ve got the perfect solution.

The house always feels a little sad after the festive Christmas decorations come down. But what if there was a way to keep the joy going a bit longer? That’s where trendy Valentine’s Day trees can come in to play. This year, instead of taking down your Christmas tree after the holiday, keep it working overtime. After all, repurposing Christmas trees into Valentine’s Day decor is so easy. All you need to do is take off the Yuletide baubles and load it up with festive lights, ribbons, and ornaments in pink, red, and white for a look that’s as romantic as roses and chocolates.

Still not convinced? We’ve found some lovely examples of Valentine’s Day trees to help get you started. Whether you want to go over the top with loads of stunning faux roses, or keep it more low key with a careful selection of vintage ornaments, you’ll find inspiration straight from Cupid’s bow here. And if you’d like to begin by working on a smaller scale, check out the super-pretty tissue paper Valentine’s Day trees that you can make in snap, with materials from your craft room. We’ve also gathered some trees and decorations you can purchase, just in case you’re not feeling like DIYing right now, though with projects this beautiful you’re sure to find one you’ll love.

How to decorate for valentine's day

There is no question that this is one joyful Valentine tree! Between the big pink and red roses, the puffy pom-poms, and the dozens of hearts scattered throughout, it’ll definitely make you feel the love.

See more at Drink and Clink.

How to decorate for valentine's day

The vintage ornaments on this tree are paired with homemade felt heart ornaments for a fun, eclectic look. The tutorial includes easy instructions for the hearts, which pop beautifully against the white tree.

Get the tutorial at Positively Splendid.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Ribbons, bows, and cute paper heart doilies are all you need to complete this tree that’s bursting with the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

See more at @Life with London.

How to decorate for valentine's day

While this tree is obviously decorated for Valentine’s Day due to the dozens of delicate hearts, it’s cozy and understated enough so that it’ll be a fit in any room.

See more at @Katina Miller.

How to decorate for valentine's day

If you’re not quite ready to commit to decorating a large tree, try DIYing these little cuties, which can be easily made from tissue paper and cardboard cones.

Get the tutorial at Intelligent Domestications.

How to decorate for valentine's day

We think these rainbow glitter hearts are great decorations to use year-round. You can also try silver or gold glitter or confetti that would make a stunning color combo with the red ribbon tied on the tree.

Get the tutorial at Jaderbomb.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Pull out all the stops with this Valentine tree, filling the boughs with shiny red ornaments, heart garlands, and even some adorable Valentine frogs. Instead of gifts under the tree, leave teddy bears and boxes of chocolates.

How to decorate for valentine's day

For an entirely DIY tree, this festive decoration uses easy-to-find items to create these colorful, customizable trees. They’ll look perfect on the mantel, a tabletop, or anywhere else you please.

Get the tutorial at I Heart Crafty Things.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Decorate your Valentine tree with these homemade felt heart ornaments that come in pretty hues.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Perfect for rustic decor, this Valentine’s Day ornament will let the object of your affection know how much you really care.

Get the tutorial at Crafts Unleashed.

How to decorate for valentine's day

This ceramic tree is reminiscent of the retro Christmas version. The heart topper is an extra sweet touch.

How to decorate for valentine's day

These oh-so-sweet miniature bottle brush trees come in a set of six, and are finished with red or pink metallic hearts. Won’t they look perfect as a centerpiece on your dining room table?

How to decorate for valentine's day

Decorating a dwelling for Valentine’s Day is a fun, but bothersome activity. You might think that impressing your significant other with DIY flowers and postcards is not easy. On the contrary, most couples adore sweet personal love tokens. This is how to decorate the house for 2022 Valentine’s Day without any fuss or worry.

1. Foil Valentine’s Day themed balloons

How to decorate for valentine's day

What can be a better last-minute idea than inflating a bunch of beautiful balloons and decorating the dwelling with them? Foil inflatables have great durability, making your decorations last for at least a week. Heart-shaped inflatables and quirky phrases are what you want to go for. Additionally, the variety of choices truly astonishes customers as now they can select customizable decorations according to their tastes, from clear balloons with glitter specs inside to amazing 3D Valentine’s Day bears. Alternatively, inflatables are great for making a long-lasting balloon bouquet that is an original present.

2. Photo garland

Photo bunting is a cute idea for anyone who shares endless memories. If you are the type of couple to capture the best moments on camera, then printing out those stills and decorating the whole dwelling with photos will be an incredible idea. You don’t need to own a Polaroid to print adorable small pictures. Additionally, this DIY is very cost-effective and relatively affordable. Writing endearing wishes or inside jokes on the back of each photo card will be a personal touch.

3. Heart-shaped panel

How to decorate for valentine's day

Decorating the interior with a symbolic heart panel made of delicate fabric roses is a romantic present. These roses are easy to make, so is the panel itself. All you need is a sturdy cardboard base, paint, strips of fabric, and a glue gun. Swirl the fabric into the flower shape and attach it to the cardboard carcass in a zigzag pattern. You also can spray-paint your DIY with glitter and add bows to the improvised flower bouquet.

4. Bathroom makeover

Not everyone wants to spend their Valentine’s Day in a living room. Create a DIY spa salon right in your bathroom with the help of candles, rose petals, bubble bath products, bath bombs, and scrubs. Neatly fold the towels, create an arrangement of bath products, and light the candles.

5. DIY candles

How to decorate for valentine's day

Of course, you can purchase candles at any local home décor store. But if you want to make that present special and personalized, the best way to impress your significant other is creating a custom candle from scratch (almost.) There are numerous tutorials on the Internet on how to make a candle with a message inside. Hiding letters and initials under the wax layer will reveal your message after the decoration piece is burned half-through.

