How to get pure flix

How to get pure flix

Congratulations on choosing Pure Flix as an uplifting alternative to Netflix and network television. While you can stream Pure Flix right from your computer or tablet, there’s nothing like watching a movie on your TV. To watch great Christian movies on your TV at home, check out these easy options available within the United States and Canada.

There are various Roku devices (including a stick device) and some boxes that are similar to a cable box or Apple TV. Once you plug the Roku device into your TV, you can download the Pure Flix app and/or log in with your account information to stream content through your device.

How to get pure flix

Amazon Fire TV Devices

The Amazon Fire devices work similarly to Roku – plug in and download the Pure Flix app, then login to your account.

How to get pure flix

Chromecast Devices

While Chromecast is the most economical choice, it does take a bit of know-how. Once you connect your Chromecast device to your TV and register the device to your wi-fi network, you then need to download the Google Cast extension to your Chrome browser. Once the Google Cast extension is downloaded, you will be able to click the Google Cast icon found in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser toolbar and cast your Pure Flix tab to your Chromecast device.

How to get pure flix

Apple TV

If your Apple TV is a Generation 4 or later (allowing access to the App Store), you can download the Pure Flix app and watch directly from your Apple TV. Just head to the App Store on your TV and search “Pure Flix.”

How to get pure flix

Other Personal Devices (Computer, Laptop, Mobile)

With an HDMI cable, you can connect most laptops and computers to your HDTV and watch all the great Pure Flix content on the big screen. With newer TV’s, this can be as easy as plugging the HDMI cable into your computer on one end and into your TV on the other. For some computer systems you may need to change some settings in order to have the picture and sound work as intended. See this article for help with troubleshooting if needed.

How to get pure flix

You can stream Pure Flix on your Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets with the free Pure Flix app, as well as on your computer using any standard browser. Browsing over wi-fi is recommended for those with unlimited data plans because streaming video uses a large amount of data on smartphones and cellular-enabled tablets. By the end of 2017, Pure Flix expects to be supported on XBOX and PlayStation.

Become a member of the Pure Flix today. Start enjoying thousands of Christian movies and family-friendly originals, movies, TV shows, and educational programming online anytime, from virtually anywhere, FREE for one month.


How to get pure flix

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Abby Johnson is back with season three of “Politely Rude!” The season kicks off with ex-Planned Parenthood sex educator .

Home » Guides » Fallout 76: How to Get Pure Flux (Cobalt, Crimson, Fluorescent, Violet, Yellowcake)

How to Get Pure Flux in Fallout 76

Fallout 76, if you haven’t already guessed, will task you with picking up all manner of different crafting materials. Here’s how to get Pure Flux in Fallout 76, including all of its different variants.

First things first, it’s important to note that Pure Flux isn’t something you can just pick up and find. It’s something you’ll need to craft in Fallout 76, but first, you’ll need to come across the different Raw variants of Flux.

Raw Flux can only be found in blast zones from nukes launched by yourself or other players. It’s not just lying around in massive chunks, though, you’ll need to get this off any flora or fauna that were within the blast zone. We’ve got a list for you down below comprising what plants give you which type of Raw Flux.

Plants Containing Raw Cobalt Flux in Fallout 76

  • Bloodleaf
  • Firecracker Berry
  • Glowing Resin
  • Silt Bean
  • Starlight Creeper
  • Wild Corn
  • Wild Mutfruit

Plants Containing Raw Crimson Flux

  • Aster
  • Blight
  • Brain Fungus
  • Cranberry
  • Firecap
  • Mothman Eggs
  • Wild Gourd Blossom

Plants Containing Raw Fluorescent Flux in Fallout 76

  • Glowing Fungus
  • Rhododendron

Plants Containing Raw Violet Flux

  • Giant Pitcher Plant
  • Ginseng
  • Mutated Fern
  • Snaptail
  • Strangler Pod
  • Wild Razorgrain
  • Wild Tarberry
  • Wild Tato Blossom

Plants Containing Raw Yellowcake Flux in Fallout 76

  • Ash Rose
  • Blackberry
  • Bleach Dogwood
  • Soot Flower
  • Wild Melon Blossom

Simply put, you’re going to need to head into a blast zone and seek out any of the above flora and fauna in Fallout 76. Simply press X on PS4, A on Xbox One, or E on PC in order to harvest the plant, and you’ll get some Raw Flux.

