How to dress for a pool party girls

How to dress for a pool party girls

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite type of parties is a pool party. Even if no swimming is involved, sipping cocktails poolside is always so fun. Actually, these days, I prefer a pool party where I don’t need to actually swim. Whether it’s a party for kids or an adults-only soiree around the pool, a pool party is the pinnacle of summer, and I hope to attend lots of them now that it looks like we can once again safely gather outdoors. Since we’re getting dressed again, it’s also the perfect excuse to have fun with your summer wardrobe. In fact, gathering inspiration for pool party outfits might be my favorite task I’ve done for you guys yet.

It’s funny because it sounds like you guys are going to a lot of pool parties. I don’t get invited to that many tbh, but pool party outfits is one of my most requested blog posts. You know I’m always trying to deliver on your requests, so I finally got this post together. It’s good too, because our club is doing some poolside celebrations this summer that I’ll need some pool party outfits for.

When deciding what to wear to a pool party, start by figuring out whether there will be swimming involved. If there, is, you’ll want to center your outfit around a bathing suit. Then add in a chic cover-up, incorporate your suit into your outfit like substituting a crop top for your bikini top, or spiff things up with a sundress, romper, or cute shorts.

Now, if you know you’re not swimming or the crowd seems way too sophisticated for those types of shenanigans and the pool is just a backdrop, it’s the perfect excuse to wear a gorgeous caftan, a cover-up that you’ve been saving because it’s way too nice for the actual pool, or a light sundress. Regardless of whether you plan to get wet or not, flat sandals are definitely key. It can get slippery, and the last thing you want is to fall in the pool. Personally, I say take advantage of any excuse to wear a dress sans heels, but if you want some height, I’d go with wedges or espadrilles since you’ll probably be spending the night standing on concrete or grass and you’ll want steady footing.

Need a little more pool party outfit inspiration? Here are my favorite ideas for what to wear to a pool party.

How to dress for a pool party girls

Ok, this may sound like a totally lame post. I mean, what to wear to a pool party? Your bikini, obviously! But, bear with me. Think about what you’re going to be wearing before you jump in the pool. How about when you’re just running in to use the bathroom? What about later when it’s time to eat? There are so many elements to a pool party ensemble, I decided it would be a great topic for an outfit post!

Look 1: Making an Entrance

Showing up with your swimsuit already on is so sixth-grade birthday party. Instead, throw your extra wardrobe elements in your adorable summery tote and show up in style to sip a few cocktails and get warmed up before changing to your suit to hit the pool. This look is effortlessly cool and fun, without being too fussy for your to get changed quickly when you’re ready to go for a dip.

How to dress for a pool party girls

Look #2: Splishin’ and Splashin’

This look is the easiest to rock. Once you have a killer swimsuit picked out, all you need in some sunscreen, a good hair tie, and something cute and easy to throw on for those quick dashes to the bathroom, or to grab a fresh drink. This cover-up is so adorable with its sunset print, and this bikini is so stylish with its nautical stripes. Of course, you can’t have a pool party without a pair of Havaianas!

How to dress for a pool party girls

Look 3: Back on Dry Land

Don`t let the sunset keep the party from going! Come prepared with an adorable post-pool outfit that will help you look polished and sexy. Pull on this sweet crocheted floral dress and slip on some dangly earrings and bangles. Twist your wet hair back into a bun and pull on this adorable headband. No need to overthink things, your Havainas from earlier will match the grey tones on the dress, while this cosy cardi will keep you warm long after the sun dips down.

How to dress for a pool party girls

What Do You Think?

What do you wear to pool parties? Are you heading to any this summer? Will you try any of the looks above? Leave me a comment and let me know!

My husband and I have been invited to my brother and sister-in-law’s house on Sunday for an afternoon pool party with some of their friends. I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to swim or sit on the deck and have wine and cheese on the patio. (LOL!) Can you give me some ideas for pool party outfits, either way? It’s going to be really hot. Thanks, Colleen

A pool party is one of the best things about summer, and it sounds like you are going to have a great time. I recently attended a work-related pool party, and here’s what I wore.

How to dress for a pool party girls

It was a breezy cotton shirtdress with rope wedges and a straw bag. This was in the late afternoon with drinks by the pool. Nobody was swimming. The year before, at another pool party at a swanky downtown hotel, I wore this coral flowy top with the glam boho vibe.

