How to improve your aim

Improving your aim over longer distances has its set of advantages, especially when you are out hunting. This isn’t something you want to miss out on as you will have a better chance of hunting. And there are several ways that you can use to improve your aim.

These aren’t ideas that you can learn in one day; they can be learned over time. You first need to know what they are before you can put them to practice. Below are some of the hunting tips that you can use to improve your aim over any distance.

Proper Trigger Pull

You need to focus on proper trigger pull if you are to hit the target from any distance. Many people assume that trigger pull isn’t something you need to concentrate on, but it should be. You will be excused when you are starting for bad trigger pulls.

When you have gotten used to the trigger, nothing should surprise you any longer. It would help if you improved on your bad habits. You need to know when the trigger will break and how much pressure you need to apply.

You don’t yank the trigger; you gently squeeze it – this is something you will need to learn and relearn. The sight of your alignment shouldn’t be lost on you when you squeeze the trigger. It would help if you pulled the trigger straight back without moving at all.

Practice Different Positions

When you practice over the same position over again, you are bound to be complacent about it. You need to ensure that you challenge yourself in your practices with a constant change of positions. Different positions mean you have to change the angles for each shot.

It won’t feel the same when you are switching it up over again. You need to have a shooting benchmark if you want to perfect your shots. You will also be training on simply your ability to hold your gun steady; you will be working on your aim.

Remember, you aren’t working on the target’s positions here; you are working on your positions. You need to check out your kneeling, squatting, and off-hand positions. When you practice, you need to ensure that you get each position right before moving to the next one.

Remember to Follow Through

After you have squeezed the trigger, you need to pull away in a way that doesn’t affect your bullet path. Most of the time, you will want to look at the shot made and even admire it; refrain from that. Your follow-through is crucial to your shot, and you need to ensure it’s crisp.

When making the shot, you need to visualize the shot first before going any further with the shot. You also need to ensure that you focus on a specific spot – forget about a general target area. Stay with the rifle until impact so that you don’t affect the bullet’s path.

It would help if you remembered; you certainly aren’t done until your bullet hits your target.

Narrow Your Target

When you want to focus on your target, you will need to narrow the target down. The first thing you need to do to narrow your target is to breathe. When you are a rookie, the first mistake you are likely to make is holding your breath before a shot.

You do that, and your heart rate climbs, making it hard to stand still or focus. You can also use tactical scopes to ensure you have the right target. The scope makes it a lot easier to narrow your target, and you won’t emphasize a target area – you will have a single target in sight.

Practice with Focus

When you practice, you need to focus – there are no two ways about it. You have to ensure that you record your shots and pay attention to the improvements you are making. Watch out for the mistakes you made earlier, and be sure to get rid of them as you move forward.

This is also when you will learn how to tune your scope , so you need to pay extra attention. You need to have a hole on the target, which you can easily explain. If you can’t explain the gaps, the whole practice session was lost on you.

The worst thing you can have with bad practice sessions – ones you learn nothing from, where you will only acquire bad habits. When you can’t focus on the session, you need to take a rest and get back to it when you are well-rested.


To improve on your aim across multiple targets, you need to practice. But it would help if you had a plan on how to go about it. Here are some of the few tips you can use which will help you improve your aim at any distance.

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Enjoyed by more than 100 million players around the world, Call of Duty: Warzone is the most popular cross-platform battle royal video game at the moment. If you are into any sort of gaming, I’m positive that at least you have heard about the game and you are familiar with the game’s title.

Whether you are a serious PC gamer or a casual console player, you have played the game at one point or another since its launch. The various game modes allow you to play with your friends in public lobbies of 150 people on a large scale map in a city called “Verdansk” with the purpose of being the last team standing i.e. winning the game.

Although the game isn’t played competitively, having the bragging rights to call yourself the best player in your group of friends is important. So if you are a mediocre player wanting to improve your aim and accuracy in Call of Duty: Warzone this article will help you achieve just that.

