How to dress as a winter wedding guest

December 20, 2019

Winter weddings are held during a magical, yet chilly, time of year. If you’re not sure how to dress for the upcoming winter wedding that you’re attending, here’s the who, what, where, why and how for winter wedding attire:

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Where is the wedding?

First, you’ll want to consider the location of the wedding when you’re deciding what to wear. After all, a winter wedding in Florida is going to have a very different dress code than a winter wedding in Pennsylvania. Consider the location of the wedding and the average weather during that time of year. It will help you decide whether or not to go for a long or short dress, heavy or light fabric, long sleeves or no sleeves, closed toe or opened toe shoe, etc.

How does the winter color palette look on me?

If you’re not sure what color to wear to the winter wedding, you can get inspiration from the winter color palette. Darker tones like magentas, deep greens and navy are very popular for winter weddings. As are purples (both light and dark) and various reds. Gold, silver and lots of sparkles are likely to make an appearance in the winter wedding color scheme and could be great options for your wedding attire. However, you may want to avoid what color inspiration you can gather from the wedding invitations. These colors may be reserved for the maid of honor, bridesmaids and mother of the bride and should not to be worn by those not in the wedding party. If none of the colors on the winter color palette fancy your interests, black is always a neutral color that looks good on everyone.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Why not wear layers?

The best part about winter weddings is that they’re typically hosted indoors. So, if you’re unable to find a new dress in stores or online that perfectly fits your vision of what a winter wedding guest should be wearing, check your closet! You may already have the perfect outfit that just needs the right winter shawl or jacket to go over it so you’re warm when traveling from the car to the venue.

What kind of a wedding guest am I?

What do you prefer to do when you go to weddings? After the ceremony, do you grab your drink, sit at your table and chat with the ones your seated with? Or do you immediately hit the dance floor and celebrate the happy couple all night long? The kind of guest you are should help to determine what you’re going to wear to the wedding as well. Long, tight sleeves or bodice on a dress might look great and be perfect for a winter wedding, but it’s not ideal for tearing up the dance floor. If you’re ready to show of your moves during the ceremony, you may want to opt for a long, flowy dress with a cute winter shawl that you can take off when it’s time to let loose.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Who else can I ask?

If you’ve gone through all these steps and you’re still completely lost on what to wear to the wedding… ask someone who’s in it. The bride may be busy with other aspects of wedding planning, but the bridesmaids are great resources if you need help with your wedding attire. These individuals have the bride’s best interests in mind and will be able to help you pick something that will fit her day ideally. If they’re unavailable, refer to the wedding invitation and what attire is requested on it. And this one goes unsaid… never ever wear white!

If you live in Pennsylvania area or are looking for a wedding venue that will mirror a winter wonderland, consider exchanging vows with your partner in Eagles Mere, PA. This historic town has elegant churches, a conservancy and country club with majestic panoramic views. Plus, the location receives an average of 41 inches of snow per year. Your winter wedding would not be complete without a blanket of snow on the ground.

From luxe velvet to allover sequins

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

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How to dress as a winter wedding guest

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Winter weddings are festive and romantic, but as a guest, the chilly weather can be challenging to dress for. Of course, you want to look your absolute best without risking frostbite. But the holiday season is a spendy time of year, and you want to find a gorgeous wedding guest dress that doesn’t break the bank. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding a showstopping dress to fit your budget, from head-turning all-over sequins to warm, luxe crushed velvet.

To stay warm—especially for a breathtaking but frigid outdoor ceremony—sleeves are generally a go-to. If you’re looking for a refreshing take on winter wedding guest style, punchy colors and prints are an unexpected approach. We absolutely adore holiday shades, jewel tones, and metallic fabrics, but if you’re in the mood for something different, wintry floral prints or bold colors like bright red, burnt orange, or a soft shade of blush are stunning in a cold-weather setting. Stores like Lulus and Zara are go-tos when it comes to affordable special occasion dresses, but don’t ignore high-end department stores, like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. While you might not expect them to carry under-$100 dresses, they have plenty of budget options if you do a bit of digging.

Whether you’re craving something ultra-festive, totally timeless, or a little bit trendy, read on for the best winter wedding guest dresses that are all under $100.

For many of us, (much) chillier temps are already popping up on our weather apps, almost mockingly prodding us to start piecing together our winter wardrobe. The good news is, if you aren’t ready to completely overhaul your closet, you don’t have to. The cold weather is a good time to make use of your favorite cozy staples, such as cozy sweaters, cardigans, and even dresses.

Yes, that’s right: you can wear dresses in the winter, so don’t be so quick to pack them away.

We’re not just referring to sweater dresses, either. Minis, midis, maxis, your signature LBD — they’re all fair game. It’s really just a matter of how you style them amidst frigid forecasts.

During an exclusive interview with InStyle, celebrity stylist Cindy Conroy assured us that dresses can make for a great winter outfit. “I wear them almost 365 days a year,” she adds.

As for how to wear dresses in the winter without looking out of season — or, worse, freezing — Conroy says “it all comes down to the right accessories.” Think outerwear, footwear, and jewelry.

To better prepare you for dressing for the season (literally!), we reached out to five stylists for their best tips.

Layer Up

Ramy Brook Sharp, CEO and creative director of Ramy Brook, says the key to wearing a dress in the winter is — wait for it — layering.

“You can still wear your sleeveless dresses from summer, just layer by wearing something underneath it,” she tells InStyle. “Opt for a button-down blouse or a turtleneck. A great leather jacket is going to go far during the winter because you can keep it on as part of your outfit or, pending the temperature outside or the place you are going, can take off and coat check.”

View the Dress As A Blank Canvas

Then, build off it using outerwear and accessories that will totally transform the look, advises celebrity stylist, Mickey Freeman. His motto? Maximum impact with minimal effort.

“For example, for an evening look I would use a voluminous faux fox fur or feather shawl over a long-sleeve mini dress, which would act somewhat as a blank canvas. Pair with an embellished or metallic box clutch and complete with high-heeled booties to easily bring instant glamour to such a simple frock.”

Be Strategic About Your Footwear

If you’re wearing a dress made with thin material, Conroy suggests styling it up with ankle boots that are between 4-6 inches high (as long as you feel comfortable walking in them, of course).

“Those additional inches of material will protect your ankle and legs from the blistering cold and piles of snow mysteriously sneaking into your boot.”

Choose a Puffer Vest Over Traditional Outerwear

Puffer vests are growing increasingly popular on social media (like this quilted number from H&M). They come in a variety of lengths and styles and, according to Freeman, make for an out-of-the-box combination when paired with a dress.

“They stylishly juxtapose each other,” he tells InStyle. “The puffer vest’s utilitarian vibe still being present, while the lack of sleeves help to maintain the visibility of the dress’s overall form.”

Choose Long Coats Over Cropped Styles

Staying warm is no small feat once temperatures start dipping below freezing, so while puffers and short tailored coats are oh so cute, Conroy would like to remind you that long outerwear is the name of the game when it comes to donning a dress.

“With so much airflow organically built into the garment, a long coat made of wool, shearling, faux fur or cashmere is your new best friend for staying toasty,” she says. “The additional fabric acts as a blockade preventing the winter chill from seeping in. Even if you’re wearing a mini dress, the coat incircles your legs so the cold is met with a bright red stoplight.”

Go Punk

Thanks in large part to Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox, who have both given goth fashion a resurgence, all things punk-rocker are ‘in’ for the foreseeable future. We’ve been tempted to give the aesthetic a go, too, which Freeman says is a great idea when it comes to figuring out how to wear dresses in the winter.

“I would wear a form-fitting minidress under an oversized leather biker jacket, a distressed and oversized chunky-knit scarf, high combat boots, and Wolford fishnets to add a splash of punk rebelliousness,” she says.

Add Shoulder Pads for an ’80s Flare

While ’90s grunge never really goes out of fashion, JLUX co-founders Teresa and Christina Jaide tell InStyle they’re taking inspo from the ’80s when it comes to styling dresses this winter.

“With colder weather upon us, we love finding stylish ways to revamp our favorite dress and still stay warm during the changing season,” Christina tells us. “One of our favorite style tips is using shoulder pads! This simple secret works best when used with a knit or sweater dress as it may lack structure.”

For added warmth, Teresa advises adding coverage where you need it most: your legs.

“Complete this look with over-the-knee boots, layer up with a coat that is longer than the dress, and you are winter-ready with style that’s never compromised!”

This is Ask the Experts, where our favorite fashion know-it-alls share their wisdom. Just because you can trust your style instincts doesn’t mean you should have to.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Have a winter wedding to attend and looking for the perfect dress?

I’ve got you covered!

Here are the best winter wedding guest dresses for every type of wedding, from casual to black tie!

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Because it’s much colder in winter, I love a midi or floor length gown – even if it’s not a black tie wedding.

Most likely it’ll be indoors, at a hotel or event space, so you won’t look out of place in a long dress. On the flip side, I also love a long sleeve short dress!

Here are a couple different wedding guest dresses that would be perfect.

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Best Winter Wedding Guest Dresses (2022)

M.M.LaFleur Blouse and Skirt

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

I love the vibrant colors in this M.M.LaFleur set.

It’s not actually a dress, but a polished blouse and midi skirt put together in different but complementary shades of pink.

The top is made from a lightweight and slightly textured fabric that makes you look effortlessly put together. It’s also treated with an anti-odor finish, so the fabric won’t hold smells!

Perfect for dancing the night away.

The skirt is also beautifully made, and the longer length keeps it formal enough for a wedding occasion.

MM LaFleur Blouse & Skirt

Metallic Halter Neck Gown

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

I was looking very last minute for something to wear to a formal wedding when I stumbled on this gown.

I immediately loved it.

It’s made from a metallic fabric that subtly shimmers as you move. We all know the best part of the wedding is when the dance floor opens, so this option was fun to wear!

I personally love the halter neck style, since it shows off the collar bones without being too revealing. The dress has a slight empire waist, which elongates the legs, and there’s also a slit for easy walking.

The best part is the dress has pockets!

It’s not the most affordable, but I really loved the dress and think you could easily re-wear it to a holiday party or dress it down by layering a sweater or cashmere tee on top (to make it look like a skirt).