It’s worth noting at this point that you’ll need at least 10 Raw Flux to make Pure Flux in Fallout 76. That needs to be 10 of the same kind of Raw Flux, too. So, for example, you can’t have seven Yellowcake and three Cobalt to make one Pure.

Once you’ve managed to gather 10 Raw Flux of any kind, you’ll need to head to a Chemistry Station. Here, you should now find a new section called ‘Nuked Flora.’ Within this, you’ll now find recipes for a number of variants of Stable Flux. In order to craft Pure Flux, you’ll need the following materials at a Chemistry Station:

  • Glowing Mass
  • Hardened Mass
  • High-Radiation Fluids
  • Raw Flux (x 10)

Glowing Mass, Hardened Mass, and High-Radiation Fluids can also only be obtained from a blast zone in Fallout 76. However, rather than collecting these off the various plants and vegetation, you’ll need to pick these up off enemies.

Now that’s you’ve got all of the various items, you can now craft the different types of Stable Flux. Fear not, there’s not another step you need to take to get Pure Flux. Stable Flux is considered a Junk Item in Fallout 76, and can be used as Pure Flux in any crafting recipes for under armor or weapons that require it.

That should just about do it for what you need to know on how to get Pure Flux in Fallout 76. For more tips, tricks, and guides for your adventure across the West Virginia wastelands, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fallout 76 guide wiki.

AFFIRM Entertainment, Inc.

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Pure Flix is Feel Good Entertainment. With the Pure Flix streaming App you can watch quality, uplifting stories that will give your family the wholesome experience you want, anywhere you want.
Only on Pure Flix, can you stream inspirational, family-friendly content that will nurture the spirit and fill the hearts of families. From TV shows and movies to original, binge-worthy series, there’s no shortage of options.
Here’s what makes Pure Flix truly unique:
We believe the heart of every home is its family and our content reflects that value
Original Pure Flix dramas, comedies and exclusive films
A safe, enriching and educational content environment for kids
Feel-good stories that will give your family the uplifting experience you want
Pure Flix understands that families don’t co-exist in a space, they share and live in their values. Pure Flix helps ensure the wellness of the most important thing in the world to us: Family.
Membership includes:
– Monthly or yearly membership options
– Unlimited Streaming
– Watch on up to 5 screens at a time
– HD quality available
Start Your Free Trial Today!

Need help? Contact us at [email protected]

Terms of Sale:
Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:
Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

What’s New

Enhanced user experience, bug fixes, and user interface updates.

Ratings and Reviews

Love This App

Great App! However, I pray that I’m missing something on my end, but when I choose to look at one of the series shows, and I see all the show listings for a season, after I look a show, where’s the indicator that I have actually looked at a particular show. Even if I go to the viewing activity area, it still takes me back to the whole season listings. If I am away for a while or have looked at other shows, I don’t remember the last show I saw in the series. Perhaps a dot or maybe shade the little enter arrow dark after a show has been fully completed and If the show has not been fully completed, let the little enter arrow read something like “resume”, and clicking it will take you right back to the point in the show where one had to stop viewing. Seems to me this would be a great feature.

Love the idea, but the application needs work. LOVE the variety of movies and tv shows!

