How to dress for an audition

Last Updated: June 29, 2020

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Whether you’re auditioning for a play, a TV show, or a movie, wearing the right clothes is an important part of making a good first impression. Choosing an outfit can be a daunting task, especially if the casting crew hasn’t given you any guidelines. By picking an outfit that you feel comfortable and professional in, you can audition with confidence and nail your role.

How to dress for an audition

How to dress for an audition

How to dress for an audition

How to dress for an audition

How to dress for an audition

How to dress for an audition

How to dress for an audition

Tip: If you’re trying out for a role set in the past, don’t worry about making your clothes realistic for the time period. Wearing clothes from the middle ages or colonial times will make your outfit seem too much like a costume.

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How to dress for an audition

If you are auditioning for a play or theater company, it is important to make an excellent visual impression. While nothing can make up for talent or typecasting, the correct outfit can help you impress the auditors and do your best. The three keys to a great theater audition outfit are comfort, professionalism and unique style.

Comfort is an enormous factor in considering what to wear for your theater audition. Too tight or too loose clothing will hinder you and make you feel awkward. Materials like cotton, twill or soft jersey are excellent for an audition, as they are easy to move in and soft. Remember, you may be asked to dance or show movement at an audition, so wearing comfortable clothes is an asset. Avoid jeans or any denim, as they are rigid and difficult to move in.

If you get stage fright or audition fright, take that into consideration when choosing your outfit. Remember that sometimes nerves can cause sweating, and avoid shirts that might stain easily. Also, avoid any clothing with complicated straps or tricky zippers. Generally these clothes aren’t comfortable to begin with, and the last thing you need is to worry about clothing mishaps.

In terms of professionalism of your clothes, several factors should be considered for your theater audition. Clothes should be clean and fairly modest in cut, as if you were going to an informal interview. Knowing what genre the play is can be very helpful. While it is never recommended that you go to a theater audition in full period costume, consider adding a subtle hint of era-appropriate clothing. Try wearing a twin set for a 1950s living-room comedy, a western-style belt buckle for Oklahoma, or a lacy long sleeved blouse for a Victorian melodrama.

In terms of professional shoes for women, the most appropriate choice for a theater audition is low-heeled, rubber-bottomed character shoes in black or tan. These shoes are made for theater-style dancing and will mark you out as someone who has audition experience. If you do not own a pair, any low heeled style will do, but avoid stilettos or heels that make loud noises on hard surfaces. For men, black or brown dress shoes are professional.

Auditioners sometimes see several hundred hopeful actors in a single casting session. To stand out from the crowd at your theater audition, avoid neutral colors like black and beige. While your clothes do not need to be flashy, a solid color piece in flattering shade will make you more memorable. If you are asked to a call-back or second theater audition, be sure to wear the same outfit as you did for the first. Unless they auditioners know you, they are likely to remember you by your clothing. If the “girl in the yellow dress” is now wearing a purple sweater, they may forget their initial impression of you.

Nothing but the auditioners’ opinions can land you a role in a production, but actors often forget that appearance is a major factor in forming initial opinions. By ensuring you are comfortable, you remove additional worries from your own mind, allowing you to maintain better focus. By dressing professionally, auditioners will recognize that you have some experience and maturity, and have put some thought into your performance. Using color or subtle design to help you appear unique can lock you in the mind of the auditioner. Even if you are not cast, auditioners will recognize your maturity and may keep you in mind for a later production.

In the world of commercials and acting, you only get one chance to make a first impression. While going out on casting calls, appearance is crucial! Casting directors want to see what you can offer to the part you are auditioning for, and what you can bring to the table for the role. Here are a list of tips that will help you look the part and ace your next casting!

1.Dress for your body!

When attending a commercial casting, it is crucial that your outfit does not take away from your look and acting, that being said, you can still put together basics to help enhance your natural look. Make sure the outfit you wear to your casting is form fitting and fits your body type. Nothing takes the focus off your look more than an ill-fitting outfit. When making a first impression it is crucial that the casting director knows your potential and skills, and the wrong clothing choice can take away from that. Remember- you’re the talent, and your talent is your accessory! Refrain from any accessories, stripes, patterns and logos, as they distract the focus off of you.

2.Keep it casual

Unless told to come dressed specifically for the role, keep it simple, the casting directors want to see your talent , and do not care for any accessory you wear that can distract from you showcasing your talent at the audition, if you are ever unsure on what to wear always be sure to ask your agent for clarification, you can never go wrong with clarifying!

3.And keep it natural!

When attending castings, it is important to keep hair, makeup and nails natural. Casting directors do not want to see a face full of makeup, they encourage you to come as your most natural self, as it enables the casting team to see the canvas they have to work with and play around with. If you must wear makeup, keep it to a minimum. Light concealer or light foundation, mascara and neutral lipstick or gloss works best when going to auditions, as it plays up your features but does not drown them in makeup. If you are a man and have hair, make sure you show up to your casting g with your hair groomed and styled.