Winter weddings certainly have their advantages. Snowy backdrops are undoubtedly one of them-but it goes without saying that these spectacular views come with low temperatures. While that’s well and good for wedding photos, guests might struggle with the chilly weather, especially if a portion of the ceremony or reception is outside. If you’re currently a guest preparing for this type of event, know that you have options. To help you plan an outfit that’s both stylish and functional, we tapped a few industry experts who all agree that keeping warm doesn’t have to mean adding on bulky layers that take away from the outfit underneath. Ahead, your complete guide to getting dressed for an outdoor winter wedding.

Staying warm and being stylish aren’t mutually exclusive.

It’s time to break out your winter best, says Heather Dwight, the owner of Denver-based Calluna Events: “In Colorado it’s not uncommon for our guests to have outdoor winter weddings in all types of weather. We recommend wearing your most stylish coat, gloves, hat and scarf.” Alicia Fritz, owner of A Day In May Events, advises sticking to a few key fabrics when sourcing these garments-namely wool. “A long tweed skirt with a cashmere sweater and a great pump make a wonderful winter wedding outfit,” she says. Alternatively, pop a tweed coat over a slip dress for a slinky (but warm!) ensemble.

Just because something’s warm, however, doesn’t mean that you should wear it, notes Emily Campbell of Bella Design & Planning. “Ski gear definitely doesn’t fit the dress code, so leave that at home,” she says. This holds true even if the couple really is getting hitched on the slopes.

Layering is key.

Think of layering as security against the varying temperatures you’re bound to experience at an outdoor winter wedding-especially if there’s also an indoor component. You’ll feel better (and have more fun!) if you’re prepared, adds Blue Bird Productions’ Virginia Edelson. “Maintaining your ideal body temperature and comfort levels will always help you look like the best version of yourself,” she says. You can layer up in two ways, explains Cambell, who suggests wearing a single heavy jacket or, if you aren’t experiencing below-freezing temperatures, a few lighter layers (try a thin sweater or cardigan over a dress, then add a jacket, a coordinating scarf, and gloves, she advises). Looking for a heat-trapping layer that doesn’t show? “Silk underwear is always a good option, since it’s not thick or bulky,” suggests stylist Cacky Rivers of Cacky’s Bride+Aid.

A suit might be your best option.

The guys have a slight advantage when it comes to warm wedding guest attire, since suits are naturally insulating, says Dwight. So ladies, take note! “A chic pantsuit is always an option! Choose a figure-flattering bottom, like slim cigarette pants or a pair with a wider leg, and top them off with a silk blouse and matching jacket,” recommends Campbell. Both men and women can approach layering a suit similarly-lean into heavier fabrics, pop a cashmere sweater over your blouse (or collared shirt!), and then add in wintry accessories (like gloves, hats, and scarves) if necessary.

Classic holiday hues, dynamic jewel tones, and rich fabrics will get you through the trickiest wedding season in style.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

All weddings are romantic affairs, but none more so than the winter wedding. The soft glow of candlelight. A darker, dramatic palette of foliage and florals. Warm and intimate settings. For guests, especially, a wintertime event provides a wonderful excuse to really glam it up with a sumptuous wardrobe of velvet, brocade, fur, and satin. It also helps that most weddings during this season coincide with the holidays—aka, the parties! Below, the best dresses to get in the celebratory—and festive—mood for winter wedding season.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

A deep emerald hue is a foolproof choice for the season, all the more so rendered in smooth velvet and embroidered with a romantic foliage design.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

For a simple, yet supremely elegant, choice, go for this slinky strapless number in a lustrous midnight blue shade.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Who says a winter dress can’t still show a little skin?

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

This gown was made for wintertime parties: the column silhouette and flowing sleeves create a sense of movement (making it great for dancing), while the shoulder embellishment ups the glam factor.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Bows and gold shimmer—what could be more appropriate for a festive winter wedding look?

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

This glossy teal gown, with its sleek silhouette and soft shimmer, strikes the right note of understated elegance—and won’t upstage the bride.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Make a subtle reference to the glittering Jazz Age with this sequined gown, which features a slight flair at hem so you’ll have no trouble spending all night on the dance floor.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

For a high profile black tie affair, go for a look of regal splendor with this luxe ball gown.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

A classic wrap style becomes a fabulous wedding dress option in shiny plissé and an abstract print.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Pastels for winter? When it’s an embroidered floral organza gown reminiscent of a beautiful snowy landscape, then yes.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

A body-hugging, long-sleeved velvet gown is a staple for any winter party wardrobe.

As the temperatures drop lower and lower, picking an appropriate dress for your bestie’s winter wedding becomes more daunting. Long sleeves? Jumpsuits? Velvet? All three? Before you drive yourself mad scrolling endlessly on Pinterest for inspiration, take a look at our 25 favorite winter wedding guest dress options. (Psst…they’re all under $100.)

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

1. Wayf x Emma Rose Carrie Sequin Long Sleeve Mini Dress

Headed to a Christmas or New Year’s Eve wedding? Nothing says festive like red and sequins.

Available in sizes XS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

2. Charles Henry Plissè Long-Sleeve Wrap Mini Dress

If you want something a bit more full-coverage, this long-sleeve midi dress is a great option. The plisse material is lightweight and breathable, so you won’t get too hot while you’re on the dance floor.

Available in sizes XS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

3. Lulus Showing Off a Little Tulip Midi Dress

We’re obsessed with high slits on midi dresses for a sexy detail on a more modest cut. Plus, this emerald green shade is a jewel tone we can’t get enough of during colder months.

Available in sizes XS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

4. BP. Long Sleeve Velour Mini Dress

For a more casual affair, this sweet velour mini has a small slit on the thigh for a very ‘90s look. To dress it up a bit, we’d layer it over super opaque black tights and add a pair of embellished, pointy-toe flats.

Available in sizes XXS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

5. 1. State Ribbed Long Sleeve Midi Dress

We love a unique neckline on a simple LBD. This one has slits on the side, making it easy to drop it low at the reception.

Available in sizes XXS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

6. Lulus So Much Velvet Maxi Dress

This lavish dress is giving us major Old Hollywood vibes. The simple silhouette is amply complemented by the bold red and velvet material.

Available in sizes XS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

7. BB Dakota by Steve Madden Tie Waist Long Sleeve Satin Shirt Dress

Dress up this simple look with a pair of bold heels and sparkly jewelry.

Available in sizes XS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

8. ASTR The Label Twist Front Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

Looking for something a little toastier? This classic midi is made of a thicker sweater material for some added warmth.

Available in sizes XS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

9. Lulus Rare Beauty Maxi Dress

The tulle lends a ballerina vibe to this show-stopping maxi and we’re not mad about it.

Available in sizes XXS to XXXL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

10. Guberry Velvet Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

If you prefer a shorter dress, this one hits mid-thigh and has a wrap effect, leaving the center of the skirt tapered a bit higher. We love the velvet material in this wine shade, too.

Available in sizes XS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

11. Lulus Ignite My Love Embossed Strapless Gown

We’re in love with this straight across strapless neckline. The embossed pattern is so chic, and the fringe slit trim adds a bit of intrigue.

Available in sizes XS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

12. ASTR The Label Ruched Long Sleeve Sheath Dress

This dress’s ruching will hug your curves seamlessly.

Available in sizes XS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

13. WAYF Sable Long Sleeve Bustier Dress

Use this wedding as an excuse to get an LBD you’ll wear over and over again.

Available in sizes XS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

14. Weepinlee Ruffled Wrap Dress

Available in 14 colors, we love the simplicity of this wrap dress and may even grab it in a few shades.

Available in sizes S to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

15. Wayf The Beverly Cowl Neck Midi Dress

You can’t go wrong with a satin cowl neck dress. This rich green color is a lovely choice for December.

Available in sizes XXS to XXL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

16. Lulus Next to You Ruffled Midi Dress

Ruffles are a great way to keep your outfit fun. This flowy cut will have you spinning around barefoot on the dance floor as you electric slide the night away.

Available in sizes XS to XL

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

17. Uguest Floral Long Sleeve Swing Dress

Who says you can’t wear florals in the winter? This mini swing dress will give you plenty of room so you can grab an extra piece of cake without feeling your dress get tighter.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

There is something magical about winter weddings. Cold weather, potential snow, and the smell of cinnamon and warm drinks – all this reminds us of winter. Winter weddings might not be as frequent as summer ones, but they can be equally enjoyable. Wondering what can you wear to that kind of event and feel snuggle and stylish? Look no further since we have prepared many outfit ideas for you.

Winter Wedding Guest Dresses Rules

On most wedding invitations, you get to know which dress code is requested. If the couple wants you to follow it, it would be rude not to dress accordingly.

Black-tie means event dresses and suits. White-tie is rare but it means you should dress even more elegant than for the black-tie. In wintertime, it is best to pick dresses that have lace details and satin materials. Don’t worry about being cozy – long sleeves and maxi lengths are perfect for that.

These are some of the dresses you can choose depending on the wedding type – formal, daytime, and simple.

Formal Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Formal winter weddings usually require a black-tie or white-tie dress code. Meaning long dresses, sparkly jewelry, and men should wear tuxedos with bowties.

Grey A-line Dress with Lace Sleeves

Midi lengths are perfect for winter weddings. You don’t need to be afraid of ruining your dress in water and mud if it is snowing outside. The asymmetric hemline is just a plus since it will make you look taller.

Lace bodice and sleeves are elegant and sophisticated. You can put on a pair of sparkly earrings and finish off the look with classy red lipstick and a low chignon hairstyle.

Champagne Mother-of-the-Bride Dress

Tea-length, champagne shade, and satin fabric – all these things sound like you have a perfect mother of the bride dress. This one has long sleeves, an appropriate V-neckline, and a crisscrossed bodice. Perfect winter wedding guest dress. You will even potentially match with the snow outside.

Daytime Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Daytime winter weddings are great since you can make wonderful photographs outside. Your guests can come dressed in a bit more casual dresses, but they should keep it classy.

Beaded Grey Knee-Length Dress

This is a stylish and elegant dress, perfect for a daytime winter wedding. You can remove the blazer if you are warm, but when the night falls you can elegantly drape it on your shoulders.