Love the variety! Can’t find a similar product for a better price!
However, the site is getting more aggravating to watch. It seems very “jumpy” when I’m trying to find something to watch; then, once I find it, it often doesn’t have a visible “play” button/arrow until I click on the picture a few times and change orientation. That’s happened to me for awhile now; but the newest irritation is the movie pauses the picture in spots or drags. It seems to pick right back up again without pushing any buttons, but it’s aggravating to watch a movie and have it temporarily freeze even if it’s only a few seconds. Granted, I just had this happen to me for the first time (with a movie I’ve watched repeatedly), so I know there wasn’t anything wrong with the movie all the other times I saw it, but idk if this is happening now to only this movie or if it’s all across all movies/shows. I stream several other platforms and never have trouble. I don’t plan to call your support line because several people have reported similar problems, so I’m sure you need to adjust your platform. I’m looking forward to seeing this repair soon! I truly love & support what you’re doing, but I can’t find a benefit in continuing to pay for issues that seem to be affecting others and have been affecting viewers for several months at least.
God Bless you & your efforts! I look forward to seeing the issues repaired!

Developer Response ,

We are sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing with our service. We would love to further assist you.

Please reach out to our Care team via email at [email protected] or you may contact us via phone at 1-855-797-9690, Monday-Friday from 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM MST for further assistance.

I wanted to like them

I love the idea of having wholesome programs to watch but because of the selection and the quality we decided not to keep the service. I canceled my subscription in July and I was billed in August. I contacted pureflix by email in September bc I cannot get anybody to answer the phone and asked them to stop charging my card bc I have been charged in August and September. It is now November and I noticed another charge from them. Contacted them and asked for the refund back from August. They said they were only going to refund November bc I didn’t contact them sooner. Well. I forwarded the email string I sent in September and I haven’t gotten a response. I did see they refunded the November payment but not August September and October. Thought this was supposed to be a Christian based company but it just feels fraudulent to me.

I get this email from the developer to contact their customer care service. I have done that. They act like it’s my fault that they charge me for something I canceled. I provided cancellation confirmation. I showed them the email I sent when I first learned of the problem. I will never ever purchase anything from pure flix. I have tried to call them several times and I am unable to reach them by phone. This is a joke.

Pure Flix is a film production, and distribution company focused on creating Christian movies.

This Netflix-with-a-twist service currently counts nearly 250,000 subscribers hooked on their content.

If you are subscribed to the service but decided Pure Flix is not your cup of tea, check out how you can cancel your subscription in no time.

Cancel Pure Flix With the Help of DoNotPay

How to get pure flix

DoNotPay is your virtual assistant that can get rid of your Pure Flix subscription in minutes.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your web browser
  2. Select the Find Hidden Money option
  3. Enter Pure Flix as the name of the service
  4. Wait for the app to inform you that the service has been canceled

DoNotPay can help you manage all of your active subscriptions. All you have to do is connect your email or bank account to the app, and we’ll identify and help you cancel any of them.

Other Methods to Cancel Your Pure Flix Subscription

There are several paths to choose from if you want to cancel your Pure Flix subscription. Here are some of them:

Can You Cancel With



Company website

Cancel Pure Flix From Your PC

To cancel Pure Flix from your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Pure Flix website
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Hover over the Silhouette Icon ​​at the top right of the screen
  4. Select My Account from the drop-down menu
  5. Select Membership
  6. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Cancel My Membership

Cancel Pure Flix From Your Mobile

You can cancel Pure Flix from your mobile as well, but you have to use the web browser and not the app.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Access your Pure Flix account from your mobile browser
  2. Tap the three lines in the top left corner
  3. Tap ​the Silhouette Icon
  4. Pick My Account and then General
  5. Choose Membership
  6. Tap Cancel My Membership

Does the Pure Flix Subscription Renew Every Month?

Regardless if you have a monthly or an annual plan, Pure Flix auto-renews each month. Your card will get charged at the beginning of each billing cycle if you don’t cancel it before that.

Use DoNotPay to Stop Any Unwanted Charges on Your Credit Card!

