How to host a housewarming party

How to host a housewarming party

Housewarming Party Etiquette and Housewarming Gift Ideas

Housewarming Party Etiquette and Housewarming Gift Ideas: How Should You Celebrate Moving to a New Home?

Friends of mine recently moved about an hour to the north, making it easy for us to continue our friendship, despite the miles that now lie between our two homes. The first time we went to visit them in their new home, I wondered whether I needed to take a housewarming gift and what would be the best type of housewarming present I should bring.

Since here at Soundbuilt Homes we specialize in all that goes before people welcome friends and family members to their new homes in Thurston, Pierce and King County, it made me think: What is appropriate in terms of housewarming gift etiquette and how can you help friends celebrate a move to a new home?

For instance, in the case of baby and bridal showers, it’s technically considered bad manners to throw a party for oneself, or even for an immediately family member (although it is often done anyway). Baby and bridal shower etiquette says that someone outside of these parameters should host the shower.

When it comes to etiquette for housewarming parties and housewarming gifts, do the same rules apply?

For instance, you can and should host your own housewarming party for friends and family. The purpose should be to welcome friends and family to your new home, with the idea being that you plan to extend hospitality to friends and family not just at your housewarming party, but in the years to come. It says that your home is a place where friends and family are, and will be, welcome.

Should you register for housewarming gifts, like you would for a baby shower or bridal shower?

Housewarming party etiquette experts say this is ok, but many agree that it’s a bit – er – tacky. A good rule of thumb might be that you don’t ever invite people to a party and then tell them, by including registry information, for instance, that they’re expected to bring you a gift.

So if you do decide to register for gifts prior to your housewarming party, don’t include registry information in invitations. If someone asks for a gift suggestion or about the colors you have in your new home, then you can tell them where you’re registered.

Bottom line: A party invitation should never be accompanied by “and bring me presents!”

When should you have your housewarming party, before or after you’ve furnished your new home?

Either. If you want to throw a party in your new home while it’s still empty, you lessen your chances of having furniture stained from spills and you also have the advantage of wide open spaces for dancing and mingling. On the downside, having a housewarming party in an empty house will require that you bring in tables, chairs, catered refreshments and other guest comforts.

What type of refreshments should I serve at my housewarming party?

Depending on the time of day you have your housewarming party, and its duration, there are no hard and fast rules about what food or drink you need to serve at your housewarming party. Unless you specify that you are serving a whole breakfast, lunch or dinner, your housewarming guests will likely assume that light refreshments (which may or may not include alcoholic beverages) will be served, and plan accordingly.

Obviously having your housewarming event catered would make your life easier, as you will likely be busy enough with cleaning, decorating and other pre-party tasks. But if this isn’t within your budget or you simply love to cook and entertain, there’s no reason you can’t handle this on your own.

To serve guests, consider setting up a hospitality station with a food buffet and separate bar area for drinks. To lessen the chance for spills, consider hiring or appointing a bartender for your event to supervise pours and prevent any over-serving of alcohol.

What types of things make great housewarming party presents or hostess gifts?

  • Gift cards or gift certificates to restaurants you’re fairly certain that your hosts will enjoy. If you don’t know whether they would enjoy a certain restaurant, don’t regift a card you already have just to avoid buying a gift. As with any gift, you should give something that the recipient will want and appreciate.
  • Gift cards to a home improvement store, such as Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, etc.
  • Gift cards to stores specializing in home décor such as Pier 1 or Bed, Bath and Beyond, or to one of your hosts favorite local specialty boutiques.
  • Monogrammed or personalized picture frames. Decorative frames if you are confident that you know your hosts decorating tastes and interior paint colors.
  • Monogrammed or personalized glasses, a welcome mat or another household item.
  • Tools (if you know they need them, especially for first time home buyers).
  • Coffee table gift quality books, such as a coffee table book about a special interest or hobby of your host, or a regional recreation area (like Mt. Rainier for someone buying a new home in King County or Pierce County, WA), history of the area or local attraction (like the Space Needle for someone buying a new home in the Seattle area).
  • Flowers and plants.
  • A nice bottle of wine or champagne, provided that you know your hosts drink wine or champagne. And please note that 2 buck chuck is not appropriate as a housewarming gift. A housewarming present of wine or champagne should be of a vintage good enough for a celebration.
  • Party table wares such as serving dishes or specialty food serving sets (like a cheese board or ice cream sundae set). The only disclaimer here is that unless your hosts have a peculiar decorating style of which you are aware, any serving piece or table wares you give should be fairly neutral in color and design, or returnable, along with a gift receipt.