Lace and beading make this dress very classy. Match it with pumps and add some of your favorite pieces of jewelry.

A-Line Vintage Dress

If you are a fan of vintage looks, dresses with lace details, and dark jewel shades, then this is the dress for you. You will look like a real winter queen, while still keeping it glamorous.

You can complement this outfit with a sophisticated pair of pearly earrings and maybe a bracelet. Match with patent leather pumps or sandals, if you are brave enough.

Simple Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

Simple and casual weddings in wintertime don’t necessarily require long dresses and embellishments. You can choose satin, chiffon, and any other material and cuts that are loose and simple.

Jewel-Toned Lace Dress

Jewel tones are more than a suitable choice for winter weddings. Those shades simply match with the season. This lace dress will make you look sophisticated, yet not over-the-line for a simple wedding.

Classy Yet Simple Dress

The classy-yet-simple category of dresses is always good to have. Those are dresses that are simple in cut, rich in fabric, and timeless to wear. This purple maxi dress is exactly that – timeless. You can wear it as a winter wedding guest, with a scarf or a jacket draped on your shoulders.

The Fabrics of Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

You might think that winter weddings require thick fabrics. It is not always the case, since you will be spending all the time indoors. You can opt for lighter materials as well and complement the look with a shawl, jacket, or scarf.

Velvet, satin, and lace are popular winter fabrics that will keep you warm. Some opt for typical British materials such as tweed or flannel. Even lighter materials like satin and silk can be cozy if you layer it with a shawl or blazer.

Winter Wedding Accessories and Shoes

If you are a guest heading to a wedding, it is not bad to have a shawl around to keep you warm. Especially if you have opted for materials that are lighter than velvet, flannel, or wool. This faux-fur shawl will keep you extremely cozy, while you can also wear a beige satin one indoors.

Wedding veils and headpieces are indispensable parts of winter weddings. As a guest, you can also add hats, and face masks, since they became the new reality for all of us.

As a guest, you can wear minimalistic headpieces that won’t overshadow the bride. Choose rhinestone comb would be a great addition to your low chignon.

An elegant and vintage-inspired beret with a net is perfect for elegant black-tie winter weddings. It will complement your long dress and match the dress code.

Shoes for a Winter Wedding

When it comes to shoes, winter weddings can be pretty tricky. How to pick something nice, stay warm and stylish? Boots are not welcomed. You should find something that will match the dress as well.

These lovely suede pumps with rhinestones might come as the best choice for winter weddings. Their heel is thin, but stable, while the model itself is timeless. You can wear those heels with both short and long dresses.

If you like classic styles more, then these satin kitten heels are for you. The rhinestone at the front looks gorgeous and very elegant. The color of the silk-like fabric will catch the eye of other guests, that is for sure.


Winter weddings are special and that is why you need to cherish and enjoy them. Interesting set-ups and fairytale weather will be enough for all of you to enjoy it. Pick your dresses wisely, choose a suitable fabric, and don’t forget comfy shoes!

Seasonal and stylish winter wedding guest attire for every dress code

Winter outfits often mean longer hems, thicker fabrics, and darker colors. But how does that translate into wedding guest attire? The season is changing, but we know your social calendar isn’t slowing down, so we’ve got you covered with inspiration for what to wear to a winter wedding!

Casual Winter Wedding

Casual winter weddings lend themselves to more laid-back looks! Choose your favorite detail to highlight—think off-the-shoulder sleeves, a high-low hem, or a wrap-style waist—to ensure you’ll be confident and comfortable all night long. In our opinion, you can never go wrong with a long sleeve little black dress. And if you’re in the mood to take your LBD to the next level, add subtle but shimmery accessories like a clutch or headband.

Style Tip: Jewel tones like wine, teal, and navy were made for wintry backdrops

Semi-Formal Winter Wedding

(Almost) Anything goes for a semi-formal celebration! Semi-formal looks are fancier than a casual dress code and also have a larger variety of style options. From short cocktail dresses and midi-length gowns to jumpsuits, your wintertime look is up to you! Get inspired by embellished designs, intricate beading, or more luxurious fabrics for a night of celebrating.

Style Tip: Layer up for cooler temps with a shrug or jacket

Formal Winter Wedding

Not sure what to wear to a formal soirée? It’s time to pull out all the stops with something a little extra-fancy that will have you feeling excited to dance the night away! Floor-length fabulousness, bold colors, long-sleeve looks, and sequins all around are what we have in mind! Keep the glamour going from your handbag to your heels with statement-worthy accessories!

Style Tip: Coordinate your heels to your bag for an extra polished look

Black-Tie Optional Winter Wedding

Dial-up the glam a notch for your next black-tie wedding! You will want to be dressed to the nines as you toast to the new couple because, after all, your date might be in a tux! Since it is the season for festivities, we’re leaning towards red, metallics, and all things sparkly!

Don’t fret as those winter weddings start approaching, because whether you’re craving a look that’s extravagantly elegant or one casual enough to dance the night away in, we’ll help you dress to code! Dressing for chilly temps doesn’t have to be a challenge so now that you’re inspired to create your look, browse occasion dresses or visit your local store for all your events this season!

Planning a wedding? Sign up for our Diamond Loyalty program—it’s free! Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook for more outfit inspiration, or click here to book an appointment.

While I’d like my wedding guests to dress up, I need help figuring out a good way to mention that heels, especially stilettos, aren’t recommended for our outdoor wedding.

I’d like to be cute about it, but I’m wondering where I should include the information… should it go on our main wedding invitation, a separate card, or somewhere else entirely?

So you want to tell your guests what to wear, but you don’t want to be overbearing, and ideally you’d like to be a little bit clever about it.

You’re certainly not the first to find ways to artfully explain a dress code to your guests… in fact, we have a whole archive of posts about wedding dress codes!

Let’s review five awesome, non-bossy ways you can give your guests some dress code guidance, especially when your dress code is something less traditional than the usual cocktail dress, tuxedo, black-tie optional stuff that’s the norm for formal weddings. (We’re all for formal dress codes if you’re having a traditional wedding, but here at Offbeat Bride we’re more about casual wedding and dressy casual vibes than we are about cocktail attire or a floor-length evening gown….)

Whether you’re having casual dress code or a full-on costume wedding, the goal is the same: you want to support your guests in a making an outfit choice that feels comfortable AND fabulous at your wedding.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

#1: Include a brief PS on your wedding invitations

Ok, first things first: If it’s clear from your date and venue name that the wedding will be outdoors, you may not need to say anything. For instance, most American guests at a summer wedding located in a garden will assume that they’ll be outdoors and can (probably!) be trusted to dress themselves accordingly. Similarly, if your invitation makes it clear you’re getting married on the deck of a sailboat, guests will likely understand that they might want to bring a light sweater.

If clothing comfort factors are not obvious from your venue or wedding date AND your dress code is relatively straight-forward (which yours is), you can include a simple PS on your wedding invitations. Something as basic as PS: The ceremony & reception will be on the lawn; choose your footwear accordingly! would do the trick.

I know you said you want to be cute, but cute can be confusing. You want straightforward. You also don’t want to be bossy: sure, you could tell them to wear flip flops or wedges, but it’s best to just let them know what the environment will be and let them make their own choices

Including a PS on your invitations works best for dress code guidance that is simple and important… heels on a lawn are one example. Outdoor ceremonies during the winter or late summer might be another: “The ceremony will be outside, so make sure you dress for the weather.” Your invitations are not the place to get into elaborate discussions about the difference between Steampunk and Renaissance attire.

The location of the PS totally depends on your invitation design. If it’s a short line, you could include it at the end of your actual invitation. If you’re doing a separate card anyway for directions, you could include your dress code note there.

2. Address the issue in your wedding website’s FAQ

Lots of Offbeat Brides go this route (including me!), using all sorts of adorable wording. Keep in mind that not everyone will read your website, so this isn’t a good solution for super urgent dress code stuff like “The ceremony will be outdoors on a ski slope, so bring gloves and don’t wear a sundress or you will freeze to death.”

FAQs can be a great place, however, to get into the details of creative attire — especially for theme weddings! FAQs can also be the place to get creative. Here are a couple real-life examples from Offbeat Bride readers:

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

3. Show don’t tell

If a picture is worth a thousand words, some visual guidance about attire is the best possible way to get the message across. Creating a Pinterest board may be the easiest way to give guests visual cues about wedding attire, but it’s certainly not the only way!

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

At her father’s suggestion, Offbeat Bride reader Mari created this adorable visual guide to convey what might be awesome to wear to her “casual lowcountry wedding shindig.”

She distributed the image to guests via email and Facebooked to the guests, and by using pop-culture references, she made the dress code super accessible.

This kind of visual guidance can be extra helpful if you’re planning a themed wedding, where guests might be seriously confused. Here’s how Offbeat Bride reader Jen ensured no one would show up to her Halloween wedding in a “sexy kitty” costume:

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

4. Offer guests incentives to dress to code

While you can never demand that anyone wear (or not wear) anything to your wedding, some couples have offered amazing incentives to encourage them to dress to theme.

My favorite example of this is when one couple encouraged their guests to “outshine the bride”:

Probably the most “offbeat” aspect of our wedding, aside from our gayness and my burgundy gown (are those things even offbeat anymore? Please!), was our dress code: we specifically instructed our guests to Outshine the Bride. It was right there on our website and in the invitation, and our guests did an amazing job!The “Outshine the Bride” runway show was easily the high point of the reception! Our friends made great use of the support pole in the center of the room, let’s just put it that way. We provided gag gifts (a clip-on veil and a bow tie) for the winners of the runway walk-off. One wore a short, tight, fire-engine red dress, and our gentleman winner wore a white shirt with a full dress kilt! It was great.

Read more about this great idea, and scheme ways that you could offer prizes or incentives to guests to dress up.

5. Offer encouragement, NOT enforcement

Above all, remember this: while you can offer encouragement to your guests, it’s just not going to feel very good to enforce. You’ve got enough to do at your wedding without stepping into the role of the fashion police.