4.Clarification is Key!

One of the things the casting staff love is talent who come to an audition looking put together. There is nothing more irritating than someone who appears as if they just rolled out of bed and went to the casting. Showing up prepared and presentable sets you a step in the right direction! As we said above, if you are unsure about how to look for the audition, you can never go wrong with asking your agent for clarification, they will be sure to help steer you in the right direction look wise to help you land the role!

Follow these tips to help prepare you for any acting auditions and commercial castings you may have, being prepared helps you feel and look the part! Good luck

Last Updated: June 29, 2020

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards.

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Whether you’re auditioning for a play, a TV show, or a movie, wearing the right clothes is an important part of making a good first impression. Choosing an outfit can be a daunting task, especially if the casting crew hasn’t given you any guidelines. By picking an outfit that you feel comfortable and professional in, you can audition with confidence and nail your role.

How to dress for an audition

How to dress for an audition

How to dress for an audition

How to dress for an audition

How to dress for an audition

How to dress for an audition

How to dress for an audition

Tip: If you’re trying out for a role set in the past, don’t worry about making your clothes realistic for the time period. Wearing clothes from the middle ages or colonial times will make your outfit seem too much like a costume.

How you come across in an audition is half the battle. It’s a shame that your acting alone isn’t what will get you the job, but it’s the reality. You want to give your best impression, and that means nailing what to wear. The best advice I’ve ever heard about dressing for auditions is to “hint at character”. You don’t want the casting director, director or producer to have to imagine too hard to find the character they are looking for. Often they will say to not worry about changing facial hair, or wearing anything special, but in truth what you wear to an audition can really impact on your chance of getting the role. So here’s what to wear to an audition:

1. Something Simple

Whatever it is, keep it simple. Don’t go too elaborate. You want to look good, but don’t go wild with makeup, hairdos or anything. Keep it classic. Pattern fabrics can also come across badly on screen and be a distraction. The focus should be your acting.

2. A Good Fit

Sally Flegg, one of Australia’s best headshot photographers, encourages actors to wear slightly tight fitting clothing to photoshoots. Tight fitting clothing just looks better on camera. This is true for when you’re in front of all cameras. As a general rule baggy just doesn’t work on screen.

3. Learn your Colours

By now you probably know what colours suit you, but there is a science to it. Learn your colours. You can actually pay for a full colour assessment and really learn about what works for you. Sounds kind of extreme, but it will last you for the rest of your life. For now simply checking in with a friend what looks good.

How to dress for an audition

4. Hint at Character

As I mentioned above it’s all about “hinting at character”. If you’re auditioning for a business woman, wear something corporate: be neat and formal. If it’s for a rock singer, wear something more casual, hunt down a leather jacket if you can. Just don’t get a neck tattoo. Wearing something that hints at the character gives the casting director a sense of the character. They don’t have to use there imagination. Also makes you feel more the part. Wearing formal shoes feels different to wearing sneakers.

5. Clean

It seems to obvious, but whatever role you’re going for, even the homeless person, make sure you’re clean. We have an audition hygiene checklist you can check out. It sounds silly, but it’s amazing how many actors miss the basics. Being presentable is important. You want to be a breath of fresh air, literally.

6. Feel the part

Wearing something that resembles the character is also great for your acting. It makes you feel more the part. This is particularly true for shoes, which may not be in shot. Wearing formal shoes, for instance, feels different to wearing sneakers. If your character is more formal and stands tall, then find some shoes that support that decision.

7. Comfort

Being comfortable in an audition is paramount. We always talk about how one of the fundamentals of acting is relaxation. If you’re uncomfortable either physically or emotionally, perhaps self conscious about what you’re wearing, you’re not going to do a great audition. And at the end of the day you are more important than what you wear.

I hope this helped you understand more about what to wear to an audition. Check out our video below on dressing for success at auditions.

Clothing can be a ridiculously stressful thing to deal with before you go in for an audition. You have enough to worry about with trying to give your best performance possible in the room, so your clothes should really be the least of your worries. It’s important that you look good, but musical theatre auditions focus much less on what you’re currently wearing than commercial auditions do. You have some room to be comfortable and feel like you’re able to give a great performance in what you’re wearing. Here are a few tips to take the stress out of finding your audition attire.