How to dress for a pool party girls

You could wear something similar to either of these outfits depending on how dressy you think the party will be. This second look, for example, is more suited to cocktails around the pool in the late afternoon. If you wanted to dress it down, switch out the statement necklace and big earrings for something small and simple, and replace the gold heels with a pair of cute, casual sandals.

Beachy looks are always fun and get you in the mood. Whatever you wear, think of bright colors, prints, light fabrics, and breezy silhouettes. Here are some pool party outfits with that look and feel.

What to Wear to a Pool Party…..

How to dress for a pool party girls

1. Wear a Maxi Dress

How often do you get to wear a pretty maxi like this? So I say, if you have a pool party coming up, go for it! This gorgeous turquoise and the black maxi dress is a fantastic mix of elegant and casual. Wear it as is or as a cover-up over your swimsuit. Pair it with fun fringe earrings that remind you of the tropics, a pretty perforated tote, and a pair of luxurious flat sandals.

How to dress for a pool party girls

2. Shorts and a Pretty Tank are Cute

More and more women are throwing out so-called age-appropriate rules and wearing shorts well into their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. A nice pair of crisp shorts with a feminine top and cute pair of shoes can look great. Shorts are perfect for a casual pool party when you want to do more sitting around chatting than swimming.

Accessories are the magic bullet that elevates everyday shorts. This fabulous straw circle bag is the “it” bag of the season. (More about circle bags here). Tri-tassel earrings give this pool party outfit an exotic spin, and rope wedges are super summery.

How to dress for a pool party girls

3. Flirty Swimsuit

If you are going to take a swimsuit, take one that turns heads. This romantic ruffle tankini is feminine, fun, and right on-trend. The V-neck lengthens your neck, and the rows of ruffles play up your bust while hiding a jelly belly. Don’t forget to switch out your everyday leather bag for a poolside purse. A straw bag is always the right choice. ( More tankinis here)

How to dress for a pool party girls

4. A Linen Pool Party Dress is Cool, Comfy & Chic

Linen is light, cool, and the ultimate summer fabric – perfect for a pool party when it’s blistering hot. This relaxed linen shirtdress with the beachy ombré effect is the perfect little sundress to throw on and go. Add some fab earrings to dress it up and a pair of classy metallic flats. You’ll glow like a summer sunset!

I recently attended a pool party for a business event, and I wore this cute cotton shirtdress and a straw bag.

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Click an image below.

How to dress for a pool party girls

Since I’m in Toronto, all I did was go to the @nordstromcanada website and type in my postal code, select a pickup store, and wait for a confirmation notice. Then I drove to Nordstrom, texted I had arrived, and an associate delivered my dress right to my car! I was able get exactly what I wanted, next day in time for the party I was going to.

The whole experience was so easy and hassle free. Just how I like to shop! ( And bonus: You can also pick-up Nordstrom orders at Nordstrom Rack stores!) Be sure to check it out!

The only thing you’ll worry about is which cocktail to drink.

How to dress for a pool party girls

How to dress for a pool party girls

Alert: 2019 will be the summer of pool parties. Maybe you’ve already booked a trip to Vegas to partake in the beach club festivities, or, if you’re me, plan to stay local and rent a house somewhere out of the city that has a pool so you can throw a soirée with friends. But once you’ve decided on your plans—see you in the Hamptons?—you’ll need to pack some outfits. Swimsuits are all but a given, but what do you wear on top? If you need ideas, a.k.a. some outfit inspo, I have planned out all your looks, and by default, mine, below. Show up to your pool party all dressed up and get ready to eat, drink, and schmooze.

How to dress for a pool party girls

A see-through caftan is the kind of cover-up you need if you plan on 1. drying off fast through your clothes and 2. showing off your bikini. That’s why you should opt for this colored gingham print two piece, which contains enough color to really pop underneath a tunic. The mesh material will also ensure you continue working on that tan/soaking up the vitamin D as you lounge poolside to eat and drink.

How to dress for a pool party girls

Denim shorts are a pool-party staple because they’re so easy to wear. Skip the shirt and simply wear your bikini (this one works because it looks like a crop top) with your cutoffs. Arrive to the pool ready to jump in! A panama hat, a woven tote with a pouch to keep your belongings try, and comfy slides are the only accessories you’ll need.