How to get pure flix

Pure Flix offers a seven-day free trial to all of its customers. Once you sign up for the service, you will have to choose between a monthly and an annual pricing plan and enter your credit card info. When your free trial expires, it will continue automatically into one of these subscription plans.

Don’t let Pure Flix take your money after a free trial! Use DoNotPay’s virtual credit card to sign up for the service. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting charged full price once your free trial expires.

Our virtual credit card will let you subscribe to Pure Flix without revealing your real name, credit card number, or the card’s expiration date. It will look like a regular credit card to the company.

You can get your free virtual credit card by accessing DoNotPay through your web browser .

Common Issues When Canceling Pure Flix

There are two critical points you should pay attention to when canceling your Pure Flix subscription:

  • There is no cancelation button —If there is no Cancel option in your Membership settings, your current account is either already canceled or inactive. To solve this problem, try resetting your password
  • Roku device subscriptions— If you signed up with your Roku device, you will need to cancel your account through it or their website

What if I Cancel My Pure Flix Subscription in the Middle of the Month?

Pure Flix doesn’t offer prorated credit. If you cancel your membership in the middle of the month, the service will last until the end of the current billing period. The same rule applies to the free trial. There are no refunds available for mid-month cancelations.

Can I Suspend My Pure Flix Subscription for a While?

How to get pure flix

Pure Flix doesn’t provide you with an opportunity to suspend or pause your subscription. Once you pay the monthly fee, you will have the service until the end of the billing period. There is no option to request a refund if you are not using your subscription.

What Are Some Pure Flix Alternatives?

If you are looking for a different family-friendly streaming service, you might like some of the these popular options:

Streaming Service



Don’t Get Trampled by Bureaucracy! Use DoNotPay!

How to get pure flix

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How to get pure flix

The modern landscape of media and entertainment is constantly changing. No longer is cable TV or a satellite dish the height of amusement, but a strong internet connection brings a world of entertainment our way. Streaming services have become all the rage, as they allow for families to pick from thousands of titles to find their hearts’ desire. As you navigate the evolving digital world, we want to help you figure out what is best for your household. Pure Flix is an emerging streamer of Christian and family friendly content, but it isn’t the only name in the game. Here are some of the most popular streaming services and how much they’ll set you back financially.


The impact of Netflix on the entertainment world cannot be overstated. In essence, the business killed off video rental stores, drove down home entertainment sales, and left live television with a fraction of its traditional audience. Doom and gloom aside, the service has also allowed for audiences to find documentaries, shows, and movies, they probably never would have heard of following the usual entertainment business plan. Netflix was built on the promise of bringing all of your favorite titles together on one service, but today the company spends most of its time creating original content. Christian families have plenty to enjoy on Netflix, but you’ll want to be careful about trusting the programming too much. While you can find lots of wholesome content on Netflix, Christians are far from the only audience.

As for the price of Netflix, that number has been steadily rising in recent years. Today the cost of Netflix is a monthly fee of $8.99 for its most basic plan. This allows users to stream standard definition programming (old-school quality) on a single device at a time. The standard plan raises the price to $12.99 for HD quality picture and the ability to stream on two devices at once. Large families may wish to opt for the premium package with Netflix. At $15.99/month, one account may watch on up to four screens/devices at a time along with receiving exceptional picture quality in 4K Ultra HD where available.

Pure Flix

Netflix may be the biggest name in streaming, but many competitors have risen along the way, especially those who can market to a specific audience. Pure Flix does this by creating and curating Christian films and television shows safe for the whole family. The company has been around for over a decade, but it’s mostly gained momentum as a streaming service in the last several years. Among the many titles available on Pure Flix are those made by the company itself. These include the “God’s Not Dead” series, “Do You Believe?,” and many other productions.

Pricing for Pure Flix is simple: customers can choose between a monthly plan at $10.99 or an annual fee of $99.99. With the annual plan, your family will save about $2.65 per month overall. Remember, the first month is free, so you can always try before you buy.