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After a move, planning a party is probably the last thing you want to do. But once you’ve finished unpacking, a party is a perfect way for you and your family to meet neighbors and make new friends.

Keep It Simple

The key to a successful housewarming party is to not stress over the details. Guests know that you've just moved and won't be expecting you to host an elaborate get-together.​

Decide is who will be invited; will it be for adults only or will it be an afternoon get-together for families? An afternoon get-together is a lot more casual than an evening affair, and if you have children, it's a great way for your kids to get to know people their age.

Easy Snacks

Decide what to serve before you confirm a time, because what you serve may determine the party’s theme and time. To keep plans and effort to a minimum, consider host an afternoon tea—after lunch, but before dinner. It doesn’t take too much prep to serve tea, cookies, and juice. Again, your neighbors won’t expect too much fuss, so don’t overdo it.


To keep it simple, you can either speak to your neighbors in person or create a small invitation and drop it into each family’s mailbox. If you have children, you might ask them to deliver invitations as a good way for them to meet the neighbors as well. Make a point of inviting people as you see them in their yards or on porches.

To keep fuss down to a minimum, don't ask for RSVPs; instead, let people know they can drop by between specific hours.

Tidy Up

You probably cleaned your home before you moved in, so your main goal here is to clear out any empty boxes and organize your space.

Remember that neighbors may want a bit of a tour of your new home. That means you'll want to make the beds, put clothes away, and declutter living spaces. If you have children, have them put away anything they don't want to share with new friends.

Get Supplies But Encourage Contributions

Decide whether you prefer to wash dishes or use disposable plates and cups; consider the extra garbage that will come from using paper and plastic items. Or if you have time, you can rent supplies as well. Renting party supplies is best if you're expecting a lot of guests. Be sure you have enough ice, glasses, and cutlery on hand.

Once you have the basics in hand, you can simplify preparation by following these tips:

  • If it's an outdoor party, ask guests to bring their lawn chairs.
  • If you're hosting an evening reception, you can ask people to bring over their wine glasses and/or BYO a bottle.
  • Buy pre-made food: Now is not the time to show off your culinary skills. Plus, you can explore the new neighborhood combing the area stores for specialty foods or bakeries.

Arrange the Party Area

Set up three to four areas that are easy for guests to access. For this kind of informal event, you'll want your guests to help themselves most of the time—so set up and set out everything they'll need.

First, you'll need a spot where guests can leave coats or umbrellas; that can be a cleared out closet, mudroom, or even a bedroom.

Second, you'll need areas where you can serve food and drinks. Typically, hosts arrange a separate drinks table or bar; this can be a table (indoors or outdoors) or a counter. The key is to choose a location that's separate from the food area to avoid congestion. Provide ice and cups, and allow a little extra space for guests' contributions.

Third, you'll need one or two locations where food can be served. A table or counter is fine, and you can set up indoors or out. Place plates, napkins, and cutlery in an accessible spot, and include serving utensils for every dish. If guests will be bringing food, provide space for their contributions.

Finally, you'll need comfortable seating areas for your guests. Typically, set up one seating area that's far enough from the food that people can easily move around without crowding one another. Each seating area should include at least a few chairs or sofas as well as low tables for drinks and snacks. If you like, put bowls of nibbles (like chips) at each seating area.

Use Fresh Flowers for Decorations

If you’re concerned that you haven’t decorated your home, or that your home is not feeling lived-in, fresh flowers are a great way to bring warmth into your home. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, either. One large bouquet or a few small ones scattered throughout the rooms you’ll be using will add a lot of punch with little fuss.


Since this might be the first time you're meeting your neighbors, allow for enough time to get ready for their arrival without stress and last-minute fixes. Keep it casual, but welcoming.

Buying a home is a big accomplishment. Most real estate buyers put years of thought and preparation into the purchase of a new home, and once it happens, it’s a dream come true.

As a realtor, it is your privilege to help home buyers realize this dream by finding a house that is perfect for all of their needs.

Throwing a housewarming party for your real estate client once they move in is a memorable, thoughtful gesture, and one that shows your client just how appreciative you are of their business.

A housewarming party gives your clients the opportunity to welcome friends and family into their new home, and meet the nearby neighbors. It also gives you, the realtor, an opportunity to cultivate a long-term relationship with your client, leave a lasting impression, and network with others in the neighborhood to generate real estate leads.