Tweak your mouse sensitivity

How to improve your aimImg source:

Shooting accurately requires constant aim compensation to nullify the weapon recoil and constant aim corrections to track the enemies’ movement. Having a lower or a higher mouse sensitivity might impede you from doing the necessary fine adjustments to achieve above-average aim accuracy. Depending on your playstyle try lowering or increasing your mouse ADS sensitivity and see if there is any accuracy improvement. Don’t lose hope in achieving a higher accuracy percentage, as this is method is done by trial and error and will certainly take some of your time.

Switching from mouse and keyboard to controller

How to improve your aimImg source:

This might not sound like the best advice, but in reality, control players get aim assistance. That means that you get artificial assistance when aiming down sight, as the aim sticks to the enemy player and allows you to aim better and get higher accuracy. This option is best for mouse and keyboard players that have below-average aim and accuracy percentages in the game.

Work on your aim and practice

How to improve your aimImg source:

Practicing your aim will always give good results. You can practice your aim in-game, or you can use universal practicing software. Practicing between half an hour and an hour a day will most certainly yield greater accuracy. If you are short on time, or you just don’t want to grind it but want to be better than your friends, have a higher K/D ratio, have higher weapon experience, and have more camos unlocked you can always hire someone to carry you. You can learn more about it here

Aim for the chest

How to improve your aimImg source:

There are a few reasons why you should always aim for the chest. Statistically, weapons deal less damage to the chest than the head, as there is a headshot damage multiplier to the head, but the head is quite small on the surface and it’s harder to hit. The chest area is easier to hit as it is quite larger on the surface.

On average, you will deal more damage to a player per minute shooting him in the chest rather than the head, because you will be more accurate and you will land more shots. On the other hand, as counterintuitive as it may sound, aiming for the chest guarantees a higher headshots percentage with greater accuracy. Every weapon in the game whether it’s a pistol or an AR has some vertical recoil when shooting. That means that when you are shooting a weapon the aim tends to go upwards. Vertical recoil intensity varies from weapon to weapon. So, the vertical recoil moves your aim upwards, moving the aim from the chest to the head, thus enabling you to get easier headshots without even aiming directly to the head.

Choose weapons with lower vertical and horizontal recoil

How to improve your aimImg source:

Every weapon in the game has a different vertical and horizontal recoil pattern. Vertical recoil is easier to control compared to horizontal recoil. If you are not the most accurate guy in the game and you don’t have the best aim choose weapons with lower vertical and horizontal recoil or select weapon attachments that reduce vertical and horizontal recoil. Weapons such as the AK74 are notorious for their “kicking” so try to avoid them if you have trouble controlling their recoil. Choose weapons such as the Stoner 63 or Fara 83 for less recoil and easier recoil control. Lastly, you can always practice controlling the weapon’s recoil in game modes such as “Training”, “Plunder”, ”Clash” or in custom private lobbies.

Use higher magnification optic as weapon attachments

How to improve your aimImg source:

If your aim is subpar avoid using iron sights and always use magnification optic as weapon attachments. In our opinion, the best magnification sights attachment for all Modern Warfare AR guns is the VLK x3. As the name suggests it has x3 magnification, giving a clear, precise picture. Using this attachment guarantees better accuracy as the attachment also gives hidden recoil control. As the Cold War AR guns go, there are two attachments you can use. The Axial Arms x3 and the Royal Cross x4 are the best optic attachments for any weapon giving a clear, precise picture.

To improve your aim and accuracy in Call of Duty: Warzone you have to follow at least a few of the tips mentioned above. Without any saying, the most important part in achieving a good accurate aim is to practice your aim on a daily basis. That combined with a good weapon selection that has controllable recoil will most certainly improve your aim and accuracy. Always choose weapon attachments that make the weapon easier to shoot and control. If you are having trouble aiming, equip a magnification optic. Having a fast or slow ADS speed can also impact your accuracy, so tweaking your ADS speed may help you get better. A good tip is to always write down or remember the previous ADS speed settings, so as not to confuse the settings. Aiming at the largest surface area- the torso and avoiding the head will certainly give you a higher average damage per minute.