Ultimately, your guests will dress themselves. And whether that’s jeans and a dress shirt, a jumpsuit, or a white-tie, button up linen jacket, a tux, dark suit, white vest, midi dress, knee-length little black dress, pantsuits, or a floor-length gown… we’re guessing they’ll be fabulous.

Did you offer guidance to guests about what to wear?

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Just received your invitation to a wedding and need to buy a new dress that will be befitting of the very important guest that you are? You surely want something fit for a wedding guest. But you may have a hard time deciding just the right dress to wear to a wedding. And seeing as you don’t want to steal the spotlight at someone’s marriage ceremony may be struggling with making your decision on the right dress. You will find below tips on how to choose the right wedding dresses for guests.

Is There a Dress Code?

Most couples choose to set a dress code for their wedding and as a guest to their occasion want to make sure to abide by the dress code. So if there is one, you surely want to make sure to follow the code as prescribed. Ideally, this will make the process of shopping for a dress to wear easy. But you could also be wary about making the right decision from many options in the market. Having a dress code means working with a particular style or color of the dress.

What is the Style of the Wedding?

The style of the wedding could help prescribe the appropriate dress code. A short dress could work for a casual marriage ceremony while you may want to consider a long one for a black-tie event. You will find directives on the dress code from the wedding invitation. And if you will be a part of the bridal train may have a specific dress chosen already for the bridesmaids and the rest of the gang. Marriage ceremonies that follow a set theme will also help you in choosing the right dress for a guest.

A beach wedding for example will require you to wear a beach gown and you can be sure to find those that will be ideal for use at a marriage ceremony. This page has more on choosing the right attire to wear for a beach wedding.

Consider the Season

You will have to think about the weather when choosing the right dresses. And as you can expect the right one for summer weather should be one that is light and breathable enough to promote maximum ventilation. The right guest wedding dress for summer should be brightly colored. These hues are great in reflecting the bright lights and warmth that comes with summer weather.

In the case that you will be attending a marriage ceremony in winter surely want to pick dresses for guests that provide warmth. You may want to consider a long-sleeved gown made from materials that are conducive for use in the winter season. A fur stole could also help with keeping warm. And it is a matter of personal choice when it comes to the right material to use for a wedding dress. But you want to choose one that will be ideal for the weather condition to ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the occasion.

Casual Nuptial Outfits for Guests

You may want to wear something stylish and yet casual to an informal wedding ceremony. You can find that a good blouse and skirt can work if you are not interested in appearing in a gown. But you want to be careful with how casual you choose to look. While jeans and jackets may be ideal for a meeting with the gang, you want to avoid wearing such to a marriage ceremony as a guest. You can expect to find casual gowns for females that can work for summer or winter and be ideal to wear to a marriage ceremony.

Semi-formal Wedding Dresses for Guests

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

In the case that you don’t want to appear casual, you can also find semi-formal wedding outfits for guests that will work. This could be a cocktail or evening dress that you can trust will wow visitors to any event. This could be the right option for you if you don’t want to appear too formal but don’t want to look out of place with casual attire. A short-length dress could work in this situation but you want to be careful to use bright colors for daytime events, and a darker shade for evening events.

Formal Wedding Dresses for Guests

Need to dress for a black-tie wedding event where everyone is expected to appear formal? You can find many formal dresses for women that can work for a marriage ceremony. The right option will be a long gown made from any quality material. You may find lace designs to work in this scenario and want to go for dark or neutral color outfits. The arm length is something to also consider in this scenario.

A long-sleeved female gown may be ideal to wear to a marriage ceremony in winter and can also find sleeveless options that can work for both summer and winter if you search the market carefully.

Shopping for Wedding Dresses

Once you have decided on the right style of dress to buy, you want to find the right place to buy it. And you can expect to find many marriage dresses for guests at the store or if you check the online marketplace. You want to make sure to purchase a quality option irrespective of whether you are buying a designer dress or any regular one.

You will need to have a price range when it comes to shopping for the right dress. This will make it easy for you to make the right choice. And you want to also make sure that you choose the right size that will help you look your best. You can check online shops like to find affordable dresses for women that will be ideal to wear to a wedding or any other type of occasion.

Final Note

You will find the tips discussed above to be helpful when it comes to making the right choice of wedding dresses for guests. And you want to do well to put on your best smile if you hope to complete your look and make heads turn at the occasion.

Our Favorite Backyard Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Image by Eastlyn & Joshua. See more of this real wedding here.

Things are looking a little different in 2021—thankfully. Because of travel limitations and changes in couples’ wedding priorities, more couples are opting for backyard weddings. We’re here for any celebrations of love. With so many weddings at home, many guests are left wondering what to wear to these events. To help you save time and stress less , we’ve compiled a list of backyard wedding guest outfits for everyone.

Before we begin, we wanted to share a few Junebug outfit tips for you:

  • Make sure you are following the dress code of the wedding. If the invites include words like black tie, formal, or semi-formal be sure to stick to those
  • Be sure to wear sunscreen and pack a mini bottle to reapply as needed

Dresses As Backyard Wedding Guest Outfits

Whether it’s spring or summer, dresses are always a great option to stay cool and look great! These options look great at any backyard wedding. Keep in mind that if you’re attending a wedding in a warm climate you’ll want to opt for the cotton and linen options.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Shop this dress here .

Jumpsuits Made for Backyard Wedding Ceremonies

Dresses aren’t for everyone. Any jumpsuit or romper works great for backyard weddings, especially if you plan on playing any lawn games or hitting the dance floor. These jumpsuits range in formality and are all comfortable for a long ceremony.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Shop this jumpsuit here .

Short-Sleeve Collared Shirts

You can’t go wrong with a collared shirt and a good pair of pants. Regardless of the season, this combo will keep you cool and have you looking fabulous for any backyard wedding.

Junebug Tip:

Try a French tuck (yes, just like Tan France always suggests). It’s a great way to look polished without having to tuck in your shirt all the way.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Shop this shirt here .

The Perfect Pants

To pair perfectly with the collared shirts above, these cotton and linen pants are perfect for backyard weddings. By sticking with cotton and linen pants, you’ll stay more comfortable during the day, especially for spring and summer weddings.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Shop these pants here .

Grass-Approved Shoes

If you’ve been invited to a backyard wedding, odds are you’re going to walk on grass or uneven ground. Instead of wearing your brand new white shoes or your sky-high heels, try these options. We promise that you and your feet will be much happier.

If you really want to wear a heel, opt for wedges, or low heels. Our favorite wedges are below, but you can also shop these low-heel options —perfect for backyards of any kind.

Finding the perfect backyard wedding guest outfit is now a breeze! You can focus on finding the happy couple a wedding gift. If they don’t have a registry to go off of don’t stress! Check out these Amazon wedding registry ideas to find the perfect gift—especially if you need to use that two-day shipping.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Image by Cody & Allison Photography. See more of this real wedding here.

Posted on Last updated: December 17, 2020

When you buy via links on this page, I may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

Need some inspiration in the form of dresses for 60-year-old wedding guests? You’ve asked, and we picked out some styles we know you’ll love. Whether your style is fashion-forward, trendy or classic, there’s something for everyone on this list. All are elegant without being frumpy, and fully guest-appropriate (meaning you won’t look you’re wishing you were the mother-of-the-bride). And most importantly, all selections are under $90. Enjoy!

5 wow dresses for 60-year-old wedding guests

1. The new jumpsuit

This sheer, covered jumpsuit is so classy and striking — an ideal choice for a wedding or special occasion outfit.

Jumpsuits make for an eye-catching alternative to a dress, but they can be hard to wear. That’s a nice way of saying they’re unflattering. The sheer dress silhouette over the suit itself creates a more forgiving outfit. Add in the V neckline and three-quarter sleeves, and you will be the talk of the town. An outfit like this would be a lovely choice for a beach wedding — you’ll enjoy the breeze without showing too much skin. Pair with heels and some bracelets and you’re all set.

2. The v-neck LRD

If you’ve read our fashion advice for women over 60, you know that showing off cleavage is A-OK. This sexy-but-age-appropriate number features a shorter hemline and the flattering deep V that adds length to your torso. It also has pockets!

If you like the dress, but still think it’s too much skin, pair with a black shawl — you’ll be ready to dance the night away.

3. The caftan

This caftan-style dress will make you feel like a princess with its sheer layer and sparkly under layer. The chiffon caftan is removable, so you’re getting two dresses in one here — a flashy, polyester sheath dress plus the more elegant and forgiving layered look. Pair it with nude heels and simple jewelry, to avoid shining too bright for your onlookers.

4. The Jacket Dress

The jacket dress is a classic choice for the 60-plus wedding guest. You can find structured styles to add definition to your shoulders and waist, or more relaxed pieces that hint at your curves.

This is a lovely set for a wedding, because it has sparkles and lace for added interest, but the champagne color is both subtle and feminine. The knee-length hemline and three-quarter length sleeves don’t show too much but that sheer layer keeps the outfit from being frumpy. You’ll feel absolutely gorgeous in this outfit! Pair it with a simple heel or modest sandal in gray or silver.

5. Pleats and Polka Dots

This is one of those rare special occasion dresses that’s both modest and sexy. The deep navy color is gorgeous, and it naturally adds proportion with that embellished top and tiered skirt. The elbow-length sleeve ends just at your waist, which can draw the eye in a curve-enhancing way. The dress needs little in the way of accessories, too. Just slip into a simple set of heels and crystal stud earrings.

Tuesday 7th of November 2017

All of the dresses are so nice to see. Looking so cool with the women of 60’s Thanks for this wonderful post.

Monday 15th of May 2017

Nice post related to wedding wear and nice tip on to choose over 60. All dresses are designed nice and can hide the age of wearer.

Saturday 6th of May 2017

Great posting you shared here . This is an spanking fashion post and these occasion dresses are really very gorgeous .

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Hi! I’m Catherine. Welcome! I’m a personal finance writer who likes nice things but hates paying for them. Have a look around if you feel the same!

