How to decorate with neon

Nowadays, neon lights have become a popular choice for people to decorate their rooms. There is no denying that it is one of the coolest and the easiest methods to give a beautiful touch to your place. If you are not aware of how this lighting can be used to convert your dull room full of brightness, then you have landed on the right platform. In this article, we will share different ways to help you decorate your space with neon lights.

Have you ever noticed that various restaurants and nightclubs also use this lighting as a signboard? If you haven’t, make sure that you check it out the next time you go out at night. Apart from being useful as a signboard, neon lights can be used to decorate your workplace, living room, gaming zone, and bedroom. The best part is that you can customize it according to your liking.

If you are looking forward to adding some fun elements to your room, then neon lights can be a perfect choice. There are several different ways to use them for room decor, which are discussed below in this post. Meanwhile, if you don’t know where you can get these customized signs, consider visiting

Ways to Decorate a Room by Using Neon Lights

1. Adding a pop of color to your bedroom:

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Some people like having dark colors on their walls and if you are amongst them, then consider this idea of adding a pop of color on your dark walls. If there is some phrase that you love, then get that phrase customized in the form of a neon sign. The phrase can be related to the goal of your life, so every time you see it, you get a reminder about your objective. This sounds like a great idea, isn’t it?

2. Highlighting different items in your room:

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Another interesting method to use such lighting is to highlight different items present in your place. It might be any of your favorite photographs or some other decor piece hanging on the wall that you would like to emphasize. Once you have picked the item, it’s time for you to decorate it with some popping lighting.

Many people use neon lights to bring some glow to their beautiful furniture art, and you should also try it. Also, keep in mind that the color of lighting you choose must be suitable for the item you are willing to highlight; otherwise it will be of no use.

3. Keeping it simple and cool:

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Sometimes simple things can also have a significant impact. Add a simple yet meaningful neon sign that can change the vibe of your place. To enhance the vibe even more, we suggest you use a chandelier as well, along with such lighting. This will provide a very modern touch to your space. Add colorful and fresh flowers to a refreshing and cool look.

4. Sign Boards for walls:

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Aside from utilizing explicit styling techniques, you can consider hanging a signboard on the walls. There are different sign boards available in the market, and you can even get one customized according to your choice. They can be composed of different words or designs. The most famous people’s choices are welcome or sleep signboards, which you can switch on when you are sleeping.

This will change the vibe of your space and provide soft lighting, which will not let you scare from the darkness. Likewise, if you are a cartoon lover, you can get customized sign boards for your favorite cartoon character. Cartoon sign boards are best for decorating children’s bedrooms. However, don’t forget to hang these signs on the wall; otherwise, it may cause accidental injuries if children fall on it.

5. Unique and colorful pop:

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If your room is filled with neutral tones, adding more and more color is the best option to decorate it. Add a striking sign in a neon shade that sounds good to the space you are attempting to make. Pair the room with various distinctive lighting installations to light up the room extraordinarily. In addition, neon lights add a unique type of surface that essentially works.

Are you looking forward to bringing more colors to your home? If that is the situation, adding a sign in a many-sided shape or has a great angle will have a tremendous effect. Pair it in a moderate space for the best allure. You might even need to have the sign be a final dash of the present day.

Advantages of Using Neon Lights for Decoration

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● Provides high visibility: Neon signs are famous among buyers because of their incredible capacity to stand out and say something. In contrast to different lights, LED signs, which are directional light sources, neon signs give 360-degree enlightenment. Accordingly, you can see them from a significant sizable distance.

● Allows you to create customized designs: One of the real benefits of utilizing neon signs is they’re very adaptable. They can be customized into every design that you wish. Proficient Glass Benders can form specially crafted neon signs into a wide assortment of plans to assist with fitting the picture and tastefulness of any business.