Turn auto aim off and improve your skills with these straight-shooting tips for Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online lets you live out the fantasy of being a rootin’ tootin’ gunslinger. It’s a great game with a large array of weaponry to choose from. The slow and deliberate gunplay isn’t for everyone, but those who enjoy it, love it.

The hefty auto aim puts in a lot of work to make you feel like a real crack shot, but sometimes you may long for the thrill of pulling off those shots unassisted. It can be pretty hard to ween yourself off of auto aim’s teet, so we made this guide to help you improve your aim.

How To Turn Off Auto Aim

Turning off auto aim is very simple. You just go into the ‘options’ menu and into the ‘controls’ section. Then you’ll be met with a list of options in the ‘Targeting’ section.

You’ve probably already noticed this, but as long as you press aim when you’re facing enemies, you’ll ‘snap’ to them and lock on. That’s the auto aim.

Disable auto aim by changing ‘Lock-On Mode’ to ‘Free Aim’. Next, turn both ‘Aim Assist Strength’ bars off. Now you’ll be aiming like a real bandit, with nothing but your own grit and determination to see you through. Don’t miss.

Why You Should Turn Off Auto Aim

There are a few reasons to turn off auto aim. The first is that landing sick headshots on your own feels incredible. Sure, you won’t get them quite as often as if you had assistance, but when you do, you’ll feel like a true gunslinger.

The second is that there are some ability cards that prevent players from locking on. This would throw you off if you always relied on the auto aim, so getting used to not having it will make these ability cards useless.

The third and final reason is also the most important: turning off auto aim grants a big XP boost. This will make leveling up and clearing the ranks of the Outlaw Pass much faster, so it’s worth your while.

Practice On Trees

This may sound weird, but practicing on trees is a good way to get used to the way you have to move while free aiming. Instead of snapping on and off targets, you’re going to have to get used to either dragging the crosshair between targets while you aim, or get used to having it on target whenever you aim in.

Trying to shoot three trees that are next to each other as fast as you can will help you get used to moving the crosshair in free aim. This will help you improve your accuracy, meaning you’re actually shooting at the correct thing.

Take Your Time When Aiming

You’ve probably already noticed this, but the aiming reticle has a circle around it that gets smaller the longer you hold your shot. This is meant to mimic a slow outward breath, something real shooters do to make sure their breathing isn’t messing up their aim.

While intuitively you may think shooting as fast as possible and putting bullets down range will give you your best chance of hitting your target, you’d be mistaken. Carefully line up every shot and wait until the reticle is as small as possible before you pull the trigger.

It may be hard to get out of the habit of spraying bullets in a direction until everything is dead, but it will be worth it as each shot will be far more accurate and valuable.

Use Dead Eye To Aim More Precisely

Accurate and precise may seem synonymous, but they actually have two very different meanings. Accuracy refers to how close your shots are to hitting the target, a rival bandit’s head, for example. Precision refers to how close your shots are to each other. If you land three shots on an enemy’s chest, you’re precise but inaccurate; one shot to the neck, one to the hat, and one to the head means you’re accurate but imprecise.

Accuracy is something you’ll have to build up over time, but Dead Eye can help with precision. Dead Eye instantly closes the circle around your crosshair. This may seem like a small change, but it will make your shots far more precise. If you’re aiming at someone’s head and you quickly go into Dead Eye, your crosshair will become a single dot and your bullet will land there.

Take Care Of Your Weapons

Cleaning your weapons may seem like a chore, and it kind of is, but those little bonuses to stats will go a lot further when you’re free aiming. Doing slightly more damage or shots going further and being more accurate.