A win-win situation for everyone involved.

Do you want to deepen relationships with home buyers and leave a lasting, positive impression of their experience with you? Here is a quick guide to hosting the best housewarming party for your real estate clients!

How to host a housewarming party

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1. Confirm That Your Clients Want a Housewarming Party

Before you dive into creating the best housewarming party for your clients, it is important to confirm that they would appreciate the gesture. If your clients are reserved or find the idea of having a lot of people in their home overwhelming, a housewarming party might not be the best option.

To get an idea of whether or not your client would like a housewarming party, ask them at the contract signing. If your client seems interested, remind them of the idea in a brief thank you letter after closing, and then call them to confirm.

2. Assemble a Guest List

Once you have confirmed with your clients that the housewarming party is a go, it’s time to get down to work. And, the first thing you need to do is assemble a guest list. For this part, you will need your client’s help. Ask them to send a list of their closest friends, family and any neighbors they’ve already met along with mailing addresses, and be sure to let them know that you will do the rest of the work.

TIP: Get a head start and do some pre-work by leaving a guestbook out at open houses in the area to get the names and contact information of any neighbors that you might be able to invite.

How to host a housewarming party

3. Create and Send Invitations

Now that you have the guest list, you will need a way to get guests to the right place at the right time with a personalized invitation. You can create and print a high-quality paper invitation online at several places, such as or Paperless Post. Be sure to send your invitation at least three weeks ahead of the party to give your guests ample time to plan.

TIP: Although it might be tempting to place your logo and name on the invitation, avoid it at all costs. A housewarming party is about your clients. However, be sure to have your business cards on hand at the event because you’ll have ample opportunity to make new connections.

4.Coordinate a Menu

As with any party, at a housewarming party there will be plenty of mouths to feed. Therefore, creating a tasty and exciting menu is key. Even if you are a great cook and your clients have an amazing new kitchen, the best practice for hosting a housewarming party is to hire a caterer. Not only will they cover the food and clean up, but handle the beverages as well so you and your clients will have time to mingle.

You can decide on a fun theme with your clients and create a menu that matches, or just choose a variety of great appetizers and finger foods. Don’t forget to include a few meat-free and dairy-free options to make sure everyone feels welcome.

How to host a housewarming party

5. Pre-Party Preparation

There are a few last-minute preparations you can complete to make your housewarming party a success. The first is to call your clients a few days before the event to remind them to have the house “tour ready” and see if there is anything they need. Additionally, you should prepare a guest book that neighbors can sign as they walk-in, and have nametags ready for the guests that have RSVP’d, along with a few blanks. Doing so will help show your attention to detail and make a great first impression on potential clients.

6. Bring a Housewarming Gift and a Guest

A housewarming party is a social event, therefore you should always bring a gift and a guest. Skip the promotional products and choose a housewarming gift that is personal and meaningful to your client. As for a guest, it is perfectly acceptable to bring your family (children included), significant other, or a close friend.

7. Be Social

Once the party has started, all of the hard work is over. Now you can sit back, relax, and make connections. Don’t forget to snap a few pictures throughout the event to share on social media. Tag your clients in the pictures so all of their friends, family, and neighbors get an easy link back your business page.

8. Follow-Up

At the end of the event, stick around to help clean up and make sure everything is back in its place.

The day after the event there is one more thing to check off your to-do list: follow-up with your client. Give them a quick call to let them know you had a great time and enjoyed meeting their friends and family. Double check to make sure they enjoyed the event and see if there is anything else you can help them with. Oh, and don’t forget to remind them again how thankful you are for their business.

If you have home buyers that are closing soon, consider throwing a housewarming party for your clients. It’s a great opportunity and a kind gesture that they will truly appreciate. (And it’s likely you will acquire a few new clients along the way, too.)

Buying a new home is an exciting milestone that warrants a celebration – even if a traditional inperson gathering is not possible. Virtual housewarming parties can be just as enjoyable and allow you to celebrate your new space without worrying about cleaning, cooking, or other stressful party prep steps. Hosting a virtual affair also allows you to invite people who usually would not be able to attend.

Are you ready to send out those Zoom invitations and begin planning? Explore our tips for throwing a virtual housewarming party to help you get started.

Film a Virtual Tour

One of the most exciting parts of hosting a traditional housewarming party is taking your guests on a tour of your new space. The good news is, you do not have to sacrifice this exciting moment just because you are hosting a virtual housewarming party.