● Saves energy: Lately, the utilization of energy-effective items has consistently expanded insignificance. Since neon is one of the more bountiful substance components on earth, the measure of energy expected to work neon signs is generally low. In contrast to different lights, neon lights don’t contain any filament, permitting them to squander little power and stay cool to the touch.

To Sum Up

If you are looking for some unique ways to decorate your space, then neon lighting is one of the best ways to do it. We hope that you have successfully found the method of your liking from the methods mentioned above. They are easy and some of the coolest ways to decorate your bedroom.

Add a jolt to a peaceful tablescape with accessories that are organic in form and invigorating in color.

To buy: Two’s Company coral sculpture, $210, Roundy orange tumbler, $67, for info. Mini bowls, $18 for two,

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Neon Pulls Up a Chair

Swap in a bright seat at one or both ends of the table, and add a layer of glowy accessories. Sprinkling neon throughout the room makes the statement look considered rather than arbitrary.

To buy: Plana chairs, $278 each (sold as a set of four), for info. La Tête au Cube Fluo vase, $159, Ruche Yellow plates, $150 each, for info. Seersucker napkins, $72 for four, Soiree tray, $308, Ten-inch yellow glass vase (on mantel), $19,

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Vivid Dreams

A bold (but not too bright) rug takes the shock out of neon—smart in a bedroom, where you want to relax. For those craving only a hint of visual energy, subtle neon piping on bedsheets works with virtually every type of decor.

To buy: Ombre Cougar rug, $299 (five by eight feet), Yellow chair, $475, Truly Outrageous chevron pillow, $56 for two, Ayanna Citron queen sheet set, $225, Thomas Eyck merino-wool throw, $525, &Tradition Flower Pot table lamp, $530, Charm candy bowl (under nightstand), $388,

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Excitement Overhead

A playful pendant can act as a focal point, drawing the eye away from messy surfaces to a crisper view. Artwork displaying a rainbow of neons serves as a unifier, making it easy for pieces in acid green, orange, and hot pink to live together.

Are you looking for a way to add a fun, artsy twist to your home? Then you might want to consider neon lights.

At first, this can feel like a tacky idea usually reserved for bars and the windows of tattoo parlors. But you can actually make neon lights work right in your home in ways that are classy and add a unique style. From accenting wall art and word art to more extreme uses like making a futuristic game room, you may be surprised to learn just some of the possibilities of neon lights in a residential space.

How to decorate with neon

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This is also a fairly easy way to get a new look in your home. Many custom neon fixtures can run around a couple hundred dollars or more from a shop. But you can also find neon-style signs for residential uses on sites like Amazon. Take this “dream” sign, for example. These tend to run around $10 to $80 depending on the size and complexity of the design. And generally, neon-style signs take just a few minutes to hang. Lighting a whole room with neon lights, however, might take the help of a professional remodeler or electrician.

How to decorate with neon

For a cozy, welcoming feel, choose neon words with a domestic connotation. Image: JY J/Shutterstock

Use Words to Create Ambiance

The most common way to use neon lights, or even neon-style LED lights, is to use them to spell out certain words that create a specific mood in the home. For instance, the sign in the photo above creates a comfortable feel by literally just spelling the word home. Some other ideas for neon word signs that would look great in living rooms or bedrooms include:

Along similar lines, you could also go with different images, like moon outlines.

How to decorate with neon

Neon lights can also accent the elements that are already in the room. Image:

Accent Items with Neon Lights

Another great use for neon-style lights is to use them to accent items you already have in the home. You can see in the photo above how you could use a neon lighting style around art on the wall, as is the case with the red lighting on the wall hanging. It really makes the bright art pop all the more.

You could also use neon lights to add a glow from under major pieces of furniture. An example is the light that glows from under the cooktop island in the photo above. People often place colored lighting under cabinets for some accent lighting, so why not go neon?

How to decorate with neon

Vertical neon lights can create a massive statement look. Image: Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock

Create a Futuristic Space

A more involved idea comes in the form of the game room in the photo above. By adding neon vertical lighting, you can create a room that has a futuristic element to it. As the photo above shows, this is the perfect setting for a gaming room. But it could also work in artsy bedrooms, den areas and man caves.