A little bit of care will go a long way, and when you don’t have auto aim guiding your hand, you’ll need all the help you can get. In real life, a dirty gun can jam and get you killed. In Red Dead Online, missing a shot or not getting a kill in one can do the same.

Adjust Your Sensitivity And Dead Zone

All of the tips contained in this guide so far won’t help much if your reticle is moving too slowly or your mouse/sticks aren’t responding to your movements properly. Preference on these settings will differ from person to person, but generally, upping the sensitivity and lowering the size of the ‘Dead Zone’ will make aiming feel more responsive.

The ‘Dead Zone’ refers to the distance you can move your controller before your character takes notice and follows suit. Having this too low might make the aiming feel twitchy, but having it too high will make it feel sluggish. Set it to zero and go from there until you find the sweet spot.

How to improve your aim

How to improve your aim

This step is applicable not only to Valorant but to all the FPS games, finding a good mouse sensitivity is key especially in the long run, you have to try and find the perfect sensitivity for you, it has to allow you to make precise movements and corrections.

There is no right or wrong sensitivity it all depends on what is better for a specific case, some people both casual and pros use a lower sensitivity because it allows them to make smaller and more precise movements, while others use a really high sensitivity.

However, there are articles and some studies that defend that using 400-800 DPI and an overall lower mouse sensitivity is better for FPS games, but I would still recommend you to find your own sensitivity and stick to it, don’t just copy a pros sensitivity and DPI and be changing it after a loos streak, its important to find the best one and stick to it in order for your muscle memory to get used to it.

How to improve your aim

Movement is as important as your aim, even if you have a good aim but your movement is off and your crosshair is almost always in an incorrect position you won't be able to take do well in the game and will struggle.

Understanding how to incorporate movement in your game in order to outmaneuver opponents is key, whenever you move your crosshair movements need to adjust to the movements you are doing with your agent, this will make it easier for you to counter-straif and will also make you more accurate as you won’t have to make major corrections to your crosshair.

It's also important to find the weaknesses in your movements, maybe you struggle to track to the right and your flicks to the left are more consistent than the other way around, identifying your weakness is very important, that way you can focus on the specifics areas that you need to improve and work on it, if your aim is inconsistent in one way it will affect you when you adjust your movement as well, in order to get better and comfortable with your aim you must fix your movement weakness.

How to improve your aim

Crosshair placement and correcting your crosshair placement is something you should be doing in the game all of the time, you should constantly be changing your crosshair placement based on where you believe the enemy is going to be or where they are going to peek, by doing this you are increasing the chances of killing your

enemy first since you don’t have to make adjustments and will already have your crosshair on top of him.

It's also good to try and always maintain your crosshair as center as you possibly can, even when it doesn’t matter because it's good practice and you are developing a healthy habit.

As for the shooting mechanics in Valorant, you should always try not to commit to a spray, Valorant rewards tap fire and quick burst much more than spraying, and since the spray in Valorant is 50% pattern 50% random its not as accurate as of the others two, some pro players even describe spraying as a crutch that some players use when they are not hitting their shots as just panic or don’t know what to do, of course, there are situations where spraying might be the best option but those are rare ones, quick burst and tap fire are way more effective in Valorant and that is something you should take into account.

How to improve your aim

Last but not least is using all the tools not only in-game but outside the game that can help you improve your aim, practicing in the range or in Death Matches every day, as well as warming up on AIMLAB or other programs that allow you to train your aim and improve on your weak points are very important, setting a daily training routine that you go through before playing a competitive match is also something that massively helps in the long run, you should not expect to train for only one week and have the aim of a radiant or pro player, as the saying goes everything that is good takes time and in this case its no different, you need to put in the time and effort in order to improve and you will eventually see the results of your effort.

Another thing that can help you is seeing pro players streams or professional matches/tournaments, this way you will gain more game sense which is also something that helps you improve your aim and your general decision making.