6. Creative candy bouquet

Choose a glass vase with a wide bottom and fill the vase with candy. These can be conversational hearts or any lollies of choice. Put flowers in the vase with only flower buds peeping out of the candy “soil.”

How to decorate for valentine's day

Today, I’m sharing a variety of heartwarming Valentines Day ideas that celebrate love and friendship.

How to decorate for valentine's day

It’s taken me awhile to get back to blogging while regrouping after Christmas, doing physical therapy twice daily, slowly resuming normal activities, and trying to catch up on household chores.

After revisiting Favorite, Most Popular Posts of 2020, I was looking forward to the new year with hope and promise.

But then, the violence and attack on our democracy Jan 6th shattered that view. It felt like a nightmare instead of reality, and undermined any sense of optimism for 2021. I was horrified, scared, deeply depressed and angry. How about you? A sense of paralysis set in for several weeks, with no motivation to do anything that wasn’t necessary — until the inauguration helped to lift my spirits.

And like song says, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” Now more than ever! So join me friends, for a roundup of Valentines Day ideas, along with a few new ways to celebrate love and friendship.

I use affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may earn a small commission that helps to offset website operating costs with no additional cost to you. Your support is appreciated! Disclosure Policy.

Celebrate Love & Friendship

How to decorate for valentine's day

I’ve gathered together a broad collection of Valentines Day ideas that I use in my own home to celebrate and personalize the sweet February holiday.

Set the Table

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, celebrating with the kids, or having an intimate evening for two, nothing sets the scene better than a sweet or romantic table setting.

How to decorate for valentine's day

In, Meet Me at the Eiffel Tower Table Valentine, I embraced my French ancestry and shared memories of two dinners at the Paris landmark. It was a dramatic use of black and white with red accents.

How to decorate for valentine's day

An earlier, similar version of the table — using the same dishes — was entitled, If You Love Me Take Me to Paris. Mr. Buzz must love me, because we’ve been there twice.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Another casual place setting using the same color scheme featured heart-shape plates and matching mugs.

How to decorate for valentine's day

For an elegant dinner party, I paired red accents with gold, china and crystal tableware in Decorating with Red Heart Ornaments for Valentines Day.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Since first publishing this post, I also styled a Puttin’ on the Ritz for Romantic Table using whimsical plates.

Galentine Gathering

Previously my everyday dishes, the Mikassa Silk Flowers pattern is perfect for a sweet tea party with the ladies.

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If you’re looking to spruce up table for Valentine’s Day, here are 30 beautiful ideas – place settings for the dining room, centerpieces, decor for coffee tables and console tables – all the inspiration you need for a gorgeous table, wherever it is in your home!

Valentine’s Day Decoration for Tables

It’s that weird time between Christmas and spring decor. Maybe you have some winter decor up (I do!), but when Valentine’s Day rolls around, sometimes you want something a little more bright and cheerful than just the winter whites and neutrals of winter. Cozy, for sure… but around February, we are looking ahead to brighter days.

I love the idea of having something on the front door, even if you don’t want to decorate the whole porch. But sometimes, we need to bring a little of that cheeriness inside. Decorating your tables for Valentine’s Day is often just enough if you don’t want to do an entire decor redo for such a short holiday season.

How to decorate for valentine's day

How Can I Decorate My Table for Valentine’s Day?

When we are talking about decorating tables for Valentine’s Day, there are several ways you can approach it. First, you may want some Valentine’s Day centerpieces for your tables – whether that is a dining or dinner table – or you need console or coffee table decor. A simple centerpiece is sometimes all you need. I’ve got some inspiration below that are gorgeous Valentine’s Day centerpiece ideas.

If you’re looking specifically to create a Valentine’s Day dinner or dining table, you can find ideas for place settings and tablescapes, along with centerpieces. It really just depends on your lifestyle. Is it a table that will be getting a lot of use? Then you definitely want to scale it down and keep it simple – or there will be a lot of moving on and off the table.

If it’s a dining table that is more for special occasions, that don’t get a lot of use – well, then you have much more flexibility in how creative you want to be.

Maybe you want a table for a girlie party for kids or a Galentine’s Day brunch. Maybe it’s a romantic dinner for two. Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans are, there is a table that is suitable for your needs and preferences.

30 Ideas for Valentine’s Day Tabletop Decor, Coming Right Up

This post may contain affiliate links. See Disclosures for details.

Below you’ll see lots of ideas in all kinds of styles – some lean more toward soft pastels and spring. Others are bold and dramatic reds. Many choices can be customized either way. Use the pictures as a starting point – and feel free to click through to see more ideas in the original posts that build on what I’ve shared here!

You can enhance the effect of surprise, if your gift has an amazing package. Decorating a gift box for Valentine’s Day is not an easy thing. Therefore we would like to share with you the following gift wrapping ideas that will grab your attention. It’s actually really easy, because all you have to do is to make paper roses in various colours and sizes. You can form a small heart on top of the box or just to glue some of them in the corners. Let’s see the tutorial!

Gift wrapping ideas for Valentines Day

How to decorate for valentine's day

As always, first of all we need the following materials:
– a cardboard heart-shaped box
– thin sisal rope or ribbon
– a pencil
– scissors
– thin colored paper

How to decorate for valentine's day

The first thing we will do is to draw spirals on colored paper with pencil. They don’t need to be perfect actually.

How to decorate for valentine's day

After that cut along the spiral.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Once you have already cut a few spirals, you have to form the paper flowers.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Start from the center and continue to twirl until they take shape. Secure with glue.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Attach the flowers to the surface, trying to match colors and sizes. Yes, we know, the process is tedious, but we assure you it will be worth it.