Record a tour of your home in advance and email the video to friends. You may even choose to send this video along with the invite for your virtual housewarming party – that way, your friends have a clearer view of your new space ahead of time. This will also leave more time during your party for games, socializing and other activities.

Add Special Touches

Since you will not need to worry about decorating, catering, cooking or preparing drinks for an inperson gathering, consider giving the experience a special touch that guests can enjoy from the comfort of their own home during your party.

If you are only inviting a small group, perhaps you can send each household a bottle of wine or rosé to enjoy during your party. Or, get a little creative and create a unique cocktail in honor of your new home. Name it after your new street or neighborhood, and send guests the recipe ahead of time so you can all sip on it together during the event.

Be Intentional With Your Wish List

Though you may not choose to create a wishlist or request housewarming gifts for your new home, your friends may want to send you a little something anyway. If so, consider waiting until your party to open your gifts — unless your friends ask you to open it privately. These gifts can be great conversation starters and give you the chance to either put them to use (e.g., kitchenware and bar supplies). You could even ask guests to help figure out where to display something (e.g., artwork, plants, accessories).

If you are not comfortable putting together a wish list or requesting housewarming gifts, consider asking attendees to make a donation in your name in lieu of presents. This could be a donation to your favorite charity or a local organization in your new neighborhood.

Get Creative With Your Guest List

Virtual housewarming parties give you the unique opportunity to include out-of-town guests who may not typically be able to attend an in-person gathering. Your guest list can be as big or as small as you would like it to be, but do not hesitate to mix it up.

Additionally, you could also use this time to connect with your new neighbors. Whether you invite them to the same virtual gathering as your friends or create a new one specifically for your neighborhood, a virtual gathering is a great way to get to know who lives around you in a time where physical introductions may be difficult.

Make It Fun!

During a traditional in-person housewarming party, you do not typically need to worry about planned activities. However, virtual housewarming parties may feel awkward at first, especially if you invite some people who have never met the other attendees. While allowing your guests to chat and get to know each other organically is important, consider planning some games or activities to help break the ice and add a fun touch to the virtual gathering.

Another fun way to add a little something extra to your virtual gathering is to make it a theme party. Invite your guests to dress up as their favorite TV characters or create themes based on a particular era. This will get your guests extra excited about showing off their looks and serve as great conversation starters.

Virtual housewarming parties can be just as fun as in-person gatherings with a little creativity. Are you on the hunt for your new home base? Explore and compare Perry Homes’ move-in-ready properties to help you find your dream home today!

by Cope & Associates Realty and Auction 07/26/2021

How to host a housewarming party

What better way to unwind after all the stress of moving and settling in to a new house than to have a housewarming party? It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be a large shindig or small party, a fancy dinner or a casual barbecue. Whatever the plan, a housewarming party is a fantastic way to show off your new home.

However, after the cost of moving, you might not want to spend too much on your party. The good news is you can have a housewarming party on a budget. There are no rules or guidelines to what a housewarming should be, so work with your space, time and budget — just ensure you and your guests have fun.

Make a Budget

The first thing to do is to figure out how much you want to spend. You do not have to go overboard financially to throw a great party. Work with whatever amount you have available.

Set a Reasonable Date

Choose a date and time that’s comfortable for you — financially and mentally. After the stress of moving and settling in, give yourself enough time to recover before hosting friends and family.

Cap Your Guest List

When there is a budget constraint, limit the number of guests you invite. Restricting guests to your closest friends, your immediate family and your new neighbors will help you keep costs down especially in providing food and beverages for a crowd.

Use Free Invitations

There are multiple free invite options available for you to use, but a simple Facebook or WhatsApp message will do. Request RSVPs from your guests so you can prepare for the number of people attending.

Skip the Decorations

The purpose of your housewarming party is to show off your new home. You do not have to use other forms of decorations. If you intend to decorate anyway, buy decorations that serve you after the housewarming such as a string of festive fairy lights or tiki lamps for your patio.

How to host a housewarming party

Now, regardless of whether you’re a new home owner or a property renter, and irrespective of whether you have finished the unpacking project, or you’re roughly in the middle of it, or maybe you haven’t even started it, there is something you are probably really looking forward to – your housewarming party!