I hope this article was useful for all of you and I hope it helps you achieve the results you are working for, good games and may the aim god be with you all.

How to improve your aim

Aiming is the most important and hardest part of fps games, and most of us are having a hard time aiming in games, but there are some working ways to improve aim in your fps games. In this article, we will discuss ways to Improve Your Aim in FPS Games: 10 Tips for Better Accuracy

Use the mouse

How to improve your aim

This tip is only for people who have no experience with pc gaming or are considering switching to pc gaming. A mouse is not the best at all types of aiming, but it does have many features that can help you achieve better results.

The mouse will give you more freedom to move and aim, but this will require more practice and good hand-eye coordination, but after good practice with the mouse, you will be an absolute beast in gaming.

And if you want to know the best way to practice your aim with the mouse, then read until the end.


  • More Freedom
  • Infinitely more potential


  • Require more practice for better aim.

Practice makes perfect

Practice in your FPS games will help you get better at aiming, to see your enemies more clearly. There are several online games such as Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, to practice in them. You can see your aim skills improve. Turn your mouse sensitivity down Reducing the mouse sensitivity makes your aim stronger.

Usually, gamers prefer turning their sensitivity down to allow easier aiming. Though it does affect your performance in FPS games, you will be able to achieve better accuracy and aim. Take a good aim Try using your mouse for aim aiming practice. Try moving your mouse to the right, left or anywhere you want to aim. Don’t just aim at the side, keep aiming at the player/enemy completely.

Use a controller

Also, the controller is not the best for aiming, but it has some advantages that can help you aim, such as better spray control for new players, and with the help of aim assist in general, you will have a decent aim at close range, which does not mean that you can’t get better close range aim with the mouse because you can achieve any result with the mouse, but you will have to practice for it.


  • Better close-range aim.
  • Aim assist.


  • Less Freedom
  • limited moment

Improve your muscle memory

Training your aim can be difficult. For many reasons, most people are not good at aiming, and that’s why we have to practice to improve our skills. Training your aim is quite easy and does not require any specific equipment. You can train your aim by playing FPS games. That way, you will be familiar with the way you can aim a gun.

Try playing the same game several times. Spend at least 5-7 minutes a day to practice. Aim from every different angle. Practice shooting and you will get better.

You can improve your aim even when you are not playing a competitive game by playing a deathmatch or any quick match in your game. In a couple of weeks, you will be able to aim better in real-time.

  • Must Read:Build Muscle Memory: Develop Muscle Memory Quickly in Games

Improve your mouse sensitivity

The sensitivity of your mouse will determine how accurate your mouse aim will be. If you play on a PC, the first thing you should do is have a wide mouse sensitivity because a wider mouse sensitivity can help you quickly move your aim to another target, which you can do by balancing your mouse dpi with in-game sensitivity. Changing your point of view can also help.

It is best to keep your mouse sensitivity as low as possible so that you can have a more accurate target. This is because, as mouse sensitivity decreases, your mouse aim improves and you will not miss the target if you move your mouse more precisely.

Learn the maps

Any game is all about learning the maps. So, whenever you go into the game, make sure you learn the maps before you start playing. Here are a few things you must know about maps before you start playing. They are not designed for one specific player.

So, as you know, you will be playing with others as well. They can be different depending on the game mode. There are several game modes that are implemented in game, and you must know them before you start playing. You will need to know how to move around. In most of the games, you are going to get shot and fall in a map. You must learn how to fall and stay alive.

Aim training

How to improve your aim

If your aim is bad and you want to improve your aim in your game, then it is time to train your aim. In this, you need to put targets in front of you and have your aim trained to shoot at the targets. A good way to do this is to get a gamepad or a Gaming aim trainer and practice Aim. Another useful way to train your aim is to look for enemies through your sight.