How to decorate for valentine's day

In the end, the result will be as spectacular as this.

Gift wrapping ideas – different ways to decorate a gift box

How to decorate for valentine's day

Anyway, if you don’t want to spend so much time to make so many paper flowers, you can also use this technique to decorate gift boxes but without covering the lid completely.

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

The boxes for cupcakes or pizzas can be even sweeter idea for Valentine’s Day. As we all know, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 🙂

Yesterday I shared my friend, Marie’s whimsical Valentine’s Day tablescape, HERE featuring lots of cute little froggies. Just off to the right, tucked backed into the corner, is a large white tree Marie decorates for various holidays. I realized later, I probably should have taken pics when I first arrived, but I was hungry, hungry and had lunch on my mind. We had so much fun shopping, it was starting to get dark out when we returned. So these pics aren’t quite as bright as I would have liked but I think you’ll enjoy and be inspired with ideas for your Valentine’s Day decorating.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Sweet Teddy Bears with Valentines and heart boxes surrounded the bottom of the tree.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Remember the cute froggies on Marie’s Valentine’s Day table setting?

How to decorate for valentine's day

They hopped onto her tree, too!

How to decorate for valentine's day

Marie strung lights with large, red bulbs for this Valentine’s Day themed tree.

How to decorate for valentine's day

The lights give the tree a soft, red glow. Maybe it’s a good idea I didn’t take pics when I first arrived. I’m not sure the lights would have shown up with the sun streaming in through the windows.

How to decorate for valentine's day

The cabinet on the other side of the breakfast table was decorated with white garland, mischievous little frogs and beautiful heart ribbon.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Don’t you know Marie’s six grandchildren LOVE all this whimsical fun!

How to decorate for valentine's day

Do you remember that old cartoon with the singing/dancing frog? Every time I see Marie’s cute froggies, I think of of that frog and have to laugh. It’s a classic! I embedded it here in case you’ve never seen it. It’s only 6-7 minutes long and will give you a giggle. 🙂

The island in the kitchen was decorated for Valentine’s Day, too. (See Marie’s kitchen decorated for Christmas in this post: Tour a Beautiful Victorian Home Decorated for Christmas, Part III)

How to decorate for valentine's day

Sooo beautiful and romantic!

How to decorate for valentine's day

The hutch that was filled with Santas at Christmas time, was all decked out for Valentine’s Day, too. ♥

How to decorate for valentine's day

As I was leaving that evening, I snagged some wonderful Blue Hour pics of the exterior lit up at night. I’ll be posting those soon.

In the meantime, you can view the exterior decorations by daylight in this post: Porch Decorated for Valentine’s Day

How to decorate for valentine's day

To be a special Valentine to your partner you can plan a lavish romantic date in your house or you can arrange a simple dinner with your partner. In both conditions, it is important to set up a nice table setting for your get-together in order to impress your Valentine. You really have to be careful about the table presentation otherwise, forget to arrange a special date with a simple table. Decoration of a table requires special skills and creative mind. Following given below simple steps will help you to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend with an impressive Valentine table presentation:

Things you will require to decorate the table

Following given below are the things required to decorate the table for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine Confetti
Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards
Candle holders
Fresh / Silk Roses
Votive Candle holders
Votive Candles
Hershey’s Kisses Candy
Candy Conversation Hearts
Foil-wrapped Candy Hearts
Strings of artificial Pearls
Napkin Rings

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Tablecloth is the main part of table decoration as it can affect the whole theme of your Valentine presentation. Select a fine quality tablecloth based on your boyfriend or girlfriend favorite color. You can simply develop a theme by selecting other equipments that you will be using in your table decoration according to his or her favorite color. In case if you are not aware of the favorite color of your partner, you can select a tablecloth with a simple lace around it.

Take a fine-quality crystal vase and decorate it with some strings, beads, and pearls. Select a bunch of fresh red or pink roses, place them in the decorated vase, and put it at the centre of the table. Place two tall candles on both sides of the flowers vase. It is a better idea to select the pink or red color candles.

Place two clean plates on both sides of the table and set one foil-wrapped heart candy on each plate. Tie the napkins with ribbons and place them on sides of the plates.

Take a Valentine-colored cloth (red) and sew it into different heart shapes. Now stuff each of the heart shape with batting and place them in a basket or a bowl. Place it in the center of your table.

Take the napkins and place them in unique and simple napkin rings, placing a real or a silk rose with the help of a holder. Set a small Cupid figurine near both plates and scatter Hershey’s kisses around your nicely decorated table to enhance its beauty.

Make simple Valentine Day cards and stand the cards at the center of the table. Write special messages inside the card for your loved one to read after the superb date. Take a small rosebud in a tiny vase or a votive candle in a holder and place them next to both plates.

Your table decoration will be incomplete without the chairs. Decorate the chairs with bow at the back of each chair.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is a secular celebration that has little to do with the 3rd century saint it’s named after, but you can leverage the natural rhythm of culture for your congregation or community.

A simple Google search brings up tons of “churchey” Valentine’s ideas. Here are some for your church. Some are innovative … and some are cheesy. Each of these ideas adds value to your ministry. Make sure to promote whichever idea you choose through your church’s website, your church’s social media accounts, and your ChMS like Realm.

Leverage IN (These ideas can be used to leverage the day for your congregation.)

1) Fundraiser: Let a ministry accept donations and orders for flowers or chocolates to be delivered after the service, or if you’re staffed well enough make home deliveries. Accepting donations online through Realm makes this easier on your church and your staff.