For this idea, you would need thick neon lights sold in straight bars. You might also have to hire a professional remodeler or electrician to hook up the lighting properly.

And remember, properly installed and constructed neon lighting should never run warm. If you find one that is, you will want to invest in a higher quality light.

How to decorate with neon

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How to decorate with neon

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How to decorate with neon

Famous for adorning the hallways and interiors of nightclubs and pubs, neon lights are slowly making their way to homes. They are no longer restricted to those public places and people are gradually learning to adorn their living spaces with neon lights. They are a great addition because they light up the space uniquely, and most importantly, are not at all boring.

Neon lights come in all shapes and sizes and are fully customizable, so if you want a sign saying “Wanderlust” or a neon light resembling your child’s cartoon character, all of it is possible. These lights can be made to look amazing and can be coupled beautifully with the interior decor of your place, only if you know how to. This post will give you 6 amazing ideas so that you get inspired to decorate your place in the best possible ways using your choice of neon lights.

1. Make The Room Look Like a Sci-Fi Movie

Are you a fan of time travel? Or does space fascinate you? Without any additional worry, you can make your room look like a scene right out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. Lights can do wonders; neon lights are more so. Just adding a neon light strip to your room will add a wonderful futuristic feel to it, and if you couple it with some glass panels and appropriate furniture, it will look even better.

In a room with a gaming station and computer console, adding a neon light and glass walls either horizontally or vertically will give you a feeling of a futuristic setup. Use your creativity to the fullest and select a sign you won’t get tired of and ask an electrician to put it up in the room. Other than this, you can also go for simple neon lights.

2. Contrast Neon Lights with a Dark Wall

How to decorate with neon

This is the newest craze among netizens. Neon lights look great on dark-colored walls and add a pop of color to your room. Additionally, they also add a personality to the walls. If you add neon lights to a dark-colored wall, you don’t really need complete darkness to enjoy the full effect of the neon lights, because they will stand out anyway.

3. Accentuate Your Favorite Items in the Room

Neon Lights are the best accessories for highlighting the objects of your choice. Placing neon lights at the back of an object is a great way if you want all eyes to fall on it. For example, if you have an expensive painting in your room, use neon lights around your painting for drawing attention to it. Additionally, neon lights also have the ability to make anything look ten times cooler and this way, your painting can also get a modern touch.

You may also use neon lights under the furniture of your room because they will add a glow from below and can be used to accentuate the tastefully hand-picked furniture of your room. Neon lights can also be used to highlight photographs in your living space because they help them pop out of the wall they are attached to. You can switch off the normal lights in your room and leave the neon lighting around photographs switched on, to highlight your best memories.

4. Create a Mood with Signs

How to decorate with neon

Words, if used correctly, can be used to create a specific vibe in your home. You can literally use anything from a neon sign spelling “home” or “wanderlust” to express your ambitions and create a mood. This way, you can have your space remind you of your dreams and goals. You can also get your favorite quote in the form of neon lights and set it up directly over your bed. This not only accentuates and adds a customized vibe to your room but also gives you a positive vibe to function better.

5. Make Your Living Room Pop

Using neon lights in living spaces has been the current trend all over. Many people prefer using shades of white or gray while decorating their living room. If you feel that the entire setting is looking a bit too bland for your taste, neon lights are always a great addition.

You can put up wall signs on a bare wall to make the entire room look bright. On the other hand, you may also place lights under the cabinets because this will accentuate the furniture of the room by giving it a glow from under it. Nothing screams modern more than neon lights and they have the ability to transform your room into something so much better.

6. Using Neon Lights as Signs

How to decorate with neon

Neon Lights have always been used as signs for decades. From alerting the public about a pub in the next street to announcing a “Motel” around the corner, they are generally one’s top choice when they want to draw attention to something. You can also reinvent what the neon lights were originally used for- signs!