You can also play some fast-paced games because to shoot at and aim at it and practice aiming in fast-paced games required more hand momentum and it will help you to keep going until you achieve better accuracy. Shoot Motion Sensors in Your Game As an FPS game player, you need to think about some things that you do in your game and it can help you in your aim training. In your FPS games, you need to know about Aim.



All these methods work on any game and so it’s very important to get used to these for FPS gaming. In the end, we want you to have better aim and improve your FPS gaming skills. If you have any question regarding this then feel free to share it with us below in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

Apex Legends has 27 weapons giving players room for innumerable engagement opportunities. In battle royale, it is obvious that aim is one of the most important aspects of the game. But over time, the quality of gunfights and aiming has come a long way.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you have a couple of hundred hours on Apex Legends, this article will provide some tips and tricks to elevate your aim to the next level.

Incorporating these tricks will boost your Apex Legends gameplay

1) Crosshair placement

In Apex Legends, crosshair placement is one of the most important tips to keep in mind while aiming. One bad habit among beginners in FPS is to place crosshairs on the ground when they’re running. The downside to this habit is that it takes time to adjust your aim to the enemy in front.

Head to the firing range and notice where the dummy’s head is. Now create an imaginary line that’s in line with the dummy’s head, and move around while resting your crosshair on that line. Crosshair placement will naturally change depending on your enemy’s position. This technique is essential while corner peeking or holding angles.

2) Screen shifting

While Crosshair placement is important, tracking is arguably an essential technique to win gunfights in Apex Legends. To master tracks, one must understand what screen shifting is. When you’re tracking an enemy, prioritize the motion and not the crosshair. Try and pay more attention to the enemy’s motion rather than attempting to place your crosshair on the enemy.

Whenever you’re trying to focus on any object, try to shift your crosshair onto the object in a smooth manner. Essentially you’re trying to train your brain into looking at anything in the game world more or less from the center point of your screen. This is called screen shifting. This technique is an extension of crosshair placement and is a useful technique you can implement in Apex Legends and games alike.

3) Know when to ADS and when to hip fire

Understanding the use of ADS can be the difference maker to winning games in Apex Legends. One must understand the benefits of ADS and the cost. While ADS improves accuracy, your field of view is reduced, and your movement is restricted.

When you’re taking close-point blank range fights, hip firing is a better option. When your opponent is extremely close, tracking would mean massive movements while aiming down sight. Instead, hip firing will allow you to make controlled movements, making it easier to track your opponents.

Queue in, play a few games, and constantly remind yourself to hip fire when in close range. Over time, you will know what range is perfect for hip firing and when you should see ADS in Apex Legends.

4) Strafe and counter aim

Being stationary in a gunfight is a sure-shot way to get killed instantly. Apex Legends is designed in a way where movement is key. Aiming when you’re in motion is trickier than aiming while being still.

While strafing in one direction, you move the mouse or analog stick in the opposite direction to track the opponent. This is called counter aim. Adding counter aim to your arsenal will allow you to shoot without getting shot. This technique can take some time to master but elevates your aim to another level.

5) Recoil control and choosing the right sensitivity

Recoil control is one of the most important things to do when playing Apex Legends. Understand the recoil pattern of each gun and find ways to counteract it.

Players are afraid of trying out new weapons because they’re worried that learning a new gun’s recoil pattern will mess with the muscle memory of the existing recoil patterns. This is not true. In fact, being able to memorize multiple recoil patterns improves your overall ability to handle any weapon.

Apex Legends is a game that relies on RNG, and therefore one should be comfortable with all the weapons in the game.

Adjust sensitivity according to preference (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

One must choose the right sensitivity when they’re playing Apex Legends. Start with low sensitivity since it will give you room for controlled and smooth movements while tracking or flicking.

Change your sensitivity if it’s holding you back, and most importantly, be honest with yourself. Playing with a sensitivity that is too high will not benefit you at all. Missing the first few shots leads to panic spraying followed by reloading while getting shot.