Shop the pieces: 1. Patbo paradise print bikini top, $150; 2. Levi’s denim shorts, $60; 3. Halogen panama hat, $39; 4. Topshop tote bag, $40; 5. Clarks tan leather slides, $100

How to dress for a pool party girls

If your favorite black sarong needs a little pick-me-up this season, style it with a sequined bikini. The glittery two piece will definitely stand out at the party, but won’t look totally out of place thanks to the black cover-up. (We love this one from Melissa Odabash, which has pom-pom edges.) A wide brim hat and sunglasses add to your “yes, I look ahmazing vibe,” while cute leather sandals and bag keep your fashionista game on point.

How to dress for a pool party girls

In a time crunch? For an outfit that can take you from the pool to anywhere else that day, you’ll want to slip into a dress. This one from Mara Hoffman hides your bikini at that semi-fancy restaurant with your mom while a cool straw bucket hat and pair of slides complete the casual but 100 percent on-trend look.

How to dress for a pool party girls

There’s an expectation that if you’re attending a pool party, you’ll actually wade into the pool. But if today is not that day, totally fine. Lounge on a chair is this comfy two-piece set that gives the ultimate resort vibes with your drink in hand. A pineapple tote and espadrille heels keep the outfit fun and light. Do stash a swimsuit in your bag JIC you change your mind about taking a quick dip, though. (Peer pressure, I know.)

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A few days ago, Jennifer Smith’s son brought home a permission slip from Rhoades Elementary in Indianapolis. The slip, which announced an end-of-the-year celebration pool party for his 6th grade class, seemed innocuous at first —on Monday, May 18th, the 6th grade class was invited to go to the Lynhurst Center to “reward [the children] for all of their hard work and good citizenship throughout the school year.” All sounded well and good and happy until Smith got to the pool party requirements, one of which read, “All girls must wear a non-white t-shirt over their swimsuit.” This immediately stopped Smith in her tracks.

“Being a feminist and seeing things through that filter, I was just kind of enraged by that. They’re saying little girls need to be ashamed of their bodies and cover themselves up,” Smith told The Huffington Post. And Smith has a really valid point here. To instruct girls to cover up their bodies is to perpetuate the idea that a female’s body is something sacredly sexual and must be protected, that it’s provocative and dirty, as well as a distraction. And that’s just not right.

Smith adds, “I have a little boy, I’m teaching him to think correctly, and this is contrary to what I’m teaching him.” So, she contacted the school and asked why this stipulation was included.

According to The Huffington Post, “the school explained that there had been inappropriate swimwear at past parties and that they wanted to help students who may be uncomfortable not covering themselves.” A spokesperson for the school district told Huffington Post directly, “We know that for many of our families, buying an extra [one-piece] swimsuit for their children would be a luxury they cannot afford. To address the issue of appropriate dress for the swim party, we believed asking the girls to wear T-shirts over their swimsuits was the solution that addressed the issue most sensitively.”

But this still doesn’t explain the reason why both girls AND boys weren’t asked to wear t-shirts. “Setting one standard for half of the student body only promotes the idea that girls bodies are naturally shameful,” Smith wrote the principal.

Furthermore, asking 6th grade girls to wear t-shirts over their swimsuits is unnecessarily sexualizing a bunch of 11 and 12 year-old girls and policing their bodies, and that’s just not OK.

Not that boys were completely off the hook. While the permission slip also states, “No Speedos,” arguably implicating that the school wants all of its students to dress appropriately for the pool, this still doesn’t negate the fact that girls are the only ones being asked to put on a shirt. Just because they also put some limitations on guys’ suits doesn’t make it irrelevant that they’re asking girls to wear t-shirts. If Rhoades Elementary wanted to truly treat female and male students equally in terms of dress code, they would have asked the boys to wear t-shirts as well.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. After Smith talked to the superintendent, the t-shirt rule was abolished, and girls were told shirts were optional. Hooray! According to HuffPost, Smith was happy with how the school handled the situation, that Rhoades’ ultimate decision will “help the girls in the class know that their bodies are not shameful and that they are not responsible for how others see them.” And guess what? No girls chose to wear t-shirts to the pool.

(Images via Huffington Post/Jennifer Smith)

Guest List & Bottle Service Helpful Info

Are you and your friends ready to have some fun in the Vegas sun? Pool parties are the best way to keep cool in the heat and party the day away! However, regardless if you are actually going in the pool or not, the club holds standards as to how you should dress and what counts as Vegas pool party attire while on guest list or checking in for you Bottle Service Reservations.

And one of the most frequently asked questions we, at Free Vegas Club Passes, are asked is:

What do I wear to a pool party ?

It seems likes a redundant question… but, in general, expectations are different for Vegas day club attire while on guest list or for bottle service, even with day clubs.

Men, wear your best board shorts or swim trunks, but don’t walk up to the door half-naked. I know you want to show off the fact you actually work out, but save your six pack for when you’re at the pool. Just throw on a nice t-shirt or tank-top until you’re in the dayclub. Please, no wife-beaters. Bouncers don’t approve of men who beat their wives, so leave that one at home. Most of all, don’t look sloppy with baggy clothing, which means no sweatpants, gym shorts, or over-sized shirts. You’re in Vegas now, Gents! Time to look your best to impress all the ladies!


And as for you, ladies, let’s see you rock that sexy new bikini you just bought! It’s recommended not to show up just in the bikini though, so just throw on a pretty sundress, or a nice top and shorts, over your swim suit and you’re ready to hit the party! Just make sure you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed. I know you probably partied like a rockstar the night before, but hungover isn’t a good look! Remember to always dress to impress, even at pool parties!


As for shoe wear… no tennis shoes, combat boots, hipster shoes, or Uggs. Keep it simple — wear sandals! Ladies are more than welcome to wear heels… but just be nice to your feet. My personal recommendation is to just go with a nice pair of flip-flops so you can easily throw them off to hop in the pool… or slip them on quickly so you can step onto the dance floor. Not following the Vegas pool party dress code is the quickest way to get denied entry on the guest list.

Yes, There is a Bouncer

If you disregard my tips on Vegas pool party outfits entirely, you might be denied entry on the guest list to the pool and the bouncer will point you in the direction of the nearest swim-suit store. Don’t miss an hour out of the party because you had to go hunt down a bathing suit! Just follow these guidelines for Vegas attire by the pool and you’re set to get your tan on, splash around in the pool, and party for free on our free Las Vegas guest list at Sin City’s biggest dayclubs!

How to dress for a pool party girls

Folks, the temp outside is getting higher and higher, and that calls for one thing: a pool party. While we adults love a good afternoon swim (+ all of the printed swimsuits we get to buy), the kids are really the ones looking forward to those swim-filled parties. Before you go the old-fashioned route with beach balls and pool noodles, opt for these DIY ideas that’ll make your kiddo’s pool party the best on the block. Get ready for their party to go from a simple get-together to an all-out bash before you can say Marco Polo.

1. DIY Beach Ball Bowling: The pool party might be *all* about the water, but the kids are going to need a break at some point. Use pool noodles, a beach ball and soda bottles to create a DIY bowling set that they’ll love just as much as swimming. (via Polka Dot Chair)

2. Beach Bucket Party Favor: Goodie bags are kind of the best part of any party… especially when you’re throwing one for the little ones. Kick their excitement level up a notch with a beach bucket decked out in all things summer, and stick them to each seat so they can dig through their new goodies during lunchtime. (via Project Junior)

3. DIY Popsicle Balloons: In need of a few decorations? Pick up a bag of twisting balloons (the ones that clowns use) and some popsicle sticks to make this cute DIY. Add them to the snack table for a decoration that will make your space festive AF. (via Studio DIY)

4. Raspberry Crush Punch: A refreshing drink is exactly what the little ones need after a long swim. Add cran-raspberry juice concentrate, pineapple juice and some extra ingredients to your grocery list so the kids (and you!) can have something to sip on all afternoon. (via Liz on Call)

5. DIY Pool Float Invitation: Looking for a way to really wow your munchkin’s friends? Customize a pool float with a permanent marker for a DIY invitation that’s going to get them seriously excited for the party. Pro tip: You should totally mail this when it’s *not* blown up 😉 (via Let’s Mingle)

6. DIY Crazy Straws: What kid doesn’t love crazy straws? Let them sip on their punch in style by making these with whatever phrase you want. If you’re looking for the perfect way to tie it in with your pool party, go for things like “float” or “swim” to amp things up. (via Aww, Sam)