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

I don’t know about all of you, but now that vaccines—and even boosters—are more readily available, it feels like everyВ engaged person I know isВ rescheduling their pandemic-postponed weddingsВ to this winter. Once theВ off-season for trips down the aisle, winter now appears to be *the* time to get married. Because of that, I now find myself in need of a handful of formalВ dresses to wear as IВ watch all the pent-up love unfold.В

Since IВ can’t be the only oneВ whose winterВ calendar is suddenly booked with one wedding after the next, I thoughtВ itВ only right to share myВ growing list of dressesВ in contention for the busy season ahead. So without further ado, scroll onВ forВ 35 dresses to wear to all your forthcoming winter weddings. Who knows—maybe we’ll end up wearing the same ones.

My top contenders:

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

I actually already bought this one. You should too.

This tube dress features a zip-around detail that allows you to create a cutout.В

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

I never used to like formal two-pieces, but this one has meВ thinking otherwise.В

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Did you even attend a wedding if you didn’t Instagram how good you looked, specifically in a photo booth shoot complete with quirky props? We don’t think so. But the situation can be challenging when searching for a grid-worthy option that can handle a winter forecast. The solution lies with dresses that play nice with tights, long sleeves in heavy fabrics, and jewel-toned velvets that look great against a snowy backdrop. Shop our edit of 24 wedding guest dresses that won’t outshine the bride—and one bonus style that does—here.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

You can’t really beat a $40 dress, especially one with over 1,600 glowing reviews.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Try this gilded look with all gold accessories.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

The sultry neckline on this affordable dress is loved by over four hundred five-star reviews on Nordstrom.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Choose your own adventure with adjustable side ties.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

For those who can’t decide between a bodycon lace dress versus a silky slip: Wear both.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

You’re basically wearing a sweater to a wedding, but no one will be able to tell.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

If you shamefully aim to outdo the bride, this statement gown should do the trick. (Please, don’t.)

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Stay on-trend with a sheer corset.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Get wild on the dance floor in fiery leopard print.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Pair this with sparkly tights for extra coverage.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

You might not need another LBD, but in case you did, this wrap style is only fifty bucks.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Your bod will look dipped in silver.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Attempt a full ’80s moment with this one-shoulder mini.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Velvet doesn’t get sexier than this asymmetric number.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

A flirty number like this will be so much fun to dance in.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

This dress is for the grown-up goths out there.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Make this investment worth it by rewearing this at a holiday party.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Business meets pleasure with this sparkly blazer mini dress.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

It’s a split decision on whether this dress is great, or great.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

This super flattering dress won’t constrict you, even after a third serving of cake.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

This option doubles as an office-appropriate dress.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Pleats, prints, and balloon sleeves ensure you won’t be dressed like any other guest.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Consider these feather-trimmed sleeves for added warmth.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

This dress receives the most compliments out of my entire closet.

Up the drama and dazzle at your next autumnal nuptial celebration. Divorce that dialled down dressing. Ostentation and elegance are a match made in style heaven.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Left, jacket; shirt; trousers, all by Louis Vuitton. Photography: Nolwenn Brod. Fashion: Evens JP Mornay. Originally featured in the March 2021 issue of Wallpaper* (W*263). Right, Jacket, £1,314, by Petar Petrov. Earrings, £4,625, by Tiffany & Co. Photography: Umit Savaci. Fashion: Jason Hughes. Originally featured in the June 2021 issue of Wallpaper* (W*266)

A renewned sense of stability is returning to wedding season, and while some ceremonial restrictions are in place globally, it’s clear that celebration is on the up. Dressed down for so long that you’re lost in how to excel in elegance? Here we present our guide to being an impeccably dressed wedding guest, whether rocking up to a city town hall or sitting en plein air in the grounds of a castle.

Nail the dance-all-night accessory

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

If pandemic dressing has taught us anything, it’s that ease is essential to elegance. Shirk the stilettos in favour of a foot-friendly mid-heel, like Manolo Blahnik’s leopard-print Mary-Jane pumps.

Go for gild

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Riff on the Roaring Twenties with an outfit oozing ostentation. Enter Balenciaga’s golden chaimail dress, which reflects the lights of a disco ball as you get down on a dancefloor.

Upturn tradition

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Turn heads with an androgynous take on wedding wear. Sport sophisticated tailoring and forget the undershirt, like Petar Petrov’s subtly oversized suit jacket.

Carry a coveted accessory

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Search out a small style to hold all those matrimonial essentials (hand sanitister, lipstick, face mask). The covetable quilted details of Dior’s signature ‘Lady Dior’ bags will turn heads as you take your seat at the wedding service.

Turn black tie topsy turvy

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Black tie dress code? Opt for a tradition-shifting pristine white tuxedo jacket with a luxurious satin lapel. Avoid red wine and colourful cocktails at all costs.

Mix and match

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Mix prints and textures for a matrimonial mash-up that excels in opposite attraction. Celine’s pinstripe jacket pulls style punches next to Chavret’s striped silk tie.

Sport a statement shoe

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Ditch the classic Derby shoe and err away from Oxfords. Turn heads with something a little more sartorial, like Y/Project’s square-toed boot with a bold block heel.

Consider no tie

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Consider a more ease-fuelled silhouette and say goodbye to the tie. Fendi’s sleek, lightly toned tailoring needs nothing else. §

Dressing for a country wedding or a ranch-themed wedding can be quite a challenge. You will need to find that perfect middle ground between dressy and casual. Figuring out what to wear can be tricky, as you don’t want to look overdressed, but you don’t want to look too casual either.

As a wedding guest, you will always want to look chic while still being comfortable in your outfit. Pictures are going to be taken, and naturally, you want to look great in them. And if you aren’t a bridesmaid, you certainly don’t want to be mistaken for one! We have listed a variety of different styles just to show how many different outfits you can wear to a country wedding.

Fancy Farm

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

Farm to fork weddings are anything but a hoedown these days, so skip the denim and diamonds and opt for your hippest look. A maxi dress or a short floral chiffon is sure to make an impact. But make it a point to keep it real, as we are talking possibly barnyard floors and rolling lawns here with a stick with a wedge, which will give you height minus the tripping hazard.

Dressy Casual

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

Unless it’s requested, it may be appropriate to leave the jeans at home. Take this opportunity to wear that cute romper or fitted jumpsuit, a great clutch and a pair of impressive heels or lace-up gladiator sandals.

Super Feminine Dress and Boots

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

You can always get a great pair of Western boots, and pair it with any feminine dress in your closet. You are sure to look feminine and pretty in this outfit.

A Crisp White Blouse, Denim Skirt, and Boots

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

This is another winning combination you can wear to the country wedding. Try a boot with a weathered/vintage/Western vibe for the classic look. You can wear one with a traditional western boot with pointed toes as well. If it’s hot, you can combine with a denim skirt and a crisp white western shirt, or possibly a peasant-style blouse. You could choose something in white eyelet or lace to dress things up a bit.


How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

Go for heels! Heels are always appropriate for ANY wedding, not just a country wedding. Since most western or ranch-themed weddings take place outside, you will likely need to grab yourself a pair of High Heelers to stop your heels from sinking into the ground. They are discreet and highly effective. If you are planning on really emerging yourself into the country theme, you can grab a pair of cowgirl boots and pair them with your dress! Boots tend to be a little more of an investment so be sure you take care of them.

Black Romper

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

You’ll be a style icon in this black embroidered romper! Lightweight woven romper with a collared neckline, darted bodice with patch pocket, and floral embroidery in shades of yellow, orange, and green at back is sure to make you look stunning.

Black Jumpsuit

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

Or try this black lace dress to come out stunning in the country wedding. This woven jumpsuit features embroidered, cutout details along a triangle bodice, supported by skinny straps that meet at a lace-up back. Fitted waist gives way to wide-leg pants. There is hidden back zipper.

Print Sundress

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

This tile print sundress will make you look lovely too for a day event.

Striped Sundress

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

Or, you can try this striped sundress as well if you want.

A Summer Dress

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

Think light, flowing, summer dresses. Lace or boho style can easily be considered western when accessorized properly. Pastels and neutrals are most common, but dark blues and plum shades are going to be all of the rage this summer and can be just as suitable for a country themed wedding.

The Rural Charm Look

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

Team lace and florals with statement jewels for rural charm.

Classic with a Fresh Twist

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

The sateen fabric is dressy, while the soft pink and apricot print brings this classic shape right down to backyard wedding level. Since the tea-length hits you right at the calves, elongate legs with a pair of strappy flesh-colored heels.

Lace Dress

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

You can wear this long lace dress as well. It is perfect for the country wedding.

Rustic Country Outfit

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

Mix country and rustic together and you have yourself a country rustic wedding theme that can be in the woods or in a barn.

Ruffled Wedding Dress

How to dress as a winter wedding guestImage Source:

Go for this denim and ruffled combo for rustic chic inspiration.

November 3, 2021

How to dress as a winter wedding guest How to dress as a winter wedding guest

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

How to dress as a winter wedding guest


How to dress as a winter wedding guest

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How to dress as a winter wedding guest

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Hi, lovelies! Today we’re talking about how to stay warm at your wedding. If you’re planning a fall or winter wedding, or perhaps are expecting low temperatures (or rain!) in the spring or summer, here is some helpful advice.

In the latest wedding planning podcast episode, we’re covering everything you need to know about how to stay warm at a wedding, how to keep guests warm, and how to make sure your bridal party is cozy for photos and your wedding day.

You can listen here and read the following planning tips to help. 🙂

Whether you’re the couple getting married or the wedding guest, staying warm at a wedding is very important, especially in the fall and winter months.

Being comfortable in any season is important as a guest, something that engaged couples should always keep in mind when planning their wedding (especially in hot humid months or cold icy months). Whether you’re providing cheap sunglasses or bottled water for a summer ceremony or giving blanket favors to guests in the cooler months, considering the comfort of your guests is a priority. If your guests are comfortable, your wedding will be a great one — people will eat, drink, and be merry (and dance all night long).

If your guests are wet from the rain, cold, or uncomfortably hot, they won’t stay long. They may stay until the cake cutting or dinner, but then they’ll head home. But if your guests are cozy inside a heated tent, stand outside a roaring fire, have a blanket to wrap around their shoulders, or are comfortable inside a warm ballroom with all the spiced cider or hot coffee they can enjoy, they’ll dance the night away!