The idea is to put up something really simple on your walls- a neon sign reading “Welcome” will be a great addition and impress your guests immediately. Further, if you have a section of shelves filled with books in your living room, you may use a neon sign that asks everyone to be quiet. You may use something witty or get the “Maintain Silence” of libraries customized as your neon light. You can switch it on whenever you are reading to make a style statement in your living space.


Neon Lights are everyone’s favorite nowadays. Inspired by their use in pubs and hip cafes, people are gradually using them in their homes. They are an excellent way to define yourself and hence people are using them more and more as statement pieces.

You can use neon signs to express to the world who you are as a person and they can be great to impress your followers on social media spaces. The best part of neon signs is that they are fully customizable. Sculpt Neon Signs is the best shop to buy your statement neon sign from because not only are there several already-made designs available, but the option to sculpt your own signs.

How to decorate with neon

Neon party ideas take traditional event lighting to the next level. Think about it: Everything looks better with the right lighting. Whether you are attending a wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah party, or corporate event — lighting décor sets the mood.

While guests are used to glittering chandeliers and plenty of candlelight, lighting is finding new and more creative ways to shine. Imagine everything from LED dance floors and glow-in-the-dark instruments to neon catering trays and uplit floral décor.

It’s true: Glow-themed parties are taking over every type of celebration. And we mean every type of celebration. After all, adults (as well as kids) will love neon-themed parties. Even luxe wedding celebrations can benefit from neon décor and entertainment.

It’s true: Glow-themed parties are taking over every type of celebration.

These neon party ideas promise to transform your event into a wonderland of light and color. From LED lounge seating to glow-in-the-dark place settings, we’ve found all the fun ways to illuminate your next celebration.

That’s not all. PartySlate can connect you with lighting designers and a talented A/V team to bring your favorite glow-in-the-dark party ideas to life. Make sure to check out our curated directory to find lighting designers, party planners, photographers, and more.

Here are ways to use pops of neon to add an element of color—and fun—to your next event.

From glowing centerpieces and interactive displays to bright signage and cheeky decor, here are 19 ways to brighten up events with a pop of neon color.

How to decorate with neon

At the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay’s Big Night on February 7, neon masking tape spelled out the event’s hashtag. Corinthian Events handled the decor at Boston’s House of Blues.

How to decorate with neon

In a nod to its exhibit on bioluminescent organisms, the American Museum of Natural History’s junior benefit in 2012 featured bright lighting and glowing decor. Illuminated spheres and LED neon-colored wires decorated the dinner tabletops.

How to decorate with neon

The fifth annual Coachella Neon Carnival took place at an airport near the festival grounds in 2014. Produced by Brent Bolthouse, the event included an enormous neon-lit dance floor.

How to decorate with neon

At South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, in 2014, event production agency MKG brightened up a dark room using neon masking tape and ultraviolet lighting, creating an edgy, Pop Art-inspired look for the party for online magazine Upstairs, guests were encouraged to take selfies with mirrors; images were printed by the Bosco to add onto the Shameless Selfie wall and were projected in the main room.

How to decorate with neon

A 10-foot Lite-Brite-style decor piece spelled out the band Fun’s name at an AOL and T-Mobile concert event in 2012 in Los Angeles.

How to decorate with neon

The Art, Speed, and Design event hosted by Italian design house Pininfarina at Art Basel in Miami in 2014 showcased a 2015 Maserati GranTurismo splattered in neon paint by street artist Mr. Brainwash.

How to decorate with neon

The 2013 Imagination Ball, from the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County’s Arsht Families membership circle, was designed for children. To that end, decor popped in colorful neon hues.

How to decorate with neon

The Museum of Modern Art’s annual Party in the Garden in 2013 had a modern, tropical vibe. Inside the lobby and atrium of the New York event, exotic, lush greenery and pops of neon stood out against a stark white background.