Amazon Prime Video

Explaining the intricacies of Amazon’s Prime Video can be more challenging than Netflix and others because the streaming service is part of a much larger company. Prime Video is one of many features offered to Amazon’s Prime members. For $12.99/month, you can take part in this membership which includes faster deliveries, music and video streaming, special discounts, and more. Prime Video carries over 12,000 movies and television shows, far more than Netflix, so it’s certainly worth looking into. If the price tag is still too steep, Amazon has special pricing for students and other groups where one could find up to 50% off the monthly fee. Like Pure Flix and other streaming sites, Amazon also offers a 30-day free trial. Another thing to keep in mind is that customers can always pay to rent individual films and television shows through Amazon without signing up for a broader program.

Depending on your viewing preferences, you may find Hulu a better option than Netflix, as the subscription features the ability to stream an impressive number of television shows that are still on TV. The down side for audiences is that Hulu is fairly light on movies, so you’re probably better off with a different service if you don’t care for television.

These days Hulu is owned by a split between Disney (67%) and Comcast (33%). With Disney soon to be creating its own streaming site, there’s a chance things might be about to shake up over at Hulu. Whether that means small changes in price or a complete dissolution of the service, we don’t yet know. For now customers can sign up for as little as $5.99month to enjoy the most basic Hulu experience. This price includes advertisements during each broadcast, but you can bump your monthly payments up to $11.99 to skip all commercials. As if that’s not enough customization, Hulu also has special rates for adding live television as well ($44.99/month).

The Dove Channel

Pure Flix isn’t the only streaming option aimed at the Christian market. The Dove Channel is an interesting place for families to stream content and read film reviews detailing issues parents care about (language, sexuality, violence, etc.) If you’ve ever seen Dove’s stamp of approval on Christian films, you know they’ve been at this a long time. What makes The Dove Channel interesting is its free option for users. Although most of the website’s best content is behind a paywall, there are many titles available to watch for free. To unlock the rest of the library, sign up for a premium membership at $4.99/month, $11.99 quarterly, or $39.99 per year.

Free Movie and TV Streaming Services

What about free streaming services? There are several out there, almost all of which are funded by advertisements constantly being played in 10-15 minute intervals during your show or movie. This is a fair tradeoff for a free product, but most of the titles available on these sites are free for a reason. Often times the movies are box office blunders from a decade earlier while the television shows were met with similar mediocre reviews in their original release. Occasionally you can find a diamond in the rough, but you might as well pay for one of these other services at $5-10/month and get an improved catalog of titles. If you’d like to try out some of these free services anyway, some of the biggest companies are Sony Crackle, Popcornflix, VUDU, and Tubi. Many of these appear on streaming plugins like Roku and Kindle Fire Stick.

The outlook of streaming services is about to become even more complex as 2020 promises the launch of new monthly subscription plans for Disney+, HBO Max, ESPN+, and a host of other programs. From what we currently know, many of these will fall in the $5-15 range, but most details are still forthcoming.

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In a move to expand its reach with Christian audiences, Sony Pictures is buying a streaming service launched by the makers of the “God’s Not Dead” film franchise.

The Culver City-based studio on Thursday said it has agreed to purchase the faith-based subscription video service Pure Flix, which charges viewers $13 a month (or $84 a year) to stream evangelical-friendly movies and TV shows.

Financial details were not disclosed.

Following the transaction, the Pure Flix service will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Affirm Entertainment, which is the sister company of Affirm Films, the Sony Pictures division responsible for producing, distributing and marketing faith-based films including “War Room,” “Heaven Is for Real” and “Miracles From Heaven.”

The deal is the latest move by the studio, owned by Tokyo electronics giant Sony Corp., to tap the often lucrative audience for movies and television programming aimed at churchgoers. Sony expanded its Affirm Films unit, run by Executive Vice President Rich Peluso, by launching a television arm in December.