Here are some tips on how to stay warm at weddings for the bride, bridesmaids, and guests.

1. Stay warm at your wedding with a bridal cover-up / jacket / cozy shawl / etc.

Don’t settle for a style you don’t love because it’s the cold months (i.e. a wedding dress with long sleeves, extra-long length, or heavy fabric) just to stay warm. Instead, choose a gown you love and then add a topper, add sleeves to your wedding gown with this, or a bridal cover-up to increase warmth (without impacting the look of your dress).

Some of the most popular bridal cover-ups, wraps, jackets, and shawls are listed below to inspire you. I can’t get enough of the leather jackets this season! The fur shawls, too, are a classic choice; and one of our favorite resources for how to stay warm at your wedding is the crochet shawl. They’re beautiful for winter!

Bridal Coat

We found a beautiful cozy bridal coat to keep you warm at EdelweissBride.

Bridal Sweater

This warm bridal sweater/bolero is a perfect option for a winter wedding! I love this style. By FlowerArtBySandra.

Crochet Wedding Shawl

This crochet-knit bridal shawl is perfection! By ElegantKnitting.

Lace Cape

An elegant, beautiful cape for the bride! By GibsonBespoke.


Blanket Scarves

These beautiful plaid scarves are a beautiful blanket-style and can be monogrammed. By Where To Get.

Faux Fur Stole

Wear a cozy winter stole to stay nice and warm! By Beautilicate.

Leather Jacket

This bride leather jacket is a great way to stay warm at your wedding and look stylish! By TheBrodieBride.

Denim Jacket

Wear a trusty denim jacket, it gets even better with more wear! 🙂 By DearlyThreaded.

2. Keep Bridesmaids Warm at Your Wedding

To stay warm at your wedding, consider giving your bridesmaids pahminas to be as cozy as possible during photos, and perhaps during chilly outdoor ceremonies.

These elegant scarves are affordably priced — right now you can snag them for UNDER $5 each! (That’s pretty amazing.) See the huge selection here.

You can get the tags and pashminas here.

In addition, these scarves will keep your guests warm. Put them in a basket at your ceremony or reception in a basket with a tag or a sign that reads, “To have and to hold, in case you get cold”.

You can also keep bridesmaids warm behind the scenes at getting ready / hair + makeup with these sherpa blankets by ShopAtBash. You can get them monogrammed; they make great gifts!

And their feet in these cozy socks! By ThePaisleyBox.

Don’t forget another ption: warm wedding slippers! By YadiMercier.

And gift your bridesmaids with pajamas, flannels, or these cozy sherpa robes! I call the red and black buffalo plaid one! So cute. By Just Love.

3. Keep Guests Warm at Weddings

To keep your guests warm, try these tips at your wedding.

Add Lots of Lighting

Candles at wedding tables and extra lighting provide added warmth and coziness to your space. As one example, a lighted wall will make your reception instantly warmer, just by providing a romantic ambiance and glow. By SupplyFlora.

Grab Umbrellas for Rain

See the selection of umbrellas here for you; get umbrellas in bulk for guests at your ceremony (cheap!)

Use All Walls/Enclosures of Your Reception Tent

Get a tent that is fully enclosed to keep the heat in and the dampness or cold air out.

Provide Cozy Bulk Blankets for Guests

Give guests a basket of blankets or give individual blanket favors to take home. Here are a few places to buy blankets to keep your guests warm.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Rent Tent Heaters

Always rent heaters for your tent if possible, especially if your weather is projected to be 50 degrees or less (or your wedding forecast calls for rain). Ask your tent vendor how many heaters they recommend and placement options.

Use an Outdoor Fireplace or Plan a Bonfire

If your venue has an outdoor fireplace, embrace it! Add a basket of cozy blankets nearby and invite guests to enjoy the outdoor space. If you’re planning a summer or fall wedding (and your venue allows), have a bonfire. Plan on having plenty of seating around the bonfire and provide fun snacks, like s’mores and sticks for marshmallow toasting.

Provide Warm-Up Drinks

A coffee bar, tea bar, or hot cider bar will keep guests warm and also bring in additional cheer for the season! If planning a wintry wedding, your coffee bar can have thematic flavors like pumpkin spice or peppermint mocha cream; add whipped cream and nutmeg topping for added flavor.

A spiced cider bar can be a fun touch for the fall; tea works anytime!

No cold feet here! 😉 Grab him these cold feet socks to keep any nervousness at bay. 😉 By GroomSocks.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Keep Groomsmen Warm

And last but not least… heed Andrew’s advice from the podcast and give groomsmen hand warmers in extreme cold. It will keep their hands warm during those long wintry wedding photo shoots. 🙂

And there you have it: the best tips + ways to keep warm at a wedding! Add your own tips in the comment box below!

This article was co-authored by Minoti Mehta. Minoti Mehta is the Founder of Vermilion Weddings & Events, an event and wedding planning business based in San Francisco, California. Minoti grew up in the event and wedding planning space and has over five years of event planning experience. She has been invited to participate as a Delegate at five exclusive Event Planner Conferences including Destination Wedding Planners Congress and Planners Xtraordinaire and has become known as one of the Top Wedding and Event Planners in the San Francisco Bay Area. Minoti’s work has been featured on NDTV India, Love Stories TV, Maharani Weddings, and WedWise India. Vermilion Weddings & Events was also awarded WeddingWire’s Couple’s Choice Award in 2018. Minoti has a BS in Hospitality Management and Accounting from the University of San Francisco.

There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Weddings are huge events shared by couples with their families and friends. Attending such a big part of a couple’s life calls for special wedding attire. Church and synagogue weddings are often easy to choose attire for, with guests wearing smart suits with ties or dresses. The rules seem to change drastically when dressing for an outdoor wedding. If you’re invited to attend an outdoor wedding, you can choose a formal outfit based on weather conditions, the style or theme of the wedding, and the specific wedding location.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Wedding season is always fun: You have evenings filled with dancing and dining, and an excuse to dress up a little. Usually, it’s pretty easy to find an outfit to celebrate. But if the wedding happens to be in the winter, well, that’s another story. Your strapless dress and strappy heels simply won’t do in freezing temperatures, and it can be quite stressful to find an outfit that’s seasonally appropriate, comfortable and stylish.

But there are ways to look elegant even when it’s chilly out. TODAY Style tapped Rent The Runway’s style director, Blaire Walsh, to reveal her top tips.

How should I dress for a winter wedding?

It’s all about looking stylish while staying warm at the same time. That can be a challenge depending on the time of year and location of the wedding.

“I suggest sticking to styles with thicker fabrics, including velvet, crepe and jersey with long sleeves, three-quarter sleeves or lace details,” said Walsh.

How do you stay stylish but also practical in the winter when it comes to dressing for a wedding?

“Dressing practically while stylish for a winter wedding is about comfort and warmth and wearing styles that have a touch of drama,” said Walsh.

Look for a festive velvet jumpsuit or ankle-length, plum-colored cocktail dress that’s perfect for both a black-tie optional or formal setting. Walsh particularly likes one with a thicker fabric and asymmetric long sleeves, as that makes it both practical and stylish for a winter wedding.

What’s the key to nailing formal attire in the winter?

“The key to nailing formal attire in the winter is to understand the setting and formality of the event,” said Walsh.

Ask yourself the following: When is the event? What time of day does it take place? Look up the venue to better understand the setting, as this will help you choose the perfect — and most practical — look.

“Afternoon into night events tend to be on the dressier side,” she added. “It’s best to opt for a tea-length or floor-length dress or pant option. My motto is always to be overdressed rather than underdressed if you’re unsure of the event’s formality.”

Can you wear black to a winter wedding?

“The color black is one of the most common colors worn to a wedding at any time of year because it’s versatile and can be dressed up or down in any shape or form, dependent on the formality of the occasion,” said Walsh.

What do you wear over an evening gown in the winter?

Winter weather can be unpredictable, so it’s best to try and plan for these conditions when attending a wedding.

“Always bring layers along,” said Walsh. “Think a festive sweater, bolero or a faux fur jacket option. Your layering garment must be aligned with the formality of your dress or suit.”

Can you wear boots to a wedding?

“In my opinion, this is a no-go unless you’re attending a particular type of wedding like a country ranch destination where a certain attire is required or suggested,” said Walsh. “It’s best to always stick with heels or a pointed-toe flat.”

But, if you have to deal with snow for a wedding, Walsh suggests embracing snow boots to avoid a wipeout — and keep those party shoes nearby to change into before hitting the dance floor.

Winter weddings are in full swing and I’m here to make sure you make the top of the best dressed guest list. I love a winter wedding (I got married in February 2012.)

And with temparatures reaching in the 100s (in Texas) during the summer, many brides want to make sure their makeup doesn’t melt by the time the vows roll around — so I definitely understand.

I love love and weddings are just so beautiful. Also, I love getting all glamed and dressed for the occasion. I also love the rich fabrics, jewel tones and sequin during this time of year. Here are a few outfit choices to make you feel beautiful from the kiss to cake.

Winter Wedding Dresses

I love the color of this dress. The emerald green is so gorgeous and I love the feathered hem.

If you’re into asymetry and looking for something out of the box, this one is right up your alley.

So digging how this dress drapes the body. And not to mention, the color is divine.

Velvet! OMG how gorgeous is this one?

Velvet Dresses

I mean….WOW! These gorgeous velvet dresses scream winter. Loving the rich tones and the cut of each dress. Definitely some showstoppers.

Dresses Under $100

No need to shell out hundreds of dollars on a dress. Here are some gorgeous dresses under $100.

I hope you found some inspiration from this post. Let me know in the comments below which dresses was your favorite.

Spring may be peak wedding season, but don’t expect the invitations to stop coming just because it’s winter. Cooler weather (don’t worry, there’s still plenty of sunshine to go around) and off-peak prices are just two of the reasons more and more brides are opting to wed in winter.

But as their wedding guest, you may find yourself in some unfamiliar fashion territory. If you’re wondering what to wear to a winter wedding in Australia , we’ve got you.

What to wear to a winter wedding

Given the cool change in weather, the more covered-up you are, the warmer you’ll be. Obviously. However, the trick is to not get weighed down under heavy coats . You still need to look the part.

Layers are a good idea because while the outdoor ceremony may be brisk, once you start carving it up on the dance floor at the reception, things are going to get toasty pretty fast.

Colour is your friend: Don’t fall into the trap of going dreary with shades of black and grey. Plus, you can’t go wrong with romantic fabrics like lace, silk, tulle and anything sparkly or metallic (just don’t overshadow the bride, ok?).

Florals are always a good idea for a wedding, but this season expect to also see bold block colours worn from top to bottom.

Ready to frock up? Take your cues from these celebrity-inspired winter wedding outfits .

1. A summer dress + winter jacket combo

Yes, you can wear the same kind of dresses you’d wear to a summer or spring wedding, all you have to do is add a smart jacket.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

With festivities officially back on, you’ve probably got a fair few ceremonies ahead of you this season, which is why there’s never been a more fun time to shop for winter wedding guest outfits (though if you’d rather practice circularity, there are plenty of places which you can hire designer dresses from).

When it comes to autumn trends, the message is clear: go big or go home. We’re seeing joyful dressing galore, in the form of sequin gowns, bright hues and loud prints. Let’s be honest, you can never bring too much joy to a wedding.

At fashion week, I loved the bring pink gowns served up by Valentino and Balmain, the sequin frocks and jumpsuits at Ashish and Stella McCartney and the motifs at Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana.

That said, minimalists shouldn’t despair, there were plenty of paired down options on the catwalk too, including this season’s must-have: the little black dress, as seen at Victoria Beckham and Khaite. Yes, it’s perfectly ok to wear black to a wedding, sartorial rules be damned.

Videos you may like:

Video you may like:

It’s not all about designer-wear though, the high street is awash with gorgeous affordable winter wedding guest outfits, from dresses to jumpsuits and cool suits you’ll want to wear again and again. H&M, Zara, Needle & Thread et al all come up trumps this season.

Sometimes, the type of wedding you’re going to might limit the kind of silhouette you can opt for. When it comes to traditional church weddings, go for a long-sleeved style with a bateau or other high neckline to avoid showing too much flesh. This look works well for a black tie affair, though that’s a great occasion to go for a truly dramatic piece.

Your clothes are just part of your outfit however and the right accessories can seriously elevate your look. For AW21 weddings, try Dynasty-esque statement earrings, layered gold necklaces and a pair of slip-on sandals or glittery heels. Oh, and don’t forget to add a mini designer handbag – baguette bags are still all the rage.

Keep scrolling to shop my edit of the best winter wedding guest outfits.

Winter Styles for the Bride-To-Be

Planning a cold-weather ceremony? Dress for the season with lacy sleeves, intricate layers, and warm wraps! Ready to find the one for your winter wedding? Read on for some winter wedding dress ideas to get you started!

Ball Gowns

  • How to dress as a winter wedding guest
  • How to dress as a winter wedding guest


The chicest way to wear layers for a wintery wedding day: a ball gown with endless yards of organza, lace, or tulle! Ball gowns with intricate lace and beading are perfect for a more traditional bridal look. For a more updated touch, try a sleek and unembellished ball gown for a modern and sophisticated bridal style! If the temp calls for even more cold weather, put on tights underneath your dress for added warmth (no one will be able to tell!).

Lace Wedding Dresses

  • How to dress as a winter wedding guest
  • How to dress as a winter wedding guest


Mixing textures add warmth and depth to your winter wedding look! A gown with a combination of ornate lace and tonal beading mimics the intricacy of a snowflake. You can opt for an all-over lace dress or one with perfectly placed lace touches.

Long Sleeves

  • How to dress as a winter wedding guest
  • How to dress as a winter wedding guest


A gorgeous gown with lace-adorned long sleeves will keep your arms from feeling chilly on the big day. No matter what silhouette you choose, long sleeves are the perfect way to show off more lace or beaded detail on your gown! Plus, an illusion fabric makes this coverage elegant and adds another dimension to your look.

Subtle Hues

  • How to dress as a winter wedding guest
  • How to dress as a winter wedding guest


Blush tones and champagne hues are a subtle alternative to a traditional white gown that’ll stand out against a snowy backdrop. Soft shades add an ultra-romantic and whimsical touch to your wintery wedding.

Winter Bridesmaid Dresses

  • How to dress as a winter wedding guest@wyldbeephotography⁠
  • How to dress as a winter wedding guest@nicole.fieldphotography

Outfit your wedding party in deep, dark shades bridesmaid dresses that bring to mind a long winter’s night. Sophisticated hues, like Wine and Steel Blue, complement the winter season beautifully. A fabric like satin offers a luxurious shine to contrast the wintery landscape.

Winter Wedding Accessories

  • How to dress as a winter wedding guestUploaded by Eaton
  • How to dress as a winter wedding guest
  • How to dress as a winter wedding guest@makenzieevansphoto

You’ve found the dress, and now it’s time to accessorize! Stylishly banish the brrrs with a faux-fur capelet. These luxe shawls are equal parts cozy and glamorous, and they pair perfectly with strapless wedding dresses. Looking for a more edgy touch? This vegan leather moto jacket is the perfect addition! Show off your ‘Just Married’ status and stay warm in this chic jacket. We can’t forget about the shoes! No need for your toes to hide all season. Pick a pair with icicle-like crystals to brighten things up!

Inspired by these winter wedding dress ideas? Begin the search for your dream dress today! Make a virtual or in-store appointment at your local DB or find styles online at!

Planning a wedding? Sign up for our Diamond Loyalty program—it’s free! Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook for more real wedding inspiration, or click here to book an appointment.

Happy new year! I am ready to start 2022 with all the stylish winter dresses perfect for that wedding, shower, or special event.

Personally, I will be hunting for bridal shower guest, and mother of the groom dresses as we get closer to my son’s wedding this summer, and I can’t wait to share what I find with you!

These three dresses below would be ideal for that winter wedding guest, bridal or baby shower guest, or special event.

I’ve also added a few other dresses, shoes and accessories that you might like to browse through as well.

The Ruffled Midi Dress

I’m not going to pick favorites, but I love all the ruffles on this crimson midi dress. It has an elastic waist, and I added a black belt with little gold studs I already had in my closet. I paired it with these strappy heels, oversized bag, and gold jewelry for a polished look.

It would be easy to add a black wrap, coat, or leather jacket for those colder evenings. It runs true to size, and is fully lined.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest Ruffled Crimson Midi Dress l Strappy Heels l Black bag (similar)

Midnight Blue Pleated Midi Dress

This midnight blue midi has a beautiful sheen to the fabric. The elastic waist gives some definition to the shape of the dress, and keeps the pleats from being overwhelming.

I am always drawn to navy and black, and it is always so elegant. I’ve added some rhinestone accessories, and a small black clutch for a little sparkle.

This dress runs true to size. I am wearing my regular dress size here.

How to dress as a winter wedding guestMidnight blue pleated midi dress l Black pumps l Black bag

Bright Red Satin Mini Dress

This satin shift dress simply shines! I’m obsessed with the puffed sleeves and long cuffs. Seeing as it’s winter, I added a sheer black tight, and a suede pump for this look.

Since this is a simple dress, it’s fun to add a statement earring or necklace with it! I’ve chosen these black drop earrings, a deep red lippie, and flirty black chain crossbody bag.

It runs true to size.

How to dress as a winter wedding guestBright red satin mini dress l Black pumps l Black chain crossbody

Are you looking for a fresh makeup look for the new year? Check out An Easy Makeup Look for Mature Skin.

I hope you’ve found this post valuable! I’d love to hear your thoughts, and ideas for future posts too! Please comment below.

Celebrity Interviews, Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

The 2022 winter wedding guest season has officially commenced! If you’re heading somewhere cold or warm and tropical for a friend or family member’s wedding, you’ll want the perfect dress. If there’s one dress trend I’ve featured time and time again for wedding season, it’s definitely classic lace dresses. You can’t go wrong with a fab lace dress in variety of colors! This style is timeless, elegant and will be a favorite for years to come.

Lace dresses are always on trend, look fabulous, and are easy to dress up or down. I love a fab lace dress paired with leopard print heels, strappy heeled sandals, embellished heels, or a classic pair of pumps for winter. When it comes to coats, you can’t go wrong with a fab faux fur coat!

If you’re shopping for a new lace dress, you’re in luck. I scoured the net and found quite a few gorgeous lace dresses for the 2022 winter wedding guest season.

Trendy lace dresses for 2022 Winter Wedding Guest Season!

Chic lace dresses that are above the knee

Are you searching for the perfect dress that is above the knee? If so, you’re not alone! This style is perfect for winter wedding guest season, holiday parties and can be worn throughout the year. Here are a few beautiful lace dresses in a variety of styles and colors that you are sure to love.

Gorgeous little black lace dresses with 3/4 length sleeves

Like many of you, I love Eliza J dresses. They look far more expensive than they are! This beautiful Eliza J Lace Fit and Flare Dress is currently on sale for less than $45. Not only is this dress perfect for winter wedding guests, but it’s a must for holiday parties and throughout the year!

This post was originally featured in 2018 but was updated in December 2021 and this dress is still going strong. This gorgeous Karen Kane Scalloped Lace Sheath Dress is perfection! It is only $118 with free shipping and is available in three different colors: navy blue, black/nude, and black. It will look amazing with a statement clutch, jewelry, or a fab pair of pumps!

How stunning is this blush pink Lulus A Fine Romance Lace Cocktail Dress ? It’s available in blush and in magenta! They’re both beyond gorgeous and currently on sale for less than $50. Talk about an amazing deal!

Must Have Short Sleeve Lace Dress

Nordstrom has a great selection of Lace Sheath Dresses in a variety of styles and colors! I can’t get enough of this gorgeous jewel toned midi length dress. It is perfection!

This stunning and incredibly popular Saylor Darian dress has long been a favorite. It’s available in two different colors for 2021/2022 including blue and black. Which one is your favorite? I adore them both and think they’re perfect for wedding guests throughout the year!

I can’t get enough of this Dress the Population crochet lace dress ! Isn’t it a gorgeous color? I love that it also comes in black, red and white!