If you catch yourself thinking, “Great! Planning, organizing, and hosting a housewarming party is exactly what I need right now!”, then you might have a valid point. You just survived a residential move and the last thing you’d want is to go through another stressful event like an expensive and time-consuming event where a lot of people you barely know, or don’t know at all, will come to your new place and expect too many things from you.

The good news?

Housewarming parties are nothing like that! In reality, they are great for a number of reasons – read on to learn how to plan a housewarming party, how to throw the informal get-together, including some great housewarming party ideas and tips to turn into the fun, relaxing, and beneficial post relocation activity it’s meant to be.

Why host a housewarming party at all?

One of your major concerns after the move can be that you probably won’t be completely ready with setting up your new home within the first couple of weeks. After all, considering how much time unpacking and then proper home decoration can really eat up (up to a few months!), the chances are you won’t be in the mood for fun so shortly after the relocation. However, the best thing about that unique post move event is that nobody will expect anything special from you. After all, the guests will know perfectly well what a residential move is all about as most of them will have been through such a period at least once in their lives.

Our housewarming tips start off with the basics of it all – the reasons why you should consider organizing such a party in the first place:

  • A housewarming party is supposed to bring good luck to the new residence and its inhabitants. That reason alone will be worth your time and efforts.
  • A housewarming party will serve as pleasant distraction from all the work ahead of you so you should definitely welcome such an opportune moment to fill your mind with more cheerful thoughts. Think of the upcoming break as a gulp of fresh air before you plunge deep into an ocean of post relocation tasks.
  • You will have a great chance of meeting new people – the very people who should have a greater role in your foreseeable future – friends, coworkers, neighbors, and even strangers who might become good friends as time goes by.

How to plan a housewarming party?

Don’t worry – housewarming parties are not too complicated to plan, organize and execute because 1) they are supposed to be quite informal, 2) you’re supposed to invite only a carefully selected bunch of people, and 3) you can improvise to a large extent and still have a great stress-free fun activity in the end.

Pay attention to these proven tips for throwing a housewarming party:

  • What type of housewarming party?It’s entirely up to you to decide how you’re doing this: will it be a very casual daytime affair with light bites and various refreshments stretched out during one afternoon (ideal for smaller places), or will it be a fancier dinner party with more elaborate preparations? You can’t go wrong either way so choose the one that will best suit your time, resources, and taste.
  • Who to invite?It goes without saying that if you just moved across town, then you ought to invite all the friends who helped you move out. On the other hand, if you moved to another part of the country altogether, then inviting your loyal pals may not be possible. If that is the case, consider inviting some of your new coworkers and some of the next door neighbors, and of course – any old friends you might have in the destination city.
  • What about unpacking?You don’t need to be completely finished with unpacking to have a good housewarming party, but you can’t simply invite people over with piles and piles of moving boxes scattered all over your new place. Or can’t you? Unpack the living room and kitchen first as those two rooms will be subjected to the most scrutiny from your guests. Besides, you will obviously need those rooms to turn the post move get-together into reality. Don’t forget to clean up your place as most people will be looking around curiously, and there’s never a second chance to make a good first impression.
  • Need more space?If your new property is a house rather than an apartment and has a nice little backyard or a garden that can accommodate the guests, then you should definitely have an outside party. That way, the stress for you will be much less for you – as long as the weather permits it, of course. If your new living space is too small, remove all your breakables, anything that might be accidentally shattered to pieces or simply broken – guests will tend to bump into each other if the space is truly limited.
  • What about food and drinks?They will depend on the type of party to choose to throw. For the casual daytime get-together kind of thing, provide easy snacks, sandwiches, slices of pizza – anything that won’t require any preparation time. Any non-alcoholic drinks should do the trick. For a bit more formal dinner party, you may even choose to surprise your guests by demonstrating your solid cooking skills.
  • Small details?Remember that mall details can make a big difference – a few vases with fresh flowers placed on strategic places, scent candles, a few colorful balloons here and there, and a separate table where you can display the guests’ thoughtful gifts should be truly appreciated.

How to host a memorable housewarming party

Once you are ready with the party preparations, it’s time to be the good host you know you can be. Here’s some final advice on how to throw a housewarming party for the ages!

As more and more people are getting vaccinated, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Gatherings are starting to become more common and the end of COVID-19 is finally in sight. We can finally look forward to coming together with the people we love again. If you have recently moved in or will be moving in in the near future, you may have considered hosting a housewarming party. We’ve gathered some tips on how to host a housewarming party so you can celebrate your recent or upcoming move with family, friends, and/or neighbors. Planning a housewarming party can be a great way to beat the moving blues.