Keep It Casual

How to dress for an audition

You don’t need to dress like you’re going in for a corporate interview here. Your clothes shouldn’t be a wrinkled mess, but you also shouldn’t be wearing business attire to an audition. A good pair of jeans can go a long way, and it’s worth investing in a pair for auditions alone. Women can get away with pretty much any clothing option, as long as it isn’t too revealing. This isn’t the place to wear a short skirt or low cut top. Nobody wants to feel nervous that something may be revealed that shouldn’t be, and it distracts from focusing on your talent. Guys, leave the ties at home, they aren’t for auditioning. It is an interview of sorts, but the room is mostly interested in seeing you in clothes that fit to see what your body type is like.

Dress For Yourself

How to dress for an audition

Speaking of body type, dress for it. You are you, so come in as the best version of yourself that you can be. There is no point trying to mask or bring out a feature if it is something that you simply don’t have. If you’re the right type for the role, you’re the right type, and if not there’s not much you can change. This is one of those things that every actor has to deal with, and that will take time. Just remember that while you may not be the right look for one role, there are others who don’t fit the ones you are great for. Make the body you have look as great, and feel confident with the person you are. There’s nothing more obvious in an audition room than someone who is uncomfortable in what they are wearing.


How to dress for an audition

These are important. You don’t want to be too casual, but don’t wear something that looks totally out of place with the rest of what you’re wearing. It’s great if you’re athletic, but the running shoes really shouldn’t be your top choice for the audition room. The same can be said about flip-flops, leave them for the beach. For both men and women, boots can be a solid option that looks nice while giving you the added benefits of physically keeping you grounded in your performance. Be careful that you don’t wear anything too bulky, or anything meant for hiking, just keep it simple with a nice pair of leather boots. Men can also dress down a pair of dress shoes with jeans, which can really bring together an outfit. Heels are sometimes necessary for an audition for women, but not if you aren’t able to remain stable walking and performing in them. An audition will become extremely awkward for people in casting if they are afraid of you falling over. If you don’t feel completely confident, stick to flats and chances are nobody will even notice.

How to dress for an audition

Your hair can either be something nobody notices, or one of the most distracting parts of your audition. You need to make a choice with your hair, whether it’s up or down for women, it needs to be kept out of your face. The same goes for men with long hair when it can become distracting during a performance. You shouldn’t look like you just rolled out of bed, so take the time you need to get yourself ready. It should be something that was handled at home, and not something you are dealing with in the audition. Hairspray is a great tool, and expected to keep you from spending time messing around with keeping things under control.

Really the most important part of all of this is to just feel good in what you’re wearing and be confident. You will give a better performance when you don’t feel uncomfortable or worried about what is on your body. Look good, feel good, and you’ll have a better chance of breaking through your nerves and giving a great performance.

How to dress for an audition

The way you dress for an audition says a lot about you as a performer. It’s important to create a specific plan for exactly what you want to wear in order to project yourself in the right light. You want to create a favorable first impression of you that paints you as a responsible person who will dedicate yourself to a role as well as someone who can relate well to the character.


Many people choose to wear simple, black outfits to their auditions. This is a sort of blank slate that shows you as you are and how you can be molded into the character. A simple outfit that doesn’t call much attention to you can show that you are adaptable and can change to look more like a character. To do this, a simple pair of black pants and a black t-shirt is perfect. Make sure they are in very good condition, are ironed or pressed and have no stains.

Character Dressing

Another school of thought is to dress in a way that is suggestive of the character. To do this, you don’t want to put on a costume per se. What you want to do instead is to wear things that suggest that you have a lot in common with the character. For instance, if the audition was for cowboy, don’t show up in spurs and a 10 gallon hat. Instead, perhaps wear cowboy boots with jeans and a leather jacket. You might also style your hair in the way the character will. This may be particularly important if you are auditioning for. You might wear modern clothing abut style your hair as they would have during the time period.

If you believe that a costume might be in order, you might pack one and bring it with you in a duffel bag. The costume will then be there in case casting seems reluctant to consider you in the role. You can then change into the costume and perhaps have a better chance of succeeding.


In most cases, you want to project an air of confidence in your own abilities to play the character. To do this, it’s important to stay comfortable. If you’re wear clothing that is very uncomfortable, it may be distracting to you and they make you nervous. Instead, find clothing that will work but that will still be comfortable. This may take planning for a week ahead of time, but it’s worth it to look calm, assured and dressed well during your audition.

You also want to feel attractive during your audition. If you feel attractive, you will make others believe you are. Most of being attractive is just projecting your own confidence in yourself. Try on your chosen outfit to make sure that you feel attractive than it. If not, choose something else. You will be in and audition to advertise yourself. If you don’t feel attractive and confident, you will not advertising yourself in your best light. You must believe in what you are advertising to be able to sell it to someone else.

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How to dress for an audition

You applied your little star to a casting call, the casting director liked your kid, and, after a quick call, you were invited to the audition! Fantastic! And now that the big day has arrived, you suddenly realize – wait, what should my child wear to an audition?