Experiment and find out what sensitivity works for you. The most commonly used sensitivity, which is well balanced, is 1.5 when the mouse is set at 800 dpi.

How to improve your aim

When it comes to “Shooter” style video games, it is impossible not to talk about Counter-Strike. This video game marked an entire era and continues to talk about update after update. But just as the video game is better with each update, it is more difficult to be effective … how to improve your aim or aim in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) ? Discover it here.

What will make you better in this amazing game is the effectiveness of each shot you take. So what better way to improve than by learning some amazing tricks. This article is, then, a guide that will be very useful to improve in the game.

What is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Counter-Strike has marked an entire era . The first version of the video game for computers was released in 1999, being exclusive for Windows.

The growing popularity of the video game led Valve (the company in charge of the game) to work on compatibility with other platforms. As of today, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be played on Windows, MacOS, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

How to improve your aim

Aiming as an important aspect of the game

There are many important aspects to keep in mind when playing the game . The first of them is to know each and every one of the controls. This will allow you to be more agile in movement. The second, to know the weapons of each side. In this sense, the best thing you can do is explore and use them.

But a third aspect that goes very unnoticed by most players is looking, whore or aiming. Counter-Strike, in each of its versions, has always had a certain weakness when it comes to identifying and blocking cheating players. The use of software to improve performance is very frequent.

How to improve your aim?

However, this new version offers interesting alternatives to improve your aim or aiming in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive without cheating.

Once you have managed to download and install Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you can try the options that you will find here.

Change your focus

If you want to improve your aim or aiming in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it is important that you know how to use the console. Through this tool, you will enter commands that will help you make the adjustments that you consider pertinent. Thus, you could also improve your performance.

Not comfortable using the default scope? No problem, changing your crosshairs in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is easy.

  • Using the command cl_crosshairsize X you can adjust the size of the crosshair. The X must be replaced with a number between 0 and 100.
  • Can you hardly see the crosshairs or does the visualization interfere a bit? Then adjust its transparency or solidity with the command cl_crosshairalpha X. In this case, the X is replaced by a number from 0 to 255.
  • If you want your look to have a different color, then the cl_crosshaircolor X command is for you. Replace the X with numbers 0 through 4.

The game’s FPS

The fluidity of the game is extremely important when you agree to create a Counter-Strike server to play online. When this is not good … your aim will not be either. LAG is the headache of all gamers.

That is why viewing or displaying the FPS in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is something that even professional players often do. Since, it helps to identify and improve certain faults.

Practice Maps

The best way to improve your marksmanship or aiming in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, without a doubt, is practice. And for this, this video game has specialized maps .

From the Steam workshop it is possible to download this type of maps with different objectives and game modes. Everything for you to learn to improve your aim and reflexes. “Aim Botz” and “Training Center 1.5c” are some of the most used maps in order to improve aiming or aiming in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

How to improve your aim

Time for some shots!

Thanks to these interesting contributions made by many game users, you have everything ready to improve your aim or aiming in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! So, choose your favorite weapon… and practice!

Lover of both Esports and Sports, Lebron James and s1mple fan, best TFT player in my house ( maybe in my neighborhood), always striving to improve both as a person and as a writer.

Aim is one of the most important aspects of any FPS game, and CS:GO is no exception. In fact, it’s probably the game where aim is the most important.

The first thing you should know when you want to improve your aim is that it's something that takes time. You're not going to play half an hour of deathmatch every day and become the second coming of s1mple. Improving your aim is a long-term project. As with any sport, improvement takes practice, patience, and hard work.

Find the best sensitivity for you and stick with it

You're probably thinking “I’ve already seen 500 people say this" and that's because finding your ideal sensitivity is just that crucial. You have to find one that isn’t too slow but also not too fast. It has to be perfect for you, which means it can be a little difficult, in the beginning, to find the best one for you.