Take COVID-19 Precautions

Although COVID-19 has been slowing down, there are still real risks of spread, so it’s still important to be mindful and take precautions. If you want to be extremely careful, you may consider only inviting people who have been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks. Encourage people not to come if they are feeling under the weather or experiencing any symptoms.

How to host a housewarming party

Try not to invite people that are at higher risk, especially if they have not been vaccinated for at least 2 weeks. Invite a smaller crowd so there’s ample space for people to spread out. If you have a nice patio or backyard, you could host your housewarming party outside. A barbecue would be a great option for an outdoor gathering. If all attendees are not vaccinated, you may want to consider having one person serve the food wearing a mask and gloves. Ultimately, the precautions you take are up to you but use your best judgment.

Plan Your Budget

It always helps to plan how much you’ll want to spend on the housewarming party. This will help guide what type of food and drinks you will serve. It will also help you avoid overspending for your gathering.

Schedule A Reasonable Date

How to host a housewarming party

Many people like to settle into their homes for at least a few months before hosting a housewarming party. We think this is a wonderful approach so you don’t feel rushed and have time to enjoy your home before inviting guests. When inviting guests, give them at least 2-3 weeks notice so they can save the date. It would also be helpful to send out reminders a few days before.

Decide What Foods and Drinks You’ll Serve

How to host a housewarming party

There are many different options on what you can serve for your housewarming party. If you have a bigger budget, you may consider having a wine and cheese night. You can put together a charcuterie board of delicious meats and cheeses to serve with a great selection of wine.

If you are not planning to have a big budget for your housewarming party, a potluck is a fantastic option. Creating a delicious big batch cocktail is another budget-friendly way to accommodate a large group. If you decide to go this route, let guests know there is a cocktail option available, but they are welcome to bring their preferred alcohol.

How to host a housewarming party

If you prefer to bake, you can serve desserts instead. Just let guests know it’s a dessert party so they can plan their own meals. If you don’t want to cook or do potluck style, you can always get your food catered if it’s within your budget.

Create a Welcoming Ambiance

How to host a housewarming party

When having guests over, it always helps to set the right ambiance. Lighting candles can help create a welcoming atmosphere. Create a fun playlist ahead of time to help set the mood. It’s an easy way to liven up the party.

Consider Having Party Games

How to host a housewarming party

You don’t have to have activities planned for your housewarming party. Eating, socializing, and enjoying each other’s company is more than enough for a great party. However, it could be fun to have some party games if you desire. Having them available could an easy way to break the ice for those that are less social.

Settle Into Your New Home Quicker

How to host a housewarming party

Before thinking of hosting a housewarming party, you’ll want to be settled into your home. Want to settle in your home faster? Hire a white glove moving company like Megan’s Moving. We can offer you a full-service move so you can settle in your new home in record time. Request a quote for your full-service move today!

My daughter moved into her first home. I am looking for some house warming party ideas. I have never thrown one but think it would be fun to give her one. She has moved into a beautiful home. Is it proper etiquette for me to host one for her?


I do not know whatproper etiquette on this is, I am just shsring my thoughts as a new homeowner. I think she should decide whether she wants to have a housewarming party. I think it should be at the “house”, where you can let your riends and fsmily see the new home. But she may not be ready for that, she may want to get the home to a certain level of order and perhaps decorated before she has visitors. If people bring her gifts, they may bring her something that is not her style and she may be obligated to have to use it. If not you’ll have to specify “gift cards only” and perhaps to her favorite store. This is just my opinion based on my own feelings on the subject. I am slowly getting to the point where I may be ready for official visitors. I’ve had visitors, that either asked to come by or had to come by, or whom we felt comfortable enough to have over for a meal; one happened to come on business from our old homestate. Each time I was hospitable and I was glad to have them over. But if it were me, I would not want a housewarming party.

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If she is okay with a housewarming party, and you would like to host it assume that the burden of the party is on you(food, drinks, preparation, set up, clean up, etc). I imagine most people would pitch in and party members will bring additions to the menu and/or gifts to decorate the house.

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I think it is proper for the Mother or friends to arrange the house warming. Usually gifts are given, I think it would seem like they are throwing themselves a party. I would arrange the party at their home, with their ok also.

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If she is not wanting to do it her self, not only would it be proper, but it would be something special you could do for her.

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I would think at a housewarming party the homeowners would throw the party.