Affirm’s films, which tend to carry modest production budgets, have proved reliably profitable for Sony by broadening what’s often considered a niche genre to more mainstream audiences.

How to get pure flix

“Miracles From Heaven,” a $13-million inspirational movie starring Jennifer Garner, generated $74 million in global box office ticket sales in 2016. Last year’s sports drama “Overcomer,” the latest from Christian film stalwarts Alex and Stephen Kendrick, grossed $38 million on a budget of $5 million. Affirm also played a key role in promoting Marielle Heller’s “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” starring Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers, to Christian moviegoers.

Pure Flix Entertainment, the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based production company that launched the streamer in 2015, is not part of the acquisition.

However, its chief executive and founding partner Michael Scott will join Affirm to oversee management of the service. Pure Flix chief content officer and founding partner David A. R. White will also join Affirm as head of the service’s outreach and special projects. They will remain in Scottsdale, where most of the service’s 50 employees are located.

“Pure Flix is a natural fit with our Affirm brand, which is known for its high quality, uplifting, inspirational content,” said Keith Le Goy, Sony’s president of networks and distribution, in a statement. “Pure Flix has done an amazing job building a robust community of engaged subscribers, and we look forward to continuing to grow and delight audiences with well-curated faith and family entertainment.”

The 15-year-old Pure Flix’s movies tend to be more explicit in their religious aims than Affirm’s.

The company is best known for “God’s Not Dead,” a low-budget 2014 drama about a devout student’s conflict with an atheist professor that grossed $65 million at the global box office, despite poor reviews. The company also produced two less successful “God’s Not Dead” sequels as well as 2017’s “The Case for Christ.” Last year, it released the anti-abortion film “Unplanned.”

The “God’s Not Dead” series was part of a wave of movies in the mid-to-late 2010s that sought to appeal to Christian audiences who’ve often felt neglected by mainstream Hollywood. Hits included Roadside Attractions’ MercyMe music biopic “I Can Only Imagine” (2018) and Lionsgate’s divine visitation tale “The Shack” (2017).

The Pure Flix acquisition marks an expansion for Sony’s modest streaming business. Unlike competitors including Walt Disney Co., AT&T’s WarnerMedia, Comcast’s NBCUniversal and ViacomCBS, Sony remains an outlier among the major Hollywood studios because it does not own a mass-market video-on-demand service, preferring to sell its content to other platforms.

Besides Pure Flix, Sony’s streaming businesses include anime channel Funimation and Crackle, an ad-based joint venture that it co-owns with Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment.

Inside the business of entertainment

The Wide Shot brings you news, analysis and insights on everything from streaming wars to production — and what it all means for the future.

You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times.

How to get pure flix

Ryan Faughnder is a film business reporter for the Los Angeles Times’ Company Town and the host of the entertainment business newsletter The Wide Shot. Faughnder writes about Hollywood studios, including Walt Disney Co., and has covered such major stories as the Sony hack. An alumnus of USC’s Annenberg School and UC Santa Barbara, he previously wrote for the Los Angeles Business Journal and Bloomberg News.

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Entertainment is needed by people, no matter who they are. It makes life be better, and we enjoy it more. In this day and age, technologies have reached heights that are never seen before. With the use of technology, entertainment is just clicks away if you have the requirements needed. Technology takes fun and enjoyment to the next level. Entertainments such as movies, music, TV shows, and other content.

Although everyone likes those types of entertainments, there are people who just couldn’t stand the genre or topic of some. Why? Because it involves a lot of inappropriate stuff like nudity and violence – some elements that are infamous to some people, mostly Christians. In this Pure Flix review, I will tell you why it’s dubbed as the NetFlix of religious families and children.

On what devices can we access Pure Flix?

Before we get to that, let’s know first where we can have access to Pure Flix. Mobile phones and some smart TVs can be used to access the Pure Flix application. Smart TVs included are Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV.