7. Watermelon Popsicles: Two things a summer party can’t live without: popsicles + watermelon. Combine them, and the kiddos are going to be ob-sessed. Use this recipe to whip up a batch or two for a yummy snack after a long swim in the pool. (via Cooking Classy)

8. DIY Jumbo Jenga: While most of the kids will spend the entire time in the water, some of them might be a little less swim-obsessed. DIY this jumbo Jenga set so they can play on the deck all afternoon. Plus, you can use the set for the rest of your summer parties. Score! (via Style Me Pretty Living)

9. DIY Snow Cone Piñata: The only thing better than the icy treat itself? A snow cone piñata, of course. Use cardboard and tissue paper to make a party essential that your little ones will love taking a whack at. (via Brit + Co)

10. Splish Splash Printable Invitation: If you’re working on a last-minute schedule, opt for this printable invitation that’s *super* easy to send out and — wait for it — FREE. Simply DL the invite, scribble in your party deets and pop it in the mail to get the kids excited for the bash. (via Design Is Yay!)

11. Tattly Boardwalk Temporary Tattoos ($15): Nothing brings you back to childhood quite like a pack of temporary tatts. Let your kids in on the fun with a variety pack of beach-filled tattoos. Whether you add a pack to each goodie bag or make it an activity for the party, the kids will have a blast sticking these bad boys on.

12. Beachy Photo Booth Backdrop: Throwing together a quick and easy photo booth is a no-brainer for any party. Use a blue bed sheet, pool noodles and some easy extras to create a pool scene that’s totally worth snapping some pics in front of. (via Catch My Party)

13. Ice Cream Cake: A dessert that *won’t* melt in the hot sun? SOLD. Adding this lemon sorbet cake to the dessert table will make you a sho0-in for the Mom of the Year award. (via Brit + Co)

14. Licorice Pool Noodles: A snack that’s just as clever as it is easy to put together is the kind of thing a kid’s party needs. Snag a rainbow pack of licorice at the grocery store, stick ’em in a cup and add a “Pool Noodles” sign to stay true to the theme. (via Hostess With the Mostess)

15. DIY Beach Ball Garland: You’ve probably already picked up a few beach balls to play with in the pool, but a beach ball garland is what’s going to give your patio the extra oomph it needs. DIY this colorful banner using Smoothfoam (nope, not styrofoam) balls and craft paint for an easy way to make your space next-level. (via Studio DIY)

16. Urban Outfitters Giant Ice Pop Pool Float ($34): A pool party without a float? LOL. This jumbo ice pop float from Urban Outfitters is the perfect option for your kiddos to have fun all day long.

17. Party Straws + Flags: Paper straws are such an easy way to up your hosting game, but there’s one way to make them *that* much better. All you need to do is top them off with a paper flag that fits your theme so the kiddos can sip in style. Pro tip: Use this DIY to add names to everyone’s drink, so nobody gets mixed up. (via Hostess With the Mostess)

18. DIY Painted Swimsuit: Give your munchkin’s suit an easy upgrade with a stencil and a few coats of white fabric paint so they can get two seasons of wear out of last year’s swimsuit. Now all they’ll need is some sweet new sunnies to go with their snazzy suit. (via Brit + Co)

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How to dress for a pool party girls

Whether you want to add extra coverage or flair to your swimwear, or maybe a bit of both, these DIY swimsuit cover-ups are just what you need! No matter what type of crafting you do, you can find a tutorial to make for your next trip to the beach or pool.

Some of these styles take a little planning, but others come together in minutes. Love the look of one of these cover-ups, but don’t know the technique? This could be the perfect time to learn something new for the summer!

Crochet a Beachy Dress

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Perfect for a pool party, the Del Mar Beach Dress slips on over a swimsuit while still looking dressed up. This intermediate pattern features a racer back and a touch of sparkle in the suggested yarn. Plus, it’s written in both US and UK crochet terms.

Del Mar Beach Dress Crochet Pattern from Love Crafts

Sew a Custom Rash Guard

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Protect yourself from the sun with this DIY rash guard! This tutorial is a great way to add some coverage to your favorite two-piece swimsuit. Choose a UPF sun protectant fabric that matches your suit and stay safe and fashion-conscious!