2) Parents Night Out: Provide free or low-cost child care so that moms and dads can spend an evening alone. Use Realm’s registration events to organize your volunteers and for convenient sign-up.

3) Love Bible Studies: Guide your small groups to cover love and relationship issues for a few weeks. There are plenty of resources out there for things like this, and people always need relationship help. Monitor small group attendance and effectiveness with Realm’s groups feature.

4) Memorable Marriage Moments: Allow a few couples with lasting marriages a chance to share some of their stories and secrets during your February services or through video testimonies on your website or social networks like Realm’s Connect or Facebook.

Leveraging OUT (These ideas can be used to leverage the day for your community.)

1) Love a Family: Choose a specific family or group of families to love with action and use this day to gather volunteers, resources, or finances. Use Realm to coordinate outreach and communication details to those involved.

2) Love a Mission: Pick a specific mission or ministry to bless and use this day as the springboard to gather volunteers, resources, or finances.

3) Parents Night Out: With the right focus and promotion, this could be used as a “love gift” to your community. Provide free or low cost child care so that moms and dads can spend an evening alone.

Cheesy Ideas That Could Work (Cheese is good in moderation, but too much cheese makes you sick.)

1) Preach about Love: God is Love. Love is always a great topic. I placed it under cheese because preaching about God’s love should come from a heart that’s filled with His love and not a desire to do something for Valentine’s Day. Don’t use tired illustrations and unnecessary sappiness. People are expecting this so if you’re going to do it, do it right.

2) Love Hug Day: Get people to hug each other a lot on Valentine’s Day. I saw this idea on one site. Hugs can be refreshing or awkward. Be careful with this one.

3) Preach a sermon using a box of chocolates: This could work if you’ve either got a knack for illustrations or you’re Forrest Gump.

4) Grilled Cheese, Goldfish, and Giggles with Grandparents: Have an afternoon where grandparents come in with their little ones and have a nice simple lunch. Everyone loves grandparents and goldfish, but I’m not sure what this has to do with Valentine’s Day.

5) Newlywed Game: This is predictable, but in the right setting with the right people, it’s a good time. In the wrong setting with the wrong people, it’s a disaster.

6) Spaghetti Dinner: These can be excruciatingly lame. No one likes bad spaghetti or lame entertainment, but some churches make it work.

7) Show Fireproof: Fireproof is a great movie, but few people want to come to church to watch TV. It might be better to give every couple a copy and let them watch it alone at home.

Do whatever you do well. Once you pick an idea, go big. Do it to the best of your ability. You may be surprised at your success. Don’t forget to collect data along the way so that you can track participation and effectiveness of your promotions, attendance, and impact. Realm can help you do all this, plus so much more. And it’s super easy to get started. Hop on a live demo to learn more.

Michelle Guerrere has a degree in journalism and nearly a decade of experience lifestyle for a variety of digital and print publications.


How to decorate for valentine's day

Has anyone else noticed how hard it is to recover from the holiday money crunch? To be perfectly honest, it usually takes most people a few months, which is why it’s always a good idea to think about affordable Valentine’s Day date ideas. In a world where a single movie ticket costs more than $16 (not including service fees), it can seem like there are very few things to do on a budget. The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you use a little imagination.

After all, celebrating February 14 is all about spending time with the one you love (or the ones, if you’re spending it with some friends instead of a significant other). Other than the obvious option of making dinner at home, there are plenty of fun, creative things you can do that won’t break the bank.

Keep reading for 25 affordable Valentine’s Day ideas you and your special someone will love.

Go Canoeing

Paddle out to the middle of the lake and take in all the beauty of nature. Bring a bottle of bubbly to enjoy together to make it even more special.

Enjoy Breakfast in Bed

This is an especially good one if you’re in a busy season at work. Wake up just a little bit earlier and cozy up with your S.O. for an hour or so before you start the day. Just don’t forget to make extra coffee.

Do a DIY Wine Tasting

Wine tasting classes can be costly, but all you need are a few different varietals to do your own at home. Swirl and sip your way to finding your next favorite date-night bottle.

Look at Old Photos

Scroll through your photos on your iCloud or Facebook account—it will be fun to see how you’ve changed over time. This is an especially good one if you’ve been together for a while. Finish the night with a new photo to add to the mix.

Give Each Other Massages

Settle in for the night with your S.O. and pamper each other with massages. You can set the spa vibe with a scented candle and some massage oil.

Rent a Movie

No line, no loud neighbors eating popcorn, no braving the cold weather (if you live up north). Instead of just watching something on Netflix, bite the bullet and spend a few dollars renting a new release.

Stage Your Own Photoshoot

Nothing says “I love you” quite like cute photos together. Have a friend take some adorable pics, which you can put up around your place (and on social media if you’re into that).

Get Out Some Board Games

You can make it nostalgic with games like Guess Who? or Battleship. The best part? Designate a prize for the winner (yes, we like to encourage competition).

Go on a Hike

Explore the great outdoors together. Being outside is known to boost happiness, and being together will make it even better. Plus, the views from the top of a mountain are super romantic.

Have an At-Home Karaoke Contest

If you want to up the ante, invite some friends over to compete. Make sure to break out all the goodies, like Taylor Swift and the Backstreet Boys.

Indulge in a Pizza Night

There’s something about making your own pizza and toppings together from scratch that’s so romantic. You can even go all-out and make your pizza heart-shaped.

Take a Tandem Bike Ride

Is there anything sweeter than riding a bike through some gorgeous scenery with your S.O.? Assuming you don’t have one at home, you can rent a tandem style at a local bike shop.

Picnic Together

Lay out a cozy blanket in the park (or the living room if it’s too cold). Pack a basket of all of your favorites, including cheese, wine, and cured meats. Don’t have time to prepare? If you’re at home, Seamless or Postmates can deliver whatever you need, but just remember that it will cost you more.

Volunteer Together

This one is a win-win. Save money and help out a local organization, especially when other individuals are spending the night out.

Enjoy Fondue

First big decision: cheese or chocolate? We vote both, if you’ve got time.

Write Love Letters—and Read Them Out Loud

Spend a few days before writing love letters to one another. Make a night out of reading them aloud and toasting to your future together.

Go See a Gallery Exhibit

First of all, some of these are free, and you’ll also be escaping the restaurant madness. Grab a hot chocolate on the way home for a sweet treat.

Purchase a Deal

If you’ve been together long enough, you won’t mind if you use a Groupon deal for dinner, a spa experience, or the like. Just make sure it’s valid on Valentine’s Day before you purchase.

Attend Trivia Night

Head to the bar and compete against others for the title of trivia champion. Forgo a big dinner for bites like sweet potato fries and sliders. (Hey, it’s a holiday, right?)

Have a Candlelit Dinner at Home

Few things are more romantic than cooking together. You’ll spend at least half as much as you would at a restaurant, and you won’t be kicked out to make room for the next seating.

Go Ice Skating

Bundle up and head out for a night of romance on the ice. If you think of it, ask a passerby to get a photo.

Take a Bubble Bath for Two

This is fun in itself, but it can also pair well with the ice-skating excursion above. Whatever you do, sprinkle some rose petals on top of your bubbles.

Bake Something Delicious

Buy a box of baking mix for less than $5 and eat as much as you want. Preferably, make something with chocolate, in honor of the holiday.

Take a Record Store Excursion

Are you or your partner a music-lover? There’s something so cool and vintage about the whole experience of shopping for records. Most stores will let you preview whichever albums you’d like, too.

Dance Together

Try out some new moves at home, in a dance lesson, or even at a salsa club. Valentine’s Day is all about getting close, and this is a great way to do so.

Today I played hooky and it was soooo much fun. I highly recommend it! 😉 I guess it wasn’t really hooky since I snapped some fun pics and garnered some great Valentine’s Day decorating ideas to bring back and share with you.

Such a great way to spend a cold January day. I had lunch with my friend, Marie, followed by a fun day of shopping. We visited all our favorite shopping haunts around town and we didn’t come home empty handed. I found pretty green napkins, just right for a future spring/summer table setting.

Upon arriving at Marie’s home, I had to snap a pic of her fountain out front. Don’t you love it!

How to decorate for valentine's day

As you can see, it’s cold here in Georgia right now.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Marie decorates her beautiful Victorian home for all the holidays and I couldn’t wait to see what she had done with her front porch for Valentine’s Day.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Let’s step a bit closer and check it out.

How to decorate for valentine's day

A cute doggie bearing a sweet Valentine’s Day message greeted me at the end of the walkway.

How to decorate for valentine's day
The porch was all decked out with fluffy red garland and beautiful hanging lanterns. Marie found her garland at treetopiadotcom online and it came prelit. Awesome! The lanterns are from HomeGoods several years ago.

Let’s take a closer look at the decorations on the lower part of the columns.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Is this putting you in the mood for a little Valentine’s Day decorating? Marie found the hearts in Michaels.

How to decorate for valentine's day

A visit to Marie’s home is like entering a magical fairy land. My eyes grow big, my heart beats faster and I’m suddenly 10 years old again. Thanks to this thing called the internet and a blog, you can come, too! We’ll be 10 years old again together. Deal?

How to decorate for valentine's day

We’ll be going inside soon and I can’t wait to share Marie’s Valentine’s Day table setting with you for Tablescape Thursday!

If you missed seeing how Marie decorates her home and porch for Christmas, you’ll find that post here: Beautiful Victorian Home Decorated for Christmas

Are you looking for some inexpensive Valentine’s Day Crafts ideas? What about some fun things to make for your family for Valentine’s Day?

I am going to show how to decorate on a budget for Valentine’s Day. You will be surprise what you have in your closets, in storage bin, under the cabinets and in the refrigerator. Let me show you some fun and great inexpensive ideas for Valentines Day.

How to decorate for valentine's day

A cloche is a fun item to decorate for any season. I gave it a little of a refresher for Valentine’s Day.

How to decorate for valentine's day

I shopped my own house to add a little sentiment with “love you” from some old Scrabble tiles, holder and a few glass hearts. The glass hearts were bought as fillers for a vase years ago. You can still find them at local craft stores.

You could always cut out a paper heart and insert here as well. How about making a heart and adding some glitter to it.

How to decorate for valentine's day

A few more hearts were sprinkled on the side. I plan to add some candles on each side of the cloche for my Valentine’s Dinner.

It was a very easy and fun Valentines centerpiece to create.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Here is another easy and quick centerpiece. It could be use on your island, counter, side table or centerpiece on your dining table.

These are all items that I shopped my house to create! I started by looking in my cabinets and around the house for items.

How to decorate for valentine's day

I placed all of the items on the counter to see what would work for the centerpiece.

How to decorate for valentine's day

The tray was placed in the center of the island.

How to decorate for valentine's day

I took the tallest piece, the topiary and placed in on the tray. Then I created an easy bow by using a piece of red grosgrain ribbon with white poke-a-dots. Pretty white lace would look beautiful too.

How to decorate for valentine's day

I trimmed the tails of the bow with my scissors.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Next, I placed a candle and a bowl on the tray. It always looks good to have three items in various heights to anchor the tray.