Other devices such as Roku and Chromecast are also compatible with streaming Pure Flix content. If you are unaware if your device is not compatible with Pure Flix, you can check the Pure Flix website (displayed below) to see all the devices that can run Pure Flix, it is located in the help section.

How to get pure flix

Pure Flix – What is it?

Pure Flix is a streaming service that has thousands of content that can be streamed via the Internet. A streaming service is what provides you with the entertainment sources, such as movies, TV shows, and other streaming media. Pure Flix is similar to the other streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu.

To know how it looks like, go and visit their website at

What content does Pure Flix have?

Pure Flix can be streamed with the use of the Internet and the devices compatible with the application. Although, the Internet needed to be used is not the slow type, because the quality of the media will be depending on the speed of your Internet. It should at least reach up to 10-15mbps for you to gain the best streaming experience. Aside from the quality of the streaming service, the movie qualities are also good, and they stream some of the best Christian movies as well, like the movie “God’s Not Dead,” etc.

Thousands of content are produced there, you should find what movie you will like there by exploring the website or application. Different Pure Flix reviews state that the program is the go-to if you’re going to be leaving your child at home for a few hours. No risk of them seeing stuff you don’t want them to see – you can be sure that Pure Flix safeguards your child’s development.

The Difference of Pure Flix:

Movies, TV shows, and other streaming media that contain the elements not appropriate for the minority, such as violence, profanity, and crime are not available in Pure Flix. The streaming service only offers content that is family-friendly and content that has a theme that involves Christianity and Faith. Just like how Universal Studios produces movies, Pure Flix also has their own studio called Pure Flix Studios.

As a matter of fact, both studios work together to produce films that are for religious people. If there are some curse words in the content there, they will bleep those curse words and won’t be heard, so you don’t have to worry about showing the movies in Pure Flix to the whole family.

Why choose Pure Flix?

Choosing Pure Flix over Netflix is based on the preferences of the person. If the person doesn’t like to see inappropriate content or if it’s something not good for the family, then the Pure Flix is the streaming service tailor-fit for them.

Cost of the Pure Flix subscription:

Subscribing to Pure Flix costs US$10.99 per month, and costs $99.99 per year. What’s good here is that the first 30 days of subscription will be free and will not bill you. This 30-day trial is used for people who want to see if they will like Pure Flix or not.

Many Pure Flix reviews actually admit that at first, they just wanted the free trial of the program. But as time passed by, they saw and realized the efficiency and the quality of Pure Flix.

Pros of Pure Flix

  • You can easily unsubscribe before the 30 th day for you to avoid being charged. As a matter of fact, it can be done without having to call their support team;
  • Movies and other contents that are made for the entire family to be watched is always a plus; it makes the streaming experience better if you have the whole family get together;
  • New contents are delivered constantly. Though the time of releases are irregular and they have no exact schedule, they still have it delivered;
  • The number of Christian Films being provided can number up to a thousand, so you will have a lot of options to choose from; and
  • The price of a monthly subscription is $10.99, and the subscription that covers the whole year costs $99.99, which saves you 24% of the money.

Cons of Pure Flix

  • Netflix is still smoother than Pure Flix because of the amount of subscribers Netflix has, which makes them improve their service more than Pure Flix;

Final verdict

For me, Pure Flix is worth the money if you prefer movies which does not contain adult-content and other elements that give you bad appeal. It just makes the streaming experience better, and the content it delivers can be watched with the whole family. The first 30 days with no billing charges is also a good way to test out whether you will like the services they provide or not.

We hope that this Pure Flix review somehow made you think about how your child uses the internet. As a matter of fact, it’s kind of uncontrollable especially now that websites can easily be accessed without encryption. With Pure Flix, you can be worry-free and you can even have them watch for hours straight without them encountering scenes you don’t want them to see.