Sew a Simple Caftan

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Caftans are having a moment again, and why not? They’re breezy for hot summer days and so easy to throw on over your swimwear when it’s time to leave the pool. This gorgeous no-pattern, 4-seam design from Troy at Thriftanista in the City includes some almost-hidden sewing that adds a bit of fit and prevents it from looking like a tent.

Knit a Hooded Cardigan Cover-Up

How to dress for a pool party girls

Make this adorable cover-up cardigan vest with a simple lace pattern that’s easy to learn and knit mindlessly. The free pattern features a tie front and loose hood that is a nice detail. Plus, the design comes in seven sizes, so almost everyone can make an Opportune Cardigan!

Sew a Gauzy Gathered Cover-Up

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Shwin & Shwin shows you how to make this simple cover-up in any size, from kids to grown ups. All you need to do is take a few measurements, cut simple shapes, and sew. A casing at the waist lets you gather and tie the front closed, and lightweight fabric keeps you cool and dry!

Sew a Poolside Dress

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

For when you want a cover-up that’s also a dress you can wear all summer, check out this tutorial from Polka Dot Chair. She starts with a T-shirt dress design that’s self-drafted (and easy to make in any size), skips the sleeves, and adds a drawstring. Simple and cute!

Cut and Tie a T-Shirt Cover-Up

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

If sewing isn’t your thing, Tulip shows you how to transform a tie-dyed T-shirt into a cute cover-up. With a few cuts and a bit of fusible tape, you have a cute project that would even be fun to wear as a top or festival dress!

Sew a Circle Swim Poncho

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Cute fabric is on display when you make this circular, poncho-like cover-up. Laura at A Beautiful Mess shows you how to draft the large circle pattern and add fringe for a playful poolside style.

Crochet a Summer Swim Wrap

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Wear this crocheted wrap to the beach, then add it to your favorite dress for an evening out. The lacy pattern and fringed edge are easy details that make this a fun and special piece. And with chunky T-shirt yarn, it’s a quick project that you’ll love!

Crochet a Breezy Cover-Up

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Grab your hook and crochet this easy and stylish swim cover. As designer Megan Shaimes says, it’s basically a giant rectangle with a hole in the middle. But with a combination of basic crochet stitches and a few puff stitches, there’s nothing simple about the look!

Sew a Fun Trimmed Cover-Up

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Tiny pom poms make anything better, and that’s certainly true of this sweet elastic-waist cover-up. Ashely from Make It & Love It made the gauze tunic for her daughter, but she tells you how to measure it for any size. That means you can have a pom pom cover-up too!

Knit a Beachy Tunic

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Knit and purl a cozy cover-up with this free pattern from Patons yarn. The suggested yarn, which varies in weight through the skein, is no longer available, but it’s worth making a few gauge swatches to work out a substitute yarn. If you don’t plan on getting this too wet, you could even swap in some 100% cotton!

Sew an Easy Swimsuit Cover

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Mood Fabrics, known for their frequent appearance on Project Runway, has more than just a store filled with amazing fabrics. They also have a blog that’s filled with sewing projects for you to try! This easy swim cover-up doesn’t require a pattern, and you can even wear it as a poncho with a pair of jeans and sandals.

Sew a Simple Beach Dress

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With just a bit of easy sewing, you can make this cover-up that still shows off some skin. Designer Gina Michelle has more beach-friendly tutorials too, including her no-sew knotted T-shirt dress.

Sew and Paint a Donut Caftan

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Want to wear your favorite treat but can’t find the right fabric? Studio DIY shows you how to make your own drapey caftan and paint it with a fun donut print! While you’re there, be sure to look for the matching donut hat. Now all you need is a donut pool float!

Craft an Easy Wrap Cover-Up

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Stay comfortably covered in this nearly no-sew cover-up. While it technically has a tiny bit of sewing, it’s only a couple simple hand stitches to attach the straps. And if you aren’t quite ready for that, a few drops of fabric glue will do the trick. You’ll be headed to the water in no time!

Crochet a Duster Style Cover-Up

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

All the rest of the cover-ups in this list have free patterns and tutorials, but this last one is too good to leave off, even though it does have a small cost. The Sandbar Cardi is a long, crocheted duster with elbow-length sleeves. With minimal pieces and seaming, it isn’t difficult to make but looks fantastic. Plus, you can wear it over a swimsuit or with your favorite jeans!