How to decorate for valentine's day

The white pods were placed in the bowl. I did not like the bulky look and removed them.

You may want to add candy in your bowl. We are not eating candy right now to loss weight.

I began searching the house for something to add inside the bowl. Look what I found? These beads with a heart at the end. It was the perfect item!

How to decorate for valentine's day

A baggy of these hearts were found in one of my kitchen drawers. I purchased them last year for 50% at Hobby Lobby. It was the perfect finishing touch to sprinkle them on the tray.

Another no cost Valentine’s centerpiece! I created both of the centerpieces shown here today by shopping my house for items. It is always good to reuse what you have on hand.

Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Another way to save money is to make your own wreath or garland.

How to decorate for valentine's day

This easy paper heart garland hangs in my mudroom room. Another project that I used items from my craft room to create. I have a tutorial on my blog on how to create an easy and fun DIY heart garland here.

This is also a fun project to make with children. The garland could be made to hang across a kitchen window or along the fireplace mantel. Little ones would love having a part on creating some decorations.

Fancy dinner may not be on the menu, but these romantic activities are still awesome.

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

Even during the best of times, Valentine’s Day can feel a little. cliché. Or it can bring pressure to plan something your partner will appreciate, if you are, in fact, partnered up. And this year, the fact that we’re all in quarantine amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has added a whole new layer to planning.

But if you’re dating or in a relationship, and Valentine’s Day is something that usually matters to you, try not to let the day slip away. Even if you do modified activities this year, celebrating the holiday can bring a chance to connect.

“In working with couples for the past 19 years, there are a few things I’ve learned are important to help maintain a healthy relationship, [and] one of those lessons is the importance of couple time or date nights,” notes George James, Psy.D., a licensed marriage and family therapist and chief innovation officer at Council for Relationships. “With everything that we’ve had to experience in the past year, some couples have grown closer to each other and other couples have struggled. Making sure you have time to connect can help strengthen the relationship. Just because people are home doesn’t mean they are spending time with each other.”

A good holiday weekend will take some planning. But even small efforts can make a difference. “Think about what your partner likes and enjoys,” suggests James, who also offers a date night box for couples. “Due to the pandemic you might not be able to go to a fancy restaurant, but a well thought out date night at home could bring more connection and quality time.”

And if you need ideas for home experiences and beyond, you’re in the right place.

There are so many fun ways to enjoy the day!

How to decorate for valentine's day

How to decorate for valentine's day

After a year like 2020, everyone could use a little extra TLC. So, if you’re thinking about spending Valentine’s Day by yourself, with a special someone, with your kids, or by gathering a few of your closest Valentines, these best Valentine’s Day party ideas will make it a day to remember. These cute ideas for Valentine’s Day activities range from simple, like making chocolate strawberries, to crafty, like building a gigantic box of chocolates. (Yes, really!) Feel free to spend the day marathoning the most romantic movies of all time or go all out by creating photo props to put those silly, sweet Valentine’s Day Instagram captions to good use.

No matter how you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, make sure you take a little time to focus on love—for yourself and others. That might be by reading romantic Valentine’s Day quotes to your sweetie or treating yourself to a luxurious soak in the tub. Keep reading to discover plenty of ways to shower yourself and others with love this February. And hey, who knows—these Valentine’s Day party ideas might lead you to a few Valentine’s Day recipes that you’ll want to permanently add to your repertoire!

How to decorate for valentine's day

What better way to celebrate than with a whole bunch of balloons? Instead of grabbing a handful of strings, consider shaping the balloons into a picture-perfect arch.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

How to decorate for valentine's day

This adorable wall-hanging display will be a hit for taking photos on Valentine’s Day.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY!

How to decorate for valentine's day

Looking for new ways to shower your Valentine in sweets? These chocolate cookies are a good place to start. Ree and her mom used to make them together every February 14!

How to decorate for valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is a time to indulge, even if you’re dairy-free! Try these chocolate-filled strawberries for a twist on the usual dessert.

Get the recipe from A Beautiful Mess.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Hoping to get all your decorations in one fell swoop? This bundle from Etsy is a great option.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Who doesn’t love romantic comedies? Test yourself and see how much your really know about your favorite genre with this romantic comedy quiz.

How to decorate for valentine's day

These scratch-off Valentine’s are next level. So much so that you can expect to be tagged on social media when your Valentine undoubtedly wants to share how unique they are.

How to decorate for valentine's day

This adorable idea puts a whole new spin on boxes of candy hearts. Though, you should totally fill the bottom with the classic candies too!

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY!

How to decorate for valentine's day

If you love homemade cards, why not have a card making afternoon with your kids?

How to decorate for valentine's day

Instead of sticking to vases full of flowers, craft napkin rings that your Valentine can dry out and keep forever. One thing’s for sure: They’ll make for a stunning tablescape.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is all about love. Whether you’re alone or spending the day with friends, family, or a special someone, smother yourself in kisses with this cute balloon idea.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY!

How to decorate for valentine's day

Looking for tasty treats to make for Valentine’s Day? These chocolate-dipped cherry macaroons have our vote.

How to decorate for valentine's day

These floral-filled chunks are sure to make any Valentine’s Day drink look that much more appealing.

Get the recipe at A Beautiful Mess.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Thinking of making a photo booth on Valentine’s Day? These heart-adorned glasses are such a cute prop idea.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY!

How to decorate for valentine's day

Given that Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday in 2021, you can’t go wrong with brunch. Instead of basic eggs and bacon, however, opt for something a little sweeter to celebrate the day of love.

How to decorate for valentine's day

We can’t think of a sweeter way to show affection than with beautiful cookies you bake and decorate yourself. Our Valentine’s Day-themed cookie cutters offer plenty of opportunities for bright colors and special touches, and they’re easy to master at home with the right tools and tips. To get some insight, we asked expert decorator Cathie Lopez for some tips on how to make gorgeous iced cookies every time.

What items should be in every cookie decorator’s toolkit? Other than cookies, of course.

What’s your secret to getting the best shapes and details out of cookie cutters?

It’s easiest if you roll out the dough directly onto the parchment paper. Then try to cut the cookie out and transfer it on the parchment paper to the cookie sheet, cutting any excess paper so it fits on the cookie sheet. Using a large spatula also helps with the transfer.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Any tips for mixing colors?

For these types of cookies, use pink, rose and red food gels. These three colors can be adjusted from a pale color to an intense color by adding a little or a lot of food gel. Resist the temptation to add more and more red food gel to your icing. You may not immediately see that dark rich red color you’re going for, but let it sit for 30 minutes (covered with plastic wrap touching the surface so it doesn’t harden) and the color will intensify to a nice deep red.

How do you create those perfectly smooth dots?

To make smooth dots of icing, try lightly patting down the peak of the dot with a clean damp finger right after piping.

Do you have any secrets for placing beads?

If you would like to add sprinkles, nonpareils (mini beads) or sanding sugars, the best time to do this is right after the cookie is flooded with icing. Place the cookie on a paper towel and carefully sprinkle with the sugar decoration. Pick up the cookie by the edges and turn upside down so the excess sprinkles fall back onto the paper towel. Carefully pour the sprinkles back into the jar to use again.

How to decorate for valentine's day

What’s the best way to achieve filled hearts on an iced cookie?

First you have to flood the heart cookies with a base color. To do that, the consistency of the icing needs to be just thick enough to control while piping but still thin enough so that any piped lines disappear. Test this by stirring the bowl of icing, then letting a stream of icing fall from the spoon back into the bowl. If the stream disappears within 30 seconds, the icing should be the right consistency to flood the cookies. I use a #3 tip for flooding. Start by outlining the cookie shape then fill in the body of the cookie. Let this dry for several hours or overnight before adding other royal icing decorations. The flooding will keep the cookies fresh for days.

Can you think of any fun packaging ideas for decorated cookies?

A nice way to package cookies is to place them in a heart-shaped candy box. For smaller hearts, I like to fill a wide-mouth mason jar, tie a red ribbon around the lid and add a tag that says “Jar of Hearts.”

Any other tips?

When cutting out the large hearts, also make sure to poke out the smaller hearts and bake them as well. These can be decorated and attached with icing to the larger hearts or sprinkles on a frosted cake, or they can be frozen and used later.

You can do these fun and romantic activities on your couch and online.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Ah, the season of love. Most Valentine’s Days, we cram as many romantic activities into the day as possible. Candlelit dinners. Couples’ massages. Cocktails at a swanky lounge. But this year, things are different. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are spending Valentine’s Day at home. And while that might sound boring, it’s actually the perfect excuse to plan a special indoor date or family activity.

Whether you’re celebrating with your special someone, your Galentines, or your entire fam, we’re here to help you plan the ultimate at-home Valentine’s Day bash. Our best tip is to make the day as over-the-top and festive as possible. Wear matching outfits. Recreate your first date. Surprise your S.O. with breakfast in bed. The more thought you put into the day, the better. And to cap off your holiday, make sure you exchange gifts. For example, you might want to pick up one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her or the most romantic gifts for him.

How to decorate for valentine's day

There’s no better way to start the day than with breakfast in bed. Put a tray together for your partner — and don’t forget to include as many heart-shaped food items as possible. It’s a simple way to say “I love you” before your partner even takes a sip of their coffee.

How to decorate for valentine's day

The easiest way to make any holiday even more festive is by wearing matching outfits. These heart shirts are oh-so-cute — but really, any pink or red getups will do.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Make your home a romantic oasis by decking it out with sweet heart-shaped items. We love this donut peg wall — treats + decor = double win! — but there are so many incredible DIY Valentines’ Day decorations that you can whip up in no time.

How to decorate for valentine's day

Sure, a photo book makes a great Valentine’s Day gift. But putting one together also makes a great Valentine’s Day activity. Grab your sweetie and compile all your favorite photos. You’ll have so much fun reminiscing on your favorite memories.

X’s, O’s, and moans.

Grab your heart-shaped candy because the most romantic day of the year is almost here, folks. This means now—not in a few days, not next week, but now—is the time to plan all the ways to make your Valentine’s Day extra special this year. The good news is you don’t actually have to spend a fortune or plan a whole parade to make your partner feel all lovey-dovey. In fact, one of the easiest ways to go above and beyond is by having wild, sexy, passionate Valentine’s Day sex.

Granted, having sex is pretty much the only V-Day activity that doesn’t require a reservation or an overpriced Uber. But! That doesn’t mean it’s any less special or attention-worthy. In fact, putting a little thought into your Valentine’s Day sex is just about the hottest way to celebrate the holiday. Luckily, there are tons of ways to turn up the heat, most of which involve spending absolutely zero dollars. From starting with a romantic date to upping the kink factor or practicing some consensual rough play, the options are plentiful.

Just remember that whatever type of sex you decide to consensually indulge in this V-Day, don’t forget the aftercare. This is the act of making sure your partner feels safe and happy, which can look like cuddling, taking a bath together, or simply splitting a large pepperoni pizza and chatting afterward. And now without further ado, here are 26 ways to spice up your Valentine’s Day sex (or any sex, tbh) that’ll have even Cupid blushing.

How to decorate for valentine's day

It doesn’t matter how cheesy or cliché it seems, having an erotic massage session is like Setting the Mood 101. Sure, you could book a bougie couples massage somewhere, but you can also get that relaxed, blissed-out feeling at home, which is great because then you can quickly transition from deep tissue to deep penetration. Grab some massage oils and watch an instructional video before pampering your person with a rubdown.

Valentine’s Day is for everyone

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples – everyone can celebrate!

It’s the perfect occasion to show love and affection to family and friends. It’s also a great opportunity to spend quality time with your older adult.

We’ve rounded up plenty of fantastic Valentine’s Day ideas they’ll love – 6 categories of activity suggestions and 4 thoughtful gift ideas.

6 cheerful Valentine’s Day activities for seniors

1. Create a festive environment
Putting up decorations makes any holiday festive and more special.

Valentine’s Day is a great reason to make simple DIY decorations together – save money and do something fun at the same time!

Simple Valentine decoration ideas:

  • Hearts everywhere – cut hearts out of colored paper and stick them up around the house.
  • Faux stained glass window – cut hearts out of colored tissue paper and stick them up on a light-filled window. Overlapping them makes beautiful patterns too – like in this tutorial . Or, try this fun “stained glass” tutorial .
  • Fun chain garland – cut pink and red colored paper into equal-sized strips. Make interlocking rings by pasting or stapling the ends together ( like this ), then hang them around the house.
  • Festive heart garland – this tutorial shows how to make a fun garland of colorful hearts

2. Celebrate with family and friends
Any holiday is a good reason to get together with family and friends.

Organize a casual potluck or even just an afternoon of coffee and tea. You could even ask people to bring little Valentine’s cards for a festive exchange.

They don’t have to be expensive or store-bought, we found some lovely free printable Valentine’s Day cards here:

3. Enjoy Valentine activities for seniors
Coloring is a wonderful way to relax, be creative, and enjoy time together. Here are some of our favorite free Valentine-themed coloring pages:

Puzzles are another activity to enjoy together. Try some of these:

  • Valentine-themed word search puzzles – 1 easy and 1 challenging
  • Valentine’s Sudoku puzzles – 1 easy and 1 challenging
  • DIY Valentine heart puzzle – cut a large heart out of red or pink paper, “laminate” it using clear contact paper , and cut into puzzle shapes. To make it more colorful and festive, you could also glue smaller hearts, valentine-themed images, or photos onto the heart before sealing it in contact paper.

Bingo is another fun game that you can play with as few or as many people as you like.

Crayola created a free Valentine-themed bingo game. All you need to do is print the different Valentine bingo sheets – there are 10 in total.

  1. Make sure each player gets a different sheet.
  2. Take one of the bingo pages and cut out every square picture separately. Put all the squares into a container.
  3. The bingo caller will pull out one square at a time and call out the selected picture.
  4. If that picture is on a player’s board, the player marks that square – use Hershey’s kisses, color it in, or get creative with your markers!
  5. When one player gets 5 colored squares in a row or diagonally, that person wins the game!

4. Make homemade treats to share
Valentine’s Day and treats go hand in hand. Celebrate by making Valentine’s cookies, easy desserts, or savory snacks together. You can even make extras to give to family and friends!

Sweet treat ideas:

Savory treat ideas:

  • Love toast egg dish
  • Heart-shaped toast snack
  • Heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches with a bowl of soup (use a heart cookie cutter after grilling the sandwich)

Festive non-alcoholic beverages:

5. Share love with the community
If your older adult likes to knit, crochet, or sew, consider making red or pink hats, scarves, or blankets to donate to local shelters or hospitals.

6. Watch a classic romantic movie or romantic comedy
You might want to relax with a funny or romantic movie. Whether the group is just the two of you or a family viewing party, just grab some snacks and settle into a comfy couch.

4 thoughtful Valentine’s gift ideas

1. A lovely floral arrangement
Flowers brighten up a room and are a lovely way to bring a little bit of nature indoors.

A real bouquet like these or beautiful faux flowers like these make great gifts.

2. Sweet treats
Candy is another classic Valentine’s gift. How about a small box of chocolate like these as a special treat?

3. A houseplant
Another way to add soothing greenery to the room is to gift your older adult a houseplant – either a live, easy-care plant like this or a small, no-fuss faux plant like this one .

4. Stuffed animal
A cuddly stuffed animal can make a fantastic gift, especially for someone with dementia who would appreciate a comforting buddy.

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No matter how you define the current status of the relationships in your life, Valentine’s Day is a prime opportunity to reflect on the many ways love takes shape in our lives. All the relationships we hold help contribute to our sense of meaning and purpose, and that’s worth celebrating.

Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with a life partner or a group of friends, these Valentine’s Day date ideas will make your day special. They range from sexy to cute to cool, and can make good first dates for new couples or special quality time for longer-term relationships. Many of them can also be enjoyed alone if that is what would best serve you in your current phase of life, and you can do some of them at home too. Depending on the status of the pandemic in your area, these dates can be accommodated to meet local lockdown and safety requirements during COVID.

It’s important to remember that a meaningful date is less about picking out the “perfect” activity and more about celebrating the emotional connection that’s already present and consciously choosing to help it grow. You can quite literally transform any activity into something magical. The date itself is simply a vessel to help illuminate the love that’s already present and helps transform the world into a kinder, more compassionate, and loving place. So light your favorite Valentine’s Day candle, and read on for 34 ways to spend this special day.