There are plenty of guides and YouTube videos with different ways for you to find the sensitivity that fits you the best, and once you find it – stick with it! Don't change it after one bad game or a tough week, normally it's going to take some time for you to feel completely comfortable with it. But once you do you will see that it has a huge impact on your overall gameplay. So, again, don't change your sensitivity all the time. Just find a good one for you and stick to it! Only then can you start to work on improving the other aspects of your aim.

Choosing your crosshair and the importance of crosshair placement

Choosing your crosshair is not as important as finding your perfect sensitivity, but it still plays a significant role. You can create your crosshair, or use a pro crosshair, by downloading the steam workshop map called “crashz' Crosshair Generator V3”. This map allows you to fully customize your crosshair or try the crosshairs of over 60 pros, but remember using a pro crosshair alone won’t make you better. Find one that you like and feel comfortable with. In contrast to finding your sensitivity, finding your crosshair shouldn't be too difficult and it's something you can do in minutes.

Now, crosshair placement is extremely important. It allows you to have your crosshair already placed where enemies might be, making it easier for you to kill them without having to adjust or correct the placement of your crosshair.

The fundamental concept of crosshair placement is that your crosshair should always be at a certain height, ideally in the middle of your screen, and preemptively positioned in the spot where your enemy is most likely to be. Movement should be as fluid as possible and it’s something that, will become more and more natural as you put more hours into the game.

This video from CS:GO YouTuber FURIOUSSS offers a good explanation of the concept of crosshair placement and the advantages it gives you.

You can also practice your crosshair placement in several maps, including all the competitive CS:GO maps (available in the steam workshop) which gives you more insight to popular spots people use in different maps and helps you gain more practice in-game.

Learn the basics and then set up a workout routine.

It’s important you master the basics of the game. This alone will make you much better and make it easier for you to then learn the harder, more intricate mechanics.

You should first start by mastering the sprays. Since CS:GO uses a pattern spray for every weapon, focus on first mastering the primary weapons: the AK-47 and the M4, then continue to learn the rest of the weapons sprays. Don't worry if it feels like it takes a long time to learn, this is important. Feeling comfortable playing with all the weapons and knowing the best way to make that weapon as effective as possible gives you a huge advantage. For example, if you learn how to play with most SMGs, you will know that you have to fight closer range battles with those weapons, since they are not that effective at long-range. Knowing this and being able to adapt your playstyle accordingly will help you better your aim across the board.

After learning the spray, you can start to train in harder mechanics like crabwalking—which consists of shooting while moving in a crouch—learning to strafe, and learning how to wide-peek.

For those mechanics you should look for pro guides on YouTube, such as the Beginners CS:GO Guide from zorlaKOKA, a well-known CS:GO caster, streamer, and ex-professional 1.6 player. His videos are perfect for someone who wants to learn the basics and then transition to the harder mechanics of the game as he has videos for all kinds of CS.GO players. He is recognized by players like FalleN, coldzera, fox, and many others as a person with great CS:GO skills, and can effortlessly give a lot of insights into how to improve your aim and your game in general.

The last step is to set up a workout routine: 30 minutes of training your spray every day, 2000 headshots a day, playing 30 minutes of deathmatch before every match—choose what suits you best. The moral is to train, and train, and then, well, train some more. Use all the tools at your disposal from workshop maps like Aim Botz, Recoil Master, Yprac Bots Trainer, and just put as many hours into the game as possible. Only then will you be able to improve. Aim is mostly muscle memory, so by repeating the same things a lot of times, it will become second nature to you. There will come a time when you realize you’re doing certain things because they just feel natural to you due to how many hours of practice you have put into the game.

So in order to improve your aim on CS:GO, always train at least 30 minutes before you go to a match, to build up that muscle memory. Play as much as you can, for some people the results might take longer to show than others, but don’t get discouraged and continue to play and train, and you will realize that not only your aim, but your whole game, will improve.