Must have sleeveless wedding guest dress!

Like many of you, I love Bardot’s gorgeous dresses ! They are absolutely stunning and cost-effective. This stunning dress will look great with a pair of nude strappy heeled sandals for a spring and summer wedding. It will also look fantastic with a crop faux fur coat for winter wedding guest season.

This berry colored Chi Chi London Eleya Lace Cocktail Dress is perfect for date night, holiday parties, and wedding guest season! It’s currently on sale for less than $90.

This gorgeous lace crinkle dress has long been a favorite! It is currently available in blush pink for the 2021/2022 wedding guest season! This fabulous sleeveless dress will be a favorite throughout the year! You can wear it to a variety of events, date nights, and on special occasions.

Chic midi length lace dresses for wedding guests this winter

This ASTR the label lace midi dress has been a staple on Instagram and Pinterest! It’s a fashion blogger favorite and is very affordable at under $90 with free shipping. Isn’t this dress gorgeous? It comes in tons of colors. I love them all, especially blue and dark blush! PS: This phenomenal dress is on sale for less than $65 with free shipping!

This gorgeous midi length Eliza J Asymmetrical Lace Dress is perfect for the wedding guest! It is also available in ivory and will be perfect for the bride-to-be at her engagement party, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

Blush is not just a color for spring, it’s a must throughout the year! This puff sleeve Dress The Population Kenna Lace Pop Over Dress is not only gorgeous but is flattering on every woman! It’s available in this pretty blush pink shade and in classic black too.

Shoshanna midi dresses are my absolute favorite! Over the years I’ve featured her gorgeous dresses during the holidays, Kentucky Derby, Easter, wedding season, and more! This fabulous lace midi dress is beyond stunning and can be worn throughout the year.

Over the years I have featured this popular Bardot Lace Sheath Dress time and time again! It’s a fashion blogger favorite, affordable, and is available in tons of colors. I love them all, especially black and blue mist. Which one is your favorite?

My love is strong for the fabulous Chi Chi London lace dresses , which are available in a variety of styles! They’re perfect for wedding guests of all ages and is sure to be favorites for years to come.

Bodycon dresses are still as popular as ever, especially this classic Dress The Population Mona Lace Body-Con Dress ! It will be a favorite during the holiday party season as well.

How stunning is this sleeveless lace dress ? I love this beautiful shade of “wine”, it will look fantastic with a velvet blazer during the holiday party season! It will also look great with a pair of metallic or gold heels.

Glam Maxi length lace gowns for winter wedding guests!

How fabulous is this navy blue Eliza J Embroidered Lace Trumpet Gown ? It can be worn during winter wedding guest season with a stunning faux fur coat! You can also wear this sleeveless gown to an elegant spring, summer, and fall wedding!

If you love lace and sequins and looking for the perfect glamorous dress, you can’t go wrong with this merlot Morgan & Co Lace and Jersey Gown ! This sleeveless gown with a plunging neckline is perfect for a winter wedding, a ball, or a gala.

How beautiful is this Marsoni Scalloped lace and chiffon gown ? It’s available in mauve, slate blue, and charcoal. It’s perfect for every woman regardless of age!

Dresses For Wedding Guest 2021. Even if you’re just looking to be comfortable, then a breathable and loose short dress would make a good choice. Paired with the right accessories and shoes, beach wedding guest dresses can steal the evening.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest23 Winter Wedding Guest Dresses That Are In Style for 2021 from

Paired with the right accessories and shoes, beach wedding guest dresses can steal the evening. In the midst of all things 2020, my friend group saw a wave of postponements and suddenly we had quite a few newly engaged that we can finally see a glimmer of light for the weddings coming down the pipeline, i’m not exaggerating when i say we cannot wait to celebrate. Discover our extensive range of women’s wedding guest dresses online at house of fraser.

From chic dresses to jumpsuits and trouser suits Even if you’re just looking to be comfortable, then a breathable and loose short dress would make a good choice.

Shop burgundy faux wrap dress from lulu’s. Oh, and if you’re looking to really stand out from the wedding crowd, we’ve just got the thing!

If you’re worried about being too chilly and don’t feel like layering, these long spring wedding guest dresses are great options. S ummer wedding guest dresses have been a hot topic in my group chat lately.

Discover our extensive range of women’s wedding guest dresses online at house of fraser. For a beach wedding, informal wedding, warm weather wedding, short dresses are a perfect choice.

Spell> what to wear to a spring wedding: If you’re worried about being too chilly and don’t feel like layering, these long spring wedding guest dresses are great options.

Spell> what to wear to a spring wedding: For a beach wedding, informal wedding, warm weather wedding, short dresses are a perfect choice.

Eularia maxi dress — anthropologie $268 (extended sizes) winslow dress — reformation $268 (multiple colors + prints) See more ideas about wedding attire guest, wedding guest dress, wedding guest outfit.

Long spring wedding guest dresses. Discover our extensive range of women’s wedding guest dresses online at house of fraser.

Eularia maxi dress — anthropologie $268 (extended sizes) winslow dress — reformation $268 (multiple colors + prints) Even if you’re just looking to be comfortable, then a breathable and loose short dress would make a good choice.

Burgundy Is Such A Good Color.

Long spring wedding guest dresses. Astr the label floral print dress See more ideas about dresses, wedding attire guest, wedding guest dress.

Can We Start You A Room?

Wedding guest dresses | stunning wedding guest dresses 2021 | house of fras Wedding guest outfit ideas for autumn 2021: From chic dresses to jumpsuits and trouser suits

If You’re Worried About Being Too Chilly And Don’t Feel Like Layering, These Long Spring Wedding Guest Dresses Are Great Options.

Specialising in contemporary men’s and women’s designer clothing, footwear & accessories. Discover our extensive range of women’s wedding guest dresses online at house of fraser. It’s romantic, it’s powerful, it’s reminiscent of the winter season, and perfect for a wedding.

For A Beach Wedding, Informal Wedding, Warm Weather Wedding, Short Dresses Are A Perfect Choice.

Embroidered faux wrap burgundy midi dress. You can never go wrong with velvet for a winter (or, hey, even late fall!) wedding. See more ideas about wedding attire guest, wedding guest dress, wedding guest outfit.

Paired With The Right Accessories And Shoes, Beach Wedding Guest Dresses Can Steal The Evening.

Spell> what to wear to a spring wedding: Wedding guest attire and great wedding outfit ideas for wedding guests for every season and dress code. Change up your look with wedding guest jumpsuits and skirts.

Winter wedding guest dresses are the main agenda for today’s style inspiration! Winter weddings are so gorgeous, but what to wear in the colder weather may become an obstacle for the guests. However, winter weddings give you a little more freedom when it comes to colors and designs. During summer and spring, it’s always nice to wear florals or light pastels to a wedding, but this inspiration of winter wedding guest dresses shows a unique mix of styles that would work! You’ll notice that black is always a popular winter trend, but don’t be afraid to go for a light-colored sleeveless dress. That is what we have cardigans for! Jump right in, and get ready to find your perfect wedding guest dress.

Photos: Courtesy of ASOS, Tiffany Rose, A Bad Day

Black and white for winter wedding guest dresses is just what you need! These contrasting stripes are the perfect winter trend for you to be bold and look adorable. It’s always good to go knees-length for that time of year! Those looking for winter wedding guest dresses should always remember to find a sophisticated but appealing outfit that is most flattering.

How to dress as a winter wedding guestFeatured Dress: ASOS

RELATED: 21 Charming Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

How to dress as a winter wedding guestFeatured Dress: Tiffany Rose

RELATED: Darling Wedding Guest Dresses for Summer

How to dress as a winter wedding guestFeatured Dress: A Bad DayHow to dress as a winter wedding guestFeatured Dress: ASOS

Whether you decide on red, black or print, just make sure you find the cutest and most comfortable winter wedding guest dresses. I think that the key is to definitely spend money on a dress so stylish and trendy that you would keep it in your closet long after you wore it to a wedding. In an environment where everyone is dressed up, take fashion risks but stay confident. We are sure confident that these winter wedding guest dresses will help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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10 Winter Wedding Guest Dresses


Oct 31, 2018

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Dress: WAYF – runs TTS (I’m wearing a small) and long enough for me to wear 3-4″ heels (‘m 5’8)

Morning and Happy Halloween!

I am so darn excited for today I can barely contain myself. In case you didn’t catch it on Instagram, we arrived in Chicago yesterday. We are spending the week here and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be back with my little family. We spent yesterday visiting our friends Mike & Lauren and their baby boy Magnus. He was Zain’s first friend and I miss seeing them so much. The boys had a great time together and it’s just so crazy to think how much they have changed in such a short time.

Today is jam packed with all great things. I am meeting Blair to shoot this morning and then grab breakfast! In case you don’t know, Blair is one of my very best friends and we almost always shot our photos together back in the day. We both love photography and shooting things with her is fun and creative. Since moving and both having baby boy’s we realized we have lost some of that creativity because we’re short on time and hardly ever get to see each other. So, needless to say I am beyond excited to see her, get some work done and just enjoy some girl time. Trevor is taking Zain out on a guy’s day and I’m actually excited to hear what they do.

After that we are headed over to Kelly and Mitch’s tonight for a Halloween pizza party and some trick or treating in Lincoln Park. I’m crossing my fingers it’s not too cold but thankfully Zain’s costume is quite fuzzy and warm.

As for today’s post it’s all things dresses. Since fall and winter wedding is in full swing and we just attended our first of the season (did you catch Grace’s wedding?! GORGEOUS!) I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my current faves and round up some other amazing options.

I almost wore the maroon number pictured above this past weekend but ended up wearing the short sleeve version of this dress at the last minute. I can’t seem to find my version (it’s old) anywhere but several friends have this version and love it.

I also wore this velvet long sleeve number to the baby shower I went to on Saturday but will totally add a belt and heels and wear it to a winter wedding. The velvet detailing is so pretty and I love the cinched sleeves and waist.

How to dress as a winter wedding guest

Dress: Vince Camuto – Runs a little big (I’m wearing an XS) and the pattern is so pretty in person.

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween and a safe time trick or treating!