How to decorate with neon

The arrivals backdrop—featuring the Cartier and MoMA logos rendered in neon and marquee lights—echoed the dense arrangements of tropical greenery found inside the dinner space.

How to decorate with neon

At the Tate Americas Foundation’s Artists Dinner in 2013, designer David Stark filled the raw event space Skylight at Moynihan Station with industrial elements. The cocktail area included giant metallic tubes decorated with florescent lights that changed colors.

How to decorate with neon

In honor of the opening of High Line Park, Friends of the High Line hosted a benefit in New York in 2009. At the after-party, held in a covered portion of the High Line, an illuminated bar decorated the main event space.

How to decorate with neon

At the inaugural Electric Run, a nighttime 5K run/walk set to electronic dance music, the more than 10,000 participants were encouraged to wear LED-lit clothing and neon colors, and carry glow sticks.

How to decorate with neon

To launch its Shops at Target program in 2012, the retail giant constructed a pop-up store at New York’s Highline Stages. Bright neon signage incorporating the Target logo marked the diner-style “coffee shop” that served as the bar area.

How to decorate with neon

For the 2010 MOCA gala in Los Angeles, the museum commissioned artist Doug Aitken to transform the benefit into an experiential work of art. The event took place inside of a tent topped by a dramatic installation in the ceiling: a sculpture made from 2,400 feet of running white PVC pipe interspersed with 191 pieces of VersaTube.

How to decorate with neon

During the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner weekend in 2012, Google and The Hollywood Reporter hosted an event that welcomed guests with an alphabet-board sign.

How to decorate with neon

At AOL’s NewFront in 2012, neon signage in the arrivals tent pointed guests toward the event entrance at Highline Stages in New York.

How to decorate with neon

In a nod to the event’s ’90s theme, table numbers looked like splattered neon paint.

How to decorate with neon

For Sparkle Lounge on January 8, the annual client and vendor appreciation event from the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, the building’s signature Atrium space was transformed with futuristic lighting effects and angular graphics. Two sleek, minimalist bars flanked the space, which popped in shades of pink and purple.

How to decorate with neon

The event also previewed interactive displays, including a fog screen holographic video projection.

How to decorate with neon

You’ve recently decided to redecorate your man cave and freshen it up with some cool new decorations. But you have no idea which decorations to choose? Have you thought about neon lights? Neon lights in interiors are a new rising trend, so it is worth getting interested in. Decorating your man cave with these lights can add the coolness of your favorite bar, making you feel as if you were somewhere else.

You may remember them from the 1950s and 1960s when there were plenty of them on the streets, or you may have seen them in the movies. Well today, they are returning in a more modern version – also as lighting decorations at home. Check out what neon lights stand out for, where to order them, and how to best decorate your man cave with them.

As you probably know, such lights have long been used in the advertising industry. With the help of these interesting lightings, different venues were advertised. They were used as signs on shops, restaurants, and other businesses, shaped mostly as logos or titles. The neon light is so expressive that the place decorated by such lighting is visible from afar.

Where to find them?

How to decorate with neon

Many companies on the market offer creative lighting solutions, and personalized neon signs are one of them. The best thing about them is that you have a very large range to choose from – you can choose the shape, motif, dimensions, and even create a sketch and send it to the studio for manufacturing. Browse further for inspiration on

Why choose neon lights for your man cave?

For several reasons. The ability to decorate the space effectively is the first one. The plasticity of the material, thanks to which neon lights have fantastic shapes. Also, an important advantage of such lights is energy efficiency. Although they consume more energy than, for example, LEDs, they emit more powerful light. But, guess what? LED option is also available. They are also very durable – they can shine non-stop for up to a year.

So, what are the ways to use these lights as decoration?

Tons. Just as they were used to draw the attention of people passing on the street, individual inscriptions or letters are a perfect way to add light and decorate your man cave. Choose a favorite slogan, your life motto, or prominent letters that especially suit the interior of a modern-styled man cave.