Should I dress them in formal wear? It’s a big day, after all. Or perhaps make them wear a costume that fits the role they’re auditioning for? That way the casting director will immediately understand what they’ll look like on set. Spoiler alert – neither.

Every parent has struggled with this question, especially when starting out. To make your life easier, here are 7 essential tips from casting professionals on how to dress for an audition.

1. Let’s talk colors

The single most important rule for this – don’t wear white. Why? Because you’ll blind the camera! Your goal is to put the focus on your kid’s face and a blinding shirt will do the opposite.

Try to stay away from black clothes, as well. Your kid may look like a rockstar in all-black, but it’ll do you no favors at an audition because black clothes are famously bad at accentuating looks. Quite the opposite – they downplay them. That’s why everyone looks kind of good in black.

So with black & white out of the picture, what colors should you opt for? Anything else works, really. Some brighter colors might help your kid stand out from the crowd. At the same time, if you’ve got a shy kid, then dressing them in bright neon pink might not make much sense, since your child will simply look out of place.

You can’t go wrong with light blue. It’s the color that gets cast most often, so a simple blue shirt might be all that’s required.

At the end of the day, finding what your kid looks best in is the ideal scenario. Don’t hesitate to get input from family & friends and find the look that works for your kid.

2. Solids or patterns?

Yes. Either is fine. Although we’d suggest you go for solids, as you can’t go wrong with them. Patterns, on the other hand, are fine as long as it’s nothing overbearing and too colorful. Try to avoid anything too flowery, or with high contrast as that becomes distracting.

What you should absolutely avoid, however, are logos, cartoon characters, lots of text or anything else that takes focus away from your kid.

How to dress for an audition

3. Wear comfortable clothes

Comfortable clothes don’t mean coming in slippers and pajamas. We’re talking about clothes that your kid feels comfortable in, as long as they’re appropriate. If your child has a favorite shirt or pair of pants, then letting them wear that to the audition can put them at ease and add a little familiarity to an otherwise intimidating situation. If they feel comfortable, they’re more likely to let their full personality shine through, which is exactly what the casting director wants to see!

Consider letting your kid dress themselves, if that helps! But make sure the resulting outfit isn’t a cacophony of bad taste.

4. Age-appropriate clothing

It’s an audition for kids. Things like politics, sexualized clothing, or strong language need to stay at home. You might think your kid looks cute in his or her “Trump 2020” or “Biden 2020” shirt, but the casting directors won’t. These types of clothes just signal to the casting director that you might be difficult to work with as a parent, as you’re very opinionated. There’s nothing wrong with being opinionated, but there’s a time and place for that, and your kid’s audition isn’t it.

5. No accessories!

How to dress for an audition

Your kid looks stylish with Gucci sunglasses? Doesn’t matter. Keep the sunglasses at home. You think a big gold chain or a nice handbag gives your kid personality? Not at an audition they don’t. The only thing accessories achieve is distraction.

And you don’t want the casting director distracted – you want their full attention on your kid. Not thinking about how tacky that huge leather bracelet looks.

No extra accessories!

6. Should I put makeup on my child for audition day?

It’s a difficult question, but the rule of thumb is to try to avoid it. Some casting directors are categorically against it, while others don’t mind it that much, as long as it looks natural.

Definitely avoid anything over the top, like colorful eyeshadow, or, God forbid, full-on face paint. Most productions have their own makeup team that makes sure your kid looks the part. These teams usually aren’t present at auditions and there’s a reason for that – there’s no need! So keep that in mind and never go full Picasso on your kid’s face before an audition!

7. Use what works!

As you attend more auditions and try different outfits, you’ll notice that some things work. If your kid gets a lot of positive feedback when wearing a specific outfit, keep it in mind and re-use it for other auditions!

Actors, like a lot of pro athletes, are superstitious folk. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in lucky charms or not. Making your kid wear their “lucky pants” for an audition can make them feel like a million bucks and help your child act more confident during the audition!

Now I’m an expert on what should my child wear to an audition, right?

These are all general guidelines. If the casting director specifically requests that your kid comes dressed, for example, in a costume, then you should follow directions and do what they say.

At the end of the day, while the right attire is definitely something to use to your advantage, it’s all about your kid. The perfect clothes won’t get you the role if your kid bombs the audition. On the flip side, even an awkwardly dressed kid can charm a casting director.

Then again, what your kid is wearing and what they look like will be the very first thing that the casting director notices, and we all know first impressions matter A LOT.

You should definitely give some attention to what should your child wear to an audition, but don’t forget about learning the lines well, or making sure your kid is mentally prepared for the audition.

Now the ball is in your court! Keep these tips in mind and fingers crossed your kid ACES THAT AUDITION!

Haven’t got an audition lined up? Find awesome casting calls in your area here: