How to keep your closet tidy

When your closet has order, rummaging hopelessly through your things becomes a thing of the past. Everything becomes easier to find, saving you minutes and stress every single day. How you organize your closet will depend on the type of space you own and the life you lead, but the advice we share below can be used by everyone.

Step 1: Get rid of what’s not needed

Step 2: Reorganize your Closet

Step 3: Keep your Closet organized

I call this stage the big declutter and for many, this will be the hardest part, this stage isn’t a regular occurrence and may even become completely obsolete for those who can learn to maintain their closet.

Empty your closet into categorized piles

To start, take all items from the closet and sort them into piles on your bed.

Categorize your items by clothing type (one pile for t-shirts, one pile for jumpers, one for trousers, etc.). Categorizing our clothing makes the next step that little bit easier.

Put what you don’t need in charity bags

It’s time to decide what clothing you no longer need! Here, an honest conversation with yourself helps hugely; “Do I wear these jeans”, ”how many shoes do I need”, “I haven’t worn that shirt in two years, am I going to wear it again?”. The best advice I can give here is, to be honest, be somewhat stern with yourself and simply exercise common sense. When you have made a decision, move swiftly on. If you can’t decide whether you need something, you probably don’t!

Organize by Seasons

Unless you’re lucky and live in a Mediterranean climate, you likely wear different garments as the seasons change. Rather than clogging up our wardrobe with clothing from different seasons, our wardrobe should only contain what we currently need. Identify what garments are needed for each season, label them and put into storage items for future seasons. You can have one box for each season or one for Autumn/Winter and another for Spring/Summer. This depends on your personal preference and the climate that you’re living in.

Wipe down your closet

Before putting anything back in your closet let’s give it a good clean. This space won’t be empty for a while so you should give your closet a quick clean. Grab a duster, a sponge and some water and wipe down your storage space.

Consider reorganizing your closet space

Ever think that maybe your space could be organized more strategically? Like the previous step, now is the time to do something about it! Even if it hadn’t occurred to you before, take a moment to ask yourself, could my closet function better if it was restructured? One common trick is to remove some shelves to create more vertical space for hangers but you will find lots more examples online if you do a quick Google search.

Refill your wardrobe

The hard work (in the short-term) is complete! We have gone through the painstaking process of parting with what’s not needed, faced down suffocating particles of dust and now we can enjoy the feeling of refilling our empty wardrobe. How you do this will depend on your needs & tastes, but here are some tips I would recommend:

  • Separate by clothing type: stating the obvious here, but placing like items with like items will make your life all the easier when trying to quickly find what you need
  • Hang clothes that are delicate/fancy: Hang anything delicate/fancy so they won’t crease. Items that are hung become more accessible while making it easy to maintain the order created in your closet.
  • Foldaway heavy/bulky items: Gravity is your friend! Fold heavier/bulkier items such as denim and sweaters, Stacking our heavier garments will reduce the amount of space that they occupy.
  • Roll t-shirts, pyjamas and workout clothes: These items are lighter and are perfect to incorporate the roll technique. Once rolled, you can store them in those drawers that have had dividers added.
  • Regularly used items at eye level: another obvious but important tip; put items you use most at eye-level, improving ease of access.

Keep your closet organized

Your closet revolution is all but complete, well done! Now you can bask in your newfound sense of decluttering. But now there’s a new challenge, how do we keep it this way? For many, the challenge isn’t getting to the stage of an orderly closet, but maintaining it over time. Here are some tips to help you avoid that trap:

Giveaway box

Place a giveaway box in your wardrobe and clearly label it (we don’t want it to be confused with dirty laundry!). If there is some item of clothing you have decided you no longer need, seize the moment and place it in the giveaway box before you forget.

Keep it seasonal

As the seasons change you will need to add new clothes to your wardrobe. As you add new items, make sure to box those items no longer needed until next year! This will greatly help maintain the order you have created and allow you to do a reset every couple of months, helping us avoid things getting completely out of hand

Put it away, straight away

Once clothes have been washed, fold/hang them and put them straight back into your closet. This also applies to clothes we have worn but do not need a wash. Making a special effort to stick to this will create positive habits that will lead to you maintaining the upkeep of your closet without you even realizing.

Do you feel that your closet has gone beyond the point of any easy re-organize? Struggling to create and maintain upkeep on your closet? We’re here to help! Contact Tidy by Teresa today to see how we can help you create an organized space that works for you.

How to keep your closet tidy

Here’s how to clean a closet in ten steps. After you follow this process, you’ll be able to find the clothes you need faster without making a mess in the mornings.

Is your clothes closet as clean, organized and streamlined as you’d like it to be? Do you find yourself repeatedly wearing only two or three items from your overstuffed closet? If you are like most people, your closet contains things that no longer fit or items you no longer like to wear. When your closet is disorganized it makes finding what you actually like to wear a frustrating task. As seasons change, it’s a great time to learn how to clean a closet and organize your storage space from top to bottom!

So set aside a long afternoon, grab the following supplies, put on your tunes and let’s get started!

10 Steps to a Clean & Organized Closet

1. Gather the following supplies:

  • Rags
  • A pail of warm water with three cups of water and a tablespoon of natural dish soap
  • Vacuum
  • Dust mask
  • Trash bags
  • Three laundry baskets or boxes
  • Matching hangers
  • Hooks and pocket organizers for accessories (Note: you may want to wait to buy hooks or organizers until you have cleaned out the closet and know what you actually need.)
  • Marker/pen, paper and tape

2. Remove everything from the closet.

It might seem like a drastic measure, but I think the best way to do the job right and be happy with the end result is to actually remove everything from the closet. If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your closet, you’ll want to wear a dust mask to avoid headaches or allergies. It’s amazing how much dust accumulates in a closet!

3. Clean surfaces and floors.

How to keep your closet tidy

Take your rag and warm water and wipe down the entire closet. Wipe down the walls from top to bottom and the shelves. Vacuum thoroughly, or if your closet has hardwood flooring, sweep and wash the floor.

4. Group and sort clothes, shoes and accessories.

Mark areas of your room, laundry baskets or bins with labels to easily sort items to:

  2. WASH
  3. or KEEP

Toss out anything that is stained or damaged. Only keep what you’ve worn regularly in the last year and what flatters your figure and style. Let everything you haven’t worn recently be enjoyed by someone else. Aim to keep less than half of what you had in the closet.

Sort accessories like purses, backpacks, shoes, belts, scarves or jewelry into one part of your room. Group jeans, dress pants, T-shirts, blouses, dresses, boots and shoes into another area of the room.

5. Hang up or fold the clothes you actually wear.

How to keep your closet tidy

Use only your new matching hangers and hang up what is ready to go back in the closet. Organize by like-items and, if desired, go one step further and organize by color. Fold items if they are being placed in shelves or drawers. Put away shoes (you may need to put up a shoe rack or get clear plastic shoe containers to protect and stack shoes you wear less often). If you have room to sort by season, perhaps set up a seasonal closet space in another room or storage unit.

6. Be creative with your closet space.

If you get creative, most closets and rooms can hold more than you might think. Once your clothes are hung up, look around your closet. Do you have wall space for hooks? What about the back of a door? Hang hooks or pocket organizers on rods, walls or doors for accessories.

You can hang scarves by snapping shower curtain rings around a hanger and looping scarves through the rings. Jewelry can be kept in clear pocket organizers. If you don’t have enough room in your closet for accessories, get creative and find space in a nearby bathroom or bedroom.

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7. Do your laundry.

At this point you’ll have a pile of laundry, so wash all the clothes that need to be washed, and bring items that need to be dry-cleaned to the car. Try to tackle the laundry pile within 24 hours so you can finish the closet. Once all of the clothes are clean, if you don’t have room for them, go through the closet to get rid of a few more items.

8. Give away items.

Don’t second guess yourself – remove everything you haven’t worn in the past year and take it to the car to be dropped off the next day at your favorite charity. While there is a possibility you’ll give away something you wish you had down the road, in the long run it will have been worth it. Cleaning out a closet will make future decisions much easier. Chaotic closets end up costing us money! Being more organized will help you know what you actually need to buy going forward and you’ll make less clothing mistakes.

9. Consider trying a daily clothing chart.

If you want to be more creative with what you wear and save money on your clothing budget, tape a piece of paper to the inside of your closet. Every day, jot down what you wear. You’ll not only start to be more creative with what you wear, but it will become clear what you wear the most often. If you find that you are not using everything in your closet, you’ll know what to keep and what can be given away. You can also keep notes of items you need to complete outfits, such as a new belt or scarf.

10. Keep up the good work!

Clean closets need regular maintenance to stay organized and tidy. It’s good to do a seasonal clean up two or three times a year to keep the dust down and the clutter at bay.

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Editor’s Note: Originally published February 27, 2014; updated November 22, 2020.

How to keep your closet tidy

Easy, actionable closet organization ideas. Tips to organize your closet that will make and keep your wardrobe tidy and functional with minimal effort.

Closet organizing is one of the most rewarding house making tasks you can carry out in your house, no matter how much or how little stuff you own.

Getting your clothes tidy and properly displayed may seem like a trivial pursuit, a vanity project for the Instagram-ready celebrities with wardrobes the size of your living room however, it is all but!

An organized closed makes it faster to get ready in the morning, easier to tidy up in the evening and it is even a boost to your budget: properly stored clothes last longer and you run less of a risk to forget what you own and buy it again!

Organizing a closet can be an overwhelming task but it doesn’t have to be and you can take itin steps.

These are our tips for closet organizing the easy way.

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How to keep your closet tidy

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How to organize your closet: step by step guide

Closet organizing step 1: Define the space to work with

The first thing to do when organizing your closet is to define the task at hand: are you organizing your whole wardrobe or just the main closet?

The distinction may seem trivial but it is an important one to avoid getting overwhelmed fast.

Organizing your whole wardrobe is the Marie Kondo way: you do not focus on one closet or closets but rather, you take out all your clothing from anywhere in the house, purge and find a home for each and every one of the survivors.

This is a wonderful way to go about closet organizing if you have the time, energy and space for it. However, it can be emotionally and physically very tiring and may even be unnecessary, depending on your setup.

If you are not in the mood for such a big purge, you can also more simply go through the clothes you have in your main wardrobe and selectively ignore other clothing areas in your house.

Do you rotate winter and summer clothes? Then only focus on the season at hand. Do you keep your sports gear in a drawer? Then you can tackle that another time.

The one thing we recommend doing is to have a clear idea of where all your clothing is to begin with so you can easily move clothing from one wardrobe to the other in a way that makes sense.

If this is not the case and many items in the house have no fixed home, then you may want to consider the Marie Kondo way or your organization efforts may soon get undone by intruding items!

Organizing your closet, step 2: Select, select, select

The second most important step when tackling a wardrobe is also the most overwhelming for many: going through what you have and decide what stays and what goes!

The fancy name for this step is wardrobe detox and it feels like one: it is not always all smooth sailing but usually ends up with a wonderful sense of accomplishment and hope.

When weeding out a wardrobe, I like to think about stuff as belonging in categories:

  • What I love and wear = keep
  • What I love and do not wear = store as a keepsake or donate
  • What I use but don’t love = keep until you can replace
  • What I don’t use and don’t love = donate or throw out

How to keep your closet tidy

I find this way works for me as I don’t love all my clothes but some are practical and of common use: unless I am able and willing to replace them straight away, throwing them out can be more damage than good. Being aware of them through this exercise, however, might mean I get a better idea of what I need to replace when budget and time allows!

Closet organization step 3: choose the right hangers

Choosing the right hangers is paramount for successful closet organization. The two main things I recommend you look at are:

Quality – you want solid, non-slip hangers that are strong and big enough to accommodate your clothes without creating odd creases and lopsided shapes.

As tempting as it may be to use the wire hangers that come with your dry cleaning, they are awful for clothes and tend get them out of shape in an often irreparable way and are they are hardly ever worth the money they save you.

Color and shape – if you want the inside of your wardrobe to look good and to make the best possible use of hanging space, get hangers that are all the same (shape and color).

They will go a long way to give a consistent and tidy look to what you own and they also tend to make for good use of space as their shape won’t clash with that of other creating dead space that can be filled with extra clothes.

Closet Organization step 4: Create categories

Once you know what you have and you have your hangers, then you can start putting the clothes back in and the best way to do so is to think of them as divided in categories.

Simple ones are long hang vs short hang (dressed vs tops) and you can separate each even more. Depending on your style and space you have, you may have categories such as short sleeve tops / long sleeve tops / knit / sweaters or more detailed categories: sparkly tops / light knit / shirts / sweaters / sport tops etc.

Within each category you can then go by color: this is pleasing to the eye and makes it super easy to put stuff back in its place. It is the best hack to keep your closet tidy!

Closet Organization Step 5: Get storage

Unless you have other storage areas, chances are you will need to fold at least some of the things you have in your wardrobe, may the be underwear and bras (in that case, you can check how we recommend to store your bras here) or scarves and accessories.

Our favorite way to tackle storage of smaller items is with boxes and baskets. They are the best way to display and easily find things and they also make cleaning your wardrobe easier as you can easily slot them out and clean whenever needed.

If you have a lot of hanging space but not a lot of shelf space, look for hanging organizer solutions that help keep your frequently used items visible.

I hope you enjoyed these tips to organize your closet and found some good ideas. Happy homemaking!

How to keep your closet tidy

Whether you have a large walk-in closet or a small reach-in closet, it’s important to keep it organized. And learning how to organize your closet benefits you in many ways.

The most obvious is that you can find the item of clothing or accessory easily.

You also save money because you know what you have so you don’t go out and buy duplicates or triplicates. And, because you’re keeping your clothes tidy, they last longer.

When your clothes are organized, you’re not hunting through piles of mismatched shoes or a jumbled pile of clothes on a chair in the corner of your room, so you save a lot of time.

And, of course, if you regularly hang up or fold clothes neatly, you avoid some of the wear and tear and your clothes last longer.

If these benefits to your wardrobe appeal to you, here are 5 tips on how to organize your closet.

1. Remove wire hangers.

Wire hangers just take up space. You may think that because they’re slim, they’re are the best to use in your closet.

They are not. Clothes don’t stay put on a wire hanger and tend to fall off.

Sure, wire hangers linger in your closet because clothes come back from the cleaners on them.

So, when you go to wear that item of clothing, remove the hanger from the closet. Have a bag in your closet or near the closet to hold the wire hangers.

Then, when you take clothes to the cleaners, bring the bag along to return the wire hangers.

Instead, invest in slim hangers that either have grips on the ends or a cloth covering. The Container Store has many good options for hangers.

2. Create a short hanging space.

Add a second hanging bar if you need more short hanging space. The fashions now are much more casual than they have been in recent decades.

People don’t need as much long hanging space as they have in the past. It’s easy to keep the short hanging clothes more organized in your closet when you create more hanging space.

Then, if you want, you can group the short hanging clothes by sleeve length or color. When you do this, you’ll be able to see at a glance how many shirts you have that are a certain color or sleeve length.

This makes coordinating outfits and getting ready a snap!

3. Clear the floor.

Keep the floor of your closet as clear as possible. Have a donate bag or box in your closet so that if something doesn’t fit, doesn’t look right, or you don’t like it anymore, it can go straight into the bag.

The next step is to make a date with yourself to take it to the donation site of your choice when it’s full.

Gather your shoes and pair them up. Put shoes that are too worn to donate in the trash. Donate any that are still wearable that you don’t want anymore. They can go into the donate bag, as well.

Then, decide if you want a shoe rack that sits on the floor or a shoe holder that can go on your closet door.

Another option is to get some shoe boxes and put shoes that you only wear on special occasions in boxes on an upper shelf in your closet. You can also get clear boxes, but you can use any box that your shoes will fit into.

Take a picture of one of the shoes to put on the outside of the box to remind you of what’s inside.

4. Use stackable drawers or bins.

If you have a lot of athletic wear (honestly, doesn’t everyone have plenty of that now?), sort them into tops and bottoms and then put them into stackable drawers or bins.

They will be easy to grab when you’re ready to get dressed in the morning.

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You can also use these bins for things like socks or even face masks.

5. Decide on whether to fold or hang.

This is an age-old question. When organizing closets, many people ask what should be folded or what should be hung.

Some things are easier to fold and keep tidy. These include — but are not limited to — bulky sweaters, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. But it’s also a matter of personal preference.

Some people like to hang their clothes. If they have space, why not? Then there are others who prefer to fold their clothes. It’s truly up to the individual and the space available in the closet.

As you go about organizing your closet, start small.

Do one section at a time. Take everything in that section out. Clean that section and only put back the clothes that fit and that you want to wear.

Understand that just because something fits doesn’t mean that you want to wear it. You may even want to try some clothes on to be sure you still like them.

Why organize your closet?

Are you tackling this project because you want to be able to decide which clothes to keep or get rid of, find your clothes easily, save time, save money, or all of the above?

Organize your closet first and then decide if you want or need any of the organizing accessories and items mentioned above. It’s a mistake to buy before organizing. Know what you need before you shop.

If you last cleaned your closet when you moved into your home, it’s time to get your wardrobe organized. A clean closet can do a lot for your mental well-being. Going into a clean closet each morning helps start your day right. В Anyway, you wanted to know how to clean a closet, so you don’t need convincing! Are you asking yourself, “How should I start?” you aren’t alone. В We ran a poll of top ranked TIDY Homekeepers recently to ask their tips. В These are some of their awesome pointers:


While some people recommend starting small, you should really pull everything out of your closet to start from a clean slate. While you’re cleaning the closet, don’t be afraid to pull everything out of your dressers too. You’re going to put every item into 1 of 3 piles. There should be a keep, toss/trash and donate/sell pile. There should never be a pile for things you can’t define. Take every item and analyze it. If you never wear it, put it into the trash or donate pile. Be ruthless in your sorting.

Any items that are dirty, torn, or ill-fitting should be put into the trash pile. If you haven’t fixed or sewn them by now, you have to face reality. Unless you are fixing it right now. it isn’t going to happen. If you haven’t worn it in 2 seasons (a bit over a year), then you should trash or donate it. An item that still has tags on it from 6 months ago should also go into the “donate or sell” pile. Subsidize your closet reorganization by selling clothes. В It’s a “win-win”.

Once you’ve analyzed everything with a critical eye, you may still have items that you can’t part with. В Maybe its that dress you wore 4 years ago to a special event. В When it’s time to learn how to clean a closet, it’s ok to keep a few pieces that are cozy, soft or sentimental. В However, you should make sure you really get value now. В One technique is to say “Thank You” to the item. В This helps bring you closure to the process. В

In general, Homekeepers recommend being ruthless about tossing items from your messy closet. В Once you’ve tossed things, the next step is to organize. В There are 2 main ways that TIDY Homekeepers recommended organizing the closet. В This is by category or by color.


When you first moved into your closet, you intended it to stay organized. В Then, it became an unruly jungle. Generally the recommended categories are:

  • “Lower body” – Skirts, shorts, & pants
  • “Upper body” – shirts & blouses. В Shirts can be further grouped by season or style. Group long-sleeved shirts away from short-sleeved ones.


After the closet is organized by category, length and style, it can be organized by color. White and black should be the bookends for the color wheel. Start with red, orange, yellow and continue in the colors of the rainbow. There will be shades and tons of blue-green or gold, so use your best judgment about where the colors should fit on the color spectrum.


You might not have the space for items like jeans and sweaters. These can be folded and stacked neatly on shelves. Heavy sweaters are ideally folded, not hung anyway. В Sweaters can easily lose their shape. Organize jeans dark to light. В Fold sweaters by material with cashmere and fur on a separate shelf, so they don’t get squished.


When learning how to clean out your closet, you can organize the items by season too. On this first foray into purging, you’ll keep the season’s clothes in the front. If it’s summer, shorts and t-shirts should be in the forefront. The furthest season away should be the furthest from the front of the closet. When the season is over, the summer clothes can be plucked from the closet pole and shifted to the back of the closet.


While you’re sorting and organizing, consider if you need more shelving units in your closet. В If you need more. add it. В But be careful. В Many people get elaborate closet organizing sets, only to not use them because they are complicated. В If you are noting the things you need, make sure to look for gaps in your wardrobe. В Look for gaps by occasion, season, and color. When learning how to clean a closet, it’s about what you need as well as what you don’t.


Most Homekeepers recommended cleaning and decluttering your closet every season. It’ll be less scary when you can keep up with the organization instead of letting it get out of control. When I’m cleaning out my closet, I like to set time aside before the new season starts. I’ll check to see if there are items I haven’t worn all season before I slip that season to the back of the closet. Items that are torn, stained or ill-fitting will be tossed. The purge process begins again.

Don’t be afraid to tackle your closet. В Getting that into a great state will save you time and stress every morning. You’ll also be less likely to buy items that you don’t need, because you’ll know exactly what you have in your closet at all times.

Have you recently cleaned up your closet? В Any tips to share?

There are a few sure signs that indicate it’s time to start decluttering your wardrobe: It’s full of clothes you no longer wear; you can’t find what you need; and it’s so jam-packed that your clothes get wrinkled. Sound familiar? Now might be a great time to whip your wardrobe back into shape.

These tried and true tips to remove clutter will help you clean up your closet once and for all.

Ask the 7 Key Closet Decluttering Questions

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The Spruce / Julieanne Browning

Ask yourself the following about every item in your closet:

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Do I wear it?
  3. Does it project the image I want?
  4. Does it itch or scratch?
  5. Does it pinch my toes? Are the heels too high to walk in?
  6. Is it moldy? Smelly? Stained?
  7. Does it fit?

Number 3 is the real “light bulb” question for many people. Even if you love it, do you want to wear it in front of other people? Be a brutal critic. If necessary, enlist a friend to tell you if something is wrong for you. Closet space is limited, so don’t waste your prime real estate on something you’re not crazy about.

Know Where You’ll Donate Clothes

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The Spruce / Letícia Almeida

It’s easier to declutter your closet if you know where you’ll be donating your clothing ahead of time. This way, once you are done decluttering and purging your wardrobe, you can quickly whisk the items off to a deserving recipient making the process much easier.

Another option is consigning your gently used or pricey clothing.

Use a Donation Box for Easy Decluttering

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The Spruce / Letícia Almeida

Make decluttering your wardrobe easier by having a donation bin, bag, or basket right in your closet. This allows you to declutter your closet and toss items you no longer want whenever you happen upon them.

Commit to a Weekly Sweep

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The Spruce / Julieanne Browning

The more often you declutter, the less time it will take and the easier it will be. Committing to a weekly clutter sweep means spending 10 to 15 minutes once or twice a week in your closet placing items in your donation box, re-arranging clothing that has fallen out of place, and re-hanging and folding clothes that may be strewn about your bedroom and bathroom. All of this will take much less time than you think if you tackle it regularly.

Evaluate Your Clothes Seasonally

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The Spruce / Letícia Almeida

There are four easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Take everything out of the closet. Then, wipe down the shelving, dust, and vacuum.
  2. Do a quick purge of anything you’re going to donate and items that need altering or dry cleaning.
  3. Put everything back in the closet hanging and sorting by color with most-worn items in front.
  4. Take alterations and cleaning to the tailor and dry cleaner; bring donations to the resale shop or your charity of choice.

Do a thorough closet sweep once a season, or monthly if you live in an apartment with limited closet space.

Maximize Storage Space

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The Spruce / Letícia Almeida

Are you taking advantage of your closet’s nooks and crannies? You can fit more by maximizing the storage space available by purchasing the best closet storage products. Utilize the closet door by installing hooks and hanging your most-worn jewelry and scarves at eye-level. Consider adding inexpensive shelving if your closet doesn’t already have it or use hanging drawers and shoe organizers to make the most of your space.

Reign In Hoarding Before It’s a Problem

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The Spruce / Letícia Almeida

This may be the hardest skill to master. Ask yourself if you’re holding onto clothes for any of these reasons:

  • It holds sentimental value.
  • You spent a ridiculous amount of money on the item.
  • You may wear it someday––but who knows when that someday will be?

These are all understandable reasons to hold onto a garment, but the fact remains that you have limited space to store your clothes. If an item is too special to let go, like a wedding dress, find a place to store it other than your closet. For the other two categories, if you haven’t worn the item in over a year, get rid of it. While it may be difficult, wouldn’t you rather have these clothes in the closet of someone who loves them and wears them often?

So, you have a small closet. Now, what? If you know that’s all you got, we can help you make the most of it. Use these 5 tips on how to organize your small closet to create twice as much space as you had before.

If you’re following me on Instagram (let’s be friends if not!), you’d know that we just moved into our new home and we’re in the process of settling in. Lucky for me, I have an ample closet space. But not so for my daughter. She has a small closet and though she’s not complaining, I know it’s not enough with all her stuff.

So, this week, I’m focused on organizing her closet and getting everything situated. Here are what I found to be helpful for small closet ideas.

This post contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I may earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. See my full disclaimer here.

How to Organize Your Small Closet

  1. Take everything out and give a good cleaning of the space.

Lucky for us, the closets are all empty. We just vacuumed the whole space and wiped down the shelves.

But if you have a closet full of clothes and all sorts of stuff, take everything out. No buts. And if you’re thinking of painting it, now is the best time to do it.

  1. Go through each one and decide which are for keeps, to be donated, or be tossed.

Start sorting every single piece. Yes! Every. Single. One. Separate your clothing into piles. And then, go through each pile and determine each piece whether you will keep, donate or sell it.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet for you whether you should toss, donate, or keep it.

  1. Add a dresser or shelves and hangers.

We found these dressers at Ikea and they’re the perfect size to go inside this closet and keep everything neat and tidy.

Top drawers are for her personal garments and the bottoms are for shirts, pants, and pjs. We hang all dresses and blouses that can get wrinkly.

Here are some small dressers that would fit inside the closet:

And on the very right side, we arranged all the sweaters and jackets. And Zip-locked all the winter coats and will open them again once it starts getting cold again. These zip lock coat hangers keep them in shape and soak up the extra space that they utilize when hung.

  1. Store Items in Small Bins and Baskets

And to organize your small closet, use bins and baskets! These small pink bins are for her hats and other items like small purses and bags. These bins keep everything organized especially when she’s getting ready. And doesn’t take up all the space.

The basket is her laundry basket, we make sure to keep it out of sight in the room and get it out when it’s laundry day. That way, there are no eye sores in the room and she has a spot for her dirty laundry.

  1. Maximize Every Inch of Space

To make use of the small closet’s limited space, maximize every inch of it. Think of hooks, commandos, wall strips, or behind the door storage. For this closet, we opted for hooks for her robes and bow organizers.

What are your tips and strategies in keeping your small closet organized and tidy? Let me know down below! Would love to exchange ideas on how to organize your small closet!

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How to keep your closet tidy

Can I tell you a quick story? A few years ago, I met a very inspiring woman (let’s name her Lisa). We’ve met at a baby shower party, talked a lot, found a lot of agreements on various topics and eventually became friends.

Now, Lisa was a real superwoman – always good looking, always smiling, always ready to work (she was a real estate consultant) and her home was always MEGA organized. Like, if you came to her home, it always looked like she had an invisible maid who made sure that not a single nano-dust was anywhere to be found. Being a tidy lover, I admired that a lot and even envied her a little (“where does she find enough time to do all of that?”).

One day, we were spending time in her living room, chatting about our daily struggles when suddenly we heard a loud *POP!* in the bathroom. We ran to see what happened and saw that her tap water pipe has burst and there was water – leaking everywhere like crazy!

“Quickly! We need to stick something in that hole or else it will damage downstairs neighbor’s apartment!” – shouted Lisa. She tried stopping the flow with a small face towel but it was definitely not enough. “Go to my bedroom and get the biggest towel you can find, quickly!” – she yelled in a panicky voice and I literally flew there in a second.

In her bedroom, I saw a big closet with sliding doors and quickly ran to look for a towel. I opened the door and… I was stunned. That closet was A TOTAL NIGHTMARE! And by that I mean a literal mess everywhere – clothes piled up to the ceiling, socks, underwear, towels shoved into overflowing drawers, dirty shoes rolling around at the bottom… For a second I couldn’t believe it – Lisa’s home was squeaky clean and organized to the roof, but this closet was the worst!

I remembered about the water, quickly grabbed the first towel I could find and ran to help Lisa. I held the towel against that bursting pipe hole while Lisa called emergency plumbers who came in 10 minutes (impressive, huh?) and fixed the issue. After that, I quickly left to change my soaking wet clothes.

So… What’s the moral of this story? No matter how neat you think a person is, trust me, everyone winds up a with a messy closet sometimes! Even Lisa, a queen of a mega organized home, had a secret mess hiding in her bedroom. I still can’t explain why (and at this point, I am too afraid to ask her), but honestly – it’s not shameful, nor is it bad – I guess it’s just how life is.

So, if you’re sitting in your room and looking at your whole mess of a closet, please know that it’s ok. Don’t think that all of your friends have perfectly tidy closets all the time. In fact, I bet Jenna from your work is desperately trying to find a sock in hers now.

The good thing is – it’s fixable! It might look like a huge amount of work – and it probably is, but fear not. I bundled up a few tips that will help you organize your closet in one afternoon with the smallest amount of effort. By using the following tips you can organize your closet in a matter of just a couple of hours!

So, put your brave face on and get ready to find a secret of a streamlined wardrobe.

Organize Your Closet 101


1. What Do You Need To Organize Your Closet?

Before actually sorting through clothes and organizing your closet items, you will have to clean and remove all the dust inside. It means that you will need some cleaning supplies! Get ready things like trash bags, soap, warm water, a cloth, rags, boxes, hangers, organizers and even some pen and paper to label stuff and prevent future cluttering.

2. Get Everything Out Of Your Wardrobe

Think of it as a spring cleaning. Everything needs to get ou,t prior to getting organized. It is true that at first, it looks like a drastic approach, yet it is rather productive and will let you finish the job quicker than you expect.

3. Clean Everything, Vacuum And Make Sure There Is No Dust Left

Dust particles can lead to allergies, especially in sensitive people. So, you will want to remove it before placing your clothes back in. Wipe down the entire closet with cleaning products and vacuum the dirtiest areas too, for example where you store shoes or boxes.

4. Sort Everything Through

Take four large baskets and use them as it follows:

  1. One for stuff you want to give away
  2. One for items that need to be washed
  3. One for things that are clean and that you want to keep
  4. One for items that need to be thrown away (ripped, stained, unusable items).

Get rid of everything that is damaged or you don’t wear anymore. Stick to the items you like and wore more often in the past year.

Also, organize stuff depending on their purpose – make a designated space for bags or backpacks, space for shoes, a separate one for belts and one for scarves and gloves.

Jeans and pants should be in one place, while t-shirts or blouses in another. I personally prefer hanging instead of folding but this one is up to you. Dresses and flowy blouses, however, should hang freely on the hanger. At the bottom of your closet, straight on the floor, you can stack your shoes, preferably in shoe boxes (you can mark them with a marker so you always know which box contains which shoes).

5. Only Hang And Fold What You Will Continue To Wear

As I’ve mentioned above, keep only the items you need! And just in case you have a really long afternoon, a great tip for keeping things even more organized is ironing clothes before placing them on a hanger. This will help you dress up quickly and not make a mess in the search of something less wrinkled.

6. Do Some Laundry

In order to organize your closet in one afternoon, you will have to get proactive. Before rearranging your closet stuff, or while you’re hanging clothes that are already clean, consider doing some laundry. It will help get you those clean clothes ready at the same time you finish organizing your closet.

7. Plan To Give Away What You Don’t Wear

A common-sense rule for preventing clutter in the wardrobe is to give away everything that you don’t use, but that can still be used by someone else.

Don’t think twice about giving stuff that you don’t need or use away. Just consider the fact that there is someone out there who would feel happy to have those items to wear! Cleaning your closet is all about clearing out the chaos and mess, so unnecessary clothes need to go, and if it can also serve a good purpose, it ‘s just another reason to do that.

Best Closet Organizers To Get

There are also a lot of closet organizers that you can get online to both increase your closet storage space and keep things extra tidy! Here are my best closet organizing finds on Amazon.