Another idea is to use people’s shapes. It could be a sportsman or the head of a person you find particularly interesting. Nodding illuminated ads from the 1950s and 1960s gave a super cool effect, and would go great if you plan to use a retro style for your man cave.

Animals: a picture of a cat or a dog? It’s an easy way to add a cozy character to your man cave interior.

Graphics and logos: known from decades of advertising or selected from contemporary projects you find appealing. Choosing neon signs with a cafe, restaurant, or other venues you like, would be a great idea.

The most common way to use these lights, or even neon-style LED lights, is to use them to spell some words that create a specific mood in your man cave. For example, you can buy a sign that provides a comfortable feeling by literally pronouncing the word you like best. Brainstorm with your buddies, see what you guys can think of, after all, you’ll be entertaining them in there. Besides choosing the word you can choose a language that best describes you and speaks about you and the atmosphere you want to achieve. There are even neon words that can be combined with images and shapes, like dots or with a picture behind a neon screen.

Where would such lighting fit best in your man cave?

How to decorate with neon

Well, above a bar, obviously. You must have one in your man cave. A great place for illuminated advertisements known from gastronomic facilities, i.e. cafes, bars, and restaurants. In the spacious industrial-style man cave, choose larger neon signs associated with bars, and in the more comfortable man caves – signs from cafes.

A must-have in a man cave is a comfortable sofa. Placing one of these interesting neon signs above the sofa is a perfect idea. It works well on any wall, but the most interesting light effect is achieved on bricks or decorative concrete tiles. These two wall types are also excellent for a man cave interior.

Another great use of these lights is to highlight items you already have in the man cave. You can use a neon style of lighting around the wall painting, such as red lighting or another color. It really makes brilliant art even more visible.

You could also use neon lights to add shine to your main furniture. An example is a light that shines beneath the bar edge. People often put colored lights under cabinets for accent lighting … and it really creates a beautiful decorative feeling.

If none of these ideas work for your man cave, then simply use neon lighting for a dim light effect in the room. When you switch off the main light, use neon as a dim option. You know, when the party gets going.

Will these lights be in one piece if I order them from elsewhere?

How to decorate with neon

You can count on it. Since we gave you tons of ideas for decorating, some may not be available where you live. Some may have to be specially manufactured according to your wishes. You don’t even have to worry about shipment and your package being damaged. Finished neon lamps are usually sent in a secure package for self-assembly. If these self-assembling things trouble you, another option is to place the neon immediately on the board, which makes it much easier to place it on the wall.

Vintage neon lights can probably be found in second-hand shops and antiques selling places. Wherever you choose to purchase them, they’ll be a great addition to your man cave.


For a nighttime Easter egg hunt, decorate neon eggs that glow under a blacklight. The more you dip the eggs in neon dye, the more out-of-this-world the eggs will be!

  1. How to decorate with neon

SQUIRT some neon paint into each bowl — one bowl for each color. POUR the same amount of very warm water into each bowl and STIR until the paint is dissolved. POUR ¼ cup of white vinegar into each bowl, and MIX well with a spoon.

DIP one egg in each bowl of paint and SPOON the neon dye all over the egg. TURN the egg several times until it’s fully coated with dye. For darker color, let egg sit in dye for a few minutes. This will make beautifully glowing single-colored eggs when you turn the blacklight on.

For more psychedelic looking eggs, WAIT a few minutes for the eggs to dry, then DIP each egg in a different color. TRANSFER each egg from bowl to bowl — letting the egg dry briefly in between each dip — until you achieve the desired effect. You can’t overdo it!

TRANSFER eggs to a paper plate or empty egg carton for drying. LET eggs dry for 10 minutes.

SHINE the blacklight over the eggs and ILLUMINATE all the funky neon effects you’ve created. Far out, huh?

REPEAT steps 2 through 5 for each shade of paint and watch